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Faceon Online Magazin Yumpu - As the summer nights are drawing to a close and the days of habing a cheekly Pimm´s at lunchtime in the sun are just a distant memory. We look at what a great British summer we have had, not necexxarily for the weather, but the Olympics.


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Natasha Booth Company Director/Editor

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Kristina Vassilieva Executive Beauty Editor

Carmit Bachar Celebrity Columnist

Harriadnie Beau Phipps Celebrity Columnist

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The Harriadnie Beau

Phipps Diaries


By Luke Woodford


La Veuve Noire


At Midnight


Claire Harrison


Diary of a Fashion Freak


by Claus Brechenmacher

& Reiner Baumann


Daryna Barykina

Monica True

Kinsey Elizabeth

Rachelle Dalton


to our 10 th edition of FACEON Magazine

As the summer nights are drawing to a close and the

days of having a cheeky Pimm’s at lunchtime in the sun

are just a distant memory. We look at what a great British

summer we have had, not necessarily for the weather, but

the Olympics. Worldwide we have united in watching the

TV with clenched fists and megaphones as voices at every

fall and grace. United we are, if it is only for the games!

Let’s raise our last glass of summer wine to all contributors

to the Olympic Games 2012.

Onto the FACEON Magazine official 10 th edition! Yes 10 th edition, what a

monumental moment it is. It brings a tear to our eyes thinking of the days we

were on Issue 1 & 2. The transformation is quite literally staggering but couldn’t

have been achieved without the artists of the world contributing from day one.

We thank you!

What’s new?

We certainly have had an eventful year so far! It is very much the cliché of

where has this year gone?

FACEON Magazine’s very own Editor Natasha Booth was whisked away for

a trip of a lifetime to Berlin courtesy of the gods of make-up Kryolan. Natasha

had the honour of meeting the founders of the prestige’s brand and visiting the

factory where the magic is made. It was like being given a golden ticket from

‘Willy Wonka’. Please see page 111 for Natasha’s inside scoop.

If you have not heard the hype yet, hold onto your make-up brushes because

we have the honour of being the judges at the new ‘Art of Make-up’

Competition at Olympia this year. This is a huge boost for us as a company

and as individuals; Olympia Beauty has been running for many years, with

a huge turnout every year. We have a stand D112 that will be promoting

ourselves and Sigma Beauty. The formidable John Davis Bodyartist guru will

be showing off his talents and our very own Harriadnie Beau Phipps will be

joining the team. Come and see us for some great special offers.

We would like to say a huge thank you to our team, family & friends who

without FACEON Magazine would just be a dream.

Note from the editor.

Most of you will know the formidable Richard Sumner our very own Company

Director / Executive Creative Director. I want to say a personal thank you for

everything you do for FACEON Magazine and myself as my friend, you are

my rock!









Marc Evans

Hair & Make-up: Alberto Boggeri

Assistant: Piero Pandolfino

Models: Antonio Poggio, Tacyana

Lopez, Eugeniya Kuzmenco, Nika


Styling: Fausta Viglialoro

La Boutique dark corsets

All dresses: Antonio Oliver

Corsets: Dark Corsets

Jewellery: My Sotis




By Marc Evans

The classic, vamped-up, rock chick look

emerges in full force during the autumn

and winter seasons.

To create your perfect make-up just in time for those

dark evenings ahead, we’ll show you all the tools you


A classic Smokey eye is essential, while a red lip

helps to deepen the look even further. To achieve

this dramatic look, Alberto uses MAC’s Packed to Go

eyeshadow palette, making full use of the six beautiful

options available.

To get red lips just right, try blending shades until you

get that perfect colour and bold tone. Alberto chose to

blend numerous reds, but also nudes, to achieve the

vivid shade seen in these images.

Don’t be afraid to try something new when creating

your own shade! FACEON recommends MUA Makeup

Academy lip liner (in Red Drama), with NYX YX Y luscious lip

gloss palette. Take inspiration from everything around


Being a rock chick is all about taking risks, and to get

the look, you’ll need to do exactly that!

All beauty products used in these images can be

purchased at:




NOTICE: This imagery is an Artistic impression of life in modern day ‘Rock n’ Roll’. FACEON F

Magazine does NOT condone the use of illegal substances and alcohol. Props used throughout

this shoot were iced tea and flour.

NOTICE: This imagery is an Artistic impression of life in modern day ‘Rock n’ Roll’. FACEON

Magazine does NOT condone the use of illegal substances and alcohol. Props used throughout

this shoot were iced tea and flour.




An earthy, natural look is

the best way to make a

strong impression, while

maintaining an effortless

and pleasant air about you.

For a natural look, perfect skin is

followed closely by piercing eyes and

simple lips. The key to getting these

looks just right is making sure they

remain natural and don’t appear to be

too complex. A simple palette always

works best.

For the ethereal ice queen and

naturally glamorous looks seen in

these images, getting your skin right

is essential. FACEON provides you

with the tools you’ll need for make-up


Martin Höhne

Model: Jennifer Premori (Fotogen Modelmanagement)

Hair: Thomas Knuf

Make-up Artist: Dana Höhne

Fashion: Bibian Blue (Barcelona)


Ice Queen Charm

The Make-up Used:

Eyes - Inner corner: MAC Frozen white

Pigment; Lid/crease line: MakeUp

Factory (in Powdery Silver and Silver

Graphite (also on the lower lid))

Mascara: Essence Extreme Black

Highlighter: MakeUp Factory Skin


For this intense ice queen look, always

begin by preparing your eyes with a

primer - Smashbox Lid Primer works well.

To get that frosty appearance on the eye,

choose a pale, shimmery eyeshadow and

apply to the inner corner of the eye. Follow

this applying a slightly darker shade and

blending it up to the crease line. FACEON

recommends using Make Up Factory

eyeshadow in Silver Graphite and blending

up to the eyebrows and along the lower lid.

