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St. John Vianney Catholic Church - SeekAndFind.com


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<strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong> <strong>Catholic</strong> <strong>Church</strong><br />


Monday thru Friday: 8 AM-4:30 PM; Sunday:<br />

8:30 AM-11:00 AM<br />


Saturday Vigil: 4:30 PM;<br />

Sunday : 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 AM, 5:00 PM<br />

Holy Day & Weekday Liturgies:<br />

As listed in weekly Mass schedule.<br />

ANOINTING OF SICK: At 7 AM Mass on<br />

Thursdays or contact priest of parish.<br />

BAPTISM: Parental instruction required. You<br />

are encouraged to do this prior to birth of<br />

child. Please contact parish office for<br />

arrangements and class registration. You<br />

must be a registered parish member.<br />


Parish Office.<br />

MARRIAGE: Contact the deacon at least six<br />

months in advance. Must be a registered<br />

parish member for at least six months.<br />

RECONCILIATION: Saturdays 8:30 AM or by<br />

appointment. Communal Reconciliation<br />

Celebrations during Advent and Lent.<br />

Reconciliation room located off of corridor<br />

in northeast corner of church.<br />

PARISH REGISTRATION: All new members are<br />

most wel<strong>com</strong>e. Please contact the Christian<br />

Formation Office, 262-796-3944.<br />

PARISH LIBRARY HOURS: Contact Christian<br />

Formation Office, 262-796-3944<br />

May 19, 2013 Pentecost Sunday<br />

<strong>Church</strong>: 1755 N. Calhoun Rd, Brookfield, WI 53005<br />

Phone: (262) 796-3940; Fax: (262) 796-3958<br />

School: 17500 W. Gebhardt Rd., Brookfield, WI 53045<br />

Phone: (262) 796-3942; Fax: (262) 796-3953<br />

CLERGY<br />

Rev. Kenneth P. Knippel, Pastor; 262-796-3951 pastor@stjohnv.org<br />

Rev. Phillip A. Bogacki, Associate Pastor; 262-796-3940, ext. 1107 frphillip@stjohnv.org<br />

Deacon <strong>John</strong> Ebel 414-758-2212 (W); 262-781-9391 (H) ebelj@archmil.org<br />

Assisting Senior Priests: Rev. George Rebatzki and Rev. Russell Tikalsky<br />

ADMINISTRATION 262-796-3940<br />

Director of Administrative Services, ext 1111<br />

Lauren Hanaman, Director of Communications, ext. 1110 laurenh@stjohnv.org<br />

Kathy Heyrman, Accountant, ext 1109 kathyh@stjohnv.org<br />

Jennifer Ogren, Parish Secretary, ext 1105 jenno@stjohnv.org<br />

Karen Rice, Parish Secretary, ext 1102 karenr@stjohnv.org<br />

Paula Folda, Bulletin Editor/Calendar, ext 1103 paulaf@stjohnv.org<br />

PRAYER & WORSHIP 262-796-3946<br />

David Sanders, Director of Liturgy & Music, ext 1113 daves@stjohnv.org<br />

Vincent LaTona, Assoc. Director of Liturgy & Music, ext 1115 vincel@stjohnv.org<br />

Angela Bravata, Coordinator of Liturgy, ext 1114; angelab@stjohnv.org<br />

SCHOOL 262-796-3942<br />

Pam Pyzyk, Principal 262-796-3943 pamp@stjohnv.org<br />

Janelle Peterson, Office Coordinator, ext 1200 janellep@stjohnv.org<br />

CHRISTIAN FORMATION 262-796-3944<br />

Martha Malloy, Adult & Family Ministry/Human Concerns, ext 1120; martham@stjohnv.org<br />

Sr. Nelda Hernandez, SDS,<br />

Assoc. Director, Adult & Family Ministry & Human Concerns, ext 1127; neldah@stjohnv.org<br />

<strong>John</strong> Thompson, Youth Minister, ext. 1119 johnt@stjohnv.org<br />

Claire Hoffmeyer, Associate Youth Minister, ext. 1118 claireh@stjohnv.org<br />

Dawn Van Dorf, Child Minister (K3-Gr 5), ext 1117 dawnv@stjohnv.org<br />

Suzanne Banghart, Child Ministry Coordinator, ext 1146 sueba@stjohnv.org<br />

Janlyn Carvalho, Christian Formation Secretary, ext 1116 janlync@stjohnv.org<br />

MAINTENANCE 262-796-3940<br />

Larry Reihbrandt, Maintenance Supervisor, ext 1240 larryr@stjohnv.org<br />

Bob, Diane, Sandra, & Maria, Assisting Maintenance Team<br />


Jon Hauser, Chair 262-792-1455<br />

Mark Rye, Vice-Chair 262-510-5015<br />

Ken Kern, Secretary 262-784-2882<br />

Cheryl Zima, Trustee/Secretary 262-785-6204<br />

Mike Ostrenga, Trustee/Treasurer 262-789-1260<br />

SJV CHILDREN CENTER, After School Day Care 262-796-3942, ext. 1252<br />

SJV WEBSITE www.stjohnv.org

PENTECOST SUNDAY 2 MAY 19, 2013<br />



As the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles and disciples on that first Pentecost, so too does God’s<br />

Holy Spirit <strong>com</strong>e upon each of us. From time to time that is a very ordinary daily experience where we<br />

just know that we have chosen the right vocation and are living it out day by day. But at other times we<br />

experience the hand of God through the Holy Spirit in more dramatic ways that change our lives.<br />

Currently I am in the process of discernment to fill several positions as God has called different<br />

employees and volunteers to different places and jobs.<br />

A few weeks ago we said good-bye to Mike Schaumann our Director of Administrative Services. I wish<br />

him the best as he discerns his own future and thank him for the two years of service to SJV and for<br />

some of the very significant programs he helped us work on, particularly our Curé de Ars Annual Fund<br />

for the school. Currently our parishioner <strong>John</strong> Benson has stepped up as a consultant to help me with<br />

the important work of that office as we discern a new DAS. Soon we will post a job opening and begin<br />

the search.<br />

At the end of June Jennifer Ogren will move on. For the past 13 years she has been a vital part of our<br />

parish office staff as an administrative assistant and will now be moving on to a similar position at<br />

<strong>Catholic</strong> Memorial High School working with Fr. Paul Hartmann. I am so grateful for Jennifer’s consistently kind and gentle demeanor<br />

as she worked so well and so faithfully at managing the office and taking care of so many of our needs. That position is open now, so if<br />

you’ve been thinking of working in a position like this or know of someone who might be interested, give me a call. I do wish Jennifer<br />

the best and many blessings as she responds to God’s call in her life.<br />

Our sixth grade teacher and part time vice-principal, Jill Fischer, heard God’s call to be a school administrator and has accepted the<br />

position of principal at <strong>St</strong>. Dominic School. Jill is a parishioner and has worked in our school for 14 years. She is a woman of faith, and I<br />

know this move was done with the kind of prayerful discernment that she believes in. She has been a wonderful example of living the<br />

faith to so many of our students and to me as well. I wish her all the best over at <strong>St</strong>. Dominic and promise her our prayers and support as<br />

she takes on the challenge of being a principal.<br />

Pam Pyzyk has been our principal here for the past three years, and we are so very blessed to have her. She made the move from public<br />

school to SJV after a great deal of discernment. Now after three years the Lord is calling her to a new role at SJV as president. She and<br />

Jill Fischer mused that our school demands a much higher level of administrative service than one person could ever realistically<br />

ac<strong>com</strong>plish. If we really want SJV school to continue its excellence, something needed to happen and so again after careful discernment<br />

we developed the president/principal model that I wrote about a while back. Pam willingly accepted the challenge of the new position<br />

and we have now begun interviewing candidates for principal. That process too involves a great deal of discernment as we listen to<br />

applicants and <strong>com</strong>pare their skills and ideas in the field of education and try to match our needs to their gifts. I do thank Pam for her<br />

three years as our principal. In many ways, with God’s help and her gifts, she has changed the face of our school for the better. I’m<br />

confident that she will continue to grace SJV in her new role. Her office will now be in the administration wing next to the associate<br />

pastor’s office. Join me in prayer that we now choose the right person for her job.<br />

Fr. Phillip moves into Christ King in just a few weeks, and I know he really took time for prayer and discernment in making three<br />

choices from the list of possible parishes and then weighing them before submitting them for the Archbishop to look at and decide his<br />

assignment with the help of the Priest Placement Board. Of course, we will all miss him here. He is such a fine priest and has been such<br />

a good partner to me in serving all of you. We will say our formal farewells to him in a few weeks.<br />

All four of our Milwaukee Archdiocesan deacons were ordained yesterday at the Cathedral. Think of the discernment that went in to<br />

their vocations. And then with God’s help, the Archbishop chose one of them to be our new priest here at SJV and soon we will<br />

wel<strong>com</strong>e Fr. Philip Schumaker.<br />

Tomorrow night I will hold a formal discernment at our Parish Council meeting to select next year’s Chairperson and Rep to the<br />

