Trojan 1980 - Yearbook

Trojan 1980 - Yearbook

University Of Minnesota

Technical College

Crookston, Minnesota

1980 Trojan Yearbook

Vol. 14


The academic year 1979-80 was a significant year in

the history of UMC, both in terms of physical construc-

tion, as well as of growth and development academical-

ly. Equally important were the significant develop-

ments in improvement of instruction and continuing

efforts to provide a better learning environment for all

the students that become a part of the UMC family.

Provost Stanley D. Sahlstrom

The Beginning Of A Decade

Student Senate Working Hard For UMC

Row 1: Ann Stoll, Jill Tucker,

Dave Generux, Sharon Winkels,

Joe Garcia, Deanna Dahlgren,

Cindy Theisen, Jean Fischer. Row

2: Greg Parenteau, Al Cota, Bob

Wippler, Phil Larson, Kevin

Beekman, Steve Hammero, Not

Pictured Dave Ekman.






General livestock judging team, above from left: Ruth Dubbels, Roy Sell, Pau

Craigmile, Dale Carter, Mary Miller, Mike Harden, Beth Gerhardson, and Lonny Spokely


Above, left: Three Roseau students and their coach were members of the crops judging team which placed first at the National Association

Colleges Teaching Agriculture (NACTA). From left: Coach Chuck Habstritt, Richard Magnusson, Jeff Magnusson, and Jeff Goos. Above, right

First place award winners in the NACTA mechanized agriculture judging contest were, from left: Russ Gold, Gordon Huttunem, Keith McAdams, an

Dean Grindahl. Below: Dairy judging team members which placed fourth at the National Cattle Congress in Iowa included, Row 1: Jerry W. Qwala

Kari Wright, and Marianne Von Ruden. Row 2 Coach Truman Tilleraas, Phil Haapala, Sidney Riede, Carol Carlson, and Gene Peterson.

United Kingdom Reciprocal

Exchange Program (UKRE)

UMC presently has exchanged programs with three colleges in England. For the next academic year, three students have been recommended for

participation and one faculty member has been accepted. All of the students are agriculture majors. Top left: Beth Gerhardson to Berkshire College

of Agriculture for enrollment in veterinarian nursing program. Top right: Roger Beekman to Elmwood College of Agricultre and Technology in

Scotland. Bottom left: Jerry Knutson, pictured with his family, for the UKRE professor program with Berkshire College of Agriculture,

Maidenhead, England. Bottom right: Bill Bye to Berkshire College of Agriculture as UMC’s official exchange student.



Concerts And Lectures

Who said UMC students don’t have talent? Mike

Hinderscheid (center right) takes the

opportunity to play a few tunes with the musical

duo of Speers and Volgoleers and shows everyone

what fantastic harmonica playing really is.

Center left: “The Hill Murray Gant,” also

composed of UMC students, from left, Kevin

Seegar, Steve Keefe, Jim Neprud, and Steve

Laddusaw, played several times on campus and

also in the surrounding area. The City Pickers

(top left), Bermuda Triangle (bottom right),

and Jeff Shott (upper right) also appeared on


The Concerts and Lectures Committee scheduled

various events which keep students active and

involved year-long. The students are kept well

informed of these events by the Student

Information and Activities board (upper left).

The Mad Hugger (upper right) was here once

again during Welcome Week. The musical duo,

Krisendale, (bottom left) performed at the

Trojan In. Edmonds and Curley (center right)

kept everybody laughing. UMC student, Waun

Vetter (center left), teamed up with a magician

to give everyone a magic show that is hard to






Back Row: Provost Stanley Sahlstrom,

Phil Larson, Chuck Teideman, Seiichi

Toshimitsu, Steve Hammero, Charlie

Williamson, Jerry Mall, Lona Larson,

Dawn Dahl, Julienne Jolicoeur. Center

Row: Linnea Cooley, Diane Seddon,

Kunio Katsuno, Alice Moorhead, Tom

Hillegass, John Schleicher. Bottom Row:

Kevin Danielson, Nancy Kotval, Mike

Barthel, Jackie Malo, Jenny Bement,

Shawn Borud, Danny Feldt, Betty


The Trojan Players is UMC’s theater group. They are

directed by Alice Moorhead and put on three produc-

tions each year, the Fall play was “MASH” and the

Spring play was “Sweeny Todd”. The group did a col-

lection of small skits for the Restaurant Operations

dinner this winter.


Ag- Arama,

Not Always

For Ag Students

Ag-Arama really went well

this year. Competition was

really tough. The five top

winners from left to right

were Paul Craigmile, Mark

Miller, John Olson, Lori Nel-

son and Gene Peterson.

Ag-Arama queen candidates from left: Karolyn Erickson, Lori Lerum, Michelle Slykerman, Carol Carlson, Beth Gerhardson.

Queen Michelle Slykerman presented Jon Aakre and Sid

Henagin with the True Grit Award.



Music Comes


With New


UMC’s music director during

1979-80 was Amy Krinick who is ori-

ginally from Connecticut. She was

born in New York and attended the

Eastman School of Music in Roches-

ter. She received her degree from the

University of Illinois. Ms. Krinick

especially likes the music performed

by chamber groups. She started this

type of music at UMC this past year,

going by the name of Madrigal

Chamber Singers. She is unsure of

her future plans except that she

would like to continue teaching at

the college level.

Concert Choir Row 1: Jolanda Landby, Diane Nelson, Pam McNeilly, Pam Hinkle,

Sonie Rasmussen, Bindy Stone, Sharon Anderson, Ms. Krinick. Row 2 David Young,

Steve Hammero, Jane Drege, Lynn Webster, Karen Arel. Row 3: Dennis Sargeant, Doug

Hedman, Todd Grove, Dave Senness, Jerome Trapp, Jr., Brian Peterson, Billy Bye.

