Announcing - Church of God of Prophecy

Announcing - Church of God of Prophecy


International Leadership Development Institute

Cleveland, Tennessee

April 26–29, 2011

(the week following Easter)

Why be there?

• Senior pastor focus

• Addressing needs of local pastors

• Top leadership will be sharing from a wealth of

firsthand experience. Your interaction will be recorded

and used to help others for years to come. (We plan to

record and offer to others who will not be able to join

us. You will help shape this material by your presence.)

• Sharing from a Church of God of Prophecy perspective

• Special guests will be sharing from their perspective for

our context

• Other leaders are invited to teach, train, and share with

their local church/state/regional/national counterparts,

such as women, stewardship, heritage. This year, a new

Communications/Media track will cover using media in

worship, social media (Facebook, Twitter), and more.

The fellowship is returning to Cleveland, Tennessee. While

there, you can visit the White Wing Bookstore. Also, you

can have fellowship with our General Overseer, General

Presbyters, State/Regional/National Overseers, and

International Offices personnel.

Load up a van, and bring the entire staff!


Special Guest

Bryan Cutshall

Senior Pastor of

Twin Rivers

Worship Center


February 2011 • Volume 87, Number 7

6 The High Cost of


by David Bryan

8 Youth Harvest

Focus in Africa

by Sherman Allen

10 Empowering

Women in Botswana

by Phillip Segadika


17 Central America Leadership

18 News From South America

19 Youth: Conference Update

20 Children’s Ministries:

Around the World

22 CBL Update

23 Heritage: Fields of the Wood

24 Stewardship: How Past Market

Rallies Have Shown Staying Power

26 Harvest Partners: Bicycles for


27 Women’s Ministries:

Colombia Women’s Conference

w w w w

12 Tour of the

South Pacific

by David Browder

14 Impacting


by Vitaly Voznyuk

16 Haiti Rebuild

by David Bryan

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4 Facing Forward:

To All People

by Randall E. Howard

31 Messages:

Love Is Not . . .

by DeWayne Hamby


5 News: Local Church / Connect

28 Local/State/International News

Continued • In His Presence

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European Ladies Retreat


February 23–26, 2011

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March 1–4, 2011

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from every


are rising

up to send

missionaries in

numbers never

known before.


To All People

Christianity has known its mandate for

centuries now. We have been called “to

all people.” We proclaim it, celebrate it,

consider the scope of it, and work to fulfill

it constantly. And we are in awe of the God

who has a heart for every nation, tribe,

and tongue on the face of this planet. His

all-nation passion has been sewn into

His people, his body, as a seed from day

one. Perhaps today we are seeing that

expressed more fully than at any other

time in the history of Christianity.

Certainly the apostles did scatter out

after Christ’s commission, but, to a great

extent, this young movement remained

a Jerusalem movement and a Jewish

sect. Paul was born out of due season

and pushed the envelope further into

the Gentile world, but there was still

much geography to penetrate. For many

centuries, the Roman covering for the

Gospel became as great a hindrance to

world outreach as the previous Jewish

dominion had been. Christianity was

Roman, not Asian or other ethnicities, and

so it was surprisingly limited by the largest

and most powerful government of the day.

After the fall of Rome, devoted Monks

carried the message of Christ to the

barbarians of the north, such as the

Druids, Goths, and Vikings. After the new

world was discovered, Jesuits launched

ambitious projects to convert the natives

of North and South America to faith.

Later, William Carey was stirred to take

the message to Africa, and Hudson Taylor

was gripped with the passion that China

should hear.

And so the thrust “to all people” has

been working in and on the people of

God for many centuries. Possibly history

might describe the pinnacle of this

momentum when Great Britain and the

younger United States were the bastions

of faith and thus bore the burden of

spreading the “good news” across the

earth. Great inroads were made; still, most

observers and mission enthusiasts have

longed to hear of true global sweeping

reports doing far more than winning

token numbers of natives.

In all the illustrations I have mentioned

from the history of Christian missions,

there is one common thread. The

missionary force was always being sent

from a strong, central nation or culture

with the idea of converting the rest of the

world to faith. This was true of the early

Jewish Christians, Rome, Britain, and, most

recently, the United States. Today I would

like to share with you that God has moved

His mission strategy ahead to a new phase

of operation that could be the actual

world-sweeping force for which many

have hoped.

Today and into the future, God has

shifted away from one central strong

Christian culture responsible to reach the

world. Now He is pouring out His Spirit all

over the earth, and people of every culture

are picking up the mandate and surging

out into the world of darkness carrying

the light. Nations from every continent are

rising up to send missionaries in numbers

never known before.

Korean missionaries can now be found

on many continents. Latin American

missionaries are finding great success

penetrating the Islamic cultures of the

world. Philippine servant workers are

spreading the Gospel in hard-to-reach,

persecuted lands forbidding “official”

missionaries. Nigerian missionaries are

planting huge churches in unlikely places.

Missionaries from India are stepping out

of this nation isolated in both culture and

economics for so many centuries. Brazil

is the largest mission-sending nation in

Latin America. And China may be the

rising giant of missions where a vision

and passion to mobilize millions of Gospel

missionaries is already being spread.

This should come as no surprise to

Bible believers. The God of all nations

is mobilizing all nations to finish the

unfinished task, proclaiming Christ “to

all people.”

COGOP Pastor, Daughter

Reunite in Iraq War Zone

Lawrence Jackson, pastor of the Lexington, North Carolina,

COGOP, recently reunited with his daughter, Brooke, on the

frontlines in Iraq, profiled in the article “Father, Daughter

Continue Special Bond in Iraq” by Edward Daileg of the United

States Department of Defense media department:

“Brooke and her father, Master Sgt. Lawrence E. Jackson, the

communication and information systems noncommissioned

officer in charge for Task Force Troy have a special bond that

always kept them together for the past 29 years, but this year

they both deployed to Iraq and haven’t seen each other

since January. . .

“On October 1, Lawrence went to work and found Brooke

waiting in his office. They greeted each other with hugs and

happy smiles. The special bond between them showed as

Lawrence introduced his daughter to the soldiers he works

with. For Lawrence, who has made time to travel to Brazil and

Paraguay with Brooke, a day in Iraq with her meant everything.

“Lawrence, a combat veteran and a soldier for more than 24

years, said that leaving his family for long periods of time has

been the hardest part of his military career.”

The Word Speaks

Our Facebook friends shared a Bible verse

that has spoken to them lately:

”. . . Launch out into the deep, and let down

your nets for a draught” (Luke 5:4).

Tony Comer

“Don’t just pretend to love others. Really

love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold

tightly to what is good” (Romans 12:9 NLT).

Britta-Marie Nielse Kilby

“And I will put my spirit within you, and

cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye

shall keep my judgments, and do them”

(Ezekiel 36:27).

Kerena Campbell

“Lord, how are they increased that trouble

me! many are they that rise up against me;

Many there be which say of my soul, There

is no help for him in God. Selah. But thou,

O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and

the lifter up of mine head. I cried unto the

LORD with my voice, and he heard me out

of his holy hill. Selah. I laid me down and

slept; I awaked; for the LORD sustained

me. I will not be afraid of ten thousands of

people, that have set themselves against

me round about” (Psalm 3:1–6).

Westralyn Ferguson

“Make every effort to live in peace with all

men and to be holy; without holiness no

one will see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14 NIV).

Themba Mavimbela

”And God is able to make all grace abound

toward you; that ye, always having all

sufficiency in all things, may abound to

every good work” (2 Corinthians 9:8).

Sue Nichols

”. . . Be holy, because I am holy” (1 Peter

1:16 NIV).

Joan Herrera

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is

gain” (Phillipians 1:21 NIV).

Keshia Peters

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One of our faithful leaders from a nation in Asia

wrote to us recently. His words were a gripping

reminder of the cost of obeying our mandate

to reach the harvest. They give a glimpse into the

emotional trauma:


This is a very bad event and news . . . that 6

November, 1:30 a.m., some people came by

motorcycle at front of our main gate, and,

suddenly, they did gun firing, and gate became

full of holes. Two [bullets] came in my office, but

thanks [be to] God who saved me. [My son’s]

wife was moving for some reason, and two

[bullets] pass[ed] very near from her head but

[did] not touch her.

We make call to police after firing. Police came

and saw every hole at main gate and my office.

Now we are going to police station [to] register

the case.

Please remember my family in your prayers in

this hard time.

Your Brother in Christ

Overt violence directed at a Christian for no other

reason than following the teachings and life of Christ is

an unusual experience for most of us living in Western

nations. But it is the norm for many Christians in other

parts of the world. Why do good, godly people who love

Jesus suffer this kind of vicious attack? Is this normal for

global believers to face this kind of virulent opposition?

