16 - Franklin Township Public Library

16 - Franklin Township Public Library

16 - Franklin Township Public Library


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.For I Frankl!n i

The Record

V~I. XVlll.--No. 22. MIDDLEBIJSH, N. J., FRIDAY, MAY 16, t952


[,,,ow" Nowspope l

’{a-~, - - 2

Price Five Cents

Twp. Residents Ponder O# c ots’ Wow NewBrunswick Man

On Possibility

Airport Site Proposalot AirportHere Sought for Stabbing

Franklin Twp, resldcnls spent w~th the New Brunswick inter "I haven’t reatIy given the alr- Wanted: r were spending the evenii~g a~ home

+WlhL~ week pondering a proposal by

David Davis of 218 Burner SL,

change. This would be three relies port much thought," said Joseph

iSaturday .]ght, Mrs. Lunnon sew.

New Brunswick. Negro, stocky

the Civil Aeronautics Admlnistr~

i ing, when she told her husband

longer but eouJd cut travel time Staudt. Franklin Township Cornfinn

recornmendhzg Mll]stone as s .

bu0d. wears glasses. Frequents !she detected some sm’t af anoke

’ oy O m nues miUee chairman. "’1 don’t know

Franklin Township.

site tar use s~ an alternatlve aLr- where they tntend to put It. In

l outslde their home.

DsvJd D~vls is wa]Ited by eouhty I Mrs. Lunnoll we.t otztslde to

p~rt for the New York City ~area, * * ~ * Millstone, there isn’t ~too much po]ice on a charge of s abb ng E, !investigate

should a replacement for the New- ON THE QUESTION at Lake- room, with the highway o. one Henry Lunnon of DelmonJca Ave. i A moment Inter, h s wife ~ d,

ark AWporL ~eome nece~aty. *~-ood, Gov. Dr~coll said th~ *.reek side. the ~’lve! on another, and

Although the propOSed MLIl~tone that stale officials dislike the Civil bul]cl[~gs all a~ound. A,~’ey. it’s

last weekend. Lunnon. who was! she heard him cry out.."Help

~abbed between ribs of the )eft

site t~ actually in Hlllsborvugb AeronautJ~ AdminJsttaHon’s choice a third choice anyhow, ]’ don’t

I’ve been stabbed.-

side of his body. Is in ~’alr cond[-

Twp.. ]oeal tesldenls are awnre of Parslpanny for ~ch u fie]d, and Lhlnk it’ll be put ,eat Franklin She told Police Ch ef Ed Vborfinn

in Middlesex General Hospital hess told LL Russell PJtelffe~ tha~

that eonstructlon of an airport said a study of the Lakewood area Township."

Franklin Township Police have she rushed outside to see what had

there would mean a heavy volume had been ordered. TownshLp Comltteeman W. R~-

0/ aLt trs~c over Franklin TWp. Meanwhile the Newark CRY sell LM~Q ssid. "I guess t~aL our a warrant out tar hl~ arrest on a happen~l, and she saw her woundeharge

o~ atto~io~s assault,

It w~ stated that Millstone is Comr,~lon urged Drtscoll to people in East MLIIstone wouldn’t

ed hczsbend grappling with a man

Davis has been identified by

~bout 60 percent agricultural ~ move Newark Airport to a distant like the idea of an airport in Mill- who she Identified ~LS DaVh.

4~s also tMnly .populated. It was rural ares. an~. asked him to stop stone. However. Millstone Is in

boththe victim and his wife as the "He was bleeding very badlY,"

man who stabbed Mr. Lunnon In

~urt.~r explained that the area’s ’*ell work iv. connection with the HlUsboro Township a~d out at our

Mrs. Luonon rele~. She took a

his (rant yar(l Saturday night.

only [~lustty Is tile Laurie RU’~ eonstruetlo~ ot a ~ew admlnl.~Lta- Jt~’isdietio~. ~nyhow."

rowe) and bound up her husband’s

had been a house guest 0( the L~be;’

Reclaiming Co. in East ~MIIl- tion building" at Newark AlrpoTL side. eaM hurried ]~Jm In the ho$.

Lt. Russell l~eiffer of the town.

~tor~,. The Belle Meade Army den- An elaborate safety program by

nons many Umes in the p~st. pits1 in the family ear, The as~a|l.

~hlp 1)alice department took an- Franklin Township Police re- ant


era! depot ]los three miles to the Newark Airport. looking toward olher view of the ro OSed air

fled from the scene, she tol

its reopening

P P " cons ructed events leading up In’police.

, was st~d~ed ye,~tet-

. ..,q~’est.

po ft. . "If the y are g olng

to build

Sentiment among township real- day at a meeting ot the Nation~] the stabbing from a descrJpflolt by j *’m emergency ~peraUon waa per.

a~ airport ot:t there ’ I gpeas the

dents reflectedan airpor~Str°~gin°pp°siti°nthe vicinity.InAir Transport Coordinaling Cam-

Mrs, Lunnon:

proposed highway from Somerville

formed on Mr. Lunnoiz as ~;oon as

The hnsband and wife were I he reached the hospital.


mlttee in Iqew York. Circle to the New Brunswick Turn-

It Js felt that an airport would A spokesman for Ihe c~mmiltee, pike entrance we’ll have alZ addi-

’present aa enormous hazard to which represents all pb~es of the tional burden to patrol. But It it

o, ,o .,,

Millstone- Vallev Sweens 3.


Wins Title 5th Straight Year

Other sties mentioned were program would first be lried ouL for Fra.kH. Township, the police Ar ~

wood, the latter being /neared in fore being brought to Newark. It I means more work," he nald.

~o~t circles throughout the state, is designed to speed reopening of

IN THE REPORT On Millstone the field on a commercial basis,

o., ,.., . Human Relati*n v°" ’h’° ........

is 43 mJJes from midtown New announcement regarding the .... I~na! games In the Franklin Town- J, Lapsyn~kl .....

1~] ]43 137

panel’s recommendations would be Jxoert ‘~*p

~’k. It was further expJai~ed

to Attend

F,...’. L~,*uo ~,~t night W. Klinger ....... 148 165 1.

t 3HllKone might cause some made today. ’ r Lo become township champions for

sir traffic dLffJeuit¥ ,because o~ ItS The Lakewood area wfl] be Stud- ~he filth ~neecutlve year.

Coun W orkshop ]oe~tlon on .Green AlrWe¥ 3 and led under a resoluUon of the state

T~. v,,~., o,.o~. ,~ ~. ~. ~.

Its closeness to certain d~mger PLanning ~l~d Development Coon- Mrs. Miriam A. Hayden of" the crown by beating Community No. Millstone V~lley

and caution area~ and MeGulrc ell polity-making ,body of the De- Center for H.arnan Relations Stud- |’ 785-744 an~ 852-795 in the first J. Karuzas ....... 150 145 147

Art’ Force Bane at Ft, ,Dix. partmen( of Conser~ation and Eew les of New York University wUl two ~ames of 1he three game act. C, Lazleky ...... 145 l,~ 1~

N’ewark end ~ew York ".7ould ~omle Devolopme;~t. be present as consultant at a May Community NO. l wo. the first W, T’arl~ ........ 194 167 196

he reached ~rom the suggested "The future development o~ net- 20 dlseu~lon of family relations, half o~ the Iengue. Millstone won V. Jansen ........ 131 17"g I76

~.~re via Old Amwe]l l~d. to New arian in New Jer~e~," said the It has been announced by the Sam- the second haft, nece~;ttatlng the G. Paris ....... 149 212 137

Brunswick and through Rts. l and ¢otlnci], "indicated the need for erset Committee on }lumen Rela- fallout,

9, reqtllrtng one ~.d a half hour~ new terminal facilities, finns,

Altholzgh 212 and 210 ’~’ere rolled [ 759 &52

Of travel. ."The Lakewood pine; a~’a has Mrs. Hayden eoordln~tcd the Paris







and ]o~ers.



Community No. ----- 2

An ~tlternate route to mldiow, been ~uggt.sted .~s a ..it(: that gives two workshop courses In human

~anhattan over the Turnpike promise n| being available for Itelatlons given Jn ]951 by the w|lh top a bowHng three honors gnme total of the of 55T, Mgizt

Ih~-ough the New Brup.~wlck In- ]sliding opel"aria.;3 v, hen. due Io Somerville Community School for

lerchange, woul(I requtre cor~truci

wombat conditions, the tL~.e of

~*I, Hrapsky..

T, De1 (~aqfle

. 16:{ 148 116

139 ]60 92

Leisure Learning, She is at pres. In a rolloff of wlnncr~ of Ihe 1Ion .f .3 10-mile-road byp~xslngj other alerts wutGd endanger ad- e~lt teaching a pioneering human second division, Community No. 2{

NOW Bru~]s’.’-’Jck ~t~d cor;nee(J:lg Jaccnt communities," relations couTse at Pratt |n.,~t[tute took Ihe first two game~ from Ew.t

in Brooklyn.

Franklin No. 1 to win; Franklhl

P. Ba.~celll .....

.}. "£~ru~h . .

V. Knight ........


131 129 119

150 114 147

148 1~| 180

place st p’og WardenI: I’mp’oyee Fined " 8 p, °°°=’ m. at tho homc "*° of Mr, ’"° SCOres °"" will be fOOnd elsewhere East Franklin NO. I "

I and "Mrs. Joseph Dee. Ridge Rd,, , . ~

,o .........

For....... ,M;s*rea*;n" Three Horses person in the coolly who is in- Scores:

., ,3,

in this paper, L, Collier ....... I45 133 149

E. Tobias ....... 118 125 11/

teres|ed it] ~111111DII FCI31[OflS.

W, EaSlon " ..... 152 134 188

Mrs. Tess Daddlo, dog warden IN OTHER CASES, Alfonso Rcr~s It Is one of a ~erles at work- Community NO. I 3. Kolsehr ........ 12~ 131 18,5

for marly Ce]Hrsl Jersey munl~:l~- Of Hiram St., New Brunswick. re- shops under thr leader’;hip of

3. Kerekest ....... 1(;1 ]79 149

ties. was fined $2.5 and her us.: cenved a suspended senter~ce a.d Son’tpson Smith, cou:ltv ~uperln-

J|m Thompson ... 134 ].57 ]34 684 660 7el

~ta’nt the same amount in munici, pal~l $3 costs on a charge o~ public to.de.! o[ sc~ool~, w~tch th[~ Reserves to Continue Franklin Park PTA

spring have dealt with marriage

p~ =ourt ~ls week for mtstreatin Intoxication pressed by Ptl. Adolph

counscItng and parent~chi)d rein- Police CIosI Tonight Hears CD ID~rector

-not dog~--horse~ Canvaslo. tlonn. Edmthld Jenkins, acting dlrect0f

Joseph A. Zucker, townshl Frank Magyar at Dare St.. N’cw Arrangements for transportaUon The seco11~ week of ~ralntng for of civil defe~se Jn ~]le towushlp,

~gerg Of the Society tar the Pr( Brtmswick. pai


$15 for eareless to Martlnsvllle can be made b~ Franklin Township police reserves spol~ Wednesday .ight on lo~al

-~e,Ttion at ~elty to Animals

driving, and Thomar~ M. Zook of telephoning Mrs, Ruth Robbins will be held to.lght fn I~e base- air raid preeat~tiorts at a meeUng

fharged that Mrs. Dnddio and Brantord. Pa., paid $I0 for speed- Somerville 8-?1~;. ment of Mlddlebush Town Hail (4 the Franklin Park PTA.

her employee. James WInchestel l.g. Both were asseSSed an addi-

Films were shown by some clvil

with Lt. Ru.~;e]l PfeJffer giving

both of Dover St, left three horse~ tlonal $3 casts. GANG R E PLANS PARTY

defeme workers who asslste~l Mr.

owned by Mr,;. Dadd[o, out In



A card party will be held nextl ’ Jenklr~.

field durin~ three day~ of rah

-- -- --

Friday by the Millstone Velleyl Any homer of a I~d Cross first

~ru w2s. Arithmetic Instruction Grznge tn the East Millstone aid card can participate In police Invited to Services .

~, Daddio and Winchester

denied the charges, addl.g that

Demonstrated to Faculty given In







door prize


will be












40 The Rev. Dav}d Jenks, former

1)astor of the Middiebush Reformed

the horses were kept In stal]s until

Mter Ihe rain, at which time the

were ~Howed In the field,

Elementary school teaching of -- lnlght, with total hours of training

arithmetic and how [o develop

Icttt somewhat by homework esskill

in number thinking was dem- Teachers Are Commended signments,

Church, has extended sn open in-

vitatton Jo member~; of the local

congregation to attend his new

Two other charges of .qllow[n

a hor~e to ran at large broug~

by Miss Mary Kasslc~ of Berry

instrated to townsh/p primary teaeher~

nt a meeting in the Franklin

Park School Tuesday afternoon.

For OrgQItiZcl~OtlO| Work The course will be conducted

every Friday at Town. Hall.

MrS. Emily Burke, president of

church In Schenectady,

any time.

N. Y. ~t"

St. ~ere dismissed by MsgJstrate Methods explained by Richard the I~r;mklJn TOwnship Teach-,

Verno~ D, Magma,n. L. Mansfield are those advocated era As$oc~etiot~, complimented Schedule of Graduation Exercises

Zueker’s charges of improper by Dr. HBrry G. Wheat. local ’= ,..o. To Be Considered

"~tt~g ~nd by School Board

care were upheld Dr. Whoat’s t~eals Is that ar|th- and participat[o~ In profet$1ona[ , *

]loweveP. merle shotJ[d be taught systematl- ’organizldlon$. The Townthlp 8nard of Educct[0n will meet Monday night to

The court hnndled all charges ca]]y--tha~ the teacher should guide Mrs. Burke pointed out at the consider and probably approve It tentaUve ~hedule of gr~duatio~

as aa9 ease. Mag~trate aeeuBedpupils hi USage o4’ systeJ~atl¢ moth- recent Board of [duc~tlon din- exercises which has blon drawn up by Dr. James Lynch~ lupervis-".