Missing: Jerry Mall, Brenda Jewell, Janet Klemetson, Valerie Rude.

An important part of any music program are the

musicians. Donna Jensen, above, and Pam

McNeilly, left, helped UMC’s music program a

great deal this past year. Also pictured on the left

are Dennis Sargeant and Diane Nelson.






Since original madrigal singers of the 16

and 17 centuries sang with recorders, flutes

and violins, UMC’s Madrigal Singers wanted

to sound as authentic as their ancestors. Bill

Bye, above, and Ann Jimenez, right, accom-

panied the group. Not pictured is Bonnie

Paradise who also accompanied.

Row 1: Dorla Gritz, Sharon Anderson, Ms. Krinick, Pam McNeilly, Jerome

Trapp, Jr. Row 2 Michele Wenzel, Karen Muehlenhardt, Dennis Sargeant,

Bill Bye, Jim Frieson. Missing: Julie Bailey, Jane Drege, Dean Grindahl, Pam

Hinkle, Brenda Jewell, Ken Myers.


Above: Dr. Michael Smith presented Joseph Dahip and Jerry Qwala; both

of Nigeria and Vicky Moreno; Ecuador, with the International Program

Awards. Below: The Hospitality Association Scholarships were presented

to Lyle Marohl, De Daniels, and David Johnson by President Holli Drees.

Below Right: Jeffrey Dufault was presented with the Northwest School

of Agriculture Alumni Assoc. Scholarship by Clarice Widseth, an NWSA

a l u m n a.

Left: Diane Nelson is the first to receive the Winnie Laurent Scholarship.

Winnie Laurent presented the award which she established this year of

1980. Above: Faculty Awards: Joe Behm; Outstanding Teacher, Myrtle

Acker; Outstanding Service Award, Brent Jacobson; Most Supportive of

Student Activities. Below: Mike Barthel was the recipient of the UMC

Trojan Players Service Award which was presented by Alice Moorhead.



Left: Tammy Johnson received the Kevin Brorson Memorial DECA Scholar-

ship presented to her by Dr. Larry Christiansen. Above: Student Service

Awards Seated Bob Wippler, Ann Stoll, Phil Larson, Sharon Winkels.

Back Theresa Trocke, Monica Holm, Holli Drees, Jose Garcia, Shelley Rice,

Cindy Such.

Left: Phil Larson and Ann Stoll were named 1979-80 Man and Woman of the year on behalf of the Crookston Noonday Lion’s Club. Center: Theres

Primus was presented with the Barb Lund Memorial Scholarship by Colleen DeMartin. Right: Dr. Phil Buckley presented Eleanor Burkett with th

Northwest Agri-Dealers Association Award. Below Left: Presented by Dr. Don Sargeant, with the RRVWS Rural Communications Scholarship

were Bonnie Paradis, Kevin Fee, and Charlie Williamson. (Not pictured: Kevin Grimm, Richard Zehnder.) Below Right: Nancy Kotval, David

Johnson and Michelle Brisk were presented with the Ralph W. Nestor Scholarship by Tom Kelly.

Joe Behm presented Brian Davis with the Mike Davis HRI Memorial

Award. Brian is the brother of the former student after whom the

award was dedicated.

Left: Cindy Such was honored with the Sharon Dumler Memorial

Award by HFS Chairperson Emily Minnichsoffer. Above: Dr. Larry

Christiansen presented the Floodeen Business Division Scholarships to

(L to R) Jennifer Brule, Mary Lou Wosick, Linnea Cooley, and Tammy


Conservation award presented by Dr. Dan Svedarsky.



Chuck Levine received the UMC Horticulture Club Scholarship

which was presented to him by Associate Prof. Bruce Beresford of

the horticulture dept.

Jon Olson and Gene Peterson were presented with the Northwest

Feed Manufacturer’s Association Scholarship. Presenting them

with the awards is Dr. Phil Buckley.

Grace Stromli, an alumna of UMC, presented Tim Chapman with the

Stromli DECA Alumni Scholarship. The award was established by Mrs.

Stromli several years ago after graduating from UMC.

Debra Wallenta Haley, a 1978 UMC graduate presents Mary Lou Wosick

with the Alumni Scholarship of the UMC Chapter of Office Education


Above: 1979-80 Student Athletic Awards winners

Bruce Quackenbush and Sue Hagl. Center: Coach

Kelly presents Murray Miller with the Hockey Most

Valuable Defensive Award. Right: Coach Rod

Mosher received this award for his dedicated coach-

ing service to UMC.

Kelly Olson (left) was honored as 1979-80 Women’s Basketball Most

Valuable player and De Daniels (right) was Basketball Most

Improved Player for 1979-80.


Coach Sims presented Keith Strickland with the Men’s Basketball

Most Valuable Player Award.


Coach Mosher presents Tim Coauette with the Most Valuable Player Award on the

1979-80 Wrestling team. Center: David Ekman, winner of the Basketball Best

Defensive Award. Right: Coach Kelly presents Jeff Goos with the Hockey Most

Valuable Player of Offense.

Football Awards: Mike Sandt; Offensive Most Valuable Player, Bruce Quacken-

bush; Defensive Most Valuable Player, Jack Kern; Most Improved.

Dean Grindahl, recipient of the Mike Davis Memorial

Award, for the Most Dedicated.

Below Left: Todd Johnston, recipient of Rod Hanson Memorial Award for the Most Outstand-

ing Sportsman in Wrestling. Below: De Daniels (left) was named 1979 Most Valuable Player and

1980 Volleyball Co-Captain. Jacki Malo (right) won the 1979 Volleyball “Most Hustle” award.


Yearbook Staff

Back row from left: Lauri Paluch, Linda Nester, Mitsy Flicek, Gloria

Busse, Janet Demers, Michelle Laing, and Tina Gonzalez. Middle row:

Sharon Anderson, Monica Holm, Michelle Olson, Jenny Bement.