One of the most uncomfortable truths about the way

of Christ is that persecution of His followers is normal.

Jesus included persecution as one of the “benefits” of a

life of discipleship: “But he shall receive an

hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren,

and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with

persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life”

(Mark 10:30). Jesus, the early apostles, the first-century

believers, and Christians in many lands since have

died at the hands of the enemies of the Gospel. Lest

we segregate their experience from our expectations

and think of persecution as for some select spiritual

heavyweights, Paul generalized in a way that is actually

quite stunning: “Yea, and all that will live godly in

Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (2 Timothy 3:12,

emphasis added).

Our brothers and sisters are not being

attacked because they are a bit too

fanatical in their evangelistic strategies

or upset their neighbors by being

boorish and unpleasant. They live for

Christ and share Him faithfully. That is

their only crime. Couldn’t they just tone

things down and not be such aggressive

evangelists to avoid this kind of vicious

attack? The truth is that persecution is

a difficult but normal part of Christian

experience because the Gospel is light,

and the forces of darkness (Satan,

demons, evil spirits) are resolutely

opposed to it—they will use every

means to resist its spread.

We have a mandate to share the Good

News with everyone, regardless of their

religious, ethnic, cultural, or political

identity. Living as faithful Christians

in places where opposing religious,

political, or personal philosophies are

antagonistic to the faith inevitably means persecution

will be part of the package. I wish this was not the case,

but the biblical facts and the experience of our brothers

and sisters are undeniable.

We seek the salvation of all human beings regardless

of whether it is easy or not. Christians around the

world are paying a great price to share the Gospel. In

some nations, they are dying or their homes are being

destroyed, their children taken from them, or they are

being imprisoned. This is painful, but it is not a reason to

stop preaching the Gospel. We do not seek martyrdom,

but if we die for the cause of Christ, it is not a reason for

despair but for rejoicing that we are counted worthy to

suffer for our Lord.

Pray for the safety of our precious brothers and sisters

who are living as faithful disciples of our Lord Jesus in

these difficult and extremely dangerous places, but do

not be discouraged by the challenges they must make

to follow our Lord. They are true soldiers of the cross,

and they bring honor to the name of the Lord Jesus by

sacrificing their lives to make Him known.

Fulfilling the mandate to focus on the harvest may

mean death for some of our faithful brothers and sisters.

It may, one day, mean that we may make that sacrifice.

We pray for governmental leaders so that respect for

basic human rights will be a reality everywhere. Such

an environment allows us to proclaim Christ without

the threat of reprisal. But this conflict rages. We preach

the Gospel in an arena of conflict between the forces of

light and darkness. There will be casualties.

Pray to the Lord of the harvest to raise up more

courageous harvesters. Give to support the work of

these faithful servants who share the Gospel despite

the dangers, obstacles, and opposition. May we be as

faithful to them as they are to the cause of Christ.

David Bryan

Director, Global

Outreach Ministries



Youth Harvest

Focus in Africa

New Leadership in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has been in the news

recently because of the tragic loss

of five of our stalwart leaders in

this nation from a motor car accident. This

time around, Sierra Leone is once again

in the news because of some positive

happenings that will certainly impact the

work in this nation for the better.

The Third Biennial National Convention

for Sierra Leone was held from Friday,

October 29, through Sunday, October 31,

2010. In order to give maximum support

to the work, the Africa Administrative and

Finance Committee decided to convene

its finance meeting to coincide with this

convention. This meant that all members

of the said Committees had to travel to

Freetown (the capital) to do two days

of leadership training with all pastors and

national workers prior to the opening

of the convention. Subjects from the

Ministry Policy Manual were taught by

Bishops Levi Clarke (Africa Area Presbyter),

Stephen Masilela (assistant to the General

Presbyter’s Office), and Cyril Odendo

(member of the Africa Administration).

The national convention began on

Friday morning with great anticipation.

National Overseer Sherman Allen opened

the convention with some timely and

encouraging words. The sense of loss due

to the loss of our five leaders was present

from the very start, but the Lord had other

things planned for this gathering and sent

His Holy Spirit to cheer and comfort the

church in a marvelous way.

It was refreshing to see the brethren

responding to the Spirit’s call to rejoice

as several began to cry aloud with great

rejoicing. In one session on Saturday

morning, the moderator called for all the

young people to form a line and asked the

visiting senior bishops to pray for them.

Again, the Lord was kind to His people and

blessed them mightily.

The Sunday morning session was unusual

in that although the children were not

included on the program, the moderator

gave space and time to them. What these

children provided to the convention was a

unique blessing as many of them worshipped

the Lord in songs and Scripture verses.

National Overseer Bishop Allen used the

occasion to announce the appointment

of a director to the specialized ministry

of ministering to the young harvest. He

emphasized that no longer will the needs

of children be neglected in Sierra Leone as

the new director will be working with the

International Children’s Director’s Office

to formulate plans for the development of

this ministry.

Financial Accountability

The national treasurer, Brother Mark

Sesay, gave a financial report covering the

two years from the last convention. The

report was very transparent and accurate.

Every detail of funds received into the

national treasury and how they were

spent was handled with integrity. At the

end of the treasurer’s report, the National

Overseer and moderator commented, “One

day, all national treasurers’ reports will be

given in similar fashion.”

It is interesting to note that although

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest nations

in the world where most of its citizens live

on less than a dollar a day, it paid into the

international account of the Church more

than US $400 in tithes and offerings. This is

highly commendable for a nation gripped

by such a terrible economic plight.

New Overseer Appointed

On Sunday, October 31, during the

convention, General Presbyter (and

current National Overseer) Sherman Allen

appointed Bishop Levi Clarke (Africa Area

Presbyter) as National Overseer to the

country of Sierra Leone.

Evangelism and Discipleship

Agenda Background History

In 1797, the British Parliament freed

the slaves it had working on its sugar

plantations and in its coal mining industry.

These freed slaves, suddenly coming into

a lifestyle where they were not forced to

work but having time to do whatever they

wanted, ended up in mischief and crime.

They had no jobs to go to. The British

government decided to use the colony of

Sierra Leone as a home for the freed slaves

and sent them to live there.

Embarking from their flotillas, these

former slaves wept tears of joy and delight

to be in a land where they would now

have to determine their own destiny. They

gathered under a cotton

tree in what is now the

center of the city and called

the town Freetown. This is

the official name of the

capital to this day.

When eventually Sierra

Leone took independence from Britain in

1961, the population was overwhelmingly

Christian and of traditional religion. Today,

however, Islam has made inroads from the

North into Sierra Leone, changing totally

the demography of this nation. Islam

has now risen to become the majority

religion (70 percent) while Christianity

has decreased to third position behind

traditional ethnic with 11.72 percent of the

population (taken from Operation World

21 st Century Edition, p. 563).

Islam will stop at nothing until it takes

the very heart and soul of this nation.

Knowing this, the Africa Administration, in

conjunction with the present leadership

in Sierra Leone, has decided on a plan of

action to train two teams of locally based

missionary workers to witness to Muslims.

Much thanks to the Global Outreach

Department and Director David Bryan,

who has been instrumental in providing

some funds to train and equip these teams

of missionary workers. They will be trained

by qualified Church of God of Prophecy

missionary-overseers such as Peter Koyea

and Koissi Antoine, who are presently

working in strongly Islamic nations in

the northwestern sector of the African

continent. They have gained invaluable

experiences in their ministry efforts.

It would be appreciated if the general

Church could make this project a

prayer priority.

Sherman Allen

Africa General Presbyter




Women in Botswana

In the past four years, we have come up with

several initiatives to help church women in

Botswana to be economically self-sufficient.

There are at least four programs that are

currently available, which include mentoring

of younger ladies by older women, short-term

training through seminars and workshops,

long-term training (one year), and special

skills impartation.

We were first inspired to assist our faithful

members who do not have a chance to go for

further education, who are unemployed, and

who are vulnerable to abuse but continue to

faithfully serve the Lord. Women in Botswana,

like elsewhere, are often having many

dependents as children, relatives, or elderly

parents. Much research has shown that all

over the world, women are often forced into

ungodly relationships and habits because of

economic dependence.

One of the women who has benefited from

this project is Maduo Dube, age 46, who is also

a local church pastor of the Molapowabojang

Church of God of Prophecy in Botswana. Even

though Sister Dube had done a three-year

pastoral training course, the challenges of

planting a non-sustaining church in a poor

and rural area meant that she had to keep

two other jobs—a full-time job as an assistant

teacher in a nursery school and managing a

kiosk in order to make ends meet. Things were

not easy because, at the time, her husband was

also unemployed, meaning that she had to be

a bread winner for the family, which includes

her three children.

