All About Me Rachael - Wrentham Public Schools

All About Me Rachael - Wrentham Public Schools

All About Me Rachael - Wrentham Public Schools


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All About Me



My Family

My family has six people in it.

My sister Rebecca loves

the color pink. She also

likes to eat popcorn

chicken. My mom likes to

go shopping a lot. She also

likes to eat steak and eat

Italian food. My dad likes

football. He likes to eat

hamburgers a lot. Rebecca

likes to play teacher with

me. She is six years old.

My mom likes to be kind to

other people and she is

very nice. My dad likes to

sleep! He likes to hang out

with his friends Kenny,

Kirby, Steve, Tim, Patty,

Jean, Barbara, Donna and I

like to hang out with them


My Family Tree

My Favorite Activity

My favorite sport is ballet. I

like to dance all the time.

I do hiphop, jazz and

ballet. My teacher for

hiphop and ballet is Miss

Meaghan. My jazz teacher

is Miss Jill. I like to do

ballet out of all of them

because I am really

flexible and the steps are

really easy. My teachers

are really nice and they

help you to become great

at all types of dancing.

Me in theFall

My Home

Subject in School

My favorite school subject is art and

computer. I like art because I like to

draw and paint pretty pictures. I like to

look at drawings so that I can think

about what I want to draw. I like to

draw things, such as my family and

friends and what I do with my mom dad

and sister and my family. I like to draw

pictures of what I do on my lake to.

My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is “Beezus

and Ramona.” I like it

because there are many

funny parts.

For example, Ramona and

Beezus were at the park

and Ramona had to take

responsibility to take

care of Beezus, instead of

Beezus taking care of

Ramona. I have seen the

movie a lot and I have

three books I received for

my birthday . I have read

almost all of them. They

are all really funny.

My Favorite Animals

My favorite animals are the

elephant, monkey and the

penguin. I like elephants

because they are funny

and they can do funny

tricks with their body’. I

like monkeys because

they are funny when they

swing tree to tree. I also

like when they eat

bananas because I like

bananas to. I also like

penguins because they

are so funny when they

slide on there bellies and

jump into the water.

My Favorite Restaurant

My favorite restaurant is The

“Horse and Carriage.” I

like it because I go there

a lot for my birthday

celebrations and to get

out of the house and get

something to eat. I also

like it because my Mom

and Dad know a lot of

people because my Dad

has lived in Wrentham for

his whole life. He even

lived on the same street.

We see many people he

knows there. I also like it

because it is really close

to where I live and it only

takes ten minutes to get

there from my house. The

food there is really good

and I like the steaks and

the chicken fingers.

My Favorite Vacation Spot

My favorite vacation spot is Cape

Cod. I like it because I go there

with my family and we have a

blast! I go with my two aunts, my

cousin Marissa, my sister

Rebecca and my Mom. We go to

the pool and the beach. I like to

swim so I drag and rush my family

to get to the pool! I like to go to

the beach to get a tan and build

sand castles with my sister

Rebecca and Marissa. I like to go

hunting for crabs and seashells. I

like to go to the pool because they

have fun races and fun games to

play at the pool. I also like to jump

and make big splashes. I love to

go to restaurants and look at the

view of the ocean at sunset. I love

spending time with my family at

Cape Cod!

The End

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