Front row: Peter Renwick, Theresa Primus, Bob Wippler. Not pic-

tured: Julie Jolicoeur.





This year our Commentator’s editor was Bonnie Paradise.

The Commentator staff was Peggy Genereux, Kevin

Grimm, Jack Kern, Chris Lindquist, Charles Williamson,

and Richard Zehnder as the Sports editor. Their advisor

was Ken Torkelson.

Our KCUM announcers were: Row 1: Bonnie Paradise, Herbert Fleisher, Kevin

Grimm, Scott Rhuby. Row 2: Kurt Sampson, Bernie DeLahunt, Kevin Seeger,

Chris Lindquist, Richard Zehnder, Kevin Fee, and Jack Kern.

College Democrats and Republicans spend the day at the State Legislature. Seated L to R Rep.

Willis Eken, DFL Twin Valley, Sen. Roger Moe, DFL Ada Rep. Tony Stadum, I-R Twin Valley.

tanding L to R: Wendell Johnson, Bob Wippler, Joe Mckenna, Leland Reichelt, Sonja Kalhagen,

Harold Stanislawski, Lori Lerum, Wayne Puttikka, Pat Garry, and Dale Knotek.






College Republicans: center left, bottom row (L to R) Mark Eckland, Liz Valen,

Sonja Kalhagen. Middle row (L to R) Phil Larson, Lt. Gov. Wangberg, Leland

Reichelt, Leonard Bergan, Pat Garry, Tony Stadum. Top Row (L to R) John Butze,

Don Braukmann and Nick Revier.

Democrat Officers: center right Front row (L to R) Gayle Radniecki President, Kathy

Torkelson Secretary, Back row (L to R) Gene Peterson Treasurer, Frank Welz

Vice President, and Wayne Puttikka Student Senate Representative.


Follow The Yellowbrick Road


UMC’s OEA has truly followed the Yellowbrick Road this year as

they received recognition as the second place Chapter of the Year in

State competition! The Chapter Scrapbook captured a first place

finish, and the Parliamentary Procedures Team placed third! This

year, too, UMC-OEA was represented on the State level by Monica

Holm, OEA President, who was elected Vice President of Public

Relations at the 1979 Fall Conference.

(left to right) M. Wosick, Historian; K. Krueger, Student Senate Representative; D.

Dahlgren, Vice President; M. Holm, President; C. Walsh, Secretary; J. Lovin,

Parliamentarian; M. Flicek, Treasurer.







The Division


With A

Left to Right: Kim Wittenburg, Jan Lewis, Sherry Olson, Wanda Olson,

Tama Spanier, Chris Baudler, Tammy Fee, Janet Paulson, Kathy Winter,

Diane Nelson, Janelle Haugen, Lori Kasprick, Linda Mohn, Cindy Such,

and Cammie Lindland.


AG Production Club

Row 1: Bill Bye, Eric Larson, Wayne Perkins, Neal Plante, Lona Larson, Grant Langrud. Row 2 Gene Peterson, Joe Magnusson,

Jeff Trosen, Jon Olson, Chuck Levine, Jim Prichard, Rick Muckala. Row 3: Jeff Goos, Richard Magnusson, Paul McNelly, Keith McAdams,

Clayton Fjerstad, Bruce Quackenbush, Russ Gold, Marvin Mattson.

First Row:

Barbara McPeak

Rich Pechacek

Herbert Fletcher

Carol Carlson

Second Row:

Chuck Levine

Beth Gerhardson

Tom Ryan

Paul Springstroh

Jon Aakre

Marvin Mattson

AG Prexy Council

tow 1: Marty Goodnow, advisor; Kathy Bonemeyer; Lorie Nelson, secretary; Jenny

Bement; Ruth Dubbels; Joanne Eklo; Karen Manner; Nancy Hurd. Row 2 Linda

ave, treasurer; Lorie Lokken; Pat Feil; RayDell Koch; Carolyn Ziebarth; and Beth

erhardson, president.



Have Gone

Horse Crazy





Take Off

Into The



Flying Trojans Back Row from left: Dan Schmidt, Bryan

Hauschild, Kyle Weinzirl, Tim Valentin, Pete Warhol, Randy

Overby, Ken Peterson, Tom Benson, Pete Johnson, Susy

Pavlish, Mike Gasper, Marv Mattson, Larry Leake, Robert

McDougal, Special guest. Front Row from Left: Don (Hutch)

Schug, Danny Feldt, Kenny Nietfled, Michelle Pinna, Tom

Gasper, Don Emertson, Geoff Gorvin and Dan Nelson. Not

Pictured: Brian Hopper.

The Flying Trojans went to Wichita, Kansas, to

to tour the Cessna plant; Oklahoma City to tour

Page Radial Engine plant; Waco, Texas; Harlingen,

Texas, to visit the Confederated Airforce; Padre Is-

land; and finally to Mexico for one day.


in Krebsback, Jody Schroeder, Elenore Burkett, Richard Bako, Eugene Karka, Talyedi Gilama. ROW

Mike Bakken, Bob Nordsman, Jim Friedl, and John Polley, advisor. Not pictured: Jerry Mall, Sandy

arrick and Terri Levine.








Above Warren Perala talks with advisor, John Polley, about his new

position as president of the national association of SCSA.


Bob Nordsman, president

Jerry Mall, vice-president

Sandy Warrick, secretary

Terri Levine, treasurer







Row 1: Sherry Schmidt and Beth Gerhardson. Row 2: Roberta

Fraser, Carol Carlson, Lynn Anderson, and advisor Don Keith.