The Botswana Women Empowerment

Program received Sister Dube’s application

for assistance after Sister Josephine Carty

of the Virgin Islands contributed $1,000 in

funds for her nursery school training. Sister

Dube showed great commitment; she had to

suspend her kiosk work and engage in a daily

evening study, pursuing a one-year course in

nursery school training, while she continued

with her daily assistant teaching post and

pastoral work.

Sister Dube stated, “I had been working as an

unqualified teacher in a nursery school for ten

years when this scholarship was given to me. I

had no option but to quit my other engagements

because I knew the training would have longterm

benefits for my career and family.” She

stated further, “I could not afford to pay for

myself because we had three children to take

care of, and they were a priority.”

After one year, Sister Dube was able to get a

distinction from the accredited nursery school

teacher’s course. “It was not easy; there were

many assignments, so in the evening, I and my

children were all students doing homework.”

However, on completion, she immediately

got a job as a qualified teacher in a Catholic

mission school where she has been working

for three years now.

One of the beneficiaries of this project,

Gomolemo Chirongwe, is not working as a

teacher but attests to the fact that she outcompeted

others on her current job (in a

government department) because she now

possesses something extra to show, apart

from the O Level certificate. However, Sisters

Chirongwe and Dube are currently registering

a nursery school business so as to open

their own nursery school in partnership with

the Lobatse COGOP local church. “With the

experience I have from working so long in the

nursery schools, and especially now that I am

qualified, I am more than prepared to open my

own school, offer a service to the community,

and employ other women,” states Sister Dube.

Asked if she is discouraged by the lack of

capital to begin, Sister Dube responds, “Look,

I am not discouraged. Some years ago, my

husband was not employed, we did not have

a proper house, and now look at the provision

of the Lord.” As she points to her newly built

house, she states, “My husband is now working,

I am now a qualified teacher, I have a stable job,

my son completed his training as a plumber, and

Pendani [daughter] has just started University.”

Overseer Phillip Segadika has this to say:

“We thank brethren who have heeded our

call for assistance, especially Sister Josephine

Carty from the Virgin Islands through whose

assistance we have now trained four women.

However, we have many still waiting to be

assisted and whose lives can be transformed

by $1,000 US dollars, which covers tuition and

fees. As I once mentioned, this project is not about

giving fish to the people. It is empowering

women to take care of themselves, their families,

and to restore their dignity in society.”

Regarding the future of the project, Overseer

Segadika says, “We started with our members,

but we see even more serious problems out

there of dispossessed, disempowered women

who are, however, trainable. . . . We are currently

doing research to see if we can’t open a whole

school where the church actually runs the whole

preschool teacher training

program. The thing is that in

Botswana, pre-schools are

privately run, meaning that

they are an open business

opportunity for people who

have some capital to start

their own businesses. We want

to help these women help themselves.

We have our church buildings that are not

used throughout the week when there are

unemployed women and many children in

these communities. That’s wasteful.”

Even though the local town council has now

introduced stringent rules meaning that part

of the Lobatse Church building will need to be

renovated to make it “kid-friendly,” the vision

is not abandoned. The renovation includes

adding kindergarten-size toilets and building

a separate kitchen and eating area, which adds

up to at least $20,000 US dollars in materials

alone. For this, we need some assistance as we

train a few more women.

Reported by Neo Segadika and Seboneso Bantusitse

Phillip Segadika

Overseer of Botswana




Tour of the

South Pacific

want to invite you to go with me to the

South Pacific through the means of the

following word picture. As you read, I

believe you will understand why Patricia and

I love this part of the world to such a great

degree. God has truly blessed us to work in

the Asia/Oceania area, and He is doing great

things through the faithful people of this part

of the world.

As we board the plane in Atlanta on October

23, 2010, we can feel the great anticipation

of being able to see the “happy people” of

the South Pacific. Of course, the only thing

that could make it better is if Patricia and the

children could be on the plane as well.

When we land in Honolulu, Hawaii, Bishop

Gary Langley is there to take us to his house

where we will stay for the next five days. Bishop

Langley will spend part of that time catching

us up on things that are developing in Hawaii.

For example, we have mission possibilities on

the Big Island that are very promising. There is

also a pastor from Oahu who has become very

good friends of the church, and his family is

attending our services at Reunion.

On Sunday morning, we go to the Reunion

church service where the crowd continues to

grow, and lots of new faces are seen. Of course,

it is good to see the friends and members

that Patricia and I made while we lived there.

Brother Gary and I discuss some business

matters and come up with a strategic plan for

dealing with them. Then, on Thursday evening,

it is time for us to leave Hawaii and head for

American Samoa.

As is typical with the two flights each week

that go to American Samoa, our flight will be

leaving at 5:00 p.m. and arrive in Pago Pago

at about 9:30 p.m. Pastor Noni Que, one of his

leaders, and Bishop Asalemo Kuka, the National

Overseer, greet us at the airport. By the time we

get to the room, it is well after midnight. After

contacting Patricia to let her know I made it okay,

it is time for a little rest.

The next morning, we walk about two miles

to the Tafuna Church where we see that they are

erecting a new sanctuary. This is very interesting

to see since Patricia and I began having services

in a little hurricane house in 1993. The building

is constructed by manual labor, and there are

no cement mixers or other machines to help in

getting the work done.

The next day, we borrow Pastor Noni’s car and

drive to Faga`alu where we look at the property

on which they are going to build a multipurpose

building. On Sunday morning, we attend church

at the English-speaking church, where Pastor

Noni is the lead pastor. They are in a fairly new

warehouse-type building that they have rented

and turned into a really nice sanctuary.

Next, we travel on to Samoa (Western) where

we only have one day but manage to visit with

our Sinamoga pastor, Elisaiah Kelemete. The

church is growing, and the pastor and his wife

are very happy to be serving the Lord in this


From Samoa, we fly across the International

Date Line to the islands of Fiji. Once again, the

flight is a night flight, so we don’t leave Samoa

until midnight and arrive in Suva, Fiji, at 6:00 a.m.

on Wednesday. Remember that we left Samoa

on Tuesday morning, flew about one-and-ahalf

hours, and landed in Fiji on Wednesday

morning? Are you confused yet? After getting

some rest, that afternoon I work on answering

e-mails and trying to get my thoughts together

for handling the business in Fiji. On Thursday

afternoon, we meet with key leaders to discuss

the strategy that needs to be implemented. The

pastors are very receptive and help more than

they could ever imagine.

Since Friday is a holiday in Fiji, very little

can be done. Of course, Saturday is also a day

when the government offices and many of

the businesses are closed. I work on some

documents that need to be written. On Sunday

morning, we go to church with Pastor Jason

Verma, and I am the guest speaker for that


Following the service, we go to McDonald’s

for a burger, fries, and Coke. Once again, I finish

the day by working on documents that need to

be completed. When Monday comes, we are at

the government offices bright and early where

we begin to tend to the business at hand. It

takes us from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to get the

necessary information from the one office that

we have been to. We learn that there are other

offices and documents that are necessary in

order for us to complete our task.

It is at the end of the day that we find out

we have to make a trip to Nadi to check about

another point of business. Nadi is a threeand-a-half

hour drive from Suva on a winding

highway, which winds along the shoreline.

We have to spend the night in a hotel and get

up early the next morning to complete our

business in Nadi so that we can return to Suva

in time to finish the business there.

We arrive back in Suva at noon on Tuesday.

We go straight to the bank where we wait

again until about 3:00 p.m. before we finish our

business. Then we go for a quick lunch at Pastor

Jonathan Lakshman’s house before going to

the airport for the flight back to Samoa.

The flight leaves Suva at

6:00 p.m. and arrives in Nadi

at 6:30. The flight to Samoa

leaves at 9:30 p.m. and arrives

in Fale`olo at approximately

11:00 p.m. When we have

cleared customs and

immigration, it is well after midnight. Then we

have a 45-minute drive into Apia where we will

be staying.

Bishop Asalemo is at the airport to drive us

to the hotel. We rest a few hours, and then we

and Bishop Asalemo begin our tasks that need

to be completed before we leave Samoa on

Thursday morning.

The work is still growing in Samoa.

I ask you to please pray for the Asia/Oceania

area. This part of the world has some of the

most hostile people in the world toward

Christianity. Even in Samoa, which has been

considered very much a Christian nation, the

Islamic people are beginning to set up their

homes and mosques. So we really need your

prayers. Remember that we are praying for you

as well.