Archdiocesan Pastoral Council, Vice-chairperson including <strong>St</strong>rategic Planning Overseer and Parish Council rep to the parish endowment<br />

board, and Secretary and Selection Committee Chairperson. I am so grateful to Jon Hauser, Mark Rye, and Ken Kern in their current<br />

roles of leadership and pray for God’s grace as we look to next year’s leaders. I am also grateful to Cheryl Zima, our current trustee<br />

secretary, for her years of prayerful and careful leadership and validate her decision to step back a bit as the demands of her day job take<br />

more of her care and time. I wel<strong>com</strong>e Ken Kern to his new role as trustee.<br />

That’s a lot of discernment and a lot of heartfelt prayer to the Holy Spirit for it all to happen. As we pray today, “Come Holy Spirit fill<br />

the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love,” we need to each name the workings of the Holy Spirit in our own<br />

lives and give thanks to God for his abiding presence in all that we do.<br />

Blessings<br />

Fr. Ken Knippel



The Lord's Day<br />

Acts 2: 1-11/1 Cor 12: 3b-7, 12-13/Jn 20: 19-23<br />

4:30 PM †Louise Hunt/Donald Lodl(B)<br />

Sunday, May 19, 2013/Pentecost Sunday<br />

7:30 AM †Peggy Holden/Holden Family(B)<br />

9:00 AM People of the Parish(K) (DE) (GC/LC)<br />

Deacon <strong>John</strong> Ebel preaches<br />

11:00 AM †Lori Classen/Joan & Floyd Sorenson(K) (DE) (PC)<br />

Deacon <strong>John</strong> Ebel preaches<br />

5:00 PM †Frances Kastern/DiPiazza Family(VP-R)<br />

Monday, May 20, 2013<br />

Sir 1: 1-10/Ps 93/Mk 9: 14-29<br />

7:00 AM †Jo Ann Dillon/Family & Friends(B)<br />

Tuesday, May 21, 2013<br />

Sir 2: 1-11/Ps 37/Mk 9: 30-37<br />

7:00 AM †<strong>John</strong> & Olga <strong>St</strong>einhafel/Estate(VP-R)<br />

Wednesday, May 22, 2013<br />

Sir 4: 11-19/Ps 119/Mk 9: 41-50<br />

7:00 AM †Mary Ann Melloh/Wednesday Morning Bible Group(K)<br />

8:05 AM †Ann Mattison/DiPiazza Family(B) (ASL)<br />

Thursday, May 23, 2013<br />

Sir 5: 1-8/Ps 1/Mk 9: 41-50<br />

7:00 AM †Mary Ellen Lewis/Friends & Family(K)<br />

Anointing of Sick During Mass<br />

Friday, May 24, 2013<br />

Sir 6: 5-17/Ps 119/Mk 10: 1-12<br />

7:00 AM †Mercedes Lannin/Estate(B)<br />

Saturday, May 25, 2013<br />

Sir 17: 1-15/Ps 103/Mk 10: 13-16<br />

8:00 AM †Luigi Tanel/Family(VP-T)<br />

12:00 PM Leider/O’Brien Wedding(B)<br />

2:00 PM Biel/Edwards Wedding(B)<br />

The Lord's Day<br />

Prv 8: 22-31/Rom 5: 1-5/Jn 16: 12-15<br />

4:30 PM †Richard Fliss/Robert Einweck Family(VP-R)<br />

Sunday, May 26, 2013/The Most Holy Trinity<br />

7:30 AM People of the Parish(VP-R)<br />

9:00 AM †Robert Horning/Richard Schaefer Family(K) (PC)<br />

11:00 AM †<strong>John</strong> Wilhelm/11 AM Hospitality Ministers(K)<br />

5:00 PM †Robert Burbach/Grace Burbach(B)<br />

Fr. Ken Knippel (K) Fr. Phillip Bogacki (B)<br />

Fr. George Rebatzki (VP-R) Fr. Russ Tikalsky (VP-T)<br />

Deacon <strong>John</strong> Ebel (DE)<br />

All School Liturgy (ASL)<br />

Gaudete Choir (GC) Laudate Choir (LC) Parish Choir (PC)<br />



Kenneth Schaefer Joan Latz Elizabeth Butterfield<br />

Josephine Menz Therese Skalecki Margaret Robertson<br />

Scott Schmaelzle Robert Einweck Deborah Musante<br />

Jane Molter Mary Jane Doney Tess Murray<br />

Eileen Hunzinger Mary Celeste Conell Bob Lee<br />

Kristen Widera Veronica Bobrowitz Michael Donahue<br />

Vern Remior Lois Peterson Linda Kolb<br />

Ann Frodermann Curtis Breuer Rick Piefer<br />

Elaine Sandstrom-Woelfel<br />


Are you ready to find out who? Come<br />

join Fr. Ken and fellow parishioners on<br />

a spiritual journey, Seeking the Divine<br />

through Nature’s Doors. We will be<br />

traveling to one of Wisconsin’s<br />

beautiful nature sites, Green Lake<br />

Retreat Center, on June 28-30. Philip<br />

Chard, author of Nature’s Way, will be<br />

the guest speaker on Saturday.<br />

Transportation and meals will be<br />

provided. Cost is $325/per person if<br />

sharing a room and $555 if you would<br />

like your own room. Registration and money is due by May 22 to<br />

the Christian Formation office. If you have any questions, please<br />

call the Christian Formation Office, 262-796-3944, or go to<br />

www.stjohnv.org/parish/parish-retreat-2013.<br />

III. Peter Leider/Susan O’Brien<br />

III. <strong>St</strong>even Biel/Hannah Edwards<br />


• Blessed Sacrament Chapel (BSC) open weekdays until 8 PM<br />

• Rosary in BSC following 7 AM Mass on Tuesdays<br />

• Rosary for Life in BSC at 7 PM on Tuesdays<br />

• Rosary in BSC at 6:30 AM on Wednesdays<br />

• Faith Seeking Healing, 7:45 AM, Thursdays in <strong>Church</strong><br />

• Friday Eucharistic Adoration in BSC following 7 AM Mass<br />

until 6 PM<br />

• 1 st Saturday Rosary and Litany of our Lady in BSC following<br />

8 AM Mass<br />

• Centering Prayer, 2 nd & 4 th Thursdays, 7 PM, in P200<br />

In your charity and prayers, please remember<br />

the souls of those who have died recently<br />

and their families.<br />

Paul Hrica, father of Marianne (Charles) Baeurle<br />

Evelyn Koepsel, wife of William<br />

Marion McHugh, mother of Tom (Joan) McHugh<br />


The Prayer Line is confidential. It is made up of members of the<br />

SJV <strong>com</strong>munity who have offered to pray for your special needs.<br />

If you have a special intention for which you would like prayers,<br />

please call the prayer line (Margie, 782-5879, or Kay, 784-4158).<br />

Please note: Parishioners’ names are not placed in the bulletin<br />

“pray for” list without that individual’s permission.

PENTECOST SUNDAY 4 MAY 19, 2013<br />

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS - May 20 - 26<br />

Monday, May 20<br />

8:00 AM Firm Believers(<strong>Church</strong> Hall)<br />

9:30 AM CF K3(P207/210)<br />

9:30 AM Mondays with Molly(P201)<br />

6:30 PM Administrative Services/Finance Mtg(P202)<br />

6:30 PM Parish Council Mtg(P200)<br />

6:30 PM School Board(P210)<br />

7:00 PM Athletic Board(P209)<br />

7:00 PM Eucharistic Minister Training(<strong>Church</strong>/Chapel/Sacristy)<br />

