The Franklin - Franklin Township Public Library

The Franklin - Franklin Township Public Library

The Franklin - Franklin Township Public Library


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The Franklin


postago Mci

s*~Qnaat somo.ot,¢’~s~ N.J. OS.~Ta,




Taxpayers Go To

State Agencies

With Evidence


Proposed Gregory Visit

10C pcr copy

Attracts Opposition Fire

Dick Gregory’s scheduled The fairness of inviting Mr.

appearance at Franklin High Gregory to Franklin High School

School on May 18 became an without extending "equal time"

issue at a sparcely attended to "the other side" was assailed

board of education meeting by several members of the board

The Franklin Township Tax-

Monday evening, and two of the dozen people who

The Human Relations Corn- comprised the audience at

payers Association plans to file a

mission has arranged to bring the Sampson G. Smith School. No

complaint against the Sewerage

entertainer to speak to the suggestions were made as to

Authority this week, The group

says it has accumulated the

students for $1,000. Students are what would be rebutted or who

invited but not required to attend might make the rebuttal.

necessary information to support

the program. Michael Ward of the board and

its claims of misuse of public


George Eekardt, president of

the association, said that in-

John Cullen Leslie Banks Ronald Workman

vestigation into the authority’s

files "to make sure we have

everyone involved who did take Jaycees Elect Officers

these monies" revealed

"vouchers of all kinds of things

including liquor purchases, SOMERSET-- The election of First Quarter - Lea Block; sponsored each year by the

cigars, the whole gamut." The officers for the 1972-1973 year was Grocery Grab Co-Chairmen - Jeff Jaycces.

association is filing to have these announced by the Franklin Stark, Jerry Dycus. The Franklin Township

SOMERSET -- Summer Schoel

monies refunded,

Township daycoes at their annual A spar/el award was presented . Jaycee-ettes presented a Cer- programs for Franklin Town.

Attorney Milton Diamond has Installation and Awards Banquet by the Jaycees to Shari Upbin for tificate of Appreciation to Connie ship’s elementary and secondary

made the draft of the complaint on Saturday, April 29. her assistance in the developand

anticipates filing it with

Judge Baruch Seidman in


The association has been

studying tax re-evaluation to

appeal to the Department of

Community Affairs under the

Tax Division of the Department

of Finance. Information they

intend to present includes the


--"There was an increase in

revenue of 16.3 per cent from 1971

based upon the new tax rate, If

the school board and township

budget has increased not more

than 19 per cent, why is the increase

in revenue only 16.3 per

cent?" Mr. Eekardt asks.

--There are seven categories of

classification of properties o



tax record. "The residential

homeowners were increased 41

per cent, the highest increase of

all the categories, which indicates,"

says Mr. Eckardt,

"that the homeowners were hit

the hardest.

"Commercial was increased 21

per cent; industrial, 30; apartments,

38 per cent; vacant land,

9.8 per cent; regular farm was

decreased 6.4 per cent; a

qualified farm was increased 17.5

per cent.

The residential $96 million

assessment comprises the

majority of the assessment,

exceeding the total of all the

other assessments. The total

assessment is $142 million.

Residential was increased from

$68 miUion in 1971 by $27 million.

The association is appealing to

the state because it has no

recourse with the county. The

county board of taxation has

certified and accepted tbe reevaluation

submitted by tax

assessor Roger Payne.



First Aid Squad of East Millstone

is conducting a house-to.house

drive for funds, It serves parts of

Franklin, Hillsborough, Montgomery

and Millstone.

Residents may mall in contributions

in the name of the

squad to East Millstone, N.J.


Whalen for her chairmauship of

schools are accepting

Elected were: Ronald Work- ment of the Somerset County the FranklinTownship American

registrations now.

man, president; John Cullen, Junior M!ss Pageant a project

Cancer Society crusade. There is no charge for

first vice president; Leslie enrollment.

Banks, second vice president; The elementary summer

Nathan Wise, secretary; Ber-


¯ "~ ® _ school programs are totally

nard Kwnit, treasurer; Karl gllJ’~’~ ][ ~-~ ,,¢’L~rLdr’~’s,’a cb-m,~t-Y’a4~--~funded by federal grant. They

Timmermann, director; Len HJI r i~tr [/~.J. L ~.j ~ I[J W ~’q...~) ~l[,~./tt~ E ,t.~) are approved and sponsored by

Block, director; Jeff Stark, the board of education. The

director; and Jim Boutross, secondary school program is

director. ’

~tt 41LW /"L "iFII financed by funds budgeted by

The following awards were LoiteringReso ~[,~/[/~q.P " E [) the " board of education.

presented at the banquet in Courses are approved for

SOMERSET -- Hearings on proving the construction of

three ordinances dea/ing with concrete sidewalks along the

loitering, residency, and water northerly side of HamiltouStreet

line extension are on the agenda from the City of New Brunswick

/’or tonight’s council meeting boundary line to Frankliu

scheduled for 8 p.m. at the Old Boulevard and along the

Municipal Building. southerly side of Hamilton Street

from the city line to Clyde Road,

The loitering ordinance has where no satisfactory sidewalks

been under consideration for presently exist.

Frankli t~ several months, having been

requested by the Franklin - A third ordinance expected to

Township Chamber of Corn- beintroducedisonetaamendthe

Ladies Plan nmrco Stan,o C t,er, townshipzoning ordinance to permit

attorney, has lnvestigated the motels iu the M-1 (light

legality of the proposed or- manufacturing) zone. ,

dinance and determined that it is

Plant Sale


He said that the ordinance was Blackwells Mills

originally enacted by the City of

SOMEBSET -- The garden

Orange and that although the Canal House

department of the Cedar Wood

section dealing with presump-

Woman’s club will hold a plant

tions was not specifically

OPens Its Doors

sale on Friday, May 12, from 10

discussed by the court, ]he At)-

a.m. to4p.m, atthebomeofMrs. pellate Division of the Superior

Frank Thomas, 24 Drake Rd. The

Court of New Jersey upheld the SOMERSET -- Morgan Selfsale

is open to the public,

whole ordinance. He discounted fert, New Brunswick attorney,

the pertinence of the U.S. District

Proceeds from the sale will be

will be the featured speaker at

used for landscaping the Court’s decision that a theBlackwellsMillsCanal’House

Franklin Township Public Jacksonville ordinance was not Association preview of the

Library and other civic garden valid, because it is not like bridgetender’s house on the


Franklin’s proposed ordinance in Raritan Canal in Franklin

Offered for salc will be annuals that Jacksonville banned all Mrs. Marilyn Hellman of 24 The tielay in presentation of a

Appleman Road quoted desegregation program was also

statements out of context which discussed during the extended

the entertainer had made while public portion of the meeting.

addressing groups on various Some parents expressed concern

topics. Mr. Ward said "I think the when Dr. Robert E. Maxwell,

board should have been con- ’superintendent of schools, said

sulted," and he considered that that school redistricting plans

equal time ought to be given would not be announced before

"someone with the opposite point June.

of view, a strong opposite point of Dr, Al Katz asked if there had

view, not a wishy-washy been plans for community in-


volvement in the redistricting.

Mrs. Marsha Sobol, board Mr. Mesiah informed him that no

member, expressed ap- lay committee had been formed.

Franklin Opens prehension that the decision of Mrs. Claire Rapp, 110

the Human Relations Com- Prospect St., pointed ot/t difmission

to ask Mr. Gregory to ficulties encountered by fifth

speak "showed complete graders from Hillerest School

disregard of what might happen who were transferred to another

Summer Schools

to our school when remarks are school for sixth grade. She noted

made of an inflammatory that the emotional adjustments

be for four hours between 9 a.m. nature."

children of that age need to make

and l p.m. Transportation will be Board President Raymond upon entering puberty were

provided beyond minimal Mesiah advised that it is not compounded by the adjustments

walking distance of the MacAfeeadministration

policy or habit to necessary in changing from the

School. Lunch is included as an inform the board of the many open classrooms of Hillcrest

instructional activity. Other speakers invited to address the School to the structured

services will be provided to meet schools. Board member Samuel classrooms of Elizabeth Avenue

individual needs.

Williamson objected that the School.

The secondary summer school students, their capability and Other areas covered included

is designed primarily to provide judgment were being un- inquiry into the required choice

remediation in reading and derrated.

of sixth grade students planning

opportunities for students to He noted that often they con- their intermediate school

make up deficiencies in subject ducted themselves in ways programs between band and

areas required for high school "superior to those of their language study. Dr. Maxwell



promised that a solution to that

Remedial reading is open to The subject was closed when problem would be forthcoming

recognition of outstanding ser-

credit by the New Jersey State students in grades seven through Mrs. Naiomi Nierenberg, 24 soon.

vice to the Jaycees and Franklin

Department of Education. 12 who have severe reading Beverly Avenue, reminded the The main business of the

Township: Jaycee of the Year -

Elementary and Title I programs problems. A maximum of four audience that under the state law board’s agenda was the approval

Jack Whales; Eeyman Award -

will accept no registrations after classes of 15 students each can be "the board sets policy and the of the school budget. The

Jack Fisco; Officer of the Year -

May 17.


administrators administrate township council had recom-

Frank Thomas; Director of the

Any pupil in the township may Review courses for students policy," and that the board had mended $357,000 be cut from the

Year - John Calleu; Project

enroll in either the review or with deficiencies will be given in not set any kind of policy proposed school budget after it

Chairman of the Year . Karl

enrichment programs at the

English I (grade nine), English regarding controversial speakers was defeated at the polls.

Timmermann; Jaycee of the

elementary level. Centers will be (grade 10), U.S. history I (grade in the school system.

The board and the superin.

operated only in those schools 10), U. S. history II (grade 11), She noted that no one is tendent went back to the town-

showing need through

algebra I and earth science. required to attend the program. ship council and after

registration. Class size will be Successful completion of a course

t~egotiations the council agreed to

limited to 15 pupils per teacher. will provide full credit. One class

cut $249,000 with $155,019 from

Classes will be in session July 7 of 22 students can be provided for

the amount to be raised by

through August 3. Instructional each course.

taxation for the current expense

Frank Finch budget and $94,750 from the

time will be scheduled for one

and one half hours per day for Registration will take place in

capital expense budget. The

each pupil, either 8:30 to 10 a.m. the Guidance Department of 7b Assay board accebted the compromise

or 10:15 to 1h45 a.m. Tran- Sampson G.’Smith Intermediate

cut by resolution.

sportation to and from the school School and Franklin High School

If a compromise had not been

shall be the responsibility of the during regular school hours. Con;servation reached, the board would have

pupil’s parents. Lunches will not Placement in the classes will be

appealed to the state com-

be served.

made in the time order in which Frank Finch Jr,, Chairtnan of

missioner 6f oducation, involving

Review work programs are registrations are completed. the Franklin Township Planning

much administrative time and

offered in mathematics and Registrations will close whenCommission,

will speak on the


reading for grades one through classes meet the limits describedwork

of the Commission at the

six, and mathematics, science above.

meeting Tuesday, May 16, of the

and social studies in grades four Secondary summer school will Franklin Conservation Club. Mr.

through six.

be in session from June 27, Finch has a wide background of Recqvle

Under ESEA Title I Program, through August 9. June 26 will be community activity, including

supplementary instructional a preparations day for the staff service on the Industrial

experiences and activities only, No sessions will be held on Development Commission, the Again On

designed to improve com- July 3 and July 4. Classes will be Planning Board, and the Conmunications

and language skills, held from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and servation Commission. With a

using teacher aide service will be from 1O:2O a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at background in industrial Saturday

Township on Saturday, May 13, provided for primary pupils Franklin High School. Remedialengineering,

Mr. Finch is Project

such as geraniums, petunias, loitering, loafing, etc., whereas at 3 p.m.

(kindergarten through second courses will be limited to 15 Manager of Data Processing at

impatiens and marigolds;

Frankliu’s proposal does nat. Mr. Seiffert was instrumental grade) in Conerly Road, students each; review courses to the E.R. Squibb Co.

SOMERSET -- Franklin

perennials such as pansies, Council is expected to adopt the in having the canal declared a MaeAfee Road, Middlebush, Pine 22 students each. R_egistration Also on the program will be a Township J.U.N.C. will hold the

delphinium and periwinkle; and

loitering ordiuanco tonight. state historical site in 1950. Grove Manor and St. Matthias will close when limits are discussiom of the State’s new monthly recycling drive on

tomato, pepper and cucumber

Other speakers will be John H. areas, at MaeAfee Road School reached.

billboard act, and a field trip on Saturday, May 13, at tbe

plants. Somerset Valley Industrial Briekman Jr., James Moise, and only. Each class will have a Transportation to and from Saturday to the site of tbe Franklin Township High School

In charge of the sale is Mrs. Campus has requested the Robert Moevea.

maximum of 15 pupils and at secondary classes will be the proposed Hooper garden apart- Parking Lot from 9 a.m. to noon.

Frank Thomas. Assisting her are vacation of all or portions of The house will be open for least one teacher aide, in addition responsibility of the student’s ment complex near Griggstown. Cleaned glass, metal and

Mrs. Mark.Else, Mrs. Joseph Clinton, Ferris, Furman, Eighth, public inspection and ap- to the certified teacher, parents. Lunches will not be The meeting will be held at 8 plastic containers will be

Lmnb, Mrs. George Fields and Grant and dudson Streets and plications for association The ESEA Title I program will available. Prompt and regular p.m. Tuesday at the Middlebush(!ollected

in addition to bundled

Mrs. Frederick Hermann. Equator Avenue. An ordinance membership will be taken bet- be in session between July 7 and attendance for all 30 days is Reformed Church, and is open to newspapers. Proceeds go to a

The garden department releasing them is expected to be ween 2 and 5 p.m. Refreshments August 3. Instructional time will expected.

the public.

scholarship fund.

recently donated a wbite introduced tonight.

will be served.

dogwood tree to the Middlebush

School, which was planted on Also anticipated is the in-

Arbor Day, April 20.

troduction of an ordinance ap-

Local Dem Leaders

To Back McGovern


Sheridan, chairman, and Leon E,

Cohen and Mrs, Tedi DeVrles,

vice chairmen of the Democratic

Municipal Committee of

Franklin, announced theh,

support as individuals of Senator

George McGovorlt for the

out to the highest pol-ITTdcal


They asked fellow Democrats

to elect the Somerset County

McGovern convention delegates,

AI Wlckhmd and Kathy l~.ieeho

aud alte,’nates Tad Chase nnd

Sue I,hmze, on June tL

nomiaotlml aa Donlocratlc

candidote fat’ president,

They state tl~oir ophdon that Rulgers Prostates

~ ~.,,’~’.,~ ’be ..... (’~t nomhlutionof Senator McGovorn

will indicate that the needed Local P,’ofi,,ssors

reforms of the .nrocessas of the

Democratic Psrty are aue.

eroding, ntnl "it will bldlcatc to

our fellow citizens that ot 1’ party


/|taKers fanolty melubnra fronl

welcolnc8 n diversity of ooplo

laid views uacl IS the host ~;eh c o

Frunklhl and Millstone were

01110118 I Ill ta receive pronlotioas

thrm;gh which to focus on sud roeet~tly ammimced by the

solve the l)roblenta of oat)’ college,

Library Vohtnleers Are T/tanked


the toac )era and their now

lU rheA’ aom)uncament they list

poaltlons are:

os reasol)s thny support

David Illusion kl’a ntz,


associate profes=o)’l Dr, Jes, le SOMERSET -- Vohmtaers col nltecr work performed hy the of tt~o lecanklht Town~hlp Pablie

"Ilia oloctloa ta the only moans

I!artllne aaaocJata proJ’eal~or; wore praised far thoh’ DOS, citizens snd o vIc groups af l,ibrsry; and Mayo)’ William

available to totally and rapidly

Dr, Norman Levitt, aeeoclate trlhutiona to the Franklhl l,’ranRlla, lloward of Franklin,

ternltnata our participation hi the pt’ofeeaor Dr, llarold Town~hlp Public LIbrut’y at the . Mrs, Sprltzer aald that our

Vietnam war his dacron w l

Itbrary’a annual Appreciation 8pgakct’a Dtoh;dod Illh~ representative form of govern,

roeult In greater omphaala on our Sackrowlt~, a~aoclate profe$ttorl

Dr, Jack Spector profeuor; Dr, l,unoheon, Saturday, May IL Sprltzor (leftl, noting president moat dupende on Intormed

donteatlc )loc(bt by redh’ectlnll

GETTING READY for their plant =aid are Mr=, Joaalln Lsntb, Mr=, Frank Thorns=, Mr=, Frederick

Fred Swift, reeearch prgfet, aorl

of the library l)ol’othy Sm!th doolslol) makh)~l, She Indicated

the utto of oar tax dollars; a Dr, Phyllis Van0rdan, aa~aclate At the lunohenn, whloh wan (rlghI), Ilb’ary t ’oct;’; Joan that while thnoa have changed,

Hermann, and Mrs, Mark Ehto, The ladie~ ere members of the gsrclen tlenartment of the Cedar WoodMcGoveru athnlnlstt’ation can

Womun’5 Club.

re a|h’ die Nlxon CCOl)Ollllc )lOgS

profot~,,aor; Dr, Elias Anglada, hold tit the Travd I,odga, the M~Uaao, monlher of the the fact t’onlahluthat the bulk of

aasaelalo profeasorl at)d l)t’, officers and staff of thu library Somerset Coullty LIb|’ary knowledge t’en)ains ht books,

I S ndulht ntratloa woud not ~all

Elwlu O|’ton, re~leareh In’Die,lust, ahowodthoh’apln’ochttlonfurthe Commission a~)d foramr h’usteo lqmtoby Plaffu


Cemetery Removal Is Considered

’Gentlemen Farmers’

Area Faces Floo, ting






$ 50

Plan ahead, enjoy the great feeling of

knowing your fun is prepaid with the

money you saved in your Vacation

Club Account, Simply select the plan

you wish from the cbart below and join

the fun of saving for a care-free vacation

next year.


$ 2


, i

$ 3

, ,, ,,,,, ,



i i Hm i i ..................................

II ’ " -

$ 5 $ 10


$ 250 $ 500



MAIN ()Ft:ICE: South Main $ts’oot, ManvUle ,,=,. ,,.o,,

NOI~TIISIDI~ OI’TICE1825 Norlh Main Siroet

Nellr Dtikes Parkway (OpllOtdto J.M), Manville

Phons 725.3900

.~.,.~ ~.,m..

./’ THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1972

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tlds is tile teas, parties and other social from South Middlebush Road to It fell to John Jr. to farm the The two oldest houses still

last of a series of articles functions. As the farms ceased to Route 27 and lived on what is rear land at South Middlebush standing are those built by

covering some of tile Idstoric be worked, the familiar family known now as the Irving Road and Skillman’s Lane. He brothers John and Peter

sites in Franklin Towoslfip that names began to disappear. Hoagland Place. His grandson, remodeled the kitchen and did a Wyokoff. The first, now occupied

lie in the llatll of the Six Mile Run One of the recurring names in Joseph Suydam, moved to the lot of building onto the place. by the Staudt family, was the

Reservoir planned by the State of the history is Suydam. Judge farm on South Middlebush Road Later he married Pauline P. subject of the first article of this

New Jersey.

Ralph Voorhees traced that and Skillman’s Lane about 1798. Beere of New York, who was series.

family history in his Franklin This was the Suydam Homestead music dii’eetor a t New Brunswick Cornelius Wyckoff had pur-

Township Historical Notes, 1874- for 124 years.

Jr. High School until last fall. chased lot No. 5 of the Harrison

by Colleen Zirnite 76, reprinted in the Somerset The house used to be nearer the The French family was active tract containing 1,200 acres and

County Quarterly.

road but it was moved up the hill in community and church affairs. divided it into four parts of 800

The settlers of the ltarrison "Hendrick Ryckon came from in 1874; Peter Suydam built Mrs. French Sr. was renown for acres in 1703 for his sons Jacob,

tract which lies between what is flolland in 1663 and located in the around it. A sign showing the the pressed chicken she served at Simonl Peter and John. Cornelius

now Route 27 and the Millstone suburbs of New Amsterdam, painted date 1874 was found in the the annual Harvest Home Din- and Jacob, sons of Jacob,

River, married and in- remained there for some time attic.

ners on Labor Day. The old folks inherited their father’s lands at

termarried. Their descendants and then removed to Flat- In 1922 Mrs. Annie Suydam of the Middlobush Church used to his early death.

stayed on the property until just bush...He acquired a large estate campbell, the mother of Mrs. gather at their home on the hill In the 1935 book "Where the

recently and the farms were and enjoyed a very respectable d.ussell Totlen who lives on for quilting parties.

Trees Grow Tall," Elsie Stryker


standing among the men of that

THE JOSEPH SUYDAM homestead, now known as Middle Wind Farm on Skillman’s Lane and South

They were gentlemen farmers

O}colt Street, Middlebush, sold Dorothy and Robert O’Connell notes, "The Wyckoff family has

day. He died in 1701. About 1710

Middlebush Road.

the house to John B. French Sr. bought the farm nine years ago meant much in the church and

and their women were ladies his children adopted the name of John Jr. was 18 years old when and named it Middle Wind Farm. community life of Middlobush.

whose routines revolved around

Werven, and children Theodorus.


the family moved there. His They renovated the old grainery Records abound with their names Daniel, Elizabeth, Adriana, Anna

In 1728 Ryko Suydam came to parents had two big farms; they as a show room for tile produce as holders of responsible and Margaret.

Pleasant Plains. He owned land used to supervise the Poor Farm. they grow and sell fresh daily. positions....’ Jacob, the last to Theedorus was one of the

occupy the old homestead, is amy original purchasers of the John

superintendent of buildings and Harrison tract in 1701, Lot No. 6.


grounds at the New Brunswick The farm was occupied by the

Theological Seminary..(He)


Polhemus family for over 100

also a historian of note having years and its coat of arms may be


prepared several documents for seen in the metal back of the



Thurs., Fri., & Sat.

His notes of the Wyckoff family In 1873 Judge Voorhoes said in

are also preserved in the the March issue of a monthly

Somerset County Historical magazine "Our Home," "The

SlOO 7’ : ik Quarterly.

Polhemus families in this section


The last living Wyekoff to live have long been noted for their

there was Norman T., now of industry, skill and success in


Rumson. He recalls his old home, agricultural pursuits --

"of typical old Dutch style with a especially as grain and stock


large portion and a secondary raisers; their talents thus run-

section where the roof is dropped


ning in a different channel from

a little bit and a shed kitchen." that of their ancestors. In the


The large portions were additions matter of good buildings also.

Cash & Carry

made with increased families they have taken great pride.

and incomes. The "shed kitchen" .~ certain agent, who disposes SOUTH ~IDDLEBUSH Cemetery, where the earliest settlers and

is usually referred to as an old .agricultural machinery.,.was their ancestors are buried.

Dutch kitchen and housed the heard to say...that it was the best

large Dutch bakeovens. cultivated of any of the many incorporated and Garret Hage-


Mrs. Torten alerted the state as

Auctioneer Willard Totton scores which he had visited.,, one man is president, Mrs. Emmato

the existence and history of the

bought the house from Jacob of the best conducted farms...." Totten is seeretary4reasurer, and cemetery and she keeps the

Wyokoff. Today the state owns The William Gulick family


Edwin Huff of Neshanie, vice corporation trustees and officers

and rents it awaiting the reality bought and occupied the house president.

informed of correspondence she


of the reservoir.

until recently, It is presently A deed dated 1811 describes the maintains with state officials.

In 1654 Johannes Theodorus owned and rented out by the 90 foot by 130 foot area. The She has a letter dated August 12,

I l 0 S. Main St.

Polhemus, a minister of the state,

corporation keeps a map of the 1970 stating that the graveyard


Reformed Church, came from A major problem in the cemetery showing all the graves, would be moved with the consent

Holland where his family name flooding of Six Mile Run even those without stones. Its of the descendants.

THE JACOB WYCKOFF Homestead on South Middlebush Road

held a distinguished place among Reservoir is posed by the South members have maintained the The state has proposed moving

officers of state and men of Middlebush Cemetery. cemetery, cleared out the brush, it to a plot across the road on the

,letters in the Netherlands. He When the first settlers died and and kept the grass trim and highest ground where the new

accepted a call from a church in until 1900 this cemetery was the pretty. Today it is covered with a South Middlebush Road will be

Flatbush where he then lived bury!ng place for all the old ,delicate veil of mountain pink cut through.

with his wife, Catherine Van families in the area. It has been and myrtle.

There are 220 graves whose

Don’t let

family descendants are scattered

vacation expenses

all over the United States,

Canada and elsewhere. Many of

the old stones are crumbling. The

earliest date is 1760, but older

markers were just fieldstones

with initials.

spoil your fun

One of the descendants, octogenarian

Norman T. Wyckoff

said, "It seems to me that it

would be better if it were left

alone. If they want to put water

over it, all right." tie is afraid

that because the first interments

were back in the 1700’s "before

the days of waterproof caskets,

removal would be absolutely

impossible because there is

nothing to move."

The last burial was actually in

1912, after the cemetery had been

declared full and closed. A widow

Join our Vacation Club


39 S. Main St., Manville, N. J.



for your comfort

~L~’~ d ..... premises

was permitted burial in 1912

beside her husband. Mrs. Totten

remembers her mother telling

how the wet, swampy ground

below the graveyard caused

difficulties in transporting the

casket and she predicted there

would be no more interments




The Borough of Manville Board of Health, in cooperation with the New Jersey

Department of Health, will again hold a FREE RABIES CLINIC on Saturday,

May 13, 1972 atthe new No, 2 Firehouse, Washington &South 13th Ave,, and on

Saturday, May 20,1972, at No, 3 Firehouse, N, 8th Ave,, between 1:00 p,m, and

4:00 p,m, Please take advantage of this yearly program and have your pet,


by an adult,





dreaded disease;

will be sore.requisite

thereby protecting




your family,

and colmnunity, Please cooperate and have your pat on a leas1| r


Dog Lie0nce,

and accompanied

Brin9 tile card mailed to you buy the Board of Health and fill gilt information



tlillsborough Girls

Elected To Office


Dobak and Patty Greece,

students tit tlillsborough ttigh

School, were appointed state

parliamentarian aad state

corresponding secretary of the

Future Business Leaders of

America at the state leadership

convention in Atlantic City April

30 and May l.

At the convention, attended by

over 400 delegates representing

31 high schools throughout the

state, Debble Alton placed third

in tile )ubli¢ speaking contest

aud was awartet a trophy tutd


Chcrl and Patty have beell

invited to attontl the national

FLILA convention in llouston,

Texalt, tn Jail0, tutti have

rlJcclvcd grants frola the state

FIII,A to defray expalisOa for the


II F,N I*,’l,Tr Iq,ANNEIi

EIIISON -,-Tho Edison Yountl

I)Olliacrotit will sponsor ii Rack

Charles Golcheskl, Sr,,

7tiiit~oi’t hi boilollt Ilia Y,}, Sal’tO

Ilydrecephahiit Itoaoarch


I:Oalldllllail II,ll p,lU, Saillrday,


May t3 iit dalai I, SlavOllS IIIgh

..~ I II III II I .I




- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,B



C’mor Archie,

Meet Dick

You can help send this

:’amily away for the summer

next year)



After a lot of prodding, a

closely guarded secret is finally

made public. The Human

Relations Commission is spending

$1,000 of taxpayers’ money

to bring Dick Gregory to the

Franklin High School.

As usual, everything is being

done in a clandestine way. Henry

Miller, principal of Franklin

High, repeatedly denied that

such an event would occur. In

spite of his denials it was

published in the Franklin News

Record this past week.

A spineless board of education

md an equally spineless council

vent out of their way to make

sure the public was not informed.

It is really criminal when we

must pay for a speaker whose

only claim to fame is hurling

iBsults at President Nixoa and ;tU Mimeograph

law enforcement ageBcies across


tile Batten.

If someone had suggested that Speedy, Aeeutatn

George WnUace be invited to Quality Work

speak ut tile Franklin lligh

School, thn nmuthy set would RUSS’

have raised such a howl lhat tile

reveraberatious woBId bave

shattered every whtdow pane in


by opening your...

FrankUn Township.

31 S. Main St,

In view of the complete


disregard for the feellRg of the


total commuRity, I feel that tile

Ihonan RelatloRs Commission

9:[3 VAST lION CW9 and tlenry Miller have both

outlived their usefulness in

I,’raRklln TowBshlp and shoukl

bocorno past history at tile


possible duto.

I feel very sti’oBgly thai it Is

time thBt Dr, l{abert Maxwell

This is a public service message

start tBklng over the l’ehts of oBl’

school system aBd FaD It for tile

good of the wholo conununlly

in the interest of better family harmony

rathw lhBlrl I’or a few scraggly

beardotl so.called profess!onal8

at Ilia hlgh sdloal,

Michael Peaeoa

FIRBT NATIONAL BANK I’;lllT(lll’8 N(lTl’h The ItewN


releal~e lll’Jaled hl Jagt week’l~

l,’raaldhl Nows.lh~cerd regardhlg

the sehettiIled a i tearallee a[

_ i



n.nn.lt~ Insured to $20,000/Momb0r Fader01 Deposit I.atlraRce Corp0rutloB

i-’"’"l illl i ill l i i Ul = it i ii

Dick ttl,egi)r~ wall lasaed frBIli

lilt! offJcP nf lh!ary Miller,

Inqnclpa! of Frapltlhl lllgh



Archie Bunker might pull in the welcome mat if he

spied Dick Gregory coming up his walk, but his family

would haudle the situation gracefully and enjoy their


There are a few Archie Bunkers on Franklin High’s

parental list who distrust people with opinions different

from their own, who don’t consider the president infallible

or his war honorable - or who say ouch (and more)

when their black skin is pinched by white hands. There are

a few who insist on hiding the children or at least holding

their ears when such "strangers" speak.

Like Archie’s family, the students of Franklin High

School are more sophisticated, often more informed than

their parents -- more understanding, more open-minded

and more inclined to laughter.

The kids at Franklin High are counting the days till

Dick Gregory arrives. They ,’ire familiar with his un-iced

humor, naked of sweets. They are aware of his cutting wit

that getsright to the core and exposes bare truths.

Parents can no longer closet their children in tile

cloisters of the home. Life itself and news broadcasts have

already jarred youth into consciousness of the world’s


Dick Gregory isn’t going to tell the kids anything they

aren’t already aware of. But he may offer a suggestion on

how to cope, how to get along-- together.They maylisten;

he speaks their language.

~ Stlilllllll IIIIIIIIIIBI H ltlflfl Ifllgllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll g llilfl IIIIlilllllillllllllllllllfltlilllllllillilllf

Wheat°Ang~n:: [°:e’Ine’


USED CAR & 1CEsSpOOl repair, sewer connection PERSONAL LOANS to $1,000



and driveway work Of all kinds. LARGER LOANS TO



A COMPLETE SELECTION OF Trenching and grading. 19 years HOMEOWNERS

TRUCK PARTS experience.

Please Call for details Licensed Public Mover


Edgewater Ave,


Local & Lo"g Distance

Bradley Gardens

Consolidate All Your Bills Into


35 No. 17th Ave.

One Cooventant Monthly Payment



if no answer


SOMERSET 201-725-7758




By Golly...You’re Right, Doctor! That Does Look

31 W. Main St.,



Like Henry Kissinger Up Ther e!!l

To Place Your Listings Secondary Mortgage Loan!

¯ Weddings


¯ Parties


¯ Dances

SVP To Perform


Music by

Associates, Inc.

Somerset, N.J.

Belch- Wright Play

The Versatones


Rehearsals are underway for and her son Stewart. The roles of BASEMENTS

the Somerset Valley Players’ Mr. Beal and Anthony Roberti ¯ ROOMS

Frank Walt

production of "The Man in the are played by Tom Ambrosio and KITCHENS

725-7037 722-2717

Dog Suit" by Albert Belch and Sal Gagliano.


William W. Wright. The play, Assisting Mrs. Sellers is Gay All residential and

directed by Marianna Sellers, Blake; coordinating stage commercial remodeling Spring Exhibition, Raritan Valley Arts Association. Through May 21

will be presented on May 13, 19, manager is Mary Ann Gibus.

at Far Hills Inn.


2O at 8:40 p.m. at Van Tickets may be obtained from 846-8700

Derveer School, Somerville. Mrs. Don Weise and Mrs. Roy Recommended by National Re-

Career Education Night. 8p.m. at Franklin High School.

SOUTH SOMERSET NEWSPAPERS The play, a light comedy, deals Durnwirth of Somerville. modelers Association & Better

with a mac who is frustrated by

Franklin Council, 8 p.m.

Contractors Bureau,

Published every Thursday by

his ambition to be a forest ranger

Ladies Night Open House, Somerville Recruiting Station, in honor of Plumbing & Heating

The Princeton Packet, Inc.

and hemmed in by the con-

30th Anniversary of WAC. 7-9 p.m.

installation, repairs

MainOffice: 240 South Main St.

ventions of his work-a-day world Foothill To

Manville, N.J. 08835

as a banker. He resorts to

and service

Chinese .Aaction, Bound Brook Jewish Center on Mountain Ave. 7

dressing in a dog costume in

Telephone: 725-3300



order to relieve his pressures and

completely installed

Dick Willever....Managing Editor

express his own personality. The Open Season

Hooper Hearing, Franklin Zoning Board. 8 p.m. at Municipal Building. 60" tub, 24" vanity end cadet

Lee Schmittberger...Advertising Manager life of this man and that of his


commode. All faucets, showers,

thoroughly confused wife

traps and shut-off s,

Alice Lech....Office Manager

becomes more and more com- MIDDLESEX -- The Foothill

Rummage Sale. 6-9 p.m. at Trinity Church, Crescent Ave., Rocky Hill.

Licensed Plumber

The Franklin NEWSRECORD plicated when he gets so carried Playhouse will open its 25th


Also May 13,10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


away with his role as a dog that season on Wednesday, May 24


600 Sanders Ave., Somerset, N.J.

he bites his brother-in-law, his with "New Girl In Town", a KAMERA HOUSE Somerset Chapter of Deborah Meeting. 8:30 p.m. at King James

P.O. Box 5, Middlebush, N. J.

boss, and the mayor. Amusingly, musical based on the book by

24 Hrs. Processing

Nursing Home.



confusion mounts on confusion George Abbott, with music and

by Kodak

Colleen Zirnite....News Editor

until pure havoc reigns in the lyrics by Bob Merrill. The

bank where he works. musical was adapted from

Repairs on premises

Teen Dance. 8-11 p.m. at MacAfee Road School, Somerset.


The Manville News

Playing the part of the man in Eugene O’Neill’s "Anna 201-722-8886

Rummage Sale, Harlingen Reformed Church. Also Saturday.


i the dog suit, Oliver Walling, is Christie."

! I ROUTE no6 So.


240 South Main St., Manville, N.J.

-=-’Garry Garrison. His wife Martha The Foothills production will


{201) 725-3300

_~ is played by Sue Sehwirck, The be directed by Robert Stevens. R!ARITAN. N, J, 088eg SALES&SERVICE


members of the banking family Trudie Suabedissen is the

i i May Dance, 9 p.m. to 1 a,m, at Polish Falcon Camp, Falcon Reed,S.

Monika Saladino...News Editor


include Ruth Van Wagner and choreographer,


Don Wingeleth as Letty and "New Girl" will also be

g~g~NEWS iHenry

Open House, Canal House Restoration Association, At 81ackwells

Gaxton, Barbara Gerrity presented on May 25,26,27 and 31,


Mills & Canal Road. Rain date May 14,

and Paul Regan as Eileen and and June 1,2, and 3. I:|~llf:lL~

94 E. MAIN ST.,

clo Mrs. Mabel C. Veghte (201) 359-6541 George Stoddard, and The box office will open on

Recycling Drive. 9 a.m. - noon at Franklin High Parking Lot.


Line Road Belle Mead, N.J. 08520

Marguerite Reiners and TomTuesday,

May 16. Tickets and

Dick Willever...News Editor

Waters as Mrs. Louisa Stoddardreservations

can be made by


PTA Fair, MacAfee Road School. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


calling the box office any day TRAIL.ER or TRUCK

Over 46 years of con tlnuous servic:

except Sunday and Monday.







Pancake Breakfast 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Rocky Hill Fire House.


Service Center

Finderne Ave.



Sisterhood of Temple Shalom. 8 p.m. at the Temple.

Manville School Board. 8 p.m.

Franklin School Board. 8 p.m.

Manville Board of Health


Raritan Valley Arts Association Awards Dinner, Far Hills Inn.

St. Matthias PTA, 8 p.m.

Franklin Conservation Club. 8 p.m. at Middlebush Reformed Church.


Parent Counselling Sessions, Franklin High School. 7.9 p.m.

Catholic Daughters of America, Court of Queen of Angels 1739, 7:30

p,m. at Manville Civil Defense Building,

HIIhborough Little Dukes cheerleader and Dukette tryouts. 4 p.m, at

Hillsborou0h Junior High School.

Manville Republican Club. 8 p.m, at VFW Hall.

Montgomery Committee, 8 p,m,

Franklin Zoning Board, S p,m,



Teen Dance, 8"11 p,m, at MacAfeu Road School.

Ru mmago Sale, Somerset Cou n ty Humane Society. 9 s,m, tO 1 p.m, ut

St. John’s Episcopal Church parish house, 158 High St,, Somerville,


Boo k Fair, Pine Grove Manor PTA, Also May 21-24,

St, Matthlas PTA Fair, 10 a,m, to 5 p,m,

Annual Communion flraakfa=t, Sacred Heart PTA, Followht0 8145

a,m, Mass,

Annual Dinner Meeting, Now Jersey Chapter, Assoalntlon of Indians

In America, hlo. 5 p,m, at Rutgur~ Prep School,


o,,v,,a oonc,, 0pm

Fronklln Board of Education, 8 p,itt, at Conudy Road School,

Deadline, tt~ad clothing drive el Greater Now Brunswh~k Council of

Churd~a=, Noon at Bayard fit, Pro~bvlalian Churah,


HiHIbotough Comrrrlllaa, 8;30 p,m.

Panel DllculllOlh Abortion, I];30 p,m, at Hllhboroll011 Hluh Sahaol,

Somerset Naturalht=, 1] p,ltt, at HIIlilda School Library, Bridgewater,

Franklin C(lun!lih 1] p,nh


........................................ , ,,, ,,, ,,,,,,, , i i lUll lull I II I I I





SOFA AND 119.50

Made to your order


For Shop at Home

Service calf RA 5 ¯ 2127


, West Main St, Somerville




1 W, Somerset St,, Rarit~n



MANVILLE -- The Sacred

Heart PTA, will bold its annual

Family Communion Breakfast on

Sunday, May 21, following the

8:45 a.m. Mass, Guest Speaker

will be Father Ernesto Callejas

of the Oblate Fathers of St.

Joseph, Tepal Capa, Mexico.

Chairladies for the affair are

Mrs, Walter Domin and Mrs,

Andrew Walko.


MANVILLE -- The Senior

Citizens Club was honored

Wednesday at a dinner sponsored

by Christ The King Church,

Music was provided by Nick

Novicky and Verstyles under the

sponsorship of Musicians Performance

Trust Fund and

American Federation of

Musicians, Local 204, New


ii r ll



purchase of


Presents Check To Troop 193

Roast Stuffed Vermont Turkey, Giblet Gravy -- $5.25

Roast Long Island Duckling (l~) a I’Orange -- $5.50

Baked Virginia Ham, Pineapple Raisio Sauce - $5.25

Boneless Breast of Chicken on Ham, Supreme -- $5,25

Broiled Prime Chopped Beef, Smothered with Onions -- $4.50

Sirloin of Beef a la Hunter, Wine and Mushroom Sauce --$5.95

Baked African Lobster Tail, Stuffed with Shrimp au Gfatin -- $7.50

Broiled Fresh Salmon Steak, Lemon, Butter-- $4.75

Roast Prime Ribs of Beef, au Jus -- $7.25

Broiled Prime Filet Mignon, Mushroom Cap- $7.75

Baked Idaho Potato with Sour Cream & Chives, French Fried Potatoes,

Candied Sweets, Creanl Whipped Potatoes, Garden Fresh Vegetable.

Chef’s Salad, French Blessing

Choice of Apple Pie, Pineapple Chiffon Pie, Fruit }clio,

Chocolate or Brandied Peach Parfait or Ice Cream,

Coffee, ]ca el Milk,

Raisins, Nuts and Mints

(Childruo undot lO ¯ $3 uw~upl 5Io~k, I~o,~* fle, I or toblto~ tail)

Route 22, $omurvillg, New Jersey

For Reservations

Donna Feschuk

Is Engaged To

Peter Amendolair

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Feschuk of

lllO Kennedy Boulevard,

Manville, have announced the

engagement of their .daughter,’

Miss Donna Feschuk to Peter G.

Amendolair, son of Mr, and Mrs.

Nicholas Amendolair of 248 South

Sixth Avenue, Manville.

Miss Feschuk is a graduate of

Manville High High School and is

employed by GMAC as a

keypunch operator.

IIer fiance is a graduate of

Manville High School and is a

sophomorea t Rider College where

he is a member of the Theta Chi


No wedding date has been set

by the couple.


MANVILLE -. Dr. ’rhonms

Maggio will speak at the Wednesday,

May 17 meeting of the

local Republican Club, The

meeting will be held at U p,m. in

the VFW Mcmorhd llull. Dr.

Magglo’a topic will be the state

Lottery Comnt[ssioll,

f THURSDAY, MAY 1I., 1972

Sherman & Sons

MANVILLE -- Sergeant Harry O’Rourke, right, junior vice commander of VFW Post 2290 is shown

presenting a check to members of Troop 193, sponsored by the VFW Post, to assist in the expense of


(Hext te |Jnkl

$omenet Shepp~| Ceatw

their annual awards banquet. Photo shows, from left, assistant scoutmaster Joseph Yadvish, Mark

Pascavage, Michael Yadvish, Mark Razzano and assistant scoutmaster John Terracciano.

