1 - Franklin Township Public Library

1 - Franklin Township Public Library

1 - Franklin Township Public Library


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The Franklin


RA 5-3300 Thursday

Requested I -. . OF Theft

By Lib sse

J2 Ur~’~r?)uS~:trYraO~:thh2e~:

H~ge0Chris:,:se0: to~e!t ::h;:

, the Somersel County Library~~i] Mary Black. 47 Matilda Avenue~

law wife. Magistrate


Mayo imposed a glee of $20 and.


professional "help. She pointed ~l

$’q c°sLs"

OIJt thai other Nomeraet Mtlnlcipolities,

including Manville AERIAL view shows high school e0BaIrllq4|OP, with fc~tfo~ completed. Completion of at, eel

Bssklng Ridge~ North ]Plainfield In~llAUoll, e~lled for by Jan. l~p Is the ~ext maJDr phase M work. S~IpmelltS Rre ~xpected hy

and Warren TownsMp, supl~)rt Mayor]H

$1sler Brns, " S. C~nstruetlon~ Work the Proceeds

fenet~i emttraetor, on wltkln Schedule

I0 days.

local libraries "

The charges stemmed from

the man’s forcing his way Into

the Blach hotlsehold last Mottday

and removing several

artictes of clothing, which he

had given his wife, He testified.

Oiseu,s og ,he r ,oes,,

,at h, doing,is, he ho.od,

George Consvl,~y asked Townmotivate

Mrs, ChrlstlanBeB to

ship Manager William Sorh~or$

return to him.

to obtain information on Y BINSON l e:~peeted Io have ~n enrollment schedule the sehoa] should he Magistrate Mayo rothleed th~


matching funds arrangement " I°f’sev~°ver functlonaleapnelty, ready for occupancy by Sept. I charge of grand larceny to petty

with the County We took a walk Monday after-:l 357 "students In grades 7 Although the auditorium and theft, which he distained aitar

noon around Ihe construction[ aa.tab II The dehool’~ popu]agymnasium

arc Do, t Mated fol

Franhlin, as every munici- - .

receiving the defel~dant’s pro-

,)t ~0ality which does not have site of the new Franklin Town-[ lion ia scheduled to rise Shal’~ly completion until early 19~2,mi~ to return the c]oN11ng to

public library facilRles, pays

there is a chance that they will

~.~ip high school, just off FrBi~R- at the alert of the second year

police headquarters by th~l "

i counly library t~x each year, lin Boulevard, Walking with us when a class of 12 ~raders, high be ready, along with the rest el weekend,

The Library has purchased school seniors¯ is added to the the school, in the Fall¯ All thi~ Magistrate M/~yo ordered the

and aetl]tg as guide was Robert l.~ s. fnis influ;~ would push en- hinges, says Mr. Ailed, upon the

tract of land off Franklin Boul~


not to go near the Blae~-s

yard from the Tt,~unsbip for $1 W Allen, principal of the

re nl ~ t m’l.OSI) or 50 students weather and the ennslsten~ house again "for you are aat

~nd has been organizing plans



school, above maximuro eepacity. ]n

deivery of supplies. Whelt oom- welcome there. If you can settle

for a new building. T~e quar-

When J( is completed next fall, the third year tha 7th 0rode is plated next Fall, the school will: yo~lr differences with your wlte

Ihe school will be a big plant

ters are Sl 56 Phillips Head.

expected to be dropptld from the

be one of the most modern in the

~ne of the ]argesl of the State’s rolls, reducing the student


fConttrmed on Page II)

new schoo!s. And..yet, Large as

tt is, within a few years there

l~pnlmion lo 1,550. With the

dropping of the 8th Grade in the

The true measure uf a sche~l

is nat in the physical plant, it is

Fire Destroys - possh. w’ he .ooou,hou. year. ,he h.,l said, hut i ,eache,s and or- Cage Practices


h er


--or"o-- /j: ,an r.an ..... " "

Weds Mr, Racz to Needy ~i:~.._:~" " " - .,

son~l and Eolian D. Baoz were

Nov. li~-A daughter, to Mr;" t~nskets were dJstflbu~ed ~o

married Friday in Mesyar R~ Mrs. Lawrence Che~ need~ famSiM last week by the ¯

+ ~ Oi~.~|g~t " "" ~" "

~orthed Church; The Rev, An¯




¯ . ..

drear Kosa per[armed lh~ or. 21--A son, te Mr, t~ Mrs, A ~I~cinl food supply from ¯ ¯ .:.: ."

eerprnony, Sotvutore Viaptsinno el ~unyon’a Market wa~ ddivered MOI~DAY, ~T.IF~DAY, ~HURSDAY, FRIDAy -.

b~iss Pozsonyt ts the daughtm Bewtherne Drive. Wednesday, to the filmily og 9 a.m. th~oa 1 p~m. -- ~ p.m., ~ ~ g p.m.

of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Antlmny of Stackwvlls " " ’ SATURDAY

e~yi of Now s~s+h. ,er About $mut~ "

~,,is Bo~d. The lathe, h~d heeo ~ o.o~. to 0 ~.=.

ht~bcnd L~ the son of Mr. & Mrs. s~ntenced to ~ days in County

Z¢lthn Raez of 570 Hamil~n TROOP 1~ Jail for heating his daughter.

Streeti Prank]in T~wnshlp. More than 100 parents ttttend- " The progrv.l~ won handled 1

C~ven in marriage by hm ed a court of honor last week nt Benjamin Beckage, health

tether, the bride wore a whleh ~d ~c~mts received awards wnifsre eh/drnlan¢ He

gown of white silk velvet aW After the presentation, a iSm, slsted by ~oh~ ~ortl, Michael



. -

" @ - -


, , __


pliqued v, dth velvet roses end "~ubilee Jamboree", the slm~’y Bod.~Jk, Charles PotrlSe, A.~-

terminating in a chapel train, of the national Scout Jamboree thinly Naterell. Albert Byssus/el

Her pearl Victorian crown held at Colorado Springa~ C01o. I~m a~d Kurt Leuser.

a three-tier fingertip Sll~glon ~’l] Su~r~er~ was. shown. A mom¢.¢.t of prayer for pastand

she carried a bouquet et William Dew+run of Kendall president Edmund denkins

phalaenopsis and 1thee of the Park. new scoutmaster. ~wlll observed at the meetthg last

valley. " succeed James Moise oi Frank- Wednesday in Pranklin ~ark

Maid of honor was Miss Lynda

lin Park. Troop


Ner0.eth in a red velvet dress refreshments¯ " The finance committee Will

with matching headpiece and meet Wenesdny in the heine of

veil. She earried a bouquet

Rec¢lvinS awa’r~s were.

chairman Robert La Pthn~

wh[~e-pomp~ms and roses. Tenderfvot --Burnham Hobbs. affer the regular meeting. ¯ ¯

Robert Phillips and Jack Na-

Sknil~rly d~s~ed

The annual father &

were Mla~ Elaine PozconvL

~ n ~ o ~ ’ ~.C in






hams. Christmas party will be held

cousin el the bride, and ]Kiss Second class-James Lenehen Dec. 14 in the" grill¯

Mary A~ Kc~zkulles. . Fred Kedniph, Dennis

Jar~e Sandy was /~wer girl in Antheny Durbe, Frank

CluhP8 Holiday Bazaat~ ,

a dreamt identical lo the atatld



StevanDunt~ ~ndan~. ¯ Brad Page. James Widener and To Be Held

]~]l~= : " ¯

¯ SaturdBy.-

Acting as page was Paul With~rd Potter. The Frah~Oln Woman’s Club

I~hanyos. First slues -- Lloyd PewelL ~vilI hold its annual H0l[~ay

The ushers were " Niekelas Larry Sttler, Wayne Lancaster, Bazaar Salurday from noon fo fl

Sch|oder and Nicholas FigureUi. David. Welch, David Ferra~o p,m. In the Community Col.



