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Pastor-Passionate - Church of God of Prophecy

. . . Pastors are

the most crucial

leaders in our



2 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

Bishop R. E. Howard, General Overseer


One phrase that has come to my heart during the last few years concerning

leadership development in the Church of God of Prophecy has been “Pastor-

Passionate.” At some point, it became clear to me that if this Church was going

to make great strides in developing leaders, then we would need to focus more

significantly on helping our pastors. Out of that came this desire and intention for

leadership development strategy to be “Pastor-Passionate.”

The foundational concept behind this goal is the realization that pastors are the

most crucial leaders in our worldwide ministry. This movement cannot achieve

success in our heavenly calling unless we equip and mobilize pastors who can

lead local congregations in impacting ministry.

The pastor inspires the local body, hearing from heaven and leading them in

spiritual growth and vibrant outreach to the community. Under his leadership, the

local church sees saints grow and develop, and it literally becomes a factory for

producing and sending laborers into the community for witness and service.

The directors of leadership development in the Church of God of Prophecy are

zealous to offer helps to pastors of every kind in this movement. One of those

helps you will read about in this issue of the White Wing Messenger is the new

equipping vehicle from the Center for Biblical Leadership, the School of Practical

and Advanced Study (SOPAS). These schools have already been held in numerous

venues of North America as well as Asia, Africa, Central America, and South

America. Using the delivery ideals of the old Bible Training Institute, these schools

will have three levels of curriculum that will enrich pastors of all kinds.

This is only one example of how leadership development in the Church of God

of Prophecy wants to be “Pastor-Passionate” and facilitate pastors to have the

greatest ministry they can have as they answer God’s call to build up the body

and mobilize to minister life in their communities.

Take advantage of the articles in this issue to learn how your leadership in

ministry can be stronger than ever through the ministry of the Center for

Biblical Leadership.


March 2010 • Volume 86, Number 8


2 Facing Forward: Pastor-Passionate by R. E. Howard


4 The Bridge Called Trans-Generational by Dr. Hector Ortiz

9 SOPAS Summary Report by Mark Menke

1 3 Serving the Field by Fulfilling Its Mandate

by Adrian L. Varlack Sr.

1 6 Center for Biblical Leadership Upcoming Schedule

1 7 Gordon-Conwell/COGOP Consortium

1 8 96th International Assembly


2 0 Global Outreach: Haiti—A Nation in Crisis

2 2 Christian Education: Christian Educator of the Year

2 3 Tomlinson Center: Multilingual Educational Opportunities

2 4 Women’s Ministries: A Seasonal Review of Fall Regional

Ladies Retreats 2009

2 5 Children’s Ministries: Kids Taking the Lead

2 6 Youth Ministries: Missions Projects 2010 • Omega

Conference 2010


2 8 Local Church Focus: Montreal, Canada • Lanark, West

Virginia • Cambridge, Ohio • Clemson, South Carolina

• Paterson, New Jersey


3 0 In His Presence • 96th International Assembly Fields of

the Wood Bus Trip • Ministry Position Announcements

• Book Review: The Turning Point That Changed Everything

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Messenger Moments

Virginia Chatham, Managing Editor


Center for Biblical Leadership (CBL) Director Dr. Hector

Ortiz begins his article with the following statement: “This

article is dedicated to the proposition that the Church of God

of Prophecy (COGOP) will experience the greatest transgenerational

leadership change in the next 10 to 20 years

than in any other time of its 107-year history.” He continues

that it is his dream and hope “that Christ has individuals in the

COGOP in present/past generations who have the vesture of

noble leadership and will rise with the vision to build a transgenerational

bridge, which will produce a better generation

than the past. . . .”

Then in his article, “SOPAS Summary Report,” CBL Instructor

Mark Menke reports that there have been 18 schools conducted

with more than 2,000 students completing the classes. He

follows with a summary report of the schools conducted since

the last CBL issue of the White Wing Messenger.

In his article, “Serving the Field by Fulfilling Its Mandate,”

CBL Instructor Adrian L. Varlack Sr. provides some history

regarding past educational schools in the COGOP (i.e., Bible

Training Institute and Tomlinson College). He then endeavors

to bring more awareness to the newly created educational

programs “through which CBL seeks to aid the Church by

promoting and pursuing ‘Leadership Development,’ which is

among the Core Values promoted by COGOP General Overseer

Bishop R. E. Howard.”

On pages 16, 17, the CBL and Gordon-Conwell/COGOP

Consortium Schedules are listed. On page 20, readers will find

it interesting to read the report by Global Outreach Director David

Bryan on the condition of our Church orphanage in Haiti.

A special thanks to Mark Menke for the excellent

photography used in the Features section in this month’s issue.

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WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 3

Dr. Hector Ortiz

Center for Biblical

Leadership Director

4 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0


In this article, the ecclesia

body known as the Church

of God of Prophecy will be

referenced as the COGOP

while the greater ecclesia

will be referenced as the

Universal Ecclesia. Also, this

article is dedicated to the

proposition that the COGOP

will experience the greatest transgenerational

leadership change in

the next 10 to 12 years than in any

other time of its 107-year history. This

proposition is predicated on the fact

that the COGOP is age-heavy in all its

levels of major leadership.

It is the position of this writer that a

pending leadership crisis can be turned

into a kairos (God’s time) opportunity

to construct a bridge from the present/

past into a victorious kairos future.

A looming question is whether the

present/past leadership will have

the sacrificial will and foresight to

build a trans-generational bridge that

will be the conduit to pass on the

best of the present/past and the seeds

for a more perfect ecclesia future for

the COGOP.


In the recent past, the COGOP made

a decision to change from its ecclesia

exclusivity views and move toward

being an authentic organic expression

of what the biblical universal ecclesia

should be. This position is embraced by

this writer.

A present challenge for the COGOP

is if she has the will to transmit into

the future an incarnational leadership

ministry that will manifest the cruciform

lifestyle of the Lord Jesus. In biblical

concepts, one cannot speak of

Incarnation without cruciform, and

one cannot speak of cruciform without

sacrifice, especially in an age when

what is being promoted is prosperity.

These concepts (Incarnation,

cruciform/sacrifice) are interwoven

in “For it is God who works in you

to will and to act according to his

good purpose” (Philippians 2:13 NIV),

and they will be addressed in the

progression of this article. What will

suffice for the present is that divine

principles are part of God’s economy

in the Holy Text. Divine principles are

guideposts that lead the way in fulfilling

God’s economy, which is better known

as God’s eternal plans.

Who Builds the Bridge Called

Trans-Generational Bridge?

The Bridge Builder

by Will Allen Dromgoole

“Old man,” cried a fellow

pilgrim near,

“You’re wasting your time in

building here.

Your journey will end with

the closing day;

You never again will pass

this way.

You have crossed the chasm

deep and wide,

Why build you this bridge

at even-tide?”

The builder lifted his old,

gray head:

“Good friend, in the path I

have come,” he said,

“There followeth after

me today

A youth whose feet must

pass this way.

This stream which has been

as naught to me,

To that fair-haired youth

may pitfall be;

He, too, must cross in the

twilight dim.

Good friend, I am building

this bridge for him.” 1

As in this poem, the present/past

leadership of the COGOP stands on the

brink of building a trans-generational

bridge into the future. Who builds such

a bridge? Isaiah’s prophetic words as

to how the Lord King will execute His

righteous will in His divine economy

state, “But the noble man makes noble

plans, and by noble deeds he stands”

(Isaiah 32:8 NIV).

This verse comes from a passage

that reveals how the sovereign King will

execute His governance in His Kingdom

and ecclesia. The quoted verse contains

some biblical concepts that we would

be wise to emulate. In biblical terms,

“noble” stands for godly leadership

who have divested themselves of the

centrality of “I-ism” and have the vesture

of doing what is best for God’s flock,

which stands in contra-position to the

pomp of class nobility of this world.

There is a worldly axiom which states

that most plans by worldly standards

speak more about those who forge

them than of the plan. The cited text

speaks about a different group of

leaders. It is referencing leaders whose

plans and deeds (acts) reveal noble,

humble hearts whose intent is to lead

from “. . . contrite and lowly in spirit . . .”

(57:15 NIV). The quest of these noble

leaders is that their deeds match the

noble will of their sovereign King.

The power of humble leadership

is so often ignored in today’s socioreligious

world where calling attention

to persona is very important. In

contrast, the power of noble humble

leadership was even discovered by

Mahatma Gandhi, who, according to

U.S. Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg,

“made humility and truth more

powerful than empires.” 2

In another tribute to Gandi’s noble

leadership, Professor Gilbert Murray of

Oxford wrote, “Be careful in dealing

with a man who cares nothing for

sensual pleasures, nothing for comfort

or praise or promotion, but is simply

determined to do what he believes to

be right . . . because his body you can

always conquer [but it] gives you so

little purchase over his soul.” 3 If a civil

leader can gain such dimensions in

leadership, what of godly leaders?