7:00 PM Human Concerns Mtg(P205)<br />

Tuesday, May 21<br />

8:00 AM Firm Believers(<strong>Church</strong> Hall)<br />

9:00 AM New Beginnings Board(P204)<br />

10:00 AM Tiny Tot Time(<strong>Church</strong> Hall)<br />

2:50 PM Chess(P209/210)<br />

3:00 PM SVDP Meal North(K)<br />

6:00 PM Reception Cte(P205)<br />

6:00 PM Technology Mtg(P210)<br />

6:00 PM Track Party(<strong>Church</strong> Hall)<br />

Wednesday, May 22<br />

7:30 AM Faith Sharing(P201)<br />

8:00 AM Firm Believers(<strong>Church</strong> Hall)<br />

9:30 AM CF K3(P207/210)<br />

11:30 AM Home & School Luncheon(Away)<br />

2:50 PM Gaudete Choir Rehearsal(<strong>Church</strong>)<br />

6:00 PM Grills & Guitars(Outside)<br />

6:30 PM Theology on Tap Core Team Mtg(P205)<br />

7:00 PM Handbell Choir Rehearsal(<strong>Church</strong>)<br />

7:00 PM Home & School Mtg(P209)<br />

7:00 PM Hope Series(P201)<br />

7:00 PM Ignatian Prayer Group(Chapel)<br />

Thursday, May 23<br />

8:00 AM Firm Believers(<strong>Church</strong> Hall)<br />

8:30 AM Pastoral <strong>St</strong>aff Mtg(P200)<br />

1:45 PM <strong>St</strong>rings Concert(Gym)<br />

2:50 PM Laudate Choir Rehearsal(<strong>Church</strong>)<br />

7:00 PM Centering Prayer(P200)<br />

7:00 PM <strong>St</strong>rings Concert(Gym)<br />

7:00 PM Parish Choir Rehearsal(Presentation Hall)<br />

Friday, May 24<br />

Half-Day School/Dismissal at 11:30 AM<br />

7:30 AM Eucharistic Adoration(Chapel)<br />

8:00 AM Firm Believers(<strong>Church</strong> Hall)<br />

4:30 PM Wedding Rehearsal(<strong>Church</strong>)<br />

5:30 PM Wedding Rehearsal(<strong>Church</strong>)<br />

Saturday, May 25<br />

Festival Raffle & Volunteer Sign-Up(Narthex)<br />

6:30 AM Men of Christ(P204)<br />

4:30 PM CLOW(P103/S1)<br />

Sunday, May 26<br />


Festival Raffle & Volunteer Sign-Up(Narthex)<br />

11:00 AM CLOW(P103/S1)<br />

12:15 PM Baptisms(<strong>Church</strong>)<br />


MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013<br />

6:30 PM, ROOM P200<br />

1. Approval of the April minutes<br />

2. Pastor’s Report<br />

3. Interim Financial Results-March<br />

4. Budget Process Update<br />

5. Financial Presentation Proposal<br />

6. Parish Fundraising Policy<br />

7. School Security System (potential approval pending Home &<br />

School proxy vote)<br />

8. Liaison Committee Reports & <strong>St</strong>rategic Plan Update<br />

9. Parish Council Leadership Discernment<br />

10. And Oh By the Way<br />

11. Wrap-up<br />

12. Closing Prayer<br />

Committee minutes can be found on the parish website<br />

(www.stjohnv.org) under Communications/Parish Committee<br />

Minutes.<br />


WHY? “C4” YOURSELF!<br />

The next C4: Ignite Your <strong>Catholic</strong> Faith video<br />

on May 24 explores the question, What<br />

happens at Mass and why? Visit<br />

www.archmil.org/Year-of-Faith.htm to view<br />

past and present videos, as well as to subscribe to the RSS feed to<br />

effortlessly follow this series throughout the Year of Faith.<br />


Free educational event for unemployed job seekers featuring more<br />

than 30 educational sessions and interactive workshops to help<br />

transform the job search and empower the job seeker. Tracks are<br />

designed for young adults, mature workers, long-time unemployed,<br />

and persons new to the job search. Open to individuals age 19 and<br />

up. Doors open at 7:00 AM, Cousins Center, 3501 South Lake<br />

Drive, Milwaukee. Registration details at: http://<br />

careertoolsconference2013.eventbrite.<strong>com</strong><br />


You are invited to the next meeting of New Beginnings, the Quad<br />

Parish Widows and Widowers Group, on May 19, at 1:30 PM at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Joseph’s <strong>Church</strong>, 122 nd & Center <strong>St</strong>reets, Wauwatosa. Enter from<br />

the east parking lot to the cafeteria on the lower level of the school<br />

building. There will be entertainment and snacks. Call Joan, 414-<br />

259-8676, if you have any questions.




The following funds have been distributed: $1,000 to Red Cloud<br />

Indian School, Inc., who provides education for Lakota Sioux<br />

children residing on the Red Cloud Indian Reservation, Pine<br />

Ridge, South Dakota.<br />


Looking for a group of young adults like yourself to have some<br />

fun with this summer? Come join us on Sunday, June 2, at 5 PM,<br />

for a potluck supper in <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong>’s <strong>Church</strong> Hall. Come<br />

meet new people and learn all about fun summer events and<br />

service projects and also some events to get involved with in the<br />

fall. If you have any questions, call or email Renee Larson, 414-<br />

336-5097 or irish1524@gmail.<strong>com</strong>.<br />



TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2013<br />

Please bring your food item to the Narthex and chicken casseroles<br />

to the church kitchen. Drivers for May are Don & Katy Horning<br />

and Bob & Judy Paulus. Servers are Pat Buechel and Bev Mack.<br />

Thank you to everyone who helps with the <strong>St</strong>. Vincent de Paul<br />

meal program.<br />



The UW Extension has a<br />

program wherein gleaners gather<br />

food from the Brookfield<br />

Farmers’ Market and take it to<br />

Waukesha Salvation Army. For<br />

the second year <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong><br />

parishioners will help with this program for seven Saturdays<br />

during September and October with each volunteer (individual or<br />

family) taking one or more Saturdays. If you are interested in<br />

participating in this fun and valuable ministry, please call Martha<br />

Malloy, 262-796-3944, ext. 1120, or email<br />

martham@stjohnv.org.<br />


There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit;<br />

there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are<br />

different workings but the same God who produces all of them in<br />

everyone.<br />

1 Cor 12:4-6<br />



Sunday, May 12, 2013 $42,126<br />

Actual Offerings thru May 12, 2013: $1,967,864<br />

Thank you for your gift.<br />



Thank you for your response to the <strong>St</strong>. Vincent de<br />

Paul Bundle Sunday collection of all sorts of<br />

household goods and clothing. Despite the blustery<br />

weather and Mother’s Day weekend, we filled the truck and<br />

more!<br />



SUMMER, 2013<br />

Prince of Peace Parish is offering English as a Second Language<br />

(ESL). This program started with the help of our sister Parish, <strong>St</strong><br />

<strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong>, years ago. Due to the needs of our parish, we<br />

continue to help people to learn English. The majority of our<br />

congregation is Hispanic—some very new in this country, others<br />

with more time here but with the same need: to learn the<br />

language. This spring, we are recruiting volunteers to continue<br />

our mission “helping others”. Please be kind and help us continue<br />

our mission.<br />

Class Schedule<br />

Tuesday: June 25-August 27, 2013 (6:30-8:00 PM)<br />

Saturday: June 29-August 27, 2013 (11:00-12:30 PM)<br />

Prince of Peace School, 1124 S 25 th <strong>St</strong>reet, Milwaukee WI 53204<br />

Any questions? Call or e-mail Maria C. Torres—ESL<br />

Coordinator, 414-839-4937 email: torres.maria98@gmail.<strong>com</strong> or<br />

Parish office: 414-645-8786

PENTECOST SUNDAY 6 MAY 19, 2013<br />




June 7, 8, & 9!<br />

Skip that trip to the Pick ’N Save or Metro Market…no one grills<br />

the brats and burgers like the festival Fast Food <strong>com</strong>mittee!<br />

Eating meals at the festival all weekend long is every Mom’s<br />

favorite way to support the parish!<br />

Friday, 5:00 – 8:00 PM - Fish Fry, your choice, baked or fried<br />

Saturday, 4:00 – 8:00 PM – Pig Roast<br />

Sunday, 12:00 – 6:00 PM – Chicken Dinner<br />

Plus, Prince of Peace will again be offering a delicious selection<br />

of authentic Mexican cuisine all day into the evening on<br />

Saturday! They'll be serving burritos, rice and beans, and more!<br />

¡Qué delicioso!<br />

Enjoy these at the festival or stop in and take them to go!<br />

Your festival checklist:<br />

~ pick up your raffle tickets<br />

~ sign up to Run for the Pig!<br />

~ volunteer to help; we still need you!<br />

~ get ready to have some fun!!<br />


We are still in need of many volunteers to help make the festival<br />

run smoothly. Please check your calendar and volunteer! If every<br />

parishioner took just one shift, we would have it covered! This is<br />

a great way to meet new people and make friends!<br />

Additionally, we are in need of helpers to sell festival raffle<br />

tickets before and after all weekend Masses in the Narthex. It<br />

only requires helpers to arrive 15 minutes early and stay 15<br />

minutes after Mass. We need your assistance. Please contact Tom<br />

Dexter at thdex@aol.<strong>com</strong> or Roxanne Kane at livingsea@aol.<strong>com</strong><br />

to offer your assistance.<br />


Tiny Tot Time will meet on Tuesday, May 21, at 10:00 AM in<br />

the <strong>Church</strong> Hall. Moms, Dads, Grandparents, etc., please bring<br />

your little ones for an hour of story time, activities, and snack.<br />

Each month will have a different theme. Please join us for the last<br />

session of the school year.<br />


Meets every Saturday at the 4:30 PM Mass and on Sunday at the<br />

11:00 AM Mass. Children K4-4 th grade are invited to participate,<br />

and no registration is needed. Parents are wel<strong>com</strong>e to visit<br />

anytime, and we especially encourage you to bring your young<br />

child the first time or until they feel more <strong>com</strong>fortable. Come hear<br />

the Word of God!<br />


On Sunday, May 19, adults from all over the Archdiocese who<br />

have been preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation will be<br />

confirmed at the Cathedral at 2 PM. <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong>’s is sending three<br />

confirmandi, Blair Behmke, Paul Irvin and Lindsay Shanks, who<br />

have attended the quad-parish preparation sessions for the past<br />

several months. Please support them in your prayers.<br />

If you are an adult who has never been confirmed, next year could<br />

be your turn. Contact Martha Malloy at 796-3944, ext. 1120, to<br />

inquire about the preparation sessions. Typically they begin in<br />

mid to late October, are held twice monthly in the evening, and<br />

end on or before Pentecost.<br />

Today as we celebrate Pentecost, the Holy Spirit<br />

wants to make us advocates of God’s presence to<br />

bring new life to others, especially those who do<br />

not know the love of God in their lives.<br />

Your gift in the <strong>St</strong>. Vincent de Paul Poor Box<br />

will help the poor to believe in the mystery of God’s love for<br />

them.<br />


<strong>St</strong> <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong> Parish is a wel<strong>com</strong>ing <strong>Catholic</strong> Faith<br />

Community.<br />

EXPERIENCING Christ in our lives through the Gospel,<br />

sacraments, and life-long faith formation<br />

LIVING our faith in worship and stewardship<br />

SERVING God’s people to reveal the presence of Christ in our<br />

<strong>com</strong>munity.<br />

Approved by the Parish Council 12/14/09<br />


The Holy Spirit is like the breath of God,<br />

giving us life.<br />

Children: Name one way that you can<br />

forgive a friend or classmate.<br />

Adults: What one area in your life do you need forgiveness from<br />

yourself or another?