Lhe two defendants of l~g, and ads. nor that Ioc~I teachers have 100 Ing principal

he was tempte¢1 to dii;~gard "Understanding is [mporta~t~ ~rcent’ enrollment in the Frank-

Dr. Lynch |aid he has staggered the 9raduat}ont in order ta

their statement& the p u pfl must dove lln Townshl Teachers A~o¢i~

allow plrents and friend| to attend more than one in c|s~ they


lop number P

Ml~s KeJ~J~s chlt~ge9 were ~ h~vt relatlvu in different sch~olso ’,

Ideas before he learJ~S the arith- finn, 1~ ~lrcent membership tn

Thr~ graduaUon| will be held next month at Kingston Plne-

~s~d because ~he w~s tmab]e metie ]ansultge to exl~eSs t~se the New Jerley EducaUon As- Grove Mar~;" and M dd ebulh $¢hoo s. :

IO.m’~o positive Identl~caUo~ o| [delts." said MIm~leld. soc[atlon,Dnd mote tl~fl ~ per- The board will als


be asked to approve or turn dawn ~rlp~

’~e awaer ~ the ~e~e ~tl~;~ .h~d A qumUo, per;od fol owed ~rdmt mlmbersh~p in the Ni~Upnlll which will be !©l~duled for the f t~lr~ by vm’


¯ ¯ " 7 :

" ? ,

Poge Two THE RECORD Friday, May 16, 1952




being fictitious:

Mrs, S ¯ G


" Smith~r


.a. Sweeney and O.neT

John Doe. husband Curtosy

K I ro’ee’e¢’e"

co.., El h- Date, of Ms, S.coney.

to 11¢’(IO’’--

Franklin Club

& Par. PePIons Interest On Tax Map

NO, Of tnMrested Of Franklin

CompllL Part/el Nam* of SL


L John Rubint and Owner 10~ 14

Mrs. John RublnL Dower Debar Ave..

his wife: Balint

Rublnt and Mrs. Owrer

Batint Rubint. Dowel


his wile.


3. Ginseppe Sareni Owner 250 7 & d

and Mrs. Gtoseppe Madison

SarenJ. his wife; Dower Ave.


#.. StirEng ifome Owner 159 " 2? ....

Builders. Ifne.t. Victor

~ll corporation of the Ave,

State of New York

5. Same parties Cq - Owner’---159 29& 30 ....

in Par. 4 Victor



6. William N, Day Owner 203 24 ....

and MrS. WEEam R. Owner Irvington

Day his wife; Ave.

7. Jamesjr. andC’Mrs.R°berts°njames c.Owner


ArllngtonlgI $ & 6

Roberison. his wife: Dower Ave.

Elmer W. Robert~on Owlter

and Eva E.

Sobertson. his wife; Dower

Mrs* Walter Seou Owner

Robertson. wife of

Whiter Scott Robertson.


John Doe, husband Owner

of Ltilien L. Frost.

Said name John Doe

being fictitious;

Lillian L. Frost: Owner

James ColOns

Robertoon ST.; Owner


8. Sophie Nepper and Owner 262 14 the. --

John Doe husband Curtosy Madison

of Eophie Hepper. Ave.

~aid name John Doe

being fictitious.

Amount said name Jobs] Doe

Of Tax

being fictitious:


Matthew A. Foley Owner How to arrange flowers [ntoresLand

Mrs¯ Matthew Dower togly was the subject of a toill*-by

9-t0-35 A. Foley. his wife; Mrs. Wditam Godsey. ~ member


- "15. " Metuehen Realty & ....

~)wner" ~"15261-63 inc.

the TrOwel Club. given be/or~


Improvement Co.. Codtogtor gig.95 the Franklin Ctob at ColonLal C.era

N. Y. Corp. Ave. dens Monday night.

Helen Stoane and Owner .Mr& Sampson G. Smith was re-

John Doe. husha]td Curtesy kleeted cinb president. Mrs. Ed-

11-17-36 of Helen Sinane, ward Smith. Pecordtng secretary,

SEt.99 said name John Doe

being flet~Uous; and Mrs. Be~amLn Stoofon. treae-

George Sinane and Owner urer. Other officers elected were

7:f4-38"’- Mrs. George Stoane. Dower Mr~ John J. Kelly. vice-president.

~3.97 his wife; and Mrs. N, N. Stover. correspond..

Rngine Vette widow;


Dower lag secretary. ~l*-

Christine Vette and Owner

7-14-36-- John Doe. husbarld Curtesy

Announcement of the club’s

$60J3 of Christine Vette. dower show on May 26 was made

said name John Doe by Mrs. John Van Mlddtesworth

being fict]llous:

and Mrs. Chart,s T. Tucker, clair- !

?-14-36-- " Christopher Vette Owner men. The show will be held at


And the unknown heirs devisees and personal represen klives an Colonial Farrps and is open to the ;

their and each of their heirs, devisee% executors admtnistra or~ .pttblle. Mrs. J. E. Terraria reef- ;

grantees, assigns suceessoils n r gh i Lie or interes of a [ of th strar, has entry blanks gor dW.- ;

12-5-40522.52 I above said persons. The name "John bee" set ou above is f e tou t ribut ion.

j the husbands being so nominate


heeause of the abuts" of pieJnt ff to A report on the 58th anw.tal

[ ascertain the true Christian and surnames and to ascertain whether or

not the female owners are m~rried and the wives of the mae owners

convention of the New Jersey

are herebs designated by prefixing t~e wor State Federation


"Mrs." before tile known of Women’s

Chrislinn and surnames of the male ownem.

Clubs waa made .by Mrs. Charl~

You are hereby summoned and required to serve npon John he,eke. MeCiure. who attended, t~Rher

ptointift*s attorney, whose address ts El4 Smith Street. Perth Amboy. meT,beTs at the convention

New Jersey, an answer to the complaint /ded in a elvE action, in whlch

Mrs. S. G. Smith and M~. Tot

Township of Franklin la plaintiff and Joseph BLmt e al~ are defendants raps.

pending in the Superior Court of New J?rsey within 35 days af er May

18th. 1952. it you in|l so to do the relief demanded n he e0mp ant ~rs. Smith gave the annnal

will be taken against you by d(*inuif, president’s report. Other report~

The action has been instituted tOT (he pui~oae of foreeinsing the were given by the following eom.

Certificates of Tax Sale purchased by the plaintiff The date of site mlttee chairmen: Mrs. John "]

the amount for whirh purchased, the Tea e~s ate concerned ~nd the Io- Saw. membet’shlp: Miss

cation on tax map ot Franklin Township. County of Somerset and State

11-13-39"- of New Jersey. and the reason why yell are made a defenderd are aa PennelL hospitality; Mrs. William.

$73.46 shown above,

Bird. books; Mrs. Dorothy Ha[[.

[. GRANT SCOTT, Internatinnal reisUons; Mrs. ToT.

Clerk of the Superior Court. Tans. program; and ~, M¢tJinre.

N-~125: 5J2.9.16. art.















Bergen Brew Jdmt. 159 8

Distributors Inc. a Victor

New Jersey Corp. Creditor Ave.


Metucben Realty Owne

r ~51 19-27. hie.

& Improvement Co., Codingfon

a N. Y. Corp.; Ave.

SZizabe~h L~ofden Owncr

and John Doe,

bslSbOltd of Eliza- Cttrtesy

beth Gordon. sotd

name John

being f[ofiflous.

Naymond Gokl’en Owner

and Jofie Golden. Dpwer

his wife:

John Golden Owner

a,d Victoria (’.olden Dotter

his wRe;

Sdward (;oldell Owner

nud Marie Dolden Dower

his wife: ’

Emma Brongh nnd O~tner

Robert Brough. Curies)

her huspond

Gerlrude Borke aa



S an ev Eorke. Curtes~ ¯

her husbe,td

Eb~*~beth Rergerlnl. OWll~i’


LUhl Keller and Owner

William Keller. Curte~y

her husband; ....

Jo.~eph Eulzt: Dwner 244 t9 &: 2~)

Nn[ph BUnh an O~ller .’~[adLso:t

iflcompotenh and Ave

Mrs. Ralph Bunt. Dowel*

hts wife:



EUfl[ an


Mrs. ()wuer

James Stint hi


’P..[fn Do~.e:*







Block- Lot Date &

interest On Tax Map Amount

Of Franklin Of Tax

PePson$ Interested Parties

Doe ....

Nama of St. gain

~d~t’y--Shaher ...................... Mtgem |~ 9 11-13.~

SUmlier Ave. S1652

Edward Rreauh and Owner 198 26~ [~,

Josephine Nreau[t. his wife;


Owrer trvtogton $66.75

Mrs. Edward Sreanlt. wife Dower Ave.

of Edward Sreault and

John Doe. husband of Curtesy

Josephine Nreaull. sai



John Doe, being flctRinLtS:


! Joseph Cheresko and Owrer 264 t~& [I 12-14-43

’ EmEy Cheresko. his wife: Owner Wtiimore $15A0

John E. Creche and blr~. Owner St.

dohn S. Cr@sko. his wife- Dower

Harry- N: Hoist - " Mtxee --- tS~ t ...... ’I:i4736

I ................ Sumner * A~e S~Tg *

i George el. Snwyer: Mt~ee 173 ? 7-14-36

; F. C. ~unter: ~[tgee Girard Ave. $124.67

Renry ~allhlg an "---Owne


r 208 " i[~ li.l~.3~ "


Mrs. Ilenry Baiting, Dower Ar[tngtort ~[~2.g~

$Td.2l j his W[ e’ A’.’e.

’- .....

~ hie uehen nee Y & . Owner 154 I 9-10-35

i tlnp~ovement Co.. a N. ~ Cod[aaron F.tL26

Corp.; Emma Sanherlein and Owner ¢t.ve.

dohn Doe. hnsband of Curtesy

Emma "h~nderieto. said nadte

SelWiDGYJGa Appointed

To Middlebush Church

A student pastor has been ap.

poilded for the sunrmer at the MJddlebush

Reformed Church.

Re is Vernon Dethmet~.

dler at the New Rrtlnsedek Tbeo.

anginal Samivrary. He t~nd his tara.- ,

fly ¯will soon move into the f~ele.


On the night o~ May 19 the

E.M.M. Missionary So~ieW wtR

meet at the home of Mys. Ben|.~.

rain Stanton.


ml~e T,,ke [t~t[o4 ~tt¢ Ipp)[oSOloIt ho~

.¢*de 3

ioc:,te :o the Tomhip d

at M~ln ~o[.tmntee 8trt~t

’ Gf ~l~n" the

T°~n~hln of Frl~nku’~ to trir~fer b~







Mllfy R. Kent trldtn



KinsMon Wine ~ Llqunr Shop ler ~.¢e.

~ew Jersey. the ptealfy P~tin Dl~triblnlon

/Aeenr.e NO. D*4 heretofore tNSned t9 Robert

" ........ d C.,~e,t~ Z.. ....... d ....



Brln~*s Liquor 8Lore. [or the premi~l


st Main BIroet. KLgt¢llan¯ F’ntnkhn

Townshia, l~ew Jersey.

"r~e n~m


el the a=rtner~hl





Wine ¯ Liquor 8hep tad the nltm~

the airliner^ ~nh their Rt-lden~’~& I..~+

W’llllt,t Kelly. ~4 Bt.,nwofLh~ttne.

pth3cete~n, N J

Miry R Kelly. ~ pAznwort /~e,

~fill~etoa. N. J. h

nhllq¢~tatelY OtKecH°ns’ I= n I*nY" wrUinl to ~h°md Pred L. beEastern. made

Clerk of 1he "rnwn~nlp of l~a~Jin.

MLddbbttlll+ ~ew Jqr~7.

wnl~rd ~eny itttd

Mlr£ R Kelly*

Eli/.abeth Gamboite Owner

arid John Doe, hllsband

of Elizabeth Curte.~y

Gambone. said

name John Doe

Being firtit[ons;

Anthoi]y Eu~ and Owoer

PhilomPna BnnL Duwer

JoEn Doe. being fictitieus:

__ .

Equator Realty and Owner 23~- ~&9 It*f?.36

[mprovoinelH Company. Equator $4.L91

a Corp. Ot New YorE; AVe

Mary Bai’an slid Owner

John Doe, hnslmnd of Cur esy

Mary Bayou. said uame

S4 8t~nwo:th U*oe,

P.~6rlS.~3. Pnl~¢et°tt. Hew ,/er~e~

-- ¯

~.~ k .e ~ ~



-- __ his wife; Job. Doe. being I~tlt*ou~: NEW ~t" BRUNSWICK


12. Domenico Fonzi and Owner 2t2 t’l

tl-17-’38- MadelJne Throe Jdmt. Cred~ ~, t4 ln~. I~-t~:~ Now Playing


Gtovanmaria FonzL Owner

EIS wife: .

Mrs. Domenico Dower

Fonzi and John Doe,

husband of Mrs. Curtesy

Domenico FonzL

said name John Doe

beieg fLctRieu.~:

Gievanmaris Fonz[ Owre:.

and John Doe. Curtesy




Oievanmaria Fonzl

s0id name John Doe

being fiettilous:



$55.09 Jackson St S131.83

htadetine Threm "" Jdmt~Credt 384 3e~0 to~ " zx-z~:~

Greeley SL g163~0

And the uuknown heirs, devisees and personst representatives and

their and each ~f their heirs, devisees, executors, administrators,

grantees, assigns, successors. In right. Illle or Interest ef all o the

aboVe said persons. The name *’John Doe" sel OUt above is flctlUous, the

husbands beb~g so nominated beealt~e of the toabi[Lty of pietotLtf to

ascertain the IrUe ChrL~tian and surnames And to ascertain whether o1"

not the femkle owuers are married and the wives of the male owners

are herein deSJEnofed by prefixing the Word "Mrs." before tee Enown

Christian and surnames of the male owners.