4-H Keeps You Jumping




Row 1: Ralph Gundersen, Nate Purrington, Sherry Lange, and Ross

Peterson. Row 2: Advisor Roger Wagner, Michelle West, Mark Bergstrom,

Julie Bernhardson, Eleanor Burkett, Susie Tesch, and Liz Gerszewski. Row

3: Wes Flaws, Tarri Levine, Chuck Levine, Kathy Leinen, Greg Poulson,

Vickie Wagner, Sheri Hoffman, Lori Bellanger, and Julie Bailey. Not

pictured Dorla Gritz, Bonnie Paradis, Tim Dufault, Julie Jeno, Janel

Sigdahl, and Lori Lerum.





The Fashion Club, under the direction

of Mrs. Ella Strand is made

up of UMC's Fashion Merchandising

students. The club is responsible for

the Fall and Spring fashion shows

this year.

Officers are, row 1: Debbie Solheim, Priscilla Brunfelt, Doreen Kleven, Tammy Ode. Ro

2: Robin Werman, Dawn Hangsleben, Cindy Theisen, Nancy Nelson, Shelly Rice, Tri(

Barry, and advisor Ella Strand.

Row 1: Michelle Laing, Tama Spanier, Kathy Leinen, Liz Gerszewsk. Row 2 Theresa Primus, Ann Stoll,

Kathy Winter, Sandy Worrick. Row 3 Janet Demers, Theresa Trocke, Michele Flicek, Sharon Winkels.

Row 4: Ed Stoyanoff (Advisor), Linda Nester (Chairperson), Gloria Busse. Missing: Tammy Baerehwald,

riscilla Brunfelt, Deanna Dahlgren, Bernie DeLaHunt, Theresa Eiynck, Karin Haroldson, Lisa Keefe,

oreen Kleven, JoAnna Lovin’, Michelle Slykerman, Tom Trosvif, Karen Vargo, Lisa Widmayer.







The 1979-80 Host and

Hostess Club was very busy

this past school year. The

purpose of this club is to host

and help with important ac-

tivities on the UMC campus.

These activities included

Homecoming, Home and

Family Services Activities

Day, meetings of the Univer-

sity Board of Regents, Par-

ents’ Day, Future Students’

Day, and many others. There

are a total of 27 members in

this club.

Veteran’s Club of 1979-80. Above: (left) Dave Hoff

(Advisor); Arlin Volker, Vice President; Don Lang-

ford, President; Dennis Leines, Secretary-Treasurer.

Not Pictured John Hix, Public Relations.






Row 1: Dawn Dahl, Monica Holm, and Kathy Goodyke. Row 2: Jean Fischer, Diane Dow, Phyllis

anders, Beth Gerhardson, Julie Bailey, and Phil Larson.






Park And Recreation

Natural Resources

Row 1: Rich Pechacek, Randy Huelskamp, Tim Olander, Steve Miller, and

Daryll Gross. Row 2 Advisor Tom Feiro, Jim Karels, Eleanor Burkett, Dan

Flom, Scott Robbie, Jim Friedl, and Kevin Deitz. Row 3: John Grimly, Al

Helbling, Mike Hindersheid, Tim Perry, Tom Ryan, and Jeff Grev. Row 4:

Matt Schaefer, Roger Mohn, and Wayne Friemund.

Women’s Softball Club


THE 1979 FOOTBALL TEAM. Bottom row L-R: Kevin Beekman, Bruce Quakenbush, Al Cota, Dewey King, Mike Jacobson, John

Livingston, Mike Sandt, Frank Dostal, Doug Sublet, Dave Parks; Second row: Jeff Lahr, Steve Boraas, Kevin Danielson, Jack Kern,

Bill Moliter, Dean Marshik, Scott Morgan, Jim Gobel, Paul Rodke, Phil Larson (co-captain), Third row: Jeff Rutten, Paul Ash, Bill

Gimler, Jim Karels, Greg Morris, Daryl Poupart, Tony Blake, Tom Trosvik (co-captain), Mike Schonhardt, Fourth row: Head coach

Jim Sims, Jeff Hilde, Kevin Burgau, Bruce Foss, Tom Solien, Matt Schaefer, Rollin Brossart, Dave Rolf, Rod Oberg, and coach Jim

Sutherland. Missing: Coaches Dana Powers and Wayne Olsen, A.D. Marv Bachmeier, Brad Fowler, Joe Garcia, John Hansen, Steve

Laddusaw, Jeff Johnson, Bernie Foss, Al Horack, Mike Barthel, Rod Balstad, Lance Olsen, Todd Temple, and manager Jim Svir.

Trojan's Shine In '79

Football cheerleaders for the '79 season were, L-R: Teresa Bergerson, Kristi Ralston,

Shari Meland, Tricia Barry, and Ann Stoll.

Thrills and excitement were always part of the 1979 I

football season. The men always seemed to make the

games exciting and well worth seeing. Teamwork was al-

ways part of the play action and everyone had a good






Wham!!!! Phew??***¢%$ Yeah!!*%&¢

BOING*** dong - ker-plunk__I! Splash --­

- Yeah!!! All right!!! We won??!!! That sure was



Those were just a few of the many exciting

moans and groans, cheers and rahs, heard at

the various intramural activities this past

year. From the looks of these pictures, the

competition was keen, and everyone was out

to have a good time. And do you know what?

That's exactly what lots and lots of us did ...

‘I think intramural sports are a great asset here at UMC. It gives

eryone the chance to get to know each other a little better and to

ve a good time. It gives us all a chance to take a break and play


-Linda Mohn



More Intramurals

“The Intramural Sports Program here at UMC gives

more of the student body chances to participate in

school activities. It increases relations between stu-


-Linnea Cooley

“The best thing about intramurals is that

everybody gets a chance to participate.”




