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Flowers & Bedding Plants, - Northern New York Historical Newspapers



Putnam County Standard





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t attention,

n-i ••• ready at all hours, day or ultfUt.


In town, and an entire umv stock of HAU-

\l.^l>, Double and Single,


I'uwi mi- and coups, may IK- found at the

Park treet Livery table.

OAJUUB ft MEAI>, Proprlrlor.




A tine Hue ol Sl'lTlNUS of goods. All the nttM

tff|fla can now be beeu. Prices lower than ever


\y R. RIDER,


onicelii Mr. L. 11. Hubert's building over Mar-

i-uslludl's uewMot.-.

HI rous oxide tias administered in extracting



S. T. McMabou, Proprietor.

ITariTlUMI I*«*MI , Comlort

UUd ItelVehluiu-lllH


Good I-.lV«5»*:K Allliehed.


Baker and Confectio ier,





Families aud parties supplied on short


Deposits mmi\ at tbe store or LoMel! & Co-

Hoif. MollUAN liultTON.





Ke*|iectfnlly annonnca to the public that h.

haa on hand at hia


U BEEWSTEES, a cenpiete aid varied assortment o!

Flowers & Bedding Plants,




On the atiorteat notice. Wt would eai>eclall* call

attention to hix flue collection of VEHK.NAS. cue-

•lalinK of 1(Udiffhui>'ex|M'rtenee iruaratitoes the MLalaV

Uii-ni that perfud saUsfamloB will be j.'l^eu, as

well lu the can- of hodlcn and atu-ndame ujjon

funerals, asm styles, urtoea, and oruaineiitinK oj

cottlU!. UUdeaSKeiit.





Attorney an I Counsellor i BOOK A6EWTS Sf^^i^^^

At Lui>••, witM


Kv«>r3'tlilaifr KoW| C*JPOItll

it II< I ofilic Bent



A full assortment of rhemlcals, together with

everything that jM-rlalns to a


Drum, Medicines, stationery, Perfumery, Toilet-

Soaps and Toilet Articles or every de­

scription. Tooth, Nail nnd Hnlr

Urushes. Patent Medicines and

Proprietary Article*.

Personal and strict attention will '»e

given to

••li.v»ifiiin"« l*r« k Mt*ri|»-


which will be accurately and carefully com-

|H>uuded at all hours, Day and Night.



131 Main St.,

D an bury , Conn.,

Would call C8,H-clnl ntt« nUon to the great

sale of


For the resent month.

1000 Yds. Lace Buntings

At soo. formerly 85c

All Wool CaKluiterc

45c. per yard.

Mu in in er Ctitiliiiiere

15c. per yard.

Shawls, Suits and


New Designs in Parasols.

Brocade Satin,



Prints 4c. per yard.



A Kt.Vt 11.1 1 - i ,.A I I.ii

Literary Weekly Journal

M:ITIII;I'. roUTICAL NOK hi.iuuus;

tonduct4«l by ALIUON W. TOllttiEE, author of

"A Fool's llrraiicL" 1-te., assisted by

i>..!.!< i i: Ilrluton au 11L s. l)u\1s.


Ihe uiobt «u-1iii-_'iii-ii Uiulr euatomanL

PoaruATiuut are Invited to take bubaciijuioiih.

, ibural • iiiiniii-vMon.

liiHik < 'ANVAhSKiir can add largely to their in-

couies, without Interfering «lih their tegular

hu.slne.-v.. by acting lor "«»ur coutlueut."

Write for particulars t

•••»i n CONTINENT,"

Philadelphia, Pcuu.


-Main Street, llreitsters,



C8 the


in HIEUL'S lil.oi K. and mat be nas stocked

the bame WIUJ

Dry Goods & Groceries.


A Foot-RACO FOP Money.

We ranke the following extract from

tho March installment of Edward Eggle-

ston serial «• The Hoosier School-boy,"

now a].]H-ni iug in St. Nicholas. Jack,

tho •• Hoosier School-boy," has discover­

ed some unencumbered property in Ken­

tucky belonging to Mr. Francis Gray.

This ho i i it finis- to attach for a debt owed

his father. His mother having declined

nn offer to compromise from Tinkhnm,

Gray's lawyer, these hitter aro discus­

sing the reasou of her refusal.

" They've got wind of something said

Mr. Tinkhnm to Mr. Gray, M or else

they are waiting for you to resume pay-

payment—or elBo tho widow has got

money from somewhere for her present


44 1 don't know what hopo they can

have of getting monoy out of mo," said

Gray, with a laugh. •'I've tangled

everything up, so that Benl can't find a

thing to levy on. I have but ouo piece

of property exposed, aud tbnt's not in

this State."

" Where is it ?" asked Pinkhnm.

" It's in Keutucky, five miles back of

Port William. I took it lost week in a

trade, and I haven't yet mado up my

niiud what to do with it"

'• That is the very thing," said Tink­

hnm, with his little face drawn to a

point, " the very *bing. Mrs. Dudley's

son came home from Port William yes­

terday, where he has been at school.

They've heard of that land, I'm afraid ;

for Mrs. Dudley is very positive Hint

she will not sell tho claim »t any price."

" I'll make a mortgage to my brother

on that land, and scud it off from the

mail-boat as I go down to morrow," said


••That will 1K3 too late," said Tink­

hnm. " Ileal will have his judgement

recorded as soon as the pachet gets there.

You hod lietter go by tho packet, get

off, nnd see tho mortgage recorded your­

self, aud then take tho mail boat,"

To this, Gray agreed, and tho next

duy, when Jack weut ou board of the

packet " Swiftstire," he fouud Mr.

Francis Gray goiug aboard also. Mr.

Heal hail warned Juck that he must not

let auy one u board tho packet get to the

clerk's office ahead of him, that the fir>t

paper deposited for record would take

the hind. Jack wondered why Mr.

Francis Gray was aboard the packet,

which went no further than Madison,

while Mr. Gray's home was in Louis­

ville. He Boon gut>.ssed, However, that

Gray meaut to laud ut Port William,

uud so to head him off. Jack looked at

Mr. Gray's form, made plump by good

feeding, and felt safe.* He couldn't he

very dangerous in a foot-race. Jack re-

il. el. .1 with much ho]>efulucss that no

boy in school could catch him iu a

straight-away run when ho was fox. He

would certainly leave the somewhat puf­

fy Mr. Fruticis Gray liehiud.

But iu the hour's run down the river,

including two luiidiugs, Miuuit's aud

Cruig's, Juck had time to remember that

Francis Gruy was a cuuuing man, and

nii;;lii heud him oil' by some trick or

other. A vague fear took poaMudao of

him, uud he resolved to lie the first off

the boat before uuy pretext could be in­

vented to stop him.

Meantime, Francis Gray hud looked

at Juek's lithe legs with apurehensiou.

" I cuii never beat that boy,*' ho hud re­

jected. " My ruuniug days ore over. "

Ending among the deck passenger* a

young fellow who looked us though he

needed money. Gray upprouehed him

with this question:

" Do you belong iu Port William,

y mug muu ?"

" 1 don't belong no where else, I

rckon," uuswered the seedy fellow with

shuttling impudence.

" Do you know where tho County

('letkV i.flic- is V" asked Mi. Gruy.

" Yes, uud the market-house. I eon

show you the wuy to jail, too, if you

want to know, but I suppose you've

heeiJ there many u time," laughed the


(Jray was irritated ut this rudeness,

but he swullowed his auger.

" Would you like to make live dol­


"Now you're tulkiu' iuterestiii'. Why

didn't you begin ut thut eeiid of the sub- ? I'd like to make five dollurs us

well us the next feller,provided it isn't to

l»- made by too much uuful hard work."

" Can you run well V"

" li they'a money at t'other eend of

the ruce I cun run like, like sixty fir a

tijn II. 'Tuiu't my common gait, liow-


" H you'll take thispaiar," suid Gray,

UMt * itOHXHlaOX White PlalOb. N. V.

AKU COI.!.».CIOK*. an elegant set n)OITOW just as well as not"

" Oh, no; I wou't trouble you to do

so. There is no particular hurry about

it, and I will call upon von; it's my

turn, you know," uud she smiled

• • raeiotisly uiK>u him as she bowed him


Well, what was a poor monument man

to do V He could only wait, aud ho did

wait, busyiug himself uicunwhilo iu get­

ting ii11 elaborate and really beautiful de­

signs. One day he met the lady on the

street, dressed iu the merest apology

for half-mouruing. He bowed obsequi­

ously aud informed her that the desgiu

wus finished, uud he thought would not

hu 1 to lie perfectly satisfactory.

" Oh," sho said, " I have beeu so

busy, don't you kuow, with ouo thing

aud another, that I had forgotteu all

about it. Let me see, how much was

that to cost ?"

M Five thousand dollurs."

"Oh, dear, 1 reully can't afford to puy

that much. Now, couldu't you"—this

very bewitchiugly—"make u real nice

monument for about five hundred V I

know you can, and 1 will come u round and

see you about it real soon; good-bye."

Then the mouumeut man went to his

olli.v and told his grid to u three-legged

lamb and a stone angel.

Some time after this the charming

widow, with a male friend, whom she

called "Charley," dropped iu again.

" Do you know," she suid, " i feel so

.. • i... in.. I to think that I never came

arouud to look at your pretty designs.

Charley aud 1 have concluded that those

great, coolly ornaments are so foolish,

after one's dead, you kuow. We think

it's wicked, don't we, Charley ?" Charley

allowed that it was. "But," she cou-

t in tie.I, " those little white boards, such

au they put at the soldiers' graves,

Charley and I think tliey are very nioe.

So mat aud unpretentious. Couldn't

you make oue of them for me aud put

(iedge's monogram on it ? Hia initials

make such a pretty monogram?"

Then the monument man's cup was

- full, and he spilled it over ou them. He

. told her thai ('barley could get an old

I shingle and tack oue of George's busi-

i ness cards on it.

Then she called him "a horrid beast,"

aud Charley sjxikc ul whipping him "for

hall a cent," and they sailed off.—

(iu< illll'lfi Sulilidu;/ .Xiyht.


Wills' Heallh Kenewer, greatest

; ivmitly on earth foiiuqiotcncc, leanness,

sexual debihty, Ac. $1. ut druggist*.

j Prcpnid b> express. gl .25, 0 for £5. E.

, S. Wi-bbs, Jersey Cit>, N. J.

How to Keep a Husband.

We hear much about the art of win­

ning a husband. Let us take a step

further, and make a study out of keeping

a husband. If he is worth winning, he

is worth keeping.

This ia a wicked world, and man in

dreadfully mortal. Let na take him aa

he is, not aa he ought to be. In the

first place, he ia very weak. The wife

must spend the first two years in discov­

ering all these weaknesses, count them

on her fingers, and learn them by heart

The fiingcra of both hands will not be

two many. Then let her study up these

weaknesses, a mesh for every one, and

the secret is hers. Is he f md of a good

dinner ? Let her tighten the mesh around

him with fragrant coffee, light bread,

and good things generally, and reach hia

heart through his stomach. Is he fond

of flattery about his looks ? Let her

study the Dictionary for sweet words if

her supply gives out Does he like to

hear her talk about his brilliant intel­

lect? Let her pore over the encyclopedia

to give variety to the depth of her admir­

ation. Flattery is a good thing to study

up, at all haaards, in its delicate shades,

but it must be skillfully done. The

harpy who may try to coax him away will

not do it absurdly.