A Bridge Spans a Chasm

A chasm can be a gorge, depression,

or even an obstacle. The value of the

bridge depends on what material will

go into the construction of the bridge if

it is to stand the test of endurance from

one generation to another. In the case

of the proverbial trans-generational

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 5

idge, will the present/past generation

work on plans and deeds that are not

seeded with personal empowerment,

personal agendas of ambitions, or more

concerned with matters of structure,

systems, and bureaucracy than with a

vital relationship with the centrality of

the Gospel of the Cross? Will it be plans

and deeds and acts that are seeded to

preserve certain sectors of the ecclesia

COGOP at the expense of other sectors

of the ecclesia body? These beggarly

elements will only weaken the bridge

and endanger endurance of the same,

which will impact the future.

It is well understood that a global body

of believers has to have due process

of matters of finance, properties,

accountability, and structure. The heart

of the matter is whether secondary

matters consume so much time, energy,

and focus until the vital relationship

with the centrality of the Gospel message

6 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

of the Cross is displaced. Any plan

that clouds the Cross has in essence

displaced the focus of the Cross, but,

alas, it is the deeds of the Cross that

change humankind and not the

plan. The proverbial trans-generational

bridge must contain the dimensions of

forgiveness and reconciliation or, as

beautifully expressed by George Herbert,

“He who cannot forgive others breaks the

bridge over which he must pass himself.” 4

In contrast to beggarly elements, the

Kairos future beckons for the present/

past leadership to lay aside the errors

of the past and petty individual status

concerns and develop leadership

development plans and deeds, which

reveal the cruciform incarnational life of

Christ Jesus. This would require noble

leadership who would use their power

of free will to choose divine will and

acts and deeds that conform to the will

of God at the expense of their will.

Dominican Republic SOPAS

Noble leadership of this type has the

vesture of “I have been crucified with

Christ and I no longer live, but Christ

lives in me . . .” (Galatians 2:20 NIV)

as well as demonstrates the passion

of Christ as captured by Paul when

he stated, “Now I rejoice in what

was suffered for you, and I fill up in

my flesh what is still lacking in regard

to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake

of his body, which is the church”

(Colossians 1:24 NIV).

It is the dream and hope of this writer

that Christ has individuals in the COGOP

in the present/past generation who

have the vesture of noble leadership

and will rise with the vision to build a

trans-generational bridge, which will

produce a better generation than the

past because the future generation will

be standing on the shoulders of noble

leaders who have risen for “. . . such a

time as this” (Esther 4:14).

For Such a Time as This

This writer is of the persuasion that

the COGOP is in the birth pains of

producing a global, biblical leadership

development plan. Time and time alone

will prove if that which is birthed will

fulfill, “But the noble man makes nobles

plans, and by noble deeds he stands”

(Isaiah 32:8 NIV).

There is an axiom that holds to the

proposition that humankind produces

most of the time “after its kind.”

Although this is not absolute, the

historical propensity of evidence affirms

its conclusion. This in itself is a concern

that requires serious introspection by

the corporeal body of the COGOP.

In forging a plan for biblical leadership

for the trans-generational bridge,

visionary knowledge and discerning

wisdom should be vital components

of such a plan. For without these, the

flock of God will perish (Proverbs 29:18).

This would require that “noble leaders”

understand that their roles are to

provide “wells of visionary knowledge

and discerning wisdom” in order to

lead into the future.

An episode in the journey of Israel

reveals this objective of leadership:

“From there they continued on to Beer,

the well where the Lord said to Moses,

‘Gather the people together and I will

give them water.’ Then Israel sang this

song: ‘Spring up, O well! Sing about

it, about the well that the princes dug,

that the nobles of the people sank—

the nobles with scepters and staffs’”

(Numbers 21:16, 17 NIV).

The celebratory song of victory was

that heir princes and noble leaders

had used their authority (scepters) and

their pastoral care (staffs) to sustain

the vitality of life. Noble leaders must

understand that they are given by

God and are of the people and for

the people. After all, if there were no

people, why would we need leaders?

If noble leadership is to give living

water, it must ascertain what is living

water. It, therefore, becomes incumbent

on the ecclesial corporate leadership

of the COGOP, by due process, to

identify what the essentials of the

faith are, which include forgiveness

and reconciliation, and by this process

identify what the non-essentials are or

what is known as adiaphora, or things

indifferent, 5 or, stated in another way, to

identify the non-negotiables, which will

also identify the negotiables (see

1 Corinthians 15:1–4; Romans 14:1–8).

The urgency to identify the essentials

of the faith rests on the premise that

to have a global constituency that

is held together by extrinsic means

of systems, property, and money

dependency is contrary to holding

a global constituency by the divine,

intrinsic bond of the centrality of Cross

and essentials of the Gospel of Christ.

A. J. Tomlinson learned a bitter lesson

from the tragic events of the disruption of

1923 and was denoted in his memorial

prayer when he prayed, “But now we have

the Holy Ghost to guide and direct us

and to illuminate the sacred pages of

our Law Book (Bible). He must have the

pre-eminence. He must be recognized

and honored in all our services and

deliberations. Put Him out, and we have

nothing but machinery and buildings left.

But we want to so conduct ourselves

that He will be pleased to remain with

us. O, Thou heavenly dove, Thou hast

been thrust aside and grieved, but we

have been grieved too.” 6

Tomlinson learned a bitter experience

by seeing much of his labors swept away

because history has revealed that

controlling money and property is one

form of holding constituency even if at

the expense of the essential of the faith.

Shall the Trans-Generational

Bridge Be Built by


If the COGOP is to find its mission

and its own DNA in order to fulfill its

destiny, it must face the issue if she is

developing into a “copy cat-syncretistic

body of believers”—a group of believers

in which all it is capable of doing is

to copy, emulate, and gather from

everyone else but cannot develop

anything original or stated in another

fashion; a little-sister church that always

has to depend on others and is under

the shadow of others but is never really

a full partner with others.

Syncretism is defined as the method

of combining a variety of different

forms of beliefs, practices, and

structures by the process of fusion. 7

Syncretism is the process of selling

out to all others and never being an

authentic expression of one’s own

DNA. Is this the type of mindset that the

COGOP desires to pass on to the next

generation? I trust not, and I hope not.

This writer envisions a transgenerational

bridge that will have a

leadership development plan, which

will honor and respect all other ecclesial

expressions of the universal ecclesia

but will not accept subordination

to none nor accept the little sister

approach by none nor crumbs from

other ecclesia expressions.

General Overseer Bishop Randall

Howard, in a recent letter of explaining

his views on leadership, stated the

following: “With this e-mail, I want to

make it clear to all of you bishops and

leaders in regions that we have no

exclusive relationships or affiliation

in the COGOP. So even though words

like ‘preferred choice’ have been

used to describe one relationship,

I am passionate about leadership

development for as many as possible,

as soon as possible, from all options

as possible. I join with Dr. Hector Ortiz

and Dr. H. E. Cardin to project a vision

that today is the day that the COGOP

must encourage, facilitate, and lead our

leaders to enhance their ministry skills

and acquire greater tools to accomplish

the mission. I see this as our hope

for the future in every area where we

minister in the world.” 8

This writer is in hopes that the

COGOP will use all educational tools

at its disposal and will not be glued to

doing ministerial development with the

classical model only but will receive

divine illumination that can lead to

the creation of a Global Ministerial

Education Alliance with different nonaligned

denomination entities.

The Alliance should be field-oriented,

not International Offices-oriented, yet

have proper oversight and connection

with the International Offices. Also,

proper oversight of the Alliance can

supply the grounding and safeguard of

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 7

the essentials of the faith while honoring

the vital need for contextualized

ministerial preparation in different areas

of the world. A global ecclesia as the

COGOP has the challenge of a field, or

world, which is becoming quite diversified

and complex and in which an array of

methods and tools must be forged to

maximize a leadership development plan.


May the next Kairos generation look

back at the present/past generation

and say that they were raised up by

the former generation to be better

than they, and for the next generation

to become better than they think that

they can be. May it be said by the

future generation that the present/

past generation in their finest hour

transmitted that the fear of God is the

beginning of wisdom and that “. . . when

one rules over men in righteousness,

when he rules in the fear of God, he is

8 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

First Leader of Leaders Program

like the light of morning at sunrise on a

cloudless morning, like the brightness

after rain that brings the grass from the

earth” (2 Samuel 23:3, 4 NIV).

May the next generation bring forth

greater light and a greater harvest of

souls into the wondrous experience of

the Cross of Christ. I stand in awe and

wonder as I travel worldwide and see

the teeming souls who do not care or

have any interest or love for God, and in

this wonderment, I remember, “For God

so loved the world that he gave his one

and only Son, that whoever believes in

him shall not perish but have eternal

life” (John 3:16 NIV).

