The WashinGTon News - Washington GT Magnet Elementary School

The WashinGTon News - Washington GT Magnet Elementary School

Washington GT Magnet Elementary School 1000 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, NC 27601 919-856-7960

Dear Washington Families,


Picture Day Coming Soon — Friday, October 8

October 2010 Edition

Please remember that Lifetouch will be at Washington on Friday, October 8 to take

school pictures! If you are interested in purchasing the photos, you must send in money and

order forms on Oct. 8th. You will not be able to purchase the pictures at a later date. Your

children will give money and orders to the photographer when pictures are taken. All students

will be photographed on this day whether you are choosing to purchase a packet or

not. These pictures will be used in the Washington Elementary yearbook that will be sold

at a later date.

School Store Opening Soon!

The WashinGTon News

From Your PTA Leadership

It was terrific to see so many of you at the Open House a couple of weeks ago.

We have many exciting events planned for October and November, so please mark

your calendars now! On Oct 8 we will be celebrating the Fall Family Picnic on the

playground here at Washington. This is a great opportunity for you to meet other

parents and your children’s new friends. Please also join us on Oct 12 for

McTeacher’s Night at the McDonald’s on South Street in downtown Raleigh. You

will get to order dinner from a Washington teacher, visit with friends, and all the

money from food sales between 4 and 7 pm will be donated to our PTA.

Also this fall, we are thrilled to announce some new events that we think will be

very exciting for our families. In November, the PTA will be hosting our very first

Family Storytelling Night on Wednesday, Nov 17. Our special guest will be Donna

Washington, a nationally recognized children’s storyteller. This great family night

will be held in conjunction with our annual Book Fair. Also, for all of you super

spellers out there, Washington has enrolled in the Scripps National Spelling Bee!

The details are inside this issue of the newsletter.

Finally, a mission of our PTA is to provide the best in educational support to our

students and teachers. We have managed to continue this mission successfully

despite the many budget cuts our school system is facing. All of these wonderful

events do not occur without your financial support. Please make a donation to our

Phantom Fundraiser so that we can continue to provide excellent programming for

all our Washington Wizards!

Jennifer Carroll, PTA President Ann Overton, PTA President-elect

The Washington School Store will be opening in October! Watch the morning news to see

some of the cool new items we are selling in the store this year.

Carnage Open House Dates Announced

Open House dates for Carnage Middle School have been announced and are listed on page 8

of the newsletter. Come and learn more about the offerings of Carnage Magnet Middle


Newsletter Information

Would you like to see your

information printed in the November

1st edition of the newsletter? Just

send your articles/pictures by

October 22nd to Ann Overton Editing

for space/content may occur.

Thanks for contributing!

Inside this issue:

Kudos/Awards 2

Upcoming Events 2

Phantom Fundraiser 3-4

Passive Fundraising 4

Recycling 5

PTA Membership 5

Items Wanted 5

Reading Programs 6

Reflections 6

Spelling Bee 6


5K Run/Walk 7

Washington GT Elementary Magnet School Newsletter October 2010 Page 1


Kindergarten Meet the Teacher — Thanks to the following parents for helping out with welcoming our new

(and some returning) families to Kindergarten Meet the Teacher Day: Julie Zimmerman, Tonya Finney, Becky Wiles,

Jane Godwin, Christy Martschenko.

Open House — A special thank you to the volunteers who helped sell Wizard Wear and get families registered for

PTA membership!. Thanks to Julie Zimmerman, Tonya Finney, and Simran Chivrani.

Math & Science Courtyard — A super thank you to Daniel Chavis, parent of 4th grader Brandon Chavis, of

G&B Landscaping and Lawn Service in Garner for the excellent clean-up of the Math & Science courtyard. Your efforts

are greatly appreciated!!!

Phantom Fundraiser — Thank you to all the families who have donated already to Phantom! You have gotten us off

to a good start. A big thank you goes to Cheryl Rodgers for coordinating the Phantom Program!

Upcoming Events

WashinGTon's Fall Picnic

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8th, 5–7 pm

(Rain date: Fri, Oct 15th)

Join Washington families and staff for the PTA's annual Fall

Picnic on the lawn between the gym and the main building.