David L. Browder

General Presbyter for Asia,

Australia, and Oceania



Women’s Ministries

God gave us the opportunity to host two

women’s conferences in different cities of

Ukraine. A wonderful women’s conference was

held on June 1 where Pastors Tatiana Voznyuk

and Irina Voznyuk, along with eight sisters of

the Emmanuel Church, hosted an evening of

God’s love, anointing, healing, and questions

and answers for women of the local church

in Vasilkov.

On June 12, at the Church of Living Faith

in Alexandria, Kirovograd region, a unique

women’s conference was held where sisters

gathered from more than 20 churches,

including several different denominations—

Orthodox, Pentecostal, Baptist, Greek Catholic,

and others. The main speaker of the conference

was Pastor Tatiana Voznyuk.

Summer Outreaches



My team and I ministered in conferences in

Donesk (southeastern Ukraine) and Bobrinets

(central Ukraine hometown of the pastor)

as well as mission outreaches in Armenia

and Georgia.

In the city of Donesk (southeastern Ukraine),

we hosted a regional conference of the Church

of God of Prophecy of Ukraine. In Dimitrov,

we gathered the largest number of pastors,

many of whom are pastors of new churches

that have opened up, and the Kingdom of God

continues to expand.

In Bobrinets (central Ukraine), Kirovograd

region, on July 9, 10, 2010, we hosted a

conference with the participation of a group

from the Emmanuel Church. On July 9, an

evening service for women was led by Pastor

Tatiana Voznyuk. Her messages were about

Christian women in today’s society as well as

the family.

On Saturday, July 10, the service was attended

by the pastor of the church of Bobrinets as well

as pastors of the Emmanuel Church—Alexander

Voznyuk, Irina Voznyuk, and Oleg Molar. I was

the main speaker there and after the message,

I prayed for the church and imparted blessing

for all pastors and members in attendance.

Also, I was able to lead a mission team from the

Emmanuel Church to minister to churches in

Georgia and Armenia. In Georgia, the host was

Pastor Goderzi Todadze where the Georgian

churches continue to grow and develop. God

is working mighty miracles and helping to

restore post-war actions in their country.

Local Church

On June 12, in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine,

the Dnieper River became the site of our

baptism service for new brothers and sisters

making a decision to serve God. Nine young

people, including the daughters of both myself

and Pastor Alexander Voznyuk, committed their

lives to Christ. During the Sunday morning

service, our new church members were presented

the Bible and, for the first time, took part

in communion.

Youth Ministries

In August, we hosted a youth conference.

Churches from many different parts of Ukraine

sent delegates from their churches, youth

leaders, and active participants in ministry to

participate in this conference. Representatives

from Kyiv, Ternopil, Odessa, Alchevsk,

Dnepropetrovsk, Bobrinec, Krasnodon, Poltava,

Priluki, and Chernigov participated in this

conference. Also in attendance from Tbilisi

was Georgia Todadze Juliet, the daughter

of the bishop of Georgia. One-hundred and

five participants were registered. During

the whole week, the young people were in

God’s presence, after which no one remained

the same. As the delegates were leaving the

conference, there was a desire and passion to

serve God and people.

Miraculous Testimony

We have to share about the miracle that

God has done in one family from our church.

Dmitriy and Inna Evdokimova, who have long

been members of the Emmanuel Church,

rejoiced in the birth of their fourth son. The

doctors had given them a disappointing

diagnosis: the child’s lungs had not opened,

and he couldn’t breathe independently. The

child, from the first minutes of his life, was

connected to a respirator; doctors predicted

his chance of survival was close to impossible.

The church and the pastors prayed for the

child, praying over his clothes and passing it

on to the hospital, where he was kept. Two

days later, the child was healed! The respirator

became disabled because the child began to

breathe on his own. A day

later, the child began to eat,

and now doctors are fully

confident in his complete

and full recovery. His parents

and the church thank the

Lord God for showing this

miraculous power!

Throughout the summer, we saw the hand

of God over all the ministries and our travels.

We thank you for your prayers and support.

May God bless you!

Your Partner in the Harvest,

Bishop Vitaly Voznyuk



Haiti Rebuild:

Forging Ahead

Tim McCaleb, project coordinator, led his

first construction team to Port-au-Prince, Haiti,

on September 6, 2010. Buoyed by the amazing

generosity of our members and churches

from around the world who have given an

unprecedented offering of more than $516,000

in response to the Haiti earthquake, the

International Offices provided emergency aid

as well as funds to help Haiti rebuild.

The five team members who accompanied

Brother McCaleb were deeply touched as they

gave a week of their lives to the Haitian people.

Brother McCaleb reported on a busy week

of work including surveying the orphanage

property in Leogane and rebuilding a large

section of the wall around the orphanage,

extending from the front entrance north to the

sea wall. The wall had collapsed, exposing the

property to outsiders in the aftermath of the

January trembler.

The team worked hard, digging out the

old foundation, laying rebar, and pouring

the concrete footer. The plan calls for placing

concrete columns every three meters to

reinforce the wall, which will be approximately

ten feet high. The team also tore down walls of

one of the major buildings on the property and

inserted steel posts.

There are a number of bungalows that were

not destroyed in the earthquake. They cleaned

and installed screens over the windows in

preparation for using these for future teams

who will stay onsite. The orphanage is close to

an area where numerous churches collapsed

since Leogane was the epicenter of the

earthquake. Brother McCaleb commented,

“Overall, it was a great trip, and many good

things were accomplished. I learn more every

trip I make, and I anticipate greater successes

each time I go.”

Six churches are also being rebuilt. The

national church on Truman Boulevard

sustained some damage to the walls and is

being restored. Other church buildings in

Canope Vert, Main Street, Cite Soleil, and Sans

Fils are being reconstructed. Brother McCaleb

plans to begin work soon on two more church

buildings in Dufort and LaSalle.

So many wonderful groups are seeking to

make a difference in Haiti. Representatives

of Samaritan’s Purse will be bringing in

a bulldozer to remove the rubble of the

collapsed buildings at the orphanage site.

G.A.I.N., the relief and development arm of

Campus Crusade for Christ, has already begun

work clearing rubble, renovating bungalows,

and promising to provide help with

reconstruction of the orphanage.

The passage of Hurricane Tomas through

the Caribbean delayed the arrival of the second

construction team led by Brother McCaleb, but

he and a team of brothers from Alabama and

Mississippi are in Haiti at press time. Future

trips are planned for March and May 2011.

David Bryan

Director, Global

Outreach Ministries

On November 3–6, 2010, more than 200 key leaders from Mexico, Central

America, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean met in Santo Domingo to

discuss the vision and mission of the Church in this area.

Most of the time was dedicated to discuss the VISION 2020 documents

(featured in the August issue of the White Wing Messenger). The dialogue

was coordinated by Bishop Don Brock from the International Administrative

Committee, with the participation of Bishops Randall Howard, E. C. McKinley,

Gabriel Vidal, Paul Holt, and Ben Feliz, General Presbyter of Central America.

Additional special guests included Bishop Sam Clements, who brought a

challenging word to the attendees, Dr. Hector Ortiz, Bishop Elias Rodriguez

from CBL, and Bishop Esteban Rodriguez from Kissimmee, Florida.

On Saturday, November 6, Bishop Howard delivered a powerful word

at the installation service of new General Presbyter Bishop Feliz. The

installation service was open to the churches.

Ben Feliz, General Presbyter for Mexico,

Central America, and Spanish-Speaking Caribbean

For Such a Time As This

2011 International Pastors Summit

September 26–29, 2011 • Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Shared at Central American

Leadership Conference

Pastors and spouses, join us for this historic gathering to see what God is doing in Mexico, Central America, and the

Hispanic Caribbean. This Pastors Summit will include four days of challenging teaching, preaching, and inspiration. We

are expecting to host one thousand pastors, and there will be special ministry targeted to pastors’ wives as well.

Sessions will address topics such as “Pastoring and Discipleship,” “Pastoring and Church Growth,” “2020 VISION,” and

“Pastors and the Young Harvest.” Speakers will include Randall Howard, Trevor Reid, Kathy Creasy, Cathy Payne, Mario

Vega, Renee Peñaba, Dr. Hector Ortiz, and José Garcia.

Sponsored by the General Presbyter’s Office of Ben Feliz and Global Outreach

In the next issue, more information will be provided, including hotel accommodations. For more information, e-mail or


Advances in the West-Central

Region in Venezuela

We glorify the name of the Lord for

the change in attitude and mentality

of the ministers and pastors in our

region. We rejoice in the presence of

the Lord because He has allowed us

to have 17 new fields, ten of which will

be organized by the time this report

is published. The Lord’s work does not

stop. Our region is, first, standing in the


News From South America


promises of God, and second, we are

counting with most of our young people

to work in establishing new fields.

