Thank you… - Maple Grove Elementary School

Thank you… - Maple Grove Elementary School

Principal and Vice-­‐Principal’s Message:

Welcome to the month of April! This month starts with a 5-­‐day

mini holiday for students (school is closed on March 29 th , April

1 st and April 2 nd ). How fun! I hope that the weather will be mild

and that everyone gets to enjoy some time outside.

We would like to thank all parents that attended Portfolio

Evening at Maple Grove. It is always so nice to see the students

show off their hard work with such pride. Also, a big thank you

to all members of the community who donated food and baked

goods for our bake sale which took place during that evening,

the Grade 5 and 6 Leadership volunteers that stayed to sell the

goodies and to everyone that purchased them and had the

opportunity to enjoy the delicious treats!

On the evening of April 5 th , Maple Grove Elementary School will

be fundraising at Chapters in Pointe-­‐Claire. We encourage

everyone to visit Chapters at any time between 3:00 pm to

10:00 pm and buy books or other items. A certain percentage

of all sales will be donated to the school. Money raised will be

put towards our robotics program. We thank you in advance for

your support.

Please be reminded that our Mabel’s Labels fundraising efforts

are continuing. If you would like to purchase labels that are

colourful, indestructible, easy-­‐to-­‐see and fun, you can order via

our school website, just click on the “Fundraising” tab on the

left of the page or go directly to

A friendly reminder to check lost & found for any missing items

as soon as possible. With the weather getting warmer, we seem

to be collecting a big pile of snow gear!

The month of April is a busy time at Maple Grove. There are a

few field trips planned for our students this month and more to

come in May. The weather is also getting warmer which helps

make the days more enjoyable. We hope that you have an

awesome April!

By: Mrs. Piffer and Ms. Malowany

Thank you…

Special thanks to this month’s

newsletter team (Victoria M,

Jared T, Victoria DP, Jenna G,

Joleen T, Méshama EA, Amber G,

MaryJade G, Arianna M, Amelia

B. and Mme Geneviève) for all

their help and dedication.

- Miss. Erica Kresevic

Important Dates to Remember:




Ped Day (School & Daycare closed)


Science Center (Grade 6)

Maison de Culture du Plateau (Room 19, 21, 22)


Fundraising at Chapters Pointe-­‐Claire

(3:00 pm-­‐10:00 pm)


Ecomuseum (Kindergarten)


Ecomuseum (Grade 1 & 2)




Ecomuseum (Grade 3)

Good Start Program (next year’s Kindergartens)

APRIL 15 th TO APRIL 18 th :

Literacy Week


Watercolor Workshop (Grade 4 & 5)


Book Character Dress Up Day (2$)

The Little Mermaid Jr. at St-­‐Patrick’s School

(Room 14, 17, 20)


Ped Day


Grade 6 Mini-­‐Day (9:00 am-­‐1:00 pm)


Subway Lunch

Habs Jersey Day (2$)


TOPS Show at Lakeside (Grade 5 & 6)

Watercolor Workshop (Grade 3 & 4)

Good Start Program (next year’s Kindergartens)


Halo Race (Grade 4, 5 & 6)

Maple Grove Elementary School

740 – 52 nd Avenue

Lachine, Québec, H8T 2X6

(514) 798-­‐8747

News from our classrooms…

La Chorale de Maple Grove:

Lors de la soirée Portfolio, les choristes

de la chorale de Maple Grove ont présenté à leurs

parents un petit spectacle. La paix, la terre et la joie

étaient les thèmes des chansons présentées. Tous

les enfants presents ont été magnifiques et je suis

très fière de leur performance. Nous chanterons à

nouveau devant les élèves du 2 e et 3 e cycle au mois

d’avril. Nous aurons également la chance d’aller

chanter à la commission scolaire devant

les commissaires à la fin du mois de mai.

D’ici là, toutes nos pratiques ont lieu le

jeudi midi à 11h25. Un gros bravo à

tous les élèves qui viennent à toutes

les pratiques.

De: Mme Martine (Enseignante responsable)


La lettre “B”

Nous avons pratiqué notre lettre "B" et avons dessiné des

phrases avec des mots qui commencent par "B".

De: La salle 14

Our Portfolios

The students in Mme Suzanne and Mme Athena’s classes

worked really hard on our portfolios.

We are very proud of all our work!

By: Room 23 and Room 24


Our activity for February’s Ped Day was Sport Ball with

our coach Matt. We played baseball and volleyball. In

volleyball, we learned the spike, the volley, the bomb,

and the serve. In baseball, we learned the pop fly.

Then we played hit coach Matt with the tennis balls.

We all stand in a line and coach Matt is in the middle

of the gym, and then everyone starts throwing the

tennis balls at him. Sport Ball is awesome! Our next

Ped Day is Friday March 22 nd . We are going to la

cabane à sucre. We are going by school bus. There is a

giant play area with slides. We are going to play, eat,

and dance. The best thing will be getting to eat maple

syrup on a stick. We will let you know more about our

outing in the next newsletter.