Moe’s Southwest Grill and Pelican's SnoBalls will sell tacos

and snow cones, and families from each grade are asked to

bring an item to share from the list (at right). What else

should you bring? A picnic blanket or folding chairs and cash,

if you plan to buy tacos or snow cones.!

McTeacher’s Night — It’s Sure to Be a Happy Meal!

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 4–7 pm

Ms. Ash, Ms. Baildon: cups Ms. Jackson: forks & spoons

Ms. Miller: napkins 1st grade: paper plates

2nd & 3rd grade: juice, soda (no caffeine) and lemonade

4th grade: desserts 5th grade: chips & crackers

All other classes: chips & crackers

*Bring your picnic item to your child’s teacher during the week of

Fall Picnic, drop it off during morning carpool on Friday, October 8

or bring it with you to the picnic.

Please volunteer at Fall Picnic. We will need about 30 volunteers to

work short 30 minute shifts to make Fall Picnic a success again this

year. If you can help before, during or after the event, please

contact Christy Flint at or 557-8312.

Washington will celebrate McTeacher's Night at the McDonald's located right by our

school (at the corner of Wilmington and South St.) on Tuesday October 12th from 4-7 pm.

During the event, different teachers, maybe even your own, will be taking orders and

serving dinner when you stroll up to the McDonald's counter. Even better, our school will

receive a portion of the money the restaurant makes during this time period and has raised over $1,000 for each

of the last two years! So grab your friends and families and join Washington at this annual event! Orders can be

placed at the counter or drive-through window. Questions? Contact Cheryl Rodgers at 363-1658.

Here are some of the teachers you can expect to see:

From 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm: Ms. Hobbs (AU), Ms. Leonard (2 nd ), Ms. Madison (2 nd ), Team 3 rd Grade (Ms. Lindsay, Mr.

Polinchak, Ms. Prewitt, Ms. Privette), Ms. Hopson (4 th ), Mr. Barton (5 th )

From 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm: Ms, Ijeoma (K), Ms. Wilkinson (1 st ), Ms. Powlisen (1 st ), Ms. Rowell (1 st ), Ms. Crosson (Media

Center), Ms. Sculati (Guidance Counselor), Ms Worley (Orchestra), Ms. Hoffman (Technology)

Storytelling Night


Time, TBA

On Wednesday, November 17 Washington will hold its first-ever Family Storytelling Night in conjunction with our annual

Book Fair. Our special guest will be renowned children’s storyteller, Donna Washington. She is the author of numerous

books and CDs for children. Ms. Washington will be giving a performance for all ages at our Family Storytelling Night,

followed by a book signing. Please mark your calendars and watch for more details in the coming weeks.

Washington GT Elementary Magnet School Newsletter October 2010 Page 2

Washington’s 13 h Annual PTA Phantom Fundraiser is off and running! During the fundraiser’s first week, Washington

families, friends, and staff have donated $3,267 which is approximately 20% of our goal. Thank you! Our goal this

year is to raise $16,000 so that we can continue to fund the programs and events that enrich our students and makes

our school special. To date, 8% of families have participated.

Please support our students, teachers, and the PTA by sending in your donation today! Typical donations range in

amount from $35–$300, but we have received donations of $1 and some as large as $1,000. If your family’s budget

allows, please consider a higher level of giving to help ensure the continuation of programs to enhance our children’s

learning experience. A donation card is below or available for download at:


Questions? Please contact Cheryl Rodgers at or 363-1658.

--------------------------------------------------D E T A C H H E R E---------------------------------------------——

Donor Name

Supporting Our School

2010 Washington Elementary Phantom Fundraiser

Please mail or return your donation to school in your child’s Monday Folder.

Check # Date of Check

Mailing Address City Zip

Name(s) of Child(ren) at Washington Grade(s) Teacher(s)

Typical donations range in amount from $35–$300, but we have received donations of $1 and some as large as $1,000. If your

family’s budget allows, please consider a higher level of giving to help ensure the continuation of programs to enhance our children’s

learning experience. Please make checks payable to Washington Elementary PTA.