"" --L~quo~s



A reception was held in and Craig Dunn. unteer Firehouse on BamL~on

LL~wcod Grove. after wh]gb the Merit hedges -- Charles CUr- Street.

newlyweds left for Miami. Fin¯ coran. Tom Bird. Stephen Featured atlraetinns Will |n.

The b~-idegroom, who aBcnded Sl~wke. Philip Carl~on. Gary elude Mrs. Julius Kocsis ddin~

seh~s In Europe. is th the U. S. Hallengren. S]~ip Sincsk. David .pastel porlral~s.. Jewelery by

Army. His wife is a graduate of Morrlson, David Perraro, Bu- b~rs. Eva Kertes, and Mrs,

New Brunswick Nish School, bert Widener, Mike Lyon, David Abram Suydam’s

She is a.seeretary for Littman Dun~, .lat~le8 Widener, Crslg coffee shop. For the youn~er set

Jewelers.~ Hlghl~nd~Phrk. Durra, David Welch and James there will be ~n~t$ b~lh~w

’[~ne co’Pie v~lt live in New Dunn. where children can wri~le ahd

Brunswick; Star -- Hubert Wldenmr and ~ost letters {o the North Pole.

Charles Corcoran and life ~r~d Bet(~ Beep’s Beauty Pa~

FOP~tleF Midd~hush Philip Car]8o~, ]or where the beautician wilt

The award - winning Mrs, John Otterheing¯

Couple HLve 2rid ~on

was the Coyote.

Bazaar chairman Mrs.

A s~n, PUl, was born a week Sodo and her committee have

ago yesterday in Attanlie City conducting Wedncgds$

Hospital to Louis and France~ Mrs. KeUer Elected wor~h~m during the p~l




5.9.~ 76

l~r&nk]hl Twp. "

Pashas Jr. of Barnegat Light..Aux~liLry President months, preparin~

Both are formerly of Middle.

Christmas candles, stockings,

bush. They have another son,

Mrs. Jack Keller was elected

and other delicacies for th~


president at a recent roeeting el


Mrs. Puskas, the former Mi~

the Last Frank]io .Fire Com.

party Auxilihry. Other new of.

Frances Naase,~. was n member

Scars a~e Mrs. Eugene Sca~etti, DeceMIhu~ We~|dJI~

~! the staff o~ Nash Newspapers.

She recently was elected to the wire president: Mrs. William Planned hy Couple

Barnegat Light Borg Council on

MR. TRUSTY ~3.YS: "Surprise your family

[~agy. ~ecordiog secretary; Mrs. A December weddins is plan.

the Demoet’atlc ticket.

Michael Talk. t~easurer, sad ned for Mi.~ Dolnres Gt’[er ~

Mrm Ad~,lph Cnnavesia. Minneapelis~ Minn., dsughteg of

~ponding seerelary. Mr. & Mrs. Edward O. Oder of

Phone Your Classii]eds The A~xmm.y’. Finnepana Lane. Franklin Park.


Christmas Party will be held ov to William J: Lau Jr., son ~f Mr

with a new ear for Christmas. We can help

yOU finance it with a cenvenlent low-rate


5.3300, ,,,i

Cleane~l -- Dye~ ~ Talinrs

Mr. Anthon yy s



~’ 17. fro~ ~ p.m. to 1

~, Mrs. Lau of Minneapolis Minn

Mrs, Jack Farr is ehairledy, Miss Grisr attended Western

The Auxiliary held a State College, Colo.. where she

P~rly last night in the firehouse. ! a member of Alphe Sigma

Mr~ Anthony ~eone and Mrs, Alpha Shrorky.

Employed. as a

Wi]llnm PoSer were co-chair- secr~lary for B~mJngton Mend

ladies for the evenL Univac In St. Paul. Minn., she is

former airline stewardess,

Ner fiance wss a member of

Delth Phi Fraternity at


TO You







Ig ~g M~.4=

Mentbe Mostbe ~nthe

81.~1 ~9.’/g 4£g~

1~1.2~ 89.~O ,.~

t’/5.00 llg.4~ gl.g~

glS.’~d 149.81 114.g9

ggg.50 1’/9.I7 lSL~








Tuxedo*s i’ AIR w...e+,,

the n, rslty of Min.esota,

for all major

which he attended, He is employ

~.~. ~’s,’ ~.,%

:~ ~



~,. tea and ale

ed as u sales repr@sentattve for ....


"Jises ~t offkdd Benn Inc. of St. Paul, Mitre,








sc--o B.oNo,,

Mldd]ebush Fire Company=~Will BOUND BROOK

Tl~l{l~" The Lediss Auxiliary of the

The ¯ ?-: ’.:= i

th~inll uniters at a dthne~nday

in lbe firehouse,

Kom~Age~tey !." Company, Inc.

CARRY Tnw#!,Bur~t~ AutoC~t~slmtdk~


Two convenient

F~I~ ~’OWNSHI~ .......

t N~w Brumw~k,

Phone Kg 5~)891~ . ,:.+


, ¯ ’r~0RSD~!~EZR 1, 1go0 ¯ ¯ ~’~" Fn’A~T:~LI~ NeWS -~CO~ V P^0~ ¯g

7th Birthday Party !Pmzss ~’~nSsss" ~’oR " VXM~.eEgS "1’0 M~er.: .~ ~ TAn~,W.’IN :~W~H~ ~

Hone.to M|chelle Kulhm The "Po~v~’b~-th~l~ss"

The VILlagers will meet Mon~ ¯





P,’IN~L PREP’A~TION~ for the proRuctlen of "St~r of

We~ader" are ms~q by (I. to r.) John W. BurUs St, and A. Dean

Co~ert, ¢!eetrlhl~s, Marcia L. Hough, .direcM~c ~nd Frane~s

Brummtrum, ~a~s ~.

’. C~urch Pageant Rehearsals Begin

"Star of Wonder", East Mill- Dr. Miltnn J. Eofl~non, pastor

sto~e’s annual dramattzatio~ of and retired emeritus profcssar

the~Chrisimas story, will be re- o~ church history of New E;runs.

pe~ted during condleHght ser- wick ~eolegica] Seminary, will

vices in the DutCh:" Retormed narrate the pagean~ He will

Church¯ Directed by Mercia L. else deriver welcoming remarks

Hob~h, daughter of its Isle end benediction.

author..~u~-ry.W.::Hough, Ihe ......

pageant will mmploy Iwo choirs

and a score a~ gmrformers and

,ochn oi .... COMING

It will be staged Dec. ]5, 18

and 18 at 8 p.m. in East

stozle Reformed Church.


The play will be performed

Michsie Eullna, daughter of was put to the. test ~t last Inn. Casting for the gl~Up’s ~ext

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kullna of Week’s Council meIMg ~hen produMion may begin ~t the

And.Well Road, ceLebrated her roprosentattoes ~ ~fee n0wa- meeting, if ~eLectlc~ of a three.

seventh birlhday with s pal’ty at papers l~|Bloned the govern- act p]~y.is completed,

home Sunday afternoon, lnff body to provide a press

G lests inc[used her Lot .Grade table Ln. the new meeting room -classmates

at Mlddlehush. of ~e propaaed Townshil~ Hail NO ~ OPE~

School, James Gerweek, Alex addition.

Pttskns, Tern Pearson, Randy After the rneotln4L t~e 2mtl- DIAMOND LANES

Brumwsil. Particle Merl~ll "tlolt WaS pre~mtlled ’~b" Tow11- OlaEE HOWLING






and Margare~

besides her




Manager WtlHam Sereby

re~rthrs who re,u-

¢ovv¢ Council meetings.



parents and sister barbara. An ordinan0e appropriatb~d{ Franklin Bled,

were Mr. & Mrs, Stephen V. funds for the renovation Is


Bsiint, her uncle and aunt, and

sehedRled for puMi¢ hearing

{heir ehildrei% Maryanne, Mar DO~. ~s, Hamilton Street

~ geritte, Denis, George and .... CH 9.3310

;Stephen Jr. all of Manvile. Classifieds pay Offt


" EVENTS " ¯

evergreens deco?atlng the con- Dec. 3--Bazaar’, Girl Scout

tary . old church and accompanied

by special sound and

]ightlng e~fee~s, in eddJliun to

Troop 21A~ Railroad

10 q.m.