By: Jack M. and Alexandros L. (Room 1)

Grade 1:

In February, we made crowns, we did

Valentine’s Day activities, and we made

cards for our parents. We also ate vanilla

and chocolate cupcakes for Mme Martine’s

birthday. We did a lot of stations in class,

we put words in alphabetical order, we

learned about different “boîtes de sons”,

and we learned new songs.

By: Emily H. and Jessica K. (Room 22)

Grade 1/2:

In Mme Magda’s class, we did paintings and

drew volcanoes, birds, flowers, monsters,

grass, Pokémons, dragons, and Skylanders.

We think that we are very good at drawing

and we are very proud! Our class did a

project on our favourite activity. Evan and

Manson’s favourite activities are basketball

and karate.

By: Evan O.F. and Manson M. (Room 21)

In Mme Zemnickis’ class we read lots of

books! When we have indoor recess or

when we have free time, we play and do

crafts. We made a dragon that was red. For

Valentine’s Day we had a party. We got a

lot of candy and Valentine’s Day cards. Also,

our lunch monitor gave us some chocolate!

Yum! In class, we do lots of dancing and

singing. We have lots of fun. Sometimes we

dance alone and sometimes we dance with

a partner. In Mrs. Bray’s class, we get to go

to the computer room to play Reflex Math.

We have lots of fun. With Mrs. Bray, we are

learning addition and subtraction. We do

lots of worksheets and math tests. Our

math tests are hard sometimes!

By: Angelica C. (Room 20) and Trevon L.S.

(Room 17)

News from our classrooms…

Grade 2:

We have been learning about polar bears. We learned that their skin is black, that they have

babies in May, and that they will eat walruses if they are hungry enough. We also learned that

they normally hunt seals by waiting at seal breathing holes until the seals come up for air and

then the polar bears dive to get them. Polar bears live in the northern part of Canada. We did a

math exam that was about a birthday party. We had to figure out how much stuff to buy for the

party. We also had a math test about pizza and we had to find out how many different pizzas

we had to buy. Last month, a man came to talk to us about a play called, “Le temps des muffins” and on February

20 th , three people came to visit our class to prepare us for the play. The first person gave us two cards (one with

a person on it and one with a food item on it). We had to make a story with these two cards. For example,

Mahalia had a card with a guinea pig on it and her other card had peas on it. She made a great story with her

cards. With the second person, we had a bowl and a spoon, and we had to hit the spoon on the bowl very lightly

and say our name after. With the third person, we learned about different puppets. There were hand puppets

and puppets on sticks. In April, we will be going to see the play called, “Le temps des muffins”. We are all excited!

By: Maya S. and Stella N. (Room 19)

In Mrs. Bray’s class, we do math tests every Monday. In French class, we got a fish tank! We didn’t get the fish

yet because we put snow in it so that it melts. We also started a project about fruits. We tasted the fruits and

wrote about what it tasted like and what it looked like. We also make soup sometimes. We are

learning a song called, “Voici ma maison” and we are learning a dance to go with it.

By: Daniel M. and Kaleb M. (Room 20)

Grade 3:

En français nous avons fait un pique-­‐

nique des nounours. On a fait un gros

party pour le pique-­‐nique d’ours et

pour la Saint-­‐Valentin. Mme Rochon

veut dire merci aux parents qui ont

fait des gâteries pour le pique-­‐nique.

Nous avons chanté une chanson de

nounours et nous avons aussi fait un

spectacle de marionettes. In English,

we had to draw leprechauns for St-­‐

Patrick’s Day. In Math, we made

paper fractions by cutting them out

and putting them together. We also

learned about different shapes.

By: Elizabeth DP, Melody

M, Sean S. and Mirrah T.

Ms. Maira’s Class:

Our class is learning about animals.

We learned about moose, the red fox,

the beaver, the skunk, the bear, and

the groundhog. The groundhog

predicted an early spring.

By: Karina B, Luca Z, Vithushan M,

Nicholas P, Tolu O. and Nick W.

(Room 2)

By: Vithushan M.

Grade 4:

In English class we are doing Olympic statistics. We pick four sports

and show two videos. Then we go in a circle and vote. We picked ice

hockey, speed skating, short track, snowboarding, figure skating, and

freestyle skating for our sports. Logan’s highest vote was

snowboarding with 8 votes and Jazzlyn’s highest vote was figure

skating with 7 votes. We also did a bar graph with our votes. We like

how we have to make a poster of our favourite sport. We are having

lots of fun doing this project. Soon we are going to present our

poster in front of the class. On our poster we have to pick an athlete

that is going to be in the winter Olympics next year. We have to put

information in one corner, the name of the athlete in another corner,

the logo in a corner, and the title in the other corner.

