for School - Pearson

for School - Pearson

What teachers

are saying…

“I have not had a single kid get below a B on

a (paper/pencil) test since they have been

working on the program! The kids seem to

really enjoy working on it and are ‘starting

to get it now’ where they have never really

understood it before! I hope that our district

will continue with this program. …One of

my success stories is a student that failed

Algebra 1 last year…She has gotten 100%

on her first two tests.…She is excited and

working very hard and THAT is what it is all

about! THANK YOU! ”

— Erin Birkland

Math Teacher

North Kansas City High School


“I love it. It has eliminated going over

problems with homework in class. I am

able to cover more material. I am ahead

of where I was this time last year. ”

— Alice Dugan

Department Chairperson

Cardinal O’Hara High School


“This program is so comprehensive and

has so many features. ”

— Bill Brunz

Math Teacher

Lee’s Summit North High School


“ MathXL for School has been great so far

in my classroom. Students are able to

learn math content without being in a

classroom-style setting. Currently, I do

not have enough textbooks to supply my

students with, so MathXL helps fill the

gap by allowing students to work on

content at home. This program is a great

tool to help students prepare for online

courses in the future. ”

— Jonathan Decker

Math Teacher

Warren East High School


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Mat095024 v1.1209.KW.KH.CM

for School

A powerful online practice,

tutorial, and assessment program

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MathXL ®

for School

MathXL for School is a powerful online tutorial, homework, and assessment program that provides

personalized practice and instruction through diagnostic tests and assessments. It gives teachers

time-saving tools and offers intervention and remediation for struggling students. It can also be

used for test prep and summer school support. MathXL for School works!

Students get real-time assistance from interactive learning aids.

Teachers save time with auto-graded assignments and an online gradebook.

Students can:

• Work in personalized study plans that highlight

strengths and weaknesses

• Get help from interactive study aids, stepped-out

examples, video tutors, and animations

• Receive immediate feedback

• Reference pages from the textbook for additional

support (where available)

Teachers can:

• Avoid piles of ungraded homework with auto-graded


• Quickly create objectives-based quizzes and tests

• Assess individual and group performance using

data-driven reports

• Deliver quality, effective instruction regardless of

experience level

Administrators can:

• Ensure consistent instruction for all students

• Collect school or district-wide assessment data

• Improve student performance on state and/or

national benchmarks

• Provide professional development through

MathXL for School Teacher Refresher Courses

(see Pearson rep)

Why use MathXL for School?

Each course is organized by chapter, section, and objective.

Students take a diagnostic assessment and receive a personalized

study plan based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Get a FREE trial!

• Ties directly to over 300

Pearson math and statistics

textbooks, at the chapter,

section, and objective levels.

• Enhances any of your math

courses with its flexible content,

no matter what textbook you

are using.

• Provides an effective tool for

remediation, intervention,

and credit recovery programs.

• Prepares students for

high-stakes testing.


1 Foundations for


2 Solving Equations

3 Solving Inequalities

4 An Introduction

to Functions

5 Linear Functions

6 Systems of Linear

Equations and Inequalities

7 Exponents and

Exponential Functions

8 Polynomials and Factoring

9 Quadratic Functions

and Equations

10 Radical Expressions

and Equation

11 Rational Expressions

and Functions

12 Data Analysis

and Probability

* AP and Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Board,

which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this book.

** American Diploma Project is a service mark of Achieve, Inc., which was not involved

in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Prentice Hall

Algebra 1

for School

Prentice Hall


1 Tools of Geometry

2 Reasoning and Proof

3 Parallel and

Perpendicular Lines

4 Congruent Triangles

5 Relationships Within


6 Polygons and


7 Similarity

8 Right Triangles and


9 Transformations

10 Area

11 Surface Area

and Volume

12 Circles

for School

MathXL for for School courses align aligned

to to over 300 250 Pearson Pearson textbooks


available in in the following subjects:


Algebra 11


Algebra 22

College Algebra / Algebra 3

Algebra & Trigonometry


AP AP* Calculus

Introductory Statistics

AP Statistics

Discrete Math

Topics-based/ Liberal Arts Math

Finite Math

* Calculus

Introductory Statistics

AP * Statistics

Discrete Math

Topics-Based/ Liberal Arts Math

Finite Math

In In addition, flexible flexible universal


courses are available are available to accompany to accompany any high

any school high math school program math in: program in:

Algebra Readiness Readiness

Algebra College 1Readiness

American Algebra 1Diploma

Project** (ADP) —

Algebra American 1Diploma

Project** (ADP)

Geometry Algebra 1

Algebra Geometry 2

American Algebra 2Diploma

Project** (ADP) —

Algebra American 2Diploma

Project (ADP)

College Algebra Readiness 2

Algebra 2

1 Expressions, Equations,

and Inequalities

2 Functions, Equations,

and Graphs

3 Linear Systems

4 Quadratic Functions

and Equations

5 Polynomials and

Polynomial Functions

6 Radical Functions and

Rational Exponent

7 Exponential and

Logarithmic Functions

8 Rational Functions

9 Sequences and Series

10 Quadratic Relations and

Conic Sections

11 Probability and Statistics

12 Matrices

13 Periodic Functions and


14 Trigonometric Identities

and Equations

for School

Prentice Hall

Prentice Hall

Algebra 1

Prentice Hall


Algebra 2


for Prentice Hall

• Algebra 1

• Geometry

• Algebra 2

Prentice Hall

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