The FBI wants John


The Enemy wants him ~t

¯ DEAD ¯



Camille Lopella attd Owner

Luisetta Iovannisei Owner

Lope]M. his wife:

2t2 27





YOU are hereby summoned and requkred to serve upon John ~ ache

plMntiff’s attorney, whose address is 214 Smith Street. Perth Amboy.

New Jersey. an answer to the complaint fee




a el’vii &alton, in ..vhir

Township of Franklin is plklntRf Ind Mary Baron. et sis. a~e defendant~


]~"~T i

14. Nlchard T. Foley Owner

Foley,and Mrs.hisNlehardwife: T.

240 22 1i-]3-39 -

pending in the Superior Cotter of New Jersey. within 35 days after May

1Sth. 1952. If you inU so to do, the re[tot demanded in be. eomp aint


Ave.Equa~c S?t,e2 ,,’Ill be taken aganst, yo~ by default

Jo~’~ ~ ]~

Edward A. Fore" Owner

and Mrs. Edward A. Dower

Foley¯ his wife:

. The action has been instlluted for the purpose of foreclosing the

CertLifcaton of Tax Bale purchased by the plantNt. The date o ~tto

the amount for ’.VhleE .ply.Chased. the rest estate concerned and the . . .

Ra Fo,oyand Owneo f aNo, o. *o:pofF.nh,t. . klp *yofSo .ot.dS*oto

dohn Doe, hns~nd ~y of ~ew Je~ey. and ~e re.on ~hy you are ~de a dofendnM ~e

of Nose Foley, shown above.

’ said nome John Doe

plus 2nd Nit

:- ! beLng Rellttous; I. G~Le~NT SCOTT.

J f.inrg0rel Fole ’ and Owner Cieth Of Ltle Superie


Court, Veronica LaEe . Za(:h~ry~ Scott

L Johr Doe hus~,d Cttrt~ R--~I2S: $g.9.15‘ " "~" ’

’ . . . . .

...... ~ RECORO : ’

.K now Home[ a Bird ess ? Send

¯ Him to Bir d Hve a n Jl st GKI/ [Or

Ev JOHN LINXtV ~. deuy w,~ ,,I. full. p,. J~ *, f=.,. ~ .u.d[ B...../I.... T..... aa_.. ’~A ~ta

~’J J~ong Behootho~lse LB. East itupwithana~andyo~gbieds," haven. Irlw//Bw M1r/w lUUA mmw i~ ~T

BTun~wiek’s norlbweeternmost Mtz, Freese~mlltoglyrMatod. . Froe~ewfllprolztblprtmanoLber[ ~’rr~wjg H ~rw mw~ air



reid, sprawls a seven-at’re e~m. I * * * * contest for bb-dheu~e mailers in the IL ~ 1~e "Poppy Tag DaS~’I THE POET and a~.

A sign reedtog "Bb’d Haven" is YHELAOYoftheheusesaldshe near futote, and the yotlBg feltow is ~.Mt ~ eJt~ all day Sa~lceived a ~tsuoa for ou~aed/qL

at the drlvewW leading to : has always been tend of bisde, and hesdy orpnhdng a wildlife club. u~, sp

, and N~Ln Tbzm;- work durld


~e ~

e heu~e On it stolLds a weed "That’s why we don’t kee a eat." "We’re gMnll to clear heanehes ~, ~ j. .

Persona eeeinE the ~gn, the ex. ;ml~e ~ bbrd boQme 4rid a fe~l ~/~ ~"T~lddsm


~ Imnu~l lode ~ ~1W4~-I~ C~ ~ ]1~

station with all the ere his here are all v~th me, /bored aE szn 1~tnse of land, and the bledhouses

by Jo-~ KJhlser Poet leskf aim A~mnt ~

that are visible from the road alton

ill years could m~ater. H~Y sin- "Down beyond the edge of o~r 25. with ~ SI~IS~ [~ its stoLq og t~ off~ v~is et ’~

wonder: "It this a wild bled pre- ~ed out one o~ his round.bottom px~perty ther


is a creek. A ft~ck ~n d~ nii~zCs meeUn~ ’

serve? Is R Just a name? Do tho~ bird houses and opined. "Looks of wild ducks who weren’t so wUd Ten thumbed po~es wede by I

rwe m~/~ ,,,era *leered ..a

peo~ e rab;e birds or a hobby?" Ike Je i. Wren mOVed Into II after all, used to aloe ~ere. But hes~EalL~ed dIMb]ed veterans will" Ir~b’ucted to revise t~e poM Boa-

Aetoal]y, it’s a little combiKetlontoo." since hunting ~euon. there are be d~t~ted ~bis Fear’a ~ s latltuUon

foe aL~isalon at ¯

of nil three. "When we tirsl put up our bird onl two tame ones left. 111.200 ’ I lng May 27. "l~ey ere ;l~r~t~M~to

The Herbert Free¯e¯. whose houses." Mrs. Fre~e added. "one "~hen the boys and [ get going. Wl~hu1~ A&uth ~ be ehle~ M. Joseph Tak~es. Mleheel

home Is l~er the Turnpike Ad- little wren watched eas’eftilly, am If we’ll raise ¯ belch of those tame ~ipteb~s ~or the /role, as~ by Cheylaller, Jack ll~o}ent, al~ JO~

mlnisl~atten building, m~ke a worldly-wise, aud when Herb fin- wild duehe." Alex ~. Lucky. John P, Holmes.iGavto.

hobby ut building blrdhousos-to IShed butldtoX his birdhouse the So. if ou see say birds looking

l~tn’y Sobwarto, Joh~ Fedor, Italy[ Adash ~vss n~me~ ~ha|l~l~

accommodate wUd birds, little wren tlLtted from house to for a p~a~e to roost, send them

err Seesee. [ a ~)[enie lo he held in ‘Tune ~ot

IT ALL BEGAN a few years house. Wi,e. ~he found the one she north along Rt. ~ and tell them to

Co-chairmen are Ear Chew er, po,,t and aux Jaw Nasdeo r~

back when tile Freese temdy de- want~I, ~he moved to." turn rsght at the troff[c ois~le and Henry Harrlngton. Edlvard ~gelly,! ed that the graves o~ ~I deceml~d

Bided Io tedld thelr gracious white BOTH SON AND DAD have look for "Bird Haven.’

home. ~]~. ;"reese thnughL Ihel a ......

Anthony Nssdeo. and Schwartz. ] veterans will be decorated on

Post Commander Ntce~olu Solo- mortal Day, and that special serve

seven-~cretraetshouMbeealledby I Hi ~

a dlsthlet name of some sorL nnd

Y Sp ring F ro li C

med~ Ls mi~ting with arrange-! Ices will be held at the ~ 4~

ments, the first and lot member to did.

"slnee lhere Is a preponderance o,

pine trees on the esthle which ~S ¯ t f or J one7

rustle ~ent)y te the wi,d. she

thou~hl "Whispering Pines" would

be appropriate,

"liME then one day we took a


ride to the shore." Mrs. F~eese

explained, "and en r~u~e we

~potted a bar. It was called. ’WhLsporing

Pines Bar’. That ended my

p~ans -- if we ever named our

~ The annual HI-YspHngfrolis has TWO LOCOI ROTe MeN Police hwellfigote

been scheduled for ,Tune ?, and the

annual family picnic for May 27 at Win Ruhjers Medals Two Auto Collisions ’

DonB~deon Park. Cadet Mat. Arthur D. Williams Automobiles driven by James

The m.hedule for the week ahead of 76 Jersey Ave. received a medal B~’nbetmer of 143 Comme~J~ Ave.

presented by the Armed Forces and Peter M. Clarke of Bogota eo~-

~n~es: y. 7 p. m . Frtd ay Nt gte h ~

Common c~ ons


A~oe aflon a he lided Tuesday idtornoon at Col-

8 Bibte . . ’ Rutgers HOT(: s 58th annual Mill lege Ave., and Hamilton St, Pll.

b.ndmtntonSthdy, heskethel]. .4~ place the same. I’d thtek of that

ba,’reom evct’y time [ heard h."


¯ * *


Free~e. who operates a phot~

9.’.30. Lary Ptetd Day last week. JoSeph R. Gassaro tov~t~eted.

S a t u r day. " 9 a.m. to noon. swim- fence

A Untvel~ity

in theoretical





excel A abort Ume later ears driven

by Otto J. Schorpp of 133 Pre~

~ln~nd g.vm In boys department; !work ,rid outstanding leadership peet St., South River, and Pmr

vw~’ gym, pool ~!able ~ool~ T~e quetitiee went to Cadet Sat Ed

Pteraneelo of Phhadelphia colllde~l

i~ei~./.n~t~..ng ~m.-.orma. w...e ward SchotfeL 436 Cedar ’Ave at LivthAston Ave. and New St.

Monday. Bo~ys ’ grapby store in New Brunswtek,

¯ 9nns~]red a bird bouse building

"~/~contest. After the contest, Freese

’Work Committee, Highland Park. 1)11. Rudolph Vetdata investigated.

YMCA.Rarftan Players fi 1~ Y

Tuesday, ?:30 p,m., Delta Bi-Y:

bird hot~es by participants who

didn*t want their handicraft back.

With such avarLety, tt wasn’t t~o

$, Mate Chorus,

Wednesday. 9 to 9, swimming and

gym: 7:30 p.m.. BI-Y Clubs.

Thursday. a day, Lad e, Do" oN OR AmOUT JUN~ 1MY, I~1~

¯ bird houses ill 1heir proper mot[f-.

" 1o the point of matching bird COY with Noisy Muffler .., o,,.~, o,

bous~ whh trees he.ring the ~ame SOI(I But Fine Stickg

HIS ma!ehteg was dnne sn ex- A MiIlthwn man who appeared in GEORQI[ W. BOYLAN ~" "


perHy that it takes nil ob.’.~lrverh

eye to spot the *’bh’d havens."

()lit’ of the bird houses is ~ I)UOduct

el Preesl,*s own tegentdl~, tie

’ :day afternoon charffod w h dr v ng

la cur with a rtoisy muffler April





h~llowed k"d a lill[e out hole an in old it. guard and

goi rid of the ear a~d the muffler,’

The magisLrale fined JuliUs W.



This Week’s




ihet drivtn= with such a mu.ler’ .

violalcs aa excosaivo noLse urdln- MAI~INI:

~ ~*g~DFHgll


.oo... ..... ,..



N. (~IlY Commi~loner~, Nr.~ Brun~wh-k.

Ll©en+~e Ior prF~ml~es xnustrd at 4t.~.3

’. .H~r,m st., New Brunswick. N.J.

i ..... .~v., .... d,

i ’ ¯ .......... [i)~l)~edL~[e]y tn wrhtng to ~nrr~ ~V. Dw~er


NJki Gr..e. Be,utJfu, ,ouBg ,SIUt,~,

¯ .te----o. cEfiTe,e.,stoo In such nhewa as "Crime Pho-

41-~ Item si.


Reg. tographeg" and "Studio One." ~o .~ ]a.~ N*~- srun~,rk.

.. q~. 80c qt..



Maternity Fashions

,.,. Clearance Sale

60= pt. S4c pt.


¯ .,..,. to OFF


SUITS -- 1 and 2 Piece


DRESSES -- Some Cottons


/A\ MEN’S " :"

~,,,’l~Ni\~ and CHILDREN’S

Paint Brush

not A~ ll,zgll ANO CO~O.


Must Be Sold Out ....


$1.9 1


~S~ C

$ to 17 tg to 20 All Sales Final

All O.:...J D..I~... ~’~--.&~

.’-, ..,,..u ,.=,vw ...vs..


Special ¯ WOMeWS



] ]

..~_ ~,s ~ |, Famous Brand Names . . , You’ll Know Them ~

II[ll When ,,=. I .|


. /ttl, ~ (Opposite Court House Square Kt mer $.2414Illl


m. ,io tll o. Illll 91 NEIL ON ST. NEW’ BRUNSW I

Brunswick, Somerville " . :

~. afta Isouna oroox [I]1~ 11111 O..,,~ Christ Church oC mmu~tv .~*. ’ I

¯ . m e "l iI~u’t. ’ ffuthre drowth and 4evalopment

II ,I ~pl OmO ¯ ItIr ¯ l__J___J.~.A~ JLA~. " "l"ImmunW MweRunm4totloKthe area and to~d tr~

I he municl lilies tad ndus ries ~ n erects of existing i~sdil~s

**nale Lrmazes malorinausmes iur ,th th. Se;o ,.,ic,. he-,o .,the a.,,. * ,.

m everything reasonably possible m" "The time has come :or maus

U .* e __ Ill-.A--- n...LI.--, t.ke th. T.u,d, S..,-...,tt~’. ,b~’~,,aooI,eet,’~e.o*,,~o

inatnAn An qlaWdalP n.l|Rr e’rnulem:) ! -.he coo.t)’ ~ .o* *ork,o, do p.. :o h.,,, ,o,. ,he. :o..,

iUI~i~iVii VEB ~V~VI~ ¯ W ~vi ii~ v ’the matter of auurthg an adequate p-oblems whl~h meall so much t~ ~

"Major Industries in MLddieJex iuvLted top executives of county, (2) The possibility of a complete water supply to take care of the the thture’welfare of our people,



and the RtrLtan Vahey" a,d vaRe¥ i,dustric* to attend a ~dlune of the Tru~k Sewer prc-

"(~ lakes to task on the wa~r ,..,mils. e~ th~ Burgers Commons &*rBat. ~ .......

el d ~;ev, hge dlsp~al Issues 3ester MeW * .


day t v W. ]~oher He e .~ ~o uv ed are member~ of the omy of the entire area that weal

r]’he freeholders" director ~a d Sewerage Authority, Couut)’ Pla;l- Certainly rekuR fzom a ces~atlou

’ the ndustries "haven’t given eel EnthgBoard. andeounty and runnel- of indt~stHai growth."

