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Alternative Opportunities - REDACTED.pdf

Alternative Opportunities - REDACTED.pdf


I c. ALTERNATIVE OPPORTUNITIES, INC. AO. Emplo)mcnt Services. AO. Carol Jones Rccovcry Centcr • AO. Communit}' Services. AO. Youth &Famity Services A.O. Worli:force Panncrships. A.O. Dayspring Behavioral Health March 8. 2011 Office of State Courts Administrator Attn: Contract Unit 2112 Industrial Dr. Jefferson City, MO 65109 RE: Specialized Treatment Provider for Treatment Court RFP NO. OSCA-I1 -036 To whom it may concern, Please accept this proposal as our response to RFP NO. OSCA-I1-036 to be a Specialized Treatment Provider for Treatment Court. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to call. Sincerely, Marilyn Nolan, CEO Alternative Opportunities, Inc. 1111 S. Glenstone Ave. Springfield, MO 65084 Phone: (417) 869· 8911 ext. 112 ORIGINAL 1111 S. Glenstone Avenue· P.O. Box 1277 • SPRINGFIELD, MO 65801 ·417-869-8911 • FAX 864·3087

State of Missouri Office of State Court Administrators Request for Proposal Specialized Treatment Provider for Treatment Court RFP NO. OSCA-II-036 Submitted by: Carol Jones Recovery Center a division of Alternative Opportunities, Inc. 2411 W. Catalpa PO Box 1277 Springfield, MO 65801-1277 March 11,2011 ORIGINAL

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