May the next generation, when

faced with difficult times, remember

a humanity song about crossing over

troubled waters, for the bridge was

built to withstand troubled waters, and

for them to keep sailing on. We are

behind them with hopes and aspirations

that the kairos next generation will see

further, reach further, and be better,

for they are standing on the shoulders

of the present/past generation. Come,

Holy Spirit, be our guide. Grant it,

Lord Jesus.


1Clyde Francis Lytle, Leaves of Gold (Fort

Worth, TX: Brownlow Publishing Company,

Inc., 1948), p. 132.

2Louis Fisher, Gandhi, His Life and Message

for the World (New York, NY: Mentor, New

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3Ibid., p. 49.

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Mark Menke

CBL Instructor

Since our last White Wing Messenger

report, the School of Practical and

Advanced Studies (SOPAS) has been

conducted in several more areas. What

began with the first SOPAS schools in

Democratic Republic of Congo in April

2009 has continued around the world.

SOPAS First Term consists of three classes

taught by Center for Biblical Leadership

(CBL) Faculty: General Principles of

Pastoral Leadership Development I,

by Mark Menke; Ecclesial Identity—

COGOP History and Polity I, by Adrian

Varlack; and Theology—Doctrinal

Principles of the COGOP, taught by

CBL Director Dr. Hector Ortiz. As of this

publication deadline, there have been

18 schools conducted with more than

2,000 students completing the classes.

The following is a summary report of the

schools conducted since the last CBL

issue of the White Wing Messenger.

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 9


August 6–9, 2009

Patten University Campus

Oakland, California

Midwest Region

August 27–30, 2009

City Life Worship Center

(COGOP), Des Moines, Iowa

10 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

The California SOPAS was a combined

effort sponsored by Bishop José Garcia,

California Spanish Overseer, and Bishop

Jeffery Davis, California International

Overseer. Classes were offered

simultaneously in Spanish and English.

Midwest Overseer Bishop Jesse Yanez

taught the Spanish language pastoral

leadership class while Bishop Jose

Garcia taught the Spanish Ecclesial

Identity class.

Bishop Jeffery Davis commented that

SOPAS “helped us to take vital steps in

becoming the healthy churches that

God has called us to be here in California.”

He continued, “The SOPAS spoke very

candidly to our historical DNA and

provided a theological perspective to

our foundation and a sense of purpose

and direction for the Church of God of

Prophecy.” One student commented

that “this has been an enriching

experience in every sense.”

Midwest Region Overseer Bishop

Jesse Yanez brought the School of

Practical and Advanced Studies to the

region at Des Moines, Iowa. Forty-two

students completed the course, which

was offered in both English and Spanish

classes. Bishop Yanez taught the Spanish

Pastoral Leadership Development class.

Bishop Yanez notes that this was “a

time of inspiration and enlightenment.

I encourage all to participate in SOPAS

since it will enhance and bring

relevance to the pastoral leadership

wherever it could be taught.”

Southeast Region

September 10–13, 2009

Church of God of

Prophecy, Winchester,

Kentucky (Spanish)

The second edition of SOPAS for the

Southeast Spanish Region was held in

the local church facility in Winchester,

Kentucky. Regional Overseer Bishop

Elias Rodriguez sponsored the classes

and also provided translation for the

Pastoral Leadership class. Fifty-one

students completed the classes.

Bishop Rodriguez had this to say

about the classes: “The importance

of these classes is in the fact that our

instructors have invested precious

Northeast Region

October 1–4, 2009

Hoboken, New Jersey

Church of God of Prophecy

(English and Spanish)

Students from several northeastern

states gathered at the Hoboken, New

Jersey (Spanish), church. There were

101 Spanish students and seven English

students. Bishop Rahadames Matos

coordinated the event along with

participation by Mid-Atlantic Overseer

Bishop Leroy Greenaway. The overseers

welcomed Sister Jan Couch, who taught

on stewardship during the two evening

practicum sessions. All the teachings

covered issues of identity, theology, and

practical needs of the ministry. Several

students voiced appreciation for

the classes.

hours of their time to form a serious,

impartial exegesis, without prejudice

of the Word of God, for the purpose of

bringing to light the true significance

of the Scriptures that pertain to our

beloved Church. Therefore, this is

making faithful our commitment to walk

in the light and to follow the direction

of the Holy Spirit. Each student that

attended was challenged and inspired

to continue knowing more about our

beloved Church of God of Prophecy. We

can listen to testimonies of some of the

attendees showing their satisfaction

with the classes and above all to

reaffirm our identity as the Church of

God of Prophecy.”

Midwest Region

December 3–6, 2009

Mountain View Church

of God of Prophecy

Denver, Colorado

Bishop Jesse Yanez, Midwest Region

Overseer, exclaimed, “The school was a

success!” Forty-two students completed

the classes with approximately another

ten people who attended part-time due

to jobs, etc. Classes were offered in both

Spanish and English. In addition to the

CBL staff faculty, Bishop Yanez taught

the Spanish Pastoral Leadership class.

Bishop Yanez noted that he “took in two

new members into the Church who will

be organizing a mission in East Pueblo,

Colorado.” He continued, “We are

happy and grateful for all that was

accomplished [in the school]. This was a

wonderful way to start the holiday season.”


September 13–18, 2009

Coral Road Church of God

of Prophecy, Freeport,

Grand Bahama

September 20–25, 2009

East Street Church of

God of Prophecy, Nassau,

New Providence

Bishop Elgarnet Rahming’s invitation

to the SOPAS team coincided with

Pacific Northwest

November 11–14, 2009

New Horizons Church

(COGOP), Washougal,

Washington (The following

is a report from Bishop Don

Knoblich, Ph.D., Washington/

Alaska Regional Overseer).

I want to personally thank you for

the recent SOPAS (First Term) held at

Washougal, Washington. The school

had 62 in attendance with students

representing the states of Idaho,

Oregon, Utah, and Washington. I was

well-pleased with the cross-section of

young to middle-age to senior students.

There was also a good representation

of Spanish-speaking students. The

feedback I received from the students

included the following descriptors:

“awesome,” “convicting,” “challenging,”

and “mind-saturating.”

What I believe made this School so

remarkable was the balance between

academia and Spirit. The didactics were

outstanding, but, then, room was given

on many occasions for the moving

Centennial Celebrations in the Bahamas.

Sixty-three students enrolled in the

classes held at the Coral Road Church

in Freeport, Grand Bahama. There were

165 students enrolled in the classes

held at the East Street Church of God of

Prophecy in New Providence.

Often, the SOPAS classes are marked

by the presence of the Spirit. One

particular move of the Holy Spirit came

during a prayer time with the younger

students in New Providence, who

answered a call to prayer for fresh

anointing to carry on the work of the Lord.

of the Spirit. Teaching can take many

forms. In this setting, lecturing with

student interaction as well as social

learning theory, i.e., observational

learning, were employed. I believe both

forms of instruction spoke volumes

to the students. The Friday evening

Practicum was taught by Dr. Wallace

Pratt and Dr. Don Knoblich using the

topic of Local Church Business. This

information seemed to be well-received

by the students.

Again, my hat is off to the faculty

and the fine instruction they provided. I

am sure that the students in the Pacific

Northwest are already anticipating

SOPAS Second Term.

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 11

Turks and Caicos Islands

November 3–6, 2009

Blue Hills Church of God

of Prophecy, Providenciales

(First-Ever Second Term SOPAS)

The CBL faculty launched the firstever

Second Term of the School of

Practical and Advanced Studies at

the Blue Hills Church situated just

across the street from the beautiful

Caribbean shore. Commenting on the

classes, Ronald Gardiner, Administrative

Assistant to the National Overseer,

noted that the faculty “gave the fullest

account of the history and structure of

the Church.”

The school was well-organized under

the direction of National Overseer

Bishop Clarence N. Williams. Fortyfour

students were organized in three

Presidencies led by Senior Pastors

North Carolina

October 14–17, 2009

Camp Maranatha, High Point,

North Carolina (The following

is a report from North Carolina

reporter Roy Morgan.)

“Enlightening,” “above my expectations,”

“edifying,” “rewarding,” “refreshing”—

these are but a few of the words

used by North Carolina and Alabama

ministers to describe the SOPAS. Eightyseven

pastors and ministry leaders

gathered at Camp Maranatha in High

Point for intensive training by the Center

for Biblical Leadership. Minister Tony

Langley shared that “it is hard to put

into words,” but “I thank God that I was

able to be here.” Others shared that

they received a better understanding

of the evolving of the leadership and

decision-making process of the Church

of God of Prophecy during the last

17 years. Overall, everyone received

a deeper understanding about the

material that was covered. Each subject

was well thought out and presented.

