NEEAP heart for eden by ms Elen Basug part 2

NEEAP heart for eden by ms Elen Basug part 2

Adopt-a-Tree Program

Paper Recycling (Charcoal-Making)

Paper Recycling

Waste Segregation and Labeling of Waste Bins

Sorting and Collection of Wastes

Innovative IEC Materials

Art for the Environment

Challenges monitoring of EE in different schools

establishment of Regional Desks on

EE efforts

the inclusion EE subject in the curriculum

not just as an elective in the tertiary level

proper management of chemical and other

hazardous wastes in school laboratories

professional recognition of environmental engineering and

graduates of other environmental courses by government

and private employers

massive production and distribution of educational materials to schools in

far-flung areas; and the updating of the master list of advocacy materials

Challenges address the need for a common

resource facility for

environmental IEC exchange

training of teachers and trainors for EE

for sustainable development

production of curriculum and support

Instructional Materials

full utilization of other venues (e.g. multi-media

and alternative media) for EE

funds/financial support to expand EE for SD programs,

particularly in the regions

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell

where his influence stops.”

– Henry Adams

Environmental Management Bureau

Department of Environment and Natural Resources - contact nos. 9202251, 9284674

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