Is he fond of beauty ? Hero's the rub.

Let her be bright aud tidy; that ia half

the victory. Next, let her bang her hair

and keep up with the times. A husband

who sees his wife look like other people

is not going to consider her "broken

down." Though it is a common sneer

that a women has admitted that her sex

considers'more, in marrying, the taste of

her friends than her own, yet it must be

considered ludicrous that a man looks at

his wife with the same eyes that other

people do. Is he fond of literary mat­

ters? Listen to him with wide open

eyes when he talks of them. A man

doesn't core so much for a literary wife if

she only be literary enough to appreciate

him. If she hate literary inclinations,

let her keep them to herself.

Men love to be big and great to their

wives. That's the reason why a helpless

little woman can marry three times to a

aensible, self-reliant woman's none Cul-

tivato helplessness. Is he curious? Oh,

then you have a treasure! you can always

keep him if you have a secret, and only

keep it carefully. Ia he jealous? Then,

woman, this not for you; oeaso reading;

cease torturing that fretted heart which

wonts you for his own, and teach him

confidence. Is he ugly in temper, and

faultfinding? Give him a dose of hia

own medicine, skillfully done. Is he

deceitful ? Pity him for his weakness,

treat him as one who is born with a

physical defect, but put your wits to

work—it is a bad case. It ia well not to

be too tame. Men do not waste their

powder and shot on hens and barn-yard

fowls; they like the pleasure of pursuing

wild game— quail and grouse and deer.

A quail is a good model for a wife—

neat and trim, with a pretty, swift way

about it, and just a little capricious.

Never let yourself become an old story ;

be just a little uncertain. Another im­

portant fact is, don't be too good; it

hurts his feelings, and becomes monoton­

ous. Cultivate a pleasant voice, so that

this mortal man may have his conscience

prick him when he hi in jeopardy; its

pleasant ring will haunt you much more

thou a shrill one. It is hard to do all

besides taking care of the babies, and

looking after vexatious household cares,

aud smiling when he comes home; but

it seems necessary.

"To be born a women is to be born a

martyr," says a husband who for ten

years has watched with amazement his

wife treading the wine-press of her exis­

tence. It is a pitiful sight to some men.

But, if the wife does not make a study

of these things, the harpy will, to steal

away the honor from his silver hairs

when he is full of years, and the fath­

er of sous and daughters.

At the same time, gudewife, keep from

trying any of these things on auy other

mortal man but your own. These rules

are only evolved in order to "keep a

husband." The poor, weak creature

would rather be good than bad, and it ib

woman's duty to help him by every

means in her power.

••»»» •

A gentleman iu Paris owus a hand­

some aud valuable dog named " Bis­

marck. " He recently received a note

from the German Embassy inviting him

to remove the name from the dog's col­

lar and to cease calling the animal by it

uuder pain of prosecution, upon the

groiiiid that the patronymic belongs ex­

clusively to the German Chancellor and

the Embassy cannot allow it to bo pub­

licly upplicd to a dog.

A lecturer asking, on a rainy day,

why one of his audience had paid the

admission fee, aud oome in, aud slept all

the while. " I will tell you." said the

old the old man, with a shrewd wink of

his eye. " I wus out in the rain, aud I

had no umbrella to keep me from get t ing

wet, and tickets are only twenty-five

cents, and umbrellas are one dollar, I

•saved seventy-cents by coming in."

The new building for the German

Parliament is to occupy a site 450 feet

loug and 300 luct broad. There are to

be beats for 100 deputies arranged like

those in the Hall of Representatives at

Washington, each with a desk. All

mound the sid-.-s of the hall will be rang­

ed boxes as in u theatre, with a separate

entrance. The two moat important of

these are reserved for the Imperial fami­

ly and the Diplomatic body, and only

about one hundred and fifty seats are

set apart for the use of the general pub­


AH Sorts.

Three people can keep a secret when

two of them are dead.

Ask a women how old ahe is if yon

want to see her show her rage.

The baby elephant isn't an aesthetic,

but its front legs are two and its bind

legs two too.

A Brooklyn man advertises a powder

to " cure cats and dogs of aomnamnbnl-

ism." It is put in a gun.

" The aassyest man I ever met," says

Joah Bdlings, " is a henpecked husband

when he ia away from home."

Sullivan, the pugilist, having proven

his efficiency in "knocking down," will

now go as a horse-ear conductor.

The good die young. The bad live to

lie about the weather, and are spoken of

aa the eldest inhabitants.

"What is love ?" asks an exchange.

Love, my friend, is thinking that yon

and the girl can be an eternal picnic to

each other.

If yon cannot inspire a woman with

love of you, fill her above tho brim with

love for herself—all that rune over will

be yours.

" How do Yon Manage," said a lady

to her friend, "to appear so happy all

the time ?" " I always have Parker's

Ginger Tonio handy, ,r was the reply, and

thus keep myself and family in good

health and spirits. See adv.

Alas! that life should be so short,

and art so very long! Alas that milk

should be so thin, and butter half ao

strong t

It is said that at learning to awim

women are quicker than men. This ia

probably because the custom of wearing

trails has learned them to kick ont


A Philadelphia girl, who received a

horribly ugly valentine, didn't madly

tear it to pieces. She quietly gave it to

a married brother to send to his mother-


There are undoubtedly a great many

things which are better than riches; but

riches are good enough for those of us

who feel humble and wish to leave some-

thing for other people.

Death to rata, mice, reaches and aunts

PABSON'B ExTEiiMiA-ATon. Barns, grain-

ariea and households cleared in a single

night No fear of bad smells. Best and

cheapeat vermin killer in the world.

Sold everywhere.

Whenever you see a woman talking

straight at a man and beginning to nod

her head and keep time to it with her

upraised index Anger, it is about time

for somebody to climb a tree.


men will economize by employing Dr.

Pierce's Medicines. His " Pleasant Pur-

S itive Pellets" and "Golden Medical

isoovery " oleanse the blood and sys­

tem thus preventing fevers and other

serious diseases, and curling all acrofuloua

and other humors. Sold by druggists.

A scientist says : " Every person car­

ries enough phosphorous in his body to

make 4,000 matches. All that girls,

who desire to become first-class matehes

have to do is to chew wood.

We are strongly disposed to regard

that person as the best physician who

does most to alleviate human suffering.

Judged from this standard, Mrs. Lydia

E. Fiukhuui, 238 Western Avenue,

Lynn, Mass,, is entitled to the front

rank, for her Vegetable Compound ia

daily working wonderful cures iu female

diseases. Send tor circular to the above


A musical composer is engaged upon a

work he calls, "A Heavenly Marck."

For a long time mankind has been wait­

ing for that kind of a march. The third

month has always been the reverse of



Ask druggists for " Bough on Bats."

It clears out rats, mice, bedbugs, roaches,

vermin, flies, ants, insects. 15c. per


" How do I manage to rid myself of

bores ?" said a woman of the world.

" Nothing is easier. When I want to

send a man away, I talk to him about

myself. When I want him to atay in­

definitely, I talk about himself."

IF Vor ABE SICK, BEAD the Kidney-

Wort advertisement in another column,

and it will explain to you the rational

method of getting well. Kidney-Wort

will save you more doctor's bills than

auy other medicine known. Acting

with specific energy ou the kidneys and

liver, it cures tho worst diseases caused

by their derangement. Use it at once.

Iu dry and liquid form. Either is equal­

ly efficient, the liquid ia the easiest, but

the dry is the most economical.—In­


The natural supposition that a good

deal of the Boston brown bread sold

outside of Boston is mado of powdered

shoe pegs, turns out to be a mistake. It

is made of something else ; but we don't

don't kuow what.

Tea, which in this country costs any­

where from fifty cents to oue dollar a

pound, can be bought in China for from

three cents to ten cents a pound. This

may seem like a big profit, but just

think how expensive the chromos are.

A Frenchman having heard the phrase

" I've got other fish to fry," very readily

learned its application. One evening,

alter escorting a young lady home, and

being invited to walk iu, he thought of

the above expression, and excused him-

self by saying, " i tank you—I must go

cook some fish."


Persian style of dress and bonnet; a new

wuy to arrange the hair. Miliums axe

expended for artificial uppliaucca which

only make conspicuous the fact that em­

aciation, nervous debility, and female

weakness exibt Dr. Puree's "Favorite

Prescription" ut sold under a positive

guarantee. 11 used us directed, art can

be dispensed with. It will overcome

those dibcubc peculiar to icuiak*. By


Putnam County Standard

The Garfield r.nlocrv.

Mr. Blaine's address is in pond t osto

thronghonl, thereby disapointing any

who may have ho^d that tho orator

would abuse hin opportunity nndcndonv-

or to stir np strife. It is not n studied

Attempt at fine rhetoric, although there

are passages of marked power and Iwnnty.

A4 a literary effort it is not snjierior to !

tho splendid cnlogy pronounced l>y Sen­

ator Hoar, at Worcester, althongh AS i

delivered in Mr. Blaine's forcible And ;

magnetic manner, it mnst hare been,

much more effective. The peroration is

exceedingly Iwintifnl.

In briefly reviewing Garfield's enreer,

the speaker improves the opportunity

to correct a too frequent misrepresentn-

ttOB as to the poverty of his early life.

He makes the point that the poverty of

a frontier life, where all are on a level in

the struggle with nature, is not the ab­

ject poverty of civilization, brought into

daily grinding contrast with wealth and

lnxnry. There was nothing in the hum­

ble circumstance of Garfield's birth and

early life which he could notlook back to

with pride and satisfaction. The remark­

able progress from the log-house to the

White House is skilfully portrayed by

a few bold strokes, introducing the

salient points effectively without tire­

some repetition of details already well

known. The words of eulogy are warm

and strong, but they are just, discrimin­

ating, and not overdrawn. The future

historian will assign the dead Pi«sideut a

prominent place in t'ae list of the distin­

guished statesmen of the United States,

and will regard his career as one of the

most note worthy in our annals for the

obstacles overcome, for the rapidity of

it* development, and for its brilliaut

versatility, including the fields of schol­

arship, arms and politics, unusual suc­

cess in each. Mr. Blaine correctly esti­

mates his congressional career as Gar­

field's greatest work covering as it did

his whole life from the age of thirty-two

to his election as Presidnnt. But his suc­

cess was that of an orator and debater,

and not as a great parliamentary leader.

The latter position requires a supreme

devotion to party, for which Garfield

was disqualified by the " texture of his

mind, by the honesty of heart, by hii

conscience, and by every iustinct and

aspiration of his nature." This opinion

by an acknowledged parliamentary loud­

er of the qualities necessary to success

in such a position is one of the interest­

ing features of the address. Another

point to be noted is Mr. Blaine's state­

ment of the late President's disrelish for

the worry aud work of filliug offices aud

listening to the requests and demands of

applicants aud their friends. It is to be

hoped that the ''comprehensive improve­

ment in the mode of appoiutmcut and in

the tenure of office" which would have

been proposed by Gaafield had he lived

may yet be disclosed.