~quare, i~!~.-.~- ;

the churls[ effects Of comhlned Eec. ~-~zuar,

and u]ternatlng junior and Women’~ Club,

sen[~ choirs. Thi~ year’s pro- Firehouse, noon.


Carom unit~/

duction will feature tee [ntro ]:*ec. 5 |nstallaIion dinnel

ductivn of on original Christmas Ladies Auxiliary. Middlebush

~nthorn written by Miss Hough. Firehouse, ? p.m.

Key figures in the re-ca- Dec. ~Mee~.in~. The Villagers,

aetmcnt uf the Nativity -- Mary Colonial Farms, 8 p,m.

ahd Joseph, the shepherds and Dec 5-~Meeting, Board of Eduthe

three kings -- wi]l ~ove in c, atlon, Plue Qrove Manor

pantomimic silence" to a nori*ation


in the .*.’.y¢)u .are ther~

School, 8 p.m.

~ec. ~DJnn~r, Ladles Au:{Sira

ditiob’. Th~ hnur h,ng Jury, Community IClrehvuse,

" ~pecteel

e J~ de$[ge~d to induce 7p,m.

an effect of immediacy to an Dec, e~-High Sehosi 0rienta~.sin,

0~ F

audience viewing the ¢.venls of

the original Christmas nigh(,

Board of Edueation~

School, B p.m,


"Phe pre.duetlon,

lighting effects,





Dee. 7--Meetlng~ Lion



Franklin Park Grill, 6:30 p.m.

orations, and can~le ceremonies, Plenuing ~oei’d~ Townshi~

eads c]irhadtieally wlth the pea]- Hall, 8 p.m.

ing of the church’s hell. the Dec. 5--Meetlng, Advisory

sound of which is reproduced in- Board c,f ~eaJth. Townsh[p


"Hull 8 p,m,

m,,,, ,





SOFA and 2 CHAIRS ~’~ "

- 1 $0 95 & up

’ : Uph lstery yr s s .wc ¯ ::

You An ~ Wilho~t.Obllgatlon " _.___~. ’ . ~.... ~ ,; ~ ~


., ~ The nominee fo~" the Judgeship over Democrat Thorn Lord are beck in the cellar arselmLs.

cotdd be on~ el ~ three y~en -- Joe n~ak~s him the t.cp man in New|t’s


our ggess.the senatc¢ cold

Bvdell of North Plainlie]d, B Jersey’s RepublLcalt P~rty ~ud hand o pick the next GOP sabermember

of the Park Commls- gives him additional stature i~ natorial candidate, il~ he desired,

slon: Joe Murphy of Somerville, the national GO]? whir]. His Case’~ capture of New Jerae)’

who h~s lots of trial practice trLumph also puts more punch by more than 3C0,C~ votes has

uuder his belt, and J. Berkeley into the liberal wing ot t~e put him In frt,n( of a national

Leahy ot Bnund Brc~ok, who Senate’s Republican mthDr~ty. A spothght. Sunday iitgbt he did a

serves as m~gtstrale in Brab~b* resottr, dlilg COP victory in o turn before David Susskbld’s

burg, Hillsborough, Millstone slate which he]&ed elect Senator Chancre1 13 eal~era~ aa "Open

and his own lawn. Ken edy s political arthimetic End" discussed "The Future of

. Bedell s.d Leahy would like the pros can understand, the Republican Party," On Dee.

’~e phone calls to get in a ]uperlor Court opportunity the county coat1 job, sad there The statistician8 have come 12 be wili be the ~uest speaker

p]u~ for a friend, the marLeuvre9t’ni~;ht at’[se.. Providi~ the ,~.-(~ Is plenty of suppOrL for each el up with ~he finding that " Case at the ]utlcheon tl~eeting o~ the

to cash m whatever political want~ to be a J~dge, of ¢otlrse. them. ~lul If Murphy wants to I wan Dn NOV. 8 by a gr0ater mar- National P~ss C~ub at" Washinglolls

may be stashed away, the Then there’~ Art Merethtb, the ~lve tip bar for b~eb, he’s the gin than any o~her Repub]lea~ toh, where only top ranking

pulls and lugs always noticeable Somerset prosecutor and


fro~lrur, n.er. - in the D. S. Toy wilh that fact a ~ewsffl-akers are called Io the

when a major political appoint- another veteran l~eyner sup- ¯

m~ momenl, aml~os; it could help rostl~lm. And sometime next

ment is (~n tap -- all of Ihe~e poller. B~t Art’s ~lso shy of the "Ihcre shoLtld be jubiliation in pt~t Case on the next GOP pres-[ mo~th the Saturday Evening

p]oy~ will rome to an abrupt I~agie ]0 - year stride. HoWever,

nortb cvunty and adjoinin~ lderlLlal ticket. ! Post will I~rof]le the senRlor and

halt once Gee. Meyne~ names hc’s a declared aspirant for the MorriS, where storm signals


¯ Early this year the Old Gaardih~s political views.



man to succeed Certify county bench, and he claims

continue to fly in the ~ace of the ! was out for Ca~e’9 scalp In the] We wonde]’.lf General Johnson

Court 3udge Joseph Halpern there is legal precedent to Port of New York Authority. Primary. Today the hatchets ia very happy about all of thls?

when he moves up to Superior supPOrt his appointment. !n

Dourt. short. Leave a vacnncy in While the,Jersey ires are fishtlng " --~---he

PA’s study ’ that might put

i As you may have )loticed County Court until Meredlth’a~ international jetport inlo

a Judge Js to he ~amed. al- rounds out the l0 years. Morris. a lot o~ folks in Oranse

most bait the membership of the A nomlnntion for Meredith County, N. Y., are banding tol-------


counly bar association winds up doesn’t fi.~ure, Withthe Adrnin¯

ge~hor to convince PA t~t their

in print as a likely candidate -- istrotion and th~ Judiciary try- area is just the place for the ANY BOOK IN PRINT

theludblg those without deslre ing t6 gain Leglstat"ive sancti~n skybirds.

for judicial robe~ for more judges to h~ndlc the Orange County is one of



The Governor’s nominee ~u~ heavy court ea]endar~, the Gayarea8

under PA consideration,


be a Democrat, to maintain the ernur would have a difficult but it still Is beyond the Aulhorbipartisan

balance of th .... ty ti .... p]aining why he is pick- ity’s 25-mile radius of operations.

bench, Leon Gerotsky being the ing in 1~0 n man who could not ’Yherefore approval of N. J. and

~ln m@O~

’ht...~ ~.J~4 Somerset

OOP side. So , . . assume his duties until mid- N. Y. legislatures woutd be re-

There’s Attorney - Oeneral ]961. quired before an airport could Book & Gift Shop

Dave Furman of Bedminster. And we epn’t see Senator Wll- be installed there. ¯ 3d W. Main St,

~ut he’s a bit short on the l0 Iiam O~.ard buying the "Name ~__

¯ Somerville, N. 3,

years of ]awyership required for Me in December but.lnduct Me The rising ~mportaoce of U.S.

¯ RA 5-eF~g

the bench job, Further, the feel- in June" spiel¯ If Meyner insist~ Senator CILI£ord Case in state

~ng seems to be that at ]east a on Meredith, you care expect ~ and natlonal pc~ittca[ circles can

~uperior Court appointment senatorial freeze that may push not he overestimated, ~[i~

Would be more the style for a the apPointment ~over to I~2

tremendous victory on Nov. 8th

member of the Oovernor’s and ]V~eyl~er*s sue’eraser,

cabinet, With Furman due to If you put Meredith on your

hit the I0 - mark ttext year whileselection fist, keep the eraser

GaY. Mey~,er is still in office, a ! ~andy.