Iec ve agzres i "e, a d o’cethi pa o~eials o the area encore- ~ ~ * *

the pas Hale said aden ]]ldtt~lr[es shou



[d ¢onsideral;()~l to area solution passed by (lie original Trunk Sewer HAL[ continued:

,’~f water and sewage problems in plans." ."Jonlt-Manville Injected the bmue

of the effeel the building ()f the

’+lind they d,±:+e so, ¯. he added, "take colleeltve at’ties LII aJlal3’ziltgu] ]Trunk I~e*.ver might have on their

~"the prcseJ~: unfortunate situation

|night well have been avoided,"

the overal[ situation

pc~e of cooperating

for the p ’-lftlthre water supply now obtained

in an arua ,from Ibe Rarilan River,

o o o_

Fori~Jbl/~/~" ’*’-


}1~"; t.,inle roy iJzdustry, through a

t P ~at(I tuoh action L~ ilnpcrutite [while pre~elR water SLtppltes are


help solve



to do Rs part to

eolnmDJi probi~

view of:

ID l"iriblelll~i

!adequate, $1eps 133us| Dc taken to

thal k~ould Coil" a~sure ;~n illeroased-~upply lo moel

lem~ nf water ~Jppty dad sewage ~ront both the mlmiclpalilles and the reqtdrelnetxts of future hldus

dispo.aJh’" the [ndustrle~ involved in zneeling lrJaI ,rid residential g~wth.

* * * star


Board of Health slasldards "Only recently a special commit-

AS A STEP hi tllaf diruPlion he in ue~age disposal, tee was appointed to make a care*

-- -- " -.ful study o the wa*.er situation

;with a report tu be’marie to the

¯ J. Randolnh r Annlebv rr J and Two Sons I~0...~ ,v ~,.no,n . g ~oar. fortheir ,

" " n " Firm in Bank

I~an.t,e~Uon and reeommendato.

.ovpe LOW uu.u,.l= -:iJ’’- s I A slew ial~ firm Appleby and , the Junior OUAM. he L ons Clab. .. r~.: =~--r~ . t--t.m-- ....

Appleby, has bee,,’ formed by .3. :sad the Middlesex County Bar As- weli’~are’~t"~he°’lm’p~a’n"~,ee’o/

]P~andolph Appleb~ ¯ Jr, of 232 Ma n :see z ot~ He has a so rim for free*

St. and his two sons. J, Randolph holder and state senator o nth ethe eount)’s industrial economy,

has for years evidenced a fren d Y

Glamo.rous Array

of Billet and Full Priced

t.en g lh Oown~.




3rd of Ma n S. Spotswood. and. GOP [cket. ’an oo erative attitude toward

heedo,eApp of co. h o--erhofhgredoto

Th Brdal Salo

Offices will be located in the I from Rulgers and New Jersey Law "Cooperatiou to be reall)’ effec-’

First National Ba~k building on School. J. Randolph 3rd served live calls for t’nutua] participation

Stephen St. where J, Randolph: with the Air Force three and a The Lime has come for industry to


Applehy Jr. and his namesake: h~f rears. 1:’~ is married and the reeogn,ze this

~ave been praetlein,g. The family father of two children. He i~ see-. "IndJvidual]y

fael. ,

and collectively th- 296 GEORGE STREET

trio also plaits to establish a ,brc;lehand assistant county prosecutor,

Office (~ the firm In Spotswotd. Theodore. a veteran of three

dustry has the definite respons[biland

Ity of being a good neighbor In

Ol~In Thurtda~ XTil 9 P, M. CHatter $-0049

-lr- The senior

Of Columbia

Appichy. a graduate

and New-York Law

a ha f years n the ArmY. Is mar- the

rted and has one child- For the



of which It L~

: ........................



was admitted to the .New pa~t five year8 he ]1aa b~erl ~$Q~

bar tn 1912 and to the New elated in the law offices of Jmeph [ Rh@p

Jersey bar the following year. He ’C, Kareher of Sa)’revlHe. He also

became a counsellor at I:w in 1918.

Fo~ler borough attort,ey of both

-Spolswood and Mi]Rown. be has

headed the Mr. and Mrs. Club. ,

Members of ~’he Apptob)’ faro

have eommuntly long been affairs aclive Last in civic year the, and


~ I





been a rib eater of the Provider.

~demorlal Library for many years, Ipal Red C’ro~s drives--in South

and belongs to the Ma~onle Order. River. Sayrevllle. and SPoLSwood. ]



ed Fo e. R ’" ~ ’ ’ *"


I the Llnl’oln I{ighway al 10.

a~- Col William T. Mahlmey.




semble on 8th Ave. near the LIn- lessor of military scenes at~d

coin Htghw~*’. Marchers front the, laetic~ at Rugtres UnJve~lty and

~Boy SCOUISr YWCA and the VLsit-t Armed Foree~.Day project officer,

tog Nurses A~oelattnn will be sa d oday that IdaP.-¢ to have a

totaeke ed b.’ he Melur:hen If gh ¯’lb.-over" 0 aI.~fox ~a e .’ 8S

S~hooi Band and the Salvation p e~ v un o~btedlv he can-

*’d~’Army. , Band o .New Br fl~wlrk, : celled In aCeotd ,a~ee with

The Nov,

.~e~fuitv, a),~totakelotherlltwlyl*.*

+ Brtl~l~V,h’k High .%gho(d feE~e ¯ I)e P Brlrnelll dire’ "e

B nd W e3 h* [utlh btelh)n ~ ]~t’ of gilt[ella’

of the parade That section also ..........

to watch and l e watched from the ,Melinea

will line Up on 8th Ave. and will *

EsY) youn~ dresses glns}mmslmd

tnelnde the Red Cro., ftoal

(~qnihh~i, Lions Cinh float e~r~

~’rom the ExehMIge Club. Opll-

~Isl Club and Serves CIb and

1he St. Pelers


Hl~[h Sehoo] Ba d.

The HIghlattd Park H,:gh .qehoof


i(,Olll[llUed front Page 1~

ak ’wt)o pines area rDr the

pose In fie I


emergency land g Ic..

Gr)v r risedl ~a d ~ a e r, rfh, lalS

dislike the CAA’s ebeiee of Par-

lattersalls wilh Itand~me,

t-ompa~]]on, pare wool zep]ler

cardigans, Each ~’~ealer ~ound IO

Band. High:slid Park Fire r~lot~ar~- a ppDjl~ all


tha ~ ~;tudy O[ {he

~q,.~nenl. ][i~hhrld Park First Aid l,akewnml area had bee, ordered,

~tluad, Civilian Defense and Safely The Rlah, Piannhlg and Devrlop-


on 01b Ave.. near the I.ineoh~ High- for land]zig operations

New Chamber tar U.N, SecurlZy Council Ldl: C~,~.d g;.gha. ,.,,o,.. *,,,




w;Ih pIri ~IlOr port ¢0i10~. fvl] tkirl et

~nptastecl plloU. Cardigan with d~e~t,

morchlnlt b~nding. Lilac* ik


hive, gold* plnL

$i|e$ I0 I0 )| SlP.~

Or, it you prefer¯ a white cardigon wleh

blndiag Io match any checked gingham d~elt,

[~i~hl: T¢.l~eltolr thetk g;ngham gel¢ dro$~,

desi|n4d for ocfion,

canv~r,;ble ¢o11=¢.



~c~rdi§o~ w;~h binding OF dr~s [~br;¢.

I¢own]wh;t~, #o.v/whill* gee~tn/wh;t@.

$~z., tO ~ ~0 SI9.95




thursday till 9 p. m.

This Is a gener¢! view or the new 8eeurlty Counetl ehamher at

United Nations He’adqu~rtets. Me~surthg 135 b 1~ feet with ~A-foet

sealing, the esembee Is completely equtppe~ with ttellLfles for

teebnie~l s¢~tvlees, Inoludlng slmulthn~tm latet.ptelatton, press,


-. ., ’~.

radio and television b~ofhs. ’J~e Re6urlty Council ehamber wu

d,,.d b~ ,,=l t, a...~..~ o~.o.....u-,~...~ ,, 337 Geome Street

trlbuted some $1~000 for its cle~e~atlon. 8eathtg anandements In

~11~ the 8ee~tlty Coundl, as well ts In the Ttusteeshlp and the Reo-

__ ¯ .~


’18 500 "


Rood Courtesy Prises Go

To Three LOOGI Residanlm

Three local rc~,ldenL~ receiw,d

e&~h nward,¢ thi~ week


Inr t¯noper

alJap "~’lth the highway ~afely eam-

~pldgn ~’ the




M~ ,w

Freight Carriers’ .,~oeiatioli.

~tr* 5 I~ety v;l~llo~sl ’Yhev ar~ Mr,~, F.lear~or~, ~. ~t’hl

s96 " "

~’1’’ ’ ~’ * ~" " n ": o

!~ ¢

Lip¯an. 9 Edgt~hl’.Ok t’b: and

)Antonio MarlhL l.ixirlg~oa Arc,

~’ r ~ ’ D ~ ’1 [[’*

] . I

’Noah Br~ l~,s~’ic k.

i The eourle~y-drivlnp campaign

’ was begun 50 weck~ ago. ~teee then

’]~he last word In modern ranch home~. .qpeelal c’tn~tom~qtyled $5 (,beek~ have been awarded In

341 motorL’C.~ ~md $2~ I~,tenqe

Bondq to 11 per~o~ eho~n the

most courteous driVer at the month.



¯ s ~ .


City Clopk Attending

Institute in Texas

The City Cnmmix~lon will m(.~¯l

Tuesday morning at tO. City AIt(~rney

~atJI Eu’InK "will a~UJrte the

dulio~ of Clly Clerk tte~y W.


The t, lly eh, rk v*ill be ~tLendtl~

he ~fltioisa[ ]nMitule Of htU~le]pa)

Clerk.. whh’h ]~ ~. g he d "d.y 21

thron~h 23 at Dallas, Tax,

Heafih I#ague ]a~l week.


A child J~ /or~ui|~fe )lot to e.rcd]

in school too earl v. Ft, hi. D~vls~.~

supervL~h;g price,pal at River

gdge, ~ay~ ill th(’ ,’day l~):ue c)f

the New Jersey Edge¯lionel lie.

view. He report~ a at[idy Or the

~arks obtained, t)y pupLls it~ the

first grade of thai school ~ystem.

(re 4 ehamin



Childrer~ ~lflcler :.i~ had It much

hlRh?r percentage of low inark:,


than those ~,’cr that age.

q7 ’s

¯ 500 " s93



Member~ of the (’atholi¢ Youth

Or~ant~atlo. at St, ~,lary’~ Church

will leave the church at 10 a.m.

STInd on a trip

New ~0rR,

to Radio City,

circle i~i’($ Job~soll Iteglaura~t ~ le~tL Tu~i


ILeroy Norrtq of l?g ltelidy Ri,

Iree~lved an award recently for~

Rd. 2 miles to Model Home. eomple~thg 1o yeats with the Cak’c~m

Chemical Division of the Amertr~n

Cyanamid Co. In Bound Brook.

they made at the O Guam

~ ent At Model Home ~lo~. ~e¥ a.~ Anthony Flde- j~

, ~ , ,__L IHna M~aldtendo of Duel~ T,~.~

:= .......... , ............................... ,~ ~, .

im~m’~lPP)~q~t~Y~.~-? GRAND 2nd ~


i ~R~, c.olcE TEHDER f,.I ~

L~PEAS 2~F::21C RIB lt~ \~)

/~~TIDE:~:2~,:o:i43, ROAST ’b’O~C~~


T omatoes ’*°~’ ’°"2 Oon, 25c HAMS S~o~Ho,,

Maryland For

All ~""°~’ Brands lb. 45c


~CRISCO co~,o.w"~ 65c PORK ,,~,o,.-’*~... ,~.39,

FREE ! A Baffle of Old Homestead Dressing With

Loin End4-lb. Ave. lb. 49c


~"~’ 37c ~,~oo~ss~o,,o


MAYONNAISEs~cHIMMEL,S Boneless Butts ,b. 65c

~z.o,. ,~.,,~, suo.,oo,,o

~HERRY T..b,.,





RESERVES b. piece




~*** ~oc~


2 Pk~,. 37c


49 ~, °’ ~" 35~ "* The


b. Piece

S E E ! !







,~ p.,c~ sA~

Frying Chicken

MAY ,Bth and l?th

B E A N S Devil Food Mix ’ ~. "o,. ~,~, s,,o~,,0 c,,,,o,

~.o ~ c~ .,~ ~,~ ~..o0~ s,~,.

2 Ibs. 29c Both 56

Clock - Radio


Green Beans




Proctor & Gamb~

Coupo., Here




Pet Milk

Guessing Contest



$1.59 PET MILK

Long, ;c IVORY SOAP I 2 To, Co. 25c


Bunch w


4 ~°~’~ 31c Flagstaff




ORANGE oo~,,~,o,


Tall AI~c

P E P P E R S Ivory Flakes J U I C E ,..Cans:.~w9



10c o.o, lb. 21c :o~ 33c



Open Thursday ~il 9 P. M., Friday ’Ti110 P.M. NEt,’ BRUNSWICK

Page Eight THE RECORD Friday, May 16, 1952

, i

Gertrude Zwiebel Adds Math Prize i,~ Attend ~.~ : IEleanor Edna Budny to Exchange

Sisterhood Dinner . ¯

To Chain of Laurels Won at NJC Mo~ than 140 ForEGo. attended VOWSwith Samuel V,tello Saturday

he Hgb and Park Tempe SIS er-

Miss Gertrude Zwlebel of 238 ,

.Miss Eleanor Edna Sudny,[ tulle In the aklrt. ..