You’ll begin to see the look come together

but to add more depth to the eye, apply

mascara. For that eerie look apply

camouflage foundation to the eyebrows,

using powder foundation to get a lighter

look. To add the finishing touches, apply

a blusher - We’ve used MAC Peach Blush

for a subtle glow. Highlight your nose and

cheekbones, then finish with a nude shade

on the lips; if in doubt opt for MAC Creme


Obtaining immaculate skin

The Make-up Used:

Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish inish Primer

Foundation: MAC Face ace and Body

To To get your skin just right and looking looking

immaculate, always always begin with a reliable

primer. Follow ollow through by applying

foundation using a Beauty Blender

sponge sponge to get an even layer of coverage.

If you’re concerned about about any spots or

blemishes use MakeUp Factory


Reflecting Concealer (in Luminous Beige)

and apply this with a Sigma (F70) ( (F70)

brush. To secure secure the the look use a powder, powder,

FACEON recommends MAC Mineralize

Medium Plus.

Model: Samira Rodrigues

Hair: Thomas Knuf

Make-up Artist: Dana Höhne

Fashion: Bibian Blue (Barcelona)


Naturally Glamorous

The Make-Up Used:

Eyes - Inner corner and under

the highest point of the eyebrow:

MAC Honey Lust; Lid/crease line:

MakeUp Factory eyeshadow in

Golden Toffee and Smokey Bronze;

Lower Lid: Make Up Factory

eyeshadow Copper Cocoa

Mascara: Essence Extreme Black

Eyebrows: Kryolan Brown


Blush: NARS Orgasm and MakeUp

Factory (in Bronze Luminizer)

Highlighter: MAC Cream Color Base

in Hush

After preparing the eyes with a

primer, continue by applying MAC

Honey Lust to the inner corner of the

eye and move up towards the highest

point of the brow. This shade helps to

bring more warmth to the look.

To follow, apply MakeUp Factory

eyeshadow in Golden Toffee and

Smokey Bronze and blend up to

the eyebrows. Go even further by

applying a bolder and richer to the

lower lid. Why not try applying your

eyeliner with MakeUp Factory

eyeshadow in Copper Cocoa and

securing the look using MAC Fix Plus?

To create more character apply

mascara and define the eyebrows.

Use NARS Orgasm blush and

MakeUp Factory Bronze Luminizer

to add a gentle glow. Highlight using

MAC Cream Color Base (in Hush) on

the cheekbones and nose.

Once again a nude lip is essential to

complete the look, but for that extra

glamour top with a bit of golden lip

gloss. To finish, add your own bling!

Hello Ladies adies

Welcome to my second diary entry for this fabulous magazine Faceon and as

promised in the last issue I am going to let you into some of my best kept secrets

on skin, my beauty tips and how I consider my close friend international Spanish

supermodel Elen Rivas to have in my option the most beautiful skin amongst the

celebrity world at this time.

Let me start with telling you about

the past weeks of my very busy

schedule since my last diary, I

am so proud to announce I was

appointed the new FACE of the

classic car Jensen Interceptor a

beautiful hand build classic car

that just oozes class, and I have

been photo shooting for the car

company owners and spending

lots of my time swotting up on its

history, I was also very excited

to recently Present at the East

of England Show ground to

showcase the coming celebrity

Dancing on Ice show, I interviewed

the Lovely Chico’ its Chico time’

and the fabulously talented Kyran

Bracken OBE and it was just





Beau Phipps


such an honour, I also did a very

prestigious photos shoot on board

the yacht the ‘Annabel Olivia’ for

Fashion Designer Toni Pickles so all

in all it has been a very busy time

for me,

My very busy life style is the very

reason it is essential for me to have

clear healthy glowing skin, as I

have no time for regimes and fussy

routines so basically I do the very

basic routine for my skin.

I love water it is my best friend I

drink 7 to 10 pints a day and I

wash my face in cold fresh water

at least three times a day, I guess I

am lucky as I always have a Make

Up Artist at hand to reapply my

foundation and blusher haha!

So here we go my secrets! every

morning I wake I drink 2 pints of

cold water and I shower, then I

wash my face in very cold fresh

water and I use Dove crème

bar soap, it is so creamy and

non-alkaline so it does not leave

a soapy residue or make your

skin feel tight. I do use a Clarins

gentle day moisturiser as it is a

comforting anti-pollution cream that

handles sensitive skin the natural

way, it Calms redness, irritations,

burning and itching caused by

external aggressors and internal

stress so all in all it takes care of

all my worries.

Elen Rivas




International Spanish Supermodel

Elen Revis is a very good friend of

mine and I have great admiration

for her, I have many of her

everyday life style traits to thank

for my clear beautiful skin as she

is a great role model, she does not

smoke, drinks very little alcohol,

Elen is also a very big herbal tea

drinker and has a calmness about

her that is so relaxing, she truly is

a very sweet, lovely woman and

it just show from within on her

face and skin, so in conclusion my

advise would be .....



My number one tip would be to keep

hydrated you should drink eight glasses of

water a day.

WHY? This will help to flush all of the

toxins out of your skin; it also helps prevent



There are different stages of sleep during the

night, therefore you need to get the full 7-8

hours that your body needs.

WHY? This amount of sleep allows your

cells to renew and repair themselves, it also

relaxes the facial muscles.

Laura Fraylich




A daily routine is essential to keep the skin

looking fresh and prepared for the day


Why Cleanse?

Why Tone?

Why Exfoliate?

A good exfoliator once a week will open your

pores, use with warm water and then splash with

cold water to close the pores. The will make your

skin feel soft and produce the oil needed to keep

your face looking young and dewey!.

Affordable Have

Clarins Gentle Refiner

Exfoliating Cream

with Micro beads

Affordable Have

Clarins One-Step

Gentle Exfoliating

Cleanser “All Skin


Toning will remove any dirt, makeup or cleanser that may remain

after cleansing. It also helps to keep your skin to become clear

and firm by leaving you with a layer of new healthy skin cells.

Affordable Have

Toning Lotion With

Iris “Combination/

Oily Skin”

Why Moisturise?

Extravagant Must

La Prairie Cellular



A good cleansing routine is essential for removing makeup and

dirt, which can block your pores and can lead to an outbreak

in spots. However I also believe cleansing too frequently can

strip the skin of its natural oils, which will make those with dry

skin have even drier skin. It will also make those with oily skin

have even oilier skin, as the glands will become more active to

replace it.