The reference by Mr. Blaine to the un­

fortunate political situation at the time

of the assassination is simply perfect in

taste and m expression. He takes care

to emphasize the statement that nobody

bnt Garfield was President, that he was

responsible for all his official acts, and

that during all the weeks of discord be*

fore the fatal phot and the weeks of

agony afterward there was never a time

when he did not believe that his ]K>sitiou

was right. So fur as his own ]>ersonal

feelings were concerned there was never

a time when he would not willingly have

retraced any step for the soke of har­

mony, but it was hiH deliberate and con­

scientious opinion that the true prer *g-

atives of the executive were involved in

the issue and thut to recede from hi*

position would have been a violation of

the trust reposed in him. Mr. Blaine

would have been rocreaut to his duty

aud ungruteful to his lute chief not to

hate brought out this point He hus

performed the duty in u diguiiicd uud

noble manner, suying just what the oc­

casion required uud nothing more.

Conkliiiff Confirmed.

The nomination of Mr. Conkliug to be

Associate-Justice of the Supreme Court

was confirmed in executive session

y«jsterday uftemoou by u vote of thirty-

niue {a the ufiirinutive to twelve in the

negutive. The Senate went into execu­

tive session ut live minutc-h before 'A

o'clock. About three-quurtors of an

hour were spent in the consideration of

minor ujqwiutments before Mr. Conk-

liug's name wus rcuched. The discus­

sion and voting upon his euse consumed

only ubout twenty minutes, uud was de­

void of incident. Senator Buyurd uud

several other Democrats expressed un

uuwilliuguebs to vote upon it until it

should be xuude rcuaouably certain thut

the nominee would uccept the pluoe.

Senator Jones, of Nevada, in u brief

speech, said thut while he could not sj>euk

as by uutbority in regurd to the mutter,

he entertained u strong kaliaf thut Mr.

Conkliug would uccept the pluce. No

further oppo.-itioii to immediute action

being mude, the roll eull wus lxgun.

Thereui>ou Seuutor Morrill uud Seuutor

Huwley in turn arose uud suid they

should vote in the negutive uud give

their reusons, which were bused upon

the belief thut Mr. Conkliug lucked legul

experience uud did not ]>osscss u judicial

teinperauieut. Several other brief ex-

plauutious of u siniilur ehuructer were, but no attach wus made upon Mr.

Cenkliug's ehuructer, nor wus any thing

suid at which his friends could take


In the House of Beprescntulives re­

cently, Mr. Flower, pj New York, pre­

sented u petition of 2.4UU merchants uud

other citz.ens of New York eity for the

abolition of the tax on bunk deposits uud

the stump tux on >>unk checks. Mr.

Cox presented a biuiilur petition bearing

1,600 siguutureh, uud Mr. MeLuue u

similar petitiou lroui J.bDO citizens of


'• Jack " Conioy, the guide upjjoiuted

to conduct Mr. Oscar Wilde ucrot-s the

iee-bhdge ut Niagara, uud u man oi

acute perception*, Kays thut he never

batons heurd anyone " take on so" ubout

a lot of ice us his distinguished convoy

did. He is certain thut Mr. Wilde i»

determined to commit the Uhuul lolly ol

«• writing u piece " about the ice-bridge

and the Full*.

A (\imuhnn farmer recently died leav-1

tag h.-hind him 1 farm, and n will with ;

tlv following strange provisions: A son

Is to work the farm until his sb-pmolh- j

< r's death, at which time ho is to U-.-in ,

paying to tbo toft of the family an annu­

al installment of £80 Vtptn a lien of

88,000. When tli" entire obligation has

been discharged the farm will become

his property. The step-mother is in the '

prime of life, and, barring accidents,

go.Ml for forty years more-: it will take

sixty years to pay off the $3,001), and

the sen is now thirty years old. Ho

may therefore confidently expect to se­

cure a clear title to the formwiiile he is

still a frisky young fellow of one hun­

dred and thirty and lay up a competen­

cy for his declining years.

New counterfeits are said to IH» afloat,

which are very hard to detect. One is a

s : lver dollar. It is l>eantifully executed,

bearing a slight appearance of iron, and

is pronounced by the Snb-Treasur as

the best silver-plated, aud cannot be de­

tected by the application of acids, un­

less the surface is scratched. It is so

close to the standard weight that it re­

quires the finest scale to detect. The

date is 1878. Another very dangerous

counterfeit is a $5 gold piece, so perfect

as to nlmoRt defy detection, and con­

st meted of such materials as uot to be

affected by acids. It is, however, short

in weight, and does not have the true

ring. The silver coin will be more like­

ly to gain circulation. Headers, bo on

your guard.

Since the middle of Noveuil>er the im­

portation of potatoes from Great Britain

and Germany has been steadily increas­

ing until now we are getting from 2,000

to .'1,000 tons of potatoes a week—the

Anchor, Cunard. State, Iuman, and

White Star Lines bringing from 600 to

1,500 tons of potatoes iu each of their

vessels. Tho high price of cabbages—

from $15 to $30 a hundred, wholesale—

has led to large importations from Ger­

many. They are brought in crates and

some sauerkraut is imported ready

pickled in tierces. Turnips, celery and

carrots are also to be seen among the

freight of all incomiug vessels. While

we are importing vegetables, wo are ex­

porting large cargoes of hay, that crop

having been n comparative failure in

England and Scotland.* Tho price of

potatoes aud cabbages iu the market will

probably increase slowly until the new

potatoes arrive.

Students of the Michigan university

at Auu Atbor to the number of 800 huve

assembled in imiignutiou meeting and

resolved not to visit the opera house or

patrouize merchants who advertise iu

the Ann Arbor X> irn, the offense being

that two of their number had been ar­

rested at the instance of the opera house

proprietor for disturbing Mr. Tilton's

lecture, and that the newspaper charged

them indiscriminately with being row*

dies. The man of amusements came to

order immediately! and apologized for

himself and the policeman. Whether

the editor will retract or bo " boycotted "

out of business remains to be seen. We

don't kuow how soon it will be, as things

are going, before college students will

not only bo prepared to dictate terms ol

surrender to the faculty and their pa­

rents, but ussume to control the ud-

ministratiou of national affairs and giv.

11 )• IIUCMI a point or two iu bringing tin

British lion to his knees.

Judge West I .rook, ol King-ton, has late­

ly reuderod a decision on the question of

jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace iu

certain criminul coses, which will lai of

interest to the legal fraternity iu this

State, us well as to the persons who may

heiealter l>earrestedou criminulchurges.

The case under notice was thut of tin

I Vople against Loumi Lord. The de­

fendant lives in Shaudukeu, Ulster

county, aud was arrested for assault and

battery. He was taken before the Jus­

tice who issued the warrant, and there

offered to give buil to uppcur before the

Gruud Jury. But the justice refused,

eluimiug thut he had exclusive jurisdic­

tion of the ease under the stutute of

1870, which elothes him with full power

in eases of " ni.sault and buttery not ul-

legcd to have been committed riotoush/."

'i'lie prisoner wus brought before Judg

Westhrook ou habeas corpus, ut sjieciul

terin, uud he decided thut uuder the

uew Crimiuul Code a prisoner could give

buil iu uu for assault and buttery

to sppnr. before the (band Jury. Thic

in to the effect thut the law of 1870 in

such eases is rcjK'ulod by the provisions

of the new Code, ulthough by u clause

in the Code, sjieciul statutes are lett in

force. The old law WAS capable of gross

injustice to persons arrested on criminul

, churges, uud it wus possible '" some

cuses to hurl u muu into the pcniteutiuiy

j before he was u uwure of it ulmost, even

l though he was innocent of the charges


A master of hounds recently sent as a

! present a pute de foie grus to u farmer in

! his locality, who, in acknowledging with

much gratitude the receipt of the dclica-

ev, assured the donor that since is wife

hud dressed her chilbluius with the salvi

she had experienced the greatest possi

ble Belief.


< 'ui*i*iuur«» M u u u i ' u e t u r e r

u u d 1 JI;i«-Ks-niii )«.

Brewsters, N. Y„

inoiva notice in uaa saemwd UUe

service* ol •' Una-class painter, aud is prepared

tniM' Ul« eV.T.Ulillie III Uie M.l.\ Ul US* SOTS

aud n pairing lit u lituixaiali and artistic manner.

Old M'UgUUM liiiiUe to liX'K like uew. Call UUd !*•

i • J\ iii. e L

Schneider «V Weiiiwer,

C'ui'i'iutfa? Muuul'ueturerw,


\(.n is t he t urn- to give your orders lor a ugous

ji.i LuesiMlaguI issl. Many yean ol experience

unable* Us to turn out belter work tor let* Uiuuej

UuUiUlO oilier c.-tUbllsluuent ou Uie Uue ol Uie

ll.iiliat It. 1C. Especial utn-iitluu given U> re-

pulrtag. All uork tuurougbJy aud prompt 1>

dOUe. None but the l»c:.t UiaUTlul Used. 1'utroii-

age soUcltoo.

ltchcued from Dealb.

William J COUgUlUl of .NOllicrvlllc, .Mash, MIVK;

|u Uie fall ol i« 1 vvas lukcu witb HUMHUUU- of

tl,e L.Ullgt> Jolluwed b.» U severe eougli. 1 lost m.v

.iiiiM-tu. .tail tleslt, and wus n ' ' * * ' H i l l ' . • ' * ( ( ! t i l t

vouchers thereol, to the unnerslgned,the i.duiln-

lstrutrlx and Administrator or the goods, chat­

tels and credits or the said deceased, at their res­

idence lu the said town or Southeast, on or before

the Hot day m Muy, A. 1>. ISSg.

Dated tin- v.i h dav or October, A. I). 16S1.

HANNAH I.. KOSTKH, Administratrix.

QBOKGB W. FJSl KK, Administrator.

P UR8UA..T to nn order ot Edward Wright,

Burrogato of the county ot l*uuianu— soues

In hereby given, BOOOrdlag to law, to all persons

having claims against the estate of .lohu Wood,

lute ol the town of Southeast, In said County,

deceased, to present the same, with the vouchers

thereof, to the undersigned administratrix and

administrator of the goods, chattel* and credlns

I ot BSld deceased, ut Uielr residence, In the Bald

town of Southeast, on or berorc the 1Mb day or

May, A. 1). 1*82.

Dated tills 4th day of ovember. A. D. 1881.

DLItoKAll J. WOOD, Administrate.

FRANCIS IIAINKS, Administrator.


uf sessions. Iii and lor thet'ouut) of Putnam,

tor the year Issa.

Terms of tho county Court ot the County or

I Putnam, loi Hie trlul "i Issues ol law or fact and

terms or the court ol Sessions In and lor said

' County, ut which a (Hand and PeUtJury will be

I required to attend, are hereby appointed to be

held ul the court House, In Cannel, In the ycur

' lsSit, as foIlOWBI

Third Tuesday of February, BBOOnd Tuesday or

BentemtM r.

