Open the Guide Here - Pioneer Press Communities Online

Open the Guide Here - Pioneer Press Communities Online

north suburban symphony (7)

marc needlman, President

P.o. Box 889, lake Forest

Phone: 234-4150

northwestern LaKe forest

hospitaL women’s auxiLiary (3)

Jennifer Bianchi, President

Phone: 295-8117

onwentsia CLub (10)

arthur wood Jr., President

300 n. Green Bay road, lake Forest

Phone: 234-0120

p.e.o. sisterhooD, Chapter Cp (12)

mary Dahlmann, President

Phone: 234-4442

p.e.o. sisterhooD, Chapter Kv (12)

June miller, President

Phone: 234-2739

presbyterian women of the

first presbyterian ChurCh

of LaKe forest (2)

Dawn neal

Phone: 234-7632

the raCQuet CLub of LaKe bLuff (10)

sylvain Guichard

945 north shore Drive, lake Bluff

Phone: 295-1322

raGDaLe founDation,

the frienDs of (7)

susan tillett, executive Director

Phone: 234-1063

rotary CLub, LaKe forest/

LaKe bLuff (12)

rick lesser, President

shieLDs township

repubLiCan party (5)

Daniel Bryant, chairman

Phone: 205-9073

shore aCres GoLf CLub (10)

sheridan road, lake Bluff

Phone: 234-1470

st. mary’s roman CathoLiC

ChurCh GuiLD of st. mary’s (2)

margee Burke, President

Phone: 234-8223

viLLaGe QuiLters of LaKe bLuff/

LaKe forest (15)

enid mattimiro, President

P.o. Box 821, lake Forest

Phone: 816-6474

community oVerView

vLiet Center for LaKe bLuff

area history (6)

cathy mcKechney, President

127 e. scranton avenue, lake Bluff

Phone: 482-1571

the winter CLub of LaKe forest (10)

christina corsiglia, President

956 n. sheridan road, lake Forest

Phone: 234-0391

women’s ameriCan ort of

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff (3)

shelly Dreifuss, President

3701 commercial, ste. 13, northbrook

Phone: 291-0475

women’s assoCiation of the

ChiCaGo symphony orChestra,

LaKe forest- LaKe bLuff Chapter (3)

michele Kaufman, area chairman

Phone: 735-9288

women’s repubLiCan CLub of

LaKe forest-LaKe bLuff (5)

Patricia Falkowski, President

P.o. Box 92, lake Forest

Phone: 735-8804

wooDLanDs GarDen CLub (4)

Dow molsbee, President

Phone: 373-7133


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