Developing effective leadership is a

primary focus of State Overseer Steven

12 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

Mary L. Forbes of Grand Turk, Wesley

Missick of Five Cay, and Andrew Stone,

host pastor of Blue Hills. Administrative

assistance was given by Bishop Hoplyn

L. Parker, Minister Josephine James,

and Mr. Ronald Gardiner. Smooth

administration was joined with spirited

devotions, and the presence of the

Holy Spirit “was strongly felt on several

occasions.” Gardiner concluded,

“Needless to say, we are thankful to all

the students who came from all islands

of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and we

look forward with eager anticipation for

the Third and Fourth Terms.”

Gilmer. As such, training sessions are

common, and ministers often enter

these events with expectations. Pastor

Kenny Duke stated that “the DELC/SOPAS

exceeded my expectations.” Bishop Floyd

Collins expected “to receive knowledge

that would keep the Church on the

cutting edge in today’s society.” These

and other ministers were consistent

in stating that, regardless of their

expectations, SOPAS far exceeded them.

With any time of instruction, the most

pressing concern was, What will I take

back to my church? How can I utilize

this material in the local setting? Bishop

Jimmy Earp answered, “I actually plan

for our local church to go through a

study on Ecclesial Identity.” Bishop Tim

Aukerman said that he would return

with a renewed understanding of “our

total reliance as pastors, individuals, and

As of this editorial deadline, we

have just completed SOPAS in the

Dominican Republic, January 5–9, 2010,

in Santo Domingo, with more than

425 students—our largest SOPAS ever

(pictured on page 6). In the Dominican

Republic, and in most of our venues,

our schools have been marked by

God’s presence and the testimony of

refreshing, renewal, and recommitment

among the students. We begin 2010

with an expanding school schedule

and with the hope of God’s continuing

hand upon the work of developing and

encouraging leaders.

churches upon the leadership of the

Holy Ghost.”

Instruction at the First Term SOPAS

impressed upon the attendees a hunger

to learn more about the history of the

Church of God of Prophecy as well as

a broader appreciation of its beauty

and polity. Pastors were renewed and

refreshed in their calling. Bishop Don

Baldwin and others testified of a

rekindled desire for connection within

the local body and conviction of the need

for reconnection with the Church of God

of Prophecy family and activities. Truly,

our God is continuing to move within

this last-days Church of God. Indeed, we

must continue to move forward.

Adrian L. Varlack Sr.

CBL Instructor/Church Historian

Serving the Field by Fulfilling Its


In his last letter to Timothy, Paul wrote,

“You then, my son, be strong in the

grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the

things you have heard me say in the

presence of many witnesses entrust to

reliable men who will also be qualified

to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:1, 2 NIV).

This letter includes among its other

admonitions to the young Bishop

of Ephesus 1 the need to transmit

the things learned under apostolic

authority to future generations. The

suggested method of preservation and

transmission was to commit those things

to “faithful men” who would be able to

teach others also.

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 13

We are blessed to have the Word of

God through which the teachings and

practices of the apostles are preserved

and transmitted to us so that we may

continue in the Spirit-led tradition of

passing on the things of Christ through

reliable women and men. These

individuals, in turn, pass on the baton

of Christian leadership. It seems fitting,

then, that from time to time the Church

should develop and review ways and

means—instruments through which

she can assure the faithfulness and

reliability of biblical leadership. The

Center for Biblical Leadership is one

such effort of the Church of God of

Prophecy (COGOP).

Almost two decades before the

end of the twentieth century and in

anticipation of the twenty-first, the

Church began some structural and

directional adjustments under the

guidance and call of the Spirit (1984).

In May of 1990, the late Bishop Milton

A. Tomlinson, then General Overseer

of the COGOP, called the national,

regional, and state overseers together

to announce his resignation for health

reasons and to clear the way for his

successor. M. A. Tomlinson, like his

father A. J. Tomlinson before him, ably

served the Church during his long tenure. 2

At the May meeting, and after two

days of deliberations, the overseers

recommended as interim General

Overseer one of their peers, Bishop Billy

D. Murray, overseer of Illinois. He had

previously served at the International

Offices and was also, for five years, the

overseer of Tennessee. Subsequently,

he served 12 years (1977–1989) with the

General Overseer as Assistant Editor of

14 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

the Church’s official publication, the

White Wing Messenger. Murray was

duly confirmed as General Overseer

by the International Assembly at its

opening session on August 13, 1990.

During the years of the two

administrations of the Tomlinson

family, the Church had begun a Bible

Training Camp (BTC) in 1941, Tomlinson

Memorial School in 1955, and Tomlinson

College (TC), a two-year liberal arts

institution, in 1966. BTC, which was later

changed to Bible Training Institute (BTI),

was a two- to three-week annual, inter-

Church leadership training program

based at the Church’s International

Offices. Extensions were carried on

in the United States and, ultimately,

in some 50 countries of the world.

The three-year curriculum included

Bible, Doctrine, and the Church’s

organizational polity and practices.

In 1954, weekly classes were

encouraged in the local churches “to

better acquaint our people with the

doctrine and business of the Church.”

During these sessions, freewill offerings

were to be received “to assist in

conducting Bible Training Institute

in other countries.” 3 This phrase was

replaced in 1992 by “in needed areas

for leadership training.” 4

After Murray took office as General

Overseer, an initial assessment of

the Church’s fiscal situation revealed

that the then current level of annual

expenditure was being sustained only

by drawing on the Church’s reserves,

a situation that he judged could not

continue and which would necessitate

cutbacks. The following is a quote from

his address to the 1992 Assembly:

The suspension of [TC] classes and

of [BTI] was not to signal a lessening

of the Church’s emphasis upon the

importance of teaching and learning.

It is my hope that the financial crisis

through which we have been passing

at our General Headquarters will be

the means not for diminishing of, but

for a new emphasis upon leadership

preparedness. These times demand a

more able ministry, and I feel that we

must be willing to devote resources

as may be required for an intensive

approach towards upgrading our

ministerial leadership all around

the world. 5

As a Movement in the Holiness/

Pentecostal tradition, the Church’s

vision of leadership development

includes an emphasis on Holy Ghostinspired

teaching and on the heart. In

this vein, Murray wrote the following:

Proper leadership development

will require teachers who are

prepared to teach, prepared not only

intellectually, but who are full of the

Holy Ghost. What they impart must

not be mere theory, but a sharing

of what is real and vital, what they

themselves have experienced.

Spiritual teaching is pouring one’s

life, a life that is under the Spirit’s

control, into another. In the truest

sense we do not share Jesus with

others: we share with them our

relationship with Jesus, allowing

Him to express Himself, His power,

His love through us. Experiential

knowledge is the kind that can be

shared from the heart and not just

from the head. 6

We are blessed to have the Word of God through which the

teachings and practices of the apostles are preserved

and transmitted to us so that we may continue in

the Spirit-led tradition of passing on the things of

Christ through reliable women and men.

The approach to implementation of

CBL at the International Offices and on

the field was explained to the Assembly

as follows:

Inasmuch as our staff working

out of Headquarters in this new

school of ministry will be limited in

number, we will have to rely upon

overseers and other capable teachers

in the states and nations to join us

in a cooperative effort. It may be

necessary for overseers to alter some

of the routines they have traditionally

followed in their “calendar of

events” in order to give their time

specifically to this ministerial

leadership development. We must

have leadership, spiritual leadership,

able men such as fear God. Whatever

is required for this, we must establish

as a priority. 7

Stressing that the principal emphasis

will be “on the field,” the then General

Overseer hoped that what became the

Center for Biblical Leadership would

offer our ministers something that they

would see as an immediate benefit

to them. His decision to merge the

two departments was taken under

the authority previously conferred

on the General Overseer’s office by

the then General Assembly, 8 which

authority was recognized by the

Questions and Subjects Committee in

their informational Report 9 to the 1992

Assembly on Saturday, September 12.

The Committee also specifically

acknowledged the new entity for

leadership development in Section 1,

Clarifications, under Article C.

After endorsing the section of the

General Overseer’s address entitled

“Leadership Development,” they stated

the following:

We strongly encourage each state/

nation to give their support, both

prayerfully and financially, to the

continued development of our

ministers. The educational entity’s

field-based approach will allow

for greater participation in all areas

of leadership. 10

By means of the Gordon-Conwell/

Church of God of Prophecy Consortium

(some entry-level flexibility for those

non-degreed persons already in service

and normal entry into a Master’s

program for those with a B. A. degree)

and through the non-accredited

The newly created pioneer intensive

program, Leader of Leaders, is a

first of its kind for the COGOP and

will provide leadership training for

overseers and potential nominees.

School of Practical and Advanced

Studies, CBL is fulfilling its mandate

to serve the field and to enhance

leadership development.

The newly created pioneer intensive

program, Leader of Leaders (also

through Gordon-Conwell Theological

Seminary), is a first of its kind for the

COGOP and will provide leadership

training for overseers and potential

nominees named by the overseers. The

first two-week session was launched in

the Dominican Republic on January 5,

2010, for the Mexico, Central American,

and Spanish Caribbean overseers and

their nominees, with 22 in attendance.