Celebrate Anniversary


NESHANIC -- Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Crum is a partner in the She is the former Ruth


Donald Cram of Haekenbury St. Matthias CYO

Crum-Genova Insurance Agency Wyekoff. Both were born in

The new Somerset Valley

Road celebrated their 25th inSomerville, whileMrs. Crumis Neshanie, and they were married

Chapter of Sweet Adelines

wedding anniversary May 10, Hinsborough’s tax assessor, in Neshanie Reformed Church.

(formerly the Queen City Raises Funds For

They are pictured above with

TO MOTHER... Chapter} is now rehearsing every

their children Mark, Ruth,

Tuesday night at the United Cancer Society

Debbie and Amy.

~I~ C];k~ d;,,t.~,,,, ,,,,~ l,,,,,~ ~! ..... "~i Methodist Church on Country

Club and Van Holten Roads in Members of the CYO at St. Miss Donna Feschuk Jill Ross Attends

Bridgewater. The group includes Matthias Church, Somerset,

four members from the Man-

raised $104 in a house to house SI,ATE MEETING

ville/Hiltsborough area and

crusade for the Somerset County

many from the Somerville area. Unit of the American Cancer

MANVILLE -- The Catholic Mock UN Session

¯ Blouses

’ ¯ Sweaters

Anyone who might be interested


Daughters of America, Court


¯ Sportswear

¯ Dresses

and who likes to sing may. contact The youth group visited homes

Queen of Angels 1739, will hold a NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Jill Ross "We met opposition from

Mrs. Fred Pikula in Manville for in the 24th voting district as a

meeting on Wednesday, May 17 of East Millstone, a 1971 graduate certain African delegations and FARM INN


~ Scarves

at 7:30 p.m. in the Civilian


community service project that

of Franklin High School and the United Kingdom and Albania

lit. 206

Defense Building.

Gift Certificates

$ Lingerie

aided the annual Cancer

present freshman at Wilson who had their own idea of how South Somerville


College, Chambersburg, Pa., was aggression was to be defined,"


~lamlltOn rar~ Mr. and Mrs. John Birknfer of STUDENT IS IION()RED a recent delegate from that recalls Miss Ross.

Sizes 5 - 52

Hunt Road, Somerset, are adcollete

to the National Model She comments, "It was in-

NESHANIC -- Mrs. Helen E

Sponsors City visors to the group.

U.N. Conference held at the teresting to work with other blocs ~. ~’VE~Ot’/f~ TRE B~ ~ HEft ~

Powell of Amwell Road has been Statler tfilton Hotel.

of countries you thought would be

selected to membership in Phi More than 2,000 college friendly to the resolution and we

"All gifts specially" wrapped/or Trip To Circus Beta Kappa, one of the highest


students represented 120 made sure the Latin American

scholastic honors accm’ded to member countries of the United bloc was on our side. The

Mother’s Day"

SOMERSET -- The Hamilton THIS

undergraduate students. Mrs. Nations in a mock U.N. con- U.S.S.R. did vote for the

Park Youth Development

Powell is a student at Douglass

Project is sponsoring a trip to the


ference. "The collegiate model resolution although it is known FAMILY DINNER[


United Nations," says Miss Ross, that there are blocs of peoples MENU

Ringling Brothers -- Barnum

"was a unique experience." within the U.S.S.R. who have

and Bailey Circus at Madison

Wilson college delegates were their own nationalistic Baked Virginia Ham ...... $4.50

Square Garden.

invited to present a resolution aspirations."


Mike Rush, Boys Club Coor- Miss Hando Observes defining aggression and the The agenda for the week

Roast Turkey ........... $4.25 [


dinator who organized the trip,

exceptions and limits to consisted of committee, bloc and ’Prime Ribs ............. $5.25 [


stated, "This is just the first of

aggression before the model U.N. General Assembly sessions along

Lobster Tails ...........

ninny such trips we are planning Law Day Activities

General Assembly, and to argue with mission briefings, and a


Green Stamo~

for the youngsters. All children

their point before both pro and reception for the students in the


and adults of the community are

243 S. Main’St4 Manville 725-8985 welcome?’

MANVILLE -- Miss Ann

con "bloc" nations. It passed. U.N. Delegates dining room. The Any of the above

guest speaker there was inay be ordered

Hando, a student in Miss Jane Miss Ross explains that the Chakravarthi V. Narasimhan,


Sugerman’s eighth grade class


National Model United Nations Chef de Cabinet of the U.N. Serving May 14th

at the Alexander Batcho School, exists to provide a forum where secretary-general.


was an observer at the Law Day stndents may explore the ob- Miss Ross found it an exciting 1 p.m. - 10 p.m. [

program held recently in the jectives and functions of the week affording an insight into the


Court tlouse in Somerville. Miss United Nations. Since Wilson problems of the true U.N. For Mother - A free champagne

Hando represented the eighth College represented Mexico she delegates.

cocktail with dinner! I

graders of ABIS,

"had to keep uppermost in mind


Law Day is set aside by a the national interests of Mexico"


Celery, Olives and Relishes

resolution of Congress and the

President "as a special day of

celebration by the American

people in appreciation of their


Miss Hando told her fellow

students that she was espeeially

and "submerge our own national

(American) interests?’

The students were assigned to

various committees: security;

economic and financial; social,

humanitarian and cultural; and


Choice of Tropical Fruit Juice, Fresh Fruit Maraschino;

Chilled Tomato Juice, Chopped Chicken Livers (50c extra)

Fresh Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail ($1.15 extra), Cream

Celery Soup or Consomme

Miss Ann Hando

impressed with the new citizens

and with the friendliness of the

judges, and lawyers.

Miss Bando was accompanied

by her father Victor Hando.

Miss Ross says that in her post

on the legal committee she

helped in the task of defining

aggression and drawing up other

resolutions on international trade

law, international waterways

and a review of the International

Court of Jnstice. The committee

agreed that justifiable exceptions

to aggression were "national


liberation" causes and "self


She was allotted three minutes

to introdnce the resolution before

the Assembly and she then

yielded two minutes for the

friendly delegates representing

Cuba and Ecuador.

Lo Sardo



Candid weddings, portraits

(201) 3~6-3110

647 Windsor Street Bound Brook

YESFurniture,s alive

and doing better then ever...

at their new home at 166 WEST


C’mon down mid say hellol

Alpine Furniture Co.

166 WEST MAIN 8% SOMERVILLE, N, J. $~6-8883

M~n,~ ~hurlu Fd, I~ A,M, Io e P,M, Tu4~I,~ Wed,, hi, II A,M, II t Pdl,

--- i: ~_~i ................ JILl .......... J ............ IJ£U,L,_ ~.,g.


Mrs. Robert J. Way, was Miss Snedeker

Valerie Van Gorder

Weds William Mont

Valerie Rose Van Garfler, Miss Virginia M. Filowitz of

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edison served as the brides

Richard D. Byerley of Somerset, honor attendant. Bridesmaid was

became the bride of William Mrs. Nancy Byerley of Somerset,

James Moat, son of Mr. and Mrs. sister-in.law of the bride.

Theodore Moat Sr. of 237 Mercer Edward Baehonski Jr. of Old

Street, Hightstown, on Saturday, Bridge served as best man.

April 22.

Charles Hewins of Hightstown

The ceremony was performed


by Rev. Robert Sullivan and Rev. Mrs. Moat is a graduate of

Stanley Mont, brother of the Franklin High School, Somerset,

groom, at the Hightstawn First and is employed as a secretary

+Presbyterian Church.

with the Comptroller of the New

Jersey Turnpike Authority.

Given in marriage by her

father, the bride was attired in a

Mr. Mont is a graduate of

Hightstown High Sehool. and is

full leugth waistline gown with

short sleeves. Her gown was

made of organza trimmed with

venice lace and embroidery with

employed as a carpenter in the

maintenance department of New

Jersey Turnpike Authority. He

served three years with the U.S.

a high neck. She wore a picture

straw hat with full length

Army, and is a Vietnam veteran.

Following a reception at the


White Lion Inn, the couple left for

The bride carried a bouquet

nosegay with mum pom-poms,

carnations and baby’s breath.

a wedding trip to Nassau. They

plan to reside at 453 Franklin

Boulevard, Somerset.

Miss Shirley M. Phillips

Is Mrs. Frederick Weber

Miss Shirley M. Phillips,

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward

F. Phillips of South

Plainfield, was married to

Frederick E. Weber on Saturday,

May 6 in Sacred Heart Church,

South Plainfield.



at Bucky’s Restaurant

tl ,V ,+

The perfect spot for Mother’s Day

Dining .... food to delight the

whole family,

Italian.,, American .... Chinese

Mrs. William James Mont, n6e Valerie Van Gorder


609 E, Main St, Find Findorno


p~.etey s Club

To See ’Twigs’

MANVILLE -- Members of

Judith 1+\ Snedeker Wed The groom is the son of Mr. and

Mrs. Erich Weber of 17 Newkirk

To Robert ,L Way

Road, Somerset.

The bride, given in marriage

by her father, wore a Juliet style

gown. Her headpiece was a

Miss Judith F. Snedeker of .Mr. Way is a graduate of mantilla, and she carried a

Skillman was married Saturday Princeton High School and, cascade of carnations, daisies,

Percy’s Athletic Club will see the

Broadway play "Twigs" this

Saturday, May 13.

Extra tickets are available.

Those interested in obtaining a

ticket are asked to contact Peter

Semenick Jr. or Peter Semeniek

Sr., 1001 West Camplain Road.

to Robert J. Way of Princeton. having served with tbe U.S. stephanotis and baby’s breath.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. Marine Corps, will continue his Mrs.. Henry Jan Tauscb of

and Mrs. Stewart Snedeker of education this fall. Middlesex was matron of honor.

Skinman. The groom is the son of Upon their return from a Miss Nancy Coeeia of Mar-

Mrs. Polly Way Lyons and the wedding trip the couple will tinsville was maid of honor.

late Russell V. Way of Princeton, reside in Prir/ceton. As bridesmaids served the

The Rev. Wilher E. lvins

Misses Violet Lind of

performed the double ring

Piscataway, Jeanne Malinowski

ceremony in the Harlingen

Reformed Church. The reception Senior Citizens of South Plainfield, and Mrs.

Frank Petriello of North

folliwcd in the church hall.

The bride, escorted by her Receive Check Plainfield. Junior bridesmaids

were the Misses June Coecia of

father, wore a Victorian gown of

Martinsville and Penny Phillips

daisy lace. Her full,length veil, MANVILLE -- At a recent

of Somerville. Karen Cernuto of

trimmed in Chantilly lace was meeting of the Senior Citizens Martinsville was the flower girl.

held in place by a headpiece Of Club, Mrs. Jennie Repka on The bride’s brother Edward

satin and matching lace, behalf of the VFW Post 2290

Phillips was best man.

designed by her mother. She Ladies Auxiliary, presented a

carried an old fashioned bouquet $100 check to the club. The money

As ushers served Sam Miller,

Richie Thompson, Peter O’Such,

of white carnations.

will be used to purchase tables

and Bruce Rogan. Paul Cernuto

Miss Sally Snedeker was her for the club’s meeting room.

of Martinsville was the ring

sister’s ¯ maid of honor. Also at the meeting, Mayor bearer.

Bridesmaids included Miss Joseph Patero answered Following a reception in the

JoAnn ’Parr, cousin of the bride, .questions pertaining to flood Polish National Home, South

Miss Janet Neubergor and Miss msurauee, the new water tank,

Plainfield, the couple left aa a

Robin Sutphin, all of Skillman. and the South Main Street un- wedding trip to Florida.

Russell V, Way Jr. served as derpass. The bride is a graduate of

his brother’s best man. The President George Sapko an-

SouthPlainfieldHighSchool, and

groomsmen were Anthony Altieri nouneedthatJohns-Manvillewill

is employed in the technical

and Bruce Bedford IIl of Prin- pay the health insurance for all documentation department of

ceton, and Timothy Niece of retired employees. This will

Lockheed Electronics Co.


become effective in July.

The groom, a graduate of

Mrs. Way is a graduate of In other business, Mary

Franklin High School, is a senior

Montgomery High School and is Shemeta was appointed historian engineering technician at

presently employed by Mainstam and will file news items in a Lockheed. He served one year in


scrapbook. Vietnam.


Dr. Werner Braun, Professor

of Microbiology, Rutgers The

State University, will speak on


"Some New Horizons in Medical

Research" at a ameting of the

Douglass College Aluranae Club

: of Somerset County. The meeting

will be held Wednesday, May 17

at 8 p.m. at the home of Ivlrs.

Morton Reinhart, 45 Lisa

Terrace, Somerville.


Director Ray J. Marini has

I |

announced that the Somerville

Inspection Station will be closed

for repairs on Friday, May 19.

The facility will reopen Monday,

May 22.

Mrs. Frederick Weber, nee Miss Shirley Phillips


Tim last program of the year in SOMERSET Navy

Dr. Donald Eeroyd’s "Readings Lieutenant Charles ~ Martinek,




Over Coffee" series at the son of Mr. and Mrs. John C.

Somerville Free Public Library Martinek of 222 Sanders Avenue,

will be selections from The Bear has reported for duty at

RECYCLE by William Faulkner. This will be headquarters of tbe Commander



held Wednesday, May 17 at 10 in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet. He

a.m. The public is invited. Come ,bleed the Navy in June of 1966.

early for coffee.

Classical League Attends Convention

MANVILLE -- The Manville Keegaa, Netl Maruea, Carol

High School chapter of the New Myers, Cindy Meyers, Richard

Jersey Junior Classical League Pongrazzi, and Ken Shulaek, The

recently attended the league’s students were accompanied by

convention hosted by Bloomfield John Kester, advisor to the MRS

Senior High School, Bloomfield, Latin Club.

Local members who attended Highlighting the convention

were AnneMarieBeziek, Brenda were the the Olympic Games,

Beckman, Sharon Cason, and Miss Cindy Myers won the

Virginia Jerlinski, Kathy 100 yard dash while Kathy

Keegan won second place in the

Gaby Endorses

~o yard dash.

The program concluded with a

marionette production of

Rustic Mall


Sen. McGovern "Medea," presented by Dr.

Peter Arnott of Tufts University.

Daniel M. Gaby, New Jersey

candidate for the Democratic

nomination for lhe U,S. Senate, Falcons Slate

has endorsed Senator George

MeGovern for President.

Mr. Gaby praised Sen. May Dance

MeGoveru’s courage and

"dedication to principle above

expediency," complimenting

HILLSBOROUGH -- Nest 946 of

Sen. MeGovern for "the the Polish Falcons will hold its

imagination to develop fresh, May Dance 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

practical alternatives" to Saturday, May 13 at the Falcon

current policies.

Camp off Route 206 in South

Mr, Gaby is currently serving Somerville.

as the Chairman of the Dancing will be to the music of

Democratic Policy Council of Johnny Stavim and his Radio

New Jersey; he has held this Recording Orchestra. There will

position for three consecutive also be a buffet. Tickets will be


purchased at the door.

Be nice to your mother II g

on Mother’s Day ! It

238 So. Main Street 725-2936 Manville, N.J. [I

All Soft Wave ~o~


I only I

Good through May 31 t

l; Manville Coiffures ;

Call For Appointment




-SAVE -- ._[2.

To 1FIother

With Love.....

. ¯ Robes

* Gowns

, Lingerie

e Stockings

, Handbags

, Dresses

¯ Blouses

¯ Sweaters

¯ Scarves

..+ ....... ~ ,,~,





Somerville Juniors

Mark A nniversary

all dil¢ounlad to rlfliculootl



immedi,lte ¢learante,



i iii iin i ii iiii



Job Scene


g For Other I IT ~’~.



=lkhodulod within ~ d+y~

All work fully °gillltloldl

FlilnhlgtOl! at the haerloUielt of RI, 302, 31 Sooth lid. el thl ++libeled lone (the rloht.

FLEMINGTON +’"’ +’’’’’’ ’" to, ,,.,,,+

d,dly to 9 o,..,.

P,M,, IM, to6, ,., bled lldo) loft I door pea Fit.lion+ Tire,

UNION ’"’ """ No, ’"’ +4+o .,,. +" u,,,o,, ’""" .+ore ’" 0,,.., ’"’ o,,y

~OW JQ[SOy & 13, Open

Locations: OPEN SUNDAY 12t30 TO 6 THIS WEEK Call


lll llm Ill roll III

IO 9, ilh to 6, =

j THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1972

WILIJAM ALCAIDE, 72 N.Y.; a son, John, with the Navy

The Somerville Juniors and Mrs. Jack Hinebaugh,

in Virginia; two brothers, Julius

celebrated their 25th anniversary president of the Evening HILLSBOROUGH -- Funeral of Brooklyn and John of Hatillo,

at their last meeting. The Juniors Membership Department of the services were held Monday for Puerto Rico; a sister, Mrs, Mary

were federated by the New SomerviIle Civic League. William Alcaide, 72, of Ninth Borden of New York City, and 13

Jersey Federation of Womens’

Clubs in t947.

Many of the charter and Street, Flagtown. He died last grandchildren,

Present at the meeting were founding members of the club

Thursday in Somerset Hospital.

Mrs. Peter Selesky, Southern

were present including Gloria Interment was in St. Ber-

Vice Chairmen of the juniors,

Scheffler, founding chairman, nard’s Cemetery, Bridgewater. MHS. F’RIEDA W. FRANK, 70

Mrs. Robert Gordon, Fourth

Mrs. H.E. Westlake, founding Born in Hatillo, Pherto Rico, he

District Advisor, Mrs. Robert’

secretary and Mrs. W. O’Day,

lived here 30 years.


Ribbons, president of the

founding treasurer. Past During World War I, he served Funeral services were held

Somerville Civic League, and a

Presidents were represented by with the Army.

Sunday for Mrs. Frieda Wilensky Summer jobs may be hard to anywhere yet, he could be in

charter member of the Juniors

Mrs. Standly Richards, Mrs. He was a machine operator at’ Frank, 70, of 274 West Point find this year, especially for the trouble," Mr. Schneekloth said.

Joseph Nemes, Mrs. Alan

Johns Manville Corp., Manville, Avenue. She died last Friday in college student.

The reason for the decline in

MeIick, Mrs. Edward Ortelli and

retiring in 1964 after 23 years. St. Peter’s General Hospital, Local high schools and youth jobs was hard to pinpoint. Mr.

IVCF Is Topic Mrs. Kenneth Rozell.

His wife, the former Jennie

New Brunswick.

employment agencies are doing Schneekloth pointed to the fact

Mrs. Stanley Richards, a

Silvestro, died in February. Interment was in Beth Israel what they can, but with unem- that the general work force is

At Fret, Church charter member and past

Surviving are his daughter, Mrs.

Cemetery, Woodbridge. ployment generally high, some down, to the general econonlic

Thc theme of Sunday’s gospel president who has been active in

Raymond Kuntz of Rochester,

She is survived by her husband, companies slowing down and the situation and to changes in

Irving; a daughter, Mrs. competition for summer jobs operations within a number of

service, May 14, of tbe Mon- the Civic League for these 25

Geraldine Glassman; two sons, becoming increasingly stiff, plants as possible explanations.

tgomery Evangelical Free years, presented aa amusing

Norman of Somerset and Lionel many youngsters will probably Smaller numbers of students

Church will be the IVCF (Inter anecdotal resumee’ of the early Montgomery Man of Dover; and 10 grandchildren. find themselves without a job this have in the past found work in

Varsity Campus Fellowship). years of the Juniors.


such places as the Diehi Division

On hand will be Gary Davis of The newly installed members Elected President

This year college students will of Singer in Finderne. But Singer

the Campus Staff. Others taking of the Juniors, Joanne Barbara,

TIIOMAS E. NEWMAN SR., 86 find the going particularly dif- is phasing out its operations here.

part will be members of the local Sue Houck, Barbara O’Connell, Of Parish Council

ficult, as much of the local effort The 25 or so it once employed for

church - Miss Barbara Stiles, an Melissa Smith and Eleanor


is geared to getting jobs for the summers in the past will be cut to

associate staff member at Phelps, presented a history of the

Funeral services were held high schoolers. Distributive two. Both worked there last

Trenton State College; Stephen Juniors to the club.

Henry C. Berry has been

Monday for Thomas E. Newman education programs, in which summer.

Holbrook, member ’of the

elected president of the South

National Board of Directors of The club is ()pen to women

Sr., 86, of 3 Evergreen Road. He students work during the school New industries are moving into

Somerset Parish Council. Mr.

IVCF and Dr. Edward Plett,

between i8 and 35 years of age.

died last Friday at the New year and then continue in the the area, but the prospects for the

.Berry is a member of the Mon-

IVCF Area Committee Chair- At present the active deoart-

Jersey Home for Disabled summer, seem to be the best student who hasn’t already aptgomery

United Methodist


include Braille, Social

Soldiers, Metuchen.

source of employement this year. plied aren’t good there either, if


The service starting at 7 p.m. is Services, American Home,

Interment was in Somerset Jobs in the Manville area have Somerset Valley Industrial

Other officers are Warren

open to all in the area. Mr. Creative Arts and Music.

Hills Cemetery, Basking Ridge. taken a dive in recent years as Campus is any indication.

Clement, First Reformed Church

Holbrook will discuss tbe

Born in Pittsburgh, Pa., and a

Johns-Manville has slashed its Industries at SVIC will be

of Rocky Hill, clerk, and the Rev.

national structure of the IVCF

resident of Franklin for the past

summer hiring. The firm once hiring large numbers of students

John D. Painter, pastor of the

and Miss Stiles, her work at Furious Dragon

three years, Mr. Newman was a

took in 400-500 a summer, but that this summer, according to


Montgomery Methodist Church,

fell to 135 last year. Prospects for spokeswoman Pricilla Panet-

Trenton Slate.

retired hoisting and portable

But since this is the first year


this year are worse.

tiere, but the figures are not

Is Sermon Topic

engineer for the federal ’govern-

the school will have a senior

Members at Large to the

¯ JM will probably take "a few" available at this time. She noted,

ment in Brooklyn, N.Y.

class, the department doesn’t


students this summer, according however, that the firms began to

SOMERSET--"The Furious executive committee are the A communicant of St. Matthias

have much going yet. They are

to spokesman William be flooded with applications as

MANVILLE -- The Rosary

Dragon" is the sermon topic Rev. C. Lee Crandall, pastor of R. C. Church in Franklin, Mr.

just beginning to get together a

based on Revelation, chapters 12 the Griggstown Reformed Newman was also a member of

Schneekloth. But the number will early as January. There are no placement program, and it is

Society of St. Mary’s Greek

be low and he generally predicted more openings that she knows of

and 13, at the Bible Fellowship Church, and Robert Miller, tbe Joyce Kilmer American

aimed mainly at finding full-time

Catholic Church held its annual

that "jobs will be a lot scarcer at this time, she says. ’

Communion Breakfast onMay 7

Church of Franklin meeting at Harlingen Reformed Church. Legion Post in New Brunswick.

jobs for this year’s graduates.

in Johnny’s Diner. Mrs. Fred

Sampson G. Smith School, Otberchurches affiliated with The husband of the late Mary

this year."

The schools are doing what

As things stand now, Mr.

For those jobs that will be they can. Richard Kolans of the

Amwell Road, Somerset at 11 this group are the Blawenburg McNally Newman, be is survived

Kolans has students fill out

Kibalo was the chairman of this

available a number of ap- Hillsborough High guidance

event. Mrs. Margaret Papawick,

a.m. Reformed Church, the by his son, Thomas E. Newman

registration forms for the file,

plications are already in, as most department says his office is

Children’s classes for pre- Hillsborough Reformed Church Jr., with whom he lived; a sister,

indicating their qualifications

past president and membership

students looked for employement currently working on developing

chairman of the society was the

school, primary, and junior ages and the Hillsborough Mrs. Josephine Hensler of Pitt-

and what type of employment

during Easter vacation, he noted. a file of employers in the area

areeonduetedduringtheservice. Presbyterian Church. sburgh, Pa.; and a grandchild.

they are seeking. He also directs

breakfast speaker.

"If a student hasn’t applied who might be looking for

them to the Youth Employment







ON II~aDlflil~T---Foam

U/~nrr-| .-Moisture







~ Use


in Den,






B ....


V ~ ReD $8 95 99 -= Re++ $7 95 THIS WEEK ONLY. ~ s~ Y]



--: sq Y[I


= " ’ ~ SQ YD = ’ " ~ SQ YD


i100% NYLOH- Hi-LOW /

~ -s+,a






eo,.r. ,-~..a .....,.o,


,,n,,,r,..P- .... ~ B~g/!~ :: I~

~ = Styles; solids -- colorblends. = fate, soil.release surface’ =

.~ ==- Reg. $7.95 ’1t99 -= ReD,re.95 -¢99 ~ IFFrJ[~;’7~?m - SKINS, ,,

Sq Yd L

Sq Yd I~ Hide, & Furs Rugs & Wall Hangings

== . SQ . YO .- . , $ o. YD .... av SO 78 n o t 0 1,i




’= +°°+ .......




-" docora¢ .... I ..... tyler, hurry, _~ ~::r~::~ ~htu~l°:~:’i¢:’¢~:;~ --- ~;:l;::kaa~ O~;:::,, :no~d

: 4 2

~r:~;td, BroadloomN°w for wlth’7’. , , fits own ..... B, F MahOroood.

SCorer, for twice the orket rich Foam Sackingl

" ReD.S11,95 -¢99 -: ReD, $7,95

== sq.,d ")99 -=- ReD.S10,95 99 Reg. $8.95

$o. YO sq.,d,a $0. y°," sq. Yd.

~99 I




~n tmmmnnmninuiunutn~l~~~i~l~~


0.., ......... , ........ ...+,.,,,+i SHAGSi

-INSTALLATION " , , ,, ,,,

dredl to choose from; ih|nl


tweed=, velvoth



== We’I miltute free any Job over.-" vornted. Theso ore made of fine broadloom

.+0...~...o,pto,.d, ,oo~ w.., ........"" ~::;:,?’:~,’°~,:::,:o’?r~:’.,~:~."=,o + w. ,n.t.,, ..+ ....= .o,, ~0o.~ ,. ,,.. "go " ....$ ....’

for = ~ or SRINO YOUR CAR & we’ll cut ~ rubbtr becking, ionle thasl

, tweodt. *1¢.

Service in Somerville, and has

forms available for registration

with the state employment


A handful of students will be

working this summer around the

school in a federally funded

program, but contacts with local

industries so far have produced

little. Some students are continuing

jobs gained through the

Distributive Education program

at the school during the summer,

he pointed out.

Tbe edge in looking for jobs will

probably go to the 40 to 50 per

cent of the school’s 200 seniors

wbo do not plan to go on to

college, he predicted. That would

limit summer possibilities even


Franklin Township schools

point out that a number of their

students are also already lined

up, due to a work co-op program

and the half session schedules

that have allowed 200-3O0

students to take parttime jobs.

They also hope to be able to

employ about 25 youngsters

locally on a federally funded

program, according to Tom

Fahey of the work co-op


At Manville High there is a

summer job placement center,

directed by George Fagan of the

guidance department.

"We do what we can on a

limited basis," Mr. Fagan says.

His advice to students is to try to

find a job with seasonal companies,

such as Dairy Queen,

which do most of their work in the


Mr. Fagan keeps files on

students seeking jobs, and on

firms looking for youngsters to


Montgomery Township and

Princeton also have active Youth

Employment Service

organizations, and a regional

placement center is reportedly

being organized at Hridgewater-

Raritan West.

All of the major employers in

the area expect to have some

type of summer employment

program but all say it will be

smaller than last year. "With the

shape the economy is in, we have

to worry about our full-time

employees first," one local

businessman said.

Education Testing Service is

probably the largest summer

employer in the area. Last year,

they hired IlO young people for

the summer but this summer

they plan on hiring approximately


Princeton University has

almost no jobs available. Employment

is done on a priority

basis, Undergraduates have the

first chance at jobs, then children

of present employees and finally,

the rest of the world.

Temporary employment is


available throagh Manpower,

Inn, but each applicant must pass

buy whih it hslll

=ond tie your ru


on you: Dora,

a skills test. Applleauts must be


18 years old andbe able to type 50




words par minute, or operate a

Sq, Yd, BU’ ’""

switchboard or take shorthand at

50 SHOP EARLYI $°’°’ Below Whoiosah .9m *2400

the rate of 50 wm’ds a mimtte,

With tlwso skills, jobs are

FROm ea, During this Grand Opening Sale! - SHOP EARLY I It.~.~ I~r: I;!~111 B



’1 ]’1 []

Dehn, s Du nca n

Gives Sert, ot!

SOMEItSET-. Sttnday 9:30

a,m, Dehnas Duncan, associate

minister of tim tonal

naagl’agation of JoIlovah*~

Witnesses mt lllghland Avenue,

will )rnsmtt the l)ubile lecture

’ Jesus I arattle nf the Rich Man

and l,t|zlit’us, hnmodlatoly

followitfg will be tile dittcassloa of

the Watchtower arti¢lo, "l,:xnrt

Yaursolvos Vigorously,"

TAg Fritlay ulght Mlsttioatll’y

Serried Meeting at 7:30 p,al, wiii

imvo as lla theme "A ))rneiatlntt

,Iohovall’s rov s oflL


FranMin Township Jleans I;usiness

r /’an n - i


Local Teachers


Receive Summer

::7:! Science Grants

Industrial Ed Department

Plans Open House Friday

’i ii ABIS PTSA To Host

! Lunch i Open House Monday

i "Nk/I i:i MANVILLE -- The Alexander p.m. with a play entitled "Final

/Vlenu i!!~ Batcho Intermediate School Dress Rehearsal," by Jack

Parents . Teacher - Student Frakes. The one act play will be

Association will host an Open performed in the gym. Refresh-

MANVILLE--Followingisthe Housc on Monday, MaylSatthc mentswillbeservedafterashort

Manville ttigh School lunch intermediate school, business meeting at which time

menu: The program will start at 7:80 new officers will be elected.

May 15.19


Chicken Noodle Soup


Ham on Kaiser Roll


Milk - Fruit


Veal Parmesan



SOMERSET -- Jackie Fama schoolworkeoopdepartmentanO

and Jan Kuhkowick, work coop the Rev. Donald Knauer,

students put the finishing chairman, slated that the forum

toucheson material for the publ c will have interest to young

forum on job and career people, parents, and business

development to be held at 8 p.m. people in our community. They

tonight at the Franklin High bdievethat "Franklin Township

School auditorium, means business" is more than

Mr. Clarence Lubhe of the high just a slogan on a sign.

A new color film, "Carnal

Education," will be shown at the

close of the program. The film

explores new concepts of

education for our changing

society with introductory

remarks by President Richard

M. Nixon and U.S. Commissioner


Rolls - Milk



Submarine Sandwich

Potato Sticks




Hot Chicken Sandwich

Mashed Potatoes


Bread and Butter - Milk



HILLSBOROUGH -- The Industrial

Education Department

at Hillsborough High School will

hold an open house Friday, May

12, the first time such an event

has taken place in this area. The

public is invited from noon to 8


Visitors will see students

demonstrating the skills they

have learned. "We’re running

this open house," said William

Krause, head of the industrial

education deparhncnt, "because

we want lo show the community

what we have to offer the

youngsters. People In this

community purchased o111’

equipment--let lhem see what

they’re getting for their money.

We use every piece of equipment

we’ve got!"

lu the mctnl she), studeuts of

Dale Dmu n c will (emonstrate

cutting threads on the lathe,

milling oa the milling machine,

sheet metal work, hand fm’giug,

solderillg, gas welding and

foundry work.

Visitors will have the opportunity

to spot weld and thread

witll a tap and die sei, Shldent

projoels will I)e dis flayed and

flU, ’T in )raula el Metal

I~orming, ’’ LIVINGSTON AVE. [

Public Service Electric and In the building trades area,

Gas Co. will display a vehicle students will demonstrate con-

powered by natural gas and crete block laying, frame con-

Elizabeth Town Gas one powered struction, roof shingling and

by liquid propane. Hillsborough-cutting

and soldering copper

Montgomery Telephone Co. and tubing, A lawn storage building

New Jersey Bell Telephone will in construction outside the school


KIImer 5- 0008




Oil Burners lastalled

jointly provide a com- building will be among the

nmnieations exhibit.

student work on display.

Other exhibitors include Snap- Norman tlewitt’s woodworking

on Tools, Briggs and Sh’atton, slndents will demonstrale the use

New Departure, llyatt Bearing of all their tools and processes.

586 Hamilton St.

New Brunswick

Tel. Kilmer 5 - 6453

l)ivisiou find New Jm’sey Visitors will be able to par-

Petrolemn Council.

ticipule in a mass production

The drafting students of James project in progress on the scene

Johnson will demonstrate track and watch cabinet work, in-

and arm draRing, making Diazo cluding phstic lamination. Most

tu’ints, microfilm printers and of the work previously con-

readers, and architectural modelstructed

this yeqr by the students


will he on disphly,

Fucillo & Warren

Funeral Home Inc.

Adam Fucillo, Mgr.


2055. Main St,, Manville


will be shown coo.

linuously¯ Several industrial

collcerns will exhihll, highlighted

The Angelo V. Leone Agency

is honottred to announce

the ne~t: locaUon o/ our office

1o6 So.th Main Street

Manvgle, Nea, fl’rsey o8835

by the casting denmIIstrations of

William Supko of ltadinl (hstlng

Cm’p. of Newark,

Phone (2oz) 722-5193

Richard Teugue alld Mr,

grauso’n Auto Shop atudonts will

dnnioostrulo engine, cylinder, Office honrs t.#l be --

llll¢l vulva sorvicnl elnetroliie

nlll~linn llliulyzer service lunn,utl

iroeodtlresl eleeirieul service

wurl( all ii terlullers, l,lelR)ruhn’s

lind startlllg linilurs; h’iul,

iilnlsalUll unll rotu. title sel’vi?n

UliOrutloli8, lind hriike druni


Io the towlR’ Illecha!llO~ Ul’Ua,

sltldanl8 will dolnonslrlllu 8inu I

euglno ltnrvi~o proeedilrus lllld

alonll’l¢ inolur enlistrill~lh)ii,

Shidtqibinude dlallhlys luld

liuloulollvo eilt,liwuy8 will

tlhlstralo tim operiilloli of nillu

9 :no a.M. To 6 :oo l’,M, Mom/ay thin Wednesday

9:oo a,M. ’m 9:oo p.M. Thm’sday

9:o0 A.M. TO 6:O0 I>,M, Friday

9:00 A,M, TO I:00 P,M, Satttrday

You are invited to inspect eta’ new off~¢e.





BELLE MEAD -- Dennis SOMERSET--Superintendent

Haggerty of Line Road will of schools Dr. Robert Maxwell SCENE FROM "Final Dress Rehearsal" to be performed by ABIS

receive a master’s degree from will be the guest speaker at the students.

the school of business at Seton St. Matthias PTA meeting 8 p.m.

Hall University this May. May 16 in the school cafeteria.





Patricia R egetz


Congratulations to the junior class on their very, very

successful carnival held last weekend. Proceeds from the

Alex Dobrowolski and

Raymond Slavin, teachers at

by Morra Spritzer and Michaela Delegianis

Sampson G. Smith Intermediate

School, have been awarded a

Last Wednesday, 33 jnniors werc inducted inlo the Franklin High National Science Foundation

School Chapter of the National Honor Society.

grant to participate in a summer

They are Janet Bukovinsky, Stephen Burda, Gary Bush, Line institute in geography at Western

Carabao, Michele Cappellini, Mark Cary, Nancy Casper, George Michigan University.

Conover, Mimi Doswald, Tapu Durra - Choudhury, William Ed-

N.S.F. has awarded the grant

on a team basis allowing the

ridge, Alice Gabinelli and Steven Gergely.

recipients to work as a team

Also Jeffrey Scott Hrapsky, Dmninick hnbesi, Kathy Kiser, Gary researching geography projecgs

Kuscan, Ellen Lodato, Michael Lys euko, Linda Markowski, Robert and developing plans and

Pantry, Guy Powdl, Lindu Barchuk, Barbara Randolk, Sheila materials which they can utilize

Roche, Ed Sllamy, Abby Shea, blicke Sherulan, Robin Suydam, in their classes next year.

Linda Torkildson, Peter Valvaris, Erick Weinburg and Cindy



These students were chosen by the faculty for "demonstrating

outstamling qualities in the areas of service,leadership, scholarship MANVILLE -- The University

of Delaware recently cited their

and charucter.

top scholars in annual Honors

The ceremony, performed by the senior men~bers of the society,

Day ceremonies. Drew Persinko

was a traditional candMight ceremony.

of 815 East Frech Avenue and a

Also during file ceremony, Sandra Micheletli was presented with Newark student shared the $50

a gift for her work with the society as its advisor for the past year. E.H. Richardson Sophomore


Award to outstanding sophomore

Everyone shau/d knowaboot our varsity baseba//team. They are

scholars in civil engineering.


The Odd Couplc was another success for the’ Drama Society at


H-IS. Jim McDaid as Oscar and Chris Mattliano as Felix were

terrific. Thanks for a great evening also go to the rest of the cast:

SOMERSET -- St. Matthias’

Bob Chiavoralli, Dave Duchai, Tulio Nioman, Dainu Paupc, Frank will sponsor a fair on Saturday,

Gethart, Grabiellc LeComle and Riclnud Vallin, the director. May 20 between 10 a.m. and 5

p.m. at the school grounds. It is


Macaroni and Tomato Sauce

Cole Slaw

Bread and Butter. Milk

May 22-26


Barbecue on Roll

Buttered Rice




Meat Loaf

Mashed Potatoes


Rolls. Milk



Spaghetti and Meat Sauce



Bread and Butter - Milk

Thnrsday :

Hamburger on Roll

French¯ Fries

Cole Slaw

Milk" "

carnival added $2,000 to the class treasury.

Hundreds of people attended the carnival whidl is

becoming a community event. Again congratulations to

the junior class which has worked hard preparing for this


Before 1 go o11, I think it would be proper ifa word is

Illl Ir

said about the man who makes the carnival such a success.

Rt. 206 ¯ Belle Mead ¯ 359-3280

A round of applause and a huge thank you is in order not

(in the All Work Co, Building)

only from the class of ’73 but also from the class of ’72 to

Mort, Fri. 10-9

Tues. 10-6 Sat. 10-6 Closed Wed.

Joseph Rufus who has helped so mauy juniors make their

Thurs¯ Sun. lU-2

year a memorable one. Thanks again, Mr. P, ufus, forall

that you have done for the juniors.

Aquarium Plant Reg. 39c ea.



Hair Grass

Tomorrow evening at 8 p.m., Manville High School will

NOW 3/$1.00 Anacharis

present tbe annual spring concert. So, come out for an ............................................................


enjoyable evening of music.

Sale ends May 14,1972

INot responsible for typographical errors}

Must Present Coupon .....



.e~.~9c l PIGS i FLUFF

n~,.,~.99 l NOW, Flag. 79c

NOW 29¢ .l NOW : 14

May 18 is the day that Dick Gregory, author, comedian and

speaker, is coming to Franklin High School. Wdcome!

promoted as "Come to the Circus."

Frid ly

No Lunch


There will be an addition to the auditorium in the uear

future. A rug will be placed in the auditorium to brighten

it up. Slowly but surely all the needed repairs are being

taken care of.

MHS two weeks ago celebrated National Secretaries

Week. The office secretaries aud students studying to be




secretaries were given corsages honoring them on this


Limit 2 i Limit 1 j Limit 2

II Have cash when yea



Take That

Dream Vacation

This Year With


need it by writing a cheek

t Have money in your

checking account even when

your balance reads empty

Here How It Works:

¯ One check book for

regular and

READY CREDIT ace(rants

e Come in today -- ask about


403 Route 206 South Hillsborough Township

Ilours: Daily Lobby 9 li,nt, I(i 3 p.ui. Drive Up: ’l¯hlll~iday li a,ln, It) g p,in,

ThilrSdiiy l~Vellillll 6 lu 8 p,lii, i;ddiiy i) u,ni, lit 7 p,ui,

Fddliy EVeldn


~ Io 7 p.ili,

Slllurdlly q a,ni, ht nUUll

34 Iqqll Bonlllisa t BIrial

Rltltln, N,J.

It/ilgldly 0 Io II


fsdarsl RlliiVi 6Ylllnn

iemL~¢ li,O.I,C,

Car nllr IIIdtla Road lilUl Routs 22




tiliilndiiy 0 I,ill, to li naoe


Legion Entertains

Vats At Party,

Presents Honors



No fiddling around

At Somerset Trust Company, e FREE Checking Plus

Account means just what it says. No strings. No fret

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For tire straight story, call 725.3000, or visit one of

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Somerset Trust Company

ORIOG~ATER , FINOiflfli , MkRtlNSVltff , |OUti~ILti , WATCHUllO


~III ,lllnlill MEMDIfft P, e, h C,

,I-M Lowers

Pipe Prices

SOMERSET -- The Jensen

Scalzone Unit 478 of the

American Legion Auxiliary

sponsored a party for 60 veterans

on May I at the Lyons hospital.

Somerset County President

Mrs. John Bailey was present

along with the vice president

Mrs. Frank Amorosoa, who is a

past president of the unit, and

Chaplain Mrs. George Allen, who

is a past president of the unit and

is serving as the rehabilitation


Mrs. Allen congratulated Mrs.

Irving Frost, Somerset County

Rehabilitation chairman, for

completing 6,000 hours volunteer

service for the rehabilitation of

veterans over the period of 25


Unit Vice President Mrs.

Robert Towns assisted with

arrangements. Refreshments

were donated by The Franklin

Bakery and Semioa Horne.