~eyleUl~lScollege~he haSfor Women.Wan at New Jerera1

shalrma" n. a ,jwlllv become the bride Of SamueI.t vllle. In nile green, ~mt MLss

Mrs. Philip N e ho z ga v e b e folio, . son or Mr. and Mrs. AI-’ Waoda Dombrowsld of William St.,

Miss ¯ Zwiebe] received the Rich- nwe~ nn and Mrs S Davd M -

phonso "~ltello of r Bighv.-ay Terr.,!Sayrevgls. in coral. Their frock~L


ard Morris prize in mathematl .... [er--oi’-the-prestden extended

’I~e prLze is awarded in honor of greetings ..,~....~hJaed Park. at 4:30 Ssturday:~’l.,.. ,. -..,........~--~------- ~jslmt~rlt~hs~ls~, aan~..,~e’Yi

e non In St. Stanlstau.s" CQhreh. J " g

professor --Mrs ~u s Beck ed the group Sayrevi]le and fans embellished with baby

in a "community sing

The Re" A exander MaeieJew- I a late NJC mathem~tlss that sub-~

to a senior majoring ~n ~ . " I "






who attains the highest aver-

A high school band comprised ski wllI pertorm the double-ringJ John YiteHo of Highland Park

age grade In all college coarses

of Norman Jaeobs. Martin Jaffeieeremony.j


will serve as best man for hLs

in ms~ew, aties.

and lVlarvl Goodman entertaLned, gseorted by her father, the bride¯ brother. FoBewing a reception ta

Miss gwiabel presided Wednes -:i J

-- t wil[ wear white with bodice of


the Polish National Home, the conday

evening at a banquet spoa-

J ChantgL~ lace styled with a sweet-, pie wilt leave on-a wedding trip to

~oredby Qualr. yearbook published YWCA Cnl~nHn r heart neekliue and a Lull shirt of


New York City. They will live in

by NJC seniors, of which Miss

--’’~" ’ ~ ..... I nyon u e endng n a four-yard M own.

Zwleb¢l was editor this year, The

Tuesday. g P. m. Business On’Is ra n edged w th 150 Sowers of’ ¯

mee Ing The bride, a Sayrevfile High

"cook Is dedicated to Miss MarjorJe , I "..naltCZtly ........... [ace. l~.er veu Wh~ zalz .

Wed.esd~.y. g p. m., Co-ed dance. ’florae ,,’reath O~ orange blossoms ! ~S~°°l,.gradh~at~.[~s


hem.Pl°)dedat ~a

M. Trayes. who LS completing he,"

first year as NJC dean o[ students.

Thursday, all day. Ladt~ Dayr’an


she will earw white



lady Paul Revere Tra.ffic Club Plans

~TO Speak Before Outing for June 19

--Democratic Units ~. ,.~.o its ann~ T~ ouHn cash June lg w~. at

s~;i single, foe Find ~=co....e ~,b~r

.. w. k k~,,, ~.t~

The flus4 a~unUnl o~-,tfw

.=. ~ ~ =. w~.~- z.

Schwtrtz will be heard I~ay bo-

~OZ=~tth COU.qtW ~b. Edward

tore d~lge Klemer Ks(tebeen,

Democratic women tram this Hsyden and Thomu MacKenzie

will hear tel]~ Ju~e $ a~i 5 e~e co~hairmen.

j~ pre-eamp~ln ~’flvLW. ~ Ms. A ~dlat ~ will be u~.ved

"lU~e Jenta~ ¯ Denu~rauc ~urlet. ~ ¯ FoMIm a[ ~ ~ SOJ~

Described as "a Semele Paul hu been ptonned,

Revere." Mrs. Jansen h~ been Lunch will be at 11:90 s.m.

trswllng all over the country Anyone Interested in eontrthullng

Ipnklng to women’s groul~ in an prlzea m¯y leave ~em at K.remor

effort to stlmutate pre-¢lmpaign Bros, Freight Depot.

¯ actlvlty. WIITSr K. Cabot of Johnson &

Thomas H. Lee. eouotY Demo- John~oB is tn eberge o~ dh’-ranlecralic

chahn~an, announced that meats and dthner; Jack Jol[ey,

hlr¢ Jen~en well spolk before worn- Chiropee Mfg. Co. refreshments

en at the Third District June 3 at and buret and Louln P, Corradi,

the ~onter’/ Hotel Asbur Parg. Llberly Motor Frenght Lines.



~lll Bddres~ the ~lflh dl~ prizes.

’/~e e~ate which is wfluod at

~,~22 plus alaS,20 In corporal

income, wiJt to to bls w~, LII

II. 8cll~lrtz. aM ,t-t~ht~r, ---,~---~

who z~JeMe in PlathAeM. -- -~

SchWartz was president of tho

Schwartz Furniture Co.. ebe~mdm

o~ the board of governGr~ o~ the

Middlesex County Ho~Ital tot [~.

thnthe Paralysis, and a met¯her

the N~w Bru~tek" HouskS[ At/-


.~40,880 Reed Aid

trial ~t a dinner mectigg Jane ~ at Yesterday the club toured the For County Approved

p,m. at the SomervSle Inn. P’~ldelph[a harbor are;~. Trathc

Mr~ .Margaret Campbell is co- managers from industry throughout

ordteMtng the areas of Middlesex, th~ area attended.

Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset. Union

and Morris Counties which are in

either of the districts. At~umpt at ’Big S(lol’

LoJd to Steel Firms

Apportionment o~ ~40~ ]~z

Mate aid for the road and birdie

program of the County BOS~I

Freeholders in the euri%wrt ~ear

h¯s b~en approved today ~y State

Highway Craft. R~nsford 3. AbboH.

The largest total, $347,74~ win be

Fnshion Skew tO FUO~UrB Brewery and off workers strlk,

trig against the Anheuser-Buseh

Junior HodoJsoh ~to~rom Brewing CO., Newark, and the

Cities Servtse and Sinclair refln,

Jn~ior ti.odsssah will meet May erie~ in L.Inden~ have won the

27 at 8 p. m. at the Highland Park support at the New Jersey State

Conservative Temple. A mother- CIO.

~nd-daughter program foHowthg At [he aame time. the Slate CIO

the buaJnem~ session will feature a executive board charged that the

used for road maintenance and

e~traordinary tepal~ and ~0D~0

to eounW road and bridge heada

and interest.

Other flem$ ~re admlnistratto~

and engf,eerthg. $9.070: .po]irtng.

$2,88~; traffic lights, I;625; Itghtin|,


¯ d&thlon showy, only ~ssue "preventing settlement

On May I0. the group will bold of the dtspute between the CtO

~te ~nnuaI spring dance at the Steelworkers and Big Steel is the

Hfliel Foundation. Shelley Ion- letter’s attempt to perpetr=te e

big steal t~ainst the American

daneedOn’~ orehestramusie, will .provide the consumer by extorting a larger

A rnemher,3hip eoektelt party price increase than it is en~tled

HI be held at the temple May to under price stabtlJzat[oll."

’ ~v2~ between 5 and 6 ~. m.

tt yon are eleanLng uphohtery,

. take no cbenee~ with gasoline. It is

8toe.e ¯ de uge Of letters hu been receive4 frete ser~ke men

pklng the n¯me of the "cute girt ~ r who weat~ her dark hair in

serl of binge ~ the Fred Wsring ~esbew" Fred rtL~rts that s..he

s Jo ce De Young. She halls from Bait more and her nlcnsme wda

till ~¢fflsylvan~ans s ~¢tt~d el. Yel~ foltow|, eke Is Meg e,

A good brealdast Is part of jny

redueflng diet. Skipping breakthsl

only theremes the appoUto for

luneS and dinner. The total amount

eaten for the day or the total eaZories

determine the chan~es in .


AonuolBe, a da.gorou, ,uhsia.ee eare,e.,, u~ed. ^ good rule ts n~ve~ I~ h~ve


Slated for May 2.4

It tzt the home. Carbon tetracMor-

Highlolld Park Conservative Tern- either. Try one Ot the Uph(IIML’ry

~le a~ll] Center ~dll be held May 24 shampoos on the market¯

al the center.

E. Ilerman FeJuherg s ge era I’

chair:ha.. Mrs. AL~. ftsch l~ in, C LA S S I F I E O A D S

¯ charge t,! tleket.~.

; " B R I N G ~ R E S U L T S

wo:,::,,lOoo DREIER ’S

,pt6 ~,0~ N St°re EW a n doM:~:te Re::ilo f

~:~ ~,or Your Old Bike SPORTING

[~ ’~ ~’’~1/~ ))When You Trade for and

~ ..;I /~. fl ~ A.y..,.,

"6-" Extra Low I~:,~’~:~’* :. : ¯


: ~ ~ $--.e_- I~.,v%~, .o =.::



..,,,o...wou,. co.Ti.u To

=.-. = ,EOO =v,,ou ,,,

Drier’s Invites You to

Visit Our New tSore



: QUALITY AT New Lecatlon ;

Oppostte ¯

. ~ ¯ W1EIK LOWEST Monument



FIRESTONE STORES , rl rt ! n,r


¯ 1 1 [ 1 I 11~ Public Since ~ lil

Kiu~ea s.2s~s "-., ’~’th "0th’ II 319 George St. ’ ,,D ,...~, ,,~ New BruSk I:~ll

Foot Health Week to Start Saturday

Under Areo Chiropodists’ Auspices

A weak-long observance of National

FOOL Hea]th Week wJ]l fieghl

.~,alurday Ju ]New Brunswick and

~HIghlal]d Park Uuder the auspice.~

of Ibe Couniy Chh’opodists" .".sanelotion,

cause the future strength an


greaD "~



of our people depend o a

large c.xteni ou ihe state of iht, ir


"we Iherefore do resolve that he,

per od From May 17 to May 24 be

’ Mayors John A. Lyneh of t i!~ proclaimed as l,’t~oL Ilealth Week¯

city alld Joseph DaCes’or of ghland

Park joJoPd ye~lerdty proelahnhlg


Ihe ob~;crvanrtt "J:he r .

clamation reads:

"We furlher re~olve that ai[ re-

sidelliS, parl[eu]ar[y parr]if,, doe- 9"

tor~ leachers, i)urbes, ~:hon lncr-

ehant~ ao



n an d al~

"’Wherea~; SUl.yey~; eonducle hy

he Nat on~l A~ueialh)a Of (’hireo;hers

,~ho ar


JllLel’e~.led in coop-

c]’alhz~ Inward the [GOt health of

podisL~ ~ho~ [ha[ ~ )ert.f.nl O[ the

peope uf lhe United E~ale,~ are

our eonlolunil


h@ ur~et~ le partir[o

pale izz the public education proafffiete:d

with some type of Fool glaol :.pt)asnred fly the New Jer~,ey

Society ui Chh’opod~ls ur g F ut

"Whe]’eas the residen~ of e Ih.altlt Week."

City of New Bl’unswJck an



Durou~h ill" Highlan


Purk realize

lh~l Ibe health of holh adt!tr~ alzd ’ ¯

ohddren ore uur .,os* hu,nu’,o*,* (ler, c Escapes

a~seL :nld we also are ~ware Iha~ ;

M.s. ~EAN ~"’,CHL,NO, r.. ,ound ,,.ed beo.h ,, e~,eoI,al ,o, ¯

Senousury Inj in

Y P S . tot sta ~t on "Wh r - u,

spons[bLifi]ese ea~.; ine kn~Wthl8 malttha our e.

f / CK s.a’ru-’--’-r (rash

Installation, Original Cantata at

~uecxi~i~Pre:i~e~ t °:f~hhae ~:na’ ~e~’* ifh gel]era] good heB]th: .nd

B’nai B’rith Auxiliary Annua ¯ Meet ..o.,.., cer * .,.., go..d.,,o. ......

Mrs. Louis Frisehliilg. ’who was Mrs. Feigenbaum. who was also

Wednesday night, tKoolkin phalli, greal iolpoIlaUee to the nalion bece~ntlyreeleeted

president headed mistress of ceremonies. -- ..........

=e ~.fe of o.ce,’s i.~*~.ed Wed-C,apie,.ew, ..s gt.o. b~ .,,. The .ev. John SpruHL 47, of 71

ll]esday night by the B’uai B’rilh Fris:hling. and MI~. Funk offe~d ---.Garhaae Collector_....Roll,= at " "u-/ua""’SThroop Ave, escaped serious Jn-

~l]l.~ T~ eere=o,,,e. *ere,h ......., ?.:eJ~ .~fi~ Suggestion He Look for Another Job ,..~ ,es,e~d.v when a sk dd.~

I~eld at the Hl]]el Foundation. Lrunk bounced off a Public Service

Others installed ¯ , were Mr.~ W - l ’ N BEHALF of the chap er Mrs A Me ueben man Who Old Judge i His wife ’ char g ed that he had i bus and ran beadon t,to fi ear

1lain ~Bltln, first v co-pros de : Ja~’ Dakelman presented a gift to Kismet Kaltelsse. that he earns :left her two man hs ago and had Ls

IBis, Abl~er Fetge ba m se’ond Miss AnIde Aronowitz Of Newark. ~4 a Itlonth es a privale garbage’been ""s~tiailderhg" hs money on With a terrific m ae


P ’

vit~-pre~ dent. Mrs Herman Fox dJstriol council deputy, eoleetor for several New Brunswick a 2S-year 0 ir

~eclde.t, wfiieh occurred on

tMrd vice-presidem: Y,I~. Juius The choral firmlp of MarL0n ~o~’aur:tnls said he wouldn’t !oak The wife ~.~daJdghe, speu*e told her Burner SL near Dewey Dr.. about

1;’u~h. treasurer; Mrs rwln Gold- Rappaport Cbepter of Elizabeth

-. h, er Job because he "lLkes he ~+as working late. During he 9 a m, blocked traffic for severa Jl-

~ifl aild ~fl~ ELibin Kate cot... ~rebea.!ed a eanla[a, "I~BI1l~y with aJS ¯,york. . coarse Of testJIflOllV [t was d s- blOckS unLI ow trucks could haul

reapondklg seerelaries; Mrs. Louis: Music’,

.which was.written a~d. at. Appearing in domestic relaliozts]elo.sed that De other woman was awt~y the teuek and ear The elergy.