Tei ins ot the County Conn or the County of

Putnam, for the trial or Issues or law ami the

hearing and divisions r motions und other pio-

eeedlngs at which no .Miry will lc required tout-

tend, are hereby u|ipolmetl to be held ut the

court House, in runnel, In the year 188U, at tha

times above appomtod, and also on the fourth

I'ucnduv ol.lauuar.v, April. May, Julv, October,

November and third Tuesday or Decciuber.


county Judge or Putnam County.

Dated December 16,1881.

l\ , Ine Nevada Hunk, oi San riuucfsco,

piuintirr, aguinst ttosaUsKaufman, Mob-

en 'l .ii.ii..inn and >.it li.m L. Thompson, deleud-


My virtue or a Judgment or foreclosure and sale

mude lu I he above entitled action, on the V8th

day or September, :»•.:, und entered on the 1st

day of October, 18*1, In the office or the clerk ol

Putnam County, the subscriber, a n'feree for that

purpose duly appointed, will wil ut public sale,

at I lie steps of the Court House, In the village ot

cannel, Putnam County, N. Y.,nt il o'clock In

ihe forenoon, ou the xsih day of March, :*3*, the

real estate and mortgaged premises directed b.

-aid judgment in f> sold aiul thereto desert bad

us lolious: All iii.c . • tana of lund, sltuut

ed ut Luke Muhop ic, lu the town ol Curmel,

« • .M.I % i Puti a n, and state or New York,

and n Hindi d and described us lollows, rlx: lie

riniiii,,' ut a hemlock tn'e, on the easterly shore

ol Luke Mahopac, ut the lund or Mrs. Eschcvcrla;

thciicc ninulug south forty-ulue und a hair de

frees east, heventy-ninelfnks; thcuce souUi slx-

v-ilght degrees east, tour chains, lony-elghi

ink»; ihemv south twenty-thit-e und a half de-

•rn-es west, t wo ciialiis sixty-two links; theuce

out la sixty-one aid ihree-ipnmers degrees east,

twelve chains fory-seveii links; thence south

h ty-llve digit-es east, ten chuliis ; I hence south

tuny and a Hair degrees «CM, ten chains: thence

j.uth lllty-nlne d.-greeseasl, eight ehulns, llfiy.

IX links; thence south ten uud turre-i(uurter

dugreeaeaat,alonx land of i.< wis H. Uregory

due chulus, elglu links; ihence ulongsuld tire-

fan'S south twenl\-ihr«-e and u uuurier degret in delicacy of ^^^^^^afcjSEK ."••

Uataaad «UIU:I. i"or uie by Dragviala. ^5

W.D.Srti if Ufl! inlCu( gft^WX

foreuvalw. Bold by draincwUand SoaaSSriSS^S£


Koachea, Water BOBM

and 1 ted aud Mack

Tin**"" -^""taeat ravenously


*u. ^ TOU und die. No fear

of bad Kmclla, Earns,

(iralnaiiesand house-

lolds oiten eie.ired iu u Klojrle ntirbt Heat und

beapeal \imln killer in Ihe world. No falluri

inn.M-ara. -Every DOK v arrant ed. Bold bv nl- and dru.-ei-i Ask lor p«waoNa'

'ailed f'-r Ka b} \\ I 1KB A- I'OTTKIt, I»o-ton


What Make* tin Children Laugh t

Cnt'n Cradle,

TheHANlisoMKHT Fine Art Juvenile Hook

with 60 colored Illustrations. 1 vol. Quarto

».«•. K. wt »K in INOI OM, :;• Broad way; N. T


• holiday preaenta; aquare grand piano-

ones, four very ImiidMine round corneia, roae-

viKid eases, thn-c unlsona, lleatty'a muichleHb

1 ou frames, stool, hook. Nixed, tm.76 lotttLM;

UtalogUe prices, 10,006 to fl.ono; hatlsfactlon

,'iiaraiiteeiior inoiiey 1. ie ei d, alter one yeara'

IM 1 ; uprlk'ht planoforu-a. flxft to fxss ; eatalojrue

uh MM, |MNtto|800j standard plauotoil M da>>; verv latesi

alnii-savUii; wood-workiiiu muchluery. Vast

"apllal euablcs me to manufacture ticttcr gtaids

or UflW liione. 11,au ever. Address, or call U|K»li

i\Mi:i. I f . UK AT IV, Washlugloii, New Jersey.

A DVKUTISKKS! send lorour aelwt list of Iwal

newsi-aiK-iK Uaa. P. KoweU A Co., 10 Bpruec

it., N. V.

F it .% % »: 1 c


Bftfl In the World. Made only by Uie Frazer

Lubricator company, at Cldcago, New Vork,

and M. Louis. BOLU £VEKVW1IEUE.

... .. for '••---. with iinpro\ed

DiarV l^rOO luw«»*« l*Ue, caleadar,

r etc. seal lo any address

• ui receipt of two Three-i em Stamps. Addiess

i harles K. Hire*, *• N. Delaware avenue, i'hila.

7 Per Cent. Net.

l'irst-1-lua.s Farm Mortgage Loan* aud

Mu nii-iiia! Runds, for 1 HI lie 11 In is ud-


JOHN u. CLARK, Omiiim



Agents Wanted at Oiiw

Ui it'JJ LUC lia Hal < oinjiiele> Of


Uul in. inatle career and \l 1.1. llls-

1. r\ ul He ii.ii.Ke sieue.-. and slarflliik' dis­

ci., uie li i|i- HI..: ; 1 lie cost Is and remark­

able Ul the alii... 1- Ul .nine Well lllust

Will md! immensely. A^-nin outfit .'.ne. 'I.IH.S

Ui agents liberal tUdrc Hi « HAUH linos., Pub-

I l.e,-, Wt U( iUlUl SI . i'llll...

Hull I loi ate UIol. nn-lug OUT JaS

KUei .cltlemelil lllli COL tlee .1

K M.'i.. •hii.fliireuinuiAiuiry 00 »'a


A HVKUTISEUS by adure.shUiv »rX*. P. HuWEI.L

A lO. to Spruce St., New Vork, can learn the

exact (o-t of any projamed line of ADVEKTISINO

lo AmeiUan Ncwipajiei-, lyiuu-pace Pam­

phlet, -ib cent*.

Newspaper AdterlPU^' llurcau, lOBjiruct BLN.Y.



KfTeclu.ill> cleanses

nasal pjuibagi

lairahal vlius, caus-

lnj.' heallliy aOCCO-

iion>, uilaya uifiaui-

malloii, pixiteuta the

on iiiliraiie iioin ad-

.111 iUUUl ' olds, eolil-

pletidy he...

.-.ores and restores

Ihe sense W taste

a-id hUjc'.l. in aeil-

elnl I.hill!.-. OXe lea

U/.ed by .1 (CM upidl-

1 aUuaa, A iii ^.'H

HI will cure

1 ill .nii, lla> I ever.

Ac I 'hc.juaic 1 for

uuWl in tl.e lund.

Ag tile to Use. App> li> the lit ie tllil,'. r Into

He I...UIK HI. leeelpt ol Mh. WlU Uiall a ,

age. hold li> litewster Drugglnt*.

t:i is < HI AM llM M (U..OAI



Myu, "«. V.

!•..:u 11 ug,

11. ..i..iiii»'.

Fur InM! eighty page, HlUiirafcd. t'atalague

UUclunlUg llll'c cclil r.lalnp,


CI IVES CO. €renei*al flercliaiidise!





w 1.' n«»ker« in i:i« sjtk.

Ill 1. rry Silk

• i- •

• — \y«n. ebony and frtlt, wltb

" • >i Wilton"p*it«nn

,•>. -


• 1 •. ••%.

• ••>.- •-. We,.a Peata,

• •• Itll :.r:e- Mini wiltiont,

1.11. il .-nii! plain,

• '• > •• und Price.

s& BEDROOM smm


l»ttrn:. i'ei Rinl Batwalon,

M rMe Tnj.- and \\ IMHI Topi,

Inlaid Trip* tltd ' loth Topa,

Murnlh. Iplhlletl"-. r":., ele.

Foot Rests,

Writing Desks,

Blacking Boxes.



China, Crockery,

and Glass Ware.



Filly Buster Iron Mines,

Rpw*t«*t A, Uf. Y.

The Largest and Finest Assortment


General Merchandise

In tout..eastern New York,



OIL, &c, &c.


Ready-Made Clothing, Overalls,

Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes,


Hardware, Wood Ware and WiHow Ware.



American, f CHINA.



Fancy Pitcher*, 1 In all __

« Tea Pot*. J MAKES OF WARE.

Cunt and Sauccra, | _Frpnch, (Jcrman,

A.T4 I M 3 I E N S E S T O C I i O F


" Miitf».

" Vanca,

•• Toilet Beta,

" .Smoke Seta,

ElifflUh, Ainen.-im,

«"ii:n«—. Japanese,


Etc., Etc-




House Furnishing: Goods.


Table Caeters, Cake Baskcta, Rntter Dlahea,

Pickle Jara, Kucf, Spoon Uuldera,

Va^ea, SpiMina, Furka,

Children'a 8eU.


OlcTera, Knivea and Forka, Pocket Rnlrca, Mat

Plcka. NatCrackera.etc.

And no and to oar variety or of things




• lor •!»• winter In larmina diMriei-. x m

• ;.ir-e returns lor comparatively little labot.

I^L^iBi'iirf'iill iiartirnliirMi'liIre-. ininieilintely

•••ilUAMat Jl'Ull tO. T..I llruu.lMii,. S.Y._

The Finest TEA, COFFEE and SPICES in the Ma ket.


In Endless Variety.

— 0 —

A Complete Stock of Miners' Supplies

Powder, Fuse, Caps. Picks, Shovels. &c.

The Best of Everything at the Lowest Prices

H. A. KINGSBURY, Storek'p'r.

EC?I M^l

i^^ai.sL/.'i^ r-aSi ^xnn ^>. • •««.»• niTU-L^.

The attention of the public is called to the

Assignee's Sale




BAZAAR, by order of JULIUS GOLDMAN, Assignee,

for the purpose of disposing* of the entire stock at the

earliest moment The sale is peremptory, This stock

has been reduced to such low prices that parties in want

of anything as below mentioned will find it greatly to

their ad vantage to call before purchasing elsewhere:

Clothing for Men, Hoys and Children.

Overcoats, Ulsters, VUterettes, J)ima Suits, Business Suits, single garments

of all kinds, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Mats, Caps, Mitts, Gloves T Merino un­

derwear. Dress Shiits, l>tli laundried :wd unlsundiwd, Silk Mufflers, Silk

Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, SaJfMose, aud 50 doz. Gents 9 Ties of every de-

siiable description. line assoitmeul of thin ne 1 working Shirts.

Our Ladies* Dress Department

la full of Biu-gaina: 40 iiieb, all woul, iilaek Cimliijieiv, l'» cents per vnnl .Uli-iii-hitiK l.argaiua in Jiiorlie Caabmere and

Wool Buuwla, Howry, J'lauuel Underwear, TriniuiiiitfK. Lgaiiet made up inu*lui muh-r garuuuUi, Blanket*, QuilU. i'laia

and Brocaded Siitiua, Sdka, \\!viln.

