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Carmichael Times Page 6 December 2, 2009

1. GEOGRAPHY: What country

claims 1. GEOGRAPHY: Addis Ababa What as its is capital? the capital

of 2. Canada's MUSIC: Northwest What is the Territories? real name of

Irish rock ban U2’s lead singer Bono?

2. 3. ANIMAL SCIENCE: KINGDOM: Which famous What is scien- a

tist baby was bat known called? as “the Wizard of Menlo


4. MOVIES: What was the name of

type of furniture is referred to as a

the fictional town that was the setting

for "highboy"? “Back to the Future”?

4. 5. MUSIC: SPACE: How Who many was holes the last does astro- a

naut recorder to step (wind on the instrument) moon? have?

6. ENTERTAINERS: What was the

name 5. LANGUAGE: of Michael What Jackson’s is a lazaretto? pet chimpanzee?

6. ARCHITECTURE: What is adobe






for an animal that eats

insects? 7. MYTHOLOGY: Who was the

Greek 8. MEDICINE: god of medicine? Who produced the

first vaccine for rabies?

8. 9. DISCOVERIES: TELEVISION: Who What is credited was Andy

Kaufman’s with inventing character the air brake? named on the

comedy series “Taxi”?


10. LITERARY: Who wrote the novel

November's “The Bridge traditional of San Luis birthstone? Rey”?

10. MATH: What is the Arabic

equivalent 1. Ethiopiaof

the Roman numeral

2. Paul Hewson


3. Thomas Edison

4. Hill Valley

5. Eugene Cernan





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7. Insectivore

8. Louis Pasteur

9. Latka Gravas

10. Thornton Wilder

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KFWS • MindGym

November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009

KFWS • MindGym

All Answers on Page 8

GOOD PLAY FROM START TO hearts. At trick three, he led a low dia-


mond from dummy and played the

KFWS • MindGym

eight after East followed low, losing

1. to New the queen. York Back Yankees came great a spade, Lou won

by South, and another diamond was

July 6-12, 2009 1. Name the famous parents of Wil- Gehrig set a record in 1936 for most

led. East won and returned the trump

son Phillips, who scored a No. 1 hit in home queen, runs taken against by one the team king. (14) Fishbein in a

1990 with “Hold On.”

single then season. ruffed Name his last the diamond, team. played a

2. Which band had both a U.S. and 2. spade When to was the the ace last and time exited before with a

trump to East’s jack.

U.K. No. 1 album and single at the 2008 that Ken Griffey Jr. was in a

It was the third trick for the defense,

same time? (Hint: They’re from Aus- playoff but also game? the last. East had no safe


3. return. Who was A low the club head would coach allow of thedum

3. Who did Johnny Mathis pair up Oakland my’s queen Raiders to when win the they trick, went while to a

diamond return would yield a ruff-

with for the successful “Too Much, Super Bowl II?


Too Little, Too Late” duet?

4. When Thus Fishbein was the first scored time 10 a tricks, No. 2 and

4. Name the bridge in Bobbie Gen- men’s there basketball was no way seed to was stop upset him. by Even a if

try’s 1967 “Ode to Billie Joe.”

No. East 15 had seed put in up the the NCAA king of Tourna- diamonds

at trick three, he could not have avoid-

5. Name the instrumental that took ment?ed

the eventual endplay.

the No. 1 slot for 1960 on the Bill- 5. From When 2003 the same through hand 2009, was which played in

board Hot 100 pop list.

two four NHL hearts teams at the have other won table, the most declarer

won the spade lead and cashed the

6. Where did Paula Abdul get her playoff series (10 each)?

heart king. This seemingly innocuous

start in the industry?

6. In 2009, Mark Martin, at age 50,

play proved fatal.

A declarer Answers who panics in the face of became South the next third-oldest played a low winner diamond in to

1. unexpected Wilson Philips adversity, is a female and trio. who NASCAR East’s ten. Cup history When when East he returned won a the

bemoans his bad luck instead of try- heart queen to dummy’s ace, declarer

Wendy ing to and overcome Carnie Wilson’s it, is bound father to is race in Arizona. Name the two older

lose led a second diamond. East went up

Brian many Wilson contracts of that the can Beach be rescued. Boys. winners. with the king, cashed his jack of

Chynna Consider Phillips this is deal the played daughter in a ofteam

7. trumps Earlier and this exited year, Roger with Federer a spade to

John contest and Michelle many years Phillips ago of by the Harry became South’s the sixth ace. There male tennis was player now no to way

Fishbein. He won West’s spade lead win for a career declarer grand to slam. avoid Name a club four loser, of and

Mamas with the and queen the Papas. and played the ten of he finished down one.

2. hearts Men At to Work, dummy’s in 1983. ace, disclosing the the other Fishbein’s five to do play it. of a heart to the ace

3. 3-0 Deniece trump Williams. division. The song went at trick two Answers proved decisive. It was a

to No. Never 1 on the one R&B, to give adult up, contempo- although it 1. very The Cleveland delicate triumph Indians. for good tech-

seemed he’d have to go down one, 2. nique.rary

It was 1997, when he was with

“Fishy” and pop proceeded charts in 1978. to make four

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KFWS • MindGym

November 30, 2009

4. Tallahatchie Bridge.

5. Percy Faith’s Theme From “A

Summer Place.”