R0sentbel. flnanela secretar-- Mrs range, uy zwo chorus naem~ers, court yesterday fie said he ra Bed engaged and wUI be ma V ed o

HarrF Blumeofeld record g se~ The ealltata relales In serious an

man was pinned behind the s eeP-

Pigs at nile time but d d~’ aBy another ma II [B a few ITIOllth~ ii



rotor’S’ M’s. hfarll~a Davis, seek’e, humorous. . vein fie purpose o eager. " ---- remg y ’. It toof~ 10 m nutea to

tang to the board; and Mls. David ,B]mL Brtth The question of another Job was o e him from Ifie (]raver seat,

~o~ M~ B r. r be~h/p chair. .- eh d’l:en Th g~r"-ia!?-’and thre~ I~’..x ~t.,I . ........... , .... l a.yot h s Fasse.gers w~re ured

-- * ’ ’ e a d ?l’leaf~an was [:~ YOUR SUBSCRIPTION , e u~,~.u=.~ uemurrt.u ~ ~ml ~ ~1 ,, ~ ~t ~2-~ ~rench ~l.. ]~e~" ITh


bLl~ a N .....

~1~ .

~f~llaIJon cha tin.all. The eve- PA D UP? If not. pa

from the Judge’s suggestion bu

our $2

Br I,~lck. N.J. . O. au DOUn(I OF Ea3Te-

~filg’8 program v!.as in charue of tnd~ Y Y agree


to provJde ~ a week ~;UD. Oh~ectionn. It ~.~. .h~.]a be m=delvifie, was undamafied, The mlniq-

........ pOrL iUs wtte told tbe Judge sbe s

¯ ~,’n~a’~l~n ~’~m=~rr~,wi.~t]"’" ter’s I~;~1 sedan was descr bed as

[ookhg for work to fill out her " " .~rr~ " ’" a"

almost a total loss.

°~"::~:~:.: ,old Iho ~o.. th.t ~72~!~’~i~="=:".°°* .o.~,~.%C" g.%?, y..:rhe

didn’t believe the youngesl child I . ..hi P , z~ J. w.. a.~2=__ ’ .... P’ no

~a~.~is deap o h ned ,e~s *hleh ~; ~’:"~°=*,;’:,r"""’ ’t;; ,;’a;;;~%~°~?" ,i,e 0.,, f~.


izldlcated he was he fa her

~ " ’ * " /

ANOTHER MAN was plat,ed OI1

fJve*~e~(r~’ probation


In ordered

to pay Sit0 a week tar dupport of’

his .vile and their two children, i).7

]~’ hl~n~ P r :~ J "’ I * said h e was cut

~;,tC~:h~ .......... off by a, unide,tIBed autoJst who

¯ kept going, The truck sk dded into

:~ew ~*’~n,~tck. N. J

oeo~tre W. [Achh;lann. rre~t~ur~, the opp~8tte line. gl’lZe


the bUS*

~ ~ltna




rk. U

^~r and rnmmed the minister’s ear. ~"

a. The Nov Mr. Bprul]l was trealed

tot four fractured ribs. dlseberEed.

and taken to bN home. Rrlgg~ was

treated for euLs and bruises and


~ .

e~ .;~:

7~ ’/"



S~l, Thomas Cox and Ptl, Dennis

! Byrno and Morlee





--- ~




~ Perry Street

South River SO 6-0407

Loum 5. Rezem


Puneml DDecter |

lug Mare Street Peuth RverJ



bR f~O016 !

................. ~.~t’~.- John L Gleason "1

All 100% wool fabrics from the finest man- , ~






t~t#n~ro Se~’¥ c~ I

Ofa~,u,o.s in ,he .u.I.y Amen, ,he. ~ ,S=~... .hon.,g,."

nubby wool. Your favorite colors include

~OId. navy, white, pink, blue, an(l red.

Hurry in for the best sefe~ion,


¯ "ou’os-"

¯ [ ’g°



~--" --~=.~=

r ~" j aOtl~Ckrl:~J~n~cm

-- I |i 1$6 Livingston Ave. |

New Brunswick

i ill KJ-ImerS.~ q

I FASHIO’I~S’for t-v b;,iDE ! I / ..... :

a d hel ;ttlend;Ints ill (h ope d ~tAT


$::m $~0 -- Attention S’ Gowns Priced r21 Main SL, fiayrevllJe

Mother’s Gowns . . , Flower ~irls

’ h ahlt’heatJ /~v@ ’ g°ufh Bi’er I

296 George St

New l~rttrts%%’le~


be. E,...,.,. b, .,oO0’.’oe"’ -Ali, ’ll: .o., ]


Main Slreet S~ootswood

I o,


E~0n’"gsI I:I -"


FrI~Iw, May !6,11952 THE RECORD"

i ( I


R,,. B,¢ho, Chw, ~D d.. ~l,~C~,%dr..o~




- ..... --

Here are ourS25 suits for expensive tastes

.. or +...,,., o . u+, aa=at.ling t=. .+ ,been ehoselz eommlmlo~r ~, sm’tes dr l~Uce* opening Heh WEA’THE RVANES*

,+. ,~. t,+th ++.+,. ~..+]. +< .~. u in th. ""~""~

the PreslPyt4,rten Church in the problems of Chrinttlla living "+’Ill

U~lled Stains.

be offerQd. A~lelL~l and recreallon /

The IJmemhly will be held in ~ also on the program. !

.. ,ora O+ M,, o+. +

..no. h*,,ght w,,l .. Family Ufe Today

inr meeiing at Madison S~uare

Oirden May ~.

.+,,v uyk’" ~.’~:l^r’a


PrHbytoplon fly PHYLLIS PAGE illAOSHAW To welt under E coat when you need a coat, to wear everywhere under

Worship Berries wilt be held SPeCIalist in Humln Rlintinns I

Sunday at 9:40 and 11 a, m. *~ the Rutgers, the State University I

¯ ,~-~bytarLan Church. The Re°+ Dr, ’. Family life is .,,,lth u~ .lw~+~.

G. Hale Bucber i~ p~stor, i Becatum ,at tbt~ we tend to take

A ham dialer wnl be held Tue4-1tt foe granteck lll£t family living’

day at the church. Rese~atlOlU;;ls not ~tatie. This is a time of



sun when you dofl+L Mgde lit the proven ncctstc fabric Celanese

wet°el for Handmucher with a crisplle~ that n~er cleans out. They’re

wonderful SUitS tO own


ill a varifty O~ colors, SryIcs dad textures.

may he made bv calling CHarier;change. and tar:d]y life I~ chang-’

T-Ile~. and tickets may be Oh- big. too.

Pained a the church offcc. I These changes bring new prob-!

The llcv, and Mrs. Rafael Ce.~lems, We are faced ~dth divorce,’.

+peda. church mis~lonarle~ to Cuba. ’ L~sprattans Ptom inadequate hOL~-!

Civic, but :~ot Ic~ much ~o.

will be guest+ ala meeting uf the + thg. military seI~lee, economic in-

Come Double Club Saturday at 81 seeurny. Pe~imists say that Camp.

m. Ilust5 wilt +be Mr. and Mrs.!lly life Js dlslntegraUng or that

The s~[t with the tul[p Izockets.

the curved ]apel~. Nubby Rut~.Tex, mild colo~

E Jam.~FerraraandMr, and Mrs., tbere s ohngleflat all, i

R~ber~on+ It’s true 1bet family life as lived

The CrumadeJ~ Chor w I re-. 100 years ago I.~ no eager here.

hearse tonight at 6:45 and the Adulli Chat~ge has shifted families from

and cro~-dye~.10 to Z0. ? to l~ and

Proportioned Plus sizes 10+ to 20+.

heir al 7:45 lloy llcnuls will m~t rural living to the cltl~. Y+/~ePe

~::t ;:~0. The Chancel Choir will re- work took place at

home. flow

heaP~’ ~athrday ~t ]0:30 a, r~. ] living 13 earned outside the home. "

’ P:+mllle~ are smaller, There a~

Livingston AYe. Rsformed i te~,+r cmld~n and rower rei.t~+es

The ll~’v. Theo~ora W. Bo}~ ++,++.;

~ ]iYthg in th~home Neigh~or~ are

toaoior,’wln deliver the sermtm attnot aa lmporthnt to t~s nor are’

the 11 a. m. warship +ervic’e Sun-li they a source of mutual aid.

-’~ly at |he LIvingston Avenue ll~+ i ~ ~< ,

~’ormrd ChuJ’eh. Music will .he di-, SOCIETY bees ehaP4[ed and faro-

"tooled by Mrs. William F. Jen. ~ Ily life need~ to change alons with

~llng~, choir dlreHor, and GeorgeJ It. Almost all lhe "¢arJed aetlvitLe~

W, Ha~B organist. I of onr word affect faro-v ivl g

The Senior Youth Fellowship i in one way or another, LegL~]anon

well meet lonight at 7:3C. [nduslry, civic enterprise~ an are

The ReV. Mr. lloilz will conduct fell wl bin he inmt y e re e.

the Morning Chapel proffrara over l,lpr ha~ ntoved in on the fanlJly.

WCTC today and Saturday at 8:45 It is no It)nger an i~olated unit,

a.m. . but it i~ still the basle st.~lal unn

¢d t]ilr t’jvijizalllm,

Temple Religious School T:., pa~t can never he ,~0-

To Hold Picnic Sunday J t,,~,.d, n.," ~hm,ld It he. There h,~

The Hgha d a’k Tempe~ re-

¯ .

of the

: been




I feel about go-

Jog to schOOl."

Welh not really

schOol. These

yourigltlrs are

on their way into

the nursery st

C a m p Kilmer.

They’re the chil-

dren of civilian

personniI if the

post. Open five

days a week, the

nursery Cares for

children between

PLANS for a special enterl~inment te be given June $ at tht USO wlth the theme, "Bromdway-- six months and

1920". are made by s USO committal

Doris Zadorlky. William Kreiglr.

consisting of (left to rightl Cpi. Edwin H. Everly, Toni LIs¢o,

CpL Lewis HoWard. $gh Donald Cadlr lind dgt Jimmy HartL

five years, aria-

Ardath Kennedy is seated in front with her back to the camera."

IK~lkin Photo) hlittg wives of

, The olily staff aid is William cllltl,’; are cxlended to the~oidlers,

USO ~ O--ren On

,"Siretch’~ KreJger. Miss Madeih~e Radae said tha slntv solders


mifitlry person-

~U "Inned ol[ Page ’), r~oar s is he office score ary.

I n ,

, , "’, " ~ . hs area are slat oned he’e

1 ,;~., ...~_... ~hI~’h nrc held 10 0rues .......

i /nl~ Lye, Y----.’-- At. A.*LU~ Compr ~s



lemporarlly, it is drfficu t (~


co for n o

fia, lh’e replaced EliOHAlasl~a.Hvmans ’a ballroom

reading and WritingltP~a dances are he theregmarlyfU ure. but

’h we o Kodiak. He room o~ mtack bar bowllnglrefreshmellLs n d azld#

~cr~l.d ¯ . or e gh years a~ dilator

ane¥ TV room.

game room


a o emerta]nme...

,Jr a USO in Long Brarlch. He

are a[’~’a . available

class eal music room. Y * _

lad afro worked hi ciub.~ at Lob- Numerous services ioc]udhlg a

nel to incraIse

the family larder,

with daytime

Jobs. (U. S, Army


.iron, Pa.. and Waforfowa. N. Y. shopping service and shaving fa-

- hi|able lock & Gun


44 Dmnnl| St

~NewKl.lm,JrLOCKSBrunswlahRer~Ilred|nldalfods.3244 Spring-Tid Anglin

Fri’~y, ~ 1952 RECORD Pugs Thirteen

m I mm m ¯ m I11 ¯ II , I To¯shot Shows Slides, Itr~ct t~D. ~ge ~+ri~By o, ,~e h.

Ikiahwa nt IK.|nntrnl ~nan nrlnlK i Give=Tolk on AIosk¯ t ter.*tior=l eon*enUon ~meb w]i

~N~MIV VU " i~ IVi¯~iVi ~VVOi

~ ~ I N J R[eur a teacher in the ~ held ]a Mexleo CLty thi~ yea~

¯ "The fu ure oft ook. n tobereu { A S GNIFICANT Irend In the I~ague in September gs0, hesmade:Kl rigs on School delivered an il I B chard ..... Glaser secre ary-trea

7~i~ con re] is hr ght

X-ray program conducted by he a favorah e Impre~;ion on (he eom- ~ustrated


talk on Mask at I , .

oft i . a he urer o toe dt~lrLet ~’:as ~lso t

This Is lhe theme on wh ch lbe


eague is a grades J]erea.se n mun/ty, he ]eaBue Pep ed "Townshi P L end Club Jlle~ J J1 I ’


at guest at

i;.rlua report of he M dd esex he number of peep e who come to S nee he neep on Of he dla . Ihe "meet ng¯

Count)’ TuberculOSis and Health:~JLsweeklycllnicto be X-rayed. thel~tes p~gram. 80¢3 county resl-! C°l°n[al

Ferrets tNedne~(lay nJghI.’:CAFETERIA SUPPER PLANNEr

League "eee [])’ n ade ptrb] e repor says i de ts have rece red ellnl es ~ to! ColePed J~r~ shdes of seene~ A cafeILn’hJ supper v,d]] be he]l

~]ns There were ).169 X-rays at the! deterollne the presence or absence! M~ng ~he h~Rhway 10 Alaska ThUrsday night by the Woa+eu’,

E’ePvone ¯ nvoved n he f h

c n c a* yea" w "h euded’o sugar These eude ,shoo :through C,nada. taken bY Ricer

R , ¯ .

Ieag . he E s Mll;one Re

again~ tuberru esis Is +on’ cerned 232 dorlms referrals. . chddren


patlenls at Roo.sevelt el a t ) to !lorthe]n +. a~ka ~tere forms’, g i "’h. The dlnw~ w

with the roblem of the "unkno vn The oea" hen’ th otTJccr, Jo ii , heap a . and he public at arge. I she,+’,.

: he~ . ,at .~ II ,). it+. a~ d he en

ea,e whl~ IS u nlentiona 7" men -j J" g

Hanson. has urged food hi+n-


Nine ,row,eases o1" diabetes were


ArehLba]d Pine. ¢overz or of D s- c’a pnbi ¯ i¢ vek. ......