Linen Goods!

Table J Juujasks, 1 ill iirhed, half bleache.1 and uubkaebed, ('..linn T..«.ln. l.ineu 'IViweli-, and Turkiab Bath Towels,

Napkin*, Fancy Table Covers.

Notions !

Ladies' Fichue, Spaniah Lace Tiea, Hipp r l'att. nib. W..! 1 . t •, lwk.i 1. ...i.s, ffmfaHh. Vaiun, Bibbous, Kid (iloves,

BufllinK, Hamburg Edging, Ureas Button:., J', Hunieiy, .!.«• lrv, Stnlimu -ry, md U.e Seib l'iiouiaa Clock Ladies' Walk­

ing Jackets, Uulauuis, Ulstrra and Cluak", ut luiif priiM-. 1'iitim; frumea, eaaelw, albums, aud shell ornament* of STCTJ

deM'iij-tiou. Oil Clothe*, Carpet* and Wall 1 'upcr.

Lace Goods'

Bpaniab, Frencb, Vubneiei nss, Torebou, Swi.she Kinbroidirv, tifetooue, tjtftgiUnlQC aud J>uUhes Lao*.

tt'M T ' I'MMi" K. 'I.I I''.'»n\, Ni-v\ V,ul,

These goods are to be sold for tons than half their

real value,


Cor. Main St and Park Ax^iiue, Hrewsiers, New York.

February 1st, 1889.

Putnam County Standard

FR11> A Y. March ii, 1882.

First Baptist Church.

March carae in this time very much

like .i eca-lion. Wi 1 mid cold.

Tlie Lord's siqqwr will l>o observed

next Sunday at the Baptist church.

Tin 1 nnnual co'leetion for Foreign Mis-

Uev. !•:. n fcnttjl• *m1cra! IT.,. :ilir „i.,,, will 1„. tid:t-:i after tho m •miliR WT-

U a. in. niitl ;::n'|». III. Salibnlli School, a. m. . . B

Sahbitli RcTiool !'•• icin-ir- i H•.•:iuL. i M••~>iw ;•::.» vico. Service of Song in tin* evening.

? . m. I'riviT meeting, ilnir-1 >\ ::.:» p. m. i iv„ ;,,., .; „. _ •„ i ,

oi arc invited to to attend' nil k^ services, lmuinnr pieces will be used.

Tho subject of the sermon in the M.

E. Church next Bnnday night will lie

"What to Wear."

nut .ire is^iin-ii ot a hearty welcome

M. K. Church.

Clmtuberlin's Steam Cooker, for which

Mr. (). M. Crosby, of Danlmry, has the

RCJfOAV. -Preaching ai 11 :i. in.. anil tiWIn. iii. .,.-,.i,,.v is vo.i.llv ffMwfnO in imMta||,irrlaiM,»d» glowing 111 pitllllC

Yo-in,* r.-.n'..--iT.i\.riii--iiir;. •:•;.;•< p. in.. :in.i favor. At least 1 wentv-liv.* are in use in

troniTal .,-.,, , ,, . * , .,

in MIII-.\ii\ Mi i,i-M • . miuj. Young iv-opio'sj tills village, ami nil who Imve llictn nreen-


Vou'ie People's < lass iii'-'-iliiir, Tuesilnv evening.


A M.: s:.M A. M.: Bill P. M.i S:S8 P. M.

jcave Brewsters for I'iivvlimj at n>::t.i A. M. «i;M

•». M.

Loiivp Bivwstors for (liatliani and Albany at

2:15 P. M.: BsOT P. M. •

Leave Grand central lienot for Brewsters nt

•:J0 A. M.; 10:B0 A. M.; n-.SO p. M.: or, P. M.


!. i« - - lliu;.-. Aheudy .Mr. Huvt bus h>st 'ii

walks eoiiMoied t» Ihiclw n until Weil line cattle. On the furui of A. S. Buld-

uloug toward noon, wh.n wus a win, alj "ini..^.. the disease huseurried off

general hip.uallou williout a lormal t Wo eows and others ale allbeled. All

lueetiug. The reason no meitm^ took winter Ion-calil. Ii.iv.-l,eerformances

simultaneously, lu the large outer riug

or racing track the Roman hippodrome

is exhibited. Iu two other immeuse

connecting tents my colossal zoological

collection und museum are shown. In

December uext I visit Australia iu per­

son with Jumbu aud my entire main-

moth combination of seven shows, via

('alitoriil.i, thence through Suez Canal;

following summer to Loudon. I shall

then exhibit in every promiueut city in

(ireut Britain. May alter war. I return

Jumbu to his old position iu Rovul

Zoological (iurdciis. Wishing long life

uud prosperity to British Nutiou, Tlie

Telcyram uud Jumba, I am the public's

Tlio different nominations made by

Arthur since he took upon himself tho

ropes of office, prove ono thing con-

clnsively, and that is that his administra­

tion is to be stalwart Along through

the line wo find nothing but the names

of stalwarts, and tho fact is now made

more prominent by the appointment of

Oonkling, tho king of the faction, to a

scat in the supreme bench, Coming as

it docs so CIOHO upon the death of Gar­

field, and tho trial and sentenoe of Gui-

teau, it is at once associated with these

two facts, and the comments of the

country at largo are not favorable. It

does seem as if Arthur might have esti­

mated the cost of the move before he

mado it, for Oonkling, is associated in

the minds of the American people far to

closely with the tragedy of last summer

to lie the recipient of such honors, and

however worthy ho may be, wo are of

the opinion that he would have grac­

ed retirement far more than he will

honor judicial publicity. His ability did

not get him the place but his political

opinions did, his stubbornness, narrow­

ness and partisan! zeal have been his rec­

ommendations to .the office, and such

qualifications do not seem to be just

what is required for a supreme court

judge. However, we suppose wo are to

have a stalwart rule, the 300 are in the

ascendancy, and there will be no relief

until 1884.


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In New York, February 26th, Mary J.

wife of George A. McDowell and daugh­

ter of Townsend Secord, in tho 38th year

of her age.

At Southeast, Tuesday evening, Feb.

28th, 1882, Tillie May, only child of

Wm. P. and Anna M. Buckley, aged 20

months. Funeral private.

In Carmel, Feb. 25th, 1882, Anna

Jane Dunn, aged 14 years, 2 months, 10

clays. Remains brought to Brewsters

for interment

In Brewsters, March 2d, William H.

Witherldge, aged 37 years, 11 months,

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ou the ninth duy Of January, 1S92, notice Is here­

by given to ull the creditors uud persons having

claims against Kllu I'. Weeks aud I rainier H.

I.' -i.i, luU'ly i (ni ne business lu lirewHlers, rut uum

i , HI nt.\, New Nork, uuder the Ann name of

Weeks uud Lent, thut t hey are required to prebent

iiw11 el.line, with the vouchers therefor, duly

verUled lo the subscriber, the the duly appoint­

ed usslguee of the suld Ella K. Weeks aud

Leunder It. Lent, for the benefit of their creditors,

ut in - pluce of transuding business in brewsters,

I'm ii.i in county. New fork, on or before the

Hi st duy of April, lstss.

Dated, Brewsters. N. V., Jan'y 9th, IBSX

COSNK1.IUHK. OAiiE, Assignee.

A. J. MII.I.KII, Att'y for Assignee, Brewsters, N.Y.

obedient servant. P. T. BAUNUM.

The increasing number of electric

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cities, lu New York, several companies

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inciits are making for a large exteusiou

of this method of lighting the streets of

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in frout of the principal places of amuse­

ment aud iu many of the stores aud

places of business. The city goveruieut

has recently ordered one hundred addit­

ional lights for the streets, uud some

persous are so sauguiue as to behove

that the larger part of the city will soon

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is now doue with gas aud oil. Several

of the electric companies are now quite

busy iu the munulucture of machines

uud in placing lights. improvements

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tion oi lamps and in the power «'f stor­

age of electricity, which it is believed

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A roiIurUord.

The Drug Clerk.

" CAB yon give mo Anything to mnko

A drunken mftn nober ?" naked A womnn

of the clerk in A Williarosbnrgh drug

fttore She VAA poorly dressed and

CArriod a pitcher in her hand. She VHH

accompanied by A bashful girl, Al>ont 14

years of age, who endeavored to coneeAl

herself behind the womnn.

Tlie clerk looked xriso for A moment.

Then taking a lArge Iwttlo from one of

the shelves, ho ponred A small qnAntity

of liquid into a glass. He filled the re­

mainder of the glass with plain soda.

The woman was advised to administer

the antidote to the intoxicated mnn in

one dose. She WAS profnse in her

thanks, and, paying the snm required,

slip left the store, followed by her young


" That's an unsual occurrence, is it

not?" inquired the reporter.

*• Oh, no; very common," replied the


" What was it you gave the woman ?"

" Merely a little aromatic spirits of

ammonia, mixed with plain soda."

"Is that an effectual antidote for whis­


M Well, that depends entirely upon

the subject If he has plenty of fAith,

the aromatic spirits of ammonia may

aid to sober him. There is nothing in

drugs that will make a drunken person

sober. The only effectual remedy that

I know of is a plunge into cold water.

That usually has the desired effect. A

drunken man, however, is sometimes

ready to believe a great deal; and if I

should give one a glass of plain soda and

toll him that it was an effectual antidote,

the chances are that he would sober

up sooner than if ho haxl not taken it.

He pulls through on faith. In fact, 1

find that one-half of the persons who

enter this store have imaginations lik

India rubber. These are the people

that support drug stores. If I were to

tell one that bread taken in the form of

a pill was the best stimulant in the

store, he would believe me, probably

take a few, and imagine that they made

a new man of him."

"What effect will aromatic spirits

have upon a drnnken man who has no


"It has a tendency to settle the

stomach. That's about all."

At that moment four young men

entered, all of whom were more or less

under the influence of liquor, while one

of them was bleeding profusely from a

cut in the head. His companions said

he had fallen down. They wautod court

plaster. It wasgiven to them, and then

they wanted the clerk to put it on the

cut, but he refused. They pleaded and

finally got angry, but it had no effect

upon the drug clerk. He advised them

to go to the hospital. They left, vowing

vengenoe upon the clerk.

" Why did you refuse to put the stick­

ing plaster on the man's head ?" inquir­

ed the reporter.

"First, because I'm no surgeon."

was the reply. " Second, because it's

unpleasant work, with no recoinpeuBe.

Third, l>ecause I do not know how bad

the wound may be, aud if it should re­

sult seriously the drug clerk would be

blamed for meddliug with it. The sur­

geon's criticism would bo severe, and it

might make trouble for me. It is not a

drug clerk's place to attempt to be doc­

tor and surgeon."

Soon afterward a man wearing a high

hat and dressed with some care lurched

into the store, and lounging down upon

a high stool beside the counter, said that

he had been out celebrating, aud had

drunk a little too much wine. Ho want­

ed something to brace him up. The clerk

gazed prof uadly at the ceiling, aud then

said in a voice which should have inspir­

ed confidence:

" I guess I can fix you."