Row 1: Sue Hagl, Mariann Von Ruden, De Daniels, Patti Biebl, Jane Erstad, Judy Cota. Row 2 Lori Labine, Joni Wilebski, Jacki Malo, Shari

Olson, Beth Marthaler, Jane Bogestad, Pam Huot. Row 3 Manager Mavis Warling, Coach Bill McManus, and Manager Jane Wealy.

Set Spike

Trojan Volleyball

Goes To State

Tough Team Does


The girl’s volleyball team had an excellent year

under the coaching of Bill McManus. They found

themselves as the only Tech college team to make it

into the state playoffs! Hustle and good teamwork

were the key factors to having such a good and success-

ful season.

Co-captains: De Daniels

Patty Biebl

MVP: De Daniels

Most Team Hustle: Jackie Malo

MVP KROX: Shari Olsen




The Team

That Works

Row 1: Tricia Barry and Kristi Rahlston. Row 2 Brenda Hansen

Theresa Bergerson, and Loree Bilden.

Sink Em Trojans!

Row 1: Manager Jack Kern, Dave Rolf, Mike Michelson, Dave Ekman,

Jason Sutherland (Mascot), Dan Pecarina, Gary Sanvig, Keith

Strickland, Lonnie Lofstedt. Row 2: Assistant Coach Bruce Erdman,

Pat Devine, Isaiah Jiys, Tim Rolf, Jim Clack, Joe Day, Doug Hedman,

and Coach Jim Sutherland.

Row 1: Michelle West, Cindy Erickson, Kelly Olsen, Sue Hagl. Row 2 Pam Hinkel, Patty Biebl, Karen Vargo, De Daniels, Kris Froemke,

Coach Wayne Olsen. Missing: assistant coach Bruce Erdman.

The girls basketball team

showed fine sportsmanship and

great ability for the game of

basketball. Although they were

not always on the winning

team, they always game back

fighting and ready to go!!! This

was coach Olsen’s first year

coaching women’s basketball

and he did a fine job.

Women’s Basketball ’79-80


Go Get 'm

Fight 'm

Beat 'm



Trojan Hockey

After some very close losses early in the season I believe

we played very effective hockey. We now have 10 players

who are looking forward to an even more successful season

next year.

-Coach Tom Kelly

Row 1: Tim Brown, Dean

Grindahl, Dean Byfuglien, Mike

Ogaard, Bruce Foss, Brad Fowler,

Joe Magnusson. Row 2: Manager

Lori Labine, Bernie Foss, Murray

Miller, Jeff Goos, Robin Brekken,

Jeff Hilde, Scott Johnson, Scott

Piper, and Manager Nancy

Greenwood. Row 3: Assistant

Coach Charles Habstritt, Gaylan

Erickson, Larry Bellrud, Mickey

Kaiser, Mark Perreault, Wally

Cash, Steve Bade, Tom Schmitz,

and Coach Tom Kelly. Not

Pictured: manager Chris Lindquist.



Row 1: Mike Schonhardt, Jeff Erickson,

Dick Lamphere, Todd Johnston, Bill Stal-

boerger. Row 2 Butch Schleicher; Equip-

ment Mgr., Mike Sandt, Brad Mosher,

Dean Marshik, Tim Coauette, Bill Molitor,

Rod Mosher; Coach. Missing: Scott Sten-

grim, Jeff Trosen, Jeff Reimer, and Chris


Cheerleaders: Left to right: Teresa Eiynck, Shawn Borud,

Nancy Kotval


Coach’s Comments: “I was very satisfied with the year.”

Our team this year had great potential. The team did well through-

out the season. Though there were injuries that cost them a few

meets, the coach was pleased with the success of the team. It is also

good to know that the majority of this year’s team will be returning

next year.

The co-captains this year were Tim Coauette and Todd Johnston.

Eight wrestlers qualified for Region and one wrestler, Tim Coauette,

placed second in Region and qualified for Nationals.

Congratulations on a good season Coach and team!





Row 1: Dane Ryden, Frank Dostal, Lance Olson,

Scott Morris, Tim Sampson, Jack Kern. Row 2

Coach Wayne Olson, Dan Pecarina, John Hix, John

Livingston, Jerry Minick, and Steve Bade.





From top left: Erman Ueland,

ag. division chairman; Kent

Freberg, Mechanized ag.

Bruce Beresford, horticulture;

Larry Leake, aviation; Charles Habstritt,


Paul Aakre, mechanized ag; Marv Mattson,

agronomy; Donald Keith, agronomy.

Philip Baird, natural resources; Val

Eylands, soils.


From top left: Richard Tillotson, mechanized

ag; Daniel Svedarsky, natural resources; Mar-

tha Goodnow, light horse management; Phil

Buckley, natural resources; Truman Tilleraas,

animal science. Roger Wagner, horticulture;

John Polley, mechanized ag; Kenneth Torkel-

son, rural communications. Harvey Peterson,

animal science; David Hoff, economics.






Top from left: Larry Christiansen,

chairman, business division; Larry

Huus, accounting Jane Brueske,

court reporting; Adolph Beich,

secretarial; Don MacGregor, com-

puter services; Sue Brorson, fash-

ion merchandising and marketing

Top from left: Ella Strand, fashion merchandising Betty Brecto,

secretarial; William Paradise, accounting; Roger Aspevig, secretarial;

Robert Smith, marketing and management; Bruce Brorson, market-

ing and management









From top left to right: Emily Minnichsoffer, home and family services

division chairperson; Glenice Johnson, instructor; Marilyn Grave, director

Children’s Center; and Colleen DeMartir, instructor.

At right, Chidren’s Center staff, back row from left: Avis Kroulik and

Lonnie Olson. Front row from left: Jami Clark, Lynn Willhite, Evonne

Ellingson, and Alice Holm.