~ei g e h e and " d oom g ders o a’a hems¯v’s o he ds’o’ered h3 perod and are ....

himselt" the re ort sa s ’riznic or nlohdc rllest X-ray un]t’now under treatment The nurse[ -- m ...... Im ................ I q


" "

10a ue has


as one


Of i~ to I G+btnln chest X-ray~ redu[stteilu charge of h]a program d~,oted

"or r ~ ~ " ’ h t yen hv.

7no t poran funs ons, hea h

tea e n I


etev[:lg a food andtersia fu[ d~.’ ,c "eek (t nda ce[I r¢lephoos 2.1leo

educatioil. [license¯ at Ihe diabetes clinics Of Middlesex



PreP’eliSion is slressed in infor

A ~eeal slrvev " or he ev an ~ and S " Peer’s HGsp als ¯ vhere ]

per~Onll+P] was 8]++0 ¢ondtlt’{ed at;she v+’orh~d closely with the pb~ .

"’tLo" [)~ ’h~ d]~’~e’ "~’~ ~’I ~ "’’I W ...... ’+’ e*r .-- t, ] l~amp ~. Jmor, n~re a,to~ +Acre e a 1 in aa ge A OlaDe~e$ ease JAMES H MAILER


¯ ’

~eek]v bullelin, and special

’ .



’ . I Fgures

--r* "-



i regiMry ’.v,s rece y n ned.


"" ’

the leaxue’s





~ U "


e ~



= ~r ¯ ,.. ~ 4~ r~

;~ts i~c~dl;o~ ~,h~’o-~ehTr~e++a~t~l’~% ~ Ut~eJ+~ob~UUtt ~ i’~:r~’Svhi~’~; Choplin-Clorke ! FUNERAL D RECTORS "

% l P

~. ~tale jeat ~eacnem ¯ ~o,ege.

..... REViEWiNG patient

o iX-rayed 4583 county reddeals [ Announcement of the engage-

’ , * , "~ " ment of their d!ughter. Miss Corser~,ices



Eonner Clarke. to Frederic

Eoose’et F[~+~p n the rep r dLs-iI+ Chapn of "+V sh ~on ]3 C

. 2~ Eusgerl


Avenue New Rgunswick

I ’


" .’

¯ ~

(’loses that last year, hx add~don’h~k~ been announced hy Dr. ’aud~ " _ " ii I" " " I I

J ~orm~hto l,o.’a,,n,+..~n e.,e,,s, ....,er-M,+Pr0oe,+~,C,~,~eofTr.,,~- .A,.n ia,,,,,.=.~.,,,,,~,,.,~,,a I

I .~ 44111hl~llq. l~ l:ta’nmenfrortnepatients, lhemedi+ tin Park ’ ==~"~ iJlJ~Ll|li~lJlllMUl+(|[





[ E | i~

I ~ |" ed] serial worker ohlalned ~hop- M ss Cla ’ke, a "r;idn,~te t f "di ; ~

| IJ ! I O I U I1 I 1)or ~+ s.Pv Pea - [ram ouD;]de volun- . Fine+ - S ehoe] i~ 1


i 11: n ep ~ on. a:+ a " Fertillz-- =i L"




~" Pert on+ A


; +PC] [ rga )zod rla+==.$es in paint- , .

I ¯ l. Jug, sewing ,lnd handJerafhs, and senior at "+ .....


Poultry Suovhes ~-’--’t ,--E~__

reorJ~a I zed the libra Mr Chapin. who J~ the sell of rr -~ :,

Th; worker a]so ~+unse,+ Pa-the American amba.+sador ,u The

Clones Jg, GOr~EO TgoC~+EP* ~~ :

~’ |blicl)t~ wbo are enlotloltalty dis- Nefbex|ands and "~r~. Selden uHd EquipmEnt

| Slelt of a l+

--,,,+++ m + ++_ ++ +. ++


.e +e re+ e+h+ +end ,o .t Eeta*o0

’lu,rp:~u;’,~,he’~ =: ~:;IpSvpc~°b sC~¢P~ g+aeog;spt~!*i~ 5 ~l;dP;;~r++ Sllerwln Wdhams Full o Pep ~ ’

li~ that u~*~ his disc.ha~e [~m He has been employed i:l P:ris" PhOnE: E. Millstone 8-2+/96

H 0u~e

i1 economic analyst ’+’1 h Stiff

: again as an hldepeltdeilt iudivJd- " U ha] SeCUC[t,~ Agetleg and t+ now

’.uai in Ids community, on duly bl Washington, D. C., a+

~ot ,,,~tg is ~ht+ h~o+tam to lho¯ +,++e~g~ +e~t¢+ ameer.

]+appJne~m and welfare of the hr- Following their wedding In Au.

dlvtdual but ai~o 1o hi’+ health, gUSt, the yoo~ eoup]e Will ]ogre

This I~ beeatlse tuberculosis is a for Europe. where Mr+ Chapirl will

relapslbie disease and a patient

resume h s foreign serv ee pea ¯

wlm has received the pr~’~r re-


training, physically and mentally



~r~t~3~t ;nW~Yr;f-[~.~I/l*oJ+°n..°wpklCo.TflP

i i i



¯ Motor, Rebuilt ¯ Brake Work

¯ Motor, SxehB~ged E Complete -

Front End Work ¯-Expert Car- ~j

buretor Work ¯ Expert Service/+~-++.~


lind Re~alr On All Make Cars¯



Franklin Pork

%= V~om ....

~-* G C~,~__l__



lapae. i PlelO

The league takes the po+tthm Pet,

KOOIO IgOfrlll~g

French: S. :qalanowski of

~’.. "




,ha, the ro,,ohi,i,a, od .or+o,, .,e.}+++~’a’,,+’.+oyre,d"o wasu,.,,n, HAMILTON sEE+’cEeE.TER


senls an unbelievable say iig o rio m(.ll of the ~:]r


I fall’l’X" I]3 "lthe

laxpayer Besides beeom+.-lsi°" ,vho m,,e sat v co~p+ ed a 536 Homilton St. CH. 7-9338 NEW Brunswick I

self supporting the ex-pa en f 12-~xt’ek field Indlo ~perators 1

he ~s he herd Of 0 f,ITI+~B~, igai~ eeLlrsp +~ ha~ O11’ #][l[I ifle aq a i ’

-; dent., whP~ then eye f.°: resume+ rem ons+bJlH ’ radio +;t)eeIattsl and is serxln~ hi’

Eta’ d~ the 43rd Bignal Co. in Oermang


nubile P ~e, char + .... His


end L] part of the North Atl=n " ’

Isle CrPaW Ot’gnntzalJon Army.

m + + *


F Tn service sloes March tgst.

THE DIABETES deteutioR pro+ I Mslms+wsht ’~rI+dttr*~pd from+ ~rt

. g+. +hr, +7+i°’+";’Y 2’ ,ha! M?,?,,:h RT,dyerih A m,;,:I

i !b ~:: :

Now ae’aila61e

That’s riRhL , . . Pernlaiife



nil’AnN R il~er house., ,~+x|r’&

value ++’or your moneg. In

id.~¢r, it gives you added in- pOSCI~

H.,nmer, fuel savinA~ In Win- ¯ +.i,+.o.tr.0+0ol+o

+ C+

t+,o..’+rakes plaster +trol+ger

and nIDr4~ +rAe~ resists+lit.

Lilghtweight. it, save, ton~ of

ih,:LIJ wpiJ~ht, wh[t’h hleallm lesl

¯ ~01t PAi’[0S

$+tLii[Ig J+nd nlJnhuam maintrH;llW+,

. .~

, ......... +,o.oo, a,.h.,

,+ned,H++ .......... y,+

Pt, l nlid}[e ~[Ve~t ap tO ~0 tlftleB ¯ Per mln e DI-- It¯el q~ I+iI +~B.



( it¯’+

14~*4m’Ml~l*d, Alr-¢e¯led ~ LIFITIME, VlNTItATIO


,~.dd3 yeJ1r ’rouiHl pan+* ¢llm(Ipl 111 tuMmile


L:+=:++++++tt+sm h++m~+, it’s m+

¯ lll@Sif+l l@illt ¢Imlll*


id..,I i,a+w f.r floor radia,t


le ’in’c ~1," L,in+l. ¯ Will II0~+ I+II+ Pelt" ¢¯I+ Afl*glo+on * A#1.Alumlnum

,4~d, m+ (i~Jo+++ i+P ~l$in+:~

~or or WIll + ¯Ml

h,’,, ’,/~ ,,f’ /),’~w.f;¢e i)~,1i¢~

¯ too, .. m.m.g.


,,:,",’¯~,,’,’~-i~ ,.+;d~ ..,oh Po Mo~e KoolVe.~ Aw.i.¢s = AWNINGS

/. "/tlr. f/ q../;!y--~i/;f< lo ~i~g inst=Jled ghan any others ~~~,~\\\\w~



c, .,~l, A J~llk¢ Of mel~ awI21~.

¯ ];,9, L’_y¯ /’,r~. r~¯¯ A (°u14~#°’$ ~rr.q~. [ II.~ l~,,at,~i*;.¢


T~¢ apt ~pla~ts i. f ~ ~tatr, maM.g Kooll "c.t. t;++ u 0,;a" fiut ~t .. u #,.~.

Greot Loke5 Corborl Fer FR£S SUEDe booklef PHONS

SO 1-0172

Corporotion D [’Jl~,&’-MA//. THiS COUPON TODAY! ........


New York 17. N.Y. |

ELdorado 5"6200 F¢om



l to 6 P. M., Children Admitted To ~ N,~+,;;s....~ ......... :....;....:..+.:,...: ...................

Gtoundg FREE !

[ add ........... ~....:....:....:....;.,... P~ ....................

+.~__ ......

, o,, ................


+.. ...................................

: ......:._.~oo, .......s,,,,


Yf R,OES I R,o,s

................ ,



191 Remsen Ave,

New Brunswick



Buses Direct to Grounds -- Ample Porklng

Phone SO 1-0172


opa. e,uy, A. M.- s P. m, S~,d.ys ~+9 P. M.



PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE Auspices Cl#rk-Moetz Post V. F. W, =nd A. Lelgh Pardun Post, U~der MonGgSmEnt K. Muun

American Legion




P.age Sixteen . ~ RECORD Friday, May 16, 1952

Middlesex - Somenlet Pomona tee eg the Teen Age Chth

PatrolmenAtO" MidSebushUpt°n to SpeakpTA Gmngersr _ ,:.:t°Hold

/:SafetY 0fro_..,_3 ~chools See D*. .argo. .p.. ~ the SO~ Pie ~.omye.,.,on n*v~..~ .t th, n.~.~ V.li..~cei ..d dohn .~.~.

. G..Ze h*l a* S~ ~.~h.

: rn,,u. Game ge~ Uni.e~ ..*hoin~ d~ And renny Sole .. f~ ,f d p, ~ and

Garage wit[ eelebr*de I~s 4M~h an- sated by the Frs~Jdtn Park FU’e

. " Del~trtI~nt were Mrs. Eml~-

~:~ p = The DeX[;meeting w~[ held

Franklin C. Nlxon, master of the in the firehottse Wednesday at 8

S=fet~" Patrols from Hamilton, meat will be the guest speaker at

An oid-~ashinned fish fry was g~te Grange, will be the speaker.

p. m. There will be a pie contest

Franklin Park. Kingston and P~e the MIddleintsh School PTA’s an-

~.ve Ydarmr Schools attended e

held at the firehouse In Franklin A Mother’s Day program was and penny sale ~ponsured by tl~

nun] meeting Wednesday night at Park last week under the auspices presented by the lecturer. Mrs. ed home by economies Mrs. Anthony commltlee Carmen. head-

¯ b~¢be}] game between he Phi]-

.:’adel~his Phi]lies and Chicago Cn~ o’einck at the school, ef the home economies committee Henry Ne~s, ~rnd .MusLe Appreels.

In PhitadeJphia Wednesday after. "Does your school try to make of the Somerset Grange 7. The pro- don Week was aeknowledgsd by

!~*~o0n. our child a good elilzen?" will be

needs were for the building ~nd.

a program of the following ac- Pngk Teofl-A~Q.rll

. The trip was Jointly sponsored ’

At a meeting whinh foilowsd co.inn and guitar pupils of th~

Dr. Upton a topic. A group of Mid- TO Donee Tonight

by the ~Jt~te Police, KeYstOne Auto diebush students will aing under















Musin Center



The Franklin Park Teen-Age

-~’inb of Pennsylvania. and the held.

Club will hold tt dance tonight In

the direction of Louis Fancy, music Grange 13. Mrs. Jes.slea Head of Fred Waldman, Clement Iz~, Pau

P~[e.dei~.)hta baseball c}ub.

Middlebeah SchOol.

"J~e PMIS won. 9-2. director of the township schools. Millstone Valley Grange, and The- Bar.iratE, Mary Iovino, Thomas

Beginning at g p. m., the dance

" I#avteg by buses at 9:30. the pa- An election o~ officers wKl be

adore Neninger of the East Bruns- VainntL Mary Madaen, Tom Faust, wi] feature mu~c by Ray Coglin

/rain were taken on

wick Grange were introduced,

a tour of

and Frank Fuoco.

’ Mass Merrill announced that

and his orchestra. Refreshme~l~O.._

Princeton Universily and Law-

Appointed to the youth eommil, will be available.

the new steel mill being built In ¯

Ponn~ylvanls ~oy Bethlehem Steel -"* A total of 54 children went, Join Young s 1952 Blanket Club

chaperoned hy Fred Ostegren, ~Mr8.

Dorothy Z~mmerman and Michael


- PAY ONLY 1.00 DOWN and !.00 PER WEEK -

. Fr~nkrrn Towns~l#~


Own t~rtt purcho

Published Friday hy Franklth

Township Poblinhinil Co.

MIddthbusb. N. J.