A dose of aromatic spirits of ammonia

was given to the man, who drank it

down. He sat still a few seconds as

though endeavoring to feel a sobering-

up sensation, and then calmly laid his

head on the counter aud went to sloop.

The clerk made several futile attempts

to arouse him. A policeman wus at

length resorted to, and the man wus

taken out

" Do you have many such cases as


" Not often as bad as that. They ure

usually able to go out again without

help, though some show a tendency to

stay much longer than ueoessary, aud 1

am finally obliged to request them to


A party of four then entered the store

—two gentlemen aud two ladies. They

wauted hot soda. They called for the

required syrups, with the exception of

one young man, who loaned against the

counter, twirling his cane and pulling

his moustache.

" What kind will you have V" asked

the clerk.

"Oh," he replied, "let me have it


" Plain, aud hot, too?" the clerk in­


" Hot, of oourse," responded tIn-

young man, with a very superior man­


" But," said the dork, " hot soda plain

consists of nothing but hot water."

The young ladies laughed.

"I wish," said the clerk, after the

party had gone, " that I had given the

smart young man iiiu hot Kudu plain. I

would have done so had it not l>eeu for

the young ladies."

One of the most unobtrusive cubtoiners

was a policeman, who, winking ut the

clerk, said he wanted an antidote for

dampness, internal application. It wus

a very wet night. He got a small boda

glass half lull of amber liquid from a

bottle on the third shelf.—A'. )'. Sun.

Burly Mnrrlngex.

Eight years ago, n Ind of 18 in the ,

freshmAn class of college eloped with A I

girl Aged 14. Thoy liclonged to wealthy

families, so that their rash mArriAgc did

not, AS such marriages nenally do, bring

the curse of poverty on them. They I

. * • • • '

Orn. \v. nrown, 41 Mnrslinl St., Providence, Tt.

!., enrol hy culli-iim Kesolvcnt (hlooil pnrlrter)

, nnd (litleurn nnd (titlcum Snnp (tlie preat skin

were forgiven bv their parents and went I curoo of n itmcworm Humor p»t nt ifie ivtritor"*

wlileli spread nil over III* ear, nock nnd fnee.

to live with the parents of the bride

The bridegroom WAS but A lwy; And A

silly, ill mAnnered boy. Naturally, the

family into which ho lmd mArried treat­

ed him AS such. Quarrels followed.

Tlie lAd, who was still at school, work­

ing on sums and playing foot 1 mil, assum­

ed with ill success the authority of a

hnsband And father. Finally he took his

wife to his father's house.

YeArs pAssed. Children were liorn to

them; pale, lifeless littlo creatures: who,

each in turn, dwindled And died within a

year of their birth. The mother, whose

education stopped short st 14, was called

upon to meet tho duties nnd 1 rials of

middle ago with the untrained And im­

mature lnxly of n child. It was partly

owing to her ignorance nnd mismanage­

ment that her children died one after


Finally her mother-in-law took the

only remaining baby from her, and sent

her back, A weak, heart broken creature,

to her own home.

A mutual disgust and weariness had

replaced the brief passion which had

brought this foolish husband and wife


After a year's separation they met in a

public court before the Judge who was

to decide which should have possession

of the child. The father brought it in,

holding it by the hand.

" This is my littlo son," he said to the

Judge, with quivering lips. " Do not

take him from me."

The little fellow held out his arms

crying, "Mamma! mamma!" The

poor young mother burst into tears.

" Give him to me!" she cried. " Ho is

my boy! He is all I have."

The eyes of the husband and wife

turned from tho child to each other with

a lingering look. The Judge saw old


"I will not decide to-day," he said.

" Take tho child and go together to

some house entirely apart from both of

your families. Come back to me in two

days if you find you cannot settle this

matter without my interference."

They did not come back. The child

proved tho best peacemaker. With it

between them, thoy are trying to repair

shattered lives, aud mako them one

again; but the restraint of years has be­

come a habit, and even their most san­

guine friends can hardly hope for tlieir

complete mutual reconciliation and


nnd for six years resisted nil kinds of treat­



V. II. Drake, Rsn.„ njrent for Hnrpcr & Bros..

Detroit, Mli li, (fives nn nfflon'shlliff ncconnt of

hNonsc (oo/em-i rodent), widen Ind t>oen treated

hy n eonstntjitlon orpiiysleiatis wit limit benefit,

nnd Wlileli specllly >|elded to the ( ntlctir.i His

solvent (MOIHI nunflen Internnllv, nnd t'ntli-nra

nndfutlcnrn Ronp (thejrrent suln euros) exter-



II. A. Rnymnnd, Auditor F. W., .1. * J*. !*, It.,

iTnekson, Mlililuiin, was cured of Scald Hend of

nine years duration by tlie cutleurn Remedies.


Hon. Win. Taylor, boston, Mast* permanently

enrol of n liuinor of tlie face nlid scalp (eczema)

that bad boon treated unsuccessfully for twelve

years by many of bos-ton's licit plivslrlanR nnd

most noted siieclnllstK, ns well :is Kuroitean nu-



Mrs. nowers, UR Clinton St., Cincinnati, speaks

of Iter sister's clilld, wlio was euro! of milk crust

whle t resisted nil remedies for I wo years. Now

nnnebealtby boy, with n brnutlrtil bend or



Frank A. bean, steam lire onptne *, noston,

was cured of Alnnocl.i, or fnlllnjr ot the hair, bv

the cutleurn Resolvent (Wood pti'ltlcr) Internall'v

nnd Cuilcura ana cutleurn soup (the (front ekl'n

cures) externally, whie'i completely restored hit

hair when all said he would lose It.


The Cutleurn treatment consists In the inter­

nal use ol the Cutleurn bosolvont, the new blond

purifier, nnd the exteninl use of t ut Intra nnd

cutleurn Sonp, the pront skin cures.


Cuilcura Remedies are far Sale by nil ilrtnr-

E st*. 1'Hce of CfTirfBA, n Medical .lellv, smnll

»\os,5oc.:lnrife boxes. Jl. CCTICPRi RESOLV­

ENT, the new blood purifier, M per bottle, crri-


MEDICINAL SIIAVINO SOAP. I8&1 In liars for bar-

ben and large consumers. BSc. Principal depot.



San-ford's Radical Cure.

Clear hend nnd voice, easy breathing, sweet

breath, perfect smell, taste nnd hearing, no

cough, uo distress, by using sjnfords Radical


Snesze until your hend Is ready to fly off, eves

and nose running water, throat parched and

blood feverish or take sanfords Rudlcnl cure for

catarrh and be cured.

Witch Hazel, American Pine, Canada Fir,

MaHgold, and clover blossoms are what Nan-

ford s Radical cure Is made Ot One b ttle Radi­

cal cure, one box Catarrhal solvent andsntiford's

Inhaler, In one package for jl. Sold everywhere

WHISKS A: P'TTKH, boston.

Tnitli In Marble.

"I moot some very curious persons,"

said n sculptor to n reporter, "For in­

stance, yon scenic now trying to make

a broken nose. This is the bust of a

southern merchant who died nl>ont a

year ap\ ami his widow insists that, ns

ho had a broken nose, this {tortriiit of

him should fnitlifnlly show the infirmity.

Rut that is nothing. Look, sec here!"

In a corner stood a model of a prej>os-

sessing young face, except that it wns


"I spent three days in trying to con­

vince, the mother of that girl that tho

omission would In* proper and artistic,

lint all to no purpose. Sho insisted that

it could not lie a portrait without that

peculiarity. I plea-led that tho Grecian

and Roman sculptors did not even rep­

resent the eyeballs in its nat'iral slide,

but the only answer was: "Them fellers

could do as they pleased. 1 wnnt my

darter's eyes just ns they wuz."

"Not long ago a lady who enme to

criticise her husband's litis! mid that,

although ho was advanced in years, ho

had a rosy complexion !

"A friend of mine rushed m hero one

day and breathlessly recounted how he

had seen in Calvery cemetery a profile

with two eyes, one of which was almost

over the ear. Did I doubt his word ?

No, sir. I sat him right down hero and

showed him a lino of infirm busts. He

went away happy.

"There you see a bust that has no lips,

I was going to say. That wns made in

oliedioneo to tho desire of a Wall-street

banker. Ho insisted that his brother's

lips wore so thin that tho rod didn't

show. I altered them a dozen times and ,

finally, to save my reputation, traced a j

light lino to show where nature and my­

self knew there must have been the eon-1 !•'•

tour of tho lip.

"No my experience has not been that

people desire their friends' portraits

idealized. Tho true artist cau, aud

should disguise what uaturo has over­

done or not properly done without d**-

stroyiug the resombleuce. Rut the

majority of persous won't have it. In

this, if nothing else, they could enjoy


••Yes, that is old Dau Webster, tho

bust that was iu tho Crystal palace, at

Forty second street I have here a flue

daguerreotype from which the bust wns

made. You see, iu this case my work

w is unmolested, t had my own way."

—iVcie York Paper.


Absolutely Pure.

This powder never varies \ marvel of purl*

ty, strength and wliolesnm , *n°ss. Mrveeconom­

ical than tin* ordinary kinds, nnd cannot be sold

In ci-mpctblnn with the multitude or low IS I.

short weight, alum or piiosphate powders. Sold

only in enns,






ii As It la for all dlsMSM of the KIDNEYS,


It elatnoM the i-yrtrtn of tlio acrid pgHoa

thnt esse • tho i.r.-aufiil mi tier loir whloh

only tl.e viotlma of Jilt iimatiam can realise.


cf t!i • wont l*W«« cr Mile terriblo disease

hitv i>r?.i QideklT relieved, In a abort lime


i • IIM.I «i'»«iu-M-«i, and an Immense

•nlo In cv;v pai I "f tlio Country. In hun-

dreduulir.. ill !i:iHi-urrd wlieroall clue bad

IHUotl. It in mild, but efficient. < l I.'TAIN

IN ITS ACTION, I •:• I,.-,!-..1.1...i in nil cue*.

17-lt rlrnniira.Hrpiurllieiia anil «;l»e«Now

I.Hi- ' • •'•' tlio imporiaiiiorgaiiaof tlie body.

Tho lint nral ncilou of tho KJdurya Is restored.

The Liver is Hemmed of all disease, and the

Bowels move freely mid healthfully. In this

way the worst diienscs are eradicated from


As it has been provoit by thousands that



He Wanted to Get Even with the


A loncsomc-loukiug old liegro, with a

list without a brim, aud a melancholy

whistle, came arouud the coiier of Fifth

and Olive yesterday moruiug, shoving a

worm-eaten hund-curt, which he steered

west on Olive street.

A drove of loug-eared mules, of the

most vicious description, with four

drivers, yelling like mauiucs, came south

on Sixth at a deud gallop, scattering the

jiedcstriuug right aud left, amidst showers

of mud and volumes of profanity.