From top left to right: Thomas Kelly, hotel, restaurant,

and institutional management division chairman; Joseph

Behm, instructor; Sharon Stewart, dietetics; Emmett

Hodgkins, instructor; and Kenneth Myers, instructor.







Top from left: Michael Smith, chairman, general education; Sonia

Spaeth, women’s phy. ed.; Cleon Melsa, chemistry; Richard Christen-

son, communications; Paul Holm, chemistry; Terry Stallman, econom-

ics; Craig Harmon, mathematics; Robert Johnson, biology; Alice Moor-

head, communications and drama.

Top from left: Jerome Knutson, biol-

ogy; Gretchen Starks, reading learning

center; Wendell Johnson, biology; Lyn-

nett Mullins, communications; Jim

Sims, football; William Peterson, math-

ematics; Joseph McKenna, social sci-

ence; Jim Sutherland, basketball; Ber-

nard Selzler, communications; and

Amy Krinick, music.



Pictured top from left: Stanley Sahlstrom, provost;

Donald Sargeant, asst. provost. academic affairs. Karl

Bornhoft, business manager; Stephen Kraatz,

continuing education: Anthony Kuznik, asst. provost,

student affairs. Lowell Larson, development; William

Menzhuber, plant services. Harold Opgrand, learning

resources; Edward Stoyanoff, University relations.



To All

Top from left: Marvin Bachmeier, athletic director, and

Gary Butenhoff, U police.

John Bywater, director admissions and financial aids; Ken

Carlson, admissions and financial aids; Don Cavalier,

placement and alumni relations; and Blake Crosby, admis-

sions and financial aids.

Robert Durbin, lab services coordinator; Tom Feiro, natu-

ral aresources technician; Wesley Flaws, assistant garden-

er, and Sue Helten, counselor.

Sylvia Hovland, nimal science technician, and Brent Ja-

cobson, campus ministry.

Dale Knotek, director student activities, and Kay Kraatz,

RSVP director.



From top, left to right: Bob Larson,

admissions office; Linda Loing, Ca-

reer Center; Dennis Magsam, audio

visual: Juan Moreno, special stu-


Darlene Mushel, nurse; Jim Nor-

mandin, science lab; Wayne Olson,

coach; Jim Peterson, U police

Keith Ramberg, dining service; Jeff

Sinks, audio visual; Daisy Stahlberg,

Reading Learning Center; Virginia

Stainbrook, nurse

Barb Weiler, University relations;

Gary Willhite, housing; and John

Zak, University relations.