Levels of Giving: Blue ($1-$49) White ($50-$99) Gold ($100-$249) Wizard ($250 and up)

Donation Amount: $_________

Washington PTA’s 13 th Annual Phantom Fundraiser

If you work for a matching gift company, please check here and enclose your company’s form (we’ll mail the paperwork). IBM

employees: If you would like your donation to be matched and used by IBM to provide the school with equipment, please make your

check out to IBM.

$$ Double Your Phantom Fundraiser Donation $$

Many companies will match donations made by their employees. During last year’s Phantom Fundraiser, Washington

parents, raised an additional $600 for the school by participating in Matching Gifts programs offered by

companies such as Fidelity Investments, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, Wachovia, Tyco, Qualcomm, Oracle and others.

Please ask your employer if they have a Matching Gifts program and then double your Phantom contribution by

participating in the program. Questions? Contact Cheryl Rodgers at

Washington GT Elementary Magnet School Newsletter October 2010 Page 3

Supporting Our School

Passive Fundraising

Which Class Will Be Tops in

Phantom Fundraiser Participation Numbers (as of 9/26/10)

Teacher % family participation

Hayes $445.00 donated in the name of 4 students (out of 23 ) 17%

Rowell $115.00 donated in the name of 3 students (out of 23 ) 13%

Wilkinson $37.00 donated in the name of 3 students (out of 24 ) 13%

Witkowski $275.00 donated in the name of 4 students (out of 24 ) 17%

Barbour $170.00 donated in the name of 4 students (out of 24 ) 17%

Leonard $62.50 donated in the name of 2 students (out of 22 ) 9%

Madison $5.00 donated in the name of 1 students (out of 20 ) 5%

Strickland $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 21 ) 0%

Lindsay $25.00 donated in the name of 1 students (out of 22 ) 5%

Polinchak $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 21 ) 0%

Prewitt $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 23 ) 0%

Privette $150.00 donated in the name of 1 students (out of 22 ) 5%

Ash $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 19 ) 0%

Barton $35.00 donated in the name of 1 students (out of 22 ) 5%

Hood $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 23 ) 0%

Hopson $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 24 ) 0%

DeVoto $150.00 donated in the name of 1 students (out of 23 ) 4%

Hemric* $420.00 donated in the name of 5 students (out of 24 ) 21%

Shaw $40.00 donated in the name of 1 students (out of 26 ) 4%

Staley* $575.00 donated in the name of 6 students (out of 26 ) 23%

Ash* $462.50 donated in the name of 7 students (out of 19 ) 37%

Baildon $50.00 donated in the name of 1 students (out of 18 ) 6%

Jackson $250.00 donated in the name of 1 students (out of 19 ) 5%

Miller $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 18 ) 0%

Hobbs $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 8 ) 0%

Lucero $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 6 ) 0%

Tyler $0.00 donated in the name of 0 students (out of 9 ) 0%

TOTAL: $3,267.00 donated in the name of 46 students (out of 553) = 8% Participation

*The following classes are this week’s PARTICIPATION winners:

Mr. Ash, Mr. Staley, Ms. Hemric. Great job!!

Please note, our first deadline for turning in

BoxTops is October 25th and is fast

approaching! Send them to school in an

envelope labeled BOXTOPS with your

teacher's name(s) on the envelope so the

class gets credit towards our yearly

contest. We'll keep you posted on the

standings via WZRD News and the

newsletter. Don't wait! Send them in today!

Link Shopping Cards to Earn Money for Washington!

• Every time you go to the grocery store you COULD be earning

“FREE MONEY” for WashinGTon. But if you haven’t linked your

shopper’s card, we are missing out. Here is a list of local stores,

places to link and our school code for each:

Store Where to Link Code

Food Lion Any store or 214803

Harris Teeter Any store or 2308

Kroger Any store 80754

Target Any store or 81104

Washington GT Elementary Magnet School Newsletter October 2010 Page 4

PTA Membership

We’re off to a great start this year! Thank you to the many parents and staff who have already joined our PTA

so far. Membership forms are available on the school website. Your membership cards are returned through your

child’s Monday folder. When you join the PTA, you are given voting privileges, and a voice in the direction of our

school. It does not require you to volunteer. An Individual Membership is just $5.75. And this year when you join

the PTA, Great Harvest Bread Company will give you a coupon for a free loaf of bread. If you have any questions,

please contact Julie Zimmerman at

Terracycle Update

Students took no time using the new collection bins we’ve placed

in the cafeteria! They’re filling fast with waste to be “upcycled”

into new products by Terracycle. If you are saving these items

at home, send them in through your child’s teacher, clean and in

a sealed ziploc bag. If you love a “green” cause, we need you!