Others are scheduled that will serve areas

such as Africa, Asia/Oceania, North

America, and the English Caribbean.

These are the fresh, new programs

through which CBL seeks to aid the

Church by promoting and pursuing

“Leadership Development,” which is

among the Core Values11 promoted

by COGOP General Overseer Bishop

R. E. Howard. CBL is truly striving to

obey this import of the scriptural text

by committing God’s Word and the

Church’s future to faithful men and

women. We covet your prayers!


1 Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History, Popular

Edition, Book III, Chapter IV (Grand Rapids,

MI: Baker Book House, n.d.), p. 84.

2 A. J. Tomlinson led the Church of God 1903–

1923, and what later became the COGOP

from 1923 until his death in October of 1943.

He first served as Lead Pastor and General

Assembly Moderator, which latter title was

changed to General Overseer in 1910.

M. A. Tomlinson, whose tenure of service is

among the longest of Pentecostal leaders,

served from 1943 until 1990. Together, they

provided some 87 years of leadership to

the COGOP.

3 Church Business Guide (1992 Edition)

(Cleveland, TN: White Wing Publishing

House), p. 122.

4 Ibid.

5 Ibid., p. 118.

6 Ibid., p. 119.

7 Ibid., p. 120.

8 83rd Assembly Minutes COGOP (1988), p.

121; 85th Assembly Minutes COGOP (1990),

p. 44; 86th Assembly Minutes COGOP

(1991), p. 108.

9 The Committee’s regular Report dealing

mostly with the Adornment issue was not

accepted and was so noted in the Minutes

by order of the General Overseer on page 90

of the 1992 Minutes.

10 87th Assembly Minutes COGOP (1992), p. 91.

11 The three Core Values listed and which are

being pursued by the Church are Harvest,

Leadership Development, and Prayer.

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 15

16 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

Center for Biblical Leadership

Upcoming Schedule

(Revised January 6, 2010)

School of Practical and Advanced Studies

Gordon-Conwell/Church of God of Prophecy Consortium

Christian Leadership Program (Leader of Leaders)

17 Schools of Practical & Advanced Studies completed April–December 2009

School Location Date

Christian Leadership (Leader of Leaders) Africa—Johannesburg, South Africa March 2–12, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I National Campground—Jamaica March 25–28, 2010

Christian Leadership (Leader of Leaders) Asia—South Korea April 5–15, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I South America—Argentina April 29–May 2, 2010

Christian Leadership (Leader of Leaders) South America—Lima, Peru May 3–15, 2010

Gordon-Conwell Consortium Schools (See Separate Schedule) April–October 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I, II California (English and Spanish) June 2–5, 2010

Assembly Preparations June–July

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I Honduras August 10–13, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I El Salvador August 15–18, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I Venezuela August 26–29, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I Brazil September 2–5, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I Alabama September 16–19, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies II Northeast Spanish Region (tentative) September 30–October 3, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I Mexico (South) October 13–16, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I Mexico (Central) October 18–21, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I Puerto Rico (tentative) October 28–31, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies II Pacific Northwest—Oregon November 10–13, 2010

School of Practical & Advanced Studies I Virginia April 7–10, 2011

Gordon-Conwell/COGOP Consortium: Pastoral/Ministers

(Revised January 9, 2010)

From October 2009–January 2010, ten Consortium classes were conducted in seven locations.

School Schedule April 15–October 15, 2010

Region Date Site Course Professor

Midwest & Heartland Territories April 15–18, 2010 Olathe, Kansas New Testament Survey Elias Rodriguez

Texas—English April 20–23, 2010 Campground History I Dr. Mario da Silva

Alabama & Southeast Spanish Region April 28–May 1, 2010 Campground Old Testament (Spanish) Jim Breneman

Church & Community (English) Dr. Marc Rivera

Jamaica May 13–16, 2010 Campground Old Testament Survey Dr. Day

Pastoral Counseling Dr. Don Knoblich

N. E. Spanish/N. E. English Regions May 20–23, 2010 New York Urban Ministry I (Spanish) John Runyon

Theology I (English) Dr. Hector Ortiz

Washington May 20–23, 2010 Kirkland Joy of Ministry Dr. Wallace Pratt

Midwest & Heartland Territories June 6–13, 2010 Olathe Church and Community TBA

Texas—Spanish August 3–7, 2010 El Paso Interpreting the Bible Dr. Alvin Padilla

IOU Region (Idaho, Oregon, and Utah) September 23–26, 2010 Boise, Idaho Homiletics Dr. Soto

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 17

Jamaica September 23–26, 2010 Campground Interpreting the Bible TBA

Church & Community TBA

Midwest & Heartland Territories September 30–October 3, 2010 Des Moines, Iowa Old Testament Survey TBA

Texas—English October 6–9, 2010 Campground Introduction to Pentecostalism Dr. Hector Ortiz

Washington October 7–10, 2010 Kirkland Old Testament Survey Jim Breneman (TBA)

18 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

Coliseum Entrance

Koury Convention

Center and Hotel



Children’s Ministries

Mission Encounter


Ministry Booths

Koury Convention Center

Exhibit Area: Coliseum

International Presbytery Meeting:

Koury Convention Center

Global Outreach Luncheon

Women’s Mission Breakfast

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 19

The Orphanage after the earthquake

A fire chief of a police and firefighter

unit from New York gave his assessment

of the scope of the Haiti quake in

graphic terms: “Katrina was bad, but this

was a magnitude 100 times worse.”

The numbers are staggering, too large

to ever be confirmed with absolute

certainty. Haitian government leaders

estimate a death toll of 200,000; 80,000

buried in mass graves; 250,000 injured;

and two million homeless out of a

population of nine million people. The

Haitian government has made plans to

relocate 400,000 of the new homeless

to the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

Despite an amazing outpouring of

generosity, the communication challenges,

bureaucratic hurdles, shortage of fuel

to run everything from generators

to trucks, outbreaks of violence, and

traumatic conditions with decomposing

bodies everywhere in the streets and

under piles of rubble, many of Haiti’s

poor have suffered without food, water,

and medical care. The scale and scope

of the devastation is almost apocalyptic,

and the need seems infinite.

20 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

David Bryan

Global Outreach Director

In the middle of this ocean of

hopelessness, the Church has shone.

National Overseer Jean Claude Dorlean

lost a cousin when the earth began

shaking, but he was on the scene at the

Church of God of Prophecy Orphanage

in Leogane, the epicenter of the quake,

to bring comfort and hope to the

children and staff.

Five orphanage children and two

workers died when one of the main

buildings, a two-story structure,

pancaked in on itself and crumbled.

It crushed Oramise Dorisca, Vital, Elie

Belle Garde, Johanne Dorisca, and

Nicania when it came down. Their

bodies were recovered along with that

of Roseline, one of the orphanage

workers who also perished in the

building. Sergot, who also worked at the

orphanage, died in the quake, but at

the time of this publication, the body is

still entombed in the rubble.

Port-au-Prince suffered the most

severe damage in the quake, and our

eight churches in the city collapsed.

The news from the Sans Fil church was

particularly sad. Bishop Dorlean said,

“This is a newly rebuilt church. Almost

a whole choir (Chorale Elim) perished

during rehearsal, and also the Women’s

Ministries were having an activity inside

the church building. All perished. More

than 60 people.” An unknown number

of members died when the church at

Waney came down, and a deacon was

killed at the Mariani Church.

The National Bishop estimates,

based on current information, that

approximately 80 Church members have

died. He also notes that “Thousands of

members are homeless with no food,

no clothes, or anything. The National

Complex yard is filled with people

seeking refuge and any kind of help

they can receive.”

As I began to receive these reports

from our leadership in Haiti, I thought,

If we had one million dollars, it would

be just a drop in the bucket. But we

must do all we can.

Our people immediately began

to respond. Just a little more than 48

hours after the earthquake struck, our

Many walls collapsed


Central America overseers and General

Presbyter mobilized. The overseer of

Panama, Bishop Flavio Rosario, led a

four-man team from the Dominican

Republic and took a small truck-load of

supplies across the border into Haiti.

The going was slow, and they were

confronted on more than one occasion

by hungry, angry Haitians, but they

made it to Port-au-Prince and were

able to deliver enough supplies to the

children and staff of the orphanage to

last a week.

Less than a week later, a large truck

filled with water, food, tents, and medical

supplies was on its way to Haiti from the

Dominican Republic to bring life-saving

aid to the children and people camping

out at the National Complex. A pre-fab

building was also part of this shipment.

It will be placed on land provided by

one of our members in Haiti and will

house the children displaced from the

Church’s orphanage until reconstruction

plans are finalized.