7ou’re sure ,o find lt at

American ’Finance--up to $500


J’~" 0 E’ ~ O A O T’lli$ WEEK OIILY! I

AHERICAN FINANCE’ ¯ ..’’’"’,.,,.. . -’’’ -"" ..............

’ CORPORATION’ ’"’°’°’ $A



IAc, NO, 929

;o, ,. .,,, ,,., NOW RA 5-0700


l~,.anldin Youth Ea~ ~uo~.+ ENTme.T~tJN U I,~ ......


O +Fzelt2 Io|r

" ~*

S War k romeedingonScheti~e;


SiiverSwtmMet~l, b+:#:~f~brl+s:K,ronke~’lIn FPanklirn


8r of Ol¢~SIr~ot, Mlddk~bush, j A rash of fi,ld fire9 Monday’

Curriculum ~"~J( )ted by B .... of E A .~ed- ~in= +or ~odal oo,0~o+ ,~ ~.*~ th" *he~ ~S~ ~+ fi~h~¯:,~m,,,w

in the 00 - yard fpeestyin was home Tbo~sg vlng Day at a companies oceapind fur several

be done to organize the ~ebool won S~turday b7 RlkkJe fat0ily faun|on.

(Contiooe~ from E&ae ~+] before it is even built, ’l~ere ore ~omper, lit, son of Mr. & Mrs, Attendin£t were Dr, & Mm. A small blase at 8:37 p,m. at

meeilnag in Franklin Park Benjamin Kemper of 141 EogerA to°dale F- T~eker o~ Brooklyn, Brown Place and Equator Aveminute

lunch ~d recess period~

S~hool. Elizabeth Avenue 8~boo! Avenue¯ Mreand tbolrB~roldtWOMabieehiLdren ~ ofMr’pmek

~raduaflen Bequlremeots

and their five children¯ end hours. ¢r

& hue was ext ago shed by the 2rid

~11 o~nr ~ct ++.raduate, a student and HiUerest

School with Competing in the aj.e grguP

skill’ N.Y. and "their" three Dintrlet Fife~ Company, At lO:~O

swimming championship s~n- . ’ ’ Abraham Orossman of Davidwill

have to corn 84 credtt~, at students who will be enferbl sated by lbo AAU at the Summt

children: Mr. & Mrs. Charson

Avenue reported a argo

whinh ~ must in~ude [our years lreshmen, or Iransterrmg to the YMCA, the youth finished in a ins K. Tucker Jr. of P~terson

f e d at eme a am+ from he

of English, two years of United new high sobo0[: The first year dead heat for first place but Elizaheth Avenue S~ho~l.

~t~tos hintory¯ one year of either ,~f a sohool’s opera+Aa° ~ often settled foP,the runner - up honor Reherl E, T~ker and M~ss Soo0nd D s r el, ass’sled hy

civics, world hi~vory, world go- its most crucial, says Mr. Allen, Je~netie Parker, studonts

after a judges’ decision. His


Middinbush F i re Co m p any,

o~rsphy, e~onomies or threE- and he is working now to see tth~e for the dintance was 35.$ Waynesbor~ College In Penn- brought the fi~e under control

nvtinnal ro]ations; ~our years of sylvania.

~hat everything r~ns smoothly sec~ed~,

Twenty minutes after 1he

physical education, health and

safety; one year of mathematics

lwe years of acience, and three

at Franklin’s high school.



On +saturday the youth will D|RB~FOE8 OF CHAMBER

compete in a dual meet On the WILL MEE~ TUESDAY

Plainfield Y team in Orange, The board or directors of t~e

second blaze, Leater Hig~ins of

New Brtmswisk Road reported

small fire near oavid~on

~osrs of study within a r~a~or


Depending upon where his in-

|crests rest, the high school

The Advisory Board at Heslth

will meet Thursday at 8 p.m. in

row~hlp Hydl.

and then



enter ~e 25 - yard

in an AAU .wire in

Charahar of Cornr~erce wilt Avenne. Midd]ebush

meet Tuesday at ~ p+m. in the call, but the fire

Franklin Park Grill, been extingulahed,


had already

student will be offered these

fields feel° whleh to ch~se his

~o, .....,. bE, ......do=too, WAREHOUSE FURNITURE. OUTLET Open 3 Nights

loreiRnS°°ial stud]ca,lan~uo~eshome( IPl~n ch,ec°n°mieS’German,

Latin, Spaui~h¯l industrial

t~k Lit tie Out o~ The ~w..



Turn up Arlington St, (Left at Main St. II hU

Next Left on Hladym AVed Next Eight npWePss" St.

Men. - ThU~’S, - Fri. "till 9 P.M."

Tues. + Wed, - 8at. S!30 P.M.



mathematics, music, ~nd A Lot Less Io P~ty|~S NEED TRANSPORTATION? CALL---We’ll Pick YOU Up.

Under social studie~ will bc

or~’a~ ~f study such ~s civics __ -- .-- [ __

world i~Jstory, world geo~r!Iphy,

U. S+ Illstory~ economics, atn~

intPrnaHonal relations, while ihc

maLhematins department will " ;

offer algebra busioes~ arithmarie.

~somctry trlgoaonl.try

and mathem~ttical analysis.

RUBBER CUSHIONED SECTIONAL Nylon Covered Foam Cushioned Sqitc

In the worhl sf scict~cc, the ~_~1

Jstry, physical st°once, and ~

~r ~ .

minded ~tndonls WiI~ be il~torestcd

in COUl’Sea ill basic busbleSS,

~ ~yping stenography, b~mkkcep

.:Jag, soeretarial praciloe, office

practicl~ businsss ISW, eco-



and distributive


eduea- 3-Pe. ~ t~onal "-~ select

a, Made to sell for $30~.

c~lors and


h~ name a few. SAVfi $15,0~

+bore do., ....... +a,...~.-,,.++,.. *-gs

’Z7 ,s ’~ E+, ++,+- ., h+ 19s .0k.d

SAVE ~,00

s- A. +,o~ j....

scilvRie:+ fit ialo tile ~

,Iudus~al Tour hdudea .~-,*=,.ooE, ...... - ~--,. ,,.~,o~,.n.oo. 1~,

~’"~"~’~" ’"""’ " "~" " ¯ :" b . The Millstone "Bus Line la ~Yell~huySell .q, lo~ I "Mr

, . ¯ .... V ’ seehlu~ p~mh~lou to thveease l~ep~e~entatlve

¯ ~.,,5 SouthCountyMmucmiihties

Robert, F, MoSs of Metu~hen tOIin Midd]es~ County

¯ b, . ,, ¯ , nvs ~1~ snKs . ~ttorD~ A ihoin|ed I .....

.Fre nghuysen’s Con~os-

Peter Freling- ~’alonal district Inetec~es Marrts,

[ te fare r~tes AIt~rtu~ ontbo hu.ve#n "~Tr.’ today appelnl~d~merset and ten muniblp~itios

~,., .... ., v ~ ~ " ~

~orapeny’s r~qu~t will be ~ml-

Indu~trtellsls flora the East, Mead and Skillman .. ~,, C0ua-

’ x " tu a

Etwte~ In N~W~rk D~c. 1~ ~t Ma sLat’f, Mr. ~oss will serve a~ ’ ’

_ ern Seabooa’d will visit Somersel ly border. There it ~ql rn ast

’field m~n" tar’the Cangresa~nan

’ "ll ¯aam b" " 8 : "


, ’ ,, h~

. y t]~ taleElOard ot

¯ ¢~ouq y ~.~e~day on a tour sport, m~ Cherry Va e~ ¯ ~a’ . ..k o l~uhll PlaYwright Rugene O’NeilL