Our Quad Parishes (<strong>St</strong>. Dominic & <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong>, both of Brookfield, <strong>St</strong>. Joseph, Wauwatosa, <strong>St</strong>. Mary’s<br />

Visitation, Elm Grove) are very excited to once again offer our parishioners a variety of opportunities to be<strong>com</strong>e<br />

involved with people whose life’s circumstances have been challenged in various ways. Participants have learned<br />

more about efforts in our area to help others, and the organizations that are in the middle of those efforts. Many<br />

who participate want to be<strong>com</strong>e more involved.<br />

Great Features of Our Summer Service Events:<br />

• Bring awareness to the numerous organizations in our <strong>com</strong>munity that serve people with varying needs and<br />

altered life situations.<br />

• <strong>St</strong>imulate one’s interest and motivate activism through diverse opportunities.<br />

• Open to anyone from any of our parishes who wishes to get involved.<br />

• One-time <strong>com</strong>mitment which fits with peoples’ busy schedules.<br />

• Coordinated by a leader(s) who plans and directs participants through their experience from start to finish.<br />

• Encourage time to reflect on the experience and process what one encountered through the eyes of our faith.<br />

• Select events that appeal to you and your particular situation. If you have children, there are events that<br />

include children of varied ages.<br />

• Great opportunities for teens to get service hours for Confirmation, Key Club, Service Club, and National Honors<br />

Society or to get involved just because you love to help others!!<br />

Peruse the various events, make your choices, and register today!<br />

Please register on-line at stjohnv.org/parish/summer-services-series<br />

OR contact Janlyn Carvalho in the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong> Christian Formation Office (janlync@stjohnv.org or<br />

262-796-3944).<br />

Register early to ensure your inclusion and timely <strong>com</strong>munication. Registrations are accepted up to four<br />

days before the scheduled event.

PENTECOST SUNDAY 8 MAY 19, 2013<br />


Monday, June 3, 2:30-4:00 PM, School Sisters of Notre Dame Ice Cream Social, 13105 W Watertown Plank Rd., Elm Grove<br />

Volunteers will serve ice cream and toppings to the School Sisters of Notre Dame and their local <strong>com</strong>munity. The theme this year<br />

is baseball (volunteers can dress in Brewer’s gear or other baseball paraphernalia). This is a family-friendly event. Up to 10<br />

volunteers needed, including children 10 and up. Leader: Kathy Smith<br />

Tuesday, June 4, 6:45-10:00 AM, The Gathering (<strong>St</strong>. James <strong>Church</strong>), 833 W Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee<br />

Come help prepare and serve a meal to the homeless at this <strong>com</strong>munity meal program. There will be a carpool from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong><br />

<strong>Vianney</strong>. Ages 14 and up. Limit 4. Leader: Debbie <strong>St</strong>rachota and Firm Believers<br />

Tuesday, June 11, 6:45-10:00 AM, The Gathering (<strong>St</strong>. James <strong>Church</strong>), 833 W Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee<br />

Come help prepare and serve a meal to the homeless at this <strong>com</strong>munity meal program. There will be a carpool from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong><br />

<strong>Vianney</strong>. Ages 14 and up. Limit 4. Leader: Debbie <strong>St</strong>rachota and Firm Believers<br />

Friday, June 14, 9:30 AM-noon, Gardening at Hadley Terrace, 3515 W. Hadley <strong>St</strong>reet<br />

Hadley Terrace is home to 60 elderly residents. It has raised bed and flat garden beds that need assistance gardening. After a short<br />

orientation, we’ll have the opportunity to dig in the dirt and nurture green and growing things, not to mention helping to bring<br />

kindness, joy and good nutrition to a fine group of elders. We’ll meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Watertown Plank Park & Ride, and then<br />

proceed to Hadley Terrace for a couple of hours of gardening. (Log on for a link to the Park & Ride location for clarification:<br />

http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/travel/parkride/lots/mil4060.htm.) If this appeals to your gardening talents, sign up now! Limit 5.<br />

Leader: Lauren Hanaman<br />

Saturday, June 15, Career Tools Conference, Cousins Center, 3501 South Lake Drive, Milwaukee<br />

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is proud to co-sponsor the second Career Tools Conference on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at the<br />

Cousins Center. This all day educational event provides the most current job search strategies, tools, and hands-on practice<br />

designed to empower unemployed job seekers. More than 700 job seekers are expected to attend. Last year more than<br />

100 volunteers helped make the first Career Tools Conference a success. We ask for your help to provide an enriched<br />

experience to God’s people. Several volunteer opportunities on June 15, 22, 23, 24, and 25. Details at http://tinyurl.<strong>com</strong>/<br />

ToolsVolunteer. To volunteer for this event, go directly to the Conference website by scanning the QR code or logging<br />

on to http://tinyurl.<strong>com</strong>/ToolsVolunteer.<br />

Wednesday, June 19, 5:00-8:00 PM, Hunger Task Force, 201 S Hawley Ct., Milwaukee<br />

Food sorting is fun, fast-paced, and one of our most popular activities. Each year, over 2000 people help sort about 1½ million<br />

pounds of food. During our three hours together, we’ll sort and stack food, make boxes, and check for expired and damaged food.<br />

All volunteers are required to wear closed-toe, sturdy shoes! Up to 30 volunteers, age 12 and up. Participants please register<br />

prior to the event. Leader: Susan McNeil<br />

Friday, June 21, 10:00 AM-2:00 PM, Repairers of the Breach Brown Bag Lunch, 13 th and Vliet, Milwaukee<br />

We’ll visit the newly renovated building that is now capable of providing a myriad of services to homeless men and women.<br />

We’ll eat and pray during the traditional Brown Bag Luncheon and tour the facility that now includes a medical clinic,<br />

clothing bank, and other services. Meet at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong> at 10:00 a.m. to make bag lunches. Age 14 and up. Limit 6.<br />

Leader: Mary Ann Davel<br />

Saturday-Tuesday, June 22-25, Career Tools Conference, Cousins Center, Milwaukee<br />

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is proud to co-sponsor the second Career Tools Conference on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at the Cousins<br />

Center. This all day educational event provides the most current job search strategies, tools, and hands-on practice designed to<br />

empower unemployed job seekers. More than 700 job seekers are expected to attend. Last year more than 100 volunteers<br />

helped make the first Career Tools Conference a success. We ask for your help to provide an enriched experience to God’s<br />

people. Several volunteer opportunities on June 22, 23, 24, and 25. Details at http://tinyurl.<strong>com</strong>/ToolsVolunteer. To<br />

volunteer for this event, go directly to the Conference website by scanning the QR code or logging on to http://tinyurl.<strong>com</strong>/<br />

ToolsVolunteer.<br />

Wednesday, June 26, 2:00-6:30 PM, <strong>St</strong>. Hyacinth’s Food Pantry, 14 th & Becher <strong>St</strong>., Milwaukee<br />

Help unload donated food products from various suppliers, then sort and distribute food at the <strong>St</strong>. Hyacinth’s Food Pantry.<br />

Some lifting required. Adults and children 14 and up. Limit 10. Leaders: Mary Ann Davel


Wednesday, June 26, 5:30-7:30 PM, Guest House of Milwaukee, 13 th & Vliet <strong>St</strong>., Milwaukee<br />

Share food and conversation with homeless men in Milwaukee. Volunteers are needed to purchase, prepare, and serve a<br />

simple meal to about 80 men and then join them for the dinner. Donations for the meal and cooks/servers are needed. Food<br />

can be prepared in advance off-site and delivered. This is a family friendly event (children ac<strong>com</strong>panied by adult). Limit 8.<br />

Leader: Chris Pfankuch<br />

Thursday, June 27, 9:00-11:30 AM, Elmbrook Humane Society “Beautification Day,” 20950 Enterprise Ave, Brookfield<br />

Animals in a shelter need a well-cared-for and loving home! Please join us in sprucing up their shelter by doing some<br />

outdoor yard work and general indoor kennel cleaning. Children are wel<strong>com</strong>e with parental supervision. Limit 10. Leader:<br />

Cheryl Redding<br />


Wednesday, July 10, 9:00-11:00 AM, Next Door Foundation, 2549 N 29 th <strong>St</strong>., Milwaukee, ‘Reading Day for Kids’<br />