They met. 'Twur in the crowd on

the cotter of Sixth aud Olive. Just ns

the darkey reached the corner the mules

reached it also, aud the durkey Stopped

with his hund-cart for a breastwork,

The longest-cured, most vicious mule in

the gaug took iu the situation, left the

drove, darted across the sidewalk, and

by a dexterous flank movement, got iu

tLo reur aud charged. For a second

there was a confusion of legs, urnis,

mule and hand-curt iu the uir, aud tlie

mule passed OIL The louesoiae durkey

crawled out of the mud aud guzed oil

his wrecked haud-cart.

" Will you prosecute V" asked a sym­

pathetic by-stuuder.

•* Who, ISJSS? De mule?"

** No. Tho driver."

"I uiu't gotuuy bones broke, an' I don't

keer aliout lawiu, wid my feller creatures,

but if dere's uuy chaucu of my git tin'

square wid dat mule, I'll go wid you


And the lonesome look came back to

him ao he sat dowu ou tho bottom of

his overturned haud-cart aud picked the

mud from his ears.—St. JSJUIH ffeputh

lie an.



1° i IViHltlve Cure

far all i !•••••• 1'alnt'ul Complaints aad Weakaesaet

• iii'iiniiiiiui liiiuir In il f. inuli iiiiiiuiiitliiii.

It will POia (iilin ly the worst form of IVtualeCom

plaint., oil DVariafl tmulilvn, Inflammation and tleera

tinn, rollliiK ami 1 'i-iTio im-m«. and the consequent

Spinal Will:ni•*•>, and la yf Life.

It will ItlnnllH nnd esjiel tumors from the uterus lo

an 11.1 > •!'..• if di-Ti •• ; J • •• i .* Tlio i • -ni'.i m j to can

cirmniliumiirk there Is chi-cked vrryi-peedUy by Itsusa.

It njiiovea faint nesa, flatulency, destroy a aU crarlnfl

forstiiuulautii. and n-Urrtaweakiiea* of the stomach

It curia Mur.linjj, lleodachea, Nerrous I'rontration,

Genera' "i liillly, 6!ee|ileabneM, Depresaion and Indl

E'-Mir i.

riia. teoUnC ••M'earlmT down, rausui* |*ln, wabjlit

and Iwi-k.ii In-, 1. slwaya firrmaiientlr cured by Its use.

It will ut i i ,' • ,-.-i.| uui'.eratlrirrumstancasactln

liariii'.n) villi t In- IM«* that fo'ern the female system.

Tor the i uii-of Kiiiury ('niui luini. of cither aei this

t'liiiipouinl || i:u-iir|ianM-d.


lOIMIi. pnajand at za and Si!> Western Arenue,

1.1.HI. Hut Trice tl. Six Ixittlesfor t-V Sent by mall

In tli.• form of pill., also In the form of lucenfes, oa

n r, i|.; of price, f 1 per box forolther. Itrs. Ilnkhaiu

fr.-. |j .:i.u. i. all h-tlers of Inquiry. Send for jianipb-

lei. \ililr. oa as abo»e. Mmllun thii /\ijier.

Ki rhould lie without LYDIA K. I'lNUUAat'l

IJVIJit I'lLLS, Tl ey cure coii*U|«tioii, billoU

an:l torpl>--' of thell*rr. Si cents |*r bos.

«• - NulJ by ull Ifruatuiota. •»•

A Thorough Job.

Judge JNI , o well-kuowu jurist

living near Cinciunuti, was fond of relat­

ing this uuecdote: lie once had occusiou

to Bend to the village for a carjieuter,

ami a sturdy young fellow uppeurud

with his tools.

"I want this fence meiided to keep

out the cuttle. Tttere ure some unplatt­

ed boards—use them. It is out of sight

of the house, so you ueeti not take time

to make it a neat job. I will ouly pay

yon 81.50."

The Judge weiit to dinner and coming

• ml, he found the man plaiiiiiK euch

board. Supposing that he WUK trying

to make a oostly job of it, he ordered

him to i In in on nt once, jiiht UH they

were, und con tin ueil his walk. Whtu

he returned, the hnurdH were pluued and

uunibered, reutly for nailing.,

"1 told you tliis fence was to l>e c^y-

tired with vines," he said, ungerly. "I

ilo not care how it looks."

"I do," said tho cur|>cutcrf gruiHy,

carefully uicuMiriug his work. When it

YUU* liuisli.-il tIn-re wus uo \utrt of the

fi-nce us thorough iu liuish.

"How lmicli do you churge?" a^ked

i he Judge.

"A dollur uud a half," said the man,

.-houlderiug his tools.

The Judge sturetl. "Why did you

•pond all tliat lalajr on tho job, if nut for

money ?"

"For the job, sir."

"Nobody would huve soe.i the poor

work on it."

••Kui 1 should huve kuowu it wus

there. No, I'll take only tho $1.00."

Ami he took it uud went uwuy.

Ten yoursuftcrwurd tho Judge had tho

coutruct to give lor tho building of eer-

luiu mugnilieeut public buddings.—

There were many upplieuutsumoug mus­

ter builders, but the face of olie cuught

nib eye.

"It was my muuof the fence," ho said.

'1 know wc sh.aild have only good gen-

uini- work from him. 1 gave him tin-

contract uud made u rich mutt of him."

ia tho most effectual remedy for cleanslns; the

system of nil morbid secretions. It should be

used in firv lioiisohold aa •


Alwars euros UILIOUSKEfl*. ONHTTPA-

TiON,FILE3 and all FEMALE ttiseases.

1- !.•;• II :i m i*r> \ i-c'-table I nrm. iii tin cans,

'i one noltatnof wlileh lluUlMlqttattl meiiieine.

Also In i IM II iii i in in. »ery Coneeatratedfor

the convenience nf those whoeannot readily pre­

pare it. IInrlir-ith ciiiiil rffleifueyin nthrrform.

arrr ITOPTOCII DiircnisT. rrticr..«i.oo

IYKI.ML ItlCtUHUSOX JfcCfl.. rrnu's,

Qx\:\endth«*r*t'oct-tmiii.Y ittnt.i\t;T05.TT.



Callst'ieattention nt travelers to tlio c.Mitrnl posi­

tion ot lis liuo.couu - iM,, ii, Cast and

Houbehold Art.

•• Do you uot see on every hand the

uew nrt.N uud tho now devices for mak­

ing home I..-ant it ul."

" For mukiug home u museum!"

growled tho Buchelor. " Yes, there is

uow u croze for whut is culled houHehold

mi, but it is lor the most port only u

uew form of choorlu»buei>N, u puboiou

for making the purlor u showroom, the

splendor of which must uot bo toueli.-d

aud scarcely looked upou suve by the

outside world. Jt is art for Mrs

Grundy, aud not for the inmates of the |

house. Mrs. Uruudy is the power of

|>owci*s. If u woman hus only two rooint>

iu the world, ouo of these is furnished,

fin ni - in >1, sot in order, uud kept for tho

upiU'obution of that veueruble ludy.

Jjnujeatio comfort must live elsewhere

than in the uportmonu> demoted to thin

lady—who exacts of all her devotees vel-

v«t carpet that must not IHJ tr »d on

(iumusk ilimit ure thut must not be wit

ou, und ull sorts of Jin.-ry thut muut uot

be warmed by good, houest tires, lest

the dust alight ou them, or opeuod to

the ploubunt ruys of the sun, loot his

11, am.-, fude them. The di-.order that is

Homct'iuos held uj > us domestic comfort




CVUE1" aalu tlie suffen-r iruiu a luulllUMlt 1 U

dlaei'M-N tlttuiuttactr: li »m Kiuctva fxuui lue

M I • in lln- MIIM -ruUM-ii! IiiuM ill I lie Ul •

dial Ui-ali lshi-lr to. Ii \\iiii"t ini-iid a I.

limb, or I-IIIM-u Dullii bote; inn n uui) '>• I "

,ilil\ UHOd In btOlUUCttlC dlaOUW .-u Jt will ill UO

in- uli> Inn in. iilnl UUI) il" UiUi-li K" 1 "!- '"> W

und bi-i- li n ktuu'l e-uit your cose, 11V A 1.1. 1'KI lii.iSTS.

1 feel no bymjiatljy with; domestic bliss

In some ports of Ireland just now an I is to my tuste lirst cousiu to doguuee,

invitation to dinner is rather a doubtful

eomplinient, us tho following extract

from a letter written ut Mullingur shown:

" Wo dined with the last night, uud

met uu unfortunate Boycotted landlord,

who with his wile drove iu from his

place urmed to the tueth, with two urui-

od i>olioomon on the cur. 'J'he landlord,

Lis wife* and ooachmun curried between

four revolvers uud u Winchester ivjieut-

iug rifle, thirtueu lirearms of ull sorts on

tho cur. We sat down to dinner with a

loaded mxolvcr ou the uiuntlt-piecc, und

a loaded \Viucheater repeater ol thirteen

ahoU iu the corner."

uud iUt elegance thut enters into one's

daily being. Unless one is u muu of

wealth it is Utter to buuish set-up ouu-

ventionul parlors ul together, uud live

und dine in the best upuitmeuts, beutcd

umong books uud pictures, und the lust

lurniture, invoke peace und comfort.

Give us, 1 ciuphuticuily say, in our

households color und choerinobs—not

cold art nor cold pretensions of uuy

kind, but wuruitb, brightness, unimution.

firing in pleusiu^ colors, ehoice picturt*,

Ojic-u-brue, uud uhut not; but let in ulso

the sun; light the lire*, uud luive vwry-

thing for daily use."

New York & New B»JflMld !«• *«•

rA.SM.Mil.ll iltAIN M Itv'llK,

In • II.-.1 \m. Ki, IttU, BUUdil>S

i in

1 U


iS 4.

S Is



••I" tfoiu i" lake -ii"! Leave iiuswaugen uu r>\a-


i nNNKllJoN-.

At Urewsu-is wiiii Hi. SUM i'urk rii.i uud

SurUutro U. K . ."i>i Hi. Uurleui h- U. Al l»uu

bun with iu>- n.iiiiiui.v uud Itui-wallf l(. K . At

llu\\l«'\ villi- ulih llou.-i.ii.inl. IL It '"ul Uu'iUUi!

K it. Al Wuu-rUurj wnti N'uuifutui'a It. U . uiid

•ii i-i.iimilli- wiiii \. ll. A N- It- 1C. AI 11 .in.mi

will. N. V., N. II. ^ II. 1!. tt.

o. M. suKi-Aiu., Mi|it i ruubuurtatluu, Uoouai.

A. C KliM'AU. «-n I I'-' \."i , r.iisluii.

J. t . 1U»S. I'h. Mll.l ll.,lll..ld

\ LI 1- Ut'i aWJbll his »vilr Ulii iioi cou>;li ;il

uiL Ji. i.i.iu.-l.i luiiin- .i ti.iiil.- ..I


U'.U tin- lir»l inn- nine l- nil. 'il ilniu I ik

a t claw boitieb, boid l»> an druggutl : •••••


Him.- to Travelers.

Alwuys ke^-p your heal oud arms iu*

bide tho cur window.

'i'uko your time iu getting on or off

the curs; uothing is guiucd by huste.

Avoid being boisterous, aud do not

try to muke yourself coiispieuous.