You should avoid sleeping in your make up at all costs,

(we all have at one time or another!) Always remove eye

make-up, the underneath of our eyes are extremely sensitive

therefore a cleansing lotion should be used, the coal from

the mascara can be very harsh and stain, so always


Extravagant Must

Crème de la Mer

The Cleansing Lotion

Extravagant Must

Crème de la Mer

The Radiant Infusion

“Dry/Normal Skin”

Exposed to different types of weather skin can lose its natural

moisture, and you can be left with dry skin. This is also one of

the main cause of wrinkles. Moisturizing replenishes the skins

natural moisture which help can prevent dry skin and wrinkles.

Affordable Have

Clarins Daily

Energizer Cream

Extravagant Must

Crème de la Mer

Moisturising Cream


TIP – STRESS: Try to avoid stress

food you put into your body can as much as possible. Meditation,

cause your skin problems, it is massage, fitness and exercise,

important to eat foods that are rich physical activity in general will

in phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants help you relax, feel better and look

and hyaluronic acid, they act as better.

a barrier for your skin helping it

maintain collagen levels.

Why? Excessive stress can

accelerate the normal aging

WHY? To help you avoid

process, casing wrinkles and

blackheads and unwanted

making you look tired.



TIP – SMILE: Often and regularly.

Frown lines have a much bigger

impact than laugh lines in the

perception of age. Fabulous skin is

even more wonderful when it is lit

from within and on a happy face.


Exercise can be a very daunting

thing for some people however the

benefits are so good we just need

a little motivation! Anything over

20 minutes 3 times a week is said

to be beneficial, for the skin and

just for toning!

WHY? Not only is it great for

your figure, your heart and your

mentality but it also increases your

blood circulation allowing more

blood to reach your skin cells

faster and more efficiently! Giving

you that glow in your face!

TIP TIP – WEATHER: Protection from

the Sun, wind and extreme tem

perature is extremely important for

your skin, when maintaining a soft

healthy look.

WHY? Weather can cause

your skin to burn, chafe and dry

your skin. The sun is responsible

for roughly 80 percent of the

premature skin aging and may

cause loss of elasticity, increase

dryness, as well as causing deep



AND DRINKING: Minimizing or

eliminating smoking and alcohol

consumption has an incredibly

positive impact on the skin. Not

only are fewer carcinogens being

introduced but you

WHY? Smoking has been known

to cause discoloration within the

face, aging the face and drying

out the skin, heavy smoking also

accelerates wrinkles causing

premature skin aging it also

decreases blood supply to the skin

and deprives it of the oxygen it


WHY? Alcohol does not cause

skin to wrinkle. Instead, it affects

the health of the blood vessels,

causing them to dilate, induce a

flushed appearance and eventually

causing capillaries to break. The

face can become very bloated. A

drink once in a while will have an

minimal effect however drinking

excessively or on a regular basis

can cause premature skin aging, in

addition to other health problems.

WHY? Smiling will tighten the

face muscles giving a toned look

to the face, it also prevents frown




Green Tea

USED BY - Jenifer Lopez and

Gwyneth Paltrow

Green tea contains a lot of

antioxidants and can even be used

to treat acne. Its one of the most

natural ways to help your skin

appear brighter and flawless.

Once you have used the tea bag,

dip in warm water and wipe over

face, all of the natural herbs will

leave your skin feeling fresh, after

using twice a week for 2 weeks

you will see a natural glow!

Peppermint tea

USE BY - Victoria Beckham

Relieves the symptoms of bloating.

Chamomile tea

USE BY - Alanis Morissette and

Jessica Alba

Helpful for insomnia and also

reducing stress levels.

Rooibos tea

USED BY - Supermodel Cindy

Crawford, Sir Anthony Hopkins,

Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael

Douglas, Angelina Jolie and singer

James Morrison.

High in vitamin C as well as other

minerals. It has also been shown to

help with common skin concerns,

such as eczema.


Autumn Essentials!

F&F Limited Edition

F&F Womenswear Autumn Winter 2012


Vera Mont- This trouser suit in dark

red is a true “desk to dinner” outfit and

makes the wearer look stylishly elegant.

The short jacket and slightly flared

trousers in shiny satin are modern, cool

and feminine at the same time.




Marks Marks and and Spencer Spencer




Matalan Et Vous AW12 Collection


Matalan Et Vous AW12 Collection


Paul’s Boutique- Megan Bag in Gold


Marisota- Marisota- Marisota- Knitted Knitted Knitted Poncho, Poncho, Poncho, Boots, Boots, Boots, and and and Dress Dress Dress



Scaline Scaline London London




Debenhams Lipstick


Bag atMatalan Et Vous Collection


Betty Betty Barclay-. Barclay-. Feminine eminine and and sporty! sporty! The The

mixture mixture of of stripe stripe patterns patterns of of different different sizes sizes

gives gives this this pullover pullover a a sporty sporty feel feel and and adds adds

a a highlight highlight thanks thanks to to its its modern modern colour colour

blocking. blocking. The The lilac lilac jeans jeans complete complete the the

interplay interplay of of colours colours perfectly. perfectly.




part of the ‘Abandoned Fashion Series’ by


Welcome to the wonderful

world of Master

Photographer, Luke

Woodford. Head Makeup

Artist, Eleise Lucraft

guides as through the

make-up process for their

latest breath-taking set.

“This look was created with a thick

matte base and was achieved by

smoothing MAC Pro Longwear

Foundation with my fingers for a

thicker application. For a flawless

finish, I completed the look by

buffing the skin using a MAC 187

duel fibre stippling brush.

Afterwards, I applied MAC Studio

Sculpt Concealer under the eyes

and around the base of the nose

using a MAC No.7 tapered

concealer brush to even out redness

and dark circles.

Concealer was then applied in

upward strokes against the grain

of the brows to lighten them,

giving a thicker and feathery look.

Following on, the face was set

with Cover FX setting powder for

a translucent finish and a slight

pale glow using the Large Clinique

powder brush.

Next, I focused on sharpening and

shaping the model’s face and bone

structure. I used a mix of MAC Pro

Longwear eyeshadow (in Sweet

Satisfaction, Lie Low and Legendary

Black). This was lightly applied on

the temple and chin bone area with

a MAC 168 contouring brush which

was built up to a heavy application

under the cheek bone.