O Ut lHty

Col~fi~thtoten@r& o~ a pert - time ba8/~ work ng

sated ¯ by the Board of Freehold. Rmde 20~. Flom:th..~ - ~t wl)l

won t ~ o~c

~ Th e earn p a ny --~ ~ k-- m~’ te

: ¯ N ¯ L prize tar

out of hl~ office at 408 Mate

era with llnanctel au~tstaueetravel north t~ Rdme ?! .,x.east] literature In i~8

boos b Y th~ eefite ~ 0ash Street ill Mott~chen. "

" frord ~he Puhlte Service Electric o the shop!td~ center

I :fare on ~l~ke~ wblc~ sell from Mr Moss~ who will continue

~ ~a~ COm~..~. ~nel" "°Re" e:’~’ . "°’i ~S o,.,~., to . .~. de-the proo,~e of, ..... , yo. RAMBLERS

i" The itlnerary, arranged by $Oitlorset a 2~ PcIUnI(I~ lh I 9 In l~id IlK on ~es covered, , nd

¯ County Planning Director dtmtllal ,

- " ¯ ’" was . p re a de st he i

Conllt!is~ion members by $I lie 40-~ip tleke~ hOOks* Youn~ Repub caius Ha s a fo ’-

~ ew, erscy


William Roach. includes !¢~thts or officials fram oa,.~l p I:lu.¯l will ....... RARITAN VALLE~

[mer Meluchen councilman and



itn Fr’anklin. Mnnvillc Branch¯ be present .....h bust .... There were 40 50~,000 auo bore a,orney. Mr. M.a~ has P~or. Them!men 8l. &,w

I’]ilL~horough a~d Mont.

plain municipal attracthm8. Iradios manufactured in 1959. [ also served as Middlesex County RatE~l~

N’ "~"






at ~he Blue Star ShbI~

i*~t~g Center, the bus cavalcad,!

..o~ O~dge~0~. . SOME Proceediog ihtv Franklin, the ,.~, .s, 0r.o ....0,o,od


:. ]hto P~at~way Township. Returnteg

via the Bame route, it


¯ will rdbve" down Canal Road to . ,

Randolph ~ad " to Weston 0eh~ ~0_ ~, ~ck ,o SAVE SEVEN DAYSA


¯ " Plfiinficld W~tchung, Warren

Canal Road and across Weston

Causeway into Manville.

Proceeding 8lear Main S~eet,

th0 to~r w,, ~e,ve ,he ~oro for "’ ~ "*"’ - ""~’"-""u,~,~uv’t.,u~r~ut~.u

]mints to Bridgewater and ~amo,,01e,rv*,te

"--’o* "0 ,o ,h. ,no ,to. the ,o, io. te.ch..., l0


BREAST FreSh Killed i

Branchburg to the mtL~lCipel

and County ~drldary¯ ~rom there it ~..wln~.o~th ~ the Central ¯Railroad, follow" the"


tracks back Io Readington *Road.

and tur~ south 0~ Co~l~ty 1~ouh ..... . , , , , m ~ ----

~,,,o,,.~..r,a. Seh~,~,

a~d Cedar Grove ROad to l~oute

20"2. Traveling ~outh 8s far ad i il n

Holland ~rook, the tour w411 re- PORK ROAST ~" d~

’ Still ’ in Br~chlmlrg, the buse~ SWi "ft P renlmm " - ~W ~tern



...... ils rdute into Old Yor]e * Whol ,Pork e Loin - Cut to’your’o P der (12 ¯ 14 Ib, Avg ) 53 C’ lb ~’]K



It will then eroas the North ’ " ’ ’

.a,~fi.~ ~h.~ ,L ..is ~o.E .... t. Ooke. th = "-~ Liver

B]’JdRewatar arid Rnritan, and

then head inte Hillsborough. l~b -- Lo~rl

Parkway to Valley Road. tu

Triangle Road to Route 21~. I1

~lll headeastonHami]tonRoad, Swift Premium

return to Route 206 via Amwel]


alld pr0ceed south tcklo~fg Couotg ,eLite 13. lhe wIH pa~ thl~aOgh .rile

Rib - Shoulder


Snow White--Cubed




619, ’,

VISIT OUR ’NEW DELICATESSEN DEPT. - ~Fre~h S’alads ¯ Homemade Specialties ¯

L~st Our SNACK BAR - Stop End Enjoy a Steaming Cup of Coffee - Sandwich - llot

. . Dos or Pima Pie.

_ ..... . Spicy

o lish ¯


t Swift P, remium (Sliced)

. 1 I [ Knockwurst 59¢ Hard. , /Sali-

~Phone Your L’h~i~ed~

’0""’"" "

HA 8-9200

’ ,,.r, Frankly SpeakTng s .T. " I

’ . i " FrhpkUnl~es were among ~tsblishm~t on : ,l~rmddl~

’ ’’ ...’ ’:. ..... OF ~eft ¯

thooe, o0ntrthtrRng to be]p sup- Boisewrd, will beheld

part the work of the~hlldren s


st 8:30 p¯m. .. Proprietors



oown ,at We ,, ofe Dismiss. Ho o, l.f. of O.,O.,’,a, .oy.nd on.rd..oot

Vout retails, man, y0u2s. Jrtlly related with pettlneas hod con,

tlngisd with antleJpatlott several te~vershd- leadership. It is ’one


weeks ago when a letter appear" which will see storm renters

ed in the mail "oox from o sUB to the Rcpublisan Party Io IC~ntthued from P~ge 1)

"reiatlve who had been tmae. the next yh~r, to’ overcome

counted fpr In recent years, l~xlty, from the DemeerMIc al~d Bare your marxisge, you

It was rather distressing ~ Party Which will finally have my btesstng, s."

note the formality with which he appease all its belligerent

The defendant "was represent.

began his first communique 10 elements for ¯the sake of ad- ed by attorney Herbert Jacobs

II/O family *rBer an absence of veneoment

¯ of Atlantic CR~v.

child- care aed addptlon agency.

According to a lineal r~p0Pt byf 0ODUT8 TO CONDUOT

. Stanley retinae af Trenton, Girl SOOUt TrOOp 214 will con-

,resident, these figures were In-J duct a Christmas bazaar Sat~t~

leded |n the total contrthutlans: I day from lO a.m¯ to f p, m¯inthe

Klnl~stoo. $20~ Middlobush. MS, loftier building at tLuilroad

and Franklin Park $3. I ~quare in Mlddlebush¯

r~ thomado-for-each other 100k in



H. HUnk lk

eor~[der able ish,th, We ] .... , Ward Covet’l[


However, to know our Uncle election


in May Which may find Princeton ned Lee Marcott% 22,1

~rn is to utlderstand fully the Republicans supporting Dome- M Plainfield were both found"

rigidity in hls sMuatlon __lcrats nnd vice - versa¯ guilty of specdisg on Route g°t,[


The former was lined $5 ned

To continue Unk o~sed an of trietJng I the Township We leave the in chore-of accord re-disfor

which trie~ tern ~atisn to ~e I with the recent Federal Callus costs, The latter paid $8 and


costs, ¯

almost, It seems he latched on land the almost certain prospect

]$L:~.[]’~i ’

" ~ ~?.l~




to a deserted historical outposti°f a vJolent struggle because Cotuml~us Ebrot

known as Fort °ix and bern con- ’ Repubhbans may lose strength chill




wa~ found


guilty el

, verted it into a hr v ng tour $ in a new alignment

without a driver’s license,

attractive. " I We leave a geographic pattern was fined $20 aad $~ costs

"u.’ ....

f i ..... ,tics eaeh~o.nt, andh~dhlsrl~ht t~

he’s in need of some assistance ’ poses he grea eat s¯ng e apply for a lisense

for the nextia flourisMn~,two Having .osr~..nd l whisk be,, ......