This is the fulfillment of God’s Word

in Acts 2:39 (NKJV): “For the promise is

to you and to your children, and to all

who are afar off, as many as the Lord

our God will call. ” This scripture was

We are grateful to the Lord for His blessings.

This van is owned by the Church of God of Uruguay

Prophecy in Uruguay, which will help to extend

the Kingdom of God in this blessed nation.

We are happy to inform you that last night we received

a mission team composed by Ronald Bland and brethren.

Sherene Kelly, Starlyn Murphy from the state of Missouri,

United States, as well as Pastors Angel Vasquez and

David Rose from Peru, will be collaborating with the

work in Uruguay for ten days. This is the first team we

have received for a long time. Our Lord knows we need

the help, and we are grateful for the ministry of our

brothers and sisters who have come to give us a hand.

read and declared by our brother Luis

Gomez, national overseer of Venezuela

at the time of his participation during

our meeting in November 2010. At

this meeting, a tremendous presence

of God was present, and the people

praised and glorified the Lord with

enthusiasm and a joyful noise.

Pedro Pablo Gutierrez

Regional Overseer

We would like to take this opportunity

to invite our brothers and sisters of the

Church of God of Prophecy to come to Uruguay

and help us rebuild the church in our nation. Uruguay

is the most secular country in Latin America. We are

committed to break that statement for the glory of our

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please come to Uruguay.

Milagros Travieso

—Submitted by Gabriel Vidal,

General Presbyter for South America


In just a few weeks, we’ll be together in Orlando, Florida, kicking off the EMERGE

Conference. We’re so glad you’ll be with us. We are praying earnestly for this

conference that each attendee will have a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit.

We trust that you will also join us in prayer for the event.

Here’s the latest information:

CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES: Several unique activities are planned for this conference. On Friday morning, we will host a Christian College Fair.

High School juniors and seniors and their parents are encouraged to arrive early (Thursday) to participate in the college fair. Workshops on

college admissions and financial aid will also be offered. Also, there will be a Youth Leaders and Parents training track from Friday through

Saturday morning. In addition, there will be Bible Challenge and Sports competitions among states. Look to download both the Bible

Challenge info and Sports competition guidelines on December 1. All teams will have exactly three months to prepare. Come represent!

WORKSHOPS: There will be several workshop tracks offered for students, young adults, parents, and leaders. Of note, our guest worship

artist, Freddy Rodriguez, will offer a worship track. Participants in this track will join Freddy for Sunday morning’s worship set.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Pre-Conference Activities, Friday

College Fair*

10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Bible Challenge

*Letter given for school attendance.

Tentative Conference Schedule

Friday Night

General Session featuring Harris III, Chris & Conrad,

Freddy Rodriguez, and Robert Madu

Saturday Morning

General Session


State/Regional Basketball/Volleyball


Mission Encounter

Enjoy the resort on your own.


Did you know you can be

part of Freddy Rodriguez’s

worship team? Attend his

workshops on Saturday, and

you’ll be part of his team on

Sunday morning.

Saturday Night

General Session with William McDowell, Freddy Rodriguez, and Jerry Chalk

Saturday Night Live!

Sunday Morning

General Session with Conference worship team led by Freddy Rodriguez and Trevor Reid

• Visit for the latest information.

Trevor & Aileen Reid

Co-Directors, International

Youth Ministries


Missionaries Jerry Chalk from

Ukraine and Hopeton

Buchanan from Dominica as

well as many others will be

onsite to share about how

you can partner with their

nations in prayer and giving.

Operation Omega Youth Ministries

• Special room rate of $109 per night available until February 23. Reserve your room today at 1-800-228-9290 or 1-800-621-0638.

Mention group code “COG.”

• It’s not too late to register early and save with the group rate! Online registration is open until March 10.


Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 16:9 remind me that there is

an open door of evangelism and discipleship of children and

youth. This open door is great because of the abundance of

children around the world.

• Children under the age of 18 make up 32 percent

of the world’s population.

• Forty-three percent of Africa’s population is below

the age of 15.

• Twenty-seven percent of all the world’s children

and youth live in Asia.

This open door allows for effective ministry. Between the

ages of 5–12, lifelong habits, values, beliefs, and attitudes are


Around the World:

Evangelizing Kids

“A Great Door for Effective Work Has Opened . . .” (1 Corinthians 16:9 NIV).

formed. Whatever beliefs a person embraces while young are

unlikely to change as the individual ages (Barna). Therefore,

if we evangelize children, they will be saved adults. If we

disciple children, they will be spiritually mature adults. If we

equip children, they will be commissioned adults.

This door is now wide open because of the receptivity

of children to the message of the Gospel. Several mission

organizations are adopting a 4–14 mission strategy that

focuses on reaching children from 4 to 14 years of age. Why?

The majority of people who will ever come to Christ do so

between the ages of 4 and 14. With every year after age 14,

people become less receptive to spiritual things and less

receptive to the Gospel.

The door is also now wide open because of the ability to

reach children in even the most remote regions due to the

presence of media—radio, television, cell phones, and the

World Wide Web.

But Paul continued with these words: “. . . and there are

many who oppose me.” This is definitely true of the open

door of evangelism to children and youth. This opposition is

seen throughout the world.

• Governments prohibit or oppose Christian evangelism

of children. One-third of the world’s countries have

high or very high restrictions on religion. Many of

these countries refuse to allow children and youth to

be evangelized.

• Media worldwide promotes negative images of

Christians and/or Christianity.

• Many children are victimized in the Western world as

well as in developing nations

—There are 42 million abortions throughout the world

each year (Center for Bioethical Reform).

—Worldwide, 40 million children are subjected to abuse

each year (World Health Organization, 2001).

—Twenty million children have been forced to flee their

homes because of conflict and human rights

violence (UNICEF).

—There are children living in abject poverty, orphaned

children, children sold into slavery, children dying

with treatable diseases, and children infected with HIV.

• The church in the Western world is often apathetic,

and the church in developing nations lacks

necessary resources.

While many individuals, governments, and organizations

contribute to the victimization of children and opposition to

child evangelism, we must fully grasp that this is a spiritual

battle. The spiritual battle for godly seed (children) began

in the Garden of Eden when God said, “And I will put enmity

between you and the woman, and between your offspring

and hers . . .” (Genesis 3:15 NIV). This spiritual battle for

the minds, emotions, and desires of children is increasing

in intensity as we come nearer to the end of this

present age.

What can we do as individuals and congregations to fully

engage in this battle?


Jeremiah spoke so clearly of the plight of children when

he said, “This is why I weep and my eyes overflow with tears.

No one is near to comfort me, no one to restore my spirit.

My children are destitute because the enemy has prevailed”

(Lamentations 1:16 NIV).

How did Jeremiah confront the fact that “the enemy had

prevailed”? He recognized that it was a spiritual battle, and he

demanded that the Israelites “Arise, cry out in the night, as the

watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in

the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives

of your children . . .” (2:19 NIV). He called the people to prayer.

If we are to bring the good news of the Gospel to

children—children in nations around the world and children

right in our own homes—we must pray. We must cry out to

God for their salvation.

Understand and Embrace God’s

Instruction Toward Children

As parents, children’s ministers, pastors, and leaders in this

body of believers, we can develop a good understanding of

what God says about the value of children in the heavenly

kingdom and God’s heart toward oppressed children. We can

seek to understand what the Bible says about child evangelism

and discipleship. We can embrace the roles of the family and

the local church in evangelism, discipleship, and “sending out”

of children into the work of ministry. There are many questions

that must be asked and answered so that we can align our

ministry practices with what God’s Word says about children.


Ministry is an action word. As we pray and develop a correct

belief system based on God’s Word, we will act. For individuals,

those actions may include interceding for a particular child,

building relationship with a child, or meeting a need that a

child may have. For congregations, those actions will include

evaluation and sometimes rebuilding our ministries to

include prayer for children, relational ministry to children,

and programs and events that effectively evangelize and

prepare children for works of ministry. Regional, national, and

continental leadership will develop leaders who can effectively

serve children, children’s ministers, and families. They will

include the evangelism and discipleship of children in vision,

strategizing, and goal-setting. They will continually speak of

the value of children in the kingdom of God and the urgency

of reaching them with the Gospel message.

Sometimes it seems that the opposition to worldwide child

evangelism is too great and our resources are too small. But

God’s Word clearly states that our “Father in heaven is

not willing that any of these little ones should perish”

(Matthew 18:14 NIV).

When we align our actions (prayer, sound theology, and

ministry) with God’s Word and His will, we can be sure that He

will work with us. We can be sure that He will provide all that is

needed to reach and disciple this generation of children and


Kathy Creasy

Children’s Ministry Director



CBL Update

School of Practical and Advanced Studies

Since our last report in the White

Wing Messenger, the School of Practical

and Advanced Studies (SOPAS) has

conducted ten schools with 939 students

receiving certificates of completion.