Myrtle Acker

Mary Altepeter

Victor Amiot

Bonnie Anderson

Arnold Benson

Deloryce Bertils

Sherman Bratager

Pat Carlson

Darlene Charron

Jeanne Christiansen

Maxine Eisert

Ann Evans

Marie Fournier

Tillie Gebhardt

Joe Grabanski

Jane Gustafson

Walt Hanson

Gail Hasbrouck

Rose Herberg

Elwood Hill

John Howlett

Robert Jeska

Connie Johnson

Georgean Johnson

James Kaiser



Ed Karboviak

Lynn Klyve

Everett Kropp

Gladys LaCoursiere

Doris Matzke

Bill McWaters

Gail Mitchell

Cathy Moe

Betty Murphy

Berneil Nelson

Clarice Norbom

Don Normandin

Jacquie Normandin

Duane Ogaard

JoAnn Palmer

Betty Panzer

Krista Proulx

Trish Ramstad

Cliff Ricord

Juan Rocha

Delores Rodriguez

John Rodseth

Milan Samshal

Don Sanders

John “Butch” Schleicher

Gayle Schuster

Dorothy Soderstrom

David Solberg

Tonie Swanson

Arlene Tahran

Ardis Thompson

Patti Tiedemann

Dennis Tollerud

Val Uttermark

Arlene Vrem

JoAnn Westburg

Linda Wilkens



Jon Aakre: Hawley

Bamidele Abiwonninu: Nigeria

Alan Anderson: Fairbault

Robert Anderson: Motley

Lorrie Arends: Hartford, SD

Paul Ash: Milaca

Tamara Baerenwald: Montevideo

Julie Bailey: Sauk Centre

Kathy Baker: Bemidji

Thomas Bakken: Crookston

Thomas Barhorst: Sauk Centre

Tricia Barry: Cerritos, CA

Audrey Bauer: Bemidji

Bruce Becker: New York Mills

Kevin Beekman: Sacred Hart

Roy Bell: Pequot Lakes

Randy Benke: Dent

Thomas Benson: Hutchinson

Teresa Bergerson: Two Harbors

Mark Bergstrom: Owatonna

Julie Bernhardson: Ada

Mary Bertleson: East Grand Forks

Loree Bilden: Northwood, ND

Patricia Bjorgo: Crookston

Wanda Blawat: Stephen

Dean Bondeson: Braham

Paula Boseman: Grand Forks, ND

Donald Braukmann: New York Mills

Priscilla Brunfelt: Britt

Joan Buchanan: Crookston

Kevin Burgau: Sebeka

Angie Burkett: West Fargo, ND

Eleanor Burkett: Minot, ND

David Busse: Prior Lake

Dean Byfuglien: Roseau

Jeff Capp: Brooks

Carol Carlson: Clearbrook

Toni Casey: Osseo

Mary Chisholm: Gary

James Clack: Park Rapids

Dave Clark: Grove City

Alan Cota: New Brighton

Phyllis Cyr: Crookston

Kathy Czech: Red Lake Falls

Dawn Dahl: Bismarck, ND

Deanna Dahlgren: Two Harbors

Brian Davis: Crookston

Margaret Davis: Bloomington

Mary Sue Dehnke: Sartell

Janet Demers: Grafton, ND

Timothy Donahue: Manvel, ND

Frank Dostal: Badger

Karen Douglas: Stephen

Diane Dow: Grand Forks, ND

Holli Drees: St. Hilaire



Ruth Dubbels: Fergus Falls

Timothy Dufault: Crookston

Pius Obunike Eboh: Nigeria

Mark Ecklund: Crookston

Beth Eifealdt: Winona

Donald Embretson: Crookston

Lynda Emineth: Bismarck, ND

Randy Engelstad: Warren

Cindy Erickson: Crookston

Karolyn Erickson: Badger

Jane Erstad: Ada

Tammera Fee: Harwood, ND

Danny Feldt: Frazee

James Filiyaro: Crookston

John Finn: Staples

Jean Fischer: Bismarck, ND

Clayton Fjerstad: Carlton

Wesley Flaws: Crookston

Herbert Fleischer: Blanchard, ND

Michele Flicek Grafton, ND

Rebecca Ford: Grand Forks, ND

Eddie Foske: Crookston

Bruce Foss: Roseau

Kristen Froemke: Lisbon, ND

Jose Garcia: Crookston

Patrick Garry: Euclid

Jeff Gemmill: Edinburg, ND

Peggy Genereux: Brooks

Beth Gerhardson: Fergus Falls

Elizabeth Gerszewski: Argyle

Violet Gillaspey: Fergus Falls

William Gimler: Roseville

Rafael Gonzales: Venezuela

Jeffery Goos: Roseau

Lori Gould: Shakopee

Dean Grindahl: Roseau

Dorla Gritz: Staples

Daryl Gross: Owatonna

David Guehna: Perham

Sharon Gullekson: Fertile

Teresa Gullekson: Fertile

Philip Haapala: Menahga

Jerry Hageman: East Grand Forks

Susan Hagl: Red Lake Falls

Dawn Hangsleben: East Grand Forks

John Hansen: Crookston

Karin Haraldson: Dilworth

Daniel Hauber: Park Rapids

Danyce Haugen: Roseau

Jane Healy: Red Lake Falls

Alan Helbing: Pierz

Sidney Henagin: Hillman

Brad Hoffert: Detroit Lakes

Denise Hogenson: Crookston

Brad Hoiland: Gilbert

Monica Holm: Soudan

Scott Hruby: Benson

Gordon Huttunen: Wadena

Michael Jacobson: East Grand Forks

Zahid Jamal: Cavalier, ND



Joseph Jarvela: Crosby

Kenneth Jensen: Fargo, ND

Ann Jimenez: Duluth

Isaiah Adamu Jiya: Nigeria

David A. Johnson: New Brighton

David S. Johnson: East Grand Forks

Lindy Johnson: McGregor

Peggy Johnson: Bagley

Peter Johnson: Shoreview

Robbie Johnson: West Concord

Roger Johnson: Gonvick

Tim Johnson: McGregor

Steven Jorgensen: Niagara, ND

Sonja Kalhagen: Webster, ND

Charla Kappes: Lake Park

Kunio Katsund: Japan

Jack Kern: Sebeka

Doreen Kleven: Alvarado

Valorie Knuth: Ruthton

Rae Dell Koch: Bloomington

Kathy Koebensky: Virginia

Joyce Koopman: Montevideo

Gloria Korby: New York Mills

Sharon Kozojed Warren

Jim Kratzke: Dent

James Lance: Crookston

Sherry Lange: Deer Creek

Philip Larson: Boyd

Kathryn Leinen: Doran

Lori Lerum: Crookston

Clinton Lofgren: Crookston

Mary Lofgren: Crookston

Lonnie Lofsted: Roseau

Joanna Lovin: Park Rapids

Kristie Lucht: Crookston

Allen Lund Richville

Michael Lund Bird Island

Virginia Lyon: Cloquet

Jerry Mall: Morris

Karen Manner: Hibbing

Scott Marthaler: Crookston

Kylene Martwick Balfour, ND

Keith McAdams: Park Rapids

Dan McNamee: Mahnomen

Barbara McPeck Bloomington

Michael Meland: Golden Valley

Sharon Meland: Larimore, ND

