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Faceon Online Magazin Yumpu - As the summer nights are drawing to a close and the days of habing a cheekly Pimm´s at lunchtime in the sun are just a distant memory. We look at what a great British summer we have had, not necexxarily for the weather, but the Olympics.


F A C EON MAGAZ I N E ISSUE 10 10 24 54 86 The FACEON Team CONTRIBUTORS Natasha Booth Company Director/Editor Richard Sumner Company Director Lee Compton Managing Editor Kristina Vassilieva Executive Beauty Editor Carmit Bachar Celebrity Columnist Harriadnie Beau Phipps Celebrity Columnist Joey Bevan Celebrity Columnist Christine Anne Copy Editor Eve Yasmine Beauty writer Joanna Prempeh Beauty writer Chelsea Louise Haden Web Assistant Bcreative Media Magazine Design 16 28 60 96 Adelaide Turnbull, Alex Barykin, Alisa Fisher, Alyssa Booth, Amelia Bishop, Angela Wilsher, Anna Gardiner, Annabelle Fisher, Autumn Rose, Barry Druxman, Bibian Blue, Bobby Kelley Design, Brad Storey, Briana Brown, Bridget Thompson, Carmit Bachar, Carole Soueidan, Celina Alvarez, Charles Fox, Cheri Wilson Chagollan, Claire Fisher, Claire Harrison, Clara Buchanan, Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann Photography, Cristina Carra Caso, Dana Höhne, Danielle Gary, Danny Plume ,Darrell Thompson, Daryna Barykina, Diana Red, Dom Booth, Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli, Donmar Warehouse, Doreen Gottschalch, Eleise Lucraft, Elina Lukas, Elisa Gianna Gerlach, Ella Haberlach, Emily Mislak ,Emma Stroud, Eve Yasmine, Feda Aranki, Georgia Martin, Grace Coole Green, Graham Booth, Hanif Khan ,Harriadnie Beau Phipps, Il Enzio, Jake Rafus, Jean Booth, Jennifer Premori ,Jin Okuma, Jo Reilly, Joelianna McLane, Joey Bevan Pointed Brown Shoes ,John Clarke, Jula Bubenzer, Julia Savage, Kara Synhorst, Karla Powell, Kate Welsh, Kathrin Schwitter, Katie Fisher, Kavir Model Management, Keisha Burr, Keith Clouston, Kelly Cho, Kelly Plume, Kouroush Khani, Lachish Davidson, Laura Brown, Leah Bennet, Leah Jones, Lee Heeley, Lindsey Basham, Lisa Kuwabara, Lisa VolpeLisi Lechner, Louise Constad, Lucy Price, Luke Woodford, Maddie Judge Booth, Marc Evans, Marika Page, Marta Okulicz, Martin Höhne, Mary Arabyan, Mather Louth, Matt Schofield, Melissa Beattie, Melissa Connors, Melissa Hargreaves, Melissa Reed, Miki Okumura,Mo Matoshi Email: Web: 18 40 64 108 20 44 74 112 ,Molly Sheridan, Monae Everett, Nadia Lee, Naomi Mdudu, Natalie Mckee, Nicole Livaja, Paul Betts, Paul Merchant, Pauline J, Prodiga, Rich Hinton, Richard Dubois, Robyn Marie Aichinger, Rose Guillen, Rosie & Kitty,Rosie Lee, Rusell Philip Peek,Sabe, Shea, Sam Buckley, Sarah Baldwin, Sarah Louise, Sarah Marie Hilker, Sator, Yanagawa, Savita @ Joseph Koniak,Sebastian Lang, Sherman Hawthorne, Shunichi Oda, Simona Hack,S ophie Battersby, Sophie Di Martino, Sophie Haig, Stara Pezeshkian, Starla Coci, Stephan Kallaus, Steven Fendy, Suzie Turner Couture, Tara G,Theo Hackney, Thomas Knuf, Titilayo Bankole, Titilayo Bankole, Tobias Fröhner, Tony Baranzato by LideaL, Wayne Hayes, Yeri Seok, Yvonne Van Wie, Zara Argent

CONTENTS 16 24 40 54 74 86 96 102 HARRIADNIE The Harriadnie Beau Phipps Diaries BROKEN WINGS By Luke Woodford MARC EVANS La Veuve Noire DANCING D At Midnight CHAOS Claire Harrison JOE J Y BEVAN Diary of a Fashion Freak METAMORPHOSIS by Claus Brechenmacher & Reiner Baumann THE MUSE Daryna Barykina Monica True Kinsey Elizabeth Rachelle Dalton WELCOME to our 10 th edition of FACEON Magazine As the summer nights are drawing to a close and the days of having a cheeky Pimm’s at lunchtime in the sun are just a distant memory. We look at what a great British summer we have had, not necessarily for the weather, but the Olympics. Worldwide we have united in watching the TV with clenched fists and megaphones as voices at every fall and grace. United we are, if it is only for the games! Let’s raise our last glass of summer wine to all contributors to the Olympic Games 2012. Onto the FACEON Magazine official 10 th edition! Yes 10 th edition, what a monumental moment it is. It brings a tear to our eyes thinking of the days we were on Issue 1 & 2. The transformation is quite literally staggering but couldn’t have been achieved without the artists of the world contributing from day one. We thank you! What’s new? We certainly have had an eventful year so far! It is very much the cliché of where has this year gone? FACEON Magazine’s very own Editor Natasha Booth was whisked away for a trip of a lifetime to Berlin courtesy of the gods of make-up Kryolan. Natasha had the honour of meeting the founders of the prestige’s brand and visiting the factory where the magic is made. It was like being given a golden ticket from ‘Willy Wonka’. Please see page 111 for Natasha’s inside scoop. If you have not heard the hype yet, hold onto your make-up brushes because we have the honour of being the judges at the new ‘Art of Make-up’ Competition at Olympia this year. This is a huge boost for us as a company and as individuals; Olympia Beauty has been running for many years, with a huge turnout every year. We have a stand D112 that will be promoting ourselves and Sigma Beauty. The formidable John Davis Bodyartist guru will be showing off his talents and our very own Harriadnie Beau Phipps will be joining the team. Come and see us for some great special offers. We would like to say a huge thank you to our team, family & friends who without FACEON Magazine would just be a dream. Note from the editor. Most of you will know the formidable Richard Sumner our very own Company Director / Executive Creative Director. I want to say a personal thank you for everything you do for FACEON Magazine and myself as my friend, you are my rock! EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR faceonmagazine @faceon_magazine SUBSCRIBE TO MAGAZINE 4 ISSUES FOR £16