Mrs. Paddock announced that

Linda Torkildsen has been

selected for Girls State. The

alternate will be Loren

DENVER -- Johns-Manville

announced that it has lowered the

price of asbestos cement pipe

nearly five per cent on a national

basis. The cutback applies to pipe

sizes used primarily for water

distribution ranging from 4 to 16

inches in diameter.

Monroe Harris, vice president

and general manager for the

Pipe Division, said the price cut

was made to enable J-M to

maintain its competitive


Johns-Manville, serving

worldwide markets, is a major

manufacturer of construction

materials, industrial specialties,

pipe, and commercial and industrial

insulations, and a

leading miner and supplier of

asbestos, diatomite and perlite.

J-M operations also include

lighting fixtures and components,

real estate and land

development, and environmental

control products and systems.

Miss Rybski

Castleman, Both girls are from

Franklin High School.

The unit has donated to the

Cancer Foundation, Deborah

Hospital, the Kenya Fund, the

Somerset Ililis & County Wins Bid

F R AN K L I N TOWNSH I P MAYO R William J. Howard Jr. accepts a check payable to the township from

To Be Installed

As President

Department President Project, Lloyd J. Weber, Assistant Vice President, Somerset Hills & County National Bank. The bank was the low

the Chapel of four Chaplains bidder on the $947,000 one year bond anticipation note for road improvements and building


Girl’s Stained Slacks Mark Murder Trial

SOMERVILLE -- A blue stain Much of his testimony was pressions he was able to create and stepfather, James Dozier of

figured in much of the recent related to the blue stain on the with a pair of gloves from the East Orange, said he had a full

testimony given at the murder white slacks allegedly worn by Oxford Chemical Co. Nardelli head of hair when he moved in

trial of Raymond Dozier and Miss Gassaro. He said samples of said there was a soapy residue with them for two weeks

William Carter, accused slayers dye submitted from the Oxford which was much like one he could following the murder.

of teenagers Lynn Gassaro and Chemical Company where the create with soap from the Oxford A former roommate of Dozier

John Golino in February, 1971. defendants had been employed Chemical Co.

testified that he saw the defen-

Tuesday Andrew Nardelli, were similar to that on the Earlier testimony dealt with dant washing his clothes at 3 a.m.

senior chemist for the state crime slacks.

the appearance of the accused as in the basement where he lived

lab, testified on various items He could however, find no test described by the state’s star the day of the murder.

relative to the state’s case. Mr. which proved it was from the witness Roger Ladd, who LeRoy Gipson, Carter’s at-

Nardelli drew diagrams of the company nor could he find a test allegedly had been abducted with torney, continued his cross-

victim’s car. showing the which proved it was not. the murdered teenagers, but had examination of the state police

location of blood stains. Re also He said impressions of the escaped with a slashed throat chemist as the Carter-Dozier

said that dog hairs were found in blood smears on the outside of the Ladd testified that Dozier had murder trial continued yester-

tile ear.

car were similar to the ira- closely cut hair. but his mother day.

The Honorable Arthur S.

Meredith, Judge of the Somerset

County Court will install the

officers of the Somerset County

Legal Secretaries at its 10th

annual Installation Ceremonies,

to be held at Redwood Inn,

Bridgewater, today, May 11.

Miss Sonia Rybski of Manville,

employed by Bowby, Wollson &

Guterl, Esqs., will be installed in

her second term as president.

Special guests invited to attend

installation are Judge B. Thomas

Leahy, Somerset County Court;

Mrs. Charlotte Peele, assistant

vice president of the Somerset

Trust Company; Miss Frances

Con:i, secretary of the Somerset

’[rust Company and Miss

Dorothy Ballentine, treasurer.



Its medical, legal and social

~mplications. will be the topie of

an interdenominational panel

discussion at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday,

May 23 at Hillsborough High


~" THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1972

Sale, Opening Make Splash






THE ANNUAL SPRING Sale Festival at All Work Pools Saturday (above) was combined with the grand

opening of Pet Supplies Unlimited, which is also in the All Work building on Route 206 in Hillsborough.

Both made a big splash. (Photos by Tony LoSardo)



No Waiting-- Buy Now-- lnstall Today--

Immediate Delivery


Regularly Selling For $21,95 Is Now A Stock Item

10 ,o, 178 o

(Save $30 more--inslall yourself)

Price Includea: Measuring, Caulklng, Installation and Tax


1 week waiting- IIII sizes not listed

24x37 32x39 28x47 28x51 24x$$ 36x55

34x39 36x39 2gx43 32x47 33x51 28x55 32x63

’ 26x39 24x43 32x43 24x51 36x51 32x55 36x63

,49.8 8

With tempered azfoty glassus required by law,,


from body




[ 725.8401 Opposite the Court llo,ue ~E= [


Bottle Feature

Hollybush Sketch

Bottle collectors and history

buffs have the opportunity to

obtain a limited-edition cammemorative

bottle featuring aa

original sketch of Hollybush,

scene of the June 1967 summit

conference between President

Lyndon B. Johnson and Soviet

Premier Kosygin.

To commemorate the historic

event, Clevenger Brothers Glass

Works in Clayton has been

commissioned to blow the bottles,

which have the Great Seal of

Gloucester County on one side

and an original sketch of

Hollybush on the other side.

The Somerset County Unit of

the American Cancer Society, 331

East Main Street, Somerville, is

selling the bottles for a limited

time and realizes a profit on each

one. The cost of the amber-color

bottle is $8.


Midshipman Robert J. Hubert,

son of Mr, and Mrs, John G.

Hubert ’of Clyde and Bennetts

Lane, Somerset, has received a

direct scholarship appointment

from the Navy to Iowa State.

Under the scholarship, which he

received from his academic ex.

reliance, he will receive full

tuition plus $100 a month salary.

You’re never

too old

to hear beffer

Chicago, Iil,-A free offer of

epecial Interest to those who

hear but do not understand

words has been announced by

Beltone, A non.operatlng model

of the smallest Beltono aid ever

made will be given absolutely

Ires to anyone mmwerlng this


Try it to see how It Is worn

In :ha privacy of your own

home wlthot:t cost or obligation

of any ldud, ItPa yours to keep,

free, It wolghe lees thau a third

of alt Otllteot and It’s all at oar

in one unit. No wires load

to head, [

nlodoh are fraa! ao we I

you write for youru I

now, Again, we repeat, there h I

no cost, at:it cur ta!nly no oblige, i

t[on, ~Vrlta to Dept, 237,t


BOl- [

tone l~leetronlcs Carl),, 49i)I W,

Victoria, Oldc::go, lll,6Otl4g, i

.................................. , , , ,,,, ,, , .... -.~

THURSDAY, MAY 11, t.972

May 13th

May 19th

May 20th

May 21st

TOUR OF HISTORIC HOMES Noon to 5:00 p.m.

Follow the signs by car, or buses - leave from

Burnt Hill Scltool at 12’,30, 1:30 and 2:30

p.m.- $3,50


D, A, van Hemal Consul-General of the

Netherlands, Colonial Music by Montgomery

H,S. Chorus, $25. per couple,

a:oo p.m,


From Municipal Building south on Route

206 to Sunset Road to High School, Prizes

for bands and floats,


At Montgomery High School; food will he


ARTS’n CRAFTS EXHIBITS 12:30 to 4:00 p,m.

At Montgomery High School,


From Colonial days to present, At Montgomery

High School,

2:00 p,m,


At Harllngen Reformed Church,


CI{YSTAL MUGS ..... $1,00 es.


................... $3,00 ~a.


................... $2,50 ca.




PIIONE: 35~.8211

7:30 p.nt,

All kinds of Grass Seed

Veg. & Flower Seeds &


Deluxe Flower Bulbs


Shrubs & Evergreens

Fruit Trees

Fertilizers & Lime

(Free PH Test)

Peat Moss

Pine Bark Mulch

Redwood Chunks

Stayday & Straw


Spray Materials





Ford Gordon Tractors

Water Softeuor Salts

i H ,,

Challenger Helen Food

CWT $5,05

Swlmnllng Pool



Mites Are


Clover mites are reddishbrown,

eight-legged creatures

that are smaller than the head of

an ordinary straight pin. They

feed on clover, shrubs, grasses,

trees, and other forms of

vegetation without causing a

great deal of damage.

The heaviest infestations

usually occur in recently

established residential areas.

Apparently clover mites prefer

new lawns and heavily fertilized

old lawns.

Clover mites are most often

troublesome in the early spring.

and fall, but they may be a

noisance io homeowners during

the sununer months if the plants

oa which they are feeding are cut

or become wilted.

Clover mites will not bite you

m’ your pets, traasmit diseases,

or feed on pantry suppies and

household furnishings. On the

other head, their tremendous

utunbers aud the status they

leave whoa crushed make thmn 6

nuisaoce in your home.

If infestations occur near year

home, remember that the most

haportaut control measure is to

keep clover nfites outside.

Since it is impossible to seal all

polots of entry, a barrim’ must bo

fornted outside your homo. In

light lnfestatioas, the removal of

an ll| to 2’t hleh grass strip ad.

jaeeat to the fou6dation is helpfifi

because mites will uot t,,avel

over rough soil as readily as they

will ow~r grass.

Next s)ray or dust Dlazhmn

ealled S)eetrueido, or Kelthaao

a i ;e 8rea extettdiog olgltt to IO

feet frolu the base of the foua.


Pries0 Quoted Net

ASilo Full of SAVINQS

Ol,’l,’lt?E IIEI,IWATF, I)

OPoo Dolly 7130,Et00




R T. ~I00


TItI,;NTON ,. h Regional

Audit )"a Office 6f the Now Jersey

Dep |’tl eft ef Labor sad Ill,

tit at’y has basil roltfcatod fi’oln

a M t Street hi Perth hlnhoy

t) t l0 Moolo Pa|’k Shoppillg

Ct fdar h ’It sea, The l~PgiOlatl


Call 301,|E0.E173

(If’k’o eat’yea omployara ht

Mlddlpaex, Moamoutb Ocoa]l and

Stunersot Counties,



Cut Chrysanthemums The

Weather Is Right For

Now For Autumn Color



For a colorful display of you rag plant the cuttings in the

Planting Lettuce, Radishes


chrysanthemums in your garden garden.

this fall, you may divide or take Let your ’mums grow six to


If you want crisp, tasty home- equivalent, to log square feet of

The butterhead and Bibb types

cuttings from established clumps eight inches high, then pinch the [] VEGETABLE PLANTS

grown lettuce or radishes for area. You can work in the fer-

of lettuce are noted for their high


top one inch of growth off each

your summer salad bowls, plant tilizer after you spade the gar-

quality. Summer Bibb and

Chrysanthemums quickly shoot. This will cause side


it now while the weather is still den.

Buttercrunch are two new heat

become crowded unless

branches to develop.


cool, say H. N. Repair, senior Leaf lettuce will mature more resistant varieties that do well in

replanted about every two years, When each of the side branches ¯ SHBUB ER

county agent. Early planting of quickly than other types--

New Jersey.

advises Raymond N. Everhardt, has developed six inches of new

county agricultural agent. growth, pinch the tips from these

this cool weather crop is a step probably in 45 to 50 days. The seed of these varieties can

Use a spade, trowel or old knife shoots, too. The final pinch


toward success.

Plant the seed shallow, less be sown in the garden early and

to separate the small plants on should be made about June 15 for

Lettuce and radishes need a than one-half inch deep, in rows. then thinned to about 12 inches

the outside of last year’s early varieties and July 15 for

soil rich in organic matter. You Thin the young plants four to six apart in the row. About 70 days

chrysanthemum clumps. late varieties to allow sufficient [] GARDEN SUPPLIES

should apply fertilizer liberally inches apart. Salad Bowl is a high from seeding are needed for

Replant these young plants and time for buds to develop. [] LAWN MAINTENANCE

when you prepare the garden. quality, heat resistant leaf let- these varieties.

discard the old ones.

The average application should tuce recommended for New


Iceberg takes too long to

Mr. Eberhardt says also that

be two pounds of a 5-10-10, or Jersey.


mature and this type is not

you may take cuttings about six


to eight inches long from the new


Richard J. Sollivan, Com-

Radishes also need a well

shoots which are growing from missioner of the N.J. Department

drained soil that is rich in organic

last year’s plants.

matter. Sow the seed a quarter to


of Environmental Protection, Day Special

will be speaking at the annual

SPOOKY BROOK HERBIIRI’ a half-inch deep in rows 18 inches ltonor Thy Mother!

and root them in moist, coarse meeting of the Association of

apart. Space the seeds about one

sand,perlite or vermiculite in a


New Jersey Authorities, to bc

~Garden Center and Produce Market

inch apart in the row.

Daniel Meggitt, left, and a large selection of annuals, flower pot or cbldframe.

8" - 10"

held Saturday, May 13, at the

Norman Stabler choose flowers

Impatients .... 8 in. $3.50

MOTHER’S DAY IV Edible radishes can be har-

perennials, geraniums, shrubs, The proper temperature tor Ramada Inn, East Brunswick.

for Mother’s Day at the Rocky vegetables and herbs. Hours are rooting cuttings should be about

Fusehia ...... 8 in.$4.50

vested in 24 to 28 days.

The announcement was made by


Don’t be in too big a hurry to

Hill Community Group’s annual Thursday from noon to 8 p.m. 65 degrees, says Mr. Eberhardt. Frank J. Triscari, chairman of Begonias ..... 8 in.$4.50


flower sale this week at the Friday and Saturday from 1O

set out such frost-sensitive

Keep the cuttings away from the Franklio Township Sewerage .......... lOin,$6,0O

Community House. Hanging

vegetables as tomato, pepper and

a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from direct sunlight. Rooting will take Authority and President of the Ivy Geraniums. 8 in.$3,50

baskets of fuschia and geraniums

Hanging Baskets

eggplant. It’s still a bit too early

noon to 3 p.m. two to three weeks, after which A.N.J.A.


for most areas. Although tomato,

are in plentiful supply, along with


pepper and eggplant transplants

will be available in increasing

¯ Perennials ¯ Annuals & herbs numbers at roadstands and i’roper Mowing Is Key

garden centers, consider your

Lime-fertilizer ¯ Landscape service

chances of losing your plants to The height at which you are red fesuce type lawn, the mower

O Vegetable Plants

frost before making too many mowing may very well deter- should be set to cut the grass at a


mine the life of the grass in your height of 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches.

¯ Lawn sprinkler systems


This includes Merion Kentucky

¯ Landscape designing

You should set out sensitive Mowing the Kentucky bluegrass. The 2 1/2 inch height is

plants after the average date of bluegrass-red fesuce type lawn especially desirable during the

the last killing frost. As a general

Amwell Road (514) P/z Miles East ~,

closer than 1 1/2 inches gradually summer months.

guide, for Central Jersey you can weakens and eventually kills the In contrast, certain types of

usually be safe in setting out grass cautions Raymond N. lawn grasses are well adapted for

of Millstone Call 844-3333 ~’~ ~ Frost Sensitive plants after May Eberhardt, county agricultural close mowing. The bcntgrasses

15, be sure you have plenty of hot- agent. The end result is a thin- and Zoysia should be cut at a

caps on hand to cover your ned-out lawn infested with a height on one-half to I inch.


variety of weeds.

Mowing is necessary for a

:.. ........ Close cutting neither looks iproperly groomed lawn. Be kind

attractive nor lessens the and considerate of the tolerance

number of times a lawn must be of the grass. Give it a chance with

mowed. Evenness of cut rather a properly adjusted and sharp

than closeness makes a lawo bladed mower set at the correct


height, Mr. Eberhardt urges.

Close cutting does does not

permit the lawn to manufacture

the food it needs for building

strong deep root systems and a

dense sod.

For the Kentucky bluegrass-

For Your Mother’s Day Flowers!


Bedding Plants - Azaleas ~.

(Vegetable Plants)





Franklin Township t

I0 Cedar Grove Rd.

(off Eastoa Ave. behind A-Mart Shopping Center)

Prop. Art & Gen Itolzheimer- tlouts: 7 days a week 10-8 _ .~

Azaleas 15"- 18"








From Rt. 206 take Amwea Rd.

(514) to Dutch Reformed Church,

Neshanic. Left 2 miles on Zion rid.

Look for sign. CLOSED







Member of North Jersey

Landscape Assoc.




He builds greener,

thicker lawns.

Costs no more

than doing it yourself,

and he does the work.

Ha saves you weekends’ of work,

and money- by AUTOMATION,

You got the savings-your lawn gets:

FREE ANALYSIS by you r neighborhood kawn.R.Mal Man

...GUARANTEED premLunt qualily kawn-h.Magl¢"

lawn producls, at compoliliva pri¢o~, DELIVERED FREE...

S¢ionliflc appllcahon el lawn praOuct~ by Lawo.h-Maf~

aulolnalod lawn.combine, FREE

Seed mlxturot are hlter-agency certified bY

Bureau of Seed CerUUcation,


IWl~’ ~l psm~ i~um~ e~t~ NIROOUCTORY OFFSR

tll,¢ ,~/9 .... ....................... ~... I.e.n~. _

~ .................................. a’ll# ..... ,,, ......

V .................................... ........

All tho nDtrieqJj Zlt~J cq ItlOIS y..Q~n hlW¢l needs 4 th’~eS ~1 year aals 4

chock bllcks,,,hHEt: doltvery..Fl~En DpplicatiGR,


............................. ,,, H ~ i, ii1,111111 ii i ii iiiiiii iiii iii iii g


Warriors Notch

12th Straight Win



FRANKLIN -- Coach John The latest Warrior triumph

Wnuk’s Franklin High School was a 4-1 conquest of

baseball team has 12 victories in Bridgewater-Raritan West in the

as many starts and holds a Mid-State Conference. .~ ,~

commanding lead in the Mid- Senior Sheldon Lewis notched

State conference with an 3-0




Win Again

HILLSBOROUGH -- The unbeaten

track team of

Hillsborough High School rolled

its 1Oth victory, thumping Ridge,


Tom Chorniewy captured the

100-yard dash in 9.9 and the 220 in


Rich Goss of the Raiders, who

finished second, set a school

record in the pole vault, cleai’ing

the bar at 11 feet, six inches.

The other Hillsborough winners:

Doug Nevins, high hurdles,

15.5; Jim Woyehiek, mile, 4:35

(school record) ; Dave Yuporsky,

880, 2:06.9; Paul Shields, 449,

52.8; Paul Singley, two-mile,

10:25.6; Jim Sheridan, javelin,

158’4"; Bob Easton, long jump,

10’-2"; Lou Quirico and Fran

MeDonough, high jump, 5’-3"





’Ihe Board of Adjustment of the Township




hearing, rendered

on May


l 1972


o Iowln




MANVILLE -- Manville High, Joe" Rindoek’s double and a Walter Podvarney B oak2? LO sran ed

a variance to install a pen w heer a n

powered by Pete Worobij’s home single by Pete Worobij set the condl inns,

run with the bases loaded, stage for Ferdeczyk’s round-

PrankPapera Back 43 ~ g dcneda

variance for permlss on o use a mob e

bombarded Dunellen, 13-0. tripper in the second. home

The Mustangs ran their season


n an


ndustrlal Zone,

Corp. B oak 4 Lo

A single by Petras came just 16. granted a var ante o erec a s aekade

record to 7-2. Manville is 5-2 in before a home run by Tony fence, with eert0in coddltlens,

his fourth success of the season.

the Mountain-Valley Conference. Wesneski in the fourth.

The strong-armed right-hander

Worobij’s home run came The two runs by Bernards were


James Januzzi,

to use


a mob


e un




as a


dwe ng

set 12 batters down on strikes and

Philip Lucia alock 7S, Lot 3. granted a

during the first inning when the tallied during the fourth inning. variance to use a mobile uni as a empsrar

walked just four.

Mustangs broke to a 6-9 start.

business building Ior banking pur~ses,w

Herb Bradley opened the game

certain condi ions.

Manville made its 7-0 with a

with a home run to right-center



a variance




erect a




- am y


two-run rally in the second.

and the Warriors were never

Two Share one-story dwe ng, with certain conditions.

Dave Fedorczyk walloped a


All of the resolutions er Main o he

two-run home run in the third for

abeve are on file web the ~lerk o ~e Board

Franklin collected two more

a 9-0 Mustang margin.

of Ad ustmcnt and may be nspec ed dur ns

runs in the second. Ken Luke

First eek regu ar )uslness hours.

Manville pushed across two

Vlr~Inia Brazil

singled home Steve Lore, who

more runs in the fifth and Ron

SSN. 5-11-72 [’P Clerk, Boaedof,~djustment

had reached base on a fielder’s

Debias closed out the scoring

choice. Two errors and a stolen

Loop Lead Fee: $7.05

with a home run in the sixth with

base gave the Warriors a 3-0

no one OR.




Bernie G]ueh was the winning

Lewis lost his bid for a shutout

Centre Shoppe jumped in front of


pitcher. He gave up just lwo hits,

when a single and two errors

the National League standings in NOTICE IS heREBY GIVEN that sealed

a single by losing pitcher Andy

followed. Lewis allowed just

the Manville Youth Athletic

bids will be received by the Mayor and

Pasko in the second and a single

Council of the Borough of Manville, County

three hits in going the route.

League last week, pacing early of Somerset and State of New Jersey for

by Mike Odenthal in the sixth.

The Warriors blanked

play with two victories against no

maintenance and repalr materials in the

Borough of Manville In the County of

Gluch struck out 10 and did not

Highland Park, 4-0, as Bobby


Somerset with on estimated amount or:

Itarris picked up his fourth Middlesex Tros Mustangs

allowa baseonballs.

T.J.Kaschak and Ruzycki’s

¯ Bill Risavy was the author of a

straight mound success.

Drugs follow in the National

S01O00 gallons Asphalt Cutback

no.hitter as Manville dumped

1,050 tens 3/S" #S Broken Stone

Harris whiffed five batters and

League at 1-1, with UPP 800 in 1.o00 tons Bituminous Stabilized Base Stone

displayed pin-point control by not

MANVILLE TRACKSTERS were nipped inthelowhurdlesastheydroppedthelrmeetwithMiddlesex, Bernards, 13-2, in the Mountain. last place, 0-1, in the early going.

MIx #1

1,550 tons 2-1/2" #2 Broken Stone

allowing a base on balls. 68½- 62½. Mustang winners were Frank Kalinowski, 100 and 220; Bob Urban, mile; Jim Patrick, 880; Valley.

In the American League, VFW1,000

Risavy upped his record to 3-2

200 tons



1-1]2" #2,


4 Broken Stone

Franklin exploded for its four Tom Bentzinger, two mile; Lou Boscia, shot; and Rich Pillsbury, pole vault.

2290 and American Legion are on 5.000 tOllS Road Stone

by fanning seven and walking

runs in the home half of the fifth.

top, each undefeated after one t00 tons Sand


500 tons Strippinss

Glen Marold launched tile rally


205 tons Bituminous Concrete Type "T" or

The Manville batters supported

with a single and continued to

Mike’s Esso trails with a loss in

"A" ~.

500 tons FABC Mix ~5 Bituminous Concrete

second on an error. County Offers Tennis

Risavy’s top-notch pitching with its only encounter, while Family 505 tons Maintenance Cold Patch

an 11-hit attack that included four

Jeff Gronner slashed a single

Shoe Store and Elks 2119 have and opened and read in public at the

home runs.

up the middle, scoring Marold.

Lore drew a free ticket to first. Classes At Green Knoll Sports Log

each dropped a pair.

Mnniclpal Building, Council Chambers 151


Dave Drevnak knocked in four

South Main Street, Manville, New Jersey on

Ivlonday, June 12th, 1972 at 8:15 PAL

Lewis drove in two runs with a

runs with a triple and a home

prevailing time.

run. The triple came with the

Specifications and forms of bids. for the

single, toed the plate on a base hit


Prep Nine ropssed work. prepared by Michael S.

by John Burke.

BRIDGEWATER - Tennis ternoons. Mixed adult classes

bases loaded and Drevnak was

~achorsky, Borough Engineer, and approved

by the Commissioner ol Tran-

instruction will be offered by the and one men’s beginner class will

tossed out at the plate trying for a

spar ation have been filed in the office of the

Somerset County Park Corn-


he offered during the evening.

home run during a five-run third Rally Tops said Engineer at 20 East Complain Boad,

Manville. New Jersey and of said Com-

mission at Green Knoll Tennis Registration for the in-


missioner of Transportation. Trenton, New

Manville at Chatham Twp., 4

Center beginning June 5. struetional program is restricted

Drevnak’s home run was

Jersey, and Division of Local Government


Aid District Office located at I Main Street


The classes are structured to to county residents and must be

belted during a six-run second M orristown Chester. New Jersey and may be inspect~

handle beginning and in- done at the tennis center prior to


by prospective bidders during business

termediate players. Each class May 31. A registration fee will be


FRANKLIN -- Rutgers Prep


Bidders win be furnished with a Copy of


broke loose for three runs in the the spseifieaBons by the Engineer on proper

will consist of 10 students charged.

notice and payments of cost of preparation.

meeting forsix, one-hour lessons.


sixth inning and nipped Bids must be made on standard proposal

Registrants will be required to

Netmen Blank Morristown School, 9-6. forms in the manner designated therein and

Some classes are scheduled to furnish their own rackets and be

required by the specifications, must be

-~ Pitch ’n Putt

meet twice each week for three appropriately attired. Tennis

Bound Brook at Manville, 4

Gary Hawzen slugged a triple enclosed la sealed envelopes, nearmg the

weeks and others once a week for balls will be provided by the Park


Bound Brook in the sixth to deadlock the count, name and address of bidder and name of

road on outside, addressed to FIb~.NCIS A.

six weeks. Commission. More detailei:l in-

Princeton at Franklin, 3:45’



Beginners classes will stress


Joe Smutko’s single gave the MAIN

formation about the classes can

FRANKLIN -- The Franklin

SEY and


must be




b)y a



,~ Driving Range

Argonauts an 9-7 edge. He tallied Collusion Affidavit and a certified check for

the fundamentals of tennis such be obtained by calling the tennis

High School tennis team blanked

not less than ten (10~ per cent of the amount

as forehand, backhand, serve, center or Park Commission

May 13

what later turned out to be the bid. provided said check need not be more

Bound Brook, 5-0, as Bob Ed-

deciding run on an error. than $20.500.00 nor shall be less than $500.00

volley, and net play. in- Headquarters.

wards, Miteh Group and Bill

and be delivered at the place on or before the

,~-Long Course

termediates, while sharpening Instruction for youth aged 10-16


Sudia won the singles matches.

Rutgers Prep scored two runs hour named above. The standard proposal

in the first and struck for four form and the Non-Collusion Aflidava are

the aforementioned basic skills, will also be offered during tile

In the doubles, Norm

attached to the supplemental specifications.

will learn more about tennis summer months after local

Wardlaw at Rutgers Prep, 2

more in the second before copies of wbich win be furmshed on ap-

Schoenfeld and Tatu Dattutactics

used in regular play. schools have recessed for p.m.

Morrtstown netted five runs in

p ca ion o he Enlgineer.

Choudeoy combined to win, as

By order of the Mayor and Council of the

HOURS: Weekends 7 A.M, - 9 P,M.

the home half of the second and Borough el Manvll[e.

Students will also be taught summer vacations.

did Bob Lucas and T. J. Huie.


Weekdays 8:30 A.M, - 9 P.M.

tennis rules and court etiquette.

May lg

one in the third ta even the score,




(Conditions permitting)

All classes will take place at

MN,: 5-t1-72 IT

the tennis center located on


Morristawn School went up, 7- Fee: $t3.68


Garretson Road, Bridgewater vOU~irs

Franklin High 6, with a run in the bottom of the

RENTALS: Carts, Clubs and Bags

Township, across the street from

Montgomery at Hillsborough,



3:45 p.m.

Smutko picked up the victory in NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed

Bridgewater-Raritan High

1111 SOMERSET STREET, SOMERSET School West. Sessions for adult S/~rnri .r- Se

Trackmen Edge relief.

bids for Route 287. Sections 5D, 8D & 96

from South of the Passaie River to Rou e 24,

women are being scheduled


Paving, Liighnng and S ~s, n the Townships

Watchung Hills

of Bernards. Harding and Morris, and the

Town of Morristown, Somerset and Morris

PHONE: CH 7-8284

Monday through Friday during ~’,

the mornings and some af- Plainfield Chatham Borg at Manville,

Counties, Federal Pmlec Number N.J, - -

SCC I losts 287-2(26)M wll] be received by the Com-

3:45 p.m.

missioner of TransPortation of |he State of

FRANKLIN -- The Franklin

New Jersey, In the nePartment of Tran-


May 16

High trackmen nosed out Watsp~rtaUon

Baildins. 1035 Parkway Avenue.


tgomery High School’s baseball

chung Hills Regional High, 69-62. Region Golf Trenton, New Jersey on THURSDAY May

IS, 1972 at ta:00 a.m, prevailins me. The

team surprised North Plainfield

Dave Mendez won the 100 in

readinll of aceep ab e b ds w abe place


immeatately thereaner. Bids will be ac-

High, 3-1, as Barry Latham

10.3 and the 220 in 22.9.

eepted only from bidders e assiBed In ac.

Tournament cordanee wi h R.S.27-7.3S et seq. The r sht

Other Franklin High winners:

- Imagine.

achieved the mound victory. Manville at Kenilworth, 4 p.m.

George Adragna, 440, 51.9;

BRANCHBURG -- Somerset

is reserved to re act any or allbids.

The Department o TranspactaUon, In

The Cougars sewed up the

game with a two-run second.

Dragen, 880, 2:03; Harry

County College will be host to acco’rdance with the nrovlsions of Title V] of

May 17

tart o/.your next

Keith VanZandt launched the

Kronick, mile, 4:20.5; Mark

more than 100 collegiate golfers

the Civil Rillhts Act O[ 1964 (78 Seat. 262) and

the rngulattons of the Department of Com-

Shegoski, two-mile, 10:13.5;

at Beaver Brook Country Club, merce (IG,C,F.R,, Part 8L Issued pursuant

to such Act, hereby notifie~ all b dders ha

rally with a single and stole


Clinton, in the Region 19, will affirmatively Insure that In any con-

second. He took third ou a

Mark Gallop, discus, 135’-2";

Pastaa, javelin, 164’; Steve

National Junior College Athletic tract entered into purseant o this edverUaement,

minority buslnese w be of.

vacation on us!

fielder’s choice.

South Brunswick at Franklin, Frank, high jump, 5’-6"; Tony

Association golf tournament, forded lull oppsztanUy to submit bids in’

Star Fickes singled to left, 3:46 p.m, __

scoring VanZandt and Gary

Gibson, long jump, 21’3 1/3".

Monday and Tuesday, May 1,5

rea~onse to thfs invitation and will not be t,

discriminated agalns on the l~’enads of

and 16.

race, color or national ors n n fan.

Drake doubled home Tom

Augie Eosso, coordinator of

sideraUen for an award,

proposal guarantee and other biddl~

Franklin State pays you

Gorman, who was safe on the Raiders Rip


athletics at Somerset County requirements are s eted n the standard and

supplementary specifications for the

4%* effective interest on your Vacation Club!

fielder’s choice.

College, is tournament director. pro~ect, Plans ~ed specifieMlons, proposal

North Plainfield picked up its

FRANKLIN -- Jeanne Sikorski

Among the leading teams in the cataract aed bend forms may be inspec|ed or

obtained at the Bureau oI Contract Ad-

run in the fifth. Metuche.

slugged a two-run home run in

region who will compete are ministration, Department of Transportation

That’s right, Many other

Drake’s hit and a single by Jim

We know that great vaca-

leading the girls softball team of

three top-flight teams from

Bailding. 1035 Parkway Avenue, Trenton,

New Jersey during office hours. Copies

Hardings accounted for Mon- HILLSBOROUGH .. banks actually use your

’ scott Rutgers Prep to a 23-7 triumph Maryland--Prince George thereof wlllbe lernished umn appaeaUon

tions don’t just happen. And

and the paymen of standard fees.lhe work

tgomery’s final run in the homeGoodell

drove in five runs with a over Raney School of Red Bank. Community College, Mon- is to be cempleted on or before June sg 1973.

money from Vacation Club we want to help, So for the

half of the fifth.

triple and lwn doubles as

tgomery Junior College at Rock- The eMlma[ed quantlUes ol the prienipa

items of W0rK are:

and Christmas Club-type vacation of your dreams

Hiltsborough High School posted

villa and Harford Junior College.

accounts without giving you

a 10-3 triumph over Metuchen.

tomorrow, take a quick trip

RALLY SLATED Representing New Jersey 15,(100 CON& Borrow Excavation, Zone

162,000 (~, Yd, -- Subbese

GIVE A CIIEEII Goodell highlighted a three-run

community colleges in the 2fi2 000 Sq, Yd. -- Preparation of Sub~rade

much, if any, interest on to Franklin State tod ay to

82,000 Ton -- Btuminous Slab zed Base

first inning with a two-bagger MADISON -- The Rallye Club regional tournament will be the Course

your deposits, But you can open your Vacation Club

HILLSBOROUGH -- Tryouts that drove in two runs.

will hold a rally entitled County College of Morris.

44 000 Ton -- Pavement Tyen FA-BC

20.000 Lin, Pt, -- S" x 20" White C~nesete

bank on Franklin State to account. We’ll do our share.

for theLittleDukes cheerleaders In the second, Goodell knocked "Demolition Derby" starting at The winning team and the Vertieal Curb

and Dukettes will be held 4 p.m. in two more teammates with a noon Sunday, May 21 at the Hill individual low scorer in the 1.080 Lin. Ft. -- White Concrete Barrier

put your money to work

Curb, Various Sizes

May 17 at Hillsborough Junior two-base hit. Ted Perhach drove Lanes Bowling Alleys in Madison tournament will represent the IX 400 Lin. F’t, -- Baem Guard Rail

for youl

High School. Girls 9-t3 are in two runs with a double during Township. Registration is at It region qt the national junior LumpSum -. Over ~ead S an Support

eligible, the frame.


college tournament in Florida



next month.

MN, 4-27,72 3T


I i i

FgE~ Sll 8S


M~ul~r FIOlrgl ~IpOSlllPietieol C, oq~Iriliorl

Franklin StateBank



’00 QALAXIE SO0, 4 dr., H,T,, 0

gyl,, auto., P.S,, vinyl roof, radio,

W/W, W/C, factory air pond,,

tinted glees ............ $1895,

’67 CAMARO, 2 dr., 0 oyl., auto,,

bunker seats, P,S. vinyl roof, R,

W/W ................. $1306,

’66 COUNTRY SEDAN, 10 pe~l.

weeD., 8 ayl., auto,, P,S,, P,B,,

,’71 FORD CUSTOM bO0, 6 pa..

wagon, 8 ©yl., auto., P,S,, P.B., air

pandttloniug, tinted glad, R/H,

W/W, W/C ............. $3326,

’67 OLDS CUTLASS, 4 dr, ~dan,

0 gyl,, gate. P.S. R, W/W, W/C,

..................... $1206.

radio, W/W, W/C, faplory air cord. ’

..................... $1705,


hardtop, V.8, auto., Power sea.

’68 CHEVY MALIDU, 2.dr, H,T,,

v.g, Auto,, P.9,, air goad,, tatted

glass, vinyl roof, R/H, W/W,

’70 FORD’ B pall, country sedan,

8 gyl,, aBto,, F,S,, P,B,, factory air

artog, air conditioning split b~nph W/C ..............

seat, RIR, W/W,*W/C .... $1705,

.... $1790

eqndltlonlog, luggage rgpk, thrlad

glass, radio, W/W, W/C, 2 to’

ahooaa from ........... $2795,

’69 FALCON, 4 dr, sgdmr, B ayl.

auto,, radio, vinyl trim, W/C, 1

OWdgr, 16,000 mile= .... $1505.

’60MERCURY Colony Park, 6

pa~, WagOn, 6, auto,, P.S,, R/H,

W/W, W/C ............ $1195,

’rio MUSTANG, 2 dr,, B ayL, auto.

P,S,, P,B,, radio, W/W, W/C, $19915.


9 WI. gate. 6 way power, air

’fib PONTIAC LEMANS, 2 dr,

H,T,, 6 gvL, auto,, P,S,, radio,

gond. st@tea tape, OlgOy gxtral,

.................... $160Ii,

W/W, W/C, Low ntllaaga, , $1496.

CALL 356.0072


Between Plainfield and Somerville on Rt, 28

415 W, Union Ave, Bound Brook



Public Notices


At Hinrichs 01ds

Priced To Sell


Luxury Sodans

Fully 8quipped with air




Fully equipped with air

Low mileBgo ¯ Tronlonclou~ buy


A Shopping and Entertainment Guide for Central Jersey

’Shep ’ Brings His

Friends To Town

by Stuart Cramp Jr.

If you’ve ever heard WOR’s Jean Shepherd

on a night when he’s in a particularly satiric

mood, you might agree that he’s very likely

the funniest man on radio. Or anywhere else.

Yet he also has a very serious side.

He returned to Princeton last Saturday

night for his fifth and best "concert,"

sponsored by Princeton University radio

station WPRB. With him were those zany and

all too normal characters, Flick, Schwartz,

Bruner, Gasser,, Zinsmeister, Charles W.

Applerot -- and Wanda Hickey.

For more than three hours he spun out his

special magic, mixing his storytelling talent

with that amazing ability he has to talk about

-- you.

The "total American ritual" -. tbe senior

prom -- was coming up and young Jean had

his eye on Daphne Bigelow. "There’s a

Daphne BJgelow in every man’s life, a

drifitng, vague image, always out of reach,"

he said. "She’s the ultimate, total, concentrated


DEMONSTRATING NEAR perfect form, a student at The Farm-

Irresponsibility JEAN SHEPHERD expresses a point to his

Every male in the audience nodded Princeton audience withwords and gestures

stead takes a low jump in the stable’s outdoor jumping rink.

knowingly as Sbep told, regretfully, of "that

during his most recent appearance. (Stuart

30 seconds of total wild irresponsibility in

every man’s life that causes 30 years of

Crump Jr. photo)

embarrassment," when be booted his only there were guys who gave their lives in it...

Women Buy

chancetoaskDaphne to the prom, and asked "But don’t take me literally, rm not

Wanda Hiekey instead, saying, ’Go after Daphne Bigelow and don’t

"Ever yclasshastbisgirlwhoisinvisible surrender to Wanfla Hickey.’ Daphne may !i}}

from birth. She’s sitting off somewhere and turn out to be the worst Waring blender on

she usually has a Kleenex to her noise .... the block if you ever caught her.

R iding Stnbh;s

i}!~ "Wands Hickey is the woman all men "I just think that life itself is far more

ultimately settle for. (On the other hand,) important than any of the issues that life


Daphne Bigelow is the one you see going off brings along with" it..."

everyday to three to seven budding

in the disanee with somebody who looks MediaMasler

equestrians per class. Half-hour private


Two young women have fulfilled every

vaguely like John Lindsay."

Jean Shepherd has a remarkable ability to

lessons, are offered for the absolute beginner

little girl’s dream. Tlmy have each bought a


appraise his own work from a detached,

and the women take their more advanced

riding stable and are surrounded by horses,

The story goes on, with dozens of objective point of view. After the radio ap-

students to horse shows in the area.

ponies, cats, dogs and even a donkey.

digressions, to the ultimate irreversible pearanee I asked him, "How did you come to

Miss Morgan teaches riding skills with

Alexandria Elmslie has bought The Farm-

unavoidable conclusion -- disaster. Which is master so many different media?" (Shep is

Major Dezso Szilagyi at the Princeton Riding

stead t formerly Chestnut Ridge Riding Club)

why Shop entitled his latest book "Wanda well-known for his work in radio, television,

Center. Major Szilagyi has been a prominent

on the Great Road in Montgomery and

Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories and writing and acting.)

Prudence Morgan has purchased The

member of the Princeton equestrian scene

Other Disasters." Almost every story he tells "Deliberately," he said. "I hate to limit

Princeton Riding Center (formerly Meadow

for about 20 years. Among others, he taught

ends in disaster for the hero. Yet he’s not a myself. From the time I started performing I

Mouse Farm) on Cherry Hill Road, Mon-

Miss Morgan how to ride. Major Szilagyi

pessimistic fatalist, never thought of myself as strictly a radio

continues teaching his regular students at the


’Tmtryingtohitauniversalthemethat all man or a stage actor. That point of view

A 1968 graduate of the University of

stable but Miss Morgan will instruct all new

of us understand," he explained later in the would be thought of as ridiculous in England.

Colorado, Miss Morgan spent a year at the

students. Miss Morgan offers hour-long

evening during a live interview with Bob When I first heard of Peter Sellers, he was a

Morven Park International Equestrian In-

private lessons for beginners as well as hour-

Baker and Tom Kendrick over WPRB. "The big radio star. C. P. Snow is an electronic

stitute in their instructor’s course taught by

long class lessons.

point tonight, for example, was that all men physicist, Somerset Maugham was a ii

Major John Lynch, former coach of the Irish

Both stables will board and train privately

feel vaguely dissatisfied with their lives and surgeon. Curiously, it’s only in America that

owned horses and ponies.

they ultimately settle for Wanda Hickey." I would get asked that question.

and O.S. three-day-event Olympic. teams. The Riding Center and the Farmstead offer

Bob asked him to explain the general theme "For example, people think that if you’re

She stayed on at Me)yen Park, in Leesburg,

year-round riding in indoor or out door rinks.

that runs through most of his stories, an actor you can’t write well. I find that the

Va., as an instructress until April, 1972.

The Riding Center also has dressage areas

"That’s hard to say," Shep said, "but for opposite is often the case. It doesn’t surprise

Agraduate of Finch College in New York

and sponsors a national dressage com-

what it’s worth, I’ll say this: all of us are on me that Shakespeare was an actor. I just

City, Miss Elmslie spent two years working

at several stables in Westchester County,

petition each spring. Show riding, jumping

this planet a very short time...life is here to think that writing and performing are all

New York.

and pleasure riding are also taught.

be lived, and if you’re letting life go by you, part of a single mileu. We allow ourselves to

AT PRINCETON RIDING CENTER owner Prudence Morgan sets

At The Furmstead, Miss Ebnslie and Miss The Farmstead emphasizes show riding

you’re making a classic mistake that about get classified into one category. It never

Katie Tholleu tZive hour-long classes and jumping as well as pleasure riding, out for a ride around the grounds.