---- ....j ~y ~P~


to pregresa~. A cam- for one year,

nourished a secret desire to rnunity o.f 50 square miles must

attack the eom’mercial wortd,!possess divergent social, con- dJmmis Racker was

dayts ila which tn complete

we accepted t~e offer to hclp’,no mical and cuLtural tendon- repair~ required by the t[ottsJJl~

Sam, whose eecentrieitles --] elns,

Co#e upon his building on Mill

stovepipe hat and striped suits’. We leave a community spirit stone Road,

..~Lffo Custol~g


= Mud~

! --make it difficult for him to which, because of the geograph- ’

gain the confidence of others !teal drawbacks often s d fflelll

The offer breathe , more at-" 10 find, However, the advent tlf Wheeler Street was filled $20 h~l

tractive Io View of his b~-:a ceotral peat office alld a new

being in the woods with o gun

struetiorm lo brin.~ only a t~th-!high school will ~.ork greatly to wlthout ~ Fermi ,

brush and long underweaP. What reduce this centiliters.

a guy he’s even willing to fur " We cave a reerea . on pc re

Gzacome Maffnone’ 4{)’ nf

RI~ nx N Y for e ted $2,5 bo~d

" on’an

+nhool~h quarter~ and a new ward- I which is non ." existent and I uhorgeWhen hoof carefadedesst° drapp"vm~.

..... I equally deplorable; s tax trend i

So, fi’iond~, .n Tuesday wore[ which is ~we~x,me bttt diffieulii ’ ~ ~’±~

st[ ring the vpewr er and col" ed s


, to rover, e and a munieipn I i , ,

perch a or, and p nmlmli[ bead’[ futnre that could be bright¯ !

long into a new esdeavor, ] And we cave a c izenry tha I

Hereto deoar.n., we,d .ko ’n,, ...... . ned irra.onal. Get’ Out of -- the ¯kitchen

and join.-the fmily [

attend to a final chore and take wh ° i~ Frsnklin’s greatesl ]

inveotory of the lnatoria terns a~sei. Nothing hut keen and iD- I

’~’e h.av~ behind. ,it~t’cs*Pd people i ..... g erda

Ivo~d Ioepl govermen~- sxnne.~

We I ..... f ..... f~ovorn-=thin.I that ha, been lengicoliv’, ¯

me t wh ch ca be matched


by ne.~leet ed t hrou.qhoot our

n°thtnlgt ]J2n(~ ~ h2 ’ hthdeJnmt~e


.... try. Tile .hsr- er t*f t






--.’----~ ~B,


~----~ l[.--

~, .....

I)as " I t r . ira would be imorovud fP[¯ I%%(iTe

,,’l ..... it but be,, ....... [ i’~.i[ people ihruughout the Inn,l:

n o nta~vs for cf "co hones

¯ " . i lmrhczpated in tile at’co wha¯h ;

service. To~vnsht ~ voters novel-, e e h s a i

- - , Y ¯ p Y ,- ¯, ,q pp ed O t

made n wiser oh. lee at the p( s, affect, local p.ovornmenl, ]

tlnm (n t e day hey appr redI Mos ,r all we te~ve 20.0001

s ~wi~eh. t~ council-manager i persone, m-iDv, . of whom hare !



70U~ ~IS~ES’~"


Ibeen l~rsonsl friends,

We leave a Council uf nine


These iterrt~ will be rot’gotten;

men, most of whom we know ~s ! in tim°. and llft, fur all continues, i

lifeless officials with only the ’. Of coors[, Bill if 3.nn will all.m.;

best bltentions. The~e ideals are "ours ?rtllv Io abandeh the i

often los1 in all ncessant fear of




l~ronoun [or a brief

- not being re.eh.eV-.d. Bul m l moment .- Frankly gpeakitLg.~

" moments when they forgel

all, l’ve had a ball¯

about eJ~dangering IIleil- ehan- les aronow

ees for political minor a v, [ .....


3J’nwnshJp councilmen arc BE



X~o~thy of the ~ ee era o’s fa h I ~ woe ’~

We cave a Township manager i A qt;ntalJon In

,n t k


’ ~ Board of Education story, beginwho

’ so far ’ has our°eased Ihe n ,, ng The board has bo~n

oper Lion of administrative derel et n its duties 10~ p"r I

ftmelTons In previous yearn thai

he is practically above eriti-

cent." was made by hoard mereber

Fred Seyfarth. not Alex


We leave plaonlng ~nd zoning

boards which frequently find

Naturtl 8s implied iq the s~ory.

Mr¯ Naruta. as ]aler poinl~d ~tit.

themselves In limbo trying le was opposed to Mr Seyrarth’s[

locale their proper place in statement regarding the use of

religiou., symbolism in seho,ds.

~overnment, but whose omeerlablty

is outweighed by their




improvement .... past boar~s WE HAVE call 5e used in uay.kitchen

We leave a Sewerag~

Authority which, until severs!

months ~u. was a disgrace to

1 5

it poH~lodilhwashor¢~n b0 I~l[ed

"’ 1he community hut is now ap- .l~lllly Is any sNI. 5Imply oflach to

10roaehin~ it-3 potential with a WOODEN DESKS

sewer program that is sln,~ularv

he meat progressive ’Iowa-

WE ,.I .... WILL

I~ and p ace drain ~’er llnl~

,doe, %u’ll cut ¢lea~-up lime and

ship step in years. SELL : enioy your |ami!y moral

¯ We leave a Board of Edueatio~

~hich f~r the first time in eon~ FOR .

... Brt P0rtubldt Sil ASHB

~as de;etop~ a ,’estst’a~& t~

h~pn=i, a.. o. ...... t.= to 5 to 15 DOifft.ARS

’ atyour fnwKte ~lore

~he task of fotmulaung sm~r~

- policy fbe an efficient school L U T O N

We te~,vo "a ~arron

Surplus Sales "" ~,

~ne’ which of its own attravt_iy~ *

~ess wifi d~e o~L ~ ~e deilghl .... II [ L " [ " : ¯¯’ ,"]!

~, ot all within five :tear~


’It T The Franklin ,,. Mining Induetry

¯ IVEV¢8-RECORD,. New Jer.y "

The .,,%rh’ Birds ’ :

Publisbod Every "I’l~rd~ay


N~h New,zpapen Ine,

size, a mining slate of some

importance. All aldiels on the

subject appears in the eurren~

issue of "The New Jersey


Edward Ha~, F.6itor slid Publisher

Antbe~v J. Ftezz% A~Is~t Editor

"" Economic Review," a publloatlon

prepared by the Research


& Statistics Section of the Row

Office: Oicett Street. Mtddlethts~. E J.

Jersey Deparitnent of Conserveas

8ee~d CI~LZ Matter on da~uary 4, 19~5, under the At

c4 March d, 1879, ~ the Post O~fice at Middtebt~t. N, J.

Uon & .Economic D~velapment.

h 19~8, the arsote

&ll newl stories and letters of comment ~mbmlttod fe~ ptthEeat~

/ j

/ ~


S~ I


points out. must h,~ar bile name and addI.v~s of the writer, the value of the minerat pro~

duct]on of Ala*’.k ..... larg .......

~thSle copies 5¢; 1 - yee~ subscription $~.~1; 2 yegrs $4,~ state, was less than half that of

¯ Telephon’o~: Viking 4.70~, RAndolph q-aa00

New Je’sey Yet the Garden

State ranks forty - sixth in size,


~ /



~ ,



!~: ~







New Jersey iron Was well known (

Zve~ befo~ the Rovo~uson,:) "\i ~(.