Kids in the inner city need reading help and attention. This event pairs volunteers from the suburbs with kids from the city<br />

for one-on-one reading time, then snacks and a tour of the facility (time permitting). Open to adults and kids with a parent.<br />

Limit 20. Leader: Betsy Wellenstein<br />

Thursday, July 11, 6:45-10:00 AM, The Gathering (<strong>St</strong>. James <strong>Church</strong>), 833 W Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee<br />

Come help prepare and serve a meal to the homeless at this <strong>com</strong>munity meal program. There will be a carpool from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong><br />

<strong>Vianney</strong>. Ages 14 and up. Limit 4. Leader: Debbie <strong>St</strong>rachota and Firm Believers<br />

Saturday, July 13, 9:00 AM-noon, Casa Maria Hospitality House, 1131 N. 21 st <strong>St</strong>., Milwaukee<br />

The Casa Maria Hospitality House in Milwaukee gives hospitality to homeless women and children. Join us as we visit one<br />

of the volunteers living at the house to learn about Dorothy Day and the history of the <strong>Catholic</strong> Worker movement. We will<br />

do yard projects (dress appropriately) and household tasks and if time permits, help to prepare lunch and eat/visit with the<br />

guests. Today, 213 <strong>Catholic</strong> Worker <strong>com</strong>munities remain <strong>com</strong>mitted to non-violence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and<br />

hospitality for all who need it. Meet at SJV at 8:00 AM to carpool. Ages 12 years and above: limit 6-8 people. Leader:<br />

Martha Malloy<br />

Tuesday, July 16, 9:00 AM-noon, Cookie Bake @ “Kathy’s House.” 600 N. 103 rd <strong>St</strong>reet, Milwaukee<br />

Kathy’s House is a hospitality house dedicated to providing lodging and a supportive environment in a “home away from<br />

home” for patients and families traveling to the Milwaukee area for medical treatment. Come, meet at Kathy’s House, help<br />

bake for the patients and their families, and fill the house with the smell of warm cookies! Open to individuals and families<br />

with children over the age of 4. Limit 10. Leader: Dottie Baker<br />

Thursday, July 18, 5:00-8:00 PM, Hunger Task Force, 201 S Hawley Ct., Milwaukee<br />

Food sorting is fun, fast-paced, and one of our most popular activities. Each year, over 2000 people help sort about 1½<br />

million pounds of food. During our three hours together, we’ll sort and stack food, make boxes, and check for expired and<br />

damaged food. All volunteers are required to wear closed-toe, sturdy shoes! Up to 30 volunteers, age 12 and up.<br />

Participants please register prior to the event. Leader: Molly Schmidt<br />

Thursday, July 18, 9:30 AM-noon, Art Truck with Prince of Peace Parish, 25 th & Scott, Milwaukee<br />

Come and join with children at Prince of Peace as the Art Truck (Artists Working in Education) <strong>com</strong>es to lead a morning of<br />

interacting and creating art together. There will also be a simple lunch following the art morning. Parents must ac<strong>com</strong>pany<br />

their children. Open to children 4-14 and their parents. Limit 25. Leaders: Mary Janowak<br />

Friday, July 19, 3:00-6:00 PM, Cherry <strong>St</strong>reet Garden Club, 23 rd and Cherry <strong>St</strong>reets, Milwaukee<br />

The Cherry <strong>St</strong>reet Garden is a SET <strong>com</strong>munity garden at 23 rd and Cherry <strong>St</strong>reets. During the weekly Cherry <strong>St</strong>reet Garden<br />

Club meetings, a group process brings members together to solve problems, make decisions, <strong>com</strong>municate and learn from<br />

each other, as well as raise a garden. We’ll meet at the SJV parking lot at 3:00. The Garden Club meets from 3:30 to 4:30,<br />

and the next hour is filled with weeding, watering and tilling. We’ll be back at the SJV parking lot by 6:00 PM. Gardeners,<br />

unite! Sign up now! Leader: Mary Ann Davel<br />

Sunday, July 21, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM, Open Door Café Ministry, Cathedral of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong> the Evangelist, 812 N Jackson<br />

<strong>St</strong>., Milwaukee<br />

<strong>St</strong>art with 9:30 AM Mass at the cathedral and then help set-up and serve lunch from 10:45 AM to 12:30 PM at the Open Door Ministry<br />

there. This ministry wel<strong>com</strong>es homeless people with a hot meal and cool shelter. Limit 10. Leader: Cheryl Redding

PENTECOST SUNDAY 10 MAY 19, 2013<br />

Monday, July 22, 5:00–6:30 PM, Saint Vincent de Paul Meal Program, 931 W Madison, Milwaukee<br />

Learn about their meal program. Meet at the meal program at 5:00 for prayer, then serve beverages and/or food to guests.<br />

Join them for dinner and conversation. This program is open to any ages as long as parents supervise their children. Please<br />

bring 2 gallons of 2% milk or bleach as a donation. Limit of 12. Leader: Mary Janowak<br />

Thursday, July 25, 6:45-10:00 AM, The Gathering (<strong>St</strong>. James <strong>Church</strong>), 833 W Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee<br />

Come help prepare and serve a meal to the homeless at this <strong>com</strong>munity meal program. There will be a carpool from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong><br />

<strong>Vianney</strong>. Ages 14 and up. Limit 4. Leader: Debbie <strong>St</strong>rachota and Firm Believers<br />


Friday, August 9, 4:30-7:30 PM, <strong>St</strong>. Benedict the Moor Meal Program, 924 W <strong>St</strong>ate <strong>St</strong>., Milwaukee<br />

Help serve a meal to the poor & homeless of Milwaukee. Open to ages 6 and up. Children under 14 must be ac<strong>com</strong>panied by<br />

parents. Park in the lot east of church. Limit 20. Leader: Susan McNeil<br />

Tuesday, August 13, 5:00-8:00 PM, Hunger Task Force, 201 S Hawley Ct., Milwaukee<br />

Food sorting is fun, fast-paced, and one of our most popular activities. Each year, over 2000 people help sort about 1½<br />

million pounds of food. During our three hours together, we’ll sort and stack food, make boxes, and check for expired and<br />

damaged food. All volunteers are required to wear closed-toe, sturdy shoes! Up to 30 volunteers are needed, ages 12 and<br />

up. Participants please register prior to the event. Leader: Susan McNeil<br />

Wednesday, August 21, 5:00-6:30 PM, Saint Vincent de Paul Meal Program, 931 W Madison, Milwaukee<br />

Learn about their meal program. Meet at the meal program at 5:00 for prayer, then serve beverages and/or food to guests.<br />

Join them for dinner and conversation. This program is open to any ages as long as parents supervise their children. Please<br />

bring 2 gallons of 2% milk or bleach as a donation. Limit of 12. Leader: Mary Janowak<br />

Sunday, August 25, 5:30-8:30 PM, Cathedral Center, 845 N. Van Buren <strong>St</strong>. Milwaukee<br />

Greet guests as they arrive for the evening and chat with them; provide a meal for 60 guests; clean up the kitchen areas<br />

before leaving for the evening. Must be <strong>com</strong>fortable interacting with the guests—homeless single women and children. All<br />

volunteers will be assigned a food item to bring for the meal. We will meet at SJV at 5:30 then possibly carpool to the center.<br />

Ages 14 and up. Children under 18 need to be ac<strong>com</strong>panied by a parent. Limit: 6. Leaders: Katelin and Deb Fabry<br />


Saturday, September 7, 9:00 AM-noon, Hunger Task Force, 201 S Hawley Ct., Milwaukee<br />

Food sorting is fun, fast-paced, and one of our most popular activities. Each year, over 2000 people help sort about 1½<br />

million pounds of food. During our three hours together, we’ll sort and stack food, make boxes, and check for expired and<br />

damaged food. All volunteers are required to wear closed-toe, sturdy shoes! Up to 30 volunteers are needed, ages 12 and<br />

up. Participants please register prior to the event. Leader: Susan McNeil<br />

For more information on these organizations, please visit their websites.<br />

Artists Working in Education www.awe-inc.org<br />

Career Tools http://tinyurl.<strong>com</strong>/ToolsVoluntee<br />

Casa Maria www.casa-maria-worker.wikispaces.<strong>com</strong><br />

Cherry <strong>St</strong>reet Garden www.setinc.org<br />

Elmbrook Humane Society www.ebhs.org<br />

Gardening at Hadley Terrace www.hadleyterrace.org<br />

Guest House www.guesthouseofmilwaukee.org<br />

Hunger Task Force www.hungertaskforce.org<br />

Kathy’s House www.kathys-house.org<br />

Next Door Foundation www.nextdoormil.org<br />

Repairers of the Breach www.repairers.org<br />

School Sisters of Notre Dame www.ssnd.org<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Benedict the Moor www.stbensmilwaukee.org<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong>’s Cathedral www.stjohncathedral.org<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Vincent de Paul www.svdpmilwaukee.org<br />