At the time of this publication, few if

any of our members have received aid

Orphanage children in 2007

from the UN or other agencies working

to provide water, food, and medical

help to the Haitian population. Our

efforts to reach our people and help

them have been absolutely critical to

their survival.

As the pleas for prayer and support

went out, many of the pastors, churches,

and members of the Church of God of

Prophecy in North America began to

respond, along with the saints in the

Caribbean, Central America, and South

America. The Global Outreach Ministries

is exploring contacts with a large

faith-based humanitarian organization

operating in Haiti to provide ongoing and

significant supplies to meet basic needs.

We are aware that the secular media

will soon vacate Haiti to move on to the

next big story. Already, the focus of the

efforts have shifted from crisis rescue

of those who perhaps were still alive

in the rubble to recovery of bodies and

aftercare for the injured. There will be a

massive need for rebuilding, relocation,

and more long-term needs beyond

today’s survival needs.

Temporary shelters have become

homes for those remaining

Remaining children in temporary shelters

Many individuals have offered their

time, skills, and money to help with

rebuilding, and we anticipate helping

to facilitate construction teams going

into Haiti to assist in rebuilding the

orphanage, churches, and assisting the

leadership of Haiti in recovering the

leadership infrastructure. The need is

astronomical, and it will take years and

perhaps decades, but the global family

of the Church of God of Prophecy will

not forget or neglect our brothers and

sisters in Haiti.

Donations can be made by going to

the International Offices website,, and also through

our standard procedures. Individuals

may contribute through our Helping

Hand Ministry and local churches

through Harvest Partners [Level

Two] Ministry. Please designate your

financial contribution for Haiti—

Disaster Relief—2010 Earthquake.

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 21


22 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

Christian Education

Nominate a Ministry Leader for the

Christian Educator of the Year Award

Christian educators play a vital role in the lives of children

and adults. The purpose of the Christian Educator of the

Year Award is to . . .

• recognize excellence in the Christian Education Ministry.

• affirm those who give sacrificially to equip others

through teaching.

• inform the Church of God of Prophecy family of the

Church of God of Prophecy Christian Educator of the Year

Official Nomination Form

Leader’s Name



City State Zip Country

Area of Ministry

Number of Years Leading/Teaching

Pastor Church

Church Address

City State Zip Country

Phone Fax E-mail

Please use additional sheets to answer the following points:

I believe my ministry leader deserves special honor because . . .

• He/she shows dedication to teaching the Word of God by . . .

• He/she shows creativity/innovation by . . .

• He/she inspires students to study the Bible and develop their relationship with Christ by . . .

• He/she shows involvement with students by . . .

Additional comments

Your Name Address

City State Zip Country

Phone E-mail

exceptional quality of instruction in God’s Word

occurring among us.

Christian Education in a local church is much broader

than just the Sunday school ministry. It consists of

ministry leaders of small groups, children, youth, and

adults. It is any individual serving in a role where he

or she is effectively discipling others to follow Jesus.

Please include, with this form, a brief description (250 words or less) explaining why you feel your teacher should

receive this reward.

Criteria for Nomination

The most important criterion used

in evaluating the nominated Christian

educators is their ability to inspire

students of all backgrounds and

abilities to reach their full potential

in Christ through the Christian

educational process.

Why Nominate a Ministry

Leader for Christian

Educator of the Year?

Henry Brooks Adams, an American

historian, stated, “A teacher affects

eternity; he can never tell where his

influence stops.” The apostle Paul was

clear: “know them which labor among

you . . . esteem them very highly in

love for their work’s sake . . .”

(1 Thessalonians 5:12, 13).

How often do we regret our failure

to praise someone for a job well-done

or thank someone for their positive

influence on our lives? This is your

opportunity to recognize a ministry

leader for his or her outstanding

contribution to the ministering of

God’s Word.


Nominations must be returned to

the Director of Christian Education

by May 15, 2010, for consideration.

An advisory committee will select

two candidates (children’s leader and

adults’ leader). These individuals will

be contacted and honored at the 96th

International Assembly.

This nomination form can also be

found online. Go to,

and click on the Christian Education

link. There in the sidebar, you will find

another link to “Teacher of the Year

Nomination Form.” Or go directly to You

may also mail to the following address:

Church of God of Prophecy

Director of Christian Education

P. O. Box 2910

Cleveland, TN 37320-2910

Darren Schalk

Christian Education

Tomlinson Center

Multilingual Educational Opportunities

The Tomlinson Center course offerings are primarily in English and Spanish. If you

have a need for a course in other languages, please contact our office to see if

these courses may be made available in your language of choice.

Tomlinson Center Online College Courses—Fall 2010


Introduction to the Old Testament:

BIBL 101—Bishop Tim Harper

The Pastoral Epistles:

BIBL 304—Bishop Tim Harper

The Synoptic Gospels:

BIBL 312—Dr. H. E. Cardin

Minor Prophets:

BIBL 313—Pastor Jack Anderson, Jr.

Introduction to the New Testament (Spanish):

BIBL 102—Bishop Elias Rodríguez

Tomlinson Center Online College Courses—Spring 2011


Introduction to the New Testament:

BIBL 102—Dr. H. E. Cardin

The Gospel of John:

BIBL 204—Dr. H. E. Cardin

Methods of Bible Study:

BIBL 261—Bishop Tim Harper

Wisdom Literature:

BIBL 303—Pastor Jack Anderson, Jr.

Introduction to the Old Testament ( Spanish):

BIB 101—Bishop Elias Rodríguez

CIMS Courses offered in English and Spanish


Faith Foundations for Life and Ministry in the

21st Century:

CIMS 2009—1 CIMS Credit

Living the Faith:

CIMS 2030—2 CIMS Credit

Knowing the Holy Spirit:

CIMS 2040—2 CIMS Credit

Walking in the Truth:

CIMS 2050—2 CIMS Credit


A Journey Through the Old Testament:

CIMS 2010—3 CIMS Credit

A Journey Through the New Testament:

CIMS 2020—3 CIMS Credit


The Ministry of Preaching 2:

PASM 262—Dr. H. E. Cardin

Contemporary World Religions:

PASM 353—Pastor Larry Lowry

The Pastoral Ministry 2:

PASM 462—Dr. Sylvester Smith

Pastoral Counseling:

PASM 464—Bishop Tim Harper


Educational Ministry of the Church:

CHED 241—Pastor Phil Pruitt

Introduction to Preaching 1:

PASM 261—Dr. H. E. Cardin

The Christian Family:

PASM 264—Bishop Tim Harper

The Pastoral Ministry 1:

PASM 461—Dr. Sylvester Smith


Understanding Yourself and Others:

CIMS 2130—1 CIMS Credit

Learning the Practices of Ministry:

CIMS 2150—2 CIMS Credit

Planting and Growing Churches:

CIMS 2170—2 CIMS Credit

Helping People in Crisis:

CIMS 2180—2 CIMS Credit

More CIMS courses are available in English.

For more information on the CIMS, you may

download the 132-page operations manual


It gives a detailed description of each class

and more!

H. E. Cardin, M.Div., D.Min.

Tomlinson Center Director

Church of God of Prophecy International Offices • P. O. Box 2910

3720 Keith St. NW • Cleveland, TN 37320-2910

Office phone: (423) 559-5324 • Fax: (423) 559-5461 • E-mail:

Website: www.TomlinsonCenter.Com

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Pacific Northwest

A Seasonal Review

of Fall Regional

Ladies Retreats 2009

24 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0


Women’s Ministries

The North American Regional Ladies Retreats fall season

2009 began in September along the Columbia River Gorge

in Oregon and concluded in November along the beautiful

Gulf Coast of Florida. The diverse surroundings of each

retreat are representative of the diversity of challenges and

anointings reflected by this season.

The Call to Warfare has rendered an awakening to the

reality of our place in history, producing a strategic mandate

of positioning and empowerment with authorization to

wage war against our enemy and engage in God’s purpose

for our lives, families, ministries, churches, and world.

The Pacific Northwest Retreat was built on the foundation

of training as Bishop Pratt concurrently sponsored a training/

leadership conference for his regional ministry. Once again

hosted in Hood River, Oregon, the retreat welcomed women

from Western Canada and six states in the Western U.S. and

concluded with a re-commitment to continue strong in the

Lord and His mighty power.

Returning again this year to Ridgecrest, North Carolina,

for the Southeast Retreat, women converging from 11 states

witnessed the miraculous God, warring for us in healing for

ourselves and our homes. Guest Speaker Dr. Tom Renfro

declared the life-altering effects of walking through one

day with Christ.

Rocky Mountains provided us a beautiful snow covering

as women traveled into Colorado Springs, Colorado, from

an unprecedented 12-state participation. Warfare was the

order of the weekend as we covered ourselves with God’s

provision of weaponry outlined in the Word.

Once again, Branson, Missouri, was the site of the Mid-

America Retreat where we welcomed women from 12 states.

The awakening Word challenged us to reject fear and stand

in the power and liberty of our Commander.

