CEAP-PALT MTB-MLE Dr Edizon Fermin Part 1


CEAP-PALT MTB-MLE Dr Edizon Fermin Part 1



A CEAP-PALT Collaboration




Learn English well

and connect to the world.

Learn Filipino well

and connect to our country.

Retain your mother tongue

and connect to your heritage.

Every Language, A Gift:

The K to 12 Languages and

Multiliteracies Program in Focus

Edizon Angeles Fermin, PhD

30 May 2013

A CEAP-PALT Collaboration for K to 12

The Philippine

Linguistic Situation

Our Multilingual Context

120 languages (McFarland,1993), 171 (PCER, 2000), 176+ (Talaytayan, 2009)

Our Multilingual Context

§ 185 individual languages:

181 living and 4 extinct;

Of the living: 43 are


70 developing,

45 vigorous, 13 in trouble,

and 10 dying

(Ethnologue, 2013)

• Article XIV of the Constitution

• Section 6. Filipino as the national

language that shall be further

developed and enriched

on the basis of existing

Philippine and

other languages

Our Multilingual Context

• Section 7. For purposes of

communication and instruction, the

official languages of the Philippines

are Filipino and, until otherwise

provided by law, English.

Our Multilingual Context

• The regional languages are the

auxiliary official languages in the

regions and shall serve as auxiliary

media of instruction therein.

• Cultural identity, language,

and social development

• Shifting from bilingualism

to multilingualism and

from biliteracy

to multiliteracy

• Cross Linguistic Transfer

of Literacy and Thinking

Skills across languages

BESRA Policy Recommendations

(Ocampo, 2008)

Glocal English

A glocal language is global and yet

rooted in local contexts of its new users.

In developing a new role, English supports

local users and their uses for it

while serving to interconnect

the global community. (Pakir, 2000)

English as a Glocal Language (EGL)

1. Expresses nuances

of local communication

2. Empowers local speakers

to think globally while acting locally

3. Equips local speakers with the desire

to share their unique cultural

background to a globalizing world

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