90 per cent of the people throughout history occurs to a guy who works at B.B.D. & O. to

i have made." write poetry. I don’t see any reason why I


should limit myself."

Busy Horse Show Season Opens Locally May 20 i"You can spend all your time battling "Is he an electronic essayist? A satirist?

against giant windmills, like Don Quixote Or what?"

did, battling against giant enormous non- "I’m a performer, basically," he said. "I

existent problems until the day you die, and guess I’d also say I’m a storyteller, an actor,

It’s horse show season and

MAY 13

Road, Cape May Court House. show, Hide-Away Stables, Howell all youth horse show, Thompson

riders and watchers can go to at

nobody knew you were there and you don’t a humorist. All my work is designed

Windy }till Riding Club English Township. Park, Jamesburg.

least one show weekly from now English show, Cape May & Western show, Wycoff-Shafto Morgan All Amateur show,

even remember one good Saturday night." ultimately to make people laugh."

Warren County 4-H first @i

until the big one at Madison County Riding Club, Dias Creek Road, New Shrewsbury,

These were the wm’ds of a man who just "This is your fourth Princeton show I’ve

Johnson Park, New Brunswick. qualifying show, Fairgrounds,

Square Garden in the fall. Road, Cape May Court House. Warren Showdeo - Western

:::::::::::: minutes before had kept an Alexander Hall been to, and you keep getting better," I said. ii!i!i


New Jersey Appaloosa

MAY 26-29

!ii!!iaudience laughing for more than three hours. Shepherd agreed. "I guess you have to have

One major riding event

Mountain Blvd., Warren.

Kandy Bar quarter horse show,

Association, Hackettstown

1972 New Jersey (00-mile enplanned

locally is the Meadow


ii!ii! "Don’t let contemporary problems devour an ego in this business," I said. ::::::!::i

Community Hospital Benefit,

MAY 20

Mouse Fm’m Dressage Shaw at

durance ride, New Jersey Trail

your life, or one day you are going to be "No, it’s not ego," he explained. "You can

Bridlespurs 4-H Club of Essex

feel yourself as a performer and you know llii


the Princeton Riding Center on

English and Western Pinto & HideAssoeiation, Wharton Tract.

sitting around like a lot of old folks griping

County, open horse show, Essex

Bergen County 4-H Western

about past political inequities. The classic when you’re good. Tom Scarer can tell you

Cherry Hill [toad, Montgomery,

P.O.A. show, Seventh Street off

Troop, Pleasant Valley Way, i

horse show, Van Saun Park,

bIAY 27 West Orange.

character is an old man who’s still mad at when be’s pitching well. ’[hat’s not ego,

on Saturd;~y, May 20 at O a.m.

Weymouth Road, Hammonton.


Participants will be coming from

New Jersey Pony Breeders & Burlington County 4-H Green Village horse show - iiiiii

Burlington County 4-H Open

throughout the mid-Atlantic

Owners spring show, Thompson Qualifying show, Lumberton western, Green Village.

Horse Show, Tack ’n’ Hack,

states including John Winnett of

Park, Jamesburg.

Fairgrounds, Lumberton.

Lumber(on Fairgrounds,

the U.S. Olympic dressge team.

Bits ’n’ Bridles open horse Quarter Horse all youth show, MAY 29


Admission is $1.

show, Wielands Farm, Mr. Double J Bar K Ranch, Fren-



cltlown. Vineland Riding Club - English

Other horse shows durfilg May Western show, Cape May

MAY 21

MAY 28 and western, Orchard Rd. and

in New Jersey are:

County Riding Club, Dias Creek Wall Ranglers, open western Third annu;d NJAA all breed Elm Rd., Vineland.


That’s talent. It’s the same with me. I can

Get Involved, Bat...

feel when I’m performing well.

ililii .Ba.,caily my pb.asophy ,s: Sure. get But’ be sa,d w,thawry gr,n, I~Onthe

ili!i involved, but for heavens sake don’t let it other hand, l also know when I’m performing

::::::::}: devour you.’ Life is one thing, but problems badly,"

~::~:::: ~ re another. P,’oblems are ephemeral Who Saturday night was definitely not one of

if:: remembers the Whiskey Rebellion?’ Yet Shop’s bad nights.

Art-People Party A Sunny Success

’rile sky was blue, tile air wus warm and

Prineetonians janmled Witherspoon Street

Saturday to adndre themselves and their art

at the second amnlal "Art - People Party."

"It was fantastic," said Mrs, Ernstone

lttdten, publicity ehairnla|l fay the event. "A

sociological hup)oning. Withe)slosh Sh’eel

wus u reul nlelthlg mt for the day,"

Crowds utu lint (logs, lanl sun( Wieltos all(

strawberry shortcake as they wultdernd

along truflic - free Withers )ann Street over to

Nussan (]reen utld )ack to Olle Pa[lller

S( aare wbere bands played und gl’ou )s attllg,

Patio’s, .lewol ’y i ~ke’s, eand e e’ufters,

lealher werkera ghlss stahlers nnd )ahltors

sokl theh’ hundiwork tit hi)lea u ong

Withersmnn Street while other grou)s

dellunlstra(ed St uare dallt2ing 1111~:1 hnllnt ut

Itte earner u W thersponl~ and SIn’lng


On Nusslnl (h’(lea, t’ock ned blues bands

played ) artists dis flayed their wnrk along

snow t’t!llces alnl everyone jebled lit the

g’owing t t sh’h~g t acid(tore ’l~nlatlghmlont"


L let ltulg alltel|g tlO trees.

ENTANGLEMENT, a t~ging hultponhlth

Is’eyed to ha the htgtlOSt stuccoes nf the doy

pm tiouli~rly for the under 12 sat.

Ross’ Program To Show

TV Commercials As Art

,.,/qNa~/2~ "-)

k.~ K \%...* V f~

Documentary Continues

May Movie Festival

MeCarter Theatre will present degrees of permissiveness

a full evening of the best permitted on the homesereen in

television commercials of today other nations.

and yesterday on Friday, May 12, Tickets are unreserved, but are

at 8 p.m. The program will be available in advance from the

offered by Wallace Ross, roan- MeCarter box office. Mr. Ross’

der-director of the American TV first appearance at MeCartar

Commercials Festival, and a with a familar program in 1969

leading authority on this form of was a complete sellout.

"minimovie" which has already

artW°nform.aCceptance as a legitimate Amateurs Sing

From his vast collection of TV

commorciata, Mr. aoss will Haydn Work

degote segments of his presentation

to a retrospective of the

Alka-Seltzer and Volkswagen

’[’he last meeting of the 1971campaigns

from their outset to

1972 season of the Princeton

Society of Musical Amateurs will

the present day; a look at some of

the more inspired commercials

be held on Sunday, May 14, at 5

created by humorist Stan

p.m. at the Unitarian Church.

Freberg; and an examination of

The program will be Haydn’s

the new "tell-it-like.is" form of

"Paukenmesse." The conductor

will be Joseph Kovacs and the

consumer-oriented advertising,

soloists are: June Tipton,

Mr. Ross will also introduce a soprano; Mary-Alice Witte, alto;

series of commercials from Michael Sylvester, tenor; and

around the world to illustrate the

William Trego, bass.

McCarter Theatre’s "May year’s "ten bests" lists,’ as were

Movie Festival" continues this members of its cast, headed by

week with showings of the epic 4 Dirk Bogarde, Heimut Berger

1/2-hour long Argentine and Ingrid Thulin, "The Dam-

documentary "La Hora de Los ned" remains Visconti’s ultimate

Hornos," and Luchino Visconti’s spectacle, and his trademarks

"The Damned."

are much in evidence: a sense of

Labeled by Stanley Kauffmann opera and melodrama, with an

a film phenomenon and a unequalled attention to detail. ,~,

phenomenal film, "La Hora de McCarter notes that whereas the

Los Hornos" is the work of 35- version of the film shown

year old Fernando Solanas, and recently on television was cut by

is the South American equivalent almost 40 minute~i, it will be

to Italy’s "The Battle of Algiers," shown complete and uncut on

ending in a loud and clear call for Saturday, May 13, at 8 p.m.,

revolutionary violence. It will be including most of the elements

shown over a two-day period: which resulted in its receiving an

Part I tonight at 8 p.m, and "X" .rating when initially

Parts II and III on Thursday, released.

May 11, at 8 p.m.

Tickets to both film programs

The three parts are entitled

will be available at the box office

from 6 p.m. on the day of the

NeD-Colonialism and Violence; screening.

Act for Liberation; and Violence

and Liberation. Solanas’

message is that a people’s

revolution is needed. But "La

Hora" is more than just a

polemic or propaganda: it is a

film in its own right. Solanas








juxtaposes news clips, commentaries,

statistics, quotations,

interviews, and his own original

footage. The result has been

called a "Latin American


Up On ’Coppelia’ Potemkin," and has understandably

been banned ia


EXCLUSIVE Frederic Franklin, former Kaplan, Trenton; and Sherilyn Joffrey company, will dance by the Princeton Ballet Society, "The Damned," Visconti’s 1970

Malcolm McDowel director of the Ballet Russe de Bito, South River. Franz, Swanilda’s beloved, at is made up of promising young spectacle in which he probes the

star of

Monte Carlo and present director Franklin is restaging "Cop- both performances, Several dancers selected by audition soul of Germany on the eve of


of the National Ballet Companypelia"

for the Princeton company members of the Lubovitch from central New Jersey and Nazi power, was on most of that

directs final rehearsals for and will himself dance the role nf company will be guest dancers -- nearby Pennsylvania.


"Coppelia," the colorful three- Dr. Coppelius, a slightly mad Armando Zettina, who will lead According to Audree Estey,

act ballet he is staging for the inventor of mechanical dolls and the lively Mazurka and Czardas founder and director of the


SR 0 For Stern

Princeton Regional Ballet dabbler in magic.

dances, and Christopher Frey, Princeton Ballet Society and

TOMORROWrr(pG~ Company. It will be presented Appearing as a guest artist in Douglas Wassell, Ernest artistic director of the regional Standing room is still available

Shown: 7:30 - 9:30

with the Greater Trenton the starring role of Swanilda at Pagnano, Greg Rogers, Marcus company, 25 different towns will at the box office for the recital by

Symphony Orchestra on Sunday, the matinee is Jeanne Solan’, Williamson and John Dayger. be represented in the "Coppelia" violinist Isaac Stern at McCarter

RARREN NEAR STATE STle PARKING ACROSS ~ ¯ May 14, at 3 and 7 p.m. at the War native Trentonian and charter Production design is by David cast. Lila Popper Brunner is on Thursday, May 18;:~. at 8:30

Memorial Building, Trenton. member of the Princeton GuLhrie, lighting by Gilbert ballet mistress of the company. p.m. the final event in the

Dorothy Pc,tit Alonso, of Prin- Regional Ballet, who is a soloist Hemsley.

Tickets for "Coppelia" can be "Music-at-McCarter" series for

ceton (center) will dance with the Lar Lubovitch Dance Stanley Lebowsky from New ordered in advance through the 1971-72.

Following "Cotton" & "Sbaft" Swanilda at the evening per- Company in New York. Maxine York will appear as guest con- Greater Trenton Symphony Accompanied by Alexander

Terry Carter and Kyle Johnson in formance. Swanilda’s friends, Lampert from Princeton, who ductor of 45 members of the office, Room 821, 28 W. State Zakin at the piano, Mr. Stern will

the biggest BLAST OF ALL from left, are Ellen Kulik, was with The Eliot Feld Com- Greater Trenton Symphony Street, Trenton (609-394-1338) perform Mozart’s Sonata in B-

Princeton University student; pany in New York after leaving playing the beautiful Delibes the Princeton University Store. flat, K. 454, and Schumann’s

Diana Zeydel, Princeton:: Helen the Princeton Regional Ballet music, which includes the The War Memorial box office will Sonata in A Minor, Op. 105. His

"BOOTS TURNER’rIR Matyola, Manville; Virginia will return to dance Dawn. familar "Dance of the Hours." be open from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. program will also include the

Hepburn, Pennington; Sherry Michael Uthoff, formerly The Princeton Regional Ballet Saturday, May 13, and from noon "Sonatensatz" of Brahms,

i Shown: 12:15,2:15,4,6,8,&10

premier daaseur with the Robert Company, which is maintained on Sunday, May 14.

Bartok’s Second Rhapsody, and

short pieces by Dvorak and




Y M C A Grounds

Avalon Place

Sun. May 21 2& 5 p m

Sp ...... PrincetonYMCA

State Museum iVill Exnibit


at Number 28-30 Wifherspoon "THE STEPMOTHER’

Street in Princeton, New Jer~


WMnur 4.5555.

.... it’s a family affair

Luncheon Dinner & Cocktails

Mot let s Day Boars Shown: 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10


- ¯ I~l

Fri. and Sat. Nites

9 to 1 a.m.

Acoustic Guitarist

Michael Kratzer

(formerly at Good Time Charlles)

in the Cocktail

Lounge = at

PRINCETON, N.J. 452.2500


The Epic Argentine Documentary: "

La Hera De Los Hornos


Part 1: WEDNESDAY, MAY 10 at 8:00

Parts 11 & 111: THURSDAY MAY 11 8:00

Admission: $1,50 at the door H ENRY LEWIS


TV COMMERCIALS ~ The Be0t of Yesterday & Today

with WALLACE ROSS (in psr0on) founder of the

American TV Commercials Festival m Including the

VW and Alka-Seltzer campaigns . Tile Best of Stun

Freborg end "X Rated" Comnlorelels from around

the world,

FRIDAY, MAY 12 at 8 P. M,

Admhlion: $2,00 (on ado in advance)

Luchh(o Viscontj’| Ultimate Spectacle


The soul of Germany on tile eve of Nazi power,

d,own complete end uncut with DIRK BOGARDE e


SAT, MAY 13 at 8:00 P. M.

Admhlion: $2,00 (Rated X)


Wed,, May 24th, 8:30 p,m,


)J V~’~



SCHUBERT, Unflnhhod Symphony

~$j~:rJ~ STRAVINSKY. Firshhd Ballot

~i~,~/ RAUHMRNINOEP, Piano Conosrto NO. 3


TICK|Tit Ofnhsttra usamr $0, tidal $|, OaGk tO1


Iw I .+.: a,:’’ ’ ’. ’.+" ’".

Art From Priv, ¯tte

C°llect!.?, Sa ....

~v:;;, a(~iSree~tbolredobYhL


Prudential Insurance Company



"Festival ’72: Focus on the

Arts" is a project undertaken by

the Art Assoeiaitan of the New

Jersey State Museum to bring the


and chairman of "Festival ’72," finest craftsmen, were made months ago, the finest in exhibitions, performing

notes that the exhibitions were Mrs.JosephWeintranbchaired Museum continues to receive arts and art education to the

conceived to show New Jersey the committee on the fine arts. information about collections people of New Jersey.

residents the art treasures owned This committee recommended throughout the State and "Festival ’72" will be a week-

by collectors throughout the notable fine art collections in welcomes more knowledge about long celebration which will mark

State. Through the generosity New Jersey. ’ the art treasures of New Jersey. the official beginning of "Focus

and cooperation of the lenders to The committees brought to The exhibitions will be on the Arts" a three year project

the exhibition, this fine State light the vast number of excellent docmnented by a 326 page for the raising of a one million Exclusive Showing!

resource can be enjoyed by

dollar fund for the purchase of


fine and decorative art objects

The exhibitions will begin May

for the Museum’s collections. *NOW 1st RUN!

20, the first day of "Festival ’72 Playhouse Lists

During "Festival ’72 Week" to

Week." Two exhibitions will

be held at the Musemn from May

open: Decorative Arts of New

20 through May 27, outstanding

Jersey, which will continue

events in the performing arts will

through Sept. 24, and Pre- Summer Offerings be presented. In addition, artists

Twentieth Century American and

and craftsmen from throughout

European Painting and Sculp- NEW HOPE, Pa. -- Lee R. Carats", July 25 through Aug. 6; New Jersey will demonsh’ate

ture, which will continue through Yopp, managing director of the "The Lion In Winter," Aug. 8 their skills in an arts fair setting.

June 25.

Bucks County Playhouse, has through 20, Rounding out the

The two other fine art announced the summer season of season is the musical "Mall Of

exhibitions in the series will be contemporary musicals, LaMancha", Sept. 5 through 19.

Twentieth Century American and


comedies and dramas. The play for Aug. 22 to Sept, 3 has

European Painting and Scalp- To open tile season, Rudgers act yet been announced.

tare, which will he’,bows from


and l[ammerstein’s musical ’Tile Performances nro regularly

dnne :lO through Aug. 6, and King and I’ is scheduled May 30 scheduled Tuesday through

American attd European


to June 18. Following are the Saturday at 11:30 p,m., Sundny at

Drawings, Pastels, Prinls and comedy ~Caetns Flower’: June 27 tl p.m, and Wednesdays and BALLROOM

Watercolors, which will tie shown to July 9; "A Man For All Saturduys at 2 p.m,

from Aug, 11 through Sept, 24,

Mercer St, Hamilton Square, N

Seasons" starring Dana Andrews, Childretfs Thoah’o, which has The Largest Ballroom i~ it~e EaS~

The ob,lacts for the exhibitions Jnly tl throagh 23; "Forty also been n regular pnrt of the

With all Big Ban~ds

summer offerings nt llnoks

County Playhouse, will again he Sat, Harry Ubar

NEW JERSEY SYMPHONY" schcdn!ed each Thursday at 11 :;10 Sun. Eddie Shaw

a,ln, and 2 p,m. beginning Jnly

28, Tim ever.pol)ular "Rumplestlltskin,"

"t~,iuderolla hirer,

’ Aftra’," and "Pinaoc]llo" tire

amung the plays to be presented,

I Ilg



A Cinemlaoa Indulello Release

Sat~ Man, at thru 6, 7;30, Fri, 9~)~ 7, 8:30 10:30 & e 10 Sun, ¯

at 5, @30, 8 & 9:30

iii I I I iiiii

"k Logo GONIOr IS, rICo, SUl MSIINnlas Gealet $S,

’~ ~"~ --~";" t Ooi 54, tal Ha zany SS~tar t~ , dot 53, ~;I,


S~nto~wJ by tnl Ano~ittlUl) fm Th. Aft* ~( Ihe N*w J~**y S~t~ M~*~II~,

May 24 Now Jorsay Symphorly cottcort, $ ................. enclosed,

gENERAL LOGATION ................................ P

NAME .....................................................................................

ADDRESS ................................................................................

OITY .......................................... , .................... ZIP ..................

PtOale IOell with nhaok OaYehla to N,J, grain M0seelih E(laoetioll

Ueraeu, W, BrOtH I~t,~ TrOlUon~ N,J, OOg3it, PholIel (COOl OO3,O~IIO,

~Ellalale salt.addfHasao StaHqlao onvalalla, .~



IWIke let, ~ati N, IO Olellmlt

ill lU, 618 ¯ n~ilha a ion Wast

COle inla 4 Ill,




hdlnh~lon $1,ti0. Mumhur~

Non. Manthors - $3,

Far hlrmer iofom~ailun write

Oox [~0D, itlghIiIOWU,



dw~cO~ tlnVce ua~d mee~r



THENTON -- The New Jersey a f


lnie photographs

StaLe Museun will exhibit out- , l of eve y object included in the

standing fine and decorative art Zoltan Buki, curator of Fine attributed to Maskell Ware, exhibitions. The catalog will ?~?~’" a ~..OBEI~. SK~’~NC

objects fi’om New Jersey private Arts, and James Mitchell, silver objects by Elias Boudinot contain 16 color plates. The

collections during the latter part curator of Decorative Arts. and art wo’rks by van Gogh, "Festival’72" committee for the

~ ~ _..,,~.l!r~

of spring and throughout the Collect ons were located, Courbet Corot. Rodin .... Degas catalogwaschairedbyMrs Joim. ?a"~W

summer, reviewed and recommended to Pmassoand virtually every other O’Hara and Mrs John Davies of Of...

The continuous exhibitions are the Museum by two committees majorartistofthenineteenthand Princeton. The printing of the

being sponsored by the of"Festival’72." The committee twentieth centaries,


book was underwritten by the +~

Association for the Arts of the on decorative arts, chaired by The Museum’s director and ~ ~l.<

New Jersey State Museum on Mrs. Kenneth Chorley, sought two curators visited as many of

, Slrthday Cake


behalf of the Museum as part of and found marked or the private collections as

/ e Sl r t b d o y Crier! [~!i!!R~ ~:! ::




"Festival ’72:, Focus on the documented New Jersey made possible, selecting works on

Arts." clocks, furnishings, and quality and thematic ap-

Mrs. W. Park Armstrong, household items reflecting the propriateness, While the / ~77--~s~/ALt~°a$25"00S aaaio.ol°- ~

#r=. ~:~7


president of the Art Association work of some of New Jersey’s selections for the exhibitions

s~,so ~. F~ E~ ~O’.......



’Tom Sawyer’

Is Part Of

Festival ’72

The Junior League of Trenton

will sponsor the National Theatre

Company’s presentation of "The

Adventures of Tom Sawyer" at

the New Jersey State Museum on

Saturday, May 20.

This original musical version

af the Mark Twain classic is

presented with a fully professional

cast, set and colorful costumes,

There will be two performances

at 10 a.m, and I p.m.

A third performance will be

given at 4 p.m. if attendance

warrants it. Souvenir buttons will

be presented to the children

Michael Erdman of Princeton, right, president of the Central Chapter of the New Jersey Society of

Architects, precents a $1,000 check to Mrs. W. Park Armstrong, as the chapter’s contribution toward

a special fund drive for the purchase of art at the New Jersey State Museum. Looking on are Ken

attending this highlight of

Festival ’72. Tickets are priced at

$1 each and may be purchased in

advanced by contacting 208-2284,

896-1652 or (215) 736-0104 before

May 15. Tickets will also be

available at the door.

Marlboro Group,

Wheeler, president of the New Jersey Society of Architects, left, and Mrs. Helen Schneider, executive

director of the Society. Mrs. Armstrong, who resides in Princeton, is co-chairman of an ambitious ¯ Newark Chorus

campaign to raise ST million by 1976.

In Festival ’72

New Jersey Symphony

TRENTON -- Two free musical

performances at the New Jersey

State Museum, on Sunday, May

21, will be among the week - long

series of cultural highlights

Stars In Festival ’72

featured in the Museum’s

The 94.member New Jersey Symphony No. 8 by Schubert. program is music from the

"Festival ’72: Focus on the

Symphony Orchestra and its This greatest of all Schubert’s ballet, ’;The Firebird," by the

Arts" program.

tousle director, Henry Lewis are symphonies is known as the giant of 20th century composers,

Four outstanding artists from

scheduled to appear at the War ’Uunfinished’ because it has only

the Marlboro Festival Group will

Igor Stravinsky.

Memorial Auditorium in Trenton two movements instead of the

present a chamber music con-

on Wednesday, May 24. This traditional four. Over the years Fallowing intermission Mr. cert in the auditorium beginning

concert is part of Festival ’72: musicologists have speculated Lewis and the orchestra will be at 5 p.m.

Focus on the Arts, sponsored by about this. One reason perhaps is joihed by Mr. Ohlsson for a At 7:30 p.m. the 32-voice

the Association for the Arts of the that the composer felt that he performance of Piano Concerto Newark Boys Chorus will per-

New Jersey State Museum. could not possibly write anything No. 3 by Raehmaninoff. The form in the Museum’s Cultural

Appearing with the orchestra else to match the beauty of the composer wrote this piece Hall.

as soloist will be the 24-year-old first two movements. Another is especially for his first tour of the According to Mrs. Douglas O.

American pianist, Garrick that he intended to return to the United States in 1909, With Rach- McClure of Princeton, chairman


work, but somehow never got maninoff at the piano it was of the chamber program, the

The first work on the program, around to it.

premieredonNov. 28 of tbat year afternoon concert will feature:

scheduled to begin at 8:30, is the Second composition on the by the New York Symphony Jamie Laredo, violinist; Ruth

under the baton of Walter Laredo, pianist, Leslie Parnas,

Damrosch. cellist; and Paula Robison,

¯ Tickets for the Trenton concert flutist. Their Concert will include

are priced at $6, $5, $4, $3, and $2. works by Haydn, Kodaly and

BONSAI They may be ordered by mail or


Mother’s Day

Call Polly Fairman

Eves. 924-3202


Incoming Princeton president and Mrs. Edward G. Bowen are among those shown receiving early

arrivals among the nearly 1000 Friends of the University Art Museum who attended Saturday

evening’s ga}a reception and preview of the Alumni Art Show. They joined some 180 alumni lenders,

sponsors, contributors to the catalog, and committee members who were feted at a dinner held earlier

in the Museum’s Lower Level Gallery. President and Mrs. Robert F. Goheen, to whom the exhibit is

dedicated, were guests of honor. Scarlet geranium standards, grown by an alumnus, added a festive


Hope’well Valley Chorus

~lb Give Spring Concert

Hopewell Valley Chorus, under present its 13tb annual spring

the d rect on of Jerry Nowak, will concert Friday, May 12 at 8:30

Choral Festival p.m. in the Hopewell Elementary

School Auditorium. There is no

admission charge.

To Feature Five The varied program will inelude

Bach as recorded by the

Musical Clubs Swingle Singers, Sounds of tile

LAWRENCE -- Tile musical Carpenters (a medley),

clubs of five local independent madrigals, and two Brahms

schools will join in a choral numbers.

festival in the Edith Memorial The audience is invited to a

Chapel on the campus of the coffee hour to follow the concert,

Lawreneeville School on Sunday, to meet Chorus members and its

May t4, at 7 p.m. The 150-voice director. A love of singiRg is the

choir and 35-piece orchestra will only requirement for joining the

be under the direction of Clinton group. Members come from

Doolittle, organist at Lawren- Flemington, Princeton, Highteeville.stown,

Penningtan, Rocky Hill,

The pa’rtieipating schools and Belle Mead, and other

their directors are: Stuart surrounding communities, as

Country Day School, Princeton, well as from the Hopewell Valley.

Kaye Walker; St. Mary’s Hall,

Burlington, Ancy Borton; The Chapel Choir

Peddle School, Hightstown,

William Darst; Princeton Day To Sing tlaydn

School, Frank Jacobsen; ~’md The

LawreneeviIle School, Clinton The Princeton University


Chapel Choir, under the direction

in person from the New Jersey The Newark Boys Chorus, The group will perform of Carl Weinrich, will give a

State Museum at Trenton, or by which won national acclaim an a Haydn’s Mass No. 2 in C special musical service on

calling (6g9) 292-6310. national tour, will sing classical, ~Paukenmesse), composed in Sunday. May 14 at 11 a.m,

gospel, pop and rock songs under 179(].

Assisted by a chamber orchestra,

the direction of James McCarthy.

the Choir will sing Haydn’s



Advanee tickets to both events

"Missa Brevis Saneti Joannis de

Dee". The work is also known as

TRENTON -- Artists Showcase

are available for the asking by ROCKY HILL -- There will be a

Theatre, 1150 Indiana Ave., will

telephoning the Museum offices rummage sale at Trinity Church,

the "Kleine Orgelmesse"

at.1609) 292-6310, They are being Rocky Hill, on Friday, May 12,

because the organ accompanies

present the operetta, "Die

Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss

distributed in Princeton through from 6 to 9 p.m. and on Saturday,

the soprano soloist as an obligate

instrument in the Benedietus.

on Saturday, May t3, at 8:15 p.m. the Princeton University Store May 13, from l0 a.m. to I p.m.

The soprano is Lorna Sawatsky.





72 [] MAY 20-26


,~ Sponsored by the Association for The Arts of the New Jersey State Museum

* Exhibitions of Decorative * Daytime Lectures and

and Fine Arts from Demonstrations in the

New Jersey Private Co/lection~ Arts and Crafts


* Premiere of the k4agic Nuse ¯ Dazzling Special Evems



7:30 - I I:00 p.m. - Admission: S50 per couple; S35 individual*

23 CONCERT - New Jersey Schola Cantnrunl aud Chamber Orchestra



QUINTET - A Ileil Telephone qolnnlnnicaliull fihn series, 2 p,nl. and 6 p.nl,

20 TOM SAWYER -- National Theater Culllpany

4 p,m. -- Admission S I* 24 "[liEN ARTS SIIOWCASE

DON PASQUALE by I)oldzetti - Memqmiilan Opera Studio

l0 a.m. 4 pan. - Adlnisshm free, no tickels required

g p,m, - hdmissiun S3’


Ilenry Lewis, musk’ direclur; (;arrick Ohlssun. guvsl pianisl

21 CIIAMBER CONCERT ,- Marlboro Festival

5 p,nl,**


S:J0 p,m. IWar Memurial Audilurinm) Adnfissiml: Sb. S,=;, S4 and $3’

CIIORAL CONCERT -- Newark lloys Chonts 25 MIXEI) MEI)IA I)ANCI- Iq{OtiRAM Mimi tium,’d Dance Camp;my

7:30 p.m,**

S p,m. -- ’Admissinn S2’

(UINTI{T A IMI Tek’phu,e communk, alinn fihu series. 2 p.IR., 6 p.m., and ~ p,m,

22 DANCE I’ROGRAM -. Falrleigh Ilk, kinsu, Uiliversily }4 p,nl,**

QUINTET -, A Bell Telephone enllllllllltk’ali(ul fihll series. 2 p,ln, and 6 pan, 26 AN EVI(NIN(; DI: JAZZ I|arry Miles allernating with The Red Oniml

H #:’,Ill, Adtllissioll: S,5 fi;,r Mlldenlh;; ST,)l) for adlllls*

OLIINTH A llell lelellhune CmlUllunit’lllion fihR swies, 2 Jl.ul., fi II,al,, aud R p.nl.



Howard R. Leary farmer

police commissioner in New

York City and Philadelphia, has

been appointed professor of

criminal justice at Trenton State

College, effective in September,

Now Through Tuesday, May 16

Robert Redford

George Segal



(Rated PG}

Evenings~ 7 &9

Saturday: 7 &9

SAT. & SUN., MAY 13 & t4

AT 2:00 P.M.





Wednesday, May 17

Vanessa Redgrave

Glenda Jackson




{Rated PG)

Evenings: 7 & 9:10

Saturday: 7 & 9:10

Sunday: 4:30, 6:40 & 9







Pedigreed Plants Star

At Fete Garden Tent

Seedlings from the White to restrain themselves until they

ffouse gardens, ivy cuttings from see the green-tllumb offerings

"Morven", the Governor’s there. Selections made early in

residence, and a large selection the morning will be tagged nod

ef items from the Duke Gardens held at the tent. Strong-backed

are among the variety of articles velunteers will help purchasers

to be sold at this year’s Princeton of larger bushes and saplings

llospital Fete. The Fete will be carry their buys to their cars.

held en June 10 at University And special arrangements will,


of course, be made for delivery a

Mrs. Dudley W. Clark Jr. and large Crimson King maple;

Mrs. Sherwood Skillman, co- donated by Princeton Nursery

chairmeo of the Garden Tent in and valued at $259.

the Lane of Shops, have received

a letter from Mrs. Richard M.

Nixon stating that seedlings will

be sent from the White House iu

time for sale at the hospital


Though the urge to plant now is

rong, Fate-goers would do well

}langing baskets holding

lantana, fuschia, verbena,

petunias and ivy geraniums will

also be available at the tent, as

well as herbs that are used in

gourmet cooking such as

rosemary, tarragon and cbives.


Man-it !

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1972

Dis uute Mars Sailing

Club’s Sunday Racing

The Carnegie Sailing Club series lead after 35 races.

spring series reached the half

way mark this past Sunday as the

Tailender Frank Ridgway

sneaked into second place in the

bright sun lured 17 Sunfish and last Slooprace and helped Hector

three sloops to the races. Poventud claim first place for the

The overall Sunfish leader fer . day over Paul Porter.

the day was Ed Metealf, followed The day’s result also moved

by Bob Holzman and Walt Gib- Poventud into first place for the

son. Mill Winters had his best

performance of the year, and

along with John Hopfield claimed

top places in individual races.

season, but the Sloop class must

raceatleast twomoreSundaysto

qualify the fleet for club trophies.

The racing was marred by

controversy when the race

enmmittee failed to properly

score the third Sunfish race.

Mrs. Lindenfeld

To Address Guild

Three skippers claimed third

place, and the final tally did not

include two boats known to have


The race was cancelled after

efforts to correct the score sheet

were unsuccessful and this may

become a factor in determining

the series champion. Ed Metcalf,

the winner of the disputed race, is

tied with Bob Holzman for the

Members and friends of the

Princeton Weavers Guild are

invited to share an evening with

Mrs. Lore Lindenfeld, weaver

and teacher, at the Rocky Hill

Reformed Church on Tuesday,

May 16 at 8 p.m. Mrs. Lindenfeld

will show slides and tell of her

year in Europe "Thrnugh the

eyes of a Weaver". She has just

had an exhibit of her work at the

A rea Leagues Street.Artisan Shop on Witherspoon

P1 Topi business meeting




There will be a very short

for the election

of officers and for those in-


Midway between Hop¯well & Rocky Hill


Swimming & Instructions

* Nature ?’rafts

* Farm Anhnals

*Arts & Crafts

* Music

* Sports

+ Cookouts

* Quiet Games

* Indoors Activities

* Indian Lore

* Low Tuition

* Folly Insured

* Register for 3, 6 or 9 Weeks


CALL: 609-466-0805 or 609-466-0948


Directress, Alynda Leiggi

P. O. Box 46, Blawenburg, N.J. 08504

~ I


Local topics will highlight terested in fall Workshops and

discussion units planned for classes to register.

members and guests of the


Princeton Area League of

ORIGINAL DUTCH KITCHEN, with cooking fireplace and Dutch oven at right, is highlight of "Trevenna Farm,"

Women Voters May 16-18. JAMESBURG -- A hWhite

Princeton plans discussions on Elephant sale will be held in the

the subject ef housing en parish hall of St. James Church

Trevenna Farm Is On Montgomery

Tuesday, May 16 at 9:15 a.m. at on Saturday, May 20, from 9 a.m.

the Methodist Church with to5p.m. New and used furniture,

babysitting available. The other clothing, household and garden

housing meetings will be on tools, as well as some antiques

Historic House Tour On Saturday

Thursday, May 18 at noon at the and collectors items will be on

home of Estelle Blumenthal, 71 sale. A bake sale will take place

MONTGOMERY--A visit to vcrtedDutchbarnonI,liverRoad fireplace of native b/ue stone. Stationers at the Princeton Adams Drive; and Thursday at the same time.

Mr. and Mrs. Hoyle W. Millers’ in Belle Mead where, according Three of theseven bedrooms are Shopping Center, the Tomato evening at 8 at the home of

Tz’cvenna Farm, built in three to local legend, a Tory supporter

uniquely constructed under the Factory in Hopewell and at the Marianne Rees, 52 Turner Court.

stages from 1730 to 1940, will be a hung himself from the rafters low-hanging eaves on a middle Millstone, Marsh & Co. Drug Montgomery-Rocky Hill

les~n in history for citizens when he saw Washington’s army level of flooring between the first members will have an informal

Store Route 2(~0 and Studio 12 in

taking the Montgomery Bicen- nmrching towards Morristewn and second story, the Montgomery Shopping

workshop to prepare for their

tennial tleuse Tours Saturday,

participation in the Montgomery

after the Battle of Princeton. The other homes on the tour Cehter.

May 13.

The barn is believed to have

Bicentennial celebration at the

will be the Fickes. colonialhome Mrs. David B. Landry is

First National Bank ef Central

The original three-room far- been built in the late 1700’s and is on Bridgepoint Road, the Men- chairman of the house tour

Jersey office in Rocky Hill on

mhoase, notable for its kitchen much larger than other typical tagues’ hguemnut in Dutchtnwn committee. Other officers were

and loft, contains all of the ac-

Duch barns of the period. The

Wednesday, May I7.

and the Daileys’ Washington Well chairman Mrs. Enos E. Parsell,

coutrements needed for colonial

m’igiual beams and siding are Farm on County Route 5+.8. hostesses; Mrs. Douglas A. West Windsor members will

evaluate the town’s current form

living. A Dutch baking oven, incorporated into the interior All of the homes will be open Walmsley, Mrs. Hoyle H. Miller

of local government and its

complete with implements to roolns,

from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday. and Mis. Frank S. Rose,

functions and interaction of its

stoke the fire and bake stands The interior is spacious, the ’rickets are $3.50 each and may supplies and arrangements; Mrs

boards and commission.

next to the fireplace.

central portion being one con- be purchased at the MontgomeryRobert J. DeVries, publicity and Meetings are planned for ANTIQUES FAIR

Zig-zagging steeply upward tinuous living and dining area, Munieipal Building, Hulit’sShoe Mrs. Arthur W. Brecknell, Tuesday, May 16 at 8 p.m. at the

from the kitchen are stairs with pegged oak floors and a Store in Princeton, Center brochure.


home of Charlene Paull, 23

leading to the loft. A sitting room

Melville Road, Cranbury and

next to the kitchen features an

Wednesday, May 17 at 9 a.m. at

Woman’s Grub of Upper Montclair

otd wooden mantle nnd a spin-

the First Presbyterian Church, 200 Cooper Avenue

ning wheeh It has the same wide-

South Mill and Village Roads. Upper Montclair, New Jersey

paneled floors, wails and doors

Babysitting is available.

fonod in the kitchen.

MAY 17=20

Between 1737 and 1795, a

second more lormal section was


V/¯d, Th~rs, Fa: t ’ tO pm

Saturday: t . 6 P m

built which now contains a living

room with twin fireplaces, and a

Rocky Hill Fire Company will 140 P.M. ~lity ¯ Clor, i~Z ~ P.~ Sti.

large dining room with a finely

serve a pancake breakfast on Refreshments.Free Pltking

handtooled wooden fireplace

Sunday, May 14, from 8 a.m. to 1


p.m. nt the firehouse. The cost is

SAVE 50¢ with thit sd any dly

after operfinl dsy * Adm, $I,50

The writer I.A.R. Wylie and


, Imr friend Lmfise Pearee pur-

Compare Met Wood

before you buy any pool.

We give you price, reputation plus an unbeatable

All Indoor Display

Shop Any Weather


Precision en,,]lnee~ud steal We9 pea|S, onKie

udder rigid quality control preen(lures, insures

years of setistuctlon. This noel comas with



(ieluae features at pol)ularprices,

Available Imtalled or as a kit.




] Doluxu lot ul 0" nil) i I poul~, Mu~ivu box upfi IllS)

" :’:::+" + : - i°"i?175 o,d229 OnJ318

1 s+o ou, m+, .u, mtouanoa f,oa a um-


inUln moll Largo ,ole¢tlun Of ,IS0, sad

~~m::=,*~ , ,m,w’,~ ..... p~i00~, Chomiea~ pYngranl for above urn

in ground ImolL SI}oohi’ pro’soa$Oll Prices,



CornW Of New Vmk +Iul Olden Aver, I11 Ftueway+ Tlvnton,

I]mlk Fhmnclnu, All MOltlr Crutlit Cards

Oils,: Wuu~ll,v+ 0+:30, s0t, u c~ 394.5295


t Paint and varnish removed from everyday

furniture and fine antiques

Volunteers Honored For Service ¢~@0~, Designed


Eleven new members have Zeitler, New l,OOO-hour volun- a member oftheCeater’sBoard

joined the ranks of the Medical teers include Mrs, William of Trustees and chairman of the

Center at Princeton’s 500-hour F, oren, Mrs. Brenda Mihan, Mrs. committee on volunteers;





Vuhmteer Club. Pictured above, William Punnett and Mrs. Mrs, Charles Jaffin, president of

fottowing the awarding of 500- William Spears. In addition to the Women’s Auxiliary, Mrs.

Makes a lovely gift for Mother’s Day.

hour pins at the vohmteers an- Mr. Kauffman, other speakers John G. Livingston Jr., directer

Pins, Broaches end Pendants,

aual meeting held last week, are, included Mrs. William L, Wilson, of vellluteers, presided at the


, Rte, 31 "PennytowW’ by the Stage Depot 466.1221

seated frmn left, Mrs. Ronald Mr. Holyoke Rep.

lluthcrford, John W, Kauffn~an,

the Medical C, enter’s Executive To Speak llere

Vice President and principal

speaker at the session; Mrs. J, Clara It, Ludwig, director of

Taylor Woodwurd, Staudiag, admissions at Mouut }lolyoko Still J ’aying Taxes ?

Cellege, will be the guest speaker

hit’s, Graham ltohrer, Mrs.

at a hulchooa at ldlhiere’s

CbarlCs Frank and Mrs, John C, restuurant onThorsday, May lI.

How to write yourself a check for a portion

Dielhanu, Alse henm’ed fat’ At the lnvitatiml of the MouutcnntributingStlllhourswcre

Mrs. llelynke Club of Princeton.

of the money you’ve been spending in taxes.

Juseph Elgin, Mrs. Gordon Trenton, guidat|eo eoanselors

(hqffhl, Mrs. Ilarold Manner, represaathtg high schools la Your Consolidated Capital Ltd. Account Executive can show you ways to

Mrs, Benjamin Sekowski, Mrs, Priueaton, ’rrentml aud develop more spendab|c income through sensible use of tax shelters,

Albert Surina, Mrs, W, It, surrouadingcoulanalitleswillbe

Shillaber and Mrs. Sanfar(l uttending,

To find out more, just mail the coupon below or call or visit our office.