We still need two more volunteers to pick up and sort the

items on a four week rotation. Please contact Jennifer

Wakeford at 387-8024 or to help.

Recycle Used Ink Cartridges!

Think Green by RECYCLING USED INK CARTRIDGES at Washington

Recycle your used ink cartridges at Washington and earn money for the school. There

is a recycling container in the front office and in the second floor computer lab, room

206. Last year Ms. Hoffman was able to purchase at least $300 worth of ink for the

school printers with money from recycled ink cartridges. Your help is always

appreciated. Many thanks! Paula Hoffman (

Spare Speakers Needed!

Any Spare Speakers? And don’t worry, we’re not looking for public’s

computer speakers we need! If you have any computer speakers sitting at home

that are not being used, please consider donating them to Washington for

teachers to use in their classrooms. If you have some to donate, please bring

them to Ms. Hoffman in room 206.

PTA Returned Check Policy

WashinGTon’s PTA policy is that check writers will be held responsible for any and all fines charged to the

PTA for checks returned for any reason, including NSFs.

Washington GT Elementary Magnet School Newsletter October 2010 Page 5

Reading Programs

Books & Beyond and Book Adventure

Start October 4th!

PTA Reading Incentive programs are scheduled to kick off on October 4th. Students in kindergarten and first

grade will receive a detailed parent brochure on this date along with three reading logs to get started recording what

they read for Books and Beyond. This year, Spanish reading logs are available. Many thanks to Jeanette Santos for

making this possible!

Students in second and third grade will be trained on the use of the Book Adventure program during the weeks of

October 4 th and October 11 th . This year’s program will have three goal dates, the first being just before Winter

Break. Students must have a minimum of 400 points to earn each incentive. As always, the coveted end of year

incentive is a movie with popcorn! Look for more details about this program in the parent information coming home

soon in your child’s folder.

If you would like more information or to volunteer to help with either of these programs, please contact

Jennifer Wakeford at or 387-8024.

Reflections Contest

Exercise Your

Right to Vote

On Tuesday, November 2, the state of North

Carolina as well as Wake County will hold elections

for positions which will help shape your community

in the coming years. All registered Wake County

voters will be able to vote in the county-wide

elections for US Senate, Wake County Sheriff

and Wake County Board of Commissioners. In

addition, depending on your voting precinct, you

may be asked to vote for US House, NC Senate

and NC House.

We encourage you to research the candidates

and issues which will affect your community and

then vote on Tuesday, November 2.

For complete election information, visit the

Wake County Board of Election’s web site at

It's time for Reflections! It's the "science fair" for artists! This year's theme is "Together

We Can..." Reflect on the theme. Create an original work. Be recognized. The 6 categories

include: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Musical Composition, Photography,

Literature, and Visual Arts. Forms and Rules for each category are listed at The deadline is November 5, 2010.

A drop off box will be located in the office for entries. Questions? Contact Susan Darney


Have You Heard the BUZZ?

Super Spellers, get out your dictionaries!

For the first time, Washington Elementary

will be participating in the Scripps

National Spelling Bee. This is a terrific opportunity

for all Washington Wizards to showcase their spelling

ability and school pride. One winner of the school bee

will advance to the regional competition at NC State on

February 26, 2011, to compete with students from all

over the area. The champion of the regional

competition will travel to Washington, DC to compete in

the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May. Charlene

Williams, our PTA chairperson for the bee, along with

faculty members Heidi Bledsoe and Cara Jones, need

parent volunteers to help with the school bee. Please

help us to make this a great event for our Wizards.

For more information about how to sign up to

participate in the bee, or to volunteer to help, please

contact Charlene Williams at or

Washington GT Elementary Page 6


Washington Elementary uses Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) as an approach for establishing a

culture and individualized behavioral supports needed for our school to be an effective learning environment for all


We are in the third year of a three year PBIS implementation process. Two years ago we developed universal

strategies, such as our STAR Expectations, to clearly define and teach our students what is expected in all areas of

their school experience. Last year we developed more clearly defined expectations for each area of the school, as

well as a school-wide reinforcement system. This year we continue to work on expectations for areas of the school

and an intervention system.