To each side of the nose and across

the eye socket I also applied the

same using a MAC 214 Short

shader and 213 Fluff brush. Later, I

applied highlighter to the centre of

the nose and additionally above the

cheekbones and temple area using

a mix of cream, bronze and gold

shadows in the Make Up Forever

heaven and earth palette.

Aside from the socket contour, the

model’s eyes remained nude and

were widened by finishing with

High Lengths mascara by Clinique

(in Black).

The main focus for this look was the

lips so that they contrasted against

the light surroundings of the skin,

hair and dress. For the eyes, a

sharp line was created using an

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero

Smudge Eyeliner (in Black) and was

filled using Bobbi Brown Long Wear

Gel Liner (in Black) using a MAC

316 lip brush.

To finalise the look, the same mix of

cream, bronze and gold shadows

in the Make Up Forever heaven and

earth palette were dabbed onto the

lips with my finger in the centre to

create the almost 3D look.”

Luke Woodford

Dress: Suzie Turner Couture

Model: Nadia Lee

Hair and Make-up Artist: Eleise Lucraft

Sebastian Lang


Edgy bohemian make-up

is the go-to look for this

autumn season, giving

you a dangerous allure

that grabs the attention

of all.

Tousled, teased hair; luscious lips;

deep, dark eyes and distinguished

eyebrows ring out loud and clear.

This look screams for drama. As

a more intricate look to go for,

FACEON provides you with the

essentials needed to execute this

look in the best fashion.


Sebastian Lang

Styling: Elisa Gianna Gerlach

Model: Kate Welsh / Major Models

Hair & Make-up: Rada Jurkovic

The Make-Up Used:

Make-up Credits:

Make-up: Armani Luminous Silk foundation Nr. 5

Blush: MAC Spaced out Shimmer blush

Mascara: MAC Haute & Naughty Lash

Eye-Liner: Maestro eye Liner 1

Eye Shadow: MAC Pigment Dark Soul

Eye contour Pencil: Babor Black 03

Lips: MAC Lipglass Dainty, MAC Lipstick Kinda Sexy

Hair: Aveda Enhancing Lotion, Schwarzkopf Strand Matt-Paste

Hairspray: Schwarzkopf Powerful Age

For true vixen eyes, use a smoky eyeshadow and blend from the

inner eye out to the crease of the eye lid. To make the eyes more

impressive consider investing in an eye contour pencil. To achieve

the look in this image we went with a Babor contour pencil (in

Black 03). Strengthen the look by applying a generous amount of

mascara and eyeliner.

For a matte lip with a lovely sheen try combining MAC Kinda Sexy

Lipstick with MAC Lipglass in Dainty.

Wild and bedraggled hair is the perfect hairstyle to accompany

this look. Think ‘Amazonian princess’ and add a few braids here

and there to create texture and add volume. Feel free to crimp parts

of your hair as well! To finish use Schwarzkopf Powerful Age

Hairspray to secure and you’re good to go!


Richard Davis


The sports-luxe trend is going strong

with Marc Jacobs and Alexander

Wang leading the way this year.

The key to nailing this look is to have bold and showstopping

make-up that allows you to stand out from the

crowd, - yet making sure it remains comfortable and


In this image, Briana Brown combines a bright red

lip, with porcelain skin and a rosy glow – a look that’s

simple and attainable in a few easy steps.

The Make-Up used:

Foundation: L’Oreal True Blend

Powder: MAC Mineral Powder

Lips: Tempest Lip Gel; Liner: Candy Red (#1)

Eyes: Loose Eye Shadow in Radiant Bronze; Eye Liner:

Bobbi Brown in Espresso

Blush: Brown Sugar Face

To achieve this look Briana uses L’Oreal True Blend

as it automatically adjusts to the texture of the skin,

creating a flawless finish which is rarely achieved

with other products. This foundation is Oil-free and

comedogenic, so it is perfect for sensitive and more

complicated skin types. Finish by applying a mineral

face powder and make your look bolder by applying


For the eyes, blend a bronze loose eye shadow onto

the eye lid, and follow with dark brown eyeliner –

Bobbi Brown eyeliner in espresso is a perfect option.

This award-winning liner has the feel of a gel formula

while giving that liquid liner look. Long-wearing, waterresistant

colour glides on and lets you get it just right

before it dries - then stays without a smear or crease.

The lips are the final part to this look. Achieve that bold

daredevil red by lining your lips with Candy Red (#1)

and applying Tempest lip gel. This gel differs from

others as its super shiny, non-sticky, wine-coloured lip

gel which provides a lasting burst of sheer colour that

stays wet for hours and hours. The convenient tube with

applicator saves your fingers from any mess too!

Richard Davis

Make-up & Hair Briana Brown for Brown Candy

Stylist Theo Hackney for Style Syndicate NYC

Model Diana Red Model Management

Hats Strumpet

Clothing credits

Wet Suit: Aero skin

Leather Moto Jacket: Teknic

Moto Boots: AlpineStars

Gloves: Icon










Richard Davis





Photographer: Marc Evans

Model: Madalene Major, Luana Major, Jo


Hair and Make-up: Dafne

Assistant: Pirero

Clothes: Armani, D&G,

Max Mara and La Perla


Tony Baranzato by LideaL

Model: Simona Hack

Styling: Mo Matoshi

Make-up: Tony Baranzato

Make up Assistance: Nicole Livaja





The term undressed refers to an unusual wedding, which through styling and make-up draws on minimalist features and the spirit of super

saturation. The beauty of bold, bright and distinct colours makes these images both majestic and sublime. It is important that is you want to have

bright and flawless skin, as seen here, stick with mineral-based products that help to provide a natural and regal appearance.