+~ ~i’ E ’~’: ...... "+


6~ ~ ~.’,~ y

4.47 DOZ.

Azaleas 39 & up //~

Top Soil 50 lb. $1.39 @

,, Poatmo~s ¯ Insecttcldos o Fertilizer~ o Mulclles~


NoW Jersey Grsenheus0 Tomatosl ~t’~]



Nursery ond Gardon Markot

~\t+ Lowrgnoo fl011tl, ftt, 200, Between Prhleoton & Trunton ’+,~\~+


¯ Expert refinishing.

+ ,o..

¯ "Experienced" furniture for sale, ~////~


6 mi. N. of Prin.

off Rt. 206on :~11

Bridgepoint Road --~

(201) 359-4777


CONSOUDAT[D CAPITAL IT[) .......... ....

Warren Plaza West

Route 130

Hightstown N, J, 08520

(609) 448.7070

Iqele,e t’olllil¢l Ine idgllriIhlg OIOOOy-siivJllg las strM~.~y, tllnl ~lltl I’le~

I{lanlair~ tl~++¢rih~,d IIh¢)vt,n

NAME ............................................

s,rRI,3i?i’, ..........................................

crrY .................. STNrE .......... ZU’ .......

.... L .....................................................................


"l’h" l aww:n(~ h~Igcr



Classified Rates__Bus’ ~Opp°rtunities Help Wanted

"Seven For Central Jersey" /

Class i fi’ed . dvertising

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


The Manville News


Help Wanted

Help Wanted



All Classified Advertising ap-

YOU! If you can sing and enjoy a

-- /AVON INVITES YOU to start

pears in all seven newspapers WANT SUCCESS! Do your own ~!OMEMAKER -- , HOME TWO TEACHER AIDES - challenge, call Ann Beam 201-389- REAL ESTATE SALe:5 earning extra cash this Spring by



24 400), The Prin- thing a business of your own, ] ~.~Ab~[l~. Alum, ~9 WO~ deal y. emer

ment Act 1071- ll495 for further information,

Packet The Central Po~t

............ X [being an Avon Representative

worko’ ut of your home name your rare time or tUu time. Lnust..aveH.S..(

........... ~ ......... /It s a wonderful way to get out-

W ndsor-H ,hts Hera d, Tbe own hours training included 799- I car; ~[ourJy rate^21us mileage:

Lawrence Ledger, Franklin News


IJI~KL~rqUI~ VKI~C~KI~.~U, l’u~ d--r- - "" .L ¯ ,,,’ . ,

2826. ’ ’ uau izoi) Yzo-ao~ oetween Scho~


~-~ ,,,,~o~ ~i,~ore ~znMn | UO ~ llOW uiaL winter S gone

Record, South Somerset News and

j AM. and 4 P.M.

hildren keep you at home’! As an

’ -RAt meet friendly people and make

¯ Manville News. Ads may be

,yon Representative you can set I

SAOR, AFREEHOLD & GENE money for all the things you want.

For uetails call: 082-532g.

mailed in or telephoned. Deadline

our own hours work when l

for new ads is 5 p.m, Mondays if

oungstm’s are in school. Find out STEELE, ROSLOFF & SMITH

they are to be properly classified. STORE FOR RENT, formerly a

’ TRAVEL AGENT - Do you want

ow easy it is to earn extra cash I For appointment call 609 - 448

Ads received on Tuesday before grocery and delicatessen. Area, t5 responsibility? Assistant Manager CLERK. TYPIST - full time, Call ae Avon way without upsetting 0611 or 609-655-0080. ARCHITEC’r: De~ree in ar-

neon will appear as "Too Late to x 00’. Call 725-7931.

~ position available, Princeton 799-1800 if interested.

~mily respons bil t es. Ca (201)


office. Call 921-3350 ask for Bunny.


Classify". Ads must be cancelled

yrs. experience in-the field of

architecture including design &

by 5 p,m. Monday,


RATES are $3.00 for four lines or

permanent part/full time, days or SALES LADY - Preferably ex-


preparation of drawing, super-

less for one issue or if ordered in

nights, Small Nassau St. office, fine perienced, specialty Full shop. time Call position 802-7073. in (2) STAFF ASSISTANT-SECRE- t972,vision and inspection of conadvance;

$1.60 add tiona for two COLLECTIONS - Bad debts our

consecutive weeks or issues, and

specialty. We collect everywhere¯


TARIES with good steno and


in primary school and high[ el ~ana ~se |pro~e~nOre~u~fi

Pos tons ava labia in September, struction projects .and kn~c~let~ge~-

typing skills required for two

the third insertion is FREE.

No collection - No charge. JUNC-

interesting postions in non-profit

Thereafter- each consecutive .TION ADJUSTMENTS, P. O. BoxI


health organization. Opportunity

school. Duties include typing, exP~te.~ .~..,..~: 7~. ~ W.


issue only costs $1. Next in- 2305, Princeton, N. J. 452-9135.

for advancement. 35 hour week ~’

and supervision of studen~,J ~°:m~°/V ~c°uts °t~ ~me!~cahn~"

Employed when school is ml’, ’" ........................

crement of four lines 50 cents per

CLIPPING NEWS from your liberal benefits, Pr neeton area, session, 6 hour day, $2.75 per hour.[

week and the same thereafter.

at home. $500.00 monthly own transportation necessary.


Ads may be displayed with white

No experience. Send Call for interview, Mrs. Repose, lY Superintendent of Schools, I

space margins and/or additional HAVE YOUR OWN BUSINESS -

addressed envelope. 609-924-4124. ~2oP ntgomery

capital letters at $3.50 per inch. investment under $100. income

;, Iowa 51031.


Township Schools,

Box 147B, Skillman, N,J. 08958 or

Special discount rate of $8.00 per potential $1200. per month. Call

call 600-400-1400 for application. ASSISTANT - Bookkeeper

inch is available to advertisers 201-350-5476.

knowledge of cash disbursement,

running the same classified

purchase book, & bank recon-

display ad for 13 consecutive IF YOU REQUIRE - $25,000

MALE COMPANION for elderly

ciliation. Benefits. Apply Maeh

weeks or issues or different $80,000 in annual

gentleman in Princeton, Live in or

classified display ads totaling 20 would like to talk to

out. Weekdays, Call 021-0404, extraWANTEDmoneyCAMEOpart time,GIRLSMake" Earnnew SECRETARY Lumber Inc,, Main St, Windsor,

or more inches per month, and Help International’s

Eves, & wknds 924-4389,

friends andhave a ball doing it. i Exeell~ntnnn~vn~nitv,nr m~tu~’o I

who arrange to be billed monthly. franchise program, For

Box numbers are $1.00 extra¯


information write or call collect

.... 924 3443 " .... for informationI exp er ience~ .... ~" Secretary ..... : .......... with good ’

Ed Martenson, 308 Devou Road


anout, me most exmung oP-ltyping skill and light steno for l

TERMS: 25 cents billing charge if


Cnnam nson, N. J. 00077, t609) account assistant. Accountinl

. you II ever have" ve r y a ct’ve l administrative office. WANTED: Mature women n

ad is not paid for within - 10 days 029-3520.

background or education helpful With general office Or insurance

Full time 5 day week with ex- Princeton, H ghtstown Area who

after expiration of ad. loper cent

Good figure aptitude mandatory background to work in the

cellent fringe benefits. Own lare experienced in homemaking

cash discount on elassifieddisplay

i Pleasant modern office, exeellen Business Office. Some typing ~N transportation r/ecessary Salary [ forpartor full time work to ass st

ads if bill is paid bythe 20th of the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY -

following month. Situations Would you like a business of your company paid benefits, goo~ required.

tr’ml ruing and to do general ...... out-I commensurate, w th training and I families in times of crisis. Must

Wanted ads are payable with own. You don’t need an office to

: starting salary. Call 924-9060.

door work. 924-2381, awn tran- experience.


order¯ The newspaper is not start. Begin at home, full or part

sporta tion.



responsible for errors not time. Ideal for husband and wife


corrected by the advertiser im- team. Call 609-466-2417 No


(2011 359-3101

mediately following the first obligation. No information over EXPERIENCED OPERATORS BELLE MEAD, N. J. work once a week. Call 448-0303

publication of the ad.

telephone. Let’s have coffee and on single needle machine. Section (201) 389-3101 between 9-5.


piece rates, steady work and excel


working conditions, 7 holidays I

Princeton Packet, 300 Wither-

and 3 wkd paid vacation. Loea

spoon St., Princeton, N,J. 03540, WILL FURNISH FINANCES - 169.


Tel 609-924-3244 The Central



Investor will entertain any sound

Post,* Building :]530, Room 202, business uronosition. We have the FHANBE INDUSTRIES accuracy importent. Experience Full and part time positions ROAD MAINTENANCE MAN --

3530 (Route 27) Kendall Park

J. 00824. leA 201-207-3434 Wmd-

factor~, facilities and labor, Will

205 Brooks Bled

helpful but not necessary. Willing

EXPERIENCED For Township of

tn he trained. Send qualifications,

sor-Hights tlerald, 140 South Main

also fmande any worthwhile of- Manville, N,J.

available for Community Swim Montgomery. Pull-time emluring.

For confidential con- (201) 725-5100

name, address, telephone number

ployment - Hourly wage Com-

St., H[ghtstown, N,J. 08520. Tel:

to Box M, Rocky Hill, N. J. 00553. Clubsat Twin Rivers, Hightstown. mensurate with ex0erienee,

fereuce call (609) 448. 6680.

Pension Plan, Paid Hos-

609-440-3005; The Lawrence

Ledger, 2970 Brunswick Pike (RE.

Ideal position for semi retired I~italization, Vacations and

Holfdays. Apply Municipal

I ), Trenton 08640. Tel. 600-096-9100.

’[’he South Somerset Newspapers

CLERK TYPIST -Part time,

individual. No previous ex- Building Belle Mead, Director of

240 South Main St., Manville, N.J.

varied office duties excellent EDITOR - Dynamic executive

Public Works Off ee, 201-359-6211.

Help Wanted

08838. Tel. (20i) 725-3300.

typing skills require~. Call 921- editor of

perience required. Apply, Com-

3938. magazine head

munity Trust Office in shopping

WAITRESS - wanted part time, 21

Bus. Opportunities or over. Please apply in person

Center, No phone Calls. COMPANION: Senior citizen

Bhare’s Den Restaurant RE. 33

c/o Princeton

living in Rossmoor needs help on a

Phoee 448- 0895.

full time basis, She has arEhritis

but is healthy and all facilities,

Your own bedroom and bath, light

company. Pennington Industries. FULL OR PART - TIME pick-up

BOOKKEEPING - INCOME TAX ACCOUNTANT experienced in 600-737-1700.

& deliver orders for Fuller Brush.

housework. Call Mr, Currier 021-

FRANCHISE available. For public accounting for CPA firm

Car necessary. Start $3.6O per hr.

DRIVERS- to deliver lumber & 3676 tson in aw)

additional information write or Trenton - Princeton area, Ex-

(609) 393-0212.

building materials - permament. J

Apply Mach Lumber Co. Main

call collect Ed. Mortenson, 307 cellent opportunity with ex-

Devon Road, Cinnaminson, N. J.

St. Windsor. 2 miles from BABYSITTE

panding firm, Please send resume

08077, (609) 029-3520.


to box 1969 c/o Princeton Packet, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY -

with legal background to work for Varied duties, pleasant working

lop executive in Labor Relations & conditioos, recent high school

Plant Management, To graduate acceptable. Call 609-924-

BEAUTY SALON between New secretarial skills required. E> 7010.

Brunswick & Princeton. KEYPUNCH~VERIFY- part/fu/l-[ eellent employee benefits. Salar

Established business of ~ years.I time, $3/hr & bonus, mm 2 yrs.[ commensurate with experienet PRINCETON GAIVIMA-TECH.

High yearly gross. Priced right.


exp. 029/050. Learn IBM 129. CalII Please send resume to Box 106t

Allequipment like new. 6stations, i 452-6414 for appt. PROFIT e/o Princeton Packet.

0 dryers. Further details bY[CONTROL SYSTEMS, Route 1,


personal appearance only. Forl Princeton,

advertising office in Princeton,

appointment call realtor, N.j. NO FEE CHARGE ’Salary to commensurate with

Manni, 201-297-2516,

WE MAY HAVE JUST THE experience, Contaet609-g21-9486,1


The Princeton Packet Newepepers 0outh Somerset Newspapers

Male & Female

300 Withe,spoon St., Princeton P,O. Box 146, Somerville, N.J.

Skilled & Unskilled DENTAL HYGIENIST - Princeton

dental practice needs £ull or


(201) 725-3955

New Jersey State part time hygienist interested in

Training & Employment Service plaque control and preventive


Rural Manpower Service

aenttstry, Previous experience not

Inecessary. Reply Box 1970, c/o

Phone 609-586-4034

I Princeton Packet.


4 LINES. l INSERTION .............................

(3 io,~rtions- no ehaoges) ............................

(Wheo Paid ia Advance)

If hilled add .28

CLASSIFICATION .........................................

NAME ...................................................



Rtes. 23 & 130 at Woodside Road

Robbinsville, N,J.


man who wants to be his

own boss. Earn $20,000]yr,

and up. Mechanical aptitude



Day. 695.5181


and ask,arM,.Lilly


JR, SEC, - wall groomed.

.................. To $125,

GEN, OFFICE -cen be mature.

.................. To $, 25.

RECEP. - exhort typing, ,

.................. To $100.



221 Nassau St., Princeton


AI)DII ES0 ...............................................

TIMI!S ................. PAID ........... CIIA~IGt! ........


All Cla~lfl~ AdvortMeg a = tears n all ~even uows )a ler~ T e It co O I

~lekg, lie +awraeeeLetiefl le(.entralPttsl, Windsnr.llJ~htslh.~rMd,

’rh0 Maiwillo News, Th0 Scala Sonic,sol Nowst alld tile Frallklbl News,

Recnrtl. Ads auiy ba Ilnlged la or tdephoued, t)gadUuv for uew lids iS 5

ll,eu Minlday Jf Ikey are Io be prnpcrty t’l~ssJ,’~elt, Ads rau~t hu

eSla’g01xI I*y 5 p,llh Mosday,

gN|’I(S are $3,0ii fnr fear Ihles or le~ for ase I~sue or, If nn/vrvd in

IldYLilK’V| $t,St) iiddltluoal for two enn~ucuilve Wgaktl Ill IS~Uelt aed tile

thkd le~rlloll is PItt’:E, Tb¢leal’tat, oaf I t~i ~ ’ v0 SS i( lily !ais s $ t,

NO~t lucseelvat el that lies 5( ¢~11 (ii ned (hn fUllOe thereafter. Ath may be

dlltillayvli Wilh wbllv ~lniea nlalglllS aad/nr udditioeal ¢lipilal ieltvls st

$3,50 per iUclh S )oriel d|~t, ouut rata af $3 gel par c s ave lab 0

advertisers ,aoudea tile I~llgu daislfbd dis day ad fur |3 coa~w it va

weeks at I=avs lit rill’forge e am!sir ad dhillily ads tolldiell 20 Or laoro

bn:hes per IlSUllh~ aud wilt) a,ralte tO b0 billed ,uonlbly, IJl),~ naud~rll lro

O[l~ dollar aXlra,

I’l’lllilqSi 1.~I eaalii hlnblil vhllrile ll’ ad ~,nlt ~ald f(rwt , Id avid or I I

agllhlitiol, Of Sll. 10 ll~rvolile!lshdlli¢lUil li calisfvdde ayad~ fb ¯ I

Is pldd by Ille 20ili of tile fulbiwbi


nau I h S a n i Wsulvd adll are ¯ I I

llayubl¢ with ni’tllll’, The ilewlfuluit is OOl lvspi s e fir vrrirs I m I

t~lurlx’(¢dhylballtlYv’lilelfhouladllllelyfnlhlwllill efrlit IIdIcll(lauf ¯

Iba lul’ ¯ 1



Positions exist on the 3 to 11 PM tour in Medical, Drug,

Children’s and Psyehiatrio Services,

Good StlirIIng $ithiry ba~lld on equc~ltkm ira0 oxuefiuillJe plu~

excellent Now Jersey Civil So[vice hentl(il~.

Contaol Parsoanol Of flee

N, l, IEUR0, PSYCHIAlitlC INslrruIE

Box 1008,Prlncoton, N,J. 1g001400.0400

Aq Equal Opportunity ElnllIOyar



Exlueallnll 01ivtue hospital ulhtl~ l;helloa0hltl pu~tliallli tar

t]eglllelad Nulltli hi ptyDilaule lenhlg, Iil.teIVlgll oducallnn

ilraviihal> 01liar




with lldiitanlail lillll uxullr

lellee, AllPlV ilOW.


Foil ,lale ~ilo t i t i la 7 ONLY I I

ii In A s~ I







- - .,--- e *



~ ~ ~ JJJ i ii1~ i Hill.) I1~/


I II ii

~ ..,A~,~D

Hightstown) all benefits¯

’r.~ ----, ~h.,’~ ...... ~, ~, S... riir~ evening .- everny an~

possibly 1 or 2 afternoons a week,

IiCall 921-3127,


HOUSEKEEPER, 2 days a week I p~u~2 .L~ecreLa.ry’]~yp(st:o?

Somerville. Call Miss DeMott E~yu~


for small answering service.

Permanent. Pleasant air conditioned

office at bus step. Paid

he days and medical benefits¯

Men. tbru Friday, 4 p.m. -

- 12 p.m, or 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Sat: and

,Sun 10 a,m.. 3 p.m. Please call

Bea Hunt at 924.6390,


Switchboard & secretarial experience

necessary, Neat appearance

and pleasant telephone

voice. Research Laboratory in

Princeton with excellent benefits

program. Call Mrs. Craig for an



469 N. Harrison St.

Princeton, N,J.

(609) 921-2510

Equal opportunity employer m/f


preferred~ salary open

depending upon ability. Pleasant

office excel hours. Princeton.

Telephone for interview, 924-~414.

have a car. Hourly salary, plus

transportation expenses. Call

WANTED - X-Ray Technician, to

Princeton Community

be trained as Physicians (in-

Homemaker Service, 924-5862,

ternist’s) assistant full or part

between 0 a,m, and 4 p,m, for time. Phone 448 - 0014 after 0 PM.


Men. Tucs, Wed & Thurs.



personable male or female custom shop needs experienced

t’amiliar with IBM 0S/360 to be cabinet maker and apprentice.

respnnsiblc for customer Services Work interesting and diversified.

at an IBlVI 360/65 data center in Excellent opportunity for right

Princeton¯ Excellent salary plus men. Small pleasant shop. Call

incentive compensation. Call Mrs. 609-460-0787.

Harrites, 921-8550 ext 242,


full-time for fine Prmcetan

TYF[STS & SECRETARIES restaurant. Call 924-5555.

Interesting temporary assignmerits

available at Manpower.

Step in or call today. Interviews 9 -



available in Princeton ar-

MANPOWEI{ INC, chitectural firm, Experience

20 Nassau St., Rm, 305, Princeton desired but not necessary. Reply

921-0805 Box 1973, c/o Princeton Packet.

tIELP ’;?ANTED; Waitresses all

CLERK-TYPIST - with ad-shifts, dishwashers, bus boys,

vancement potential. Insurance short order cooks, Rostesses,

background helpful. Attractive Cashiers, Apply in persou. The

suburban offices. Ca11024-9690 ask 6olden Coach Diner Rt, 130 at

for Mr. Reynolds. Princeton Rd, Hightstown (across

vt:,. ~:~, o .~,~ v~; ’ff~,

from tbe A&P.

(201) 725-1112 weekdays 9 - ~vianu.scrlpt typing anu tran-

’ scrlphon from audograph records

MAN ~& D G ~ .g and tapes. $2.75 per hour. Small

office lnformalatmosnhere G.R

lawu work. Callweekoays alter t ~...~. rno ran ~, ~t "MARKET RESEARCH)FULL TIME PERMANENT

p.m., (609/ 921-0294 or (261/ 828. Princeton. Phone 024-0400,


CODERS. Some coding, ex- ]HELP.inrug cleaning plant. Pick

perience and typing SKillS nelptUL lup and delivery work, Must have

Must be availahle full time (9-5) Jdrlvers license and references.


during course of survey activities l Experience desirable. Call 924-

TARY - opportunity for ex- REAL ESTATE CAREER - Wan, with time off in between jobs. 0720 for interview appointment.

perienced individual with to be your own boss? Join a Short term review with excellent ]

initiative seeking permanent winning team and set your goals benef ts and earnings; potential to

position with es{ab’lished at- for the future. Licensed or promising individual(s). Pleasant

’ chitectural firm, 5 days benefits, unlicensed phone Edwin Hall, working conditions. Equal op-I TEACHER- Certified Narsery

excellent working conditions,

salary open. ReplyBox #1965, c/o

Karl Weide Inc, 921-2700 for a

portunity Employer. Call for an] School. Dutch Neck Coop

confidential interview.

appt, t609) 482-0259 or 452-02B2. Presbyterian Nursery School is

’ Princeton Packet.

seeking qualified persnnnel far the

Sept. ’72 classes. CIdl J. Wauters

for appointment, 799-0437.


~eeded for better women’s ready SALESMEN

to wear, Trenton’s finest rash on

shop. Fu and part time hours SALESWOMEN

avaitablc, Tup salary. Call A NEW APPROACH

manager, Lawrence shop, 662.2B21


Together with modern technology,

new concepts have

been developed that will save

the entire family many hun.

drods of dollars every year,

We can assure your future

with our new appointment

svstem that has prospucts

waiting for you. With gua,-






GENERAL-- Good Typing

Skills Required.

TECHNICAL-- Previous

Technical Typing

Background Helpful

antoed appointments, you

can ba assured top earnings in

this now sales concept,

We pay salary or commission

up to $200, per sale, You

choose your own means of



Mr, Robert Dortch, EXEC,


1000, Crunbury, N,J, 08512

or oall (009) 055.2200, week.

.days 11 A.M,. 6 P,M. __


Experience Preferred.














EUt hllOnllallo0 Alld Appoh/hilartl Call The Parsonnol Ol[i¢o h

Clio Hail AI 4~Z3303,



Princeton, N.J,



I~q~sl Opplir eaglll ~ nqalr/sl


The, Izwre, n[~, I~lge, r



Help Wanted Help Wanted

--.-7--7 , , DUPLfCA-’~TKG aO~ST -

"Seven For Central Jersey"

Class i fi’ed . dvertising

Help Wanted

.... Help Wanted

The Manville News


Situations Wanted Announcements ~Nrg~nx ::rt Sears Bargain Mart

GUARDS ¯ - Unilorms ¯ turn‘shOO,relief re "i ’" ""

’ i sept onlst. P~on-prollt "’*

work m Prmceton-Lawrencevlle]or~anization

¯ ~ ’

in Pr"



Area. For appt. call 201-329-~021. needs reliable individual



duties in busy duplicating and

mailing department. Will also

MICROFILM CAMERA provide relief to receptionist¯

OPERATOR will train interested Ilequires good telephone mann~rsnn

r ..... /Tail 452-2066 I hers some typing and an interest

i n ’ working with duplicating

-- equipment. Hours 9-4:45, liberal

benefits, own transportation

SECItETARY - Excellent o TMInecessary’ RECEPTIONIST TYPIST; Front DELICATESSEN - clerk wanted

desk, pleasant Nassau St. office, over 18 part-time. Apply in person.

Good ou phone, expert typist on 4 Old Cranbury Rd. East ~indsor

IBM equipment for diversified (near State Troopers Barracks.)

assignments. Dictaphone ex- -pcrience

heliaful. Medical

benefits, paid vacation after 1 yr ...... ." ..............

Start at $120 with early review. DIhIN’I~B.L A~I~’I’/~IN’I - ~a.n time

CalI 924-3716 anytime mcmmog ~amruay. rrmceton

’ office. Experienced preferred but

willing to train right person and

. . some typing skills necessary. 921 -

Call immediately for BEAUTICIAN wanteu, female. 6610.

nortunity 36 hr. work week, pald interview, Mrs. Repose, 609-924- Call 359-8102.

I~ospitahzation. For appointment 4124.

callboy Scouts of America, North

Brunswick, N. J. 12011 249-6000, MAINTENANCE MECHANIC


ext. 415.

Building maintenance mechanic, retired person Hebrew Prin- -$ 0.-$’0. a week,

extensive working knowledge

e pals Aide No teach ng duties part-time ll AM - 3 PM. Men. -

required. Administrat ve or Fri. No experience necessary.

-- required in all building crafts.

¯ . Immediate opening with excellent

teaching background helpful. 8 Buxton’s Old Trenton Rd.,

FII~!.NG CLERK - Mulh .specialty fringe benefits. Equal opportunity I hours per week. Call Temple Beth Cranbury 448 - 9897.



group req.umes an employer. Ca11921-7100, ext 25 for ] El, 1201) 844-7044, 9 am.-11am.

ammmstranve clera lor its appt


rnedieal records dept¯ Two ’

openings, one full-time days, one -- I I

part-time nights¯ Duties require LAB TECHNICIAN Private l PARTTIME HELP minimum II

gpod flhngfikilis. Telephone Mrs. medical {acility in Prioceton] years of age. Apply manager

wooiwtne u24-9300,

DRUG FAIR Rustic Mall Situations Wanted

requires a temporary individual[ Many e.

__ for July & Aug. Should be skilledl

in routine medical lab procedures.

Excellent salary and pleasant


environment¯ Please phone M’s


NEWLY- formed service, desires Woolwine 924-9300

SINCE YOUARE reading this ad, for summer employment. They

cleaning help¯ Days. Trans.

you must have time, need money, have many varied skills from

provided if nec. in E.W.T, - -- orwantclothes. Call (201) 722-1393 accounting to typing. If you can

Hightstownarea. Cal1448- 0942 or DENTAL ASSISTANT - E. Wind- or754-9401 for interview - Beeline offer a summer job to students

448-5621. sor area. Full time, no nights, Fashions. please call The Rider College

aggressive, will train. Call 448-

Placements Office 896-0800, ext.



DOCKTOR Pet Center wants


aggressive and experienced sales NURSE - wonted RN or LPN. years of age needed to participate

person, full or part time. Call 882- 3:00 p.m. - It p.m. & ll p.m. - 7 in a study dealing with-the

1210 l0 a.m. to 12 noon. a.m. Part-lime also experience development el" r0en3ory and

aid day shift. Contact ad- reasoning. $9. for 0-1/2 hr.


ministrator Sunnyfield Nursing sessions. For tletails please

responsible, girl for summer job.

llome, 61 Maplewood Ave., contact Christine Riley or Norma

Call 448-7467.

Cranbury, 609-395-0641. Johnson, 452-4445, Green Hall

Princetoo University.


only 16 yrs. or over. We live in EQUIPMENT OPERATOR AND

Bruns. Kno s area., off 27, North


Bruns., 201 - 846 - 0339.


Major life ins. co. expandiog

operations¯ Leads salary, comm.

For Township of Montgomery - pros bonus. Full back -up services

Full-time employment - Hourly provided. Liberal benefits. Call

TREE CLIMBER - experienced. wage commensurate with ex- Mr. Yaros (212) 889-5669 or Eves.

Year round employment. Inperience, Pension Plan, Paid (201) 297-1525.

surance benefits, Blue Cross, Blue Hospitalization Vacations and

Shield, paid holidays. North Holidays. Apply Municipal

Brunswick, N.J. Call 201-545-1669. Building, Belle Mead, Director of STUDENT - wanted for

Public Works Office, 201 - 359 - housework, 1 day a week in East


Windsor. Transportation

necessary. Call 448- 7426.


SMALL COMPANY - involved

replace faculty member on leave CLERK TYPIST - HECEP- with instruments for the at-

during 1972-3 school year to teach TIONIST - at Pr. Church Office, mosphere and invironment has

intermediate level at established part time, 1-5 PM daily. Send opening . for a technically in

school. Please reply Box 1962, c/o resume to Mr. Scott, 8 Central clined person, alert and stron~ t~

Princeton Packet.

Ave., New Brunswick, N. J. 08901. handle receiving stockmg

shipping, and minor repairs an~

calibrations. Benefits can b,

rewarding in exchange for

growing in the job with responsibility

and maim’try. Call 609-924-

RECEPTIONIST-CLERK . posi- RN’s & LPN’s - Full and part t me4470.

tion available at Montgomerypositions

available on all sh fts

High School in Skillmao. 11 month Paid holidays, vacations aod other

contract. Please cal 201-359-8531benefits

Ca Mrs. Kowalski 201for

an appl cation.

369-0711, between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., SECRETARY


Immediate opening. Excellent

typing skills. Stenopreferable but

opt necessary. 38-3/4 hour work

SECRETARV NURSES AID - full or part time week, liberal company benefits.

will tra n. Call 448- 05282)etween To arrange for an interview call

Westminster Choir College has AM - 6 PM.

924-5900, ext. 307.

immediate opening for skilled

secretary in typing ~nd genera


adm nistrative duhes. Shorthand

North Harrison St.

not required. Equal oppo’tun ty

Princeton. N. J.

employer. Call 921-7100, ext. 25 for GIRL FRIDAY, Interurban


Warehouse, Finderne Ave., An equal opportunity employer.

Finderne. Start 8:30, sahu’y open.

Experience in billing, TWX,


posting & telephone. 12011 722- MOTHER’S HELPER - for


snmnmr, to care for 2 girls, 7 & 5

Full time for psychiatric social]

yrs. old. Phone 446 - 9414.

service department. Must be[

efficibnt typist with dlctaphoni~l

experience and have ability tel

deal with people in persoo and phi

GIItL .FRI.D, AY-excellent op-


the phooe.

portumty wire growing company,

must be able to type & work with

Don’t miss out on top jobs. A-1


figures. Call Mr. Anderson for

Temporaries has many of them


interview appointment, Mid East

open now. Come in and register

t201) 359-3101

Aluminum Industries, U. S. Rte.

witb us. All office skills needed. 100, Daytoo, N. J., 201 - 297- 1111.

Join now - no fee to you,


POItTER - Janitorial type we ’k T[~P~[~R|F~ eatalogiog titles and sells se I g

Triangle Publications, Research O..... " ......... might not sound like the beginniog

& Developmeot Center, 10 Lake

of a lifntinm saree, but t cotld be

Dr. !lights,own. M/F an etua 82 Nassau St, Prneeton forths righi num looking for full

opportunity e x p oyer,

924-9200 tluue employment. The next book

ueportmcnt o’ the Princeton

Uoiversity Store has stch ~n

[openiog,xith a 5 day work week,

--~~ liberal company hone’its I Id

adw.luceulent oppol’tlll t es.


]Contact Mr. Quickie Princeton

design druflsnlan. Exper once 1 ItI(HISCIIOOI, SOPIIOMOItE tajUniversity Store, No ifllono calls

layout, l)ays and~or evenings to trabl as deatal assistmlt, i’ e’ please.

work in lit, lewell area. Write P.O. school & Sills. Manville. lteldy


Box 7, llopewell, N.J. 08525,

l)urter . Jaaltor t I type ’,v( rk.

’rrianglp l)uhlieuthms, Research

& l)ovelo)ltlellt Cente,, IO I,akt

l)r. lligh[stnwn. M?F m ec

opportl II ty I mployor,

PURCIIAS N( Cll t¢ -

tltvlthlal re~ ,drod tu f I1 ms t I t

¢o111 nlter~qof[wLlre fl’ ic to

lq’hleoton. Iq’evlo ~ wt ’k g

PX)Pl’ienl!o in In ’ell s lg tr iotrOUllthlg

dt~slrable, ’ryl,ll~g 111111 ,15

wl)n, o IIl,JSt alnng w I I 1 ty

deal with ~eo)lo, t~l/,l’y ct I;

Inonsor(l|e will1 ox ler e tee Ul

ohlltty, l,’or h~terv tw el iet A

I h11’Itils 921,8559,

All eq001 ollport001ty Olllphlyer.


IIOX C-5, e/a Sol(th Somerset


ISIqCIIETAItY - nlust huvo

[ shorthand skills. Pleosnnt

...................... wnrklug conditions with UlUlIy

It’rlngc i~?nef!ts. ,Call for appt. N. J’,

’I’I,~ACIIEIt ASSISTANC ,~ - East ’ lyctts

’ ~

141 177) ~’ ENTHUSIASTIC


HARD .......


" ear old BEAUTIFUL

’ ’ " ’ ’

Wlnds(n, Sehuols. School[ca’ ’72-

73, Full and ml’t thuo, 2 yea’s t ’ - .....

colh,ge or 60 credits rot ub’ed. ,’ , SIIOItT tilt I1’ l

u I I 111 I xt 5

Co lk, ex

’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ! ..... ’ ’:: "~" ilcrieuce, go0’d my, exeolMIt

(+ondilhols. 4, ; - 0610.

INSUIIANCI,I , (hd l,’rldoy

Agency ex Itq’ienco ’eferrui WAI’I’ItI,ISSES . purl-thus ’{ I1

Uood t’ypjng skills mid ability I [line, (10~8, OVoIIhI~s. t~l)od plly,

take dletatiun to ’1 . St exeelloat tips, MiehoIIt}’s



W tl I e~ t ’e, I{estllurap!. Tw !1 ,Rlvors SIn),

un(I hdvphuoo I t be’ tu P () pllig IvIoll. lnlnleululely, t;all 4,13-

31, II ghtstnwn, N.,I. (1115211 ’.IllS’J.

I’~ X P I’HI l 1,] N C I!111 III’INTAI

ASSISTANT n’ N ’ ’ t’ CI,EANIN(~ WOMEN . 54t tl~,ys

do(dol uftk’th ’1 duy wt!vk~ IOl eves I V, ’ tOk

n the 1o’ g (

II11 Silts. l~hulv Ih). So ’es IIIR illlytJllli) PXeo 1[ botwtlolt I:Nl,’i I

lhlx C~5, C/9 Sntdh StHIlel’st~ ~.M, ~5.!38 ,





lza/ , wlm q mower ~ y s

worthy, personabqe friendly high -- August 7 - 12. The Hun School .... ~i,,~ ,--aUi-n ’ ~e, O0 firm’ / FLOOR LENGTH D rapes,

schoolsenior, in need of a joq~. Director: Peter Savidge. ~3~a’li"92i ’~ 665’3""" .....

marigold, lemon,9ft.& 12ft. widc

Seeks full or part time era- struction: Beginners, . " ’ orig.



$000. oow $100 ca. Beige

ployment for summer into fall. termediate and Advanced.

homespun fh lcn. drapes 7 ft. & 8

Has aptitude for sellingand a flair ages, Commuters only. For ............. ft. wide, orig. $200 now $50. ea.

for fashion and art. ]:’lease call plicatioo and/or informaton wi

FU~, ~Z~ ,~ poster oeu, an- Gold velvet Henderson Club chair

201-297-3553 after 3 p.m. or call Peter Savidge, The Hun

tiqued Williamsburg blue, ,trld n,tnmnn ~O0 Rnnni~:h

School Edgerstoune Rd., Prin. washstand to mate h ; 5 pl iece ............. "Throne" with cane

’~ .....






dinnette set’ drop leaf tablenand ~75 Snanish occasional chair I~’

COMPANION - cheerful, ceton, N. J. 08540. Bus: 921-7600, decorated 2 lamp tables


gal!~y i~renc~i boudoir desk or dressing



agehe Home: 921-3429.

6745.t°P; dinner set for 8. Cal 201- 5 - table $50. Call 799 - 0551.

-- O~n C~G

I WILL TYPE OR ADDRESS green gold & yellowgold frame - 2 ton for forced air house. Inenvelopes

at home. Call 448-1158. CHERRY HILL NURSERY 22-1/2" x 40-1/2". Goodeond. $30. e udcs evaporator $150 Ca 297-

SCHOOL has an opening for one 448-0925. ’ 4706 after 7 p.m.

¯ girl in its morning 2 day a week 2-

1/2 class and openings for 0 girls io MEDITERRANEAN HUTCH

IfOUSE PAINTER - Experienced its 4-0 yr. old afternoon class for moved & no room for this 1 yr old

painters. Call Bob Wylie 882-9744 1072-3. Please call Mrs. L. 6’ X 48" hutch. Lots of storage

for free estimate. Schkolnick, 924-7120, between 9 space willsacrifice $175. 896-0900.

am - 9pro. Cherry Hill Nursery

School does opt discriminate as to

24 HOUR CARE- for elderly lady. race, religion, cultural or ethnic FERTILE- NATURAL SCRATCH

Good diet. Quiet country setting, background.

EGGS from ducks and chickens.

Heasonable. Call 201-792-9572.

Fresh daily¯ FOLDEROL FARM,

BELLE MEAD. 201-359-8856.


Imnossihie To Ciassif~ REFLECTIONS a 40 page picture TIRES -- two J--70--14 Mickey

book which broadens a child’s Thompson Indy Profile. Used 3

view of mothers’ roles. Story and months, $80. (2011 725-2546.

. illustrations stimulate creative

thinking. Being used in schools


librarys. Send $3.50 directly to

needs partners. Call 215 - 862-2278¯Identity

Press, 817 Route 206,

Bordentown 08505 or write for a

free illustrated page.



working Mother’s. Call 466-0248 Announcements Halsey Reed Road, Cranbury.


Register now - Campers 9-11 yrs.

Pollywogs /wogs 3-5 yrs yrs. Archery, Arts &

Crafts, dramatms, 1st Aid course,

BABYSITTER - wants position

fishing, horseback riding, music

with family on vacation. 15 years MCGOVERN FESTIVAL -- Sat. nature study swimming track,

old, Princeton Day School student, May 20 - 11 am.-5 pro., 132 Eln movies. TRANSPORTATION. For

experienced. Ca11599-9729. Rd., Princeton. Selling all thing brochure call (609) 655-1197.

handcrafted. Showing films

LIFEGUARD - Certified Swim- having events & eotertainmenl

ming Instructor available for WE NEED YOUR TALENT

summer. Experienced.

ART - Judith Nielsen Personals

References. Call 609-799-1455.


PLANTS - Nina Alexander

924-1117 Lowell, Amy. Lilacs and free

IRONING DONE IN MY HOME - NEEDLECRAFT - Clo Troves parking are for you at The French

tlillsboro area. Call 201-359-6380. 921-8595 Market, 8 - 11, Friday, where

BAKED GOODS- Joe Hehn Mercer St. joins Stockton.




,YOUNG MAN, Princeton


graduate student in search of full McGovern Committee moroings, at American Legion

or part time employment now

Hall. Call (201) 821-9333.

through end of August. Universal

competence: serving drinks,

editing manuscripts, pulling


weeds, painting barns, etc. Phone

WOLF - 2 of them to pen and HELP AND INFORMATION.

921- 3527.

award - 3 inning documentary CALL 609-924-7592.

"Wolves & Wolfmen." Sunday

May 1’4, John Witherspoon Schoo:

3 P.M. (children especially

admtss oo free) and at 8 P.M. PLAY TENNIS? Teach me and I

AVAILABLE - ESTATE McCosh 50, University Campu will cook for you. Call 201-545-9593.

MANAGER. 27 years experience ($1. donation for adults).

46 years old efficient an~

ereat vs. Best references. Call



want hot Bagels at night after 8

ATTENTION MEN’s CLUBS! PM. Use the side door. 177 Mercer

WOMEN’S CLUBS[ Speakers St., llightstown, N. J.

available. Fascinating topic

you’ve never had before. Consider

BABYSITTING - in my home, any this exciting possibility. 896-1340. TRY DIADEX, formerly Dex-Aage

child, call anytime. 448-7537.

Prices vary $t0. to $25. weekly.

Diet. New name, same formula.

Only 98¢ at Thrift Drugs.

Have one child of own.


’AVAILABLE - Mr, & Mrs. YMCA, SatJune0, rain date June LAWRENCE PLANNED

ltousecleanersTed&Wanda.$2.50 10th. Refreshments, dealers to- PARENTHOOD CLINIC, Wed.

per hour per person. No windows vited. Write 240 Carlton Ave.

afternoons. Call 883-0399.

or blinds. 4-6 hours daily. We also Trenton, N. J. 08618. Ca i (609) 882do

house sitting on weekends, and 5097, daily 10-2.

babysitting evenings, 2 for 1 $1.50

perhour after 5 hours $3. Call 201-

A N E C D 0 T E S A N D







, You maycall in your material 8: 30

to 9:30 P.M. Men. thru Fri. 921-

Cheek how NATIONAL

8370 or write R. S. Conger

GARDENER - young man in- COLLEGE ADVISORY SERVICE Greenhouse Drive, Princeton.

terested in grounds and house can help you[

Thank you.

maintenance on private estate.

Local references. Drivers license. ’hrough the usage, of advanced NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO?

882 - 3065. omputer teehnology we can save Call tlOTLINE 924.1144 nightly 7

ou months of confusion and in- p,m, - 12 midnight.


¯ , ........

I1"o be slceessful studeot yore’

~illn~oAltt U.l,U girl wants pgrtl icadenc malfcations c’ollege tIIGIITSTOWN PLANNED

.,e..~.~ e[~’~)~t,ress,~’(’,ec, eP2


Chll(h’en two years o1’ ultlor. Cnll

onythlle 799-21,17,

IIIGII SCIIOOI, 8 ,~N t) t seek t

full tlnle st ~ I o1’ wo’l to I’ ll’tllt)|’

t, lhlc (tk)ll, (ontact Co II Ot 799 ¯


MATUItE Wt)MAN , PX t, nslyt~

I)ot~lur’s 1111~] 181HhlPsS of’Ice

!~X a!r[ellCp with I,,odical (ISSi~ llllt

1811rkgl’011111. C0 I I ~’88’15,

l°mst, ~, ,,, ,~. ~,~. ~ut-o~;,-uuv). schoh, rship




and en*


0venings. Call


,t48 - 3439.