The Fum ority po.a.t in helping to win in- ~ ’ ’

Even in victory. Somerset’s county government, has advooab dependence. T~day the State is

RepubUcan majority on the ed ereation of a post within the a ma)or producer d eight rain-

Board of Freeholders b~have~ County Planing Board for an oral commodities. It is the sole

official who would help draw inin

a mffnner that almust defies dustrisl rateblea to Somerset. producer d two commodities In

the United 8tales -- maganifer-

~tnalysis, Despite her oft - declared inn.s

resldlum and greensand

Acknowledging after many forest in industrial promotion,

marl. New Jersey als~ is a leadyears

of being coaxed, cajoled and despite the Republicans’ing producer of magnesium, hell

~" ~i} \


¯ ~" ".~


" I.: "


needled, that perhaps there endless and silly resistance clay, d[lhase trap rock and

~s ~me need for governmental to such an activity, Freeholders glass sand¯

~ffert in the sphere df industrial Robert Adams and Henry Each of the State’s 21 cat~les O/ Books & Plays & Sundry Things

premotinn the two Repuhiiean Fetheraton refu~ed to permit engages ih some mining of rain-

Freeholders rose tn all their: their colleague to attend the

erat-based industry. Cumherisnd ¯

monarchial dignity to announce Planning Board conference. Sub- County is the leading sand and

that Freeholder Grace OurJste,saquenCy, Miss Gurlsle gained gravel prodaeing area in she

Master~l~es O~ Literature

the board’s only Democrat, was entry despite the attempt to bar State, Middlesex County Jed the



.......... ~r~ta as f ..... her, S~ tn the produo~o~ ~ et. "q’he Scarlet Letter"

Phoning Board c~nferenee was

If the GOP majority in the and Somerset County in the pro.

concerned, a meeting preaum, county administration runs true duetion of stone, Passaic ranks

~bly salted to discuss industrial to form, the eleetorate may sc

. Proteins

Vitomins - Minerels

Lnctose and Solids-Not-Fntl

At n meeting last week the with $18te Farm and onjoylr~g eoml~lote ear ineurBrlel pro-

Franklin Eagles Ladies Auxil- toction, plus "Hometown CMIm Service" wh#tevot Ihey

iary uade plans fur a "Christmns dd¥o, Conta¢l me today,

Iparty on Dee+ J8 Jn the eJu~-

he+0on ,+rent +0o.

Arthur L

So, you see, you get more of everythlnff


t~t |~ good top you and ~ £smI/y, o+J B.mer~ Zm,m~l~

/~8 HamSIo~ 8L

New Br~sw/ek Yottt + Imlltll+l~l~l’lmlll

8’+a~ Fs~=4~’e~

900 ~+ @ m.m~

BROOI~IDE ~ l Quackenbom+ i ~ l I . : ;~i; ;,

J :+ ’ ~’-- ~1~i~.. + + ~: l : .... msw mmt;mswlci : ’ |l~. I ~ U

tomO+l it+

n S U ~ * ~ C [ COMPANY

" " .... l-none IP~q~ a.Zl/U l j l ~’~ + I t ~ HomlOOSgll|klo


Mhdl : ~ . ~,++~

’ ’ ........... l + ]Jr ............... + ................................ Y ...... r’+ I+: ri --P= +: .......

~ ..........................

:+ ............... : I :


.: ,l

P~zug , , TI~ FaA.~X,LZN NEWS-~ZCOaD ... rnvr~DAy, ~..~,~

Rea~l~ite., ~ ................. lieu! Estate .... : ..... I, Real Estate._ . ,~t~.’ t~,q

. .~ , ,. , , .


~sw attraetlve ranch hoa~d, large gvlng room ann" klte~en w~th

blglt-th G,E. ov/~n and r~ngn, 3 bedrooms, fntl file bath, lull

~aement, built-in 2-car gsi’age, lot t~xl~O, re!ling for $i6,500.

¯ ,., , r,~.:. ~eClJ Esblte Agemcy

" ’ .


:’: " - ’ When you warn some h~.

hotter In your home, you 4~tlBL.~.~

ply a litlle bi more This hom~ ~

MANVILLE No. 2 " "~ ’ haw the extr~ you want. Call

Millstone Road, Hlltsborough Township no* before ~’~t~ ~,oL~l~L~

/,)or~ side. ~.family brick home with 4 rooms and bath in each ......

partunity to aa0 t~l~ ~-~-cmm Lvpart~nerrt,

Good Location. gelling for only $iO,OOO. Custora-balLf ranch and split level barnes .situated oil ½-a~’e

eta, On bus line, with curbs and gqlters and :macadar0 road. shaped ranch on3e~ Eqtc~s~¢l

porch that coui )lea~il~’beu hs


ALL BUYERS ~ $1,500 DOWN No. 3 Mode] home consists of: O large reeve "l~ baths with vanity

and mirror, birch cabinets with G, E. built-in oven and range,

a~ rerreatioh r~.~. ~,lt ba~ment,

fuay Idnd~cal~ 8Oxl00

Ineomparal~le Value at $14,5OO

gag heal and b~oment. Itg.600.

Jtlanville, new 6-room C=pe Cod homes are specially built for

lot with trees. YoU’ll agree it’s

wing families ¯with 4 bedrooms, De Luxe kilehen with wall F~tflt. Mills~ne I a good buy at Stg 9~0. ~k :~:" ¯

sand range, tile bath, full dry basement, ]aod~caped ]at, Moderfl 6-room hvane, ntl hot water heat b~em~t

No. 182.

a~n parch,

¯ ""

macadam driveway. Don’t waste time! HURRY -- You stin have garage, lot S0xl~0, $1S,S00, A. Gioltlbe(tl ’]~g~ney: ".~

tbT~e to choose your interior decorating.

Rarttan , zn W. Complain Rd./Ma~!fi~ i

MANVILLE No. 4 Eight-room home. ell heat, ~’ange. basement, p~reb, tot 80x140. Open gun. _-- I~. 2-t~9

N~rth Side, attraetive r~taeh home with large living ~om. kii- $14,80~.

ehen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, tile bath, full basement, attached

South Boalld BroOk

-".’.if ~ i~. 1 t’~

~arage, lot 100xl00. Selling for $16,900.. $1x-ro0m home, basement, oil heat, range, lot lgf* x 100, $1~,8~01

Buy .D~t t~d; ~



’ South Bide, 4-family home, 3 rooms and bath in eaeh apt. Hillshorough Township ~ . ¯ ,

Monthly Jtlcorae

Only $1Odl0g.

$210; good investment prop One block to town¯ Cape Cod, 4 rooms al~i beth downstairs, expansion attic,

porch, full basement, hot water oa heat, 2-~ar .garage~





of rapait~.


]Dealed, 3 - f~mily home and store, slightly in need

You can own this investment prop. for only $9,~00.

Inn& Freezer and refrigerator. Nicely lvra~sc~pad shade tzev~ a~$

shrubs. Asking $13,500.



Modern 5-ro~m ranch home. basement, gas heat, oven and


Attached Garage,¯ "

Oven and Range,


Birch Kileher~ Cabine~. MANVILLE No. 7 ran~, storm wthdow~, i~ 7~h~.~. $1%~. Ceramic Setth.

:’" i"

NEW modern 5-room ranch home, 3 bedrooms, tile bath, larg

American Standard Fixtures:

kitchen and ]ivthg room. full basement,

Ibt 75x100. Very good buy at $14,900,

4 blks from Main St

8½ acre& $8.000,

"Hlllsborou hg

Lot 1GOx300Feet.


Be] Air


Ranch home next to $omervll]e, 6 rooms with 3 bed

Rarittms Weiss Te~aee l0 Minutes from SOmerville

. ;.

¯ .,

redraw, full bath, utility room. Lot 80xll0, nicely landscaped, Mealier Park MORTGAGE .

$15.000. Custom built homes, with city sewers, water, macadam street,

!orbs. Oil large lnt.q,

BRIDGEWATER No. 9 Model borne ¢onsi~t~ of ~ Jarge rooms, cedar shakes, full base-

’fhis new 2-story colonial home is ideal for the larger type ment, bui]tdn G.E. oven and range, birch tablets, ceramic tile

fsYntly desiring more room for children to play. On first floor bath. ~]idblg door aloe.eta, ChOiCe o~ ealorn through~ut. 118.900.

this home has [arge living room with fireplace, dining roor~, .

kitchen with G.B. electric built ins, and family room. On aoc~nd


R~ 5"3673





f]oor~ 4 large bedrooms, tiled bath, and ½ bath off master bed- . JOSEPH,.,BIF.LANSKI - FL 9-5282 : " :




Many other listings in various locations and L0 $. Main St., Manville RA 5-1995 Manville, N. 12th Ave.