Eyeshadow: BOBBI BROWN,

Blush, Color: Peony (pink)

Mascara: BOBBI BROWN, Lash

Glamour Lengthening Mascara

Extreme, Color: Black (Deep Black)


Christal Clear Gloss

Lips: BOBBI BROWN Creamy Color

for Lips & Cheeks, Color: Honeyed Tea






Eyeshadow: MAC pigment colors:

Golden Lemon (gold) & Corn Flower

(dark blue)

Mascara: BOBBI BROWN, Lash

Glamour Lengthening Mascara

Extreme, Color: Black (Deep Black)


Christal Clear Gloss

Lips: no color, Clinique, Airbrush

Concealer, transparent for all skin

types, color: Fair, lip gloss







Eyeshadow: BOBBI BROWN, Metallic

Eye Shadow colors: Bash 5 (green) and

Heather Mauve (Bronze)

Mascara: BOBBI BROWN, Lash Glamour

Lengthening Mascara Extreme, Color:

Black (Deep Black) Eyebrows: ELIZABETH

ARDEN, Christal Clear Gloss

Cheeks: BOBBI BROWN, Sheer Color

Cheek Tint, Color: Sheer Lilac 5 (rose)

Lips: BOBBI BROWN Shimmer Lip Gloss,

Color: Pink Sugar 9 (rose)

Claire Harrison

Concept & Styling: Adelaide Turnbull

Make-up: Doreen Gottscalch

Hair: Savita @ Joseph Koniak

Photography Assistant: Sophie Di Martino

Models: Millie & Ray @ Select Model Management

Pom Poms: The Pom Pom Factory

SPECIAL THANKS to Donmar Warehouse












Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

Photographer Assistant: Kara Synhorst

Make-up Artists: Danielle Gary, Feda Aranki,

Mary Arabyan, Starla Cocio

Hair: Sabel Shea, Lindsey Basham, Rose Guillen

Creative Director: Jake Rafus

All Models: Kavir Model Management, Brianna

Belong, Brooklyn Guillen, Briana Robertson. John

Tacheny. Kenny Sale, Bri Anna Dedura, Jake

Rafus, Brooks Hansen

“When Jake Rafus, from Kavir

Model Management, asked us

to help create hair and make-up

art, it felt as if we’d won a golden


Having the Creative Director tell us “The theme

is nightmares, dreams and dark royalty, be

creative and do what you want...” it literally felt

like being a child in a candy store - a MUA or

Hair Artist’s most coveted job.

With an open invitation to create and express

ourselves freely, this was not something we

were going to turn down. When artists are

given the chance to produce art freely, with

little oversight, the result is almost certainly of

a better quality. The intensity involved and the

room to breathe allows an artist to function

at much more than 100%. Once we are

unleashed is when we are able to take a job to

that next level. Our work truly becomes art. It

becomes unexpected, and at times a pleasant

and personal surprise.

On this particular project, the artists were all

on the same page. This meant that although

we rarely spoke, we would become inspired

by one another and as the day progressed our

creativity continued to grow. With a unique

synergy within the room we knew exactly what

needed to be done. To begin, our themes were

dark but by the end, the beauty shone through.

Any good artist should be able to see the

beauty that comes from pain and be capable

of translating that onto a face. This photo shoot

was about letting our creative juices flow and

really feeling our work, rather than general

product or placement.

We drew the beauty from darkness using dark

colours around the eyes and contouring the

face. Each artist had a favourite product they

used on set - for one it was a camouflage

pallet from BH Cosmetics (which takes care

of blending for all ethnic tones); another used

a flash pallet from Makeup Forever that

helped to create a very pale face. One other

artist used body paint, which helped her create

blending and swirling patterns on every eye

she worked on.

When you’re fuelled by imagination, creativity

and passion, anything is possible and amazing

results can be achieved, as we realised

ourselves. If you can see it, or think it, you can

do it!”

Danielle Gary – Head Make-up Artist


Luke Woodford

Designer: Prodiga

Hair and Make-up: Rosie Lee

Model: Georgia Martin





Kourosh Khani has all the

ingredients of a pure racing

driver, determination, dedication,

unflappable, self belief and

commitment, necessary to pursue

his dream of becoming a Formula

1 star.

And now, in 2012, Khani is taking his next

major step with a seat in the FIA Formula Two

Championship. Competing on an international

stage in front of large TV audiences around the

world, he will be going up against some of the

strongest and most talented international racing


Khani knows that to be the best you must beat the

best. FACEON magazine’s very own, Natasha

Booth, gets to know the star of the track a little


What is your day to day

eating regime?

I always follow a strict diet - lots of

protein and vegetables (mostly fish)

and minimal amounts of sugar. I

tend to stick to natural sugars such

as fruits and dates. A week before

a race I tend to eat more carbs for

more energy and the best part is

the cheating day where I get to eat

anything I want one day every 10

days. I treat myself to something

nice and unhealthy after a race


You must follow a strict

fitness regime, what is a

normal workout for you?

Being extremely fit is one of the

most important factors of racing

as it is a very physical sport,

despite what most people think.

I participate in most of the sports

available and I find racing the most

physical. Racing requires a lot of

strength, endurance and stamina,

plus you use a lot of mental power

at the same time. The driver is under

constant pressure with the G-force

and needing constant concentration

when driving round the track. I

do lots of running, cycling and

swimming (Triathlon style training)

most of the time and also once a

week I do heavy weight training

and strength and circuit training as

well. I train 6 times a week, mostly

twice a day.

How do you relax?

I love music and I play the guitar

and which is a very good way

to relax. I also do MMA ( Mixed

Martial Arts) and lots of Muai Thai

and I do feel relaxed after having

done the hardcore training twice a

week. Plus, swimming makes you

relaxed as well...and the Spa and

a massage.

Do you have regular beauty


I have a long massage once a week

and it’s a sports massage, then a

relaxing and less painful massage.

I respect myself and my body a lot

and take very good care of myself.

Do you ever just say, I am

going to the pub!?

Once or twice a month I tend to

meet up with friends in a bar or

a pub but I keep away from the

calories and stick to H 2 O. I’m not

a boring person at all but when

you do sports professionally at

a high level you need to be very

determined and be ready to make


What is your ideal date?

My ideal date would be someone

with determination and who

understands and appreciates hard

work. Someone who knows what

she wants and with a positive

mentality. Then we would be on

the same page, but at the moment

I’m too busy with lots of racing

and training, and dating is not a


Where can we see you race


My next FIA Formula 2 race

will be in Budapest, Hungary at

Hungaroring Circuit on the 7-9th of


Where do you see yourself in

5 years’ time?