__ viromnenial needs, must match

those of the college you wish to ItI~LAXA’rION PHOGRESSIVE

attend. Otherwise you can bo poe I’IIEItAPY - Wed. eves. hcginning


uf the 750 000 ammol drop-outs[ May 17th. Professional offiliates.



EhLd~E~’~’I’ auvenmresouteI * ~70Stste lid., Pl’n.924-2941.

!9 yr, old seeking $15~ to .help I With ou’ bank of lfo’ n it ol on

i)na.nce a¯ COllege ouucu,ton. 114O0 oceredited colle~les und

~,vauooIo from Jt.lno to October. lunivnrsitles out’ nlultl.million]

Contaet Steve 921-6908 after 7 p.m. dollar co)nputer report you with Bargain Mart

I the aiu Ol your parents nnd expert I

guidalme of your Cmmsellor

ennnot help but urrlvo ot your l

Best eollegeiu the entire country! [t;I,EAItANCE . hleol for

S’I’ONE’S SITTER SEItVlCE; S vet ,e 111 I myby " tess screening or orntunentul.

hlConse & instre(i nos ola,u’e

ladles avuflablo for companiou to

nnle r, tols Anlorical| m,borvitao 8’, 2011 to

sonim’ citizeus convalescing, or CII I)’ %%rite for 111’ NATIONAI choose 1’1’o111, $,5, each 6 or nlorp

vacutlon porents. 121.~) 29,~-9297,

COLI, I,:dE ADVISOIt~t; $.t. $,5. AlsollmnlockuMsln’nce4.5’,

ea. N, Loveless, 1(10 Rce(ler

QUli~STIDNNAIItE. ACT NOW. -. Ave., 88~ - oi98.


NEED LIVE IN IIELP AT YOUIt National College Advisory Scrvlct COMPI ETE !,’URNISIIINGS I’o1"

SU~IMEIt )hies? Muture w "P’ lI.SMys,:12 Wheatslieofl,ane e’f c eucy apt.- dhling set studin

stuuent ant ortlst wife awdhlb o,

92.1.,19115, , eouch, sufu, c lab’, )al’, etc. Ua

(Iournmt cooks. 215 ¯ 11,i() ¯ 4922.

hetweoa 9:30 - 19:’|0 p.lll. 695.33,lil north Son,orville

l~lu(~kelnin. (}poll: We(I-


CIIII,D CAItE IN MY IIOME IIY A))llcotluas behlg tree

SFAItSGAIt iAGI’(’OMI~A(’TOR Suu, 9.0 12011 fifi8-3759.


01 ’ ’

TIlE week. ,t,18 - ,I.107. 1872.7;I schuul year, I,]x e’ O c(td

s’/it o o o $ fi0 lost !$2 7 ~.

.’)’ i2 ......

teachers beautifol wouded "= ’

tl ,UMt," ,w ~ ~,tA ~x, ul

t. s I ,’m ld I s t I rhlcet,81 1 lke & ...... t,~-i : ~ 111 ........... 1~ I I l]~lli[ II I ’

Q~ ko,’ltl’l~go l~ Clssosf, r: &

’l IX’TRIC ItANI 1~ f,roslo, Ilessloq Jnegor lllflp British W,

’y’ I 8f’ ( 110-1 ) :H}. (1 ’s X- ~el’}’goo ’cot to. :0" , oxt’ " utnpl.[Istol "~ (Nil ~ Wst ’ Shll t’ ’

!e lded~ll~htl~ 1st 11:30 ’or h )so ’go v¢ w/ l l t t~ le’ ~!!lgle ll~pon ,I,! e.{LIl t)l’ revolver,

UllelOSIoul t;l I 118 } llgt of i skill I(} ( I I 1(he o11~1 7 1117i 17

I ) ’ " ’ ~ ~’l; " A’ g $fi , !1 719- 7fi5 alto’ 5, }’ ’ " " ’ ’

I rolaUOlL ~ ......

’ ~-- CUS lIES SOFA- 2 t hnh’s sot like

wA’t’t!Ht liEll AND I, NEll uw ’g $ 50 $, ’ host

EIIEIIW(N ¯ till aterlallye . ew tee’ s( $5 O( ’es lie o"e’ Asl ) le

s(2hold 11[’ ohout 10 stlldonts nnd I ,) ’ 5 ?’ t ’ O’ t ; - ’ ’

~t0ff IS s~oktn,qndditi6nal s!uilont8 " "’ ’ ’

ior Ihe fllll, Ages rlulgt~ frull ,i .......



t’¢?:i I ,%o,:I!~,? ~

- .........

: -y0

rs I1’,1 18 yea ’S ulil, "tdtiol s AIR ( t)NI)ITIONI,’

or0 flesJhle. If Interosttld coll Sill Westhlglntlsn 11 500 li’ru cx.I¯ ( ’ a i :!}ssu,,~( orea ~EuKs

~[~901’at ~.~81~, ~ St It’! ’,’ y~’ ’ I t’ 2" t!O en 1!111 I 0 I O I USO S tLIII, U

~’ 5) ’

~ MOVING SALE of antiques

lovely oak hall rack with beveled

mirror & lidded seats $95. Ebony

carved chair with gold

upholstered seats $85. Precious

set of 2 kindergarten school desks

& back seats $75. Larger 1889

school desk and seats, $50 Oak

I hall mirror with iron cast hooks~

$23. Old tool chest, $16. Two o~

paintings, $30¯ 48" x 90" plush

hanging tapestry, $80. Old wood

rocker, $29. Vietoriao dressers

$25 & $35. Two matching Victor an

PERMAPREST - tablecloth, all chairs need caning, $25. Plus

sizes, 54" to 120" in colors¯ Call

lovely old frames, andirons,

after 5 p.m. or weekends, 201-297-laterns,

iron tea kettle iron door


stop, kerosene lamps, apple

peeler, cherry seeders harness

nook pullies, ice scraper bee

SEARS 11,000 BTU window air smoker lovely hi-button shoes,

conditioner. Cools 2-3 rooms. $150. Victorian hall stand with mirror,

1 year old. Call 799-2090. silver & black metal mesh purse,

old lamp bases, Chase carriage

blanket, iron hitching post horse

WEDDING GOWN - size 10/ll head, etc. By appointment. 395and

head piece lovely satin am 0474.

lace, originally $205. Best offer

Call after 6 p.m. 201-359-6392.


GARAGE - household & yard

st ’a ght and zig-zag stitches good

sale, need cash many good buys

condition, maple colonial ’style too numerous to list. C-men down

cabinet. Call 799 - 2661 between 4-6 18 Farm Ln. in Roosevelt. 448 -



GIRLS’ BICYCLE, almost new

$25. 201-297-1425.




FOR SALE - 1 Battle Creek Health

Builder reducing machine. Heavy


duty model, excel, rend., best 20L561-9200

offer. Call 924-1798 eves.

J & N Distributing Co.

(Factory Distributor)

(Open 9 A.M.-9 P.M.)

(Sat. til 6 P.M.)

DRAPES - cnstam designed red

and gold for livingroom of 0 BR

Twin Rivers townhouse. Unusual

treatment. Also suitable for large

picture window. Orig. $500. Wdi DESK - 30 x 60, walnut, perfect

sell for $175. Call 448-7775. condition. Bike, boys 3 ~peed

26", like pew. Call 799-2532:


WINE HOBBY USA - Home manual, portable, office models.

winemaking supplies available 820 New, reconditioned. ADDERS.

State Rd. Rte 206, Princeton (1/2 CALCULATORS. Name brands.

mile south Princeton Airport) Reotals, Repairs. Trade-ins.

Men-Sat 19-6, Thurs., Fri 10-9. Tel CENTER BUSINESS


MACRINES, Princeton Shopping

Center. 924-3243.



School or College address SELLING EVERYTHING -~

Home business, zip-code Piano, walnut bedroom set,

Rubber stamps of all kinds and Mexican hutch, frost free refrig,

sizes made to your order at: Teak wall unit air conditioner

IIINKSON’S china, too much to st. A pr ces

82 Nassau St. negotiable. Call 201-403-8368.

RAIN OR SHINE - May 13 & 20, 63

F-500 Van, 64 F-100 pick-up, 65 GRETCilEN’SFABRICS&

Util, 65 Olds-Delta ’88 Cushman SEWlNGMACHINES

main scooter. Now & used garage

doors & parts, hand & power toots Singer sales & service 5 major

building materials, (2) 1250 watt brands sewing machines. 30 No.

generators, some antiques 8 am.- Maitt St. Cranbury, N. J.

2pm. Pollack Door Sales, MainSt, 609 - 658 - 2050.


1963 - 40 h.p. Volkswagen engine ~,!

and transmission. Goodcondition. i NEW CALORIC

Best offer. Call 291-722-8041 after ] double oven babv’car~’iage

,as Range


6 p.m.

crib & mattt’ess. ~et phlype’n ear

seat, walker high chau’, jolly

REDUCE EXCESS FLUIDS with jmnper, & rocker $39. Call 448 -

I~’LU[DEX tablets only $1.69 at 2507,

Thrift Drugs.

ItOCKS, MINERALS JEWELRY l WI[EEL- Utllit.v trailer w/solid

¯ Cmnplete lapidary supplies. 10 % cover & bumper hitches. Great for

off with this ad. Silver’s Stone Age all that cure ling gcur $50. Will

7:17-3720 Sat. & Sun., 10-9, wk dys. deliver locally for $ 0. 4, 8 - 7418.


U.S. ARMY infrared sniperscope,

like new, $325. Call 12911 840-(,422.





(I) soow



(2) rotary type plow 131 grass

cutting moin reel with 2 gang

nn)wers, Coil after 6 p.m. 809-882.


[59 pieces of wicker fl’onl okl

Saratoga hotel inel, era(lies

& bassinottes. 8 ft.




as h)w n8 99¢ to $,1.80 per yd,

I{oute 20fi Belle Mead

;I miles north of

Moptgolllery Shop, Ctr.. 011 right


,ua( eond, $59, (781i ores

Ill. (291) 3,1)9-69111,

USED I’q.lltNITURI’,’ of ovory

(lescrlptiolL ThollS||lalS Of feot to

bl’ow~p t (I,l’J! Lit h." .Alway~

soIno|I1111111 (1 II,Orol I ¯ II ’g081

colleetioa ul 11llOKS Col101y, Ill ly

8:30 tu 5:~0, Ulosot ~ Ray,


li:liisoll FLlrlllturo~ l)oyle~towll~

’ ’ ’} ! ’ Pg,


’l’ho I zwmne~; I~ifle, r

Bargain Mart



Bargain Mart

"Seven For Central Jersey" ’

Classified .qdvertising

Mdse. Wanted



Pets & Animals


The Manville News

The Franklin NEWS’RECORD

Pets & Animals

Autos For Sale

POOL- 12 x 3 filter accessories, LAWN MOWER - good condition,

never used, $125. firm. Cal 448 - bedroom chair, AM radio, etc.

4091. (609)

Coil 201-359-3174 (evenings only).

WIIIRLPOOL - Air Cond. 18,000

TWO TWIN BRASS BEDS - oval. BTU used 2 lnos. Summer of 71.

,$500. firm. Ca]] 609-259-7165. Original cost $320. asking $220.

Call 443-9232.


528 Bound Brook rd. MOVING MUST SELL- fine

Dunellen, N.J. quality living room & bedroom

(opposite Amm’ican Gas) furniture. Singer sewing

machines. Best Reasonable offer.

Desks from $35. Electrical sul Call 443 - 3375.

plies--wire plugs, etc.; Blai

lights, tl5 volt, 15 second dek

t mars, brass shelving ends h

$1.50 each. Many old article’.

moulding; wood craft items.


want hot Bagels at night after 8

P cture frames from $1.00.

Finished lamps and paris to build PM. Use the side door. 177 Mercer

your own. Swivel chairs, wood & St:, IIightstown, N. J.



Come and Save, Hours 10-0 Conditioner 2 speed, 11,000 BTU.

Tel. (201) 526-0054 (Home) Good workiog condition. Also 10"

Dominion Fao 448 - 4943.


opening style, I set 15’ wide I set PINATAS (toys), $5.50! - Party

20’ wide, Both 0-1/2’ w de w th plates, cups napkins, "cloth"

mounting rails and hardware. (any style), $1.25! Favors bats

Good condition. Cost new $90- Iris, 5¢ ca. (limited). Delivery.

$100. Asking $25. & $30. Call 448 - Call Barbara, 201 - 359 - 8841.


RC~ ........ TA ~-~ vU~LI t)Al~ DbEJ i’" - W m " Claw SEARS KENMORE gas dryer - 2

f~+ ¢H:. ,,* ,~ A .r~os~n oak 11/2 years old, $50. Also Phflco

¯ Y~k, ,p,~o:~%~, ~ v~?,y~ ~ lautomatic washiog machine 3

chairs, SOU; denny blnU non, ] , ld ¢=. O~lIa~ m14~ ’

$67.50 stained glass window yoais o.., .~ ........

-0 ..

(framed and black lighted) $40;

early grain painted blanket chest, I

$70’ old trun~ $35’ oak commode

$401 oak be~eied ~lassmirror $1511COMPLETE DINING .RM set

bamboo turned Victorian rocker froin Drexel new Travis.Court

$35; Victorian rocker $20; brass conectmn. Loms xzv. sterling

andirons $15’ ornate wicker chair Id!t!n.e.r~.v~ e. 12 ~laco settings. I yr.

~25 wi c.,er k ’ tabl .e ~20 ,~ anti,ue ; . ~ olu Hot , Foim freezer cmmerous

sewing machine $20 Swedishteak ~ther items. (201) 297-

’ 9422

headboard $25; ’Peak night stand

$30; grass rug $15; golf clubs &

bag $20; Wedgwood ashtrays $5;

modern table lamp $12; English o, t.~Ar,;,mo n,r~ ~AD~UCW,C~.

bone china candle Imlders $18; ~’~t~’on~le~s~se~’~el’~

salad bowl & servers $7’ silver

. . . g Y.

covered veg, server $8; sheared ~emceeilT~lmrg~dI~edl~ed~



muskrat vest $12. opossum fur ,~. ’ ~ .. (~ ....... ’



I nod co:~t ~1 ~’ ~il~,or ,’and- FI ~h

t.lngs, uau szq-qhTo nays ,,,,,

159 ~897 ftcr 1 p m

$4; chafing dish {never used} $5. " " ....

Call 883-1549.

CUB TP.ACTOIt with numerous

attachments. $1400. Call 201-329-



195 Nassau St. (upstairs)

The Psychologists -- Krawiec,

1.25. The tloirs of Stalin -- aothberg.

4.95 ( iWas 14.50).

ftomosexuah Oppression &

Liberation -- ARman 3.00 tWas


~ en daily Noon to 0 P.M. Eves

I WILL BUY - interesting old,


critique and classic cameras for

copper & brass cleaning S. Main

my collection. Call 609-924-7997.

St. (next to Hagerty Florist),

Cranbury, N. J. 609-395-0762.


MARKET - Single items or com- wanted, Call collect (301) 830-7445.

plete estates "purchased. ’Petal

auction service available if

,desired. Phone James W. Siuta.

(609) 397-0811, Lambertville, N. J. PR[MfTIVES --’ Furniture and

collectibles at The Cob Web, 43 N.

Main St. Cranbury (big red barn

beh nd Pharmacy). Closed

WANTED - one quail, male or


female from 5 - 20 days of age.

Call 448-4857 after 3:30 p.m.



Route 27~

Between Kendall Pk. & Kingston

Copper, brass, aluminum, paper,

rags, batteries. Open Mon. Thur All kinds of furniture

Sa(. 8 to 5. 215 Throekmorton St., Refinishing & Antiquing

Freehold, N.J. 201-462-0543. Open Thurs. Fri. & Sa~:. 10 to 4:30

SPOT CASH - for electric trains.

Lional American Flyer, HO, etc. Garage Sales

Call 201-722-0273.


Lennox 1970 & 1971 plate. Cag 396- GARAGE SALE: Glassware,


clothes, tools, misc. items too

numerous to mention. 510

Pleasant View Rd, off Amwell Rd,

Hillsborough. Fri, Sat, Sun, May

WANTED - Complete contents of 12, 13, 14.

homes. Call 201-329-6200.


GARAGE SALE: Antiques,

Bike in good condition. 009-821household

goods, de. Sat. & Sun,

7058 or 201-297-3434.

May 13 & 14, 10 am


4 pro. Foot of

Gates Rd, Middle~sh.


records. Call after 6 p.m., 737-2084.


Moving to apt. oust sell the

following: solid ~herry butch

drop-leaf table & ihest. Cherry

four poster bed.: Many other

useable items suehas: occasional

Musical Inst. tables several rigs, kitchen &

gardening tools lawn mower

redwood picnic iet, pictures,


china, odds & ends April 20 & 21.

CONSOLE with matchiog bench. 103 New Road, Ketdall Park. 201-

Excellent condition. Only $375. 297 - 9617. j

Call 393 - 6357 after 3 P.M.

GRETSCH GUITAR $300 new - /GARAGE SALE Sit. & Sun.,/Yla~

FOR SALE- fireplacowood. Call sellng $125 or best offer. Har- 13 14, 10-4 p.m.,i4 Ritter no.

201-359-5550. many amplifier $100 or both for Kend. Pk. baby e.alipment, used

$200 924-2126 after 0 p.m.

Ifurniture, misc.


LIONEL TRAINS wanted - An) ISAT. MAY tBth 9 AM. Stuart Rd.

condition or age. Large layouts o, YAMAHA ORGAN model DT-The Garden equipmentand furniture.

collections wanted also. Pleas~ most advanced spinet organ Fans dining room table chairs,

call 585-9218. available at any price. Stereo lnisc. 921- 8447. f

.... tremelo speaker system, pedal[

n~n ~,r,mv ~, cl~L~ ar ,T~r~. [ sustain, repeat percussion. Full 4 GIANT YARD AN) BAKE SALE:

........................... .... ~, ~t,,a -Y-her-ndb-wl -ak i

d thru Sat 7:30 to II P.M.

Stop in for free coffee, cookies,

andhcad work

LIVING ROOM SET - maple sofa,

2 chairs. Box spring and mattress,

twin size. Cherry dresser and

matching wall mirror 921-7700.

ext. 21’/ after 4 p.m.



tables for George MCGOVEBI

at Neshanic Station F’LEA

MARKET Sun., May 21 Raiodate

Moy 21, Donations 201 - 356 - 6214.


20% to 50% off

all spring dresses, long skirts,

Ioog dresses, polyester, pants, ctc

Not every size or color hut

terrific vahles.

O)en Tuesday to Sat, 10;30 fo

5:30.7 m los north of Prioceton ou

Bt. 2011. Belle Mead, N.J.

ltEl) BARN



750. Good couditian, $275.

Call 009-392-51118.

I°ctave keyboards .centerboard May 12th & 13th 9 A M 61 W

sideboard and m st. 201 - 521 - piston achon & locking lid. Ideal Broad St., HopewdL N.J. Benefit

1503 ’ ,or ndvanced amateur or Nassau Co-op Nmsery School.

..... _ professional organist. Regular - ’

FIREPLACES - Wood burning retail $2245 now only $1995, i

built-in classic designs. Installed B!.LO2~I ORGAN CENTER, 225I I GARAGE SALE I O d furn ture

inany room of your present home. tiwY ;l~, ~renton, N. J. 609-580- [~,,,t..o dnnr~ ~oroon~ ~tnr~r~

........... r~atural orlon stone slate 3374 . .............. . ’ ’ r ............ ’

nmrble finish. ~ypical total cost I ~ ]w~annd~bar~ce~S~a~ablbent°~.~e~

under $1




No down payment

. , mr ’ comp res ser, % ar and truck ’

bank financing. Also spee,ai SIRADIVARIUS VIOLIN Ger- ,,,~ ..... a ’,h,,¢ ~th,~

custom designs, contemporary or [ man reproduction. Best offer. Call ~"i~"~i~’%,~ii’~".’.,~’~£’ii~,~

traditional Aeteeb Fireplace t20l) 297-0894

--.~e ..... r.~4l~t i.,,p,;o.~,,

e . ,., ’~o~..o ’ pumps 30gal. ou~anaswlmnanu

opcclaus~s, _ : .................. uv~-~o-uux~ ---- pump, lawn movers,

rote tiller,

etc. Sat. May 20 ~ 27, 10 a.m. - 5

~:r’rut, c’r~v.~ T~nar~uT~ UPRIGHT PIANO - 1 year old. p.m.; 27 Mal:~ewood PROFESSIONAL DOG

, ESTA’rE AUCTION SALE GROOMING - All breeds - in your

SAT. MAY 13th, 10:0OAM home. By appointment only. Call

Preview Fri. May 12, 3 to 7 PM 877-4475.



53 Mountain view Rd. HOME. 10 me. old, Male very

WARREN, N. J. friendly. Call 924-3795.



SOLD BY ORDER OF THE reg. (miniature collies) ~entle


female pups, h~alth guar. $75,

Eves & wkends 201-440-0240.


PUPPIES - small mixed breed, $5.

Call 443-1560.

CHESTNUT MARE - 15.2h, 10yrs,

b enfines .

old. Nce d sposition for beginner.

igat sta Well mannered and willing

.now be lumper. $4OO. Cal 201-359-3005, ask

lrs; ! ,~or Joe or Mike.

s; Franklin stove;I

ae Brebar & andirons

many primitives in iron tin &l

wood: pewter inkwell & teapots; I

cloverleaf walnut table, (Vfct.); [a~,mra,o,m~ nac’~mr~Dm

double wheel coffee grinder lamp; [ w’i~s’ol~l~ black &’ta~n.’I~a~es AI(C

spinning wheel upnolstered sofa

& chairs fine quilts including exce. ~" mooa ~ ne ~12’5 , ~ ea 882 . - 1939’ .

Friendship quilt; rugs; lamps;I ~

flow bur’ m k glass’ clocks’ .

Staffordshlro . .AUTO’ 1901t FREE TO GOOD HaM ES -

OLDS "98 4DS Air full bower I Lovable Tiger Kittens. Call 924only

33M Mi. to be said af 2:01) 10113 after 5 p.m.

P.M. Wo are proud to offer this [

fine & meticulously cared for

eollectionofAmericana, tobesold ON,"- P~TPPIE~’ AKC Charon,on

from the above premises Rain or h" Y~,. ~-:_ me


r’" /or "::’:h’"’-"~ Me[ or S Day :$O.uu. ~’:"’:=’"~"’~- ZUI-2U/"

Excellent condition. Must sell. }Crannury. 609-3959812.

~ ~ ....... O ~ I I

1150. ’ van u2t-~o~’J alter 5 p.m.


STEINWAY CONCERT GRAND AND Bake Sale. S t. May 20 from

I n iorled and domestic yarn, Beautifulebony-complete factory 9 A M to 5 P,M St James Parish

lleedle )oinl, crewel wnrk, rugs rebuilt - $3,000. below orig. new/Hail ’Lincoln Ave, Jamesburg.

und accessories will be found at: cost. A real buy; Guaranteed. Mm’y fine ,tapered items and

ontkiues included i merchandise.



Steinway L Grand 0’, like new,/An added feature~Sale of won-

0TuhmeSt. WA4-0306 ebony only $3950; Steinway 6’[derful pasteries. No admission

walnut rebuilt grand, excellent churge. Door prize.

condition. J i ,.

"I ome ofSto nw.’,y"


100N OIdenAve Trenton

~ ¯


’;. ......... ’.., .... /BABN SALE - l, ~. & Sat. 10-5.

We Buy and Sell Udll .... full uua/ta~ Wagon Wheels, 2 ion baby cribs

lmnbcr, 2 powerlawu mowers,


ctc, Woosunlonsa ~ Poor Farm

29-20Withm’spoonStreet ~VURIdTZEIt ~F’INET piano, Rd., oft’ ltt. 31, Plan, nEro,,. 737-

WA4-3715 ext, working tend. $40o, Call o(ai0. 1



BAIt with 3 stools, excellent IlALDWIN PIANOS to rent. Try

tend,lien, $’,10., 201-297d425. b~)fore you buy, All monies paid ou GARAGE SALEk BAZAAR

rent applied to purchase. MIF.

I,%IN PIANOS, 22,1 E, State St.,

~ ’71 DODGE MAXI VAN: VS, wide

wheels new belted tires windows

~L~ . with curta ns and bed. 17,000 m.

Call 259-9152.

1959 MERCEDES 190-D, 4 spd, 3

band radio, leather seats, wood

-].ii kt~J~ dash, etc. 924-2747.

1909 OPEL sport rally - 1900

series. New disc brakes R&tt

excel running tend beautiful

body. $1,0o0. Ca I 883-3021 after 6.


(Formerly Smal/ Animal Rescu~ 1967 INTERNATIONAL


TRAVELALL - $850. Excellent


Call 201-821-9207.


male and Female Beagle-Cocker 1966 CORVAiR MONZA - 4 door


sedan, stick shift, $225. Call 924-

Female short haired Collie- :1869.

Shepherd dog.

Mixed breed reddish colored

Terrier dog, male.

Large male black and brown long

TOO MANY CARS - so 1905~ 9

pass. Dodge Coronet star,on

haired do~. Found on 28 Quarry St. wagon must go, $400. Call 921-9557.

Purebred pregnant English

Pointer fotind on John St. in


Male black and silver Malmute 1967 MERCURY - Colony Park

found on Westerly Road. wagon 9 passenger loaded air

Black and tan female Terrier conditioning, power steering,

mixed breed.

brakes, windows, AM/fm, stereo

Purebred female German Short tape, air springs, roof rack and

Haired Pointer liver and white. carrier, $1475. Call 452-9050, 9 a,m.

Purebred fore’ale Siamese cat 5 p.m. Men. - Fri.

found on Westcott Road.

Call us about our attractive young

kittens and young cats. 1969 FORD LTD - station wagon,

¯ . . ’ DlOOOUne nO nreu ~ ~: e xce l’i ent

shine. Bring chairs. Adults only t,,,;eh ohu~,,n Call (grill 4n4-lSOO

air, PB, PS, Call 201-359-3962 or


please. Terms CASR, Certified or I ............................

travellers checks. GERALD I

STERLING, Auctioneer, Member BOOM FOR ONE HORSE - full

’08 ROVER TC -- 4 pass. sport

NJSSA & NAA 201 - 464-4047, board, $75. Private 3 box stall

Directions, From Rt. #22, stable. Call 009-924-2306.

"COCOA" -- Our gentle child’s sedan, New Michelins, brakes.

Warrenville Exit to King Gee. Rd.,

pony needs a good new home Very good, $1,590, 009-921-43~8.

to I 78 West. Exit at Martinsville

because we are moving. Complete

Rd., Left at 66 gas sta., follow

with western saddle, $125. "Emily


MINIATURE SCHNAUZER - Jane", our funny black sheep,


puppies 5 weeks old, AKC, home would love to go with her. 395-0474.

pb& ps, radio~ heater. Must sell.

raised. Cal 609-259-6151 after 6

Make offer. (609) 585-5250, 6-8



BEAUTIFUL - AKC registered

COOPED UP PUP - needs loving ’01 JEEP STATION WAGON - 4

Dachshund puppies. Specially good

Lost & Found

home. 3 month old German wheel drive. Best reasonable

temperaments. Call aft. 4 p.m. 448 Shepherd type, quick and in- offer. Phone 009-924-1705.

- 4629.

tillegent, now an apartment

dweller left alone much is


breaking my heart. Looking for 1967 TRIUMPtt TR4A - BRG,

please read on, A number of lost

permanent family. Call evenings rndials, Konis AM/FM conso/e


stray clogs have been appearingin

between 6- 7, 452-9248. good condition, $950. Ca 509-466dog

needs loving home. Golden


the Millstone Twsp. D,sbrow Hill retreiver female, spayed, 5 years,

area. Pedigree & mix breed. Rt. 33 AKC allshots papers, Champion

E. to 1st jug handle past Twin


pedigree. Cat 921-7107.

1967 VOLKSWAGON - very good

TERRIER Wanted. Champion

Rivers, turn Rt. follow road to

rend. 23 000 original miles¯

blood lines. Call eves. and week-

cnd, Lt. turn at Dead end to dirt

Orig na owner¯ 609-44~-4345.

Rd. This road would be the vic,

ends 609 - 452 - 9308.

that these dogs are roaming in.

This has been writted by people NEWFOUNDLAND PUPPIES -

1968 OPEL KADETTE - 23,000 mi,

concerned for the welfare of AKC reg. male and female, show STANDARD POODLE PUPPIES: new tires, exc. tend., economical


or pet, shots and wormed, 9 weeks Black AKC, champion sired,

transp., $800. or best offer. Call

old. $200. Call 215-346-7210. shots, wormed, 2 me. old, partially 009-448-9897 bet. noon - 2 P.M.

hoasebroken. 201-782-5791 or 201-


COLLIES - blue merle & tri pups. 359-5175.

’68 PONTIAC GTOAuto buckets

Engraved on one end:N.R.T., Jr, Male & Female, 8 wks AKC.

post, redo, p/s, dsc brakes,

CaH 609-921-7058 or 201-297-3434.

Handsame, healthy, reasonaby

lettered tires, A 1 con& 31,000 mi.

n’iced, 201 * 627 - 1229.


tlORSE Palamino Mare 9 yrs old, TOY POODLES, AKC registered,

15 hands high. Rides west-

1968 TOYOTA - Corona, ex. rend.,

2 females & 1 male. 1201) 725-1064

FOUND : metal tennis racquet ern. $t50 firm. Call (201) 329- after 0 pm.

$700¯ Call 448 - 6677.

and case. Fell off your ear rooftop 2447.

on Witherspoon Street. Rescued

by alert Packet employee. Call SNAKES: Yellow rat snakes

924-3244 and identify.

BUICK ’04 WILDCAT; ps & b,

$0.95, Watersnakes, $1.95 at


new snows, very good tend. $350.

Shopping Cir, 201- 297- 3853. breeds handled pure & lnixed.

1201) 297-5034.

Sold Sat, Sun & Monday 10-5.

Bought Monday’s only 0-5.

J.P.O’Neill Kennels, US #1,

Pets & Animals IRISH SETTEH PUPS - Cham- Princeton, N. J.

1967 PLYMOUTH - Belvedere, V-

8, light bhie. 440 - 2554. $500.

pion DARIABAR line. AKC reg

show & field prospects. Excellent

with children, shots & wormed. FOR ADOPTION, 2 yr. old PONTIAC LE MANS 1970 ’-

$100. $125. Call (609) 8~-1911. Airedale boxer, good with automatic, P.S., air, excellent


children, good watchdog. Call condition, $1800. Call 924-8010.

hands Blue Roan 2 yr. old

t201) 359-3408.

Gelding Excell. confirmation and

gaits. Green broken. Gentle.


Owner must n,ove. Call after 7

eyes trained kitten, Joy and

1~7 MGB - blue convertible.

p,m, 448 - 8205.

education for loved and loving

Excellent condition, wire wlleels


children. Free with food. 201 - 297 -

4 speed. Complete service rocor~

puppies, AKC, champ, sired,


aw, ihlble. 201-359-3539.

affectionote, intelligent, beautiful

black & silver ,narkia~Js, excel.


;how prospects at’ loving com- ’69 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Conv. 4

wormed champ, sable & white. TIlE BEST looking bh, ck mnions, $125 & up. Cull 2151-8:12- new Michelins, AM/FM radio,

/201) 9~-2568.

miniature poodle pups in town are !462.

23,000 mi, great cond. 215-493-5238

now roady to go with you, 2

or 009-;]92-3859.

n,onths old, AKC Reg. top

breeding & very reasonable

BOSTON TEI’tI~.IERS -- AKCconsidering

their al, eestm’s!

’71 TRIUMPH Spitfire, good

Mules, raised with children, 448-, Priscilkl Stewart, 605-655-3430. PItOFESSIONAL DOG eondit., n,ust sell. Call 460-2490


GI;OOMING all breeds and

after o p.m.

mixed. Pick-up & deliver. (50!))


448 - 90,t2 Ilightstown. Ask for 194o CIIEVY - 327 cu, inch, 450

Schmluzer puppies, Champlou Jndie.

h.p., 950 roar, n,ags, bucket seals,

AKC COLLIE Stud Service, I sired, Good with children. Call Ed

,l spd., best offer. Call after 5 p.n,.,



ilill sables, tri,’, at 4611-2407,


Trenton. 392-7133,


GUITAIt, ma fie a,’chcd top &

bhlck, mahogany neck with ad-I ENGA(;I,~MI,]NT RING - Seer’s



rod, 2 pick-ups wide

h’uditioo premion, ,uality ¯ BI,;(~ON Dl’r ION l, il) PIANOS

’~re(jUelley range, ~ vohlu’lo con-:

tq)p,’aiscd over $,100. - 7/10 carat, Steli,way Upright $(50, Eve,,elt

t,’ols end 2 tol,o control. Cost $225, I,’irst effer over $900, In excellent Studio $a~,0.


(;rand Piano

t!oudiliun. CMI ,t06-0025. daa, onstrnkn, $500, New Wu|’lltzer

SllcO,l e t ~ c sec(st$~’9

everything $i25. l’~lectrical

rental used 3 n,as, $550. New

Ch, sslcal I’dk guitar wl,lte sproce

Sob,els $695 new Ba]dwb, S linels

top, n I hegany I ack & sides. Ilnllt

from $H75, New lliaaos to root ns

low as $4 ler wk. Mffilh, Pianos &

¯ ht cont|’ol, C(ISl $175, sell far $109. TItENT IIANDY Si[OP - AT Organ, 234 Iq. State St. Trenton

Cull after 12 noon 21!1.297-955,L PI!:NNIN(ITON CIRCI,E (l,on,e N, ,J. 392-7133. ,I’Ve In, t’k ng n

lan,hnado hlnlp shades alld rcor of store.

rosterath)n of antlqoe nlelals)

GIIANTS I)i,~I,UXE IqI,ECT t L’ anaooueos tl,at the new Sl)opbours

IIIWl’~lt with vent hases, excellent urn 9-5 dally 737.1109, Lamps Antln ae

eandll(oo, $70, ’)91.2’,17. :1711, ,owhcd.,’u,a u,. ,,oo,t,d, ...,,~U,.

I,t)NGINI,?S ¯ v,nnponeot stereo

MUST SEI,I,- low, Iv ,,Ill )h,e ell~

w/headphones $’10. 50 guod now

SO,ll01S ste}’co rccurds $79, Ill’ 25 mu,~Ua".Wanted

fo,’ $’10. ,HS- 7,t11!.


Sat. May 13, IO ~m.. 2 p,1~,

r~ood type tenlperament

Baptist Church if thlniilton

Sqtlaru ’,175i Nott~gbam Way.

)edigrees Wclspr ng Kennels,

iff-J - ,t48 - 4372,

SPonsored By You,! of llamilton

G,’unge #79. Look. Buy or Just

Enjoy. A,;ts & Cld’ts, Baked

Goods, Ihnneinado ~o Cream &

Ganms. ltaln or Shil;. GOLDEN ltETRl~IVlt]l{ ¯

Alexander Is loo m,ieb fur onr

honso ill town. (Jan you give Ilini

halne in Ihe COllntry. Call 405-2738.


I.I 0 u.ni. Sallle fnl~lttlre lol’ge FREI’,

whldow fail liih’r~i plet,lre

franle.s l’r!litjars dls.es, i,otsali!l

plillS, Knicil llnllCKS, stile ilaUSilOl.

Mu y odds i, d ends.lialiy pt¢c’os

ill’ new needluwork. ’ilhlge Itaod

I,hist Ilutch Nec[ tbetwcoa

Chlirchand schoal)~igdlilh.___

llouhln II,,, r sl go

, ruwer, re n she{ ,$i75, Ca 4.11 ¯ (IAIIA(IE SAI,I,I - Siiti& Stin, Mii

.5 2

13 & I,t I1 li.ni. - 5 lln.,,I Par

Phice Criuibary. Wlu.ih115


nulehhia, furlilt,irtt litutlii’ot

~,vq.v I WANTED ’ro BUY: Scl’a , AN’I’I(~UE I,AItGE WAI,NUT



hinilni desk toaslor ’ai dlsl t!

....... Ill i, ’t tlstrhi SS lead, bilShlOsS al,inlhsini p.lva!o. stiilnloss drep leaf lob e, glllil log $290, P

Ih’liiColonSlin llhigCcnter

nllholsh~reil solils; $11o. Small ph nn( ols. o N UlOl’O.

steol etlL salkls or tlir llnltsl nf chairs eh’ca II~(L wohlil


Utilfornutil S )Oellilly Ciirrool uuu’ket ,rien, eiisli I!iI,L nllrror rnverse illhllilig il ipi


S { t l Metals Cu, |no, W. holf $,115. Di,I b~llra)oao co[li ltiili~ss olborwlse ~nhlil oil

lei, Nt ’~les Woll ’csses Mobls C a ihili Itd. lid 1 Soliiorvillo solno cii i ler, ili97 lhrii 1117,.I. Cli tqlrlihnlle unnihors ilro Areli

Ic lilt ils~ tllll ty Wark etc. hi N.J. Oilii71, Pllano (201) I~t.7211ii, 7 ¯

(’ollo 0119.

wh la o11, nslt,irle,]l !!ahlrS.


erossbrecd ou, le lioalthy affcctionate

guardian 5 weeks okl, Autos For Sale

$15. Call 1182-9131.


lle.’lsunablo, Free estimates and ’(15 CIIEVI~;LLE - SS327

delivery. All 297.5353. q ebrock Ilolly new tun, lib

lers rings iiearhigs 4 sleed

It~I,~~TITI) IIInrst cushun paint, new wheels,

- adorable killens. Please

’~’) -.;,ist< e(’20 3Ja(l’~)

cull 07,t-9151).

IIEl) MINIATUllE 1 i,iclle,’s, ) i0

weeks old, wornled, doehod and

shols. Call after ,I ll.n,., 11112.2,195.

(itiO } ()ME WANTED far 3 nio.

ohl lilili lailf laihrlulur.half Aft.

dalo, ii’ll ~hols. Uall 7Ol.350.i!7114.



PIES ¯ t3ii,ii)p[onslil


ttl,ick. (hill

315 . II(t7 , 2521,

rglil~ Jig i’!/iq’iES ¯ iij,y

tluarllnl~ COlllpilnlOliS sullonlo ini’

Iown or COlinlry. ,litll.3.12it,

’ AL 1)I 100LS t970.4 speed radio

30 000 sctnal miles, excellent

COUC t on, 895-00t;.

1003 VW BUS - oxcellont sllapo,

browa & hhn:k. C.onm sec it. Call

Jne Loinbardo, llolne: 890.0730,

Bns. B82¯9511i

,,,us~ 0 ~s ]1 ,, 7~

uldtiros tii rcar. Mu yuxtras. 03 BUICI( ¯ Special station wagon.

’$1’’1015 C"ail


717’ .ofi,I

franiBItu4Mon, Wed. Fri, 10to4 ..........

V-II aufon,ofic, radia. 3 seals for

extra kids. Roof rack, firo eilgli,u

Sat., al’t_ or ,I call 201-Mil-7112~ ..... -- red. EMra n,ol+inled snow th’es.

llrai,d new brakes. Shocks & wliilo

1911il AUSTIN IIEALY- 3009 goodwall

tires tills week. lleeeni in.

IIOIISES BOAlll)ED deluxa/coi,,tltion, Mlehelhllh’es. Clll!.i4il- speelhln. A (hnnl bay iit $’,125. 4.15.



cxport care. llligo la- 55


duor rhlg aiid elub raoili. Ilol’Ses

sehoolod~ riiee hurses lei~gt!,! ’!1)’

VetolseoiI.Arenllusaavauolneny ’ti7 ,IA(]IIAR 2 - 3 A,ilolaatir al

the hoo, or dily ,ir nlghi by iippt, I eandlllol, ed, good

vondllion ’78 CllltYSld,}lt - hl/l)erhil 2 door

Now Ol)cratell by a,,vi,cT~i (Tlio I $2375. Call 71i9.!fi25.

(larkens! lllthJaway l:arlli

hard hill. Air can,lttlonhig & oil

I iowor foatorea, lnSiilacglato

Worsvlle.Zaii lailt,’ liptr, ve . ¯ ..... ~-- , nllli) $1 i ,5 281 llgfi.411 i,

Ph,ino ,tiltVl,l~0. 019 EL )ti tA 10 CAI)IId,AC- al i l’te’ 6 i II

iin(I hill power all oviilbihle lie. " ’

ecss,,rtus, 8illlerh (~aildilhin. (:all

Fcnds and (h’iihis




iii littSl,lliAidg MII,I,S ’85 l,’lilll) I:uh’hule II t~yl slin.


’71 il,s, thtlss S [i 0 gnu

77,1Alui~ontlai, St. Ihi’l nlag v¢lieels gaull raliiung/il,

, ll/S I1/, AM/FM stiJ’lo

Pohicuioil {’!~ 19., $.100. Uoll oiler li liJn., +ill./rildk,, .I s s.lp, I 12,009 nil Cnll !)71.

WA ,1.0134 i7:17. /li117~,



’l’h(; I,awr(mc(; I,~,dge,



......Autos For Sale Autos For Sale

GItANI) PRIX.B opal e’GI

Excdlnnl ’ m g eouditon 2

(opt. Picuse c01] evcPilIgs, 2111.

’J59.Iii180 or 201.859-6002. No

reusnnabJe offer refused,

"Seven For Central Jersey"

Class i fi’ed dverfising

Campers & Trailers Business Services Special Services

’67TRIUMPH GT-0 -wire wheels 971 MUSTANG-convertible, A/C,

P relli tires, new clutch and rear’ T/F, 351cc automatic trans, AM, [

~adio & stereo tape. Deep purple’.[ spotless,. Must sell. Call 443-3250 [

uall 448 - 05II. ¯ after 7 ~ wK. enos.

VW ’60 Bug- Good condition. New 1903 CHEV. Impala 4-door Std.