The Gathering www.thegatheringwis.org



<strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong> students helped people in<br />

need by providing new toiletries such as<br />

hygiene products, deodorant, cough drops,<br />

shampoo and more for the Milwaukee Rescue<br />

Mission and the Sojourner Truth House.<br />

Seventh graders coordinated the collection drive, but families<br />

from the entire school and Parish donated items. This year, an<br />

estimated 1,500 items were donated by Parish and school<br />

families.<br />

The 8 th graders enjoyed six weeks of Junior Achievement<br />

activities provided by volunteers Mr. Don Lambert from<br />

Schneider Electric Company and Mr. Mark Bunke from<br />

Manpower.<br />

Photo by: Bill Meyer<br />

The entire school honored Mary through the Marian Devotion and<br />

Living Rosary, a long standing tradition in the <strong>Catholic</strong> <strong>Church</strong>.<br />

The second and eighth graders led the school through the May<br />

Crowning and Living Rosary. Rae D. and Max C. were chosen by<br />

the teaching staff to crown Mary. The criteria used to choose the<br />

students were the ten evangelical virtues which present us with a<br />

program of virtuous life, which is that of Mary as she appears to<br />

us in the Bible. (The 10 Evangelical Virtues are most pure, most<br />

prudent, most humble, most faithful, most devout, most obedient,<br />

most poor, most patient, most merciful, and most sorrowful.)<br />

The 8 th grade Ethnic Fair was held in the <strong>Church</strong> Hall. Guests<br />

came to enjoy the posters, maps, artifacts, food, and music from<br />

around the world. They learned about the customs, phrases,<br />

historic facts, and current facts of countries such as Poland, Italy,<br />

France, Japan, Slovenia, Luxembourg, England, Wales, Sweden,<br />

Norway, Egypt, Hungary, Colombia, Liechtenstein, India,<br />

Monaco, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland,<br />

Germany, Jordan, Russia, Puerto Rico, Austria, and China.<br />

In honor of Earth Day, 5 th graders and their kindergarten buddies<br />

got together to clean up the SJV playgrounds and fields. The<br />

students collected a lot of trash and helped make the school<br />

environment cleaner.<br />



<strong>St</strong>. <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong> parishioners Casey Crooks, Katelin Fabry,<br />

Ashlynn Hengel and Kaitlin Hohl are among 43 Divine Savior<br />

Holy Angels High School 2013 graduates to receive the 25 th<br />

Annual Salvatorian Service Award. Sisters of the Divine Savior<br />

established the award 25 years ago to <strong>com</strong>memorate the<br />

centennial of their founding in 1888 in Tivoli, Italy. The<br />

international religious <strong>com</strong>munity ministers in 29 countries and<br />

serves as religious sponsor for DSHA.<br />

Service learning is integral to DSHA’s college preparatory<br />

curriculum, and students who go above and beyond service hours<br />

required for graduation are eligible for the Salvatorian Service<br />

Award. DSHA seniors are nominated by their parents, approved<br />

by Campus Ministry, and affirmed by service mentors from their<br />

volunteer sites. This year, those sites were as near as a Milwaukee<br />

homeless shelter and as far as an impoverished Haitian village. A<br />

final and important step in the nomination process is the student’s<br />

one-on-one interview with a Salvatorian Sister about setting a<br />

path to lifelong service.<br />



11 AM-10 PM<br />

Come to Yo Mama! Frozen Yogurt and<br />

Goodies located at 2205 N. Calhoun Rd<br />

(Ruby Isle) on May 29 anytime between<br />

11 AM – 10 PM.<br />

Mention “SJV” and our Home & School will earn 30% of all<br />

sales! Thank you for your support!<br />





The schedule beginning June 1/2 and ending September 3 will be<br />

prepared soon. If you have internet access, you should have<br />

received an email with instructions to enter your availability. If<br />

you do not have internet access and have not already done so,<br />

please contact the Office for Liturgy and Music, 796-3946, no<br />

later than Monday, May 20, with any dates that you are not<br />

available. The Masses for July 4, August 15 (holy day of<br />

obligation) and September 2 (Labor Day) will not be scheduled,<br />

but you can volunteer to minister at any of these Masses by<br />

calling the office. Your prompt attention to this is greatly<br />


PENTECOST SUNDAY 12 MAY 19, 2013<br />


Congratulations to the twenty-three 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th grade students who represented our parish in the Archdiocesan Faith-a-thon as the<br />

Saint <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong> Mighty Doves. The Mighty Doves <strong>com</strong>peted in the daylong faith facts contest at the TYME OUT Youth Center in<br />

Nashotah, WI on Friday, May 10, 2013.<br />

The Gold (sixth-grade) team of the Mighty Doves was <strong>com</strong>posed of Alexandra Alberts, Brevet Captain Chris Casey, Captain Lizzie<br />

Fischer, Caleb Fisher, Natalie Gassert, Francesca Gatto, Andrew Koehn, and Aidan Tegge. The Gold team, in a valiant effort, scored<br />

2,754 overall points, a record total for a rookie team at Faith-a-thon. Maria Casey, Nick Rizzo, and Nolan Tegge coached the Gold team.<br />

The Red (eighth-grade) team of the Mighty Doves was <strong>com</strong>posed of Ryan Bohr, Captain Max Casey, Emma Coursin, Rae Davel, Katie<br />

Dobrzynski, Olivia Rudek, Carolyn Tallmadge, and Brevet Captain Alex Uy. The Red team finished second in Final Round and scored<br />

3,454 overall points, the second highest total point score of all the teams <strong>com</strong>peting. Mark Conti, Maddie Keyes, and Simone Tegge were<br />

the Red team coaches.<br />

The White (seventh-grade) team of the Mighty Doves was <strong>com</strong>posed of Catherine Capper, C.J. Keyes, Captain Ally Kormanik, Maureen<br />

Parks, Chris Rizzo, Phil Volkert, and Brevet Captain Michael Windsor. White team not only finished first in the Final Round, they also<br />

scored an incredible 3,634 overall points, the highest total point score of all the teams <strong>com</strong>peting. This is the eighth year in a row that a<br />

Saint <strong>John</strong> <strong>Vianney</strong> team has had the highest overall point score at Faith-a-thon. Grace Tallmadge, Olivia Volkert, and Samantha<br />

Windsor coached the White team.<br />

Helping out head coach <strong>John</strong> Thompson with the Mighty Doves this year were Brevet Head Coach Jason Hubler, Choir Master<br />

Alexandra Byrne, and Game Masters Clare Casey, Dane Cunniff, Nolan Cunniff, Michael Dobrzynski, Maya Guadagni, Marcus Oleson,<br />

Anthony Uy, and Samantha Wallace. Clare Casey, Nolan Cunniff, Michael Dobrzynski, Maya Guadagni, Marcus Oleson, and Anthony<br />

Uy were kind enough to serve as Refs at the TYME OUT Center on Faith-a-thon Day, arriving there at 7:00 AM to prepare.<br />

Also assisting the Mighty Doves were adult coaches Abe Fisher, Richard Gassert, Jane Guadagni, Karen Parks, Gina Tegge, and Suzy<br />

Windsor. In addition, Beth Dobrzynski, Richard Gassert, and Heather Kormanik served as Team Moderators on Faith-a-thon Day, and<br />

Brad Tegge served as Team Photographer.<br />

Father Phillip Bogacki was our Team Chaplain and was kind enough to ac<strong>com</strong>modate the Doves and coaches who went to reconciliation<br />

on Saturday, April 27, as part of the Doves’ Team Reconciliation. Thank you, Father Phillip. for helping make the Doves a stronger<br />

team.<br />

The Doves wish to extend a special thank-you to SJV School principal Pam Pyzyk and her staff, and Associate Director of Christian<br />

Formation Claire Hoffmeyer. Our winning Faith-a-thon teams are a living testimony to the preparation provided by these talented and<br />

dedicated people and those who work with them.



50+ YEARS OF FAITH<br />

The Newman Center at UW–Milwaukee will celebrate 50+ years<br />

of campus ministry with a two-day faith-filled event the weekend<br />

of September 21-22, 2013. Alumni and friends of the Newman<br />

Center are invited to attend a social and hors d’oeuvres dinner<br />

hosted by the Newman leadership team; Mass celebrated by<br />

Auxiliary Bishop Donald J. Hying; an evening program by<br />

national <strong>Catholic</strong> speaker Doug Brummel; and of course, enjoy<br />

the opportunity to share memories with fellow friends and family<br />

of the Newman Center. Visit www.uwmcatholic.org or call 414-<br />

964-6640 for details.<br />


Marquette High is seeking Milwaukee area host families for a<br />

summer exchange program. We still need four more families to<br />

host exchange students from Spain from June 27-July 25. All of<br />

these students are anxious to perfect their English skills and learn<br />

more about typical American life. This year the program needs<br />

families for two sixteen-year-old boys and one set of twelve-yearold<br />

fraternal twins. Anyone interested can contact Marquette<br />

Spanish teacher Dan Miller at miller@muhs.edu for further<br />

information and a host family application.<br />

Hearts on Fire<br />


Living Faith in Daily Life with<br />

Spiritual Exercises of <strong>St</strong>. Ignatius of Loyola<br />

June 21-22<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Mary’s Visitation Parish in Elm Grove, WI<br />