STAR Expectations:

Show self-control

Take responsibility

Act safely

Respect yourself and others

For pictures of our recent STAR students,

visit the school website’s PBIS page


Wake PTA Healthy Lifestyles 5K Run/Walk

Are you ready to start moving towards healthier lifestyles for

Wake County?

You have an opportunity to do that on Sunday, November 21, 2010,

at the Wake PTA Healthy Lifestyles 5k. Best of all, you have the

opportunity to show other schools in Wake County how supportive and

involved the families at Washington GT Magnet Elementary truly are!

What: Wake PTA Healthy Lifestyles 5k Run/Walk 2010

When: Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where: Wake Med Soccer Park

Start Time: 3:30 pm

Registration Fee: $20 until November 8th; $25 after that

Race Age Groups: 10 and under, 11-13, 14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59,

60 and over

What you get for your fee: chip-timed race, terrific prizes for winners,

food and beverages, race t-shirt (guaranteed for all who register by early bird deadline of Nov. 8th, not guaranteed

after that due to ordering timeline), terrific goody bag, feeling of accomplishment!

How to register: Visit for online or mail-in registration forms.

New this year! Wake PTA council will award the school with the most overall registered participants. Additionally,

the single elementary, single middle school and single high school with the most registered participants will win

Healthy Lifestyle funding from the Wake PTA Council. Registered participants can be runners, walkers, or race

volunteers (volunteers are free and still get t-shirts and goody bags, as long as they register by November 8th)!

Registrants need not be PTA members in order to register affiliation with our school - they simply need to indicate

affiliation with our school on the registration page.

Help our PTA by registering today and passing the word around to others in the community who might be interested in

the race. You can ask them to kindly register affiliation with our school if they are not affiliated with another school!

If you have questions about this event, please contact

Washington GT Elementary Magnet School Newsletter October 2010 Page 7

WashinGTon Events Calendar


F 1 Teacher Workday

T 5 PTA Meeting (9:30 am)

F 8 Fall Picture Day

Fall Family Picnic (5 – 7 pm)

T 12 McTeacher’s Night (4 - 7 pm)

Th 21 Vision Screening

F 22 Early Release (1:15 pm)

M 25 BoxTops Due

Th 28 End of 1st Quarter


T 2 PTA Meeting 9:30 am

Th 4 Makeup Picture Day

Report Cards go home

Th 11 Holiday

M 15-F 19 Book Fair

M 15 2nd Q Electives begin

W 17 Family Storytelling Night/

PTA Meeting

24-28 Thanksgiving Holiday

For More Information, Contact…

Carnage GT Magnet Middle School

Tours/Open Houses dates for 2010-2011

All sessions begin at 8:30 am.

October 26, 2010 Pathway session for Fuller Elem.

November 3, 2010 Pathway session for Washington Elem.

For the following dates please call the Carnage front

office at 856-7600 to reserve a seat.

November 9 February 1

November 30 February 3

December 2 February 15

December 7 February 17

December 15 February 23

January 12

January 19

Open Houses

November 17 9:00 am or 12:00 pm

February 10 9:00 am or 12:00 pm

PTA Office Contact Name Phone Email Address

President Jennifer Carroll 326-3839

President-elect Ann Overton 662-2596

Past President Kay Brody 462-1936

Secretary Teresa Fortner 303-2916

Treasurer Julie Willis 762-1755

VP Ways & Means Julie Zimmerman 803-8421

VP Communications Angela Sims 291-9204

VP Community Support Amy Jones 828-2952

VP Media Center Bee Loo 469-1764

VP Programs Christy Flint 557-8312

VP School Support Dedira Stevens 779-2580

School Administration Contact Name Phone Email Address

School Principal Peggy Beasley-Rodgers 856-7962

Assistant Principal Becky Viersen 856-7963

Faculty Rep/Elective Information Jan Kidwell 856-7960

Washington GT Elementary Magnet School Newsletter October 2010 Page 8

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