Schools were conducted in Jamaica,

Argentina, Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil,

Alabama, Colorado, New York, Mexico,

and Puerto Rico.

CBL staff members Dr. Hector Ortiz

(CBL Director), Mark Menke, Adrian

Varlack, and our newest faculty member,

Elias Rodriguez, served as instructors. Phil

Pruitt, Jesse Yañez, and Rahadames Matos

served as adjunct faculty.

Each host overseer provided excellent

hospitality and organization, and God’s

presence was manifested in each school.

Three of the schools were marked

by notable encounters with the Lord.

In Honduras, two students were filled

with the Holy Spirit. In El Salvador,

electrical power went out during an

evening session, and the power of God

descended as the students worshiped

and prayed. As a result, Overseer Bishop

Miguel Flores reported 1 sanctified,

8 Holy Spirit Baptisms, 14 healed, 29

renewed in their ministries, 9 receiving

prophecies, and various others who had

callings confirmed in their lives. In Brazil,

during a special move of the Spirit, two

people were filled with the Holy Spirit,

one reported healing, and various people

were sanctified and renewed.

We are thankful to God for His

blessings and visitations!

Mark Menke

CBL Instructor

School of Practical & Advanced Studies (SOPAS) 2010 Attendance

SOPAS I Jamaica 198 March 25–28

SOPAS I Argentina 84 April 28–May 2

SOPAS I Honduras 271 August 10–13

SOPAS I El Salvador 31 August 15–18

SOPAS I Brazil 181 September 3–7

SOPAS I Alabama 85 September 15–18

SOPAS II Midwest, Denver, Colorado

(16 English, 23 Spanish)

39 September 23–26

SOPAS II Northeast Spanish Region

(First Term, 66; Second Term, 52)

118 September 30–October 3

SOPAS I Mexico Central 77 October 13–16

SOPAS I Puerto Rico 37 October 28–30

Total SOPAS Attendance: 939 (848 for First Term; 91 for Second Term) from March 2010 to October 2010.

Heritage Ministries

News From

Fields of the Wood

Minister Revisits Site of

Dramatic Conversion

On October 14, Rev. Rick Moyers

(pictured at right) returned to the

Fields of the Wood theme park for an

anniversary of his dramatic conversion.

Rick and his wife, Danna, were at the

“road’s end” of their marriage when they

had a “last chance weekend together,”

the minister remembers. They stopped

in Murphy, North Carolina, to spend the

night, and Danna noticed a brochure for

the Fields of the Wood biblical theme

park. She suggested a trip, downplaying

the “biblical” aspect.

Before leaving the hotel, Moyers got

high and later went “ballistic” when he

saw the Ten Commandment Mountain.

Wanting to leave, he conceded to at least

go to the top of the mountain to admire

the view. The couple came out of their

car to sit at a picnic table.

“I looked down at the shrubs that say

‘Jesus Died for Our Sins,’ and the Spirit

of the Lord began to move me,” Moyers

said. “It felt like the concrete I was sitting

on was moving. I sensed God speaking to

me in a still, small voice. I fell down to the

ground and asked God to save me. In that

moment, I knew I was a changed man.”

Feeling instantly delivered from a tenyear

drug and alcohol addiction, Moyers

drove back to Georgia with Danna,

telling her they and their daughter

would be attending church together that

Wednesday night for the first time.

Ironically, the pastor of the church

Moyers visited was a pastor he’d

previously cursed at and forced off his

property for trying to witness. In the next

few weeks, all three family members

would be baptized at church,

and Moyers would begin a

journey into ministry.

Moyers is a licensed minister

in the Baptist church in

Loganville, Georgia, and has

served as youth pastor, drug

addiction counselor, and bus

ministry volunteer. Since his conversion,

Rick has returned to the park every year

to celebrate his transformation.

A Dying Wish to Visit Fields

of the Wood

A dying man made a final trek to

Fields of the Wood in September, a

dream fulfilled by Second Wind Dream,

affiliated with Regency Hospice of

Hiawassee, Georgia.

Everette Payne, 82, wanted to return

to Fields of the Wood, where he had

dated his wife. In accordance with his

other last wishes, Payne and his family

were transported to the park in a private

luxury tour bus and received a phone

call during their visit from country singer

Steve Wariner. The staff of the park,

including managers Wayne and Jenna

Allen, provided Payne and his family with

a meal and gave him a T-shirt and photo

plaque from the park.

Closing out the day, Payne realized

the fulfillment of a more personal wish,

baptizing three of his children in the

park’s baptismal pool.

Payne’s visit was chronicled in the

September 23 edition of The Clayton

Tribune newspaper.

Wade Patterson

Heritage Ministries Director


It is not my intention to try

to spiritualize the stock market.

However, history clearly shows a

cyclical pattern. At a time when I

was in a very interest-rate-sensitive

business—real estate and homebuilding—the

bank officer said that

over a period of many years, we see

about a six-year cycle.

Being a Sunday school teacher

who loves the Old Testament

principles, patterns, and lessons, I

thought of the Sabbath year that

God established with Israel. They

actually experienced three years of


provision—in the sixth year, the sixthyear

crop, the seventh year, when the

land would rest, and the eighth year

until the harvest. It was a tangible

reminder that God is our provider

and is in control of everything. “But in

the seventh year shall be a sabbath

of rest unto the land, a sabbath for

the LORD: thou shalt neither sow

thy field, nor prune thy vineyard”

(Leviticus 25:4).

The 70 years Israel spent in

Babylonian captivity were the exact

number of Sabbath years they

refused to keep. “To fulfill the word

Stewardship Ministries

How Past Market Rallies

of the LORD by the mouth of

Jeremiah, until the land had enjoyed

her sabbaths: for as long as she

lay desolate she kept sabbath, to

fulfill threescore and ten years”

(2 Chronicles 36:21).

Cycles tell us that a bad year in

the market most often is followed

by five positive years. No one is giving

any guarantees, but history is a

great indicator.

After the stock market lost much

of its value in 2008 and early 2009,

many investors fled the market,

only to miss out on one of the most

Have Shown Staying Power

dramatic rebounds in history. After

hitting a low on March 9, 2009, the

market soared 72 percent during

the following 12-month period.

What lies ahead? Although we

can’t predict the future, a look at

what’s happened in the past offers

a worthwhile perspective.

Some investors worry that the

stock market can’t possibly sustain

itself after such a remarkable rally.

Yet an examination of seven periods

reveals how rapidly the market

can rebound after bottoming out.

From 1929 through 2009, losses

varied widely in intensity, length,

and frequency, but, in many cases,

they were followed by years of gains

interrupted by only the occasional

down year.

As this chart indicates, the stock

market has produced an average

gain of 55.95 percent in the first

year following a major drop, 16.14

percent in the second, 10.26

percent in the third, 15.15 percent

in the fourth, and 11.70 percent in

the fifth. Some rallies have lasted

even longer. (These figures are past

results and are not predictive of

results in future periods.)

A regular investing program can

help take some of the emotion

out of financial decision-making

by reducing the temptation to

abandon the market after a big

gain and then trying to guess

the best time to re-enter. With a

systematic investment plan, mutual

fund shareholders invest the same

amount at regular intervals—$500

a month for example—regardless

of whether stock prices are

rising or falling. While this

strategy, known as dollar cost

averaging, does not ensure a

profit or protect against loss,

it does make it possible for

investors to purchase a greater

number of shares when prices

are low and a smaller number

when they are high. It also limits

the tendency to lock in losses

during downswings and helps

ensure participation in any

eventual recovery.

Jan Couch

Stewardship Ministries Director

1 The percent decline is based on the index value of the unmanaged Standard & Poor’s 500 Composite Index excluding

dividends and/or distributions. Each market downturn reflects a period of more than 80 days and a decline of about

15% or more in the S&P 500}s value.

2 The returns shown include reinvested dividends and/or distributions but do not reflect the effect of sales charges,

commissions or expenses.

3 This figure represents the average of the 16 returns shown directly above.


Helping native missionaries

(COGOP pastors/ministers)

go farther and faster with

the Gospel of Jesus

Christ has been the

cry from the nations for

many years. Can you

imagine walking as

your only means of

transportation to carry

the Good News into

your community or

city? Think for a

moment about sore

feet, blisters, cuts, bruises,

dust, or mud-covered

feet from monsoon rains!

Would you be challenged if

this was your only means of

transportation to share

the love of Jesus with

your neighbor?


Most of us are safe and secure within

our comfort zones and never even

think in such terms. However, many

of our Church family live out these

circumstances on a daily basis. So

you may ask, “How can I change that

scenario?” or “What can I do to help?”