All prie.e rKu~

If no.ar~’er cab RA 1-1890 or ~’L ~goo. "~ais ~s going t~ be n beauty!

.rust listen to ~bis: d .bedrooms,

All Otmlifled Buyers Low as 3% Down Pcryment NEW HOMES IN MANVILLE dining re. ’;, kitchen, spool ....

6-room Cape Cod wlth 1½ baths, Boese] AVenUe. $15,990.

living re=::,, full basement, gas

New 5-room Ranch. Grlgg~ Place (Lost Valley), $1~,500, bcl, wan ," neat. With brick halt



way up the front. Ot~e-c~ at-

Mm~ber of Mo.lUple ~g ~l~rv~

New 3-bedreom ranch, ful]y equipped kitchen, spaeJou~ living

t~ehed garage, 100Xi00 1ot. You

room, l-eltr garage, corne


Blee~her St. and N. 13th Avenue.

can still choose interior color~,

$8 S. MAIN ST. RA 5-1~81 MANVn’.~I~. $17,500.

Don’t delay, act nbw. No. lot

]~ew, attractive 5-room ranch, l-ear garage, corner St, Marks

Asking $1’~.9~.,

and SI. Johns streets. $17,400.



A. Giombetfl Agency

South ]6th Avenue

We]i¯inaJntalncd 8-room fr~ne boone, all large Imams, 12Oxlg0 211 W’. Complain Rd., Manville "

~0w under e~natruc’ti~a, -large ~-rr~m ranch, birch ca’~inet~,

HotpoJnt even and range, ful] cellar with outside entrance, curbs

and gutters. Price $15.900.

Landscaped plot, 2-~ar garage, R, 4th Aven~e, Manville, Stg,9~,

In Millstone -- A good 5-room home, 3 years old, with attached

garage and utility rc~m. Hot water ba~ebeaa~:i heat, 100x~ plot

Open Bun, _~ -P~%. ~-~8~ [

]q~ "d~td~r

rooms without

with garden and trees, $17,~0~..

~on|h ~18t Avenue

~S%TU~%IDn’ ~neb h~w~s On ex%ra large l°t~;’ F~@ b]i~ ~’¢~a aPl~% 1~/el at gvan~ Urlve’ Manvlll°’

garage $15.200. Five rooms with garage $16,500.

A fine aew 8-room frame Cape COd home with


4 I~l~ooms.

DO,. n paymeni to suit ~,OLW

poek,~. New 3-bedromm ranch

hun.e, attached garage, full base-

me:it. $L8,250.

South 12th Avenue

Near completion, new ?-room ap/It-lavet with brick front, cellar

~d garage, 1% ’~th~, Hot.lot oven ~d rang~, bl~ch cabi~e~

eurbe and gutters, Still time to choose ~tors. Price $18,900.

Kitchen nicely equipped with wen, stove and I:oomy t~abJnets,

shades and al~umlnum storm windows go with house, ’/Sxlg0 p]oL

See Jt st 89 S. ~th Ave., Manville. Priced right at $14,900.

Bargaint Five-room clean frame bungalow In Manville Center,

Viueent K. F~annery

"Rea~to~f’ ~’" :

South 4th Avenue

spacious roozr~, full basement and attic,

eoxtg0 plot with trees and gsrdei~*, $13,800.

oil best, l-Car garade


]lo,~{~ 208, STATION ~U~gl~.

DELL.~ MI~*.D~ M..r, ’ ¯

To be constructed,


2*family home with Ig rc~m~ mad 2-.2al

We L~vlte your lnspevii~’~ on these hom~s ~1


I.’l !) t;~22 " FL 9-5t50

SOUTII idth AVENU~ well as o~ many others, [ .~,l~nville, fl-roo~ C4al~

4 b~, ~i tit" ff.m~flr~d


Realtors anti, Insurance :

: l.~ua~e, full h.~eme~t, te=ced-~

J y~d, landseapa~. ILk ~.$0~9


I--B~n~s ~,, ?g’xFi~r

RAn~ntph ~-~74V " 4’2 S. Main St*, Manville, N. J*

I with 2$’xbg’ buLld~ng, en Sem-

~¢,,,vi ~t., New e~.~aek. Red.

RA 2.0070. i .,,,,.bte. CH ~t.


9~ te~ Avemte b~nville

We have be,vats Ior homes in the mvdlum prl~,fleld,

e~u~erln~~lll~ Your hame~ Now l~ tha time t~h’l~ :.


SCOUTS "GIVE THANKSGIVING BASKETS G~lggstewn Auxlltm-y ~,~+.~og -~++~m+,-.w~nYPa~Pe, Lt+~,.~,mm e__m~oz CommJss~ Request -

N~dl$el+ MI’8, S~qmsn

PiPe DistriCt ~temslon

MrS, Arthur Seltman

Application tot the transfer of

Wets a retsli I!quor tleense frortt Oar- Carnmisloners of Fire District

elected president of toe Grtglle- dam L~q~s ~ WaYtez & Mar- tend 1 bovO file asked boundaries toe.Council of the to dts~ ex-

town Fire Company Artillery at

the $roup’s meeting Friday darer Papp of 91 Hollywood Ave- trier io include the Handolph

nighL OtoerB named were Mrs. hue has bee+] made to toe l~4md area.

Herbor~ Mligrsm, vice-presidenL, Council The commlsioners advised the

Mrs. Walter Knopt, correspond.

governing body lust week

Provides application for the

Jng secretary; Mrs. Joseph Sab,

~sldents of the area were

transfer was made by Petex

atolls, recording secretary, and receiving protection but not pay-

Mrs. John HliJhtmire, tree.surer. Coffaro, but he wftodre,,v the Ing for it+ ¯

The Auxiliary’s annual rectUeSl before action ~tas taken, It w~s decided~to arrange a

Christmem party wlti be held in

the firehouse on Dee. 13.

The new application is sehedu]- meeting with 1bose who would

ed to be considered a~ the ! be Lrfevted by toe extonslott to , ¯

Hcste~e~ ~r Prlds~ night’s

meeting were Mrs. Knopf. Mrs.

Cr+ut~ett’s P.e~t regular mee+Ar~.!determipe their ~iew~,

Rightmire. Mrs. Mflgram. Mrs

Rayraond Peters and Mrs. FREE BOWLING

Jacob L. Nessler,


Every ~uesdav ~;t 10 A. M.

¯ t~ p~otol I,. ’ .3 G~mes" for $1.00

FOOD FOR NEEDY Is prepared by Girl 8co+At Troop $16 before

¯ hanhsglvln~. TUrkey was donated by East Millstone eTA, troop Don. thud ~at.

spo~sor. Pictured+ front row, from left. are Tlteed~ Farkat~+ 10 A. M. to $ P, M.

Zenis Pontus, Shh’ley Bleletdt+ Cathy $¢hwab and ~aris Fentus

and, ba~k row, yolanda Ptq~(elflght, Diane Well Amy Weaver,

Faith Anaya. Maria Okopbey and Llnda Farley. Troop leaders

are Mrs. James Weaver and Mrs. Harry I~e.

|~~| Headquarters

for Br.tmswiek


Wags and


¯ q2ft~’$ ~f?L/~ P )- ByMidd]ebUShcar on HamiltonY°uth Bit


~ A six - year old MJddlebu. h MAN ~atost MONSTERS ! t

youth wms struck by ~ ear Fri-

day afternoon on Hamilton ~WOl{~ AND


Hamilton Lanes

S~reet and hOSpitalized for three


Seot~ Haft of 114 Buffs Drive


VitnMotion -- F0ll Color


STAe:rm~ DXC.


ran into 1he left fender of a ear

flrJven by Mrs SIells Mobs. 34,

Starts Wed.. Dee. 9to



~V~-~re,o~toO°’’l’ ,o,,d. ,.enue~oh. ~.



~~[ ++

The yctuh, f

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