F-Response, 9 Months later… - SANS


F-Response, 9 Months later… - SANS

F‐Response, 9 Months later…

Matthew M. Shannon, Principal

Agile Risk Management LLC


What is F-Response?

• F-Response is an easy to use, vendor

neutral, patent-pending software utility

that enables an investigator to conduct

live forensics, Data Recovery, and

eDiscovery over an IP network using

their tool(s) of choice.

• F-Response is not another analysis

tool. F-Response is a utility that allows

you to make better use of the tools and

training that you already have.

The mission

• The mission of F-Response is very

simple, we are not in the imaging

or analysis business. We are in

the business of getting the data to

you, and then getting out of your


Supported Platforms

• In the beginning F-Response


• Now F-Response supports…

Ease of Use

• In the beginning F-Response

lacked a management console..

• Now F-Response Consultant and

Enterprise edition have full

management consoles.

Available Targets

• In the beginning F-Response only


– Physical disks

• Now F-Response supports

– Physical disks

– Logical Volumes

– Physical Memory*

International Audience

• In the beginning F-Response was available only in

– English.

• Now F-Response is available in

– Chinese

– English

– German

– Spanish.

What hasn’t changed?

• The price.

– F-Response prices remain unchanged and

are always available on our website.

• www.f-response.com

• Licensing

– F-Response licenses aren’t limited by

nodes, seats, or CALs. Use it as much you

need throughout the term of your license.

• New releases

– F-Response customers always get the

latest releases, there is never an extra



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