In 5 years’ time I see myself as a

Formula1 World Champion. That’s

what I am working for and towards

and I believe I can do it and that’s

what counts.




Richard Dubois’s all-time favourite image!

Wardrobe Styling: Luis Rajiv, with

designs by Brandon Dwyer

Make-up: Kristie Stoodley

Hair: Brian Maristela

Model: Andi Muise

(Premiere London, Marilyn NY)

1. What propelled you towards photography?

I fell into photography a bit by chance while studying theatre at university,

when my mother gave me her old Canon camera. It started with shooting

publicity stills for plays and headshots for actors, and after discovering beauty

and fashion I would solicit the help of any willing friend to be my model for

the day. It’s been all beauty and fashion ever since.

2. What did you want to be as a young lad?

I don’t think I ever aspired to be any one thing when I was young, I just tried

out a bit of everything to find out what I actually did like " the only certainty

was that I would do something visual and creative. I’ll probably never go

through a mid-career crisis because I love what I do, and I can easily compare

to careers I would not enjoy at all.

3. What camera would you recommend for beginners?

There are so many great DSLR choices for young photographers, so I would

simply suggest finding a new or used camera that fits your budget. More

importantly, learn the fundamentals: lenses, exposure, depth-of-field, reading

a histogram, white balance, RAW conversion. You don’t need an expensive

professional camera to take great pictures, but you need to know how to use

it properly.

4. What advise would you give to make-up artists just starting

out in regards to what a photographer is looking for ?

Almost every great artist I’ve ever worked with spent some time in their early

years assisting more established artists. It’s a great way to learn not only

makeup and hair techniques, but also how the workflow at a shoot works.

There is simply no substitute for real-world, hands-on experience.

5. As a young photographer where on earth do you start?

This is actually a question I’m asked all the time, and the simple answer it to

just go out and shoot, no matter what it is. Take pictures of your friends, your

pets, sunsets, it doesn’t matter " just get over that creative inertia, and figure

out how much you like photography. You’ll either not like it that much, like

it as a hobby, or like it enough to make a career of it. Only time and lots of

shooting will answer that question.

6. Is there any subject/person you have not shot that you really


I’m currently working on a gallery project with some fashion industry

colleagues that I’m really enjoying, and it’s giving me countless new ideas for

things I’d like to shoot. The project is loosely based on fashion and beauty,

with a great deal of storytelling, much like shooting a fashion editorial except

that we are free to do whatever we want; no one runs the show exclusively,

so we all take our turns trying out new ideas. I’d like to keep shooting this for

years to come; it’s very liberating.

7. From all your work why have you chosen this image as your

all time favourite?

I should qualify my selection of this image: It is my current, all-time favourite.

I’ll probably have a new all-time favourite in the next few weeks or months,

but for now this image embodies much of what I love about photography,

clean aesthetics and simple beauty, with a hint of narrative about the subject.

This image feels just how I and the rest of the team meant for it to feel as we

were shooting it. That kind of synergy is one of the things I love most about


8. When looking for models what are you looking for?

I’m not always involved with model casting, but when I am the most important

thing is that the model match the concept perfectly. There are some incredibly

beautiful models out there who are perfect for edgy fashion, but who would

be disastrous for clean, pretty beauty. No matter the shooting project, all of

the elements need to work together as well as possible, starting with the right



Wardrobe Styling: Joelle Litt (Judy Inc.)

Make-up and Hair: Sabrina Rinaldi (Judy Inc.)

Model: Ada (Sutherland - Toronto, IMG - New York)


Wardrobe Styling: Juliana Schiavinatto (Page One Management)

Makeup and Hair: Greg Wencel (Page One Management)

Model: Laura (Sutherland/Chantale Nadeau)

Wardrobe Styling: Joelle Litt (Judy Inc.)

Make-up and Hair: Blair Petty (Judy Inc.)

Model: Heidi (Sutherland)


Hair: Marjorie Clarke

Make-up and Art Direction: Giancarlo Intini

Wardrobe Styling: Kelly Henderson

Models: Ada, Vlada, Courtney

Wardrobe Styling: Joelle Litt (Judy Inc.)

Make-up and Hair: Ivy Lam

Model: Santa (FM London/Chantale Nadeau)

Keith Clouston

Creative Editor: Naomi Mdudu

Make-up &hair: Leah Bennett

Model: Sarah Louise from Models 1




On the tip of my




Burt’s Bees


Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum

Butter- www.burtsbees.co.uk


Shimmer Lip Balm www.dove.co.uk

Benetint SPF 15 Lip Balm www.


Pucker up with these basic

tips to keep your lips in tip

top condition this autumn…

1 Stop smoking. Besides the awful

consequence it has on your beautiful

skin, teeth and health, smoking has

a bad effect on the lips making them

black, chapped and wrinkled.

2 Stop biting. The most common

reason of cracked lips can be through

the habit of licking and biting of the lips.

Use a balm, gloss or oil and your lips

can be supple and flexible.

3 Discover natural oils. Try honey,

coconut oil or almond oil applied to

your cracked lips on a daily basis, it

really does wonders!

4 Exfoliate. Gently brush your lips with

a soft toothbrush to remove dead skin,

then apply a balm.



Metamorphosis; A transformation, a marked change in appearance, character,

condition, or function. This has been interpreted into a sensational editorial by Claus

Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann Photography.