WARREN GLASER ..... Pubilahez

Sobderlptlon Rate $2.00 Per Year

Entered It~l geeond-4~lsy~s matter it~

f~’~ Post Office at Mlddlebesh.

N. J. und~ the e~ o~ March &

"~~ g~,-~F~-~



Exclusive with Young’s in New Brurmwlek. In~rte~

from Holland "Health" blanket, So~t, fluffy virgin wool

Size f’2x~0 thehe*, Choice e~ ~ eolor~. Cemparabk

bZ~ket~ selling ~or 2&00.



Downy. soft vir’sIn wool blsnkets at specially Io~!’ p~lees.

Size 72x~ inches. Wide satin binding. ChoLer o~ 8

beautLful colors.

14.95 nnd 17.9S


i"ELO A.O s "

,-,. !

THe STATt[ DJVtSION o! Flail1 The ’binds will be delivered from

and game ~ d~lgned four plans the game farms end wings wBl be

to encourage paH]clpatten in Pbeas- clipped. As the birds moult and

ant and quail-teasing projects, become flyers they will be allowed

Organtsattens such e~ the j~ntor lo fly from the pen. Experimental

sportsmen’s ch:.bs, Boy Scouts.work on thle type of liberation has

farmer ymtth groups, and censer- ;how. t~t it is most effective in (.

vatten cllmses as well as l.dlvldual~ rural are~¯

have been ldvRed to take part. Delivery of the chicks to the

The projects are also belng car-:0operater wU[ be made by the

Tied OUl through 4-H and sports- county game warden or other au.

men’s elube,

thorheq employee. "

A ~ourth plan provides that Six Periodic insPeCtions of faeilgtes

lo eight-week-old pheasants may ..d teehalq.ea of rearing ~lll be ’-" " --’~9/a~emtort

be received by sportsmen’s dubs made by deOgnated wBdflfe rdan-

land.f°r opeu ~o ,lberatioo o. op,. ~ued’g~ tOedvleeglVe ande’*~.lsteo°perat°rhi~

to ¯ New. strl, r

""SHIOHED for teen-more-co .d Jor~

The club receiving such birds Is overcoming difficult problems of

~IP.-- required to construct an open- game Itheration. _ " ~.~l.4s~+ t.~.~. ~ ’

topped per wherein a pheasant Junior participants In the pro- ~[R=mt~, Now,**Teleseope baird;

will be allowed a space of 100 gram wlll be pald for rearing


square feet per bi~d. The Pen pheasants and quail However,

’ ~:e eusMon rrgM¯ tn Cot

m~st be 7 feet high. meat will not be made to adults. ~/ou| PII{ow, ~oo, on the i

" ¯ ’~eellnlng eF.e;rl Fruffy,’ i

(~ ¢~.t q

’JPeff, plump ~tl;ng ~

Thi s Isth e Per [.,= ect ason ~.... *’"’."."-’: M,k., y.u, ~.,..

iorifo f~dlng ¢~alr mar.

For Kin s Green Sa a s ,h.. .,.,.

A 11 d Of[ l d ~

"No need fo remind you

]t you like to toss a green salad. Lgrated add flavor led color to mix-

how Telescope ¢~a;is ~okJ

u~teg a little of this aPad a tittle of ed vegetable salads with cabbage.

that. this is your season’. The mar- green Pepper and celery. Red cab-

I~Jlr[ 1~ ,One mof|on~ C~il

bets abound wilh ~)ad greeds o£ bege sliced yery LbJ~ m,d served

’be carried In car for

¯ many kinds the~e days. p]us Pascalwith a bacon dressing is especially

" [~Ntdb P.~t~ltlg~ g| wt[|

celerY, scallions, young earrot~ good with a ham dinner¯ ~

is Inlpyed on lawn,

raddishes, ettcumbers and tomatoes. MRS. LOOG suggests: When se- IN~lh tuftu porch:

"Aad to vary your salad r~pe- tsetteg greens and ar~v other fresh

V~;t~ enameTed


loire, there Is a choice at citrus vegetables, choose thOSe the! are

hardwood frames, hho;ce

fPait--both pink and whl 4~¢~ e$ l~he h~ls, file bl~s.

~ covet- go~ork

t~ grape- chap, with few blemishes. Wash

fruit and navel and temple or- immaculately, dra~, then store in fully relexing res~ you 9t~

at, g%" a~d~eex ^..aboa,Lewis a~g, pis.,Ue hags. the hydrator or what. H ~ In a roeh, r! New at ,o-

~zrt,~t County n e get ~ eve~ type of container you prefer. ’morrow, ~he Telet¢ope

"There is almost no end to the This pre~ewes food value, besides

possible combinations, all of which making the vegeteblss ready for ’tOe’dr f~ folds ~af in

will add interest, vltemtes and salad preparation with ]lltte time ’One me,lee, can be

mlaerals th spring meals." and efforL ’t~ored away. Vlrn~shed

A green salad of erb~p escarole. "Green leaf vegetables with the hardwogd, with bentwood

ROmaine lettuce, spinaoh and dan* darkest green color have the highdella,is

tc¢~ In p~?eea a~d then eat toad ya~ue, especially VflamJa

~>lck, wood slat tea{*s.

mixed with your favorite F~neh A," Mrs, Logg says, "The white Weff-propoet|oned, r|g|dfy

dressing will be a treat with any leaves on the inSide of head let. Ce~fruhfe¢[, axe.eptJolutHy

dinner. Another comhination might tree, as earole and endive are low P~,


lettuce with some diced eueumberscombined with the outer ]eav~ to

a~d wed es of lettuce. With this. get the most nutritive value from

serve a cheese dressing for leaf vegetables. Hy adding citrus

~.~ ~’1

an extra flavor treat, fruit seeUon to the tossed salad or

Ibin Re¢||lt|g"

Ar~ehokya are often served in mixed vegetable salad the Vitamin

IP~ls with

place of a salad and m be hot C is considerably increase¯ *,ed 4erie ,

or cold. Mayonnaise or ~Yotlandise "Green salads ~uppty roughage, I~’~#reg

sauce I.~ the usual accompaniment, mJnera~ and are low In calories

but when the heart otzl is served when the dresgthg ts ~ade with a

as a saJad, Freneb dl"~s~g as often small Lemon amount OfSalad off. ....

favored, "

- "t~

tuine may be substituted for French ~~

4.- New Type of "IV VETERANS

Theater to Open


At Olympic tPark



¯ tett|~*pd hld~i

O]ympte Park. ]rvmg on, on Sal Q.-.f’m going to sebeol under the

t!rd~y will open a flovet televisin: GI Bill. and my enLltlemenl Will ¯



theater, The theater will mak run out a couple of weeks before

available to all patron~, free. al- ’the end of my course. WJ3] I have !

multhneous viewing ot l)rogram~ to pay for Ibe rest of the course,

from the seven video statio.s in myself? " ,

the New York area

A.--No. So long as your GIen- ~ ( - ,,

s a to th,it,omenlcarrleayoopastthem,Oprob

em of 0 evs on’aa Id nroads nt


WaYer youP°int ofw, I bey°ur termpe ’edtted°r o~’emeS*lnlsh f’--’~.~l~,~~

the en er ninon fie


kobert Gu nth r ark mann ez that terra or seme.~ter under the Gl : , . -

drawing card ,


~a d h sa ~ ;, d e~’p oy ~, ~ ¯ BBL e,., :hong~ you h.,~.’, a.y

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He has converted a former re e? Q,--M~Y ’ Join With a "nn’"el- ! ’ ~ ~’1, NN

¯ ~katingrink into seven.ace.p , eralll! sar Dg a ht~s nes. a,)d ge ~. "~l~[k~i[~i~/~=.~ ~ ,

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dominated by a big-screen telo- A, -Yea, However, the guarantee t

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lo~ked to a alng~ ¢hatUleh the loan "e,’hieh may conslitu,, all "~~)

Reception w be ~ater than in oi" pail at the non-veteran’s con- ~ ~

the average home be said be. trlbutisn to he bus hess ~

cause there wiB be no shiftlns Q.--rmatotallydlmthled veteran "

from cbenne to eha~nel Aas ron of Korea and my dlsabilbtes are

4 who wants to see a dmerel/t pro* ~rviee’we~nnected, May l a.ppiy f.o,r

tram need ordy chang¯ t o another

seat in the theater


t erans w/ ha me served ne nsuranee since tot olsao/ea Korea ~,’e.* If

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Tale v talon network ’ execu five s waived so. y I have my premiums

aro reportedly awaifir~ the Olym. ~h t~* because of my tots] dis

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Some of the elude the require


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Also Genuine Aluminum Choirs ]

Hammocks -. Umbrellas, etc.

whether the waiver has been grant-

Central Jersey CPAs ed. Then If the waiver is granted.

premlum~ paid under thai waiver

TO Meet Here Monday will be refunded,

The ce=~ "~ers~, Chapter of ~.-~o., the .e~ ,.,..=e for

the New JerSey Association of*Carveterans

who sewed since Korea


pay dtvldendn?

at 8 p. m, Monday In the offices of A.--No, It earns no dividebds.

Leo Wagner and Mtebael Yurey, 11

BUt It.~ premiums 1ire lower than

Stephen St. ’the BurtonBul]dlng)

other forms of Governmeot life J.-

Fury is treasurer o{ the chapter. suraneewhtehdopaFdivtde.ds.

Among" those attending wl]] b~

Albe~tNt~laoffotMainSL,’adirec- CML SERVICE POSITIONS i

¯ tot of the ¢hater.


Officers will ~ elected. [ Civil service jobs are open for




and MrP~



Mr, and



and/ehemlsla, physicist,




WE MbtKE - - -

~’^,~v EXTRA -,..n,,~,-.~,~"u*nr-e FOR CREDIT !




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L~. NIslnoff wUl ditend the state con- ~ste, and lo~al m~ne i:~peeinrs.

vetrldn at t~e Berke]ey~aHerettApplleatlon forms a=d ~urtber de-

Hotel, Asbur~ Park~ MaT 23 and ]~la may be obtained at the Pa~t


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.Friday, May 161 1


;To Federal Court- 0 EASIEST CREDIT TERMS!

¯ Trlal 0! Ifie second suit, Involv.

Jn~ afiou! 30 Old Bridge resldent~

aeekillg damagc~ from Anhe1~er


Bu~ch and Paler ~. Sch~vel’n.et,

4*ttho. has beet] tran.s/erJ’ed fror~l

Superior (’our at New BruaswJck

to Federal Court in Trelltoa. J

Too]an, Ilaney and Roi~load, at-

Cox and Wathurg. who repteseof

i ScfiWeilZer. petiHoesed for the

trampler on the basis of dlverslt~

of eilJze~hJp.

This was the same ground USed

" to obtain a trarhsfer of Jurisd[ctloft

tn the first suit filed, involving

some 75 residents of" Old Br/dge

as plainlilTs. All the plalofJffs are

represetRed by Joseph T, Karcfier, J

Sayrevil[e atioraeY.

Karch~*r /lied. petitioll to re.

maod the first,suit to SoperioI

Court Lit December. No deehio~

~as yeL been g/yen by Pederal

Judge Philip Forman. Kareber

~s filed a similar peUt[on for the

~eeond grou9 returnable th J~ne.I

Attorneys for ~.be plaintiffs and


-"--" ""--*°-N0WlS THE TIME TO BUY"

1ate that the arguments ~d brlefe

filed in the first ease should apply

to the second case and that the

fiecision in bhe first ease should be

~LudinR o~ the ~cond.

Jcc Day Co,.p



¯ The Jewish Corrtmunfiy Ce0t~r

day camp for school-age ~ and

girls .will open Ire tfilfd sea~o~

July ? at the Old Hickory I~

atlon Center oft the .~*potswood-

Engllshwwn Rd. near Spo{-swOod-


The e~tmp will be opell Mo,daF

through Pflday from g a. m. to

4;30 p. m. from July 7 through .4~

Aufi. 15, The e~mp staff w0l be

under the supervision of Mtas

Su~nne Hunter1 J@@ prolfi’~m


The daily program will ¢ona~t

~t swimming, fl~hiag, n~ture Io~,

]and sports, games, hiking, dramatics,

arts aufi crafts, music and


A chartered hus will leave the

center dally .ftt 9:30 e, m. and

return at 4:30.

Further informallo~l may be alp

rained from Miss ][unieraat



Card Hoopsters

List 20 Gomes

On ’52-’53 Slate "

A 20-game varsity baaketbal

schcduk’ for 1952-53 was annouftoed

yesterday by the P.ev. ,lames Rarity.

ethleL[c dfi’eclor It St. peter’s High

s~hoof. "S" Trap Connections

The schedule will open Dec. 12

as th’~ CardL~.atu play host" ~ Red

B,nk ~’,.ho,0. With Each Purchase of

The remainder of the schedule,

with games at flame ua]ess othei’- ~N_. i_

Dee. 16. North Plainfield. away:

19. Trerdon Calholte. away; 28.

}~ighland Park; 30, Perth Amboy Good During This Promotion


~an. 2, St. Mary’s of ~outh Amboy.

aw.~y: 9. Sayreville; 13. North

Plainfield; 20, Rahwa¥; 27, New

Feb, 3, St. Mary’s of South Amboy;

6, Red Bank Catholic, awaY;

13, Trenton Catbelle, home: 16,

21, Some~vtll~t a~y; 24~ New

Brunswick; 27, Queen of Peace

High SekOof,

Mar, 3. Highland Pack.

CIO ~ouc[I Lo Ditcufis

Political Action Tonight







Pollll~al actlotl will be d~eussed ~e-

tonPght at 8 o’clOCk.

St, George Nlxon, eouadl

end presldeof of the UnHed Auto-

lueben, will. preside.

, ~o~, ,e~,.~ .~,~ ,~o be 110 Albany Street

Repre~entativ~ of CIO Ioca~

~roug~ut the ¢ou~a~ wi~ attea¢

CH 7.7834

~- : ’ . ~ _..~ . ~ ;


New Bruns~...~

, ,~. ~ : : ~ -. .-- --r-! : ~.~!~:~.


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