Never disclose your busiuess to tho

stranger in whose eouipuuy you may

hupjH-u t • be.

I;, ,n in mind thut the comfort of oth­

ers sin .ii Id In- taken into coubiderutiou

when you traVi-1.

Your open window muy be the source

of greut auiii 'V.iniv uud discomfort to

your neighbors.

Uo not litter the seut you oeeupy with

. ...\is and buudles, to exelude olJni

juussengerd flora shilling with you tin

a.'i-oiiiinodutioii it uffordb.

Ues]juetfully decline uuy und ull in

viUtiuiis ciu-nded by strungerb vuti.

w in an you in.- brought iu contact, to

i i.iulge iu social guinea of eaids.

Ilo uot Usk the conductor foolish iju< I

tioub iil.i-ul the route; renicmber tliat In

is not lamiliar with the running time

ol ull the roadb in tlio Uuitod States.

When you leuvc home, take with j ou

ou you journey, und Uoe us occusiou re­

quires, 11 nit conttideiatiou for the com

toll oi oliielo thut you would eXelcibe l.-

your own house.

• S>

Caiitain iVreival, u C'upo Cod maiin. i

ul I he old bchooi, wu» once uwidti-ued iii

ol-. i.iii.k by u shipmate With tho Uii-

.."ii in vim-nt thut lln- vessel w ub goin^

lo eternity. " Well," lephid Hie eap-

luiu, " 1 \e got ten triendb over thole to

one iu this world; let her go." And in

turned over uud Went to sleep uguiu.

«•• •»


.Slinging, smuiliug hritutiou i-l tin-

tiliuiuy JiusbageJ', diseased disehaig«s, l.\ iiu.liui'iulia. $1. al d/UggXats.

J'i. j.aid by « xjui-ss, |J '!•>. i; lur $& 1-

S. Wi-i.ns, .leisiy CitN. \. J.

by iho olu'iu.i i-jMtc, nnd canVIIIK | i'uailivcly Cure-. j

« • U T I A l l HiiiMiti't-CiitH-iiirPorousPlua-

I fll lIN if" liavrbei-ii Imimiud. Do

%M%\J I I will nut ullow your drutu;ist to

palm .-ll i- .nn- uili-r iiluhii i littVkuj u Kiuiilur

auuuiliur iiiiiiii-. s.-.- tliui tiii- wind i.- • in-Hid

C-A-P-C-l-N E I'tiWiU.


MuiniiU' liirini- i'li-iiii-t-. Ni-w li

Ho IIcard flint Nnvljrntlnn wns


Wlnvi Ciifirli-s lljiviv wns WMIUM! • tit ,

ftliil .-•DiniT'l 1)'f,.rr lln" ilrsk cf lln- j>ri'-

st.iinf,' jiiil.u'i*. hn nntilf his IMMV tfat\ 1»C*


•'I in-.-iril Unit ii.ivi^nti'in nnsopi-ii BO

1 .-iinii- in. I tun n srriliir iiinl liw ttt in

tin- C'liintry in lira Winlt-r.*'

"Win ir tliil yaw iiiivi^nli- in nn rt-wli-

inpt ll o cil v ?"'

"Wi li, 1 MippiSl- I Wt'llt 1.1 HCVl'l-.ll

|.i .-. s. I wns looking for n Iwnt, ynu


'•Dili v-'ii t-xpi-cl in linil mm in n nn-


"Nn, sir; Unt I w«-nt intOfl mtlantl t«»

nsk nliinit n ninn wlm witntrtl to Bell nn-

n dog."

"Ami ri-iiinitieil lli

uustivc to take Kidney-Wort -for n<

other remedy MI effictually overcomii

thiscouditiou. ami thnt without tiiu AU-

tread uud griphig which other mudiciui-i.

•iiiis... it }> a radical cure for pili*

hun't fail to use it.—-Translated from

flu Xew York fScilunu.

The court, austerely—" Prisoner, bos

did you have the audacity to break into

this man's bouse ut midnight and rob

nim 'i" riisiim-r, piti-ou>ly—"Hut.

A. I\ M>BI>EL.L. & Co.,

A in: on Ki:tN«; in KM:

Winter Dress Goods

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leu. Removes

dandruff, re-

•toret natural

color and pre

vents baldne&s

SOrraUand 11

III- .1 •: r i , •,• U



A dcllraU * 11-

qui il- li fracrsut

\- ilun.r » illi rx-



ii aud || uoU.


Ginger Tonic

An Invigorating Me di c in t that New


ThU delicious combination of Ginger. Uuchu,

Mandrake, Mi iinm.i. and many other of the best

vegetable mt-ciicines knoa-n, cures Female Com*

plaints. I; in, Nervousneu. Wakefulness,

and all disorders of the bowels, stomach, liver, kid.

BCVS, and urinary organs.

If you have lost your appetite and are low spirited,

or suffering from age. or any infirmity, take Parker's

Ginger T< nic. It will ttrengtiwa brain and body

and give you new life and vigor.


Paid for anything injurious found in Ginger Tonic,

or for a failure to nc'p or cure. Try it or ask your

sick friend to try it To-Day.

Soc and % t sues at druggists. Large saving buy­

ing dnl'nr sue. Send for circular to Hiscoa & Co.,

163 William St., N. Y.

yuu I- honor, last time l mw before you

vim wiiiiti-d to kimw IIIIW I oould liavi-

the iiiidurity to roll a tuau on thu liigh-

uiiv ut In--li no-Hi. When do you want

uie to get in my wurlf V"

Moiiiicit |)-i:i) or SJUTT RHKI'M.—J.

\V. AdauiH, Nfwark, Oliio, wivs: "Cuti-

eiii-u Ki linilits urn tin; ;• 1. ; 11. • t 1111-di-

ciin-H 011 ••urili. Hiul the worst eahi- Suit

Rheum in tlii* oouuty. My mother had

it twi-iity yi-ins, and it fart dii-d li'nui it.

I Iwlit'vo Cutieura would liavi- wwd llflT

iti- Mv arms, liivust und heutl Wflti

covered lor tlnv.- yean, whirh nothing

ulifV.-ii of riii-d uulil i wed the Cuti-

i-iira lli-iin diea,

A mini who wus exceaiively u«i«lii-t«il

to toliuffo wus .1 KI-II by Iii.-. wife ut the

op-in " what part ol tlie jn rforinuiice he

Ul si i-i-si'inl»leil." I'l'on ennfi-hsiiig Iii--

g .•ii'iince, she ie|)!i. il. ''i'lie over-chew-

r." And he t- li lelievi-il, lii-eutiM' he

wa- iifraid slu- had JtUUIghJ him with a

b.ll.t girl.

li.-ei-iil (agH hi Ijondon huve been

in 'ii- than uueonijiiiiulileuiul disgusting.

Ill jui-sts show tlust the fog of rVlinuiry

4, ivari the eause of f.itul diM-use in llnee

C M-S. In oue instaliee it ileviliipcd la-

1 i.J l.roiieliilis, in anullier iir.niiiee.1

fl' 1 ion on the I ruin ami in tlie tliird

bronchi. 1 |>ufuuii;it:tu-il and

I iid out at the In ginning of the ei-ntury

hy the Land ^luviue Kli/.ulH-th, uliritish I

I' Alioiit lilteen years u^n it lie-

eame the jiii.jierty of the late Muduiu

liluiic, l>y whose heirs it h> now ull'ered

for sale.

% lYypifflfTwf"" of - .\j'ius is ui.Miii to ha

named by the l''reiioli (ioveiun-ut for tin-

I uir] iose ot determining what ] mrl ionti of

he 'l'lilli lies e ill be Utilized ill ease it

-.hould lie deemed evident to rebuild

thejiuiiiee. It is belli Mil that souie of

|t ie most inti'lestim-, feutlll-esof oriiailleu-

t il ion ot 'Ihe old huihliug will be cojiied

It I l» T I R K

lis relief and Dure .is oertain .is dir Collowi day to i>r. .1. A. ttuainantmataiod, vital safety from

tin- ilaiip'rs ul striin-.'iil.iiliii u-ul wliliuiii IIH-IIIJU v titiHses JuiUcl. riiose wlsUluj; pruof sliuuld

wiiii in I'-uis for iiis Do ik. iinii duluB Ukeoewea of ba 1 cases before end after oura, uino endoiw-

ini-iii-. ui |iriiii-s-.iuii..i -.-iiiii-uii-1, Minis era. Uercta n -. Fanneraand aiiiere whoiiu\e been cured,

rrusaes aiid UnpUire sootier or later uffeci t ie aervoasaud uu-ni iisysiem, biintr on oojuuii- dl>

seaMHH,luipotont'y, desiro> euenn* uiui social desires, luaklng* tlie youoaoul and tlie old useless.

mil-I--. Sftl llrii.i.|iVii\, N. V , Mi Wiiliiui Sl„ I'lilla. Days lur i-uiisiiliaiuii, eaeli week—New York,

Moudara, Tuesdays and suurdayn; ruiia. A'edoaadayi, Tburadays sad Fridays, duriiig Oeceui-

1«T. allei'Uiai OVOT) ul'u-r week. «w




Is \i; 1 li il.s l\ ONK.


1-1 --Mi-1 -i"

.1 w I;I -N 1 1 l:

I I!.. U

Ml Ul'a,


in 0 ets or j'lue.'.l in 11 liationui luuseUUl.

'l'o CoNslMI'l'lVl^s. "(joldeU Mi-.lieal

Jiise..\. ry" is u eoiieeiiliat.d, ]«'l.-ni uj.

I. I'alive, or blood ileUlisili^ I'eiui d\, I hat

H l l l l | l > r S «ins golden opinions Ir.mi all who use it

|.-i any humor, fioiu the eounuon pim­

ple, liloih, oj- eiuption, to (he foruiidub e

seiol.ilous sa'iulUi'Ki ot uh'. r. J iiU-rijiJ

level', s-'leliess alnl llleel alloli, \ l.ld U>

its benign ii-lliiene^'. ('oii.siiuiplion,

vihieii stages, l.e em. d bv a li< e u.-.e ..|

ihls (iod-giveli reliieiiy. See al'llele on

eoiiisiiliipliou and its tieaUiiiiil iu J'ail

111 ol ihe Woild's J>is]nnsary JbUiue

S.iies ol paml'hl. Is, eosls lv\o ^laiuji-,

l«isl-|.aid. Ail.h..- W.'iii.n's Disi'KNsA-

i;v MjCUU AI. As.M«i.ui...\, JJullido, N. V


The Pioneer Druggist,

ll ss at Ids 1 • 1 nc Store in Brewsters the largest and best assort*

Ml» s Of



Pharmaceutical Preparations;

cr befors offered lo u.r |iubiic in ii.i« vuinliy, and in eliarge of uud safely dlspeusd S»

Mil. JOHN t>I.OANl-:, adrugK-Isi ul iiiuiiy yeuibex|H.-rlenwe lu dlffsrsnt

Lilies of the United btutes.

l*lsyfe»i UKaUTIFl'L STOCK OF

Faiu'.v iiCQ s. lVrliui ery,

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