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Alternative Opportunities - REDACTED.pdf

Alternative Opportunities - REDACTED.pdf

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important, works and does not work, we and the participants will craft increasingly effective pathways for them to achieve sustainable sobriety and healthy, crime free lives. 2. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS Alternative Opportunities, Inc. (AO), under its division Carol Jones Recovery Center for Women (CJRC), is responding to the Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) Request for Proposal (RFP) Number OSCA-II -036, titled Specialized Treatment Provider/or Treatment Court .. The AO/CJRC proposal is to continue to provide services for the SROP DWI Court (men and women), Adult Drug Courts (women) and Family Dependency Treatment Court (women and SERVICE AREA 10 families) administered by Judicial Circuit 31 (Greene County, Missouri). CJRC supports ADA Service Area 10. Carol Jones Recovery Center for Women (CJRC) is a certified substance abuse treatment program for residential and outpatient services with certification provided by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA) (Attachment #1). CJRC has been certified as a CSTAR ProbYJ"am sincc 1996 and in operation since 1986. Our Child Care Center license is also included in Attachment #1 . We understand AO/CJRC must remain a certified program in order to provide substance abuse treatment services to Drug Court clients. The 31 st Circuit Court, Greene County, is served by AO/CJRC under this contract. AO has no plans of moving or relocating the Carol Jones Recovery Center. However, it is understood if we would change facilities for CJRC, OSCA and the Drug Courts require 30 days notice. Any new facility would be of equal or better quality than the current facility. Only clients referred by the Treatment Courts and domiciled in Missouri will be served under this contract. The Treatment Courts must approve the termination of any client from this program. Among the functions of the Treatment Courts will be the authority to detennine the composition of groups for education and counseling purposes. AO and CJRC understand OSCA andlor the Treatment Courts make no guarantee to the number of referrals which may be received under the terms of this contract. Clients are referred on an as needed, if needed basis. AO/CJRC operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Treatment services are offered in the evening for those who may work during the day. The schedule is changed in response to the changing needs of the men and women we serve. Transportation to and from our women's Center is provided for individuals enrolled in services who live in Springfield, MO. Our shuttle service 6

operates on a planned schedule. Participants are encouraged to utilize their own or public transportation to build independence. Needs of the men, women and families we support cannot always be handled during nonnal business hours. AO/CJRC maintains a crisis response capacity. Counselors and Community Support Specialists share responsibility of being on-call to the men, women and families we support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When contacted, the responsible stafT member screens the need and either provides direct support on the phone or face-to-face, provides direction on which community resources to access and how, contacts the relevant staff member at AO/CJRC who can meet the need, and/or consults with relevant counseling, supervisory or administrative staff on how to proceed in meeting the need. Each individual is infonned of the crisis-response system upon admission to AO/CJRC trcatment services. AO/CJRC actively participates in research and outcome studies. We embrace the opportunities afforded by the initiation of such projects. Research and outcome studies assists AO/CJRC in careful exploration of the treatment process we engage in and most often aid us in being knowledgeable of and participants in better and best practices. Likewise, we will be responsive to any required alteration of services due to statute, rule or regulation, or court order adopted after the proposal receipt through fonnal contract amendment. Cost Avoidance CJRC will explore third party or other payment liability for services for Treatment Court clients before billing CST AR POS or Medicaid, or OSCA This process is conducted by a required Standard Means test for entry into CSTAR services funded by the DMH Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Most of the Treatment Court clients are eligible for CST AR or SROP ADA (men in DWI Court) funding for the first months of their participation. Once a client completes CSTAR service requirements and other funding sources are not available, OSCA resources will be billed according to the plan of services established with the client and the Treatment Court team. When a third party requires the participant to pay cost sharing (e.g. co-payment, coinsurance, deductible), it is understood the Treatment Court shall pay the cost sharing amounts. All the third party options explored and utilized will become part of the participant record and reported on a quarterly cost savings report, when requested by OSCA. We will not bill OSCA for any service covered by another source of revenue. This includes using CSTAR payments as the third party payment prior to accessing Treatment Court funds. These records will be available for audit and review by OSCA AO/CJRC understands we may keep 100% of third party collections when those collections do not exceed the total amount of the contractors financial liability for the participant, there are no payments made by OSCA related to fee for service, and such recovery is not prohibited by Federal or State law. 7

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