Claus Brechenmacher

Reiner Baumann

Styling: Stephan Kallaus

Hair & Make-up: Lisi Lechner using Chanel

Model: Pauline J

Jacket: We:are by Regina Volgger






Dress: Unpomela

Top: Schaaf

Leggings: Topshop

Vest: Schaaf

Leggings: Pierre Balmain

Overknees: Yesterday

Belt worn as collar: Irene Luft

Suspenders: Diesel

Gloves: Moschino

Hooded dress:

Ana Alcazar

Jacket: We:are by Regina Volgger

Shirt: D&G

Leggings: Pierre Balmain

Boots: Ingelmo




On Julia (in the middle)

Dress: Bobby K Design

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Accessories: bracelet(3) Model’s own,

necklace: Model’s own, ring: Model’s own

Earrings: Model’s own

On Bobby Kelley(in the middle)

Shirt: Designers own

Pants: Designers own

Shoes: Designers own

Daryna Barykina

Lightning Director: Il Enzio

Models: Julia Savage, Melissa Connors,

Joelianna McLane

Make-up Artist: Lachish Davidson

Hairstylist: Leah Jones

Designer: Bobby Kelley Design

Fashion stylist: Yvonne Van Wie

Stylist Assistant: Keisha Burr

Photography Assistants: Lisa Volpe,

Kelly Cho, Alex Barykin

On Melissa (to the right)

Dress: Bobby K Design

Shoes: Model’s own

Accessories: necklace-

Model’s own

On Joelianna (to the left)

Dress: Bobby K Design

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Accessories: belt Bobby K

Design, earrings-

Model’s own

On Melissa (to the left)

Shirt: Bobby K Design

Skirt: Bobby K Design

Shoes: Model’s own

Belt: Bobby K Design

Accessories: Cuff-Model’s own

On Joelianna (to the right)

Dress: Bobby K Design

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Accessories: earrings- Model’s own

Ring: Model’s own

On Melissa (to the right)

Jacket: Bobby K Design

Skirt: Bobby K Design

Shoes: Gianni Bini

Accessories: ring (2)- House of Harlow

Necklace: Model’s own

On Joelianna (to the left)

Body suit: Bobby K Design

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Accessories: Bracelet (necklace)-Phylicia


Earrings: Model’s own

On Melissa (to the left)

Body suit: Bobby K Design

Shoes: Model’s own

Accessories: earrings- Model’s own

On Joelianna (to the right)

Shirt: Bobby K Design

Pant: Bobby K Design

Shoes: Gianni Bini

Accessories: snakeskin cuff-Jessica


Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Lips: M.A.C Lipstick ‘Redd’

Eyes: Bobbi Brown Cream Base ‘Sandy


M.A.C Eyeshadow ‘Nylon Frost’

Brows: Kryolan Grease Palette (White)

over natural brow

Kryolan Grease Palette (Grey)

Lady Of

The Manor

“The concept was based on the ethereal

apparition of the “Lady Of The Manor”.

A ghostly presence condemned to walk the halls of her country

mansion. Stolen from the world at an early age, her youth and

beauty eternal - Graceful, elegant, forever young.”

Cristina Carra Caso

Photographer’s Assistant: Matt Schofield

Model: Melissa Beattie (of Superior Model Management)

Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist: Molly Jane Sheridan

Stylist: Lucy Price


Base: Kryolan Grease Palette (White)

Illamasqua ‘Clown White’

Make Translucent Powder

Cheeks: M.A.C ‘Blushbaby’

Contouring: M.A.C Matte Bronzing Powder

Lips: M.A.C Lipstick ‘Snob’

M.A.C Lipstick ‘Chatterbox’

M.A.C ‘Nylon Frost’ in centre

Eyes: Screenface Basics Palette ‘Honey Brown’

M.A.C Blusher ‘Blushbaby’

Nails: Primark

Hair: Curled and then brushed out.




John Clarke

Model: Laura Brown

Make-up and hair: Sophie Battersby

Dress: Baylis and knight



Get ready for the UK’s number one beauty event - Olympia

Beauty is coming! Held in the Grand Hall, Olympia, London

on Sunday 23 rd September and Monday 24 th September

2012, this spectacular two-day event is the premier

destination for beauty professionals.

With an incredible line-up of over

400 world-class brands exhibiting

at the two-day exhibition, Olympia

Beauty will showcase all the very

latest beauty products, treatments

and services. Bringing together

industry experts, educational leaders,

business advisors, award-winning

salons, manufacturers and suppliers,

the event will bring you the very

latest innovations in the beauty

world. All this, plus eye-opening

seminars, product giveaways and

exciting competitions make Olympia

Beauty the number one beauty event

of the year. FACEON will be there

of course, so come and visit us at

Olympia Beauty - the event is a must

for all your professional needs!

If you’re looking to expand your

existing beauty skills or want a

completely new and exciting career,

talk through your options with one

of the many renowned leaders in

education who will be at Olympia

Beauty to answer all your questions.

Talk to a representative from the

Nouveau Beauty Group - enrolling at

a highly esteemed Nouveau Beauty

Group Academy will equip you with

all the skills and knowledge you need

to get ahead in the beauty industry.

They are one of the UK’s leading

providers of beauty industry education

and they strive to continually develop

the best training, products and

treatments. Their training schools are

located nationwide and they are

determined to offer careers, not just

courses. Visit them at Olympia Beauty

to discuss how they can help you

achieve your goals.



Make sure you check out the exciting

educational seminars at Olympia

Beauty. Over forty globally renowned

speakers will be there to provide

expert advice covering a wide

range of topics and all seminars

are absolutely free. This year the

programme includes an interactive

seminar on temporary Manai body

art. Ideal for beauty professionals

looking to offer something new to

their clients, this seminar will examine

the origins of this unique art form

and explore its rise in popularity

in modern mainstream European

culture. From henna and ink, to

glitter and stencils, the seminar will

include live demonstrations. Audience

participation will be a key feature of

this seminar so make sure you check

it out - you could walk away with your

very own unique piece of artwork!

The seminar programme also includes

talks from top business advisors such

as Lopo Champalimaud, Wahanda

CEO, whose seminar is entitled ‘Not

all deals are alike – How to market

your business’. Many businesses focus

on deals and promotions as a means

of acquiring new customers and

keeping busy during quieter times.

In this presentation, Lopo will discuss

the bigger picture, the different types

of deals that really boost business,

when to deploy them and how to

tailor them to suit your business. The

presentation will be illustrated with a

case study showing delegates what

tools Wahanda can provide to drive

their business forward. Also speaking

will be David Suzuki who will be

travelling from the U.S. especially for

You can find Olympia

Beauty on Facebook

for up to the minute

information on the big

event, what’s happening in

the beauty world, as well

as top celebrity gossip

the event. ‘What’s Your Accent? Lead

Technology and Accent Services -

Customised Services to Realise Client

Objectives’ is his hot topic and he

will be examining the fine details

brought forth by accents that make

a product or service truly unique

and effective. The seminar promises

to help you discover the difference

between accent and lead technology,

purchasing strategies, how to layer

technology together to maximise your

results, and how to create unique one

of a kind skincare services.