Alice Melgard: Warren

Mark Miller: Lake Park

Mary Miller: McCanna, ND

Steve Miller: Minneapolis

Jerry Minnick: Bird Island

Thomas Mitchell: Crookston

Matthew Monshaugen: Fairfax

Nathan Monson: Crookston



Brad Mosher: Fertile

James Murn: Brooklyn Center

Nancy Nelson: Crookston

Randy Nelson: Fertile

Thomas Nelson: Appleton

James Neprud: Shelly

Linda Nester: Detroit Lakes

Sophia Nock: Nigeria

Wendy Noreen: Thief River Falls

Terry Oakland: Red Lake Falls

Louis Obit: Nigeria

Tamela Ode: Badger

Anita Olsen: Viking

Wanda Olsen: Viking

Jon Olson: Madison

Kelly Olson: Sebeka

James Onken: Tracy

Randy Overby: Grygla

Margaret Pahlen: Euclid

Bonnie Paradis: Plummer

Janet Paulson: Welch

Richard Pechacek: Hastings

Jeffery Perala: New York Mills

Wayne Perkins: Deer Creek

Tamera Persson: Eldred

Mary Kay Peters: Brooten

Gene Peterson: Benson

Susan Pulst: Stardweather, ND

Nathan Purrington: Ada

Wayne Putikka: Sebeka

Bruce Quackenbush: Chokio

Jeff Rademacher: Detroit Lakes

Ken Radke: Crookston

Kristi Ralston: Larimore, ND

Jeff Reimer: Bena

Shelley Rice: Roseau

Judy Rimpila: New York Mills

Steve Rinkenberger: Fosston

Beth Rising: Minneapolis

Gerald Roberts: Graceville

Paul Rodke: Hawley

Timmie Rozier: Carol City, FL

James Sabourin: McIntosh

Kevin Salathe: New York Mills

Lynn Sandbeck: Aneta, ND

Janet Sannes: Crookston

Saureya Sayadi: Iraq

Sharon Schmitz: Sauk Center

Lisa Schroeder: Grand Marais

Kevin Seeger: Mahnomen

Susan Sewill: Crookston

Dennis Shanahan: Roseau

Jerry Shimpa:Erskine

Sebe Simon: Mahnomen

Michelle Slykerman: LaMoure, ND

Howard Slyter: Fertile



Debra Smalley: Grand Forks, ND

Ramona Smerer: East Grand Forks

Julie Snyder: Crookston

Debbie Solheim: Crookston

Kevin Sondreal: Reynolds, ND

Shane Sorenson: Fisher

Tama Spanier: Belgrade

Scott Stengrim: Rothsay

John Stevens: Fridley

Tharen Stillday: Ponemah

Ann Stoll: Dent

Jane Stoyke: Hibbing

Doug Sublet: Braham

Cynthia Such: Crookston

Darlene Szklarski: Stephen

Susie Tesch: Park River, ND

Cynthia Teisen: Blackduck

Cheryl Thompson: New York Mills

Brian Thordal: Gary

Tod Tonsager: Buffalo

Katherine Torkelson: Crookston

Theresa Trocke: Arlington

Thomas Trosvik: Pelican Rapids

Jill Tucker: St. Thomas, ND

Scott Tyberg: Elbow Lake

Dean Urness: Beltrami

Nancy Votava: Minot, ND

Veronica Wald: Stephen

Corinne Walsh: Badger

Mavis Warling: Aububon

Michelle West: Fertile

Kathleen Westby: Britt

Julie Westlund: Cass Lake

Gary Wickham: Brainerd

Sharon Winkels: Perham

Kathy Winter: Waubun

Bob Wippler: Randall

Angie Wiskow: Strathcona

Sandy Worrick Springdale, AR

Clarion Wysocki: Minot, ND

Don Yutrzenka: Argyle

Ahmada Aliyu: Nigeria

Richard Bako: Crookston

Michael Barthel: Elk River

Yakubu Bello: Nigeria

Joseph Dahip: Nigeria

Kevin Fee: Grand Forks, ND

Jeffrey Hanenburg: Milaca

Angie Heffernan: Fisher

Diane Holmes: Crookston

Eugene Karka: Nigeria

Mary Murray: Crookston

Lateef Olarinde: Nigeria

Irmiya Inajuma Qwala: Nigeria

Sidney Riepe: Ada

Barry Rongen: Crookston

Obadiah Tentishe Yusufu: Nigeria

Obadiah Tentishe Yusufu: Nigeria

Louis Abot: Nigeria

Abinonninm Bamidele: Nigeria



Beth Braun: Ely

Jon Bromander: Ulen

Ted East: Warren

Puis Eboh: Obasi, Nigeria

Mary Tritz: Dumont

Umaru Garba: Yola, Nigeria

Fred Huohe: Crookston

Ibrahim Mohammed: Sokoto, Nigeria

Jeff Trosen: Larimore, ND








Janis Adams: Wilton

Rhonda Ammerman: Roseau

Doug Anderson: Grafton, ND

Greg Anderson: Stephen

Jana Anderson: Pelican Rapids

Lynn Anderson: Bagley

Scott Anderson: New York Mills

Sharon Anderson: Little Falls

Karen Arel: Crookston

David Backstrom: Bloomington

Kurtis Baker: Sabin

Christine Baudler: Roseau

Roger Beekman: Sacred Heart

Jerry Behrends: Brewster

Tammy Beiseker: Crookston

Lori Bellanger: Mahnomen

Larry Bellerud: Grafton, ND

Jenny Bement: Ely

Karen Beyer: Holloway

Patti Biebl: New Ulm

Betty Bjorkman: Chisago City

Jan Bogestad: Donaldson

Bonnie Bohnsack: Hillsboro, ND

Rodney Bolstad: East Grand Forks

Baskir Mohammed Bomai: Nigeria

Kathleen Bonemeyer: Grand Forks, ND

Shelly Booth: Hugo

Shawn Borud Babbitt

Abbey Bosard: Emerado, ND

Tracy Bridgeford: Grand Forks, ND

Michelle Brish: Pierz

Monte Brorson: Gardener, ND

Rollin Brossart: Mapes, ND

Charles Brown: Mentor

Earle Brown: Edina

Kelly Brown: Crookston

Tim Brown: Grand Forks, ND

Steve Buck East Grand Forks

Heidi Burros: Aneta, ND

Gwen Burrows: Bethany, IL

Matthew Burthold: Pekin, ND

Gloria Busse: Mahnomen

John Butze: Glyndon

William Bye: Moorhead

Craig Caillier: Crookston

Devra Carlson: McIntosh

Julie Carlson: Alvarado

Dale Carter: Tintah

Wally Cash: East Grand Forks

Clifford Cavalier: South St. Paul

Tim Chapman: Grand Forks, ND

Colleen Chisholm: Gary



Donna Clemenson: Crookston

Mofoluwaso O. Coker: Nigeria

Linnea Cooley: Grand Forks, ND

Lila Cormican: Crookston

Judy Cota: Red Lake Falls

Paul Craigmile: Hallock

Karen Cudmore: Park River, ND

Vance Dahl: Badger

Denise Daniels: Tintah

Kevin Danielson: Moorhead

Esther Delacruz: Hendrum

Bernadine Dellahunt: Park Rapids

Susan Delisle: East Grand Forks

Dan Desrosier