P m

~urnaek~se,ando.bat!ery;,, Recently shift, 8 cylinder, g~od eon~tition,


PAINTERS - 3 college seniors 5

Chief, godcond.s.lps. 4/more ,hvy. IBM Selectric & Executive type. [FURNITURE STRIPPING. low yrs. experience. Inter or and

duck eauvas, 4 lg. storage uns, Carbon.r!bbons. Mimeographing. leost, cxpertwork. Wood or metal.


exterior work. Call before the

$195. 201-329-0331. Mrs. DICmco, 896-0004. Bear Tavern Road, West Trenton. rush, 882- 5516.


Open Men, Thin’s, Sat. 9 - 4:30.


,,vu. ~a, ~o~.oouo at[er 7 $200. CaIl 466 - 0973, after 7 p.m. [

Call 882 - 9191 or 082 - 3410




234 Nassau St.

27’, sleeps 6-8, air rend, furnace, Special Services

Transfer. Certified counselor. For


monomatic, Onan 5KW generator,

registration for professional

WA 4-0160

new drapes & carpeting loaded,

service that aids students seeking

1900 BUICK SKYLARK - grand- exeellenteond lion. $8,0000. Call

college admission call 201-297-

’00 VOLVO 122: Good condition 6 sport. Excellent mechanical 20t-722-2870 or 201-722-6343 eves

SMI’rH BROS. Alientown, N.J. PATIO BL()CI(S 1861 m" write K.B.M. Associates, . .

good tires. $300. Call 737-0483. condition. $440. Call after l0 p.m weekends.

Backhoe service septic systems

15 Dundee Rd Kendall Park N. Why wait unt the roof eaks?

to arrange aspect,on, 921-9768.

nstal cd, f -gravel. 259-7982. Specialty blocks for ........~ r~r~,~a

Decks Walks,

1970 LARK camper trailer -

& Pat os

’67 TRIUMP;I TR 4A wire wheels,

hardtop, sleeps 4. Stove, sink, HIGHTSTOWN GLASS

independent rear suspension.

elec. and water hook-ups. Ex-

19,000 mi, excel, rend. $1500 Call COLLECTOR’S ITEM. ’6I


All Work Co.

cellent condition. Must sell. 215-

Route 206, Belle Mead, N.J.

924-4990 eves.

Chrysler 300 G Red Ram Jet Two 482-9210.

Tours. High performance cam.

We repair Screens & Windows.


Needs wor.~. Best offer over $125.

Prompt Pick-up & Delivery

1971 SUPER BEETLE - Radio 201-29%0136.

Service. Glass Tops Made to


bumper guards 6200 miles ex-


also houses painted. Free

GREAT TRAILER - for small

estimate, reasonable. Call 799cellent

condition. Ca 443-1232.

family. 13-1/2’, self contained, Call: 448-2077

2489 4-9 p.m.

flush toilet heater ice box stove.

OLDS 1963 STARFIRE. bucket

Exce eat rend t on. $999. Ca l 896seats,

power steering and brakes. ’67 COUGAR XR 7 excel running


0382 after 4 p.m.

CLEANED - Trash hauled away.

Loaded with extras, $400 or best rend. low mi, new tires. $1,050.


Light hauling. Odd jobs. Call 201offer.

(201) 725-3570.

Call 883.6493 or 882-8764.



Interior & exterior. All work

guaranteed. Fully insured. Free


8 cyl. stick, $375. firm. Call Dave

TRAILER - delux 25’ sleeps 2,

estimates. Call 924-0301.

at 921-3100 or 359-8859. ’63


PLYMOUTH FURY, completely furnished carpeted,

AUTOMATIC V-8 RUNS WELL. all electric, stereo TV, Air con- Contractors & Builders

BEST OFFER TO BENEFIT d toned, shower, stainless kit-

1 Main Street

190l VW BUG - less than 5%O0OFLIGHT

TWO.CALL 924-4092 chen, refrigerator, range, spotless Flemington, N.J. 06822

miles, good tires, one owner, newAFTERNOONS.

condition. $4,000. 452-8111.


battery, $350. Call 924-3056.

(6097 466-0179


repairs and service;


pumps and hot water boilers.

1905 BUICK ELECTRA 225 -

’70 TOYOT0 CORONA - Moving,

Prompt service, licensed

TENT CAMPER, COX, sleeps 6

convertible, one owner, A-1 must sell. 16 0000 mi, perfect rend, ice box, sink, curtains, extra

CARPENTRY, REPAIRS and plumber. CallAlfredNoack (2011

running condition $600. Call 921- snow tires $1600. or best offer. storage, awning, like new. See to small alteralions. Call (609) 799-]359-3216.

9441 after 5:30.

Ca 883-6380 after 7.

appreciate. 201- 297- 2061.

0678 after 5:30 p.m.

" ’ FURNISRED ROOM . for gentleman

on quiet street. 2 blocks off

Main St., Call days, 201-725-6363 or

eves, 201-722-5524. Manville. .A

ROOM FOR RENT - in private



near RCA Laboratory.,

Gentleman" only, free parking.

Pleasephone 452-2125 after 0 p.m.

or week ends.

I P anahead for your roof ng needs:

I NEW ROOFS repairs


PAVING 03Moran Princeton RENT, near campus and walk ng


Walnut4-2063 distance to Penn. R. R. Parking

available. 924-4474.

Driveways, patios, trenching,’ and

dozing work.

Established 1941

Garden-Landscape For Rent - Apts.



PAIN’I’ING - experienced


~tudenis, interior - exterior, very Landscape Designing Willow Apts. 1 - One bedroom apt.

~ood work, reasonable rates


for June 1st. $185. me. 1-One

’eferences. Call Gregg 201-545- Contracting bedroom apt. for July 1st. $175.

5075 utter 4.

me. For appt. Call 448-0960.



MANVILLE: 5-1/2 rms, 1/2

duplex. Own utilities. Call (20I)

forlnula race cars exclusively. LANDSCAPING & YARD WORK722-8471.

Doe~fiig~]dn cons truc t ion Tree surgery and trees removed.

-’ . . ¯ Liming and fertilizing Grass

p rotot ype Cna~c~SctU~l~gevel opmem



I cutting & shrubbery trunmed. 2 ROOM APT. all utilities n-

by appt. only

Free estimates

eluded on U.S. Hwy. 1, Men. Jet..


Call 924-6301

Single party 45 yrs. or older. 201-


VW 1971 SUPER - AM/FM radio, 4

’71 VEGA - hatch back coupe

eed shift, rear window 23200 miles, 4 speed, AM/FM

~a radio $1700. Call 215-493-5715.

Movin~ - 1909 FORD LTD Country

Squi,’e - 429 eng, air rend, PS,

PB, excel, rend. 1 oweer. Call 201-

859-3962 or 359-6951.

’03 CHEV II - Station wag}m, 4 dr.

0 cyl. auto. Call 443-1564.

BUICK LA SABRE 1969 - door

hard top, blue with white vinyl top,

air conditioned, low mileage

121,000 , excellent rend tion, Best

offer above $2,000. Call 924-6998.

70 MALIBU - air, stereo tape

Michilens, post rear, tilt steering,

more. Call Marianne, 921-6995 9

a.m. - 4 p.m. Must sell.

’67 GTO - vinyl roof, fact. air, p/s,

p/b, auto trans. 1 lady owner

under 50,000 mi, $1175.’Ca 448-

3830 after 6.

DODGE DART 1963, new seat


’69 VW BUS & CAMPER - $~500. ---- S~.

Good cond bed, elec. out extra SCISSOR SHARPENING - reg. I vice. Let Our professional era-


II after 6 p.m. 737-3473.

seat, rad o, screens. Ca 609-448- scissors 75¢. Plucking shears ployees rdeasc you from the

CARPET CLEANING your garden work and grass

cutting? Call after 6 p.m., 924 - LAWRENCEVILLE - 3-1/2

7690 after 6.

$t.50. Call 448-6056. ~h’udgery of every day


aousecmaaing. Our reliable


rooms, private entrance, utilities

’64 CHEVY IMPALA - 4 door

workers am available on a daily

Soil is actually extracted not

included, $175. me. Garage op-

.............. ¯ ~,,o,,,~,~ basis iu tie E W- Hightstown scrubbed deeper into the carpet.


tional, avail. June 1. Ideal for 1

sedan, auto, PS, V8, perfect mech,

rend. $250. Call after 6 p.m., 201-

Motorcycles ~]~I~IC~?NG ~.01~ .......

area. All iur empi’0yees are in- Old shampooing method is iuef-

person. 896-1852.


’ ’


sured for your protection. Call 448ficient,

costly to you, outdated.

0942 or 44i - 5621.



We guarantee that your earpet --Designer and Contractor- BELLE MEADlar~euptodatealJt.

’71 HONDA - mini-trail 50cc.

will be cleaned better than it’s

1963 VW BUG - in excellent rend.


6rooms tilebath Adu]ts$295. me. ~,

Reasonable offer. Call 201-297-1780 sidewalk, steps & all repair work.

cvcr been cleaned before.

Reasonable offer. Call after 6


Alexander St. Ut t es extra, l0 rain. from Prin.

daily after 6, anytime weekends.

p.m., 201-526-8579.

1201) 526-1992.


Princeton & Somerville. Call after 5, 201-

Regulating Repairing


452-240l 389-6400.


For Free Estimates


1971 HONDA, SL-10O Scrambler,


220 Nassau St. 924-3242

SUBLET- 2 bedrooms 2 bath Apt.

the frame from this VW bug with

like new. driven 482 miles. $375. RICHARD PETTY 799-0798 McmbeiPiano Techn clans

Cranbury Road, Princeton Jet. GARDENING- LANDSCAPING - in E. Windsor July 1, 1972 - March

63,000 miles. $75. Call 921-9247.

Helmet included. (201) 359-8358 EXCAVATING-LANDSCAPING ~-uild, Im.

799-0327 - 1849 Brunswick Ave. LAWN CARE - Call 924-7804. 1, 1973 at $230. per month. Central

after 0 p.m.



Trenton 695-3242.

air & pool. Ca11448 - 9474.

Septic systems - sewer & water

lines connected driveways &

1953 MERCEDES BENZ - 300

harking areas constructed, land-

VOLK’S - lug Cleaning & Floor’

series sedan, sliding roof. Not


Waxing Rugs professionally dune TAVERNER POOI,S WILL DO GRASS CUTTING &

nmnmg. $350. Call 452-8096.

1971 SUZUKI MT 50; trailhopper

excel rend. 625 mi, still under

H’~ht~o~a Rd. P, fmet(n Jet.

nyour hone. Free estimates 609-

lawn work. Have own equipment

6 ROOM APTS.- spacious bright,


ground floor private honm, 2

Retail Store & transportation. Call weekdays

warranty. Moving to bigger bike

Chemicals alter 6 p.m. (609) 921-6294 or 1201)

private entrances garage,

only reason selling. $225 or best



Pool Repairs

modern outside area, shaded,


offer. Call 924-0633, 8:30-10 pm.

Datsun sports car. Best offer. Call


General ebaning and repairs.

good neighborhood references.

448- 6825 p.m.

Free estimites. Call Ed Radigan See our unique installations

Heply box 100 c/o Windsor Hights

Call Jasper the dependable



All Work Co.

1905 CHEVY - 250 6 cylinder

I moving man. Insured.

WATEf¢.Pf~DOFING CELLARS Route 206, Belle Mead, N.J.

engine, standard needs valve job

and pun seal kit. $50. Will deliver


CH 7-6787

GUARAN’IEED - Chimneys,


MONMOUTH JCT 4 rm apt $225

Plastering, Brick & Block wo’rk.

House Sitting per me. 1 me security. 12011 329locally

for$10. 448- 7418.

Call John P~macchi, 009-585-8484.


TRAINS: A. F. - Lionel, Tyco-

’60 MUSTANG good rend.



Marklin-N, Expert repair service. NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE

auto latic ps radio, air rend. $650.

BOAT - 33h.p. Evenrude motor

We will buy or trade your set.

SUB-LET- 1 bedroom unfurnished

desire housesitting arrangement t. $195. at Twin Rivers,

Call 924-7600.

fully equipped, $700. Call 448-2312.

L & L BUILDERS AND ALUMINUI~ STORM DOORS Shell’s Trains for summer. Call 921-9172 after 5 ~lg

covers new tires, United rebut


347 Willow St.

htstown. 443-3285 after 7 PM. --


engine 25 00O miles, dent in left

Guaranteed :Insured. Before 5 Bordeetown, N.J.

side, new I~rakes, $300 firm. Call

Alterations, Additions, Repairs,

SAILBOAT - 15’ fiberglass with 70’

466-3748 afte 5 & weekends. 737-

2 Responsible grad. students seek SUBLET - 1 bedroom un-,I

Roofing and Garage Conversions.

’65 CHRYSLER NEWPORT. 2- after 12 noon 201-297-9554. main 32’ jib, and trailer. 1 year


"No job ton small."

.. noursaqz, 609-29a-1.469. ~-o~ats. _ s-a _ housesitting posit on n Princeton furnished apartment, $195. Twin

for June to August, Excell. Rivers, Hightstown, N. J. Call 443door

hardtop, good condition,

old. Ca 406-04’12.

Phone 201-329-4004

references. Call 924-1640. 3285 aftm’ 7 p.m.

reasonable price. Call week days I ....

Sun 2 5

1:30- 3:30 and 6:30- 8:30 p.m. 921-1


UNFURNISHED 2 bedrm, apt.

OPEL GT 1900 series,, gold 4 spd, CLAYTON SKIFF - must sell, LAMP SHADES - lamp mounting GARAGE DiORS INSTALl,El)

radio disc brakes, excel cone inboard accessories. Good con- and repairs, Nassau Interiors, 162 REPAIRED- Reasoeable. Free


& Water included. Private

Call after 6 p.m. 12011 247-5275. dition. Evenings 609-448-4495. Nassau St., Princeton. estimates, 2~1 - 297 - 3797.

home. Telephone 452-9286 after 0.1 student wife & child seek entrance. Manville. Call FRIDAY

housesitting position or 2 bdrm ONLY, after 6 pm. 201-725-8408.

apt. June - Labor day. (017) 926-

1070 MG Midget, white con-

14’ BOAT TRAILER - $100. 0 h.p.


-TO-GO wonderful ceton



or Reply Box 1950 e/o Prin. "Apartment Homes for

vertible, wire wneels, only 22 000

motor Evim’ude, $200. Aluminum

- Available for parties, fairs, food for parties at home. Delivery

Gracious Living"

nfiles. Call 924-8699. P ’0t JAGUAR 3.8 electra, c assie, pram 12’, $100. Kayak $10. Call 882 NEW AND USED VACUUM benefits. Orginal shows for young dully. After 5::10 ).m. phone 737excellent

condition 4 door, j~de - 1930.

CLEANERS -- Sales and service. and old. Re$oeable. 609-737-1199. 20t2 for menu.


green, automatic transmiss ol

Featuring Kirby Sanitronic

like new, collectors item. 587-3599.

System. Come into our showroomttOME

Ill’PAIRS - Masonry,

BUCKS COUNTY AREA - Home The prestige address of Lower


13’ FIBERGLASS SKI BOA’]’ with 732 Livingston Avenue North fireplace sidewalks patios DRESSMAKING AND ALTERA- sitters availuble. Comp e e y Bucks County. For pleasure .

1979 GRAND PRIX, clean as a

trailer. Call 452-2048. Brunswick, or phone 249 - 0131. reroofing, allerations, E. R. TIONS, Janice Wolfe. Call 809-449-. reliable couple no children. Ownswimming

tennis, the Club and a

whistle. Loaded: P/Wind., P/S,

WcsterveR, 201 - 309 - 4170. 2125.

antique filled 1800 townhouse Newbeautiful

reflect on lake and

Stereo, Ab’ Cond., Lt. Blue, Blk,

Yerk. Will live in Bucks County grounds.

Top, new tires $8,100. 201-297-


PORSCHE ’04 - Reconditioned.


horuc June, July and/or August.

Completely rebuilt eng ,e New 12-1/2 ft SAILBOAT Bberglass puinter. Interior & Exte,’ior TORS IN?. specializitg SLIPCOVERS & DIIAPERIES - Cure for pets. Copious references. For comfort ¯ your own private

paint. Pe{fect condition Movinghull,

cotton sails, almninum mast

References. Professional job at 14rading, hhd cleuriog cellarer. custom nlude. 13ring your fahrib Will exchange homes if des red. entry from outdoors, a patio,

must sell. Call. 609 - 392- 6284. & boom $250. 6 tiP MERCURY

amateur prices. 921-0327. bill (liri ul~ h)) soil..t06-3032 or select from nurs. Call 585..3244. Reqn re swimming pool. Call 212- cmnplete kitchens, carpeting,

891110:l_= :): ..........................


individual heat and air con-

outboard motor ’611 axe. eond.

ditioning and abundant closet

$180.6 ft. ROW BOAT wood, ideal

IIUII,DEIIS Ualcss oiuq’wisc anted all TIlE TASTY II1Stl - has available


’06 ALFA ROMEO . Guilt 600

for fishing on lake. $25. Call 924-






e’ Ve ore.




top., new l~



1330 after 0 p.m.


[elepluale umuhcrs ill’l[! Area leleetablegonrmat casseroles for

SOUGIIT BY two W.C.C, nmn. I

EMPTY GARAGE? Fill it with

Additions (’ode 6119,

~onr dimmr or buffet party. Call

hmnediate First Occupancy

Awulable June - thru August.

2 dual wcbers, 5 speed t’tlns,

our Volvo. 144S durk green beauty

924 - 154!) for brochure.


Phone Doug Green 921-9015 or

I’irelll radials. Please call after [

in excellent condition, 1008. Enjoy

One bedroom style . $100, One


).in., 866-3371. or 507-6506 Ex. yourself, Open to offers. 400-2184


write Westminster Choir College, bedroonl and den - $200, Two

ce eat condition,


11172 SUNFISII - $549. (save $100.)



Call 799-0719.

All Work Co.

IIllESSMAKING and Alterations,

bedrooms - $210, and the Deluxe

ltt. r,t & llalf Aeru Itd. Reasonublo prices, 924-7484,

two bedroom apartment homo

Route 200, Belle Mead, N.J.

Canbury, N.J.

with don and two baths - $255,



IIt/USESITTING AVAILABLE CALL 215.94~1-2211, Directions

SCtlOOL BUS hlternation:tl |959

:~xeol. a It. beg,lining Jtmo 1, idea from Trenton - South on Route I to

I)IH,:SSMAKING ale’~tons il ’)’ young woman 0,’ marrie(

56 passenger. Cun be used its bus

Route 13. oontlnuo on tit, 13 South

tuy u)lne, reasuna)e rates, (,’till :oa|)le. sulnnler rcspoaslbillties

nr carol,or. Must sell, Make offer.

2-1/2 miles to Mill Creek Road,

Call Hi~)9) 565.5251), 0-0 p,nl,

Ilclud. ()all 799.0005, Exit, turn left to Sumples,

M(lil - 1970. Roadster AM.FM

slcreu, brnuze yellow cxee .

$2,209. (a 39.b5407 ofter 5 I’M.


possonger Wogu)l, Wprldng, good

COUIIIIIolL POWi’ ~tee’ g A ly

rcusollll } e 0 nr, 201 ¯ a07 ¯ 2030

u[tt!I’ 0,


pew ,p, now th’ea, ohvuya kt~pt In

eXCtlltnt t ) e U 11ditlUll, glt141Ill.520:I,


The Manville News

The Franklin NEWS’RECORD

Special Services Bldg. Svcs. & Supply

For Rent- Rooms

Wanted To Rent

I(/ME l,’Olt ()Nt] WANTED

tlraduathlg 11 ’v ’ s ideut wlih

full tlule i[)b lu P, Iceton seeks to

rent qtlle[ house or apt preforu ,ly

i! eoliuti.y, within troilinl ring

Ills IlCt t seer on o’ 51 i lUld

211tl, Write Peie’ S, Ilh’sch !10

I.iuuoeull St, Cilulbr dge, M ss,


(lutehetlse, carehikoo’8 cettage,

gU!’lige apt. er like for (’Clltlll by Ill

yoiir.uh[, inurrled P,lceiall

iu’chlleehlru shidolli, Will (Io

eurelilkhig I)1’ gellel’ill liiuhl.

IOnolleO 68 )i rtla ll!iyliitlilt of

relit. Wlah to inuvo d u’ g U lU oo

,Itily, Conluell t ~e’t Collrey

Noi’lhulilphoi, Mu,, I 000, 14l~1

16 Arnnhl Aveltlle, Norlh.

nnillion, Mu,, o11)1111, i,Illt)



Thf; I zwrl~n(:(’ I.(~dgf~r

THURSDAY, MAY ll; 1972

Wanted To Rent



Wanted To Rent

"Seven For Central Jersey"

Class i fi’ed . dvertising


Real Estate For Rent

~eal Estate For Rent


The Manville News

The Franklin NEwSRECORD


Summer Rentals Land For Sale Real Estate For Sale Real Estate For Sale


IIANDS - unfurnished 2 - 3 apartment immediately. Prin-

bedroom house in Princeton Bore ceton- Pdder College area. Call 077

I. oi’ Twp. wanted to lease for at - 1800.

least 2 years sturting Sept. I. Now

renting in Shady Brook area on

short term lease and desire

similar rental for longer period of Real Estate For Rent

time. Please call 924-9335.


wife desire unfurnished house, I,’OR ItENT - Half of house on

maximum $300, starting Sept. 1. residential street. Walking

Call 921-7395 after 6 p.m. distance to University. Living

room and kitchen downstairs, 1

large bedroom and full bath upstairs.

Available immediately.

FROM AUGUST 1 for 2 years $195. ter month for summer or

house with 3 bedroom, un- ongcr. CalI 452-2652.

fu’nished within commuting

distance to Princeton. Wr te

N.K.A.A., Box 2236, Princeton, N.




For retirement after Sept. 1 OLD PRINCETON ROAD. Three

refined responsible couple wahl bedrooms newly decorated

unfurnished 2 bedroonl apartmentrancher

with living room, dining

in quite country or town home. room, and modern kitchen. Full

Area Princeton Lawrenceville,

basement one ear garage. Close

,~ Pcnnington, Hopewell, Rocky Hill, to Lawrence High schools and

Griggstown. Prefer rural setting, shopping center. Only 7 miles

pay substantial rent for comfort, f’o n Princeton $350 per month.

good equipment and space. Write Heferenees and security deposit

Box 1972 e.o Princeton PackeL required.

PRINCETON GRAD STUDENT - I) Pintinalli Realty Co.

seeks reasonable country 695-850l anytime

residence for outdoor loving wife

and 3 year old child. Call 924 - 7620.

FOR RENT 1/2 double house in

WANTED TO RENT: Kendall Princeton Bore. Liv rm, dining L,

Park Ranch, furnished, July or kitchen & powder rm on 1st ft. 3

Aug. Responsible older couple; bdrms & bath on 2rid. 2 yr lease

nochildren or pets: References. required. $275 per me. Avail July

201 - 297 - 0540 after 6 P.M.

1st, Call 806-0321.

ttOUSE for rent Princeton $375


COUPLE need 2 bdrm apt/house

to rent in Princeton area, starting

July, $200 pro’ me. Call (203) 562-

4 7520 collect.


UNFURNISHED IN Princeton for

German Veterinarian with

pharmaceutical company. One

adult. Write Box 1974, c/o Princeton

Packet, Princeton, N.J.


professional man needs small

unfurnished aparhnent in Princeton

by August 1. Excellent

references. Call 440-7604 week

clays after 6 p.m. or write P.O. Box

25, Princeton, N.J.


reuuires forge furnished house to

call 452-2000,


0 room apt private horn e,

residential area. accessible to

er me. June, July & Aug.



ROOSEVELT - home for rent OFFICE BLDG w/adequate n,, ........... ’ .... FA1.M- for sac by owner ad-

..... Sl~ rut~ rti~’r - a weegs, I ioining current development. Call I M&I II~//l~lflll II M IS FOR MAY - the month to buy

spacious 6 room, 3 bedroom home storage or filing space & living Monmouth JunctionJune26-hug. I ~/99-0260 | wru’v’T!ulvll [ this brick and frame rancher

for summer rental. June 25-Aug. quar[ers. Newly renovated & 4. 2 or 3 hedrooms 1-1/2 baths, ....... | ~"ltt~t~.~a~/.S ~’ situated on i 1/4 acres. Entrance

21, Studio incl. all appliances ovailable immediately. Locat,:d Dining room, living room large

avail. Baby e~uip, too; Reas. 440- on Hiway US 130 in East Windsor


nAnnY LAKES 1/3 acre ear aer ~’~" foyer, large kitchen with eating

kitchon, airconditioned. 201-329- ["o(’near"’iglaviJoy Cub Great

area, formal dining room, living

5533 between 9-11 A,M. 4-10 P,M.

Twp. $350 per me, long lease. Call 2012. I~,,oa sk fs~t swim S~crifice Walu-Vision is a copyrghte¢ room with fireplace 3bedrooms 2

(609) 452-2212.

/~a[l~eves ’201-297- Ill’0. franchise wearelicensedtouse r full ceramic tile baths family

[ .............. the Mercer County area. It’s not room with fireplace and built in

SAN FRANCISCO [lOUSE FOH[GPdGGSTOWN- On Coppermine just black and white but color bar, ponybarn, 2cargarage.

SUMMER 10 rooms plus 1-1/2 | Head minutes away from Prin- ’photographs of homes inside and



COMMUTER. Princeton Junc-

FOR RENT - about 1,000 so., ft.of

baths¯ Fenced n yard Near/retort Choee 7 acres of high out)

space. Suitable for office Qr Un vers ty of San. Fran. $325 a| ground w th breathtaking vew of

MAGNIFICENT- is what you will

ton 3 bedrooms large living workshop. For details call before me 924-2999.

/ hills and valleys below. Pr ce for SURROUNDED BUT NOT say when you see this Pennington

room dining room, kitchen with

dishwasher, large family room

12 noon. 609-440-0426. hn-

............ [ths gorgeous location is only CROWDED BY OTHER PRES-2 story Colonial. Front flagstone

mediate Occupancy.

/$50,000. P ease cal MODICA

TIGE HOMES is this Garr son porch entrance foyer, largeliving

with brick wall fireplace, 2 car

l REALTY Broker at (609) 393-6072 Colonial on a large lot with a lake room with fireplace, formal dining

garage with ample storage.

SUMMER SUBLET - sacrifice/or (609) 077-0625 after 5:30 p.m. view. Featuring a huge living room, modern kitchen, laundry

Completely fenced lnyard. Close

DulSlex, 2 bedrooms, walkLngl and al day Sundays

’oom w th fireplace panelled den room, 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths,

to schools on quiet deadend street.

d stance from University off|

w th f rep ace, b g modern eat-in side screened in porch, basement

Monthly rent $395. Occupancy

street parking. Reasonable Call/

kitchen with many cab nets, argo ]with family room and bar, burglar

Aug. 1. One year lease call 609-

609-396-9241 days or 609-921-3720./ slate floored entry ha 4 alarm system, automatic flood



/lDEAL PRIVATE Camping S te hedrooms 21/2 baths, Central air, lights, 2 car garage¯ Large lot with

Ideal for Doctor Lawyer Real

intercom and a brick patio are maturetreesandshrubbingthatis

Estate. Newly decorated, parking.

/ 12 acres surrounded b~/ Lebanoo

~-- ~ State Forest Ceder creek runs among the extras you will enjoy #eeondtonone. $64,900.

Ramilton Square. 20 min. from

th~ u propert$;. $7,500. Call 609-894-here. Offered at $66500

Princeton. Call 924-0490 after 6


MIGRATE - Penn View Heights


ROUSE FOR RENT - furnished. 3

............. E Secluded ’

MINKS WEAR OUT STONE and settle down n this 2 story

tv~n-~Fe.r,~v~ nuu~ ; ~ CASTLES NEVER DO’give yourlColonial with aluminum siding.

bedrooms 2 baths all appliances

1850 home on 80 acres. Beaut[fro wife a lasting gift that can be Large entrance foyer, separate

on L:ake’ Carne’gie, "c’hildren

v)ew ¯ , modern conven ’


ences , 25

,nassed on for generations. The dining room, living room with

welcome. $350. per month from

min NW of Belfast¯ July. Call (215) i ilnt ne v dem so-of the first owner fireplace family room, kitchen

June 15 - January ’73. Call 924-1483

between 5-7 p.m. Summer Rentals

Unless otherwise noted all

telephone nmnbers are Area

Code 009.


PRIN. JeT. 3 BR, eat-in kiteh, LR,

DR combination, Fam. R.,

Laundry rm, 2 car garage,

walking distance to R.R. Aome, &

schools. $360 me. plus utilities.

Occupancy around June 1st. Call

799 - 1541.

overlooking ocean, avail Apr 1st -

July 31st. Also Sept. Write to Box


and bath close to Princeton, $175.

1925, c/o Princeton Packet or Call

drms, a/c, liv. rm. bath & Plus utilities¯ Reply Box 101, c/o

(Ohio) 216-743-5181.

garage. Call (201) 329-2012. Windsor Heights l-lerald.

SPACE AVAILABLE - for garage

or work shop. Electric and water.


Call 799 - 2564.

Allentown and Robbinsville.

Adults preferred. Must have

references, one month security.



HOUSE for rent in Princeton

Junction with 2-1/2 baths. Near

RR station and primary school.

One year lease available starting Business

June 1st. $350 per month. Call

(609) 799-2314. Real Estate For Rent


I ENT Aa( ’72 July 1 "-,.r~ Route 1 & 1 block off Freeway in




:’-o’ ¯ q-a ".1.


: -’ "~




onlyl0min from

’ ¯ ’ rrmceton. - ~a ~u o~


p ,. ’ - sute ,-

welLfurmshed home - high . .

ooilinv~ Inf~ nf light mode’- ~a Reasonable. Also single teems of

--:’:--~,’.:~- ~" "~’ ’ ~ .... "~, 150 sq ft to 500 sq ft All have air

eat in Kncnen screenefl orcfl ¯ .

lovely garuen.


~ wa,.P

, ixing

.’ I


cond carpeting plus paid parking


’ - ~-~,¢~¢ Immedl-n~

U~.~?’etY~°~.a~dlb~.Ns~sP2ets iiiipa°ni’ey.VCal"i’;86:7126 or 5"87:


AVA LABLE Brand new Ranch room modern attractive, air eond.

house with 3 bdrms living rm loffice with reception space. Call

dining rm and modern kitchen 924-5572 or 924-0125.

with I I/2 baths. Convenient

locotion Carter Rd & Princeton

ltd. $400 per me. Call (609) 466- APRIL 1 OCCUPANCY - 2nd floor


Nassau St., 6 offices and 1 bath,

semi-carpeted and draped. Some

desks and file cabinets to be left

THIS 1S A IIOUSE FOR RENT - 4 with rental. $500. per month 2

rooms, tile bath, baseboard heat, year lease required¯ Call 921-6796.

yard, mixed neighborhood. Call

doys, 924-1234, eves. 924-5265.

MA7-6817. ’ELM RIDGE PARK-I 1/2 acres left his dream castle unfinished, with breakfast area, laundry

or larger; Pr nceton’s prestige The location 6 miles from Turn- room, study, 2 1/2 baths, 4

reside~tialareawith argeprivate pike Exit 0, high on a wooded bedrooms, 2 car garage, full

lake and trees $16,000 andup H. hillside means you con commute basement. $04,900.

ST.THOMAS, VIRGIN ISLANDS- A Pearson 609-73%2203 or own to and from work rapidly. To ease

OCEAN GROVE-Close to beach. Luxurious villa accommodation broker.

your Queen Guinevere’s labors :MORE - is what you will get for

I apts. furnished. Summer with private beach and mad you eanhouseyourservantsattbe your money in this aluminum

mason; 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths, service. Leave your cares beh nd foot of the hill in the tenant house. Isiding 2 story Colonial situated on

)prob, ocean view, $1500; 5 and let the gent e lapping of the ~ Investigate this at $84,500 and almost 2 wooded acres. Slate

rooms, carpeting, full bath, sealullyou to sleep. Enjoy breakxmr~wr,

u~n,n,mr_ ,nT forllearn that you don’t have to be a entrance foyer, separate dining

withWasherfull porChbath $800.$1200caefficiencY201-297- fast on your own spacious private ~v~’~’o~,~:~"~,"~ ,Vw ~"

[ king to live like one. room,, lai~ge l!ving room,, k~ehen

ha onnv w ,h breathtakinu sa,e ... .~.-o ~---~ .... ~’l wlmnreaKIas~area, lamny room,




view of beautifu’~ $12,500. Phone 896-032 1 / IF YOU DEMAND BRICK CON- with fireplace, laundry room, 2 t/2

P~,vnaf Rnv Idonl fnr enunl~ or

/STRUCTION AND PLASTER baths 4 large bedrooms, 2 car

fam~y Reply: Cowpet P l) Box

WALLS - you intlst see th)s 3 arageandfuBbasement. $56,300.

134, ~t. Thomas Virgin Islands ]bedroom Hanch situated in a

00001. 1 1/2 ACRE LOT with large apple convenient Hopewell Twp.

CAPE MAY; Furn 7 bdrm home

trees, South B ’unswiek Township. l~eation. 2 fireplaces big kitchen,

For immediate sale at $9000. Call and many custom features will

Barclay Agency, 440-0700 delight you. Well worth the asking



New chalet. 3 BR, 2 baths, all

sports, weekly/me. 201-297-4529.

SHORE HOUSE- House on lagoon

eeps 6, private deck, close to

)rivate beach, l0 m n. from

~easide. Weekly, monthly or

seasonal. 695-3067.


HOUSE - living rm, dining rm, lg.

artists studio w/skylight, 4 bd,

rms 3 baths¯ One block to community

pools tennis courts. 3

i min. by car to Univ. Excel. weekly

cleaning woman. Approx. $450.

me. Available mid-June thru

Labor Day. Call 924-6065.

FOR RENT - Beach Haven house

or apartment. Ocean side,

reasonable rates. Call after 6 p.m.



June to mid-Sept. (flexible)

Furnished; 3 bedrm., 2 bath, airconditioned

rancher on landscaped

1/2 acre near Lawrencevflle.

30 ft. living-rm., colonial

dining rm. electric kitchen (dishwusher).

Pane led studio,

~ nelled basement game - rm.

asher, dryer, freezer, Garage,

stores-references supplied. Cull EAST WINDSOR WARREN shade and fruit trees.

(609) 655-207;I.


and shopping center 3 Rt. 130 & Dutch Neck t~oao,

bedrooms living room dining Private entrance, [ully air con-


¯ oom, k tchen, t /2 b~tils large ditioned, carpeted, acoustic

roe u on 3rd floor $250. mon’th plus ceiling panelledwalls. Attractive

IIARVARD BUSINESS SCtlOOL utilities. Call 696-0238 or 883-3153 buid ng with excellent location

stndent wife & child seek after 0 p.m,

and ample parking. Utilities and

housesitting position or 2 bdrm

taxes by landlord, lroom$10Onetl

apt. June - Labor Day. (617) 926- ~ I me., 2 room suite $200. net me.

’~’ 0361 or l(eply Box 1056 e/o Prin- I t or 2 year lease, Call 440-4024

ceton ’ P ~ cket ’ ’. IIOUSE FOR RENT: 3 bdrms, 2 week days.

baths separate dining rm private/

driveway, large $ard, walking/ ~--

~~ d st to Un vers ty Reeeltly


’ ~()UOI ’ " e( resnot ’c~ovated


$35) pc’ me. Cal 452- ’ ’

,, ~ * ~ ~? ,. r. , r.,

s " bla s!? seek g o)po t ’ mty tOl -.’. )6)2

/1500 square feet of office and

14roup n,vmg experience; r~eeu |~storage slaee.

ltOn’le wha ,t or inol’e Deuroolus, ~ ]

I ’~ setting. Willing to keep i MAUItlCEII tlAGFMANCO

g’ounds and do ndnor repairs./ ......................... / ’)31 llogersAvn ’

M x nnla, re t $, ( t;fe’enees, llOu~ t’Ult ttt,,ml, n, uarr,son, ~"htst)wll N ~J

(’a11’01- ’~7 34 t o’ 2 7- 5 st ’ ncetol 2o’ bdrnls 1 vmg ~ ....

: .... rrn diniog rill kitchen family

........ rlu ah’ cond g/.H’age Feueed il1 --~

/ bockyard. Move rig.bt in far $,125

.... Imp. 2 }has. socant$,, Call (20t) PItINCETON, N, J, . lease in-

WAN II " ’~ I) "" ,’ st i aa ’ lool ’ l( 1~0 ] 2 1012 -2 ’ dustrlal buihling I0 00O sq ft,

vaaug intellitleat WOlnaa cola’hleu/ an’~:roxhpatelv 2’500’st fl’ oif

it, wheel chn,’ good eompaninn .... phOnes.ace ~ire~tlv of[lof R’t #i

eeokiog privik!ges preferred, the with at’tess’ to N ~. ’l’ul’,lO k’o ’~

stole’ lilt I ettor, Call 799 - 0805. tullboa d Io’ad ’;’ docks I drive

’ I S (t io,lse ’ill rePt on Glenl . *,


’ ’ ’ ) " ) " ¯. In. flew souuu col 8t






Ave, Illl,awrenen’lownsmp near So.hlkler syste I1 P ’k lg

sthouls $150 el’ uo th, Jily 5 ~o Io~ Pea~tnts~ Otlt ~a~

.............. " ] ¯ * ’ * o ’ ...........................


4 t()OIVl AI~AR’rMENT waiRed !972 tu J!ll~ 15, 1973, 1, Ul C I M’s Pavsky t609) 452.2077.

’V a IaI v,’ tl 3 cl ihh’n I. Manville ~)t’(ffu(,I,l~s’ 2,~c,] elenccs’

no pots.

area, Rent, $159- Sill() per inunth, t.,i,, .,,., -, ......

Call afto’ 5, {It)it 529.1173,1.

s’rORI’ TO LET suitablo for ’~’ V.

.’,,l,Nt, ,t,,:s,,:A,t



rh(; l,awron(;(; I,e, dgor



"Seven For Central Jersey"

Class i fi’ed Jqdvertising

Real Estate For SaleReal

Estate For Sale Real Estate for Sale Real Estate For Sale Real Estate For SaleReal

Estate For Sale Real Estate for Sale Real Estate For Sale

............. $42,400,


, HIGHTSTOWN BORe possible,



income producing property. 21 17 ._’tmaI’a~w=t*r .



NEVER BEFORE LISTED story, 4 bedrooms, living, room, I

BUSLINE. Only one left. Under ROYAL OAK ROAD’ - 3 or

dining room, remodeled kltchen, 11 I JBaL,I a.L~ a,i J, LD

construction. Ranch

bedro, is., 2 1/2 baths, rec room The New Jersey Hospital

A TRUE 1/2 baths, on a corner lot. Price I I IIli liliI I l~lg

$54,900. with ~ eplace, basement partial Associationdesires to receive bids


finish~ . for the possible purchase of its

$34’5°°’1I II[o~i~;~i~

Located in Bldg. A, suite l ONLY 4 LEFT. Lots. Will build to

offi/:e building locafed at 1101

Customized throughout its depth OFFICE SPACE-available to

and breadth, this 4 bedroom home, mcludereceptlomstandtelephone

II . . , I"~incetonAreaOffice Ice

Warren Plaza West Shopp ng suit or willsell 1 & 1 - 1/2 acre lots STONICKER DR. - 3 bedroom ~ 2 State toad, Princeton, New


each bedroom having at least answering service. Rent deter-I I 12FYmvltlViit THE KNOLLS - brand new never Center.

from $16 000 to $18,500. Open for 1/2baths, recroom, privatestt

Jersey directly opposite Prin-

basement, carpeting, drate’~’,

double capacity, is an absolute mined by s . Ft needs and ser-

been lived in Ranch on a 1/2 acre

inspect on, Sat. & Sun., 1 to 5.

eeton rport.

treed lot.


vices ~r"vi~ed ’

WEST WNDSOR RANCH sltuated site in the Levitt Knolls between


r,~ . on over l-1/2 acres, adjacent to a Hightstawn&Freehold. Features BRICK AND FRAME SPLIT N.J.MANNI REALTY, INC.

The building is a two - story

Call201-297-2518Anytime GLENN AVE. - 3 or 4 bedrooms, 1 frame and masonry structure

The dimensions of each room from HICKORY ACRES-Split level, 4 proposed golf course features of this modern home include: LEVEL-0montholdinMillstone

1/2 bl is, ree room, basement containing approximately four-

the living room with fireplace to bedrooms l fulland2 half baths, include spacious entrance foyer Living room with picture window, Twp. on treed lot. Large living

carpel g, drapes, central air teen thousand (14 000) square feet

the family room, to the dining

Ig. liv. rm., formal dining~llarge living room, family size handsome modern eat-in kitchen, room with bow window formal

condit aing.

room, to the kitchen is sized to

modern kit., panelledlkitchen with dining area, 31three bedrooms, ceramic tile dining room, ultra-modern kit-

of office and utility space. Zoning

i.perfection. One of tile basement fam. rm. w/fireplace. Sep-lbedrooms 2 full baths, attached I bath, attaehedgarage, centralair ehen, 25’ family room, 3

. . LAWRENCE . PENNINGTON laws permit substantial building

Sale by owner ¯ .,

- Long







4 expansion. The building is located

rooms is finished and panelled. arate living, quarters for lgarageandcovered patio. $37,300. I conditioning and all appliance, bedrooms 1-l/2 baths. Wen’,last section.+ of Lawrencev((te. Air bedrooms, 2-1"/2 oaths" panelled’ on a lot of approximately two

The balance of the basement is

m()ther arid fath6r. Lg. lot. Many I Immediate occupancy at $33,900. long.

conddloned.four bedrooms, ~ 2-1/2 rec. room wi~n ..... Hrep(ace’ 2 car acres. The building is serviced by

-partitioned into a number of work other extras, must see to ap- EAST WINDSOR CUSTOM $44,900. baths. Newly carpeteo name on- ~ . , municipal water, sanitary, and



BUILT COLONIAL CAPE COD BROOKTREE SPLIT - lovely EXPANSIVE BUT NOT EX- one acre wooded landscaped lot garage, nasement, storm sewers, and eIectrictty.