Genealogical Society

Wednesday December 9,

Root Cellar

Sacramento Genealogical Society

General Membership meeting

7pm – 8:30pm at Citrus Heights

Community Clubhouse 6921 Sylvan

Road , Citrus Heights. Program to be

determined plus holiday festivities.

Visitors welcome. Contact

Sammie Hudgens (916) 481-

4830 or www.rootcellar.org.

Attend an


Support Group

Get the Emotional

Support you Need

Sessions Now provide and Thenfamilies


caregivers by Jacqueline guidance Sheehan and training

(Avon, $13.99)

to assist Reviewed them by in Ealish caring Waddell for a

person with Alzheimer’s disease

Facilitator: Susan Seidenzahl

Tues Jan 5th 6pm

Held at

Carmichael Oaks

land. Senior Living

8350 fair Oaks Blvd

To register please call 944-2323

Newly divorced, jobless and rud

less, Anna O’Shea returns from a

to Ireland to be greeted with fa

tragedy. Dispatched to fetch her w

ward teenage nephew Joseph, A

instead takes an unexpected de

when she and Joseph are sucked

in time 164 years to 19th-century

Ireland in 1844 is a time of vol

political turmoil and hardscra

existence, with the threat of fam

constantly looming. Separated

her nephew, Anna is welcomed

the desperately poor but proudly i

pendent life of a small coastal vil

taken in by a family she comes to

as her own and sharing their h

ships, dangers and joys.

Meanwhile, a dazed Joseph co

to on the estate of a high-liv

wager-loving English colonel. Gr

ing for status, he parlays his ex

ence on the high-school wres

team into fame as a local figh

champion. As the colonel’s go

boy, Joseph revels in physical

emotional luxury like he has n

known, while trying not to think a

how tenuous his position really is

Most importantly, here in the

land of the past, both Anna and Jo

find love like they never imagine

that love lies the key to their ad

ture, and reasons for the sorrow

their pasts and hope for their fut

Their path may be a twisted one, b

is not random, and its purpose is

prising yet satisfyingly natural to

mystical world Sheehan has creat

“Now and Then” is a ri

described, engaging story, reso

with the vibrant rhythms of life

land where myth and hard reality

side-by-side, and blessings and cu

are as much a part of the days as

rise and sunset.

© 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.


6. After a stint as a Los Angeles Lak- 1991.

KING ers cheerleader, she became Crossword the dance 5. Detroit and Anaheim. Answers on Page 8

choreographer on the Jacksons’Victory

tour, and the rest is history. Abdul

released her first album, “Forever

Your Girl,” in 1988.

© 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

1. Is the book of Judges in the Old or

New Testament or neither?

2. Which scripture contains, “Yea,

though I walk through the valley of

the shadow of death”? Ruth 4:10, Job

7:2, Psalm 23:4, Amos 1:1

3. Though lame on both feet, what

descendant of Saul continually ate at

King David’s table? Mareshah,

Methusael, Micah, Mephibosheth

4. Under what type of tree would the

children of Israel come to Deborah for

judging? Palm, Sycamore, Fig,


5. From Matthew 8, who was the

first woman that Jesus healed? Paul’s

sister, Naomi, Peter’s mother-in-law,


6. In 1 Samuel 4, what priest had a

son named Ichabod? Agabus, Phinehas,

Azariah, Malachi

ANSWERS: 1) Old; 2) Psalm 23:4;

3) Mephibosheth; 4) Palm; 5) Peter’s

mother-in-law; 6) Phinehas

Wilson Casey’s new trivia book

“Know It? ... or Not?” is available

from BearManorMedia.com.

© 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.


3. John Rauch.

4. Richmond defeated Syracuse in

6. Harry Gant (52) and Morgan

Shepherd (50).

7. Don Budge, Fred Perry, Roy

Emerson, Rod Laver and Andre Agassi.

© 2009 King Features Synd., Inc.

July 27-August 2, 2009

Holiday Concert

with a Cause

Benefiting the Sacramento

Food Bank & Family Services

free Event

Music by the American River

College Orchestra

Wednesday, Dec 9th

7-8 pm doors open at 6:30

Donation Goal:

1,000 cans of food

Raffle Prize tickets for those

who donate

(1) Can = (1) Raffle Ticket…

more cans = more tickets

Mission Oaks Community

Center, 4701 Gibbons Drive,

Carmichael, CA 95608

(916) 972-0336 or go to


Mission Oaks

Computer Club Meeting

The Mission Oaks Computer

Club will meet on Thursday,

December 10, 2009 from 1:00

PM to 3:00 PM at the Mission

Oaks Community Center, 4701

Gibbons Drive, Carmichael,

CA. The meeting topic will

be "Computer Technology

in Today's Automobiles".

A problem solving clinic,

led by Adam Lacey of

Applications, Etc, will follow

the meeting. First-time visitors

are welcome. For additional

information call (916) 366-1687

or visit our website at www.


KFWS • MindGym




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