The answer is as simple as helping

to provide “Bicycles for Missions.” All

around our globe, the necessity for

such simple transportation is prevalent,

and missionary ministers are overjoyed

when God uses you and me to supply

such meager needs.

Recently, National Overseer

Ntambwe Beya was able to purchase

75 bicycles for ministers in Democratic

Republic of Congo because of the

contributions given through Harvest

Partners and Helping Hand Ministries.

Applause, thanks, and deep gratitude

are certainly in order to all those who

have participated in this project.

However, this is only the beginning!

Most especially across the vast

continents of Africa and Asia, there

still remain massive needs to provide

bicycles to assist our pastors, district

superintendents, and evangelists who

are willing to carry the Gospel on

two wheels in order to impact

Kingdom ministry.

To take a spin off the words of a

familiar credit card commercial that

has been embedded in our minds:

“Bicycle—$100. Smiles on pastors’

faces—immeasurable. Spreading

the Gospel on wheels—priceless.”

Get inspired! Think about the many

ways that you can involve your

congregation, youth, and children

to provide “Bicycles for Missions.”

Follow through!

“But this I say, He which soweth

sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and

he which soweth bountifully shall reap

also bountifully. Every man according

as he purposeth in his heart, so let him

give; not grudgingly, or of necessity:

for God loveth a cheerful giver. And

God is able to make all grace abound

toward you; that ye, always having all

sufficiency in all things, may abound

to every good work: (As it is written,

He hath dispersed abroad; he hath

given to the poor: his righteousness

remaineth for ever. Now he that

ministereth seed to the sower both

minister bread for your food, and

multiply your seed sown, and increase

the fruits of your righteousness)”

(2 Corinthians 9:6–10).

Contact our Global Outreach Office

for more details on providing “Bicycles

for Missions”:

Phone: (423) 559-5205


Online donations:

Click Global Outreach tab; go to Harvest

Partners or Helping Hand tab; click

Donate Button to respond online.

Annette Taylor

International Director,

Harvest Partners Ministry

National Bishop Benjamin Aldana and his wife, Sister Juddy,

began to share the vision for ministry scheduled for the weekend

in October 2010 for the nation of Colombia. A capacity crowd

was expected for the weekend, and a capacity crowd was the

exact response.

Friday morning began the weekend of ministry with a pastoral

marriage seminar for all the pastors in the nation. The Lord met with

us during the morning through worship, instruction, communication

exercises, and an amazing time of prayer and healing.

The Friday evening session was the conference opening service,

and it began with an explosion of worship as the national worship

team led us in celebration to the Lord. The power and presence of

God was mighty throughout the evening, and more than 40 people

responded to the invitation to know Christ as Savior.

Saturday was a full day of ministry as young women shared the

Word of God, worship, and the dance ministry as well as other

forms of creative and anointed ministry.

Again, at the day’s end, there was an

outpouring of the presence of the Lord

through ministry.


Sunday was an amazing day as it seemed

our people from the entire nation began

pouring into Bogota for this specific time of ministry. In the morning,

the Word came for the necessity of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

In response, more than a hundred women came to receive the

baptism, with many receiving this wonderful gift.

In the afternoon, there was a wonderful dramatic presentation

followed by the Word. That evening, in an incredible response during

a miraculous prayer line, we witnessed the outpouring of the Holy

Spirit with the evidence of tongues, instantaneous physical healings,

salvation experiences, other healings, and the move of God in so

many areas of need.

Thank God for His servants Benjamin and Juddy

Aldana and for the anointed work of God they are

contributing in the nation of Colombia. Thank

God for Felicia Payano, who is an anointed vessel

of ministry and translation. And I thank God for

the opportunity to have been a

participant and witness to the

anointing and work of the Lord

in Colombia.

National Women’s Conference

Cathy Payne

Women’s Ministries Director


Church News

Dedication of New Worship Center at Harvest Ministries Church in Roanoke, Virginia

On August 8, 2010, Senior Pastor Milton Atkins led 340 people in dedicating the new Harvest Ministries Worship Center:

• To the honor and glory of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

• To the carrying out of the Great Commission

• To the teaching of God’s Word

• To the preaching of the Gospel

• To the worship of the Lord

• To be a house of prayer

• To the fellowship of believers and the communion of the saints

• To the service of mankind

• To the preservation and proclamation of divine truth

This landmark day was accompanied with great rejoicing and praise to the Lord for His faithfulness during this stage

in the history of this local church. It began five years earlier, when the Holy Spirit moved upon the church to purchase

23 acres of land just a couple of miles from their existing church. The congregation had outgrown that building, and,

with only five acres, that property presented real challenges to any additions.

But God had a great plan! After the church stepped out in faith and obedience and purchased property sufficient to

accommodate growth, God sent a buyer for the old property just at the right time. And not just any buyer—it was the

specific one who fit into His overall plan. The old church was sold to a Seventh Day Adventist congregation, with whom

Harvest Ministries entered a lease agreement permitting them to continue to worship in their familiar surroundings on

Sundays and Wednesdays while their new building was being constructed.

The new property included a 3,410-square-foot brick ranch house, which was ideal for conversion to office space.

That building was renovated to accommodate church offices, and the staff was able to continue their duties there and

oversee construction of the new facility. The Worship Center contains 9,490 square feet on the upper level and 8,800

square feet on the lower level. The combined square footage of the two buildings is 21,700, almost twice the size of the

old church.

After the site work was completed and the contractor was ready to begin pouring concrete for the building, the

church gathered for a very memorable outdoor service at the site on September 20, 2009. A Bible was placed in each

of the four corners of the building, symbolizing the commitment to God’s Word. Each person wrote their name on a tile

that was later covered in concrete, thus becoming a part of the foundation of this building.

Every Sunday now, the new Worship Center bustles with activity. Both levels are filled with activities designed

especially for kids, youth, and adults. The loving congregation welcomes visitors who come to check out the new

building, and many of them have decided they like it so well that they have become part of the family.

Praise God for all He has done in this stage of our journey and for the future into which He is leading us!


Veronica Venable

Roanoke, Virginia

Church News continued

Altoona, Alabama

On Sunday, September 12, the Altoona

Church of God of Prophecy presented a

check for $250 to the Pine Grove United

Methodist Church to be used for building

a new church. The Children’s Church

raised the money for the church. Pine

Grove’s building was destroyed by a fire

several months earlier, due to arson. It

was a beautiful, 150-year-old church. The

money was given in memory of Maria

Leighann Patterson, who was a member

of our Children’s Church when she died

on June 24, 2010, at nine months old.

Dora-New Haven, Alabama

Our youth had free shaved ice for the

housing community of Sumiton. This was

done as a means of outreach to invite

youth to come to church. Everyone had

a good time, and the youth witnessed to

several individuals.

Hackleburg, Alabama

Hackleburg is determined to help

reform America! God has called us to

pray and fast for a breakthrough. He has

brought revival to our city. We witnessed

many miracles in September services with

Guests Tim Sheets, Dutch Sheets, and

Eddie James. Our faith is growing as we

pledge ourselves to be a house of prayer!

We have begun to pray against

strongholds such as drug and alcohol

abuse in our city. Local law enforcement

have found more than five meth labs

and arrested several individuals this

month alone. We refuse to let the enemy

continue to corrupt our friends and

families. God plans for us to CONNECT

people to Jesus, GROW them into

disciples, and release them to SERVE.

Thank you, Pastor Clint, for your vision

and leadership.

Winfield City Family Center (WCFC):

Organized October 3, 2010

Wow, what an awesome day yesterday

at WCFC! From the very first opening

prayer to the last amen, the presence of

God was upon us. You know, without the

anointing, we’re not much anyway. Three

years in the making, and we now have

a local Church of God of Prophecy in

Winfield, Alabama. Praise the Lord!

We were so honored to have local

Area Presbyter John B. Butler, State

Overseer L. V. Jones, and North America

Presbyter Sam Clements with us for this

momentous occasion. Bishop Clements

brought an outstanding message. He

preached from Acts 20:32. What a timely

word to build us up! Brother Clements

also came bearing gifts, a check for

$3,000. Wow, what a day! These monies

will be applied to the purchase price of

the property located on Highway 129 just

north of Winfield and off of I-22. One day,

our goal is to erect a church building on

this property. After the message, we then

went into the conference and formally

organized the church. I still like the old

term, “We set her forth.”

I am still rejoicing over the 23 members

we accepted yesterday. Already several

others have approached with a desire to

become part of this family. Great things

are ahead! I’ll leave you with what Bishop

Clements said to us: “Think big, very big.”