Just reduced to $42990 with 10 rooms ineludin fenced in lot on this outstanding PENSIVE - brick and cedar with 30-year-old beech trees : FII.EDAULETTAREAI,TY

It would be a delight to show you

level home. Features bmlude Rancher on 3/4 acre lot in West situated at end of quiet cul-de-sac Realtor 683-5522 If any bid is accepted by the

thissplendid welldecorated home COMMERCIAL LOCATIONS

carpeted living room and Windsor Twp. with city utilities. storm windows and doors Eves. lt.uthLehmann 682-8708New Jersey Hospital Association,

ocatedon2 ovelyacres. $62,500.

with with Cathedral Only 3 years old offering 7 throughout functional fireplace in __ occupancy will be given on or

Sites available for service station,

2-1/2 ~pacious rooms, 2-1/2 baths, 2 car living room. Landscaped patio [ about. January I 1976, or as may

food store etc. Hi-way frontage.

;arage, full basement and ex- family room walls and ceiling]

otherw se be mutually agreeable.

Cal for further nformat on.

)ansfon for 2 additional bedrooms. p, an.eled, with. rough sawn in- i TWIN RIVERS 2 bdrm split- level





landscaped arid as mwnuai ooaras z-car-garage. Town house; wall to wa.1 car- The building and grounds are



:lose as your phone.

Th(s property goes on and on -etin,, dra~es air c-na 1 * r availabIe for inspection to in-

Principles only. Call 890-9335 or

3 Industrial parcels with raih’oad Nicely tandscaned 120 x 55 lot.

storal space. Basements. June terested principals by ap-

Licensed Real Bnlll~ groaer siding¯ Call for additional in- Entrance foyer leads to living Reasonablypricedat _~- $45,900

occuI: icy. By owner 448- 7148.



"Seven For Central Jersey"

The, l,awce, nce, Le, dw ~ t/ =, j’od, a ~ ff E " ¯ .


~S _~_ NEWS

The Manville News


ctasstpea PAGE ELEVEN-B


/ J L J

Re;it Fst~lte Fo[’ Sale Rea[ Fstate For Sa,e Real FstRte F:or S~Jie/Rea, Estate For Sa[e/Rea’ Estate Fo[ Sa[e/~ea’ Estate For SaJe[ Real Estate f°r Sale

’ ~~, / t] PRINCETONI


/ . ] Custom built TOWNSHIP Ranch with/

Real Estate For Sale


"[ ~ [ ~ /


.... t - rtusuc ~ neuroom I O NTYPENNA

, with runnin / CAPE COD electric home. Cute, modern 2

Ranch r

BUCKS C U ¯ . Beautiful wooded lot g bedroom house with bath living

"vim ~imth. ’l/2~at’hsand’hu~e

4acresoflevellandsurroundedby beauhfully treed lot. Walk to

1brook 200’ x 250’ Rural.



~ati~ and ’ne~ ~

er °°xmgr i°ver~ Only 10 minutes from Rai!r.oad second growth oaks and maples schools..Immaculate eond.mon. ] ’ .

Large living room, modern kit room, dining room, k tehen. $32,900

~’ buint r~irMentin~)sedprean;n¢Tm,~ [ station this brahe new never dveO] which form a natural enclosure[ ~asy.malmenance, m aria out. I This beautiful four beoroom spii~ then bath 2 bedrooms 1st floor

s~h,~.~t~ .................. ]:~’~’~ ] in aluminum sided Colonial home./for your future home. A personal[ Tms name mcmues 22’ uen, large [ UNUSUALLY CHARMING ’ in Hamilton Township, very well upstairs 2 finished bedrooms COTTAGE - 3 rooms, no bath, lot

..... ’~’’°~ ] Transferred owner bus t h s[ and private sett ng with seclusion] living room with raiseqtirepiace ] RANCH- withqual ty andst~,le on cared for Central air con- more living area and bath can b~ 75 x 100, country location.

! ¯ dream home on private lake[except for the raccoons,/uiningroom, eat-inkitcnen,3twinJalargetreedlot The3 beuroom ditionin fenced.in yard and very


NOrR%ATEni~lSpark~ng,8~r°°m,2 overlooking a waterfall¯ The/pheasants, deer and rabbitsI sizedbedrooms with lots o f.clo.set dream house offers the ult mate in well anRclseaped p’rieed to sellsulated,added’ FUlls&s,basement,large lot,wellland-in"

bat~s "~’,:~dh;’;:-,~,~: ~’ ~ .~’; owner and boa custom builder[ which are native to the area. For/space. vrivam master ham wl~.n desirability and comfort. You’ll at ’ $37,900. scaped and fenced. Walk to RANCH IN JAMESBURG - eXert;

~,"~’~’’°°mY"]~c~en zan,.~ insisted on the following out-[ nature lovers-it’s the real thing!] walk:}.n shower, many extas. Air enjoy formal entertaining in the

c~d~gn~’ .~l’~i’~,.~,~’~r~ a~r standing features: Anderson/$12,000.

[ conomone~, earpeteo. ~:auowner splendid large living room and the Commercial property on Route schools 882- 0745. and shopping area. Call cellent lot, 3 location, bed ....... beautiful 1-1/2 baths, treed

tt~iss,~’~’m’,~ ...... ~’~ ~"~]~ ~ windows, baseboard hot water[

[ tar appointment 924-0711. l-’mceu banquet sized d ning room. It has #130 consists of three apartments dining room, finished basement

.............. "~ heat, separate central air con-] ALL YOU ADD IS LOVE ] in the $60’s. a family room, ultra - modern and a commercial bufldinJ~. 278 VICTOR P. RIZZO and above ground pool.

........... ditioning Tappan self-cleanin , kitchen 2-1/2 lovely baths, a

NO.RGATE . Pu,uhdsv. ?r ~ynt oven beamed ceiling den wit~] This secluded spot has everything[

feet frontaae on highway, owner REAL ESTATE $37,500.

baseme’nt and a 2 car garage, and will finance’a qualified buyer. Licensed Real Estate Broker


loveiytreesnaueoiot.4nenrooms, ~..,.; brick walled ..... freplace 2 car| else: cascading waterfaul EAST WINDSOR -- 2 story of course air conditioning¯ You’ll $00000. 1910PrincetonAve.,

,,a’raOe 4t luscious woodland (several Colonial 1/2 ac 2 1/2 r 4 BR, form an instant affinit for this.

IRENTAL-3bedroom ll/2baths,

Trenton, N.J.

2. 1/2 baths, raised..hearth ~ed~rooms’Vff=[~# ~aths .2 story home. July 1, $300. per

~ ’full| acres) babbling brook and plan d dining ’living, ’family, y taundry Please call us for an apYointment 80 acres on good road with barns 609-082-0745

t replace quiet resiaenua~ street ~, .... ~ ~ f you’re lookin;; for a/magi "


, ’ ~ .......n..I ~

’ ~ ’ rooms’ ’ eat-inkitchen ’ 2 1/2 baths ’ todaY’ and house ’ Perfect ’ for horses

’lr~hL ~ ~,~k T unique sett ng and quah~y this[


D DRIVE basement, 2 car garage, beauhfui $44,900. $175,00 . IN NEARBY LAWRENCE - This Rental - Furnished efficiency with

l~ ~.llt~/-lk ]~ [ home should meet your| FORREST BLEN landscaping 65 men N.Y. train or split - level has been meticulously utilities. June 1, $150.

i IREALTOES J ’~i~’ requirementsatownerscost [ .... bus, Exee[l’ent schools¯ $40,000, ONE YEAR OLD - Custom 4 HAROLDF STACKHOUSE

I I~ea9 =:nil i ~’ $63,500.[ in an area oi choice executive aria Princ pals only. Call 609-448-0997. bedroom center hall Colon al on a


maintained by its careful owners.

~’"""’,lt,. ~ ] professional homes, a lovely lot ( lot with tall trees Beautiful family 138 S. MainStr~8~20

On the lower level a wide entry

..... M A. SANDLER B!iOKER l little morethan an acre) on.a tree ~ room with patio shelved library Hight~town, ~.u.

hall leads to a family room with STULTS REALTY CO.

393-4121 uayornight|, dotted hillside Tim part at a very argeliving room with bow 448-1069

raised hearth fireplace and sliding Member of Multiple

WITHIN SIGHT of new Mercer ismalpond.Jnsttbespottoinspire MODELK1NGSBERRYHOME window formal dining room Evenings and weekends thertaopane doors to a patio, plusl ListingSystem

County Community College. ]your architect- in Hopewen OPEN dvine ’kitchen with mauy ,] ’Wesley Arcber ThomasMagaiz a study or fourth bedroom, I 37N.MainSt.,Cranbury

lavatory and utility room. A few J

Executive type home with 5 large I Township for $14,500. cabinets and very large dinette, 2. 448-2097 448-628: steps up~ there is a bright living [ Eves. & wk ends. 609-395-0444 895-1651 and 395bedrooms,

2-1/2 baths, living

the 1/2 baths, air conditioned, and or Asa Mowery Jack Warwim, room, dming "L", and kitchen [ 0474

room with full wall stone $1.000 AN AC’~E the(Harwick) a quiet street. Immediate oc 395-1671 580-6971 w/breakfast area¯ On the upper/

~’ fi place, formal dining room cupancy, level, there is a master bedroom[

ft¢ equipped eat - in kitchen MONMOUTH JUNCTION - 2

ou’ll ever $48,900.

fe dly room with bar, large en- family house. $39 500. 4 or 5 69 acres of good, level,

with its own bathroom, plus two[

closed porch with gas bar-b-que, bedrooms 2 baths, 2 kitchens, new ground in the wide

family bedrooms and full tile ]


full basement, 2 car garage, on 1 aluminum siding basement~ hot section of


bath. Zoned baseboard hot water/

acre lot with treed yard. 4 years water baseboard heat, din ng Twp. Zoned R~200. Call

Custom built by Joseph MistreRa

full basement, 2 car nancy, uenter EAST WINDSOR - 4 bedroom heatair- conditioningand a new, separatesystem provideCentral

old. Immediate occupancy. Priced room, living room. Cal) 201429- we’ll send you a flyer,

more. Located [ famnv room Colonial full basemeut central winter and summer comfort, PIZ-ZAzz!AUTHENTIc9


bedrooms and sleepini torch, z

in $50’s. Call 440- 4420. 2012.

wooded acres ..... b-eamed air, 1-1/2 baths, landscaped, Attached two car garage. Cam-

W = BORDEN Solebury Twp., Pa. 1/2 mi east of Iloor to cemngmany extras. Excellent location pletely fenced rear yard. fireplaces 4O’s:reene ireh. 40’

Solebury on Rt. 263 and 1/2 mi stone patio, ingr end p stocked

ith rustic mantle, on attractive street. Available $46,500. stream, fine mrn happy

Unless otherwise noted all Multiple Listing Broker west of Stockton, N. J. Open with ehai: July 10, ’72. at $36,000. CalI448-

VILLAGE OF LAWREN- telephone numbersare

883.68S8 wknds 1-Sp.m. REX BUILDERS rail xindow. Large 4081 week days.

Area Realtor


horses, 7 gorgeous private acres.

CEVILLE - Attractive small


house on tree shaded lane. Living Code 609. Wknds/Eves. 737-1593 (215) 297-5847 or (215) 862-5479. eat a with abundance of


cabinets and a self-cleaning oven.


room with fireplace, separate o Gaundry room, 3 very large 366NassauStreet, TilE MONCRIEF AGENCY INC.

bedrooms,2 elegant baths aud

20 Mine Street Flemington

d’n’n g room P anelled . stud . Y CUSTOM COLONIAL Cherry ¯ . ees et T At

Princeton New Jersey08540

r ’ ’ ’~n, ............ 7a~ 7ns~

modern kitchen and fimshe~ Knolls specially built for the ¯ CO~,~Cl^t ............ loads of closet space. Open fo ONNASSAUSTREET Phone:609-921-7784

playroom in the basement. Three £ D~UI~UULVl townoouse

executive in one of Hamilton’s ¯ INOUSlatM

on o

v ,., ...-_, d Ma 7 2 5

_ ba~frOnOamt~aOn~i~u~dyolneha~fabathlS


sac w~w inspection Sunday, Y , -, SPECIALSPACE

fiena~Strare~s. ~:i(~ 2s~eO ~ beanu~y

and in perfect condition Prim- bedrooms 2 1/2 tile baths


~ v ~-t~ iiiiet~.le~n~!~i~l~ ap~isli{e/~ Bring Mother

$49,900.Prime space available for ar- ~

beme " ~ iI 44 °~ ¢

cipels only. $41000. For’an up- f a~stone entrance foyer large

no ntment call 890-9465 ~;,v, ......... ;~ i,,~ b"rn n,~

fireplace panelled den bas gass

sliding doors to covered natio

Large°formal dining room ~l~uge

,vw~t nnrwT~¢ ~num .c~n~w ~ eat zn kitchen with dishwasher

:; ...... ;’~f;~"*~";’"~’~’~; ~ °-~ "~^"*"^ ~^lf "leanin

) ~C)

~ ~K ~

tNSU~,¢S i


II] ~’~_I;;~FIN~I

"O3’after 5 ......

ehitects trainingeenter, seminar MONTGOMERY TWP. on

as n~a o - aa ON A BEAUTIFUL .KNObh - groups.’ Brick building, mrs oi Opossum Rd. 60 scan c roling PLANNING TO SELL YOUR

mvt. weeKaays, rambling 4 beuroom name in an extras. , . Call for details! acres House barn’ other HOME? Call or send for Reader’s

executwec,ommun!tyof_.g.orgej ..................... budders Zoned agrmultural, D,gest;repz!nt, .How tosellyour

cnstom DUlLt nomeu COllV¢¢lllt$11tl~. JOtIN T. IIENIAE;l%3UI~,Si~’. researcfl engineerin~ ana otdce, nome in a hurry" lye salesmen

located to¯ schools, recreat!on, Re.at!ors. . $3750/ac:~e. THOMP~SON LAND will call, Montgomery__Agency,

...,..~ o..~.~,o,~...~ .~,~,o~ ~ ,ra lroao station country cmu. Opp. umvr ncetoninn Co Realtor (609) 921-7655 ~eue ~vmaa, r~,o. ~’~zr~’~i

~ norm enu unit. quau t, appnances, a,,u uuuu,~ ~ ~. ~ ~ . oven .;

narpeting~ air cond. extras. Laundry. room an~ attanneu

$34,500. Prin. only. (609) 443-1498. [~ara.ge, lUll nasement no~ wamr


?.~z:_=-..~ ~ll



. ?,.,~uv~m~?y,?.~,a,.,~p=- ~]This home offers a double door Phoneanytime921-2776 " ’ ’

j ~eurooms, quao t. All apptmnces lentrance a very large livin~ room

I with large refrigerator - freezer, .,,habr~atht~kin~viewa’~ormal ...................

J carpeting air conditioning in- ~’;’~ ,~ ,-,m ultra ~- mo~ kitchen ~ nasenoaraneat 2zonecentralair


¯ . . ’

condltlonmg¯ system, piaster

A ~ ~ ~,.--~_X ~ -.~


,~.e~¢~ - -~

su lated windows ". ~33500 ~’ , . ...... overlookin ~’’~" arealfamuyscene ’’ m EAST WIr~DSOK "" ~ t~ ~ILEVEL - : ~’~ . ^ ,,, , t, =,

[ Available July 1 Call 448- 4081{th e den wi~t~ a fireplace There’s This 9 room home is located in ~ ’ ~0 west loung Man


~a~!~Ye:~e~i!i:ilY: ~i~d: 2:RS~O~ENUE

weekdays" [!~!~m~a~br:~:~lla:{i~:si~ *.~. ~~~

Co. 586-2344. HIGH~$’~OWN NF.W JERSE, EXCEPTIONAL - Custom Ran- ~holth~ouP~l°fu~ h ]saundScaap~n~ ~oeod~°~s.[/{~an~lYs. ~°c°~r’gaUt~tz~Y ~ ~. ~--~-~.[~/,~z ..=(.~;

Mu upm msung ~roKer ....

~1~’~" [ SALES REPRESENTATIVES [ cher featurin .... g all ..... alum num property [ beautifully . landscape d r ya d. I ~ ~ .... ~ "~’~t~(I ~’ ’~ 4~:,~’.a~.~ 4~"

~’------ -----’: - ---rson 448-6854 ~sang navng a targe lOt wunl $63900d $35900 h) ^ ,

~ I l i /~ /X AX I I &ntm~ |lovely trees Ruge family rm. 4 / ’ L; ’ I~ ~ ~ ~=} _ -~’~

~.Jltld~ ; ~ I DiDonato.Realty

air cond & alum storms &

occupanc can be arranged to tenance free homea leasure and sold ’for investment Owners Ill

~~s t’ ~- "!~

7; 111 ,ll EAST WINDSOR- ~quahfied~uyer’ Large 4 bdrm

$38,900./an nvestment. Larg21iving room anxious to sell. ’

........................ ’ .... |lllcaroe[. wl~n ITIdtly ~Xtrd~. =X~=t’lI

I~ ~~~

¯ . . ~ i I kn" the sunken aardenl I~) ~.* - - "-

Coomalwith full basement 1 1/2 ’ OF TALL TREES

over,aa ~,

8room lani¢an~l°°n. Duplex with 2 paneled [l[I

] Ibaths LOIs attached ~ara~e F’ormall . ¯ ~ " walled witb marble °" ¯ SPLIT

i’ormaldmmg| CRANBURY MANOR ., "[ ~ TWO FINE HOMES are being custom built i ..... Y lovely ..... f

bedrooms each side. 2 eat-in IIIl~w~N ~,w~ .~:]and4bed-iIlhH~o’X, room ultra - rood ktehen with]LEVEL: Living room, dmmgl~ "

,’linln~ ~om~eat-in kit. Isnrr°nnds tbis lovely ranener,

p~her the TradiUona~ or the Contemporary w giveyouthe

--- ’ ..... =’ ..... ~ -~ ’ haven a center toyer 3 master ’

k"t-’~,-renovatedbaths, 2]][[~~ow{w~¢~;I ]chen. Located m House Beautiful [ . ~,g .... stainless steel nonnter and tops room ..~[,. kitchen , famuy l ndr room 11/2 4 baths

s ’~anelled

I~wmaxp~sv ..... tf. Eothfeaturelofsof,vingspaeehaving

s zeu ueu,, u es 6 x 9 antr Tim uearooms au y

~e~ize-lot’inJ II~~’_’:’r’.=:’l secton on 1/2 acre Available ..... - ..... men"sizeapplianc . P Y / .... ’ "~ .... 2[~ bedrooms 2, V~baths, large living room kitchen with dinette area lovely

drlvewaysonnlceslzemzmJll[C°n~’’u’’"*"’u’""~"l ~oel.t~,¢,:t,~nn ~ aanan~ recreationairm.~mer~a=a sf~inlesssteelsnksandcabnets~narta oasement garage-~xtra~i~) ~’__";:2~_L’_’]’-% - ’ . - - ’

’"’"’~’"=~’U ~ ,,~. ...... ~-~. ’ ¯ ~ ’ family room smay or tlnlsnecl porcn separate eunary room, z car garage

Cranbury. ¯ New plumbing j [ ]] ma,lon.

" [ ,~,~,.t~dn.~ ..... formal dmmg rm, room~ kttchen, there too Such an enormous J nclude refrigerator, washer & J ~~._ ,o.~).,,~,~._~ .

i i~ t ....... ~’ 2-1/2 baths liberal financing

~o~ F, nn

famil,, room with 13’x8" marble/dryer Very well kept property, I ~

~lmrconaatonmg,,%pprox.~acr~s .......................

’ ,77.?;Iooo.1/11 H°meswlithoj~pri°eJemt J ~ /avallable, t°quahfmdbuye~l 500 fireplace dty. 2 enormous bedrooms

$42’500’J~ HEARTOFTOWN.Centrallyairconditioned3bed .... 2bathhome V,


’ ’ air conditioning intercom ana ’ ’

~:;~,nl/2 Story older Colonial on [[ OldYt~Nk~n~mmrte= I .............. / full basement’ 2car garage/IDEAL LOCATION FOR Ai[~ ~i.~;~;~;~iat ..... ~aoev.Tb, ....’,,ast,o.~.

nicely landscaped, shaded lot [ [11 r~,.....~ a h.,~ .... ¢’~..,., Park Colonial, 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 t lovely 6 bedroom residenne,.~ o,~ deli@tful details i acres located ou edge of Allen- i i~

in iHohtstown. 3bedrooms&JlJl~’, ’h;="h-o’s’;i: baths, living, dining, family [ situated out in the country with a ..... ~ ’ Jtown. Adjacent to garden apart- I I~ YOUR DREAM COME TRUE - a huoe 5 bedrctom 2Y= bath home in

~aldin.mq. livinqj,lltaatv plus wUh panelled walls, rooms, with pantry, garage, w/w / 3/4 acre lot, wall to wan carpeting ~ /ment complex, new housingJl~’~ p’~ownship. Gracious living room, large family room with fire-

..... ’~"’:~’.~.~"$i ,lib~ Ing ando)a brlckrue, carpeting throughout andget anJ throughout the iving rm dining

room wltn

=.. ,; [ ~ development church & drugll pl~ktehen, utilitvroom dningroom screenedpo chand2ce

Tlreplace Kit. with : place Ilvtng room dining room, 2 ¢’i fifth h¢~nf~d in apn~’~nd o-ncreSe ~ , ;~ "-- ~."~’-n ~-acious ~ ^ " ° room wltll fl[eplace, Kn. wnn I II ~,’?,%"::’r .".’.%7.~0 ~. ..............o ’ ...... ’ ’ ’ ’

......... re, ,am,y Sl .......... v . ~] store. L;au tar oetaus. I1~ gamoe on ~/, ......................................... $69,500.

breakfast nook. Basement & 2 [ II ........................ pool free, $39 000. 201-207-4295. [ recreation re, with fireplace anu =, ¯ , [ t1~0

cargara9e ........ .... $43000. Brand ~ new 5 bedroom Colonla , b a, r 2 car g ara ge level Y rear

K I O A D LONG, LOW, LOVELY - This stone and ed r wo od ranch sits ’ on a mare "-

$43,000.J I1~~:’~ ~ ]oorcb inst right tar the large AtJ&Nm i ~rl~&m IN ,/ ,E N~LRI~VAN H][S~ il


~t inLcYetoTThiSSnsh]p Fir,plaeesinbothliving ...... d


formal dining room, Kit¢flen has ’ ’ ’ il~ z~x.~z ’ ¯

I =-I1~:~"~%~,~ LawreaceTownship |~ml[~, or th..e 0. growmg [amity R~|~L~/ . .,. [~ study,4bed ....... d3bathsonlybegmthep,ct ........... $79,500¯

/.k living room ......................

i ~.~. ....... 1/2 bathroom,

to sehools

’P with .’, br ck f replace ’ ] "l~I’llIiiff"tl’ll~ia’Va~Hse ~44::4~5X~ i:i:!i’~sd°~:~! systems, bu t-ins and many many ’ other ’ ’ extra o : fi e fort~ feat res. ....


laundryroom. Close REAL~I’Y COMPAN~


J. Esch 44,8-!178 I ! i! ! i c.a~]d.Y m ! °!] !!!

~d.~~-~sT. ] II ....

and Lawrence shoppingt


tt, MeNamarat:~ .~o-Z,,z~l~ ~ ...........................................


Xs; I II Menv ot.o E

center, / Only 7 miles from ?nn- 0 2~ Nolt[a~l W-- a ~ ]~ HUGE5 BEDROOM COLONIAL- i ..... I the loveliest ...... f

Ilsnnqs evallsble cetou aufl iour mues irom ~t ~ . ¯ ¯ .

lice Law eneev I e

Metr,~nelei N J,

] ~ Princeton. 9large rooms, 2V~ baths, 2 ear garage, A~r eondmoned and m

,.,=,. i / . MemberMuttipleLisUngSorviceik~ ~nditioo.Justlisted ......................... $84,500,

Ir’" .... ............. ¯ ....... ’ , ....... . [ PRINCETON l TWSP - al ’ brlckl

___ I il Realtors-lnsurors D [intinaUilteutyCo / .. t. ~ ’ [

r r rt) :.., ’~ ........... e ~r oom th

.~verm7 N. MAIN STREETIN MAInl o/1’1I II

Tw numtu,~ .==u,U,*n R vers Town Center ’ 6u5" 8am"" ’ / r~,cuer,.=mrance toye ~,*~, W=~" i ]k~ WESTWiNDSOR.4B/R,2Vzbath, colonialfat inga am’ vr w"

~IQIN. WIAInl Oit11== e I II Twin Rivers Town Cen_t_er " / fireplace formal D,R, Eat-in I ~ I~ ~d cabinets, kitchen with built-blbreakfastbar huge fencedin



,tewi.ghSchool sboppin~i ~’bisS:i_ p ......... l,e view, ~Cathedral Principals only $’/3,500, 609-924.] yard, wa].k t.oo]~8 ...... .

|J~ ~~;ats~:,^,alls laundwr0om .ae,el’,~ndseaped

room split-level’ houm slis on a/ce.,a,~.!!v].ng room, uu!ing room 3040, / classes, ~0o,uuu, uaa .i,io-~oo,L ~ ~

~, iireplace, plestor -- ’, " . ,

¢ $3"/000

wooded half-aere with.fenced-in/~n~oo~txtsen~t’ h 42 tw]p sized / I~ ~°t’’’ ............................................

Your home II nQt elu|t another Jilting" to u0, When

invewtrnont or live In one und rent theother ................ $07,600,

MANVILLE ..Undareonstruetlon, largoSroomraneh, EAST WINDSOR BI.LEVEL: This O room homo is

we assume Ihe ml~ndbllly of milling your ptOl~dy,

we adved me and merchindlse I1 Iocafly end nllJonelly

located in rite Cranbury Manor section of East LOVELY RANCH on o beautiful land=oupod ht Wast Windsor. LIvhto

full bazoment, 1½ baths, built.in oven and range, on

10 Nil Jl fill,,, el the right p co,’

Windsor Township. Living room, dining root.,

dinlno room, dhtht0 are=, toed kitchen, 3 tmdroools,bath, h01Lmssmont,,$42

miGlo=od bre0zewav ~nd galoO e ........................

improved 50 x 100 lot with dry utilltlal ..... $32,300. kitchen, 4 bedrooms, family room, utility room and

Wllh NML| we prevldn I unique letelce net ivellible


from any gibes tell estate company.,, cell us .ew,

1Vs baths, 1 car garage, beautlfglly landsoaped yard, ON A COUNTRY ROAD. 3 miie;t from Princeton, w0odad I 0.ares, 600’

.rsteplnelouro,flco,,,n. obHgetlo"’



.................... ................ $30,500,$40


JJJJt~ .~es~ ’~ chfldrouandpots, FourbedroomS/c.osc.~.’ ;l . ~. ,.~ g ’ ’ i . ’~ .....’

l~ nvum; sv 3 tiled full baths large familyl~!,, t,, z cat ~.a~age,,,Easy I ;~ Sepa~atefamllyroom, 2cargarago, patloandlsa mustsee , ,.~,~e,uuu.

room car etod vin and cn~on dining eomaluung ..... ¢60 600

1 ~~ I xuvnu= rooms sDo(le f 1%~ oo, e t-~l ll,IOl’rlll’AIT~"O -~llJJJ~"[\\ SPARKLNGANDSPACIOUS’5’ar0ebedr°°ms°pen°"t°g

i ""’-- .... I RII/VlIIk ktcon, garage Juno,or Julyllltok~,"=~’ " ’6,.L~.*,, .... ",,’~, ee rol halt in this 2 story ColoniaI. Ltvif~0room, dinin0r°°mandf"m]ly

occupancy Low 40 s, BYI Even &Sin ’n=na~v¢’~v’v~ua ’~~ll 1 IJ~’JJl I ’~ gems nakesentoltainlnuopleasureinthiQustllkenowhom


l~ IN THE OWNEit, 799-0581,

" ........

hmndry, pleasin0kltahenandlhlgstonefoyerareaddadsparkles’

| ......

]~l’~’m ~~[ ’t !

rag| & W~, )t

~jlr li iliqH611 i ~~~’~" LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, We ustltsledlhh3bedroom, lV, bathbl’level

~]~.~.~~ Na||~lSJ~ |,, .....

b, alovelylot, La,gelivh,grooohpanelledfaml,vro ...... td sepsrata



HILLSBOROUGH TOWNSH P .8room Ca)o 5bod- --------"~J-J~L~" ~ J~’~l i~;; "~ ,tudvor4thbed .........akethtsat,olvlive.bleho,n ......... $.0,900,

¯ " t

o, st.chod st.. bat ,, hut w.., . .O.UR.AN L,VINO at ,I. ,,,.* Foo, P.,oon,, ,t,o,io,,, .=h


rooms, bosom t, g g ’

,~ ..... .... ’~J~’~J~!’,’e Excol]eotkitoi~m~,Baautlfullvlondtcapadsettin00to

......... $34,600,

heat, Over 1 acr0 ........................ ~a/uuu DUPLEX .op, 7~ V aar~ old , Foo bedroorm , 2 bathson a ~ 0 ’

e U 0d or


JOSEPH BJELANSKI ................................... LEONARD VAN HISE AGENCY ...... WlZSTWINDEORTWP,’3~,mo,

Real Estate Broker ADLER MAN, CLICK & C0,

affixal 009.440.4260

212 S. Main St. Manville, RA 5.1995 m~tstow.,N.J. REALTORS -. INSUROH8

, , , ,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ~


La.r..oo.ew=,,o ..3.or. Open Thursday & Friday Evening tll 8

924,0401 16 $#rin~$frwR, Prtncefon, N,J,

Route 130, E, Windsor Townlhlp ..................



~ ,~, --




0~4,1~30 8undav~ & Evmtl.gt





’rhc Izwn;nco I,odgor

rue CEV7~UtL



"Seven For Central Jersey"

l . la s s i fi ed . dve’Jqis ing

Real Estate For Sale Real Estate For Sale Too Late To ClassifyToo

Late To ClassifyToo

Late To Classify


S~,a~5’~ N EWS

The Manville News

The Franklin NEWS-rECORD

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1 972

GAL FRIDAY - with a rod

FOR SALE - pprox. 20 acres in F.R.RANCHD.R." L.R.kitchenWithw thfirep aeeeating APPIICATIONS are be ng taken

telephone voice for nusy omce in

APPLICATIONS- are being taken Princeton. Good tvnin, skills. No

Monroe Twp. $3800 per acre, I area’ 2 fuil baths 5 bedrooms I for part time positions in summer for Life Guards and Water Safety shorthand required. Call 921-6453.

between tli~htstown & Cranbury screened patio 2’ ear garage’l ’ecreat on programs Contact Instructors Must have WSl and

Turnpike exits Write A Crie’r Iwooded 1/2 ac~’e. West Windsor[ South Brunswick Recreation Sr. L.S. to qualify. Contact South

3332Ca e Fresa. Tucson ~,rizona’ Township. Mid $40’s, Principals] Department 201-029 8122, Brunswick Recreation Depart-

8H(J4. ’ ’ on’y. Call ’;99-1119,

ment, 201-:]29-8122.


summer or longer. Safe classic


car storage space wanted by in-

J J Is $25,000 a Year

dividual with references. Prefer

PENNINGTON COLONIAL’I r.. Lo,oTn Pl-.eMi. I Too Much for You~

)rinceton - Lawreneeville

Flagstone foyer Liv Rm Form’ ruu at~ /U VInO,)l/]


Din. Rm pan~lled Fa~ Rm [We are un expa d ng young Smith - Corona, pica type. Also,

w/fireplace "kiteh "mud-room -’ ---- ] company with 2 offices and more IBM Universal symbolelement,

Laundry ar’ea, 4 BedRms 2 1/2 customers than our staff can fits 1962-1965 Seleetrics. 799-1527

baths, $60’s Call builder. 609-737- ] serve. If you aren’t afraid of hard eves,

LOST - Siamese chocolate point


male cat. Kingston area. Any

LHTNMsETMoA$K10E,0R00 WoOrk~tyhaaV~e mello~rtogoOimnegd pae~

information, please call 924-2066.

-- I enjoy a good income, the lucrative

For any good reason field of Real Estate Sales may be

BOUND BROOK- 4 familv house

I the field for you. Some sales ex-

OLDBEAMS- 12 century old’6"

r.r ¢.1. ’rum ~ rnnm ~.~ t.,. a NO attorney costs perienee preferred but will train.

.......................... ~--,~ .~vtme-t¢ t,n~ t~o~ No fees

23’ FIBERGLASS- Sliekeraft

xR’ hand hewn beams 8’ x 10’, and

We offer a better-than-average

12’ long. Call 609-466-3207.


$49 600 Prineinals

" ................

only Call 201 - A was y a eh

sport hard top cruiser, Like new,

nice of payment money split andplenty of room for

~:’. s~,l,l

r .,.

.a ......


used less than 50 hours all

advancement, Phone today for equipped Reasonab e Ca 1 449 -

details. All replies held in strictest

’ ’ ’


CUSTODIAN - full time including

Beneficial MortgageCo. confidence.

light mechanical work. Call Mr.

of New Jersey

Leffer ts, 452-2800.

PRINCETON YMOA RANG E RS 9et ready to sell tickets for Royal Wild West Circus, May 21. The boys,



who are raising their own money for summer camping trips are, from left, kneeling, Joe Waters, Steve

108 Mercer Street Member Somerset & Hunterdon

Achey Norm Stabler Paul Bessire; standing, Steve Hunt, Jim Mack and Eric Lashever.

Opposite Post Office County Multiple Listing Service


PHONE: 448-1360

1963 VOLKSWAGEN - bug good

Mrs. Huse, Belle Mead

HIGHTSTOWN 201-359-5171 STANDARD POODLE PUPPIES condition, must sell. $350. ~’al[921-

’Exclusive’ Authorized

- Top quality, show prospects. Jet [ 7273. Rangers Sponsor Circus

Agent for Men’s

Beneficial Finance System

black or brown, $200. ea, Stud

service for standard, m n, and



U,Jess olherwise aoled all toys. Call 201-446-9666. STUDENT DESK - 8 drawer

in Central N.J.

telephone numbers are Area

! pecan veneer student desk. Good

Many Styles to choose from.

Code 609,

i condition. $25, Call 609-466-3207. With Old Wild West Flavor

Call or write for free catalogue,

Lions, tigers and elephants. "clowns, In front of the Big Top i.’

-- ] WHITE 40" GLASS TOP - patio or

Trick riders and trapeze artists,

TAILOR & MENS SHOP kitchen table and 4 chairs. Used Grass cutting done - I have ray

the traditional Midway witL RENT


indoors. Good condition. $25. Call own equipment. Call 448 - 1802.

Clowns, acrobats, cowboys and

refreshment booths, side shows


Tent Campers, :]-ravel Trailers,


PRODUCTION MANAGER In growing suburban village, Long [ 201-297-2162.

That’s the Royal Wild West

and picturesque entertainment Truck Campers, Motor Homes,

Jo n rap d y expa d ng established business for sale in- __


Circus, an exciting, eye-filling

for all ages.

manufacturer of top of the line eluding inventory &equipment. l

Hitches i~taNed. Gas bottles

SO. Clinton & Chestnut Ayes. ,tereo equ pment Top sa a ’v and J Good long term lease. Business ~l~’rA[~ Bottle To Mark spectacle which is coming to this It is traditional with the "Y" filled. Service& Repair Shop.

Trenton - 392-2643 ompany benef ts Se’nd resu’me/, could be expanded to other lines. " ............

area. The Princeton YMCA is Rangers lo raise money them-


)hone : Earl Wright ’ ; Columbml ’ Owners rehring ’ ] Western Section: 3 bedrooms, 2 rohnson-Kosygin sponsoring performances of the selves for their regular summer BARBER’S

2661 Main St. (Rt. 206) ~leetronics Corp., Stockton, NJ

Lawrenceville - 896-1500

ti B LYONS baths air-conditioned LR DR

circus at 2 and 5 p.m. Sunday, trips, This year’s circus takes the

08559, (609) 397-2030.

696-1010 eat-in kitchen, study. Basement.

Muy 21, at the Y groands on place of a carnival which has


REALTOR Two-ear garage. Nice land. htmmit Conference Avalon Place. There is plenty nf been held for this purpose in U.S. HWY. NO. 1

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. Available June 4 for one year. Bottle collectors and history

parking nearby.

recent years and which provided South Brun0wisk


buffs have the opportunity to The event has a purpose the boys with a third or rnore of (next to Finnegan’s Lane~

Elm Ridge Park: 4 bedrooms, 2

ohtain a limited.edition com- beyund just plain fun. It will help the cost of the trips,


1969 GTO - automatie, 4 good baths, air- conditioned. LR, DR, memorative bottle featuring an I.he "Y" Rangers, 80 boys from

tires exe. shape, $1,700. Call 753- kitchen, study. 14/2 acres. Pool. original sketch of Hollybush, site the ages of 10 to 16, provide their

2323. Must sell. Aug./June $500/mo.

of the June, 1967 summit con- ,mvn financing for this summer’s

ference between President

camping and exploring trips to


JOIIN T. IIENDEHSON, INC. Lyndon B. Johnson and Soviet Nova Scotia, Michigan and the


Premier Kosygin,

Western States.


Opp. Old Princeton Inn To commemorate the event.

The Rangers, some of them


Student age 20, uvailahle end of

Phoneanytime 921-2776

Clevenger Brothers Glass

wearing clown costumes, are

Jtme - to Sept. Experienced, can

Works of Clayton has been selling discount-price tickets


cook. Further information call

commissioned to blow the bot- door4o-dour this Saturday af-

Elizabeth Pearson 924-1589.

tles, which have the seal of

ternoon and lbe fallowing two

FOR RENT - Modernized 19th

Gloucester County on one slide weekends. Aceompanied by their

Century country duplex house 15 and an original sketch of leaders and some fathers, they KNIT

rain from Princeton. One side has Hollybush on the other side.

plan to canvass neighborhoods in

livlbg room with gas log fireplact The Somerset County Unit of Princeton, [tightstown, West

I dining room, 3 spacious bedroom~ the American Cancer Society. 331 Windsor, Kendall Park. Mon-

AMANA Refrigerator-Freezer - I $360/month Otfier s de has ivin East Main St. Somerville


Kenmoreelcctrlc washer and gas room dining room maste

tgomery Township, Rocky Hill,

dryer; ;I pc. walnw: bedroom, twin I bedroom and 0 small bedrooms,

realizes a profit on each bottle

Pennington and tIopewelk

sold. 1’he amher - colored bottles

bed; 2 studded snow tires on r ns,, $325/month Located on 5 acres in

7.35 x 14. Callafter 8 p.m., 201-297- attractive neighborhood. Ex- sell for $8.

Advance tickets also will be

available at the Princeton YMCA FABRICS

1514. eellent Montgomery Township

schools. Barn space available for Summer Recipe: and vfirious area stores, in-

...... ]horse afieianados boat owners,

cluding the Princeton University

thanks you for our successful

........ blain - lull OF . pnrt ¯ Lime. .. a-lie - ..... r.m., antique 26~29 alter" ear 6’ buffs p m ere Cal 924-

store. Other ticket-selling stores

"Grand Opening"!

FOR RESERVATIONS, CALL (201) 827-6000,

Call 446 - 0528 between :J-6PM, ¯ ’

’ ’ ’ ’Just Add Love’ - will be identified by signs in their

Eager, bright-eyed children

Sunlawn Nursing tlome 576 N,


If you think you’ve seen everything, you

playboy club-hotel at great gorge Main St., llightstown.

who live in crowded cities are

Baying tickets io advance is a

haven’t! Come see our NEW shipment of

looking for host families to visit

McAfeo, New Jersey ~l~i~

where the air is fresher and trees

good idea, sponsors of the event

exclusive designer fabrics.

advise. ’rickets sold at the gate

’67 TRIUMPH GT6 - New tran- are greener.


the day of the show will be $3 for

: smission, Must sell, $1200, firm, Anyone interested in hosting a

HELP WANTED - part-time, : Call 883-2056.

city child for two weeks this

adults and $1,50 for kids under 12

AM-1PM. Ivlonday- Friday. Apply

summer is invited to join the

years old. Purchased in advance

in person P.nssert’s Gourmet Dell

at a discount, they are $2.60 for

Friendly Town Program of the

Rt, 130 & Allentown Rd. Rob 1963 MERCURY - in good con-

adults and $1,25 for boys and girls

binsville, N, J.

Fresh Air Fund. The fund

dition. New tires and battery, $325,

under 16 years old. And tickets

provides all medical, insurance

Caii 201-297-9690 after 6:00.

won’t be sold beyond the seating

and round-trip transportation

capacity of the Big Top -- 1,500

costs. Dates for this year’s

program are July 5-19 and August

seats each performance, ¯

Also, advance ticket sales

produce more money for the "Y"

Rangers than sales on the day of

the show, So, buying lb advance

helps a worthy cause, tbe

sponsors point out.

The Royal Wild West Circus

moves nomad4ashion from townto4own

in a flect of h’ucks which

open np to form a largc teut with

saf6, clean facilities. Also po)ping

out of the special trunks ure

CoGestoga w:tgons, aerialists,

gyntnasts and, uf eonrse, lots o1’

ill ¯lim lliHlii

I !




Ir Kersi




i,’i i


DIAL ill 7111

I#, M I;nINT

I iii llluilll lillillir


JtlllllI, Nllilllli


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