Wel<strong>com</strong>ing all young adults!<br />

(18-39, single or married)<br />

If you would enjoy an introduction to some practical ways of<br />

connecting your faith and your everyday life, <strong>com</strong>e join us.<br />

Whether you are new to prayer or are just looking for new ways to<br />

pray and live a more meaningful life, this event is for you. A<br />

group of young Jesuit speakers will offer this retreat on Friday<br />

evening, June 21 and Saturday, June 22 at <strong>St</strong>. Mary’s Visitation<br />

Parish in Elm Grove, WI.<br />

A Team of Young Jesuits, A Group of Young Adults, A<br />

Thousand Graces, One Heart<br />

• Enjoy dynamic presentations<br />

• Explore a simple, profound way of life<br />

• Come closer to the Heart of Jesus<br />

• Saturday vigil Mass (yes, it counts for Sunday!)<br />

• Learn methods of daily prayer<br />

• Beautiful candlelit Eucharistic adoration<br />

• Friday night Coffeehouse with Live Music<br />

Come Friday evening (go home overnight) and <strong>com</strong>e back for<br />

Saturday!<br />

Learn More and Register Online:<br />

www.apostleshipofprayer.org/heartsonfire<br />



Each Saturday morning, parish members and guests receive the<br />

parish bulletin and this week’s announcements in their preferred<br />

email account. This information provides a quick review of<br />

what’s happening “next week” at SJV with quick links to learn<br />

more about ministries, activities and events in the parish, as well<br />

as receiving the full printed bulletin online at home! Great for<br />

travelers!!<br />

Often reminders of what is happening “this weekend at Mass” are<br />

featured so you’ll receive friendly reminders to bring food for <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Vincent de Paul or are alerted to special things happening so you<br />

are prepared. The weekend Scripture readings are just a click<br />

away, too! So many benefits!!<br />

If you’d like to receive the parish eBulletin, please go to the<br />

parish homepage, www.stjohnv.org, and sign up for our eBulletin.<br />


Today we celebrate the feast of Pentecost— the sending of the<br />

Holy Spirit, the Advocate, the Comforter to <strong>com</strong>e and dwell in us,<br />

God’s children. Open your heart wide and invite the Holy Spirit in<br />

to dive even deeper in your relationship with God and your<br />

spouse. The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends are<br />

June 7-9 in Rockford, IL; July 12-14 in Madison, WI and August<br />

23-25 in Brookfield, WI. Early registration is highly<br />

re<strong>com</strong>mended. For more information visit our website at:<br />

alifetimeoflove.org or call 888-574-5653. For a fin de semana en<br />

Espanol in Chicago on June 14-16 and August 23-25, contact<br />

Andres y Maria at 630-229-2600.



N19 W24075 N RIVERWOOD DRIVE<br />

WAUKESHA, WI 53188<br />



262-522-9200 PARISH MEMBER SINCE 1980<br />

ROMAN<br />


Residential Work<br />

Barry Dickinson - Parish Member<br />

640 S. 70th <strong>St</strong>. 771-5400<br />

Molly C. Lavin<br />

Attorney at Law / Parishioner<br />

N14 W23755 <strong>St</strong>one Ridge Drive, Suite 100<br />

Waukesha, WI 53188<br />

<br />

<br />

The William Newby Agency, Inc.<br />

Solutions Solution and Service You Can Trust<br />

Life & Health<br />

Insurance<br />

262-798-0818<br />

Parish Member<br />

Residence & Rehabilitation<br />

13900 W. Burleigh Road<br />

Brookfield, WI 53005<br />

(262) 781-0550 Medicare Certified<br />

Colburn’s<br />

LOW PRICE leader for GAS in Brookfield<br />


Brian & Ann Colburn 19075 W. Bluemound RD<br />

Owners and Parish Members (262) 641-2131<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Not valid on Holidays<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />



<br />

Big Brothers Big Sisters<br />

<br />

Make a Big Difference.<br />

(414) 258-4778<br />

bbbsmilwaukee.org<br />

Sponsored by True Course<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

The Watermark<br />

Condominiums<br />

Elm Grove<br />

262-389-9830<br />

www.mandelgroup.<strong>com</strong><br />



(414) 645-1535<br />

Full Service Commercial &<br />

Industrial Mechanical Contractor<br />

Maintenance Contracts<br />

24 HOUR SERVICE www.buttersfetting.<strong>com</strong><br />

15655 West North Avenue<br />

Brookfield, WI 53005<br />

(262) 938-9038<br />


ENT<br />

<br />


<br />

Drs. Dankle, Kodali, Lee. Parish Members – Dr. Christopher Long and Dr. Michael Nordstrom<br />

<br />

Inside PicknSave<br />

<br />

7 Day Banking, 10 AM-8PM<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Brookfield Self <strong>St</strong>orage<br />

Residential, Commercial<br />

and Retail <strong>St</strong>orage Units 5x10 to 30x40<br />

2846 N Brookeld Rd. 789-7422<br />

Estate<br />

Planning<br />

Probate<br />

Real Estate<br />


Offices located in Brookfield<br />

PHONE: (262) 814-0080<br />

Gaeth Electric, Inc.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

414-651-4133<br />

Tobin J. <strong>St</strong>rupp DDS<br />

Since 1985<br />

Parish Member<br />

Accepting New Patients<br />

, <br />

(262) 783-3311<br />

www.struppdentistry.<strong>com</strong><br />

Drs. Donald and<br />

Cathleen Czaplicki<br />

Complete Family Vision Care<br />


<br />

6191 S. 108 <strong>St</strong>., Hales Corners<br />

414-427-9090 www.drczaplicki.<strong>com</strong><br />


<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Landry’s Brookfield BP<br />

2005 N. Calhoun Rd.<br />

Brookfield, WI 53005<br />

262.782.4300<br />

Bp Gasoline with Invigorate<br />

Full & Self Service Gasoline * Premier Diesel Fuel<br />

<br />

Family owned & operated*<br />

Mark Herr, Parishioner<br />


www.rochesterinn.<strong>com</strong> <br />

One mile from the village of Kohler<br />



For information on<br />

advertising, please<br />

call our church<br />

representative<br />

JIM BRAUN at<br />

262-207-2446<br />

Email: jbraun@4LPi.<strong>com</strong><br />

Dr. Joel D. Baisden<br />

Optometrist<br />

<br />

(across from Mayfair Mall)<br />

<br />

Parish Member<br />

<br />

<br />

Restaurant & Banquet Facilities<br />

262-786-8323<br />

Complete Plumbing Solutions<br />

David <strong>St</strong>rigenz<br />

Owner <br />

©2013 For Ad Info Call Jim Braun 1-800-950-9952 WWW.4LPi.COM ST. JOHN VIANNEY, BROOKFIELD, WI<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Vincent de Paul Society<br />

Calling men and women to grow<br />

in holiness by person-to-person<br />

contact with those in need.<br />

For help or to join call 262-796-3940<br />

For donation pick-up call 262-569-0763<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Parish Members<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Garage Doors & Openers<br />

(262) 784-4250<br />

www.geisdoors.<strong>com</strong><br />

DONOVAN &<br />



Efcient Furnaces - Boilers<br />

Air Conditioning<br />

16935 W. Greeneld 784-6440<br />

C B/W 01-0957<br />

05-06-2013 10:12:24







262-513-3750<br />

www.geraldnell.<strong>com</strong><br />

W229 N1680 WESTWOOD DR.<br />

WAUKESHA, WI 53186<br />

Vibrant Full Color<br />

Now Available!<br />

To Advertise Here,<br />

Call JIM BRAUN today at<br />

(262) 207-2446<br />

jbraun@4LPi.<strong>com</strong><br />

www.<strong>SeekAndFind</strong>.<strong>com</strong><br />

<br />

Vice President of Mortgage Lending NMLS#284435<br />

16535 W. Bluemound Rd., Suite 310<br />

Brookeld, WI 53005 Ofce (262) 782-8500<br />

wbennetts@guaranteedrate.<strong>com</strong> Fax (888) 782-8501<br />

<br />

Family Medicine<br />

<br />

Schmidt & Bartelt<br />

Guardalabene & Amato<br />

Funeral & Cremation Service<br />

“Providing Affordable Services at Your<br />

<strong>Church</strong>, Chapel or Any One of Our Locations.”<br />

10121 W. North Ave. 774-5010<br />

Robert B. Moodie<br />


Hippenmeyer, Reilly, Moodie & Blum, S.C.<br />

720 Clinton <strong>St</strong>reet, P.O. Box 766, Waukesha, WI 53187<br />

<br />

E-Mail: rmoodie@hrmblawfirm.<strong>com</strong><br />

HARDER<br />


<br />

18700 W. Capitol Dr. 781-8350<br />

Serving Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch<br />

<br />

<br />

<strong>John</strong> J. Pincsak, D.D.S., M.S.<br />

<br />

Orthodontists<br />

Complimentary Initial Exam<br />

Wills, Trusts, POA’s, Small Business, Tax,<br />

Succession, Marital Agreements and Real Estate<br />

Jean T. Warner* & Nathan W. Eckley*<br />

Parish Members<br />

262-797-8950 www.we-law.<strong>com</strong><br />

*Attorneys Licensed in Wisconsin and Illinois<br />

Clinics<br />

Patient Care Focus Practice Location<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />


Practice Limited to Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, and Trauma<br />

*Christopher J. Evanich, M.D. <strong>St</strong>even R. Trinkl, M.D.<br />

*Brian A. McCarty, M.D. William T. Pennington, M.D.<br />

Bindu S. Bamrah, M.D. Jamie O. Edwards, M.D.<br />

Jeffrey J. Butler, M.D. Thomas J. Perlewitz, M.D.<br />

James W. <strong>St</strong>one, M.D. Eric B. Pifel, M.D.<br />

Daniel W. Guehlstorf, M.D. Joshua M. Neubauer, M.D.<br />

*Parishioners Amin H. Afsari, D.O.<br />

Christopher J. Evanich M.D. Ofce Locations:<br />

<br />

Brookfield Surgical<br />

Associates, S.C.<br />

<strong>John</strong> S. Blackwood M.D.<br />

David Engstrand M.D.<br />

Manfred C. Chiang M.D.<br />

Theresa K. Hayssen M.D.<br />

<br />

<br />

17000 W. North Ave.<br />

786-3722<br />

20855 Watertown Rd. 262-798-1421<br />

15855 W. National Ave. 262-784-4050<br />

<strong>John</strong> J. Pincsak Pamela R. Hanson Michael B. Melugin<br />

<br />

Dr. Christopher Hussussian<br />

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

Parish Member<br />

22370 Bluemound Rd.<br />

262-970-5600<br />



Your Full Service Plumbing Contractor<br />

Sewer & Drain Cleaning MP#225467<br />

6734 W. Wells <strong>St</strong>.<br />

258-1100<br />

<br />

<br />


& CONCERN<br />

Glen P. Theis, D.D.S.<br />

Darryl D. <strong>St</strong>ich, D.D.S.<br />

262-786-8440<br />

<br />


A t t o r n e y s a t L a w<br />

Michael Rohr, Parishioner<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

1327 W. Lincoln<br />

414-384-0630<br />

www.carpetmillstoremilwaukee.<strong>com</strong><br />

carpetmillstore@facebook.<strong>com</strong><br />

Brook eld Dental Care<br />

Help the MACC Fund<br />

<br />

<br />

To Get Involved Call<br />

414-955-5830<br />

www.<br />

“ Your smile can last a lifetime. - Dr. Ralph Pamenter & Dr. Shana Quandt ”<br />

Dr. Ralph Pamenter, Dr. Shana Quandt (Parishioner), & Dr. Hala Badawi Comfort, Health and<br />

Appearance<br />

17535 W. North Ave, Brookfield, WI 53045 (262) 786-4119 www.BrookfieldDentalCare.<strong>com</strong><br />

Parish Member<br />

Jay Janowak<br />

<br />

Blamer’s<br />

Auto Repair, Inc.<br />

7605 W. Center <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Wauwatosa, WI, 53222<br />

(414) 258-2000 Parish Member<br />

Quality Caregivers, carefully<br />

screened, bonded & insured<br />

*FREE In-Home Consultation<br />



414-282-8606<br />

BROOKFIELD 262.789.2426<br />

<strong>St</strong>even Szymanski,<br />

<br />

<br />

414-270-2521<br />

<br />



262-754-4488<br />

www.affiliatedderm.<strong>com</strong><br />

Experience<br />

Glassblowing<br />


414-331-6570<br />



Call Jim Braun 1-800-950-9952 x2446 or email jbraun@4LPi.<strong>com</strong><br />

©2013 For Ad Info Call Jim Braun 1-800-950-9952 WWW.4LPi.COM ST. JOHN VIANNEY, BROOKFIELD, WI B 4C 01-0957<br />

05-06-2013 10:12:24


REALTOR ® Visit us at: www.uptownautomotive.<strong>com</strong><br />

<strong>John</strong> EliasParish Member<br />

<br />

414-688-1057<br />


<br />

csmartin@rstweber.<strong>com</strong> 262-957-6352<br />

www.aspenors.<strong>com</strong><br />

Charles W. <strong>St</strong>einbach, D.D.S. Thomas A. <strong>St</strong>einbach, D.D.S.<br />

HR ala Carte, LLC<br />

Betsy DeLaet<br />

President/Parish Member<br />

betsy@hr-ala-carte.<strong>com</strong><br />

office (262) 827-8914<br />

Project-Based Human Resources<br />

for Your Business<br />

HR Compliance HR Audits Employee<br />

Handbook FMLA Administration<br />

Employee & Management Training<br />

Mayfair Pediatrics<br />

3040 N. 117 <strong>St</strong>., Suite 100<br />

Wauwatosa, WI 53222<br />

Roxanne J. Kane, MD<br />

Ph: (414) 479-9990<br />

parish member<br />






(262) 785-0802 injurywisconsin.<strong>com</strong><br />

Ryan J. Kehoe, M.D.<br />

Orthopedics / Sports Medicine / Parishioner<br />

(262) 395-4141<br />

Locations - Brookfield / New Berlin / Pewaukee<br />

Heather M. Kormanik, CPA<br />

HK Consulting<br />

Fulfilling Accounting Needs for Small Businesses<br />

Providing Tools and a Roadmap for Success<br />

<br />

<br />

Roong, Gutters & Remodeling<br />

www.overthetoproof.<strong>com</strong><br />

414.531.7663<br />

$300 Off Full Roof Project<br />

With Coupon<br />

Interest Rates Below 4%<br />

www.garyweber.shorewest.<strong>com</strong><br />



Kurt Soens - Parishioner 262-797-8181<br />

General Contractor/Builder/Remodeler<br />

Commercial and Residential<br />

Gary Weber - Parish Member 262-271-5495<br />

<br />

Wel<strong>com</strong>es New Patients<br />

General and Cosmetic Dentistry<br />


8726 W North Ave<br />

Wauwatosa, WI<br />

414-258-5351<br />

Jim Swiderski, Parishioner<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Serving Business Owners and Their Families<br />


<strong>St</strong>op <strong>St</strong>ruggling To Understand. Call Now For A FREE Evaluation!<br />


130 TH | TH <br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

622 North 79th <strong>St</strong>reet, Wauwatosa, WI 53213<br />

414-645-5477 Brennanlandscaping.<strong>com</strong><br />

Timothy T. Brennan<br />

Glenn Pentler, Parish Member<br />

gpentler@uptownmotors.<strong>com</strong><br />

<br />

Service Hours: Mon & Wed 7 a.m.-7 p.m.<br />

Serving the Legal Needs of<br />

Wisconsin Businesses for more<br />

than 160 years<br />

Parish Members:<br />

David A. Krutz - Managing Partner<br />

Thomas E. Obenberger<br />

Senior Partner, Employment Group<br />

Mark S. Poker<br />

Chair, Wealth Planning Group<br />

michaelbest.<strong>com</strong><br />


www.cherylgehringer.shorewest.<strong>com</strong><br />

cgehringer@shorewest.<strong>com</strong><br />

786-4001 x154<br />

Parish Member EHO<br />

James F. Pechloff, DDS<br />

Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dental Care<br />

2645 North Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa<br />

(414) 475-5505<br />

New Patients Wel<strong>com</strong>e Parish Member<br />

“Elevate Your Quality of Life”<br />

Builder of distinctive<br />

custom homes and<br />

remodeling projects<br />

(262) 370-7121<br />

www.imageryhomes.<strong>com</strong><br />

<strong>St</strong>eve Gosenheimer<br />

Owner, Parish Member<br />

steve@imageryhomes.<strong>com</strong><br />

DAVID S. BOMHACK, Agent<br />

dave@davebomhack.<strong>com</strong><br />

21150 W. Capitol Dr.<br />

Brookfield, WI<br />

Phone 781-2700<br />

Parishioner<br />

Tues, Thurs, Fri 7 a.m.-6 p.m.<br />

Saturday 8 a.m.-3 p.m.<br />

Affordable Medicare Solutions<br />

414-732-2544<br />

www.unisource-ins.<strong>com</strong> <br />

HoneyCreek<br />

Homes<br />

<br />

&<br />

HoneyCreek<br />

Heating & Cooling, LLC<br />

Todd Prudlow - Owner<br />

Parish Member<br />

(414) 840-1892<br />



Tracey Moran Fricker<br />

Parish Member<br />

<br />

Providing Insurance for your personal,<br />

business, life and health needs.<br />

<br />

<br />

Vibrant Full Color<br />

Now Available!<br />

To Advertise Here,<br />

Call JIM BRAUN today at<br />

(262) 207-2446<br />

jbraun@4LPi.<strong>com</strong><br />

www.<strong>SeekAndFind</strong>.<strong>com</strong><br />

“We’re not just good... we’re Ideal!”<br />

Call for discounts associated with this ad<br />


<br />

OUR 65TH<br />

©2013 For Ad Info Call Jim Braun 1-800-950-9952 WWW.4LPi.COM ST. JOHN VIANNEY, BROOKFIELD, WI A 4C 01-0957<br />

05-06-2013 10:12:24<br />

YEAR<br />



<br />

(414) 541-9217 24 hr.

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