Pastor Dewayne Smith

Winfield, Alabama

Covington Drive Church Small

Group Leadership Training

and Development

Moving away from the same old

methods of maintaining, serving, and

exhorting ourselves and moving toward

outreach, evangelism, and meeting

the needs of our communities was

the theme emphasized at our first

Small Group Leadership Training and

Development Seminar held on May

7, 8 at the Covington Drive Church of

God of Prophecy. We were honored and

blessed to have as our guest instructor

Bishop David Bryan, our Global Outreach

Director from Cleveland, Tennessee. The

seminar was moderated by our pastor,

Lloyd G. Phipps, Sr., and consisted of three


In his presentations, Bishop David

Bryan expressed that, in order to

minister effectively and fulfill the Great

Commission Christ gave the church, we

must build relationships based on trust

and respect. He emphasized that those

kinds of relationships cannot be built

solely through large group activities,

such as what occurs mainly on a Sunday

morning, but through the intimacy of

small, vitally functioning, ongoing small

groups that are meeting the needs of

the whole man spiritually, emotionally,

and physically. In order for this to be

accomplished, Bishop Bryan stated that

we must get out of our comfort zone

and truly start to minister. He shared

that this must be a conscious effort on

everyone’s part.

Berchard Jacobs


State Children’s Intensive at

Lynchburg, Virginia

The Lynchburg Church recently hosted

our state children’s intensive workshop.

On Saturday, April 10, Kathy Creasy and

Sandy Knowles blessed us with a wealth

of information and ideas for children’s

ministry. They challenged children’s

workers and pastors from across the state

to examine the current program and

ministry at the local level to make sure

we were indeed raising disciples, future

leaders, and strong Christians. We prayed

and believed together for revival with our

children’s ministries.

Member News

Laura Kline Jackson

of the Hamlet

COGOP in Virginia

recently released

the radio single

“Teach Me to Pray”

to 1,300 radio

stations through Higgins Music

Group of Nashville, Tennessee.

Since 2008, Jackson has had

two songs on the country

gospel charts, including “In

the Fourth Watch,” which was

number 10 and “Teach Me to

Pray” at number 56. To learn

more about Jackson’s music,




Testimony of Healing

My granddaughter, Jennifer, became ill around Easter 2010. She went to the doctor

complaining with headaches that became more intense each day. On Monday,

the doctor treated it as a sinus infection with antibiotics and pain medication. On

Wednesday morning, the headache was more intense, and her left arm shook for a

few seconds. She was admitted to the hospital for tests. That afternoon, the results

showed a blood splatter on the right side of her brain.

Many believers were praying for Jennifer, including a prayer phone line and

Christians from other churches. On Friday, the doctor ordered another CT scan that

showed no blood leakage. The doctors decided this must have been an artifact,

something they could not explain.

The Lord healed my granddaughter, and she had no more blood leakage in the

brain. Still, she had urinary problems with great pain so the doctor ordered another

blood test to check the adrenal glands. Because of medication that Jennifer was

on, she was unable to go back to work. All she could do was stay in the bed. The

following Monday, the results from the blood test came back negative for the

adrenal glands with pain and headaches continuing. Since no specialist appointment

could be made for weeks, we were all concerned that she would become addicted to

this pain medication. Also, she wasn’t eating.

In His Presence


Marion Alva Wilson

Marion Alva Wilson of Owensboro,

Kentucky, passed away on Friday,

November 5, 2010.

Bishop Wilson, husband to Joyce,

served as State Overseer in West

Virginia, an international evangelist,

state youth leader, and pastor of various

churches in Kentucky, Ohio, Florida,

and Georgia. During his lifetime, he

preached more than 12,000 sermons

and saw thousands of conversions. He

was a licensed minister for 60 years.


David M. Arias

David M. Arias, 71, of Sylmar,

California, passed away on Thursday,

November 11, 2010.

Bishop Arias, husband to Gloria

O. Arias, was a licensed minister for

39 years, serving the Church of God

of Prophecy as State Overseer for

California Spanish as well as National

Overseer in Uruguay and a member of

the Questions and Subjects Committee.

Iris Davis-Walker

Fort Lauderdale, Florida; July 2, 2010;

licensed minister for 25 years.


Gertrude Phipps Persinger

Trion, Georgia; March 22, 2010.

My daughter, Peggy (Jennifer’s

mom), came to work with me the next

morning, crying, saying, “Mama, what

are we going to do?” After we prayed,

I told her we were going to go pray

until the Lord healed Jennifer.

That afternoon, we went to

Jennifer’s house. We prayed for

approximately an hour without

stopping, and the Lord began to bless.

Jennifer was slain in the Spirit, and the

Lord healed her. Her husband, Danny,

was also slain in the Spirit.

Jennifer went to work Thursday

and took no more pain medication.

But, praise God, Jennifer wanted us

to come back and pray for her on the

following Monday. Her father, Ronnie,

was there. He put oil on his hands

just like the rest of us, and he prayed

for her. You could not hear him say a

word, but the tears were rolling down

his cheeks. He was able to witness

the power of the Lord. Jennifer was

touched again right before his eyes,

and he could see the difference.

Since then, Jennifer has had

no more problems. Through this

experience, however, she and Danny

have received the Holy Ghost, and her

father now goes to church. We praise

Him every day for this miracle and all

His blessings. What an awesome God

we serve!

Betty Bennet

Member of Valdosta, Georgia, Church of

God of Prophecy

New Churches

Franklinton, Louisiana

organized on October 19, 2010;

Pastor Shirley Vicks.

Winfield, Alabama

organized on October 3, 2010;

Pastor Cecil Dewayne Smith.

Olivehurst, California

organized on August 27, 2010;

Bishop William E. Gunter.


DeWayne Hamby, Managing Editor

While this line of

thinking is commonplace

in the business world, it

Love Is Not . . .

“Though I speak with the tongues of men

and of angels, but have not love, I have

become sounding brass or a clanging

cymbal” (1 Corinthians 13:1 NKJV).

unfortunately also makes

inroads into our personal

relationships. You attend church with a

group of people you love and care for

and one misspoken comment or lack

of appreciation sends you to retreat

As I drove to work early one morning, a and you vow to never again “darken

radio commercial came on spotlighting a those doors.” A perceived cold-hearted

local restaurant. Being back in Tennessee Facebook comment riles your political

for a few months, we had already heard or moral sensibilities and you click

friends talking about this hip new lunch “de-friend,” and you’re done. A friend’s

spot. At first, they sang its praises, talking supposed apathy toward you drives you

about how they’d enjoyed several

further into isolation, creating a problem

delicious meals there. Soon after, the where there may not have been.

service and the food didn’t seem so

We don’t tend to clean up these

good, so it began to slide down on their messes because we don’t have to. We can

collective culinary totem pole. Before my move on, carrying only bitter memories

wife and I would have had a chance to and feelings. But it shouldn’t be that

join the bandwagon, the former fans are way. In the familiar “love” chapter of 1

already poised to move on.

Corinthians 13, among other things,

You could have dozens of wonderful love is characterized as not being “easily

experiences, but, for some reason, one angered,” according to one version. The

misfire is what you’ll remember. In our Message offers up the “love” checklist

town, we have shells of businesses, retail this way:

shops, and restaurants that once had a “Love never gives up. Love cares

good thing going, only to be cut short more for others than for self. Love

by a bad experience and word-of-mouth. doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love

We are less likely to stick with a company doesn’t strut, Doesn’t have a swelled

through difficulties today because we head, Doesn’t force itself on others, Isn’t

don’t have to. We have choices. We can always ‘me first,’ Doesn’t fly off the

easily close the door on them and open handle, Doesn’t keep score of the sins

the door with another.

of others, Doesn’t revel when others

grovel, Takes pleasure in the flowering of

truth, Puts up with anything, Trusts God

always, Always looks for the best, Never

looks back, But keeps going to the end”

(1 Corinthians 13:4–7).

For me, relationship is the key. If

you constantly “fly off the handle”

with someone in particular, chances

are they’ve cashed in every bit of love

currency you gave them, or maybe they

didn’t have any to begin with. The closer

we are, the more likely we are to work

past the disappointments and difficulties

and believe the best about the other.

We shouldn’t purposely provoke our

friends, but on the other hand, the strong

bond of love we share means we don’t

completely shut the door on someone

because of a perceived offense. We walk

through it, however uncomfortable it

may be.

I know . . . it’s easier said than done.

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child,

I understood as a child, I thought as a

child; but when I became a man, I put

away childish things. For now we see in

a mirror, dimly, but then face to face.

Now I know in part, but then I shall

know just as I also am known. And now

abide faith, hope, love, these three;

but the greatest of these is love”

(1 Corinthians 13:11–13 NKJV).

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