The familiar setting of Lake Barkley, Kentucky, greeted

us like home as retreat participation included women from

16 states. Worship sounded as a wake-up call, and the

fellowship was an acknowledgment of the great cloud of

witnesses who surrounded us. Once again, we experienced

the supernatural power of God.

The ocean-drenched shores of the Gulf Coast hosted the

last retreat of the fall season in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Hunger for the battle plan through the Word of God filled

us to overflowing as, once again, we were witnesses to the

life-changing power of His presence and anointing.

We continue to thank God for allowing us to experience

incredible redemption moments, amazing works of

healing, the refreshing work of the Holy Spirit, and the

charge to fight the good fight of faith in our daily lives.

Four more North American Regional Retreats are

scheduled this spring and are listed in the January issue

of the White Wing Messenger or can be found on our

web page at For more

information, you may contact our International Offices by

phone at (423) 559-5337 or e-mail

Catherine Payne

Women’s Ministries Director

ecently, I was at a national children’s

pastors’ conference where I met a teenager

named Austin Gutwein. I was amazed to

discover that Austin was a keynote speaker

at the conference addressing more than 2,000 adults who

serve kids in various ways. Why? Because at the age of

nine, Austin was moved when he learned there were more

than 15 million children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

With the encouragement of his parents and church

leaders, Austin organized a free-throw marathon to raise

funds to help these children. His simple idea has spread

throughout the world. His organization, Hoops of Hope,

has enlisted tens of thousands of participants and has

raised more than one million dollars to build a high school

and medical clinic in rural Zambia.

There is a leadership void in our world today—in our

homes, schools, organizations, businesses, and churches.

We attempt to fill the void by targeting those who are

already in leadership positions. But, perhaps, we should

be more strategic. God certainly was. When He saw a

leadership gap, He began preparing someone to fill it far in

advance—in childhood.

When the Israelites needed a deliverer, Moses was born.

By God’s design, he was raised in Pharaoh’s household

where he saw leadership modeled and was trained in the

Egyptian skills of warfare and writing. When the Israelites

needed a judge to take the lead, God gave a son to a

godly priest and his wife. As a young child, Samuel learned

to hear God’s voice and carry out the role of a judge from

his mentor, Eli. When the Israelites needed religious

reform, God prophesied that a child would be born who

would accomplish that reform. That prophecy came true

when Josiah became king at only eight years old. (Read

2 Kings 23:25 to find out what a great king Josiah was.)

While it is important to provide leadership development

to those already in positions of leadership, I believe we

should act more strategically. Alan Nelson, founder of

KidLead, says, “After 50 years of life in the church, 25

years of it in leadership roles, I’m convinced that the most

overlooked ministry effort is young leader development.”

Nelson focuses on children ages 10–13 because their

cognitive and emotional development allows them to learn

the problem-solving and social skills needed for leadership.

Children before the age of 14 are moldable; their moral

character can be developed so they become leaders who

act ethically and according to Christian principles.

How can you begin to develop children between the ages

of 10 and 13 as leaders? Look for kids who are leaders among

other kids. These will be the kids who have influence, who

other kids follow. These kids organize other kids to get a task

done. Develop these potential leaders. Leadership is more

than discipleship or service. While you will want to disciple

these leaders and help them develop the heart of a servant,

leadership requires more. They need to begin developing

core leadership skills such as vision-casting, building teams,

communicating with others, evaluation, and more. Help them

develop these skills by giving them opportunities to take

the lead. Provide godly relationships for these young leaders

that will provide the support emerging leaders need—

prayer, wise counsel, encouragement, and accountability.

What if we identified within every local church children

ages 10–13 gifted in leadership? Then, we equipped them

to take the lead and provide opportunities for them to

do so. Within ten years, these children would be young

adults ready to lead. Our leadership deficit would have

been lessened, and we would have birthed within our own

congregations godly leaders.

Note: For more information on developing kids’

leadership skills, go to

Kathy Creasy

Children’s Ministries Director

Children’s Ministries

Kids Taking

the Lead

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26 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 27

Montreal, Eastern Canada

More to Be Done in the City

In the song, “You Are the God of the City,” Chris Tomlin

connects powerfully with the themes in Scripture concerning

God’s sovereignty and His concern for human civilization.

At Montreal—West, we are sensing, deeply, God’s concern

for the city and have been praying for His guidance in

reaching people with the Gospel, which is the hope for this

nation. When God’s people pray and believe, He breaks

through in amazing ways.

On Sunday evening, October 3, 2009, the congregation

at Montreal—West Church of God of Prophecy experienced

a great time of refreshing in the presence of the Lord. Along

with family and friends gathered, we witnessed nine new

believers baptized and 17 new members added to the church.

The Spirit of the Lord so enveloped the atmosphere as God’s

people worshipped in celebration of what He had done.

The testimonies of deliverance were many from the new

converts who wept, rejoiced, and danced before the Lord.

Our city and the province of Quebec is a key mission

field in the nation of Canada. We have identified deeply

with our Lord’s word to the apostle Paul: “Do not be afraid,

but speak, and do not keep silent; for I am with you, and

no one will attack you to hurt you; for I have many people

in this city” (Acts 18:9, 10).

—Jacqueline Morrison

Montreal—West, Eastern Canada

Pastor Kingsley Morrison administers

the covenant to 17 new members.

28 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

Lanark, West Virginia

Mini-Bus Donated

For several months, the Lanark, West

Virginia, Church of God of Prophecy has

desired to have a church van/bus to be

able to pick up children/youth in our

area for church. We prayed and felt

the need to wait on God to move on

our behalf. We are extremely blessed to report that on

September 30, a 21-passenger mini-bus was donated to us

by a businessman. The bus was for sale, but when he heard

of our purpose for the bus, he said that the bus was ours to

use for the church at no cost! Praise God for answering our

prayers! God is moving in our church as we strive to reach

out to our community.

Cambridge, Ohio, Takes in

Seven New Members

Praise the Lord, seven new members joined our

fellowship by covenant. We were happy to have Dr.

Fred Lawson, Judy Lawson, and Dr. H. E. Cardin from the

International Offices as special guests. Dr. Cardin spoke to

us and also played the banjo with our musicians. We have

had constant growth in our attendance as special singers

and other churches are coming and worshiping with us.

Nearly 100 individuals attended an old-fashioned cookout

and hayride. Darlene Ball had the nursing home services

and reports that two were saved. Marie Heinie’s daughter

testified of being healed of cancer; this was confirmed by

the doctor. God is dong so many wonderful things!

Clemson, South Carolina

East Clemson Christian Fellowship

The East Clemson Christian Fellowship gave special

honor to Betty Swaney, who retired from serving as the

Sunday school secretary for 30 years. There were 40

members of her family present for this special tribute.

A dedicated service from members of the church is so

much appreciated, and Betty has gone far beyond the “call

of duty” to our Sunday school.

East Clemson Christian Fellowship had a special day to

honor those who had not missed one Sunday morning in

Sunday school for the entire year. Our Christian Education

Director, Rick Merck, and I gave special tributes as well as

presented each one with a “Perfect Attendance” plaque for

their faithfulness in attending every week.

Pictured from left to right are Buddy Durham, Wayne

Swaney, Marilyn Garrett, and Pastor Fred Fisher. Behind the

pulpit is the Christian Education Director, Rick Merck.

Pastor Fred Fisher

A Revival in Paterson, New Jersey

“To God be the glory; great things He has done!” This

portion of the popular hymn could very well be the theme

of 2009 for the Paterson Church of God of Prophecy. We

began the year, as we have for several years now, with 21

days of prayer and fasting. Throughout the year, our pastor,

Bishop Denzel Lee, and co-pastor, Minister Lee, continued

to stress the importance of prayer and fasting in the life of

the believer. They consistently held prayer meetings,

including mid-day prayer and nightly ones, during the

week. They would also call for

a full week of prayer prior to

any major planned event.

In February, eight children,

all under the age of 14,

were baptized and received

as members. They were saved

during Vacation Bible School

(VBS) in the previous year.

Two of those eight are now

filled with the Holy Ghost!

The baptism in February was the first of three that have

been done so far this year, and

there are plans for yet another

before the end of the year.

To God be the glory indeed!

In April, the Men’s Ministry

sponsored the annual Easter

Weekend Revival. The weekend

turned into ten days of anointed

preaching and true worship. Souls were sanctified, six

people were filled with the Holy Ghost, and countless

were revived. The Spirit of God moved in unusual ways

during that time. Night after night, as saints hungered and

thirsted after the Lord, He saturated us with His presence.

Service rarely ended before midnight on any of those

nights. One night, people worshipped for approximately

two hours consecutively; the glory of God came down and

filled our temples!