By: Logan B. and Jazzlyn K. (Room 3)

We are doing “cercle de lecture” where we have to do a report on a

class book that we are reading. There are five different roles:

journaliste, illustrateur, maître des mots, maître des liens, l’agente de

prédiction. In Univers Social, we are learning about “les Iroquoiens”,

about how they caught animals and how the French and English

came and took their land.

By: Taliyah B, Melissa S. and Emma O.F. (Room 1)

Grade 5:

In Math class, we are learning about “BEDMAS”, which stands for:

Brackets, Exponents, Divide, Multiply, Add, and Subtract. We are also

learning algebra. It’s pretty fun. We have also worked on our line of

symmetry. In English, we read a story called “The Heroine of

Lunenburg”. It’s about a slave named Sylvia and how she saved her

master’s son and treasures. For one day people attacked the village.

Her master had to leave Nova Scotia for 3 years. When he came back,

he freed Sylvia. We read this story because February is Black History

Month. We also did a project on fairytales and we got to choose

which ones we wanted to do. Some chose, “The Ugly Duckling”,

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, “The Three Little Pigs” and others.

By: Méshama E.A, Alyssa C. and Arianna M. (Room 4)

News from our classrooms…

Grade 5 (Continued):

En Français on pratique la chanson « Toi

plus Moi ». C’était la chanson thème de

Star Académie. La partie favorite de

Jonathan c’est la ligne de son frère : avec l’envie, la

force et le courage. En histoire, on a fait 4 unités sur

les Loyalistes qui sont des personnes qui sont loyales

au roi de la Grande-­‐Bretagne. Ils vivaient dans les

treize colonies. Après ils ont immigré en Nouvelle-­‐

France. Ils étaient surpris parce que c’était une colonie

britannique avec des lois françaises. Ils ont séparé le

territoire en deux. Les deux territoires s’appelaient le

Bas-­‐Canada et le Haut-­‐Canada. On a aussi fait un

projet sur un personnage historique. Le personnage

de Kyle est Jos Monferrand et le personnage de

Anthony est John Molson. Ce projet est dû le 12 mars.

De: Antony L, Kyle M. et Jonathan C. (Salle 6)

Ms. Chantal’s Corner:

On Thursday March 21 st , we had a bake sale. It was a

great success! We raised around 400$ for the grade 6

graduation! We want to thank all students, parents,

and staff for coming and also for making the delicious

food! Shout out to Cindy K. and her family for making

the adorable panda cupcakes! We also want to thank

Jada, Connie, Mitchell, Nikita, Corrina, Jared, Miss.

Chantal, Miss. Afra, and others for their help.

Here are some examples of what we had on the menu

for the evening:

Pizza, sandwiches, cookies, brownies, popcorn, juice,

hot dogs, cupcakes, timbits, chips, muffins, cream

puffs, and Rice Krispies squares.

By: Connie W. and Jada B. (Room 8)


Cycle 1 has begun a unit on shadow puppetry. We are

learning hand shadow puppets. Ask your

child to show you the dog, swan or rabbit!

By: Mrs. C


Cycle 2 and 3 have been working on self-­‐portraits and

learning the proportions of the face.

By: Mrs. C

Grade 6:

In Mme Candice’s class, we’ve been doing tests and a

history exam. It has been pretty stressful for us but it

is going to be even more stressful for us when the

government exams arrive in April (April 15 th to be

exact, which is also Connie’s birthday). Also, we have

been doing a few science experiments. One of them

is making hot water turn into snow, simply by

throwing the hot water in the air. Pretty cool, right?

In health class, we went outside. Jada B, Connie W,

Ashley E, Jared T, Elena F, Roman M. and some other

students started building an igloo. It took us a few

hours to build half of our igloo. We spent so much

time and effort. Sadly, some students from outside

broke it.

Here is a

picture of our


igloo! Thanks

to everyone

who helped

us build it!

By: Connie W.

and Ashley E.

(Room 8)

In French class, we have been working really hard on

our “café”. We had been working on this project

since the beginning of the school year! It was hard

work but it was worth it because it was very fun

turning Mrs. C’s room into a café. We were able to

work together with our classmates and show the

staff and other grade six class what we can do. We

would like to thank Mme Candice for buying

everything that we needed and Miss. Chantal for

letting us use her room to cook so that we could raise

money for the Children’s Hospital. We also want to

thank Mme Geneviève, Miss. Kate, Miss. Alvinie, and

Miss. Samantha for helping us cook for our café.

By: Nikita B. and Haily S.Y. (Room 10)


We learned about yoga and did the same thing as

“The Karate Kid”. We did a pose like a dog where we

had to put our hands and feet on the ground and our

bottom was in the air! We also did this move where

we put our hands and

arms around our head and

we stood on one foot. Our

favourite thing that we did

was a slow motion dance

with paper. We would love

to do it again! We learned

that yoga helps us relax

and gets rid of stress. It

also helps us stretch our

body and muscles.

By: Kaleb M. and

Chucko O.M. (Room 20)

By: Kaleb M.

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