Award-winning salons from all

over the UK will be at the Olympia

Beauty to offer advice, demonstrate

techniques and talk about the latest

innovations and the biggest trends

for the year ahead. There will also

be product launches and exclusive

giveaways. Helen É Cosmetics will

be offering goody bags containing

make-up from their current range for

just £10. With products worth over

a total of £40, the goody bags are

a real bargain so get there early and

make sure you grab one.

Manufacturers will be there too,

including Pure Green who are a

manufacturer of natural cosmetic

products. With over 20 years

experience in the formulation of plantbased

cosmetics, their proven recipes

are respected throughout the industry,

giving them the capability to bring

your product ideas from the drawing

board onto retail shelves.

Suppliers will also be at Olympia

Beauty, including The Carlton Beauty

and Spa Group - your one stop shop

for quality beauty and spa equipment.

They distribute their premium quality

products to beauty salons, colleges

and spas in the UK, Europe and all

over the world. Stop by their stand

and they’ll be happy to discuss your

requirements. Other top suppliers

will include REM Furniture who are

thrilled to be launching their brand

new Beauty Furniture range. Offering

a comprehensive range of specially

developed foot care equipment,

reception area furniture and a new

bespoke fitted furniture service, they

will be happy to discuss all your

salon needs, so drop by their stand

and pick up the new REM Beauty

& Spa brochure. Looking for new

uniforms for your salon? Buttercups

Uniforms will be at Olympia Beauty to

showcase their latest collection. With

flattering designs, easy to maintain

fabrics and a great ‘buy two, get a

third free’ deal, Olympia Beauty is the

perfect place to get your team kitted


There is only one place you need to

look to keep up to date with all the

latest news in the beauty industry -

find Olympia Beauty on Facebook

for up to the minute information on the

big event, what’s happening in the

beauty world, as well as top celebrity

gossip. ‘Like’ the page, spread the

word and watch out for exciting

competitions! With all this and so

much more, Olympia Beauty is not to

be missed. Registration is now open

so sign up by simply visiting www.

olympiabeauty.co.uk to book your

free ticket. Be inspired by the world’s

greatest beauty professionals and

ignite your passion for the beauty

industry at Olympia Beauty!

The Competitions

The most talented, creative

and inspiring people in

the beauty industry will be

travelling from all over the

world to attend Olympia

Beauty and to take part in a

brand new competition that

will test 100 make-up artists

to their limit.

The Art of Make-Up Competition,

sponsored by Airbase, will take

place over the course of the two

days and it is open to students and

professional make-up artists. The

first day of the competition will be

based on a Grecian Goddess theme

and the top twenty competitors

will be asked to return for day two,

when they will be given a variety

of settings and themes designed to

make them think on their feet and test

their creativity. The entrants will be

competing for two prestigious titles

- Best Newcomer 2012 and Junior

Make-Up Artist of the Year 2012.

The Best Newcomer Award will be

for those in current education or those

who have graduated or completed

education within twelve months of

the competition. The Junior Make-Up

Artist of the Year Award will be for

those who are practising professional

make-up artistry with a maximum of

five years experience. The prizes

are incredible, with a total of over

£10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs!

The third prize winner will be taking

home a professional make-up kit to

the value of £1000, the second prize

winner will receive a professional

make-up kit to the value of £2000,

and the first prize winner will scoop

education and training vouchers to

the value of £5000! As if that wasn’t

enough, all winners will have their

work published in FACEON!

Olympia Beauty is delighted to

appoint celebrity make-up artist,

Louise Page as Head Judge of The

Art of Make-Up Competition. Louise

has a wealth of experience working

in film, fashion and the music industry

so she was the natural choice to judge

this exciting competition. Her film

work includes Troy starring Brad Pitt

and The Bridget Jones Diaries starring

Renee Zellweger among many, many

more. She was Head Creative at

Universal Records for the Brit Awards

and has worked at prestigious events

such as the NTA Awards, the Golden

Globes and the Oscars. Given her

extensive knowledge, experience and

creative flair, the competitors will have

to work hard to impress her! Louise

and the rest of the judging panel will

be joined by the lucky winner of the

Airbase Talent Search Competition.

Head to the Olympia Beauty website

for further information about The Art

of Make-Up Competition, including

rules and regulations.

What’s more, Olympia Beauty

will play host to one of the biggest

nail competitions in the world

– The Nailympics London. Last

year’s event was a phenomenal

success, hundreds of students and

professionals competed in a range of

hotly contested categories and over

22,000 visitors were there to show

their support and get to top advice

from leading experts. This year The

Nailympics London is taking it up a

notch - their eighth annual competition

will be bigger and better than ever.

Providing an artistic atmosphere

where a beginner or seasoned

professional can test their skills against

the best competitors in the world, The

Nailympics London offers technicians

the chance to compete for ten trophies

and 96 medals. Each year, the

international judging panel reads like

a ‘who’s who’ of the nail industry and

this year will be no exception. It is not

only a great opportunity to compete

for a prestigious title, it also provides

a chance for nail technicians to form

valuable networks, to get top advice

from leading industry experts, and

to find out more about all the latest

products, treatments and services.

Using the latest gels, wraps and

polishes, as well as everything from

dried flowers, glitter, rhinestones,

3D stickers and crushed shells, you’ll

be surprised and inspired by the

incredible creativity and originality of

each entrant’s work. With celebrities

such as Jessie J, Rihanna and Lana

Del Ray sporting the pointed nail look

this season, nail professionals will be

on hand to give you the heads up on

what hot trends to look out for next

year. From spikey talons and double

dip two-tone manicures, to nude and

natural prim and proper manicures,

intricate patterns and reverse French

manicures, they’ll show you how to

create the looks you’ll love. To find out

more about The Nailympics London

visit www.olympiabeauty.co.uk. Be

inspired by the world’s greatest nail

technicians and ignite your passion

for the nail industry at The Nailympics


For further press information on

Olympia Beauty, please contact

Jennifer Cramond at Alison Jameson

Consultants on 0131 621 7210 or

email jennifer@alisonjamesonpr.com

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23-24 Sept 2012


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