The revival continued into the summer as the children

came out in numbers to VBS. This number also included

children of non-members from the community. On the last

day of VBS, our co-pastor conducted an altar service, and

14 children responded. Many of those children continue to

attend the church. They are members of the Sunday school,

consistently attend youth service, and some are even taking

candidate classes.

As planned, our pastor proceeded with a week of revival

in the month of October. The event was preceded by a week

of fasting and prayer. Prior to this, Bishop Lee preached a

series of messages entitled “A Revival in Our Time.” Revival

began before the week of meetings began as three young

people were baptized with the Holy Ghost during a prayer

meeting. We prayed for the Lord to “Revive Us Again.”

Our brothers and sisters from Englewood, under the

leadership of Bishop Winston Christian and Minister Glynnis

Christian, joined us again for this time of worship. And

once more, God poured out of His Spirit upon all flesh!

Local ministers preached under the anointing, and young

people worshipped like there was fire shut up in their

bones. During the course of approximately three weeks,

between this Revival and District Number Five’s annual

Youth Retreat, 11 members (primarily youth) were baptized

with the Holy Ghost. Glory be to God!

Sixteen new members were received on December 6,

2009. Our membership, which has remained below the 200

mark for several years, is now 205! It is the Lord’s doing,

and it is marvelous in our eyes!

The Spirit of the Lord is here, and we want to continue to

entertain Him! Continue to pray for us as we seek the face

of the Lord, inquire in His temple, and seek to accomplish

the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To Him be all glory and honor; worthy is the Lamb that

was slain!

—Keisha Daley

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 29

In His Presence

Bishop Elwood Matthews

September 16, 1929—

December 15, 2009

The Rev. Donald “Elwood” Matthews

went home to his beloved Savior

Tuesday morning, December 15, 2009.

He was born to Stacy Alton Matthews

and Neta Mae Strickland Matthews on

September 16, 1929.

Brother Matthews was an ordained

minister in the Church of God of

Prophecy and served as a pastor,

International Youth Ministries Director,

Public Relations Director, Servicemen’s

Director, Evangelism Director, and State

Overseer of Florida. In 1972, he began

serving as the minister for the Voice of

Salvation radio and television ministries,

launching the VOS Television Ministry

in 1987.

Bishop Matthews’ wife, Roberta

Nunnery, was not only his cherished

companion, but an integral part of his

ministry. They traveled the world sharing

the truth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Brother Matthews will be greatly missed

and fondly remembered by all who

knew and loved him.

Survivors include Bishop Matthews

wife, Roberta; their only child, Kimberly

Matthews Palo; Kim’s husband, Joe

Palo; their two sons, Corey Joseph and

Matthew Tyler; and several relatives.

30 WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0

Bishop Willie R. Boone

February 10, 1930—

January 6, 2010

Willie R. Boone was born February

10, 1930, in Norfolk, Virginia, to the late

Willie and Lillie Boone. Bishop Willie R.

Boone of New Haven was called home

on January 6, 2010, at the age of 79.

In July of 1949, Brother Boone married

Dorothy Jefferson. Their union was

celebrated with five children. In 1956,

Willie was called into the ministry

at the Church of God of Prophecy.

Bishop Boone began his ascent from

minister to evangelist to pastor to

District Overseer and finally to Regional

Overseer of Southern New England.

After retiring in 1996, Bishop Boone

devoted his time as Senior Pastor to the

Cathedral of Higher Praise.

Bishop Boone fought many battles in

recent years surrounding his health and

lost his battle with cancer on January

6, 2010. He is survived by his wife

of 60 years, Dorothy; his sons, Willie

Moses, Daniel, and Phillip, and his

wife Deborah; daughters Diane Leake

and Carolyn and Harry Spann; his sole

surviving sibling, Ramona Evans; 13

grandchildren; six great grandchildren;

and a host of relatives and friends.

Bishop Boone’s epitaph would be,

“Let the life I led speak for me.”


Earnest Lee Allred;

Ellijay, Georgia; December 15, 2009;

licensed minister for 39 years.

Monroe M. Jefferson;

Forest Park, Georgia; October 18, 2009;

licensed minister for 63 years.

David H. Sanchez;

Lubbock, Texas; December 5, 2009;

licensed minister for 29 years.

C. Nathaniel Stephens;

Jamaica; December 4, 2009;

licensed minister for 62 years.


Eli N. Francis;

New York, New York; November 29,

2009; licensed minister for 32 years.

Romaine H. Pope;

Java, Virginia; January 14, 2010;

licensed minister for 55 years.

Samuel L. Saul;

N. Matewan, West Virginia;

December 2, 2009;

licensed minister for 27 years.

Fred A. Watson;

Cleveland, Tennessee; December 8,

2009; licensed minister for 39 years.


Eric J. Mundell;

St. Catherine, Jamaica; August 28, 2009;

licensed deacon for 39 years.

Lavern Richard Stephens;

Cleveland, Tennessee;

December 7, 2009;

licensed deacon for 33 years.


Mildred Butts;

Greenville, South Carolina;

December 27, 2009. She was

the widow of Bishop Harold Butts.

Dorothy E. Ion;

Rimersburg, Pennsylvania;

January 9, 2010. She was the

widow of Bishop Paul Ion.

96th International Assembly

Fields of the Wood Bus Trip

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cost is $50.00 (U. S. dollars) per person.

To pre-register, send $50.00 and the information below to

the following address:

Church of God of Prophecy • North Carolina State Office

P. O. Box 699 • Jamestown, NC 27282


Street Address



E-mail Number of People

Amount Enclosed (in U. S. dollars)

Space is limited!

The bus will be departing from the Sheraton at 5:00 a.m.

For more information, call (336) 454-4118.

Ministry Position Announcements

The Tilghman Road Church in Salisbury, Maryland, is looking

for a Children’s Ministry Leader. This is a full-time position. If you

are interested in submitting your résumé for this position, please

contact Pastor Gary Smith at (410) 742-1024 or

Be sure to put “Job Opening” in the subject line of your e-mail.

Harvest Worship Center in Taylor, Michigan, is pursuing to fill

a full-time Youth Ministry position with further growth opportunity

in leadership. Taylor is located in the downriver area of Detroit

(approximately 15 miles outside the city limits). We are a

growing church with a passion to reach out to the needs of our

community. To inquire more information, contact Pastor Chris

Weathers at (313) 299-8985 or by e-mail at

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Book Review

The Turning

Point That

Changed Everything

By Dr. Wallace R. Pratt

In every person’s life,

there comes a moment in

time when circumstances or

events require decisions and

responses that greatly

determine the future. The

Turning Point That Changed

Everything has no design to be

another volume on leadership techniques;

rather, it is a candid exploration of those unexpected

turns birthed out of the experience of being confronted

with a reversal of circumstances in the life of an individual.

Frankly, The Turning Point That Changed Everything is a

study about the drama of life. The intention of the author,

Dr. Wallace R. Pratt, is to give a sincere and straightforward

examination of why turnabouts often get high-jacked and

fail to live up to people’s expectations.

Dr. Pratt serves as the Northwest Regional Overseer for

the Church of God of Prophecy and lives in Salem, Oregon,

with his wife Judy. He also serves as adjunct professor

for Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. His leadership

experience includes 33 years of pastoral ministry and 18

years of teaching in 16 nations. He has served on the

Assembly Doctrine and Polity Committee for 14 years and

presently holds the position of chairman.

o One-year subscription ........ $18 o Church Bundles: Minimum of 5 @ $10 each

o Two-year subscription ........ $36 (Examples: 5/$50; 15/$150; 20/$200)

o Gift subscription ................. $18 Increments of 5, ONLY!

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Subscribe: online—; phone—(423) 559-5114; or mail to . . .

White Wing Messenger • P.O. Box 2970 • Cleveland, TN 37320-2970

WWM M A R C H 2 0 1 0 31

Here are some great options from

White Wing Publishing House!

At Hero HeadQuarters, kids will meet five unlikely Bible heroes

who are often overlooked. In fact, we don’t know a single one of

their names! They were not famous leaders or called by God to

perform amazing miracles—yet their small acts were used by

God to do wonderful things!

At Egypt, everyone gets to explore firsthand the culture of

Joseph’s world. They’ll experience—right alongside Joseph—

the heart-breaking trials, joyous victories, and tear-filled

celebrations of this unique Bible hero. God’s Word comes alive

as families enjoy traditional Bible-times customs, occupations,

food, and even games!

SonQuest Rainforest is based on five key Bible verses that will

change a child’s life, including John 3:16. SonQuest Rainforest

VBS transports young minds into a vivid rainforest environment

of jungle sounds, sights, and smells where they’ll dig into the

Bible and meet Jesus in every day’s story.

Set sail for VBS fun on the HIGH SEAS! Feel sea spray on your

face as sails snap overhead, and experience the deep, rolling

waters of God’s love! Easy to decorate, easy to steer, and easily the

best time churches will have all summer.

For more information or to place an order, call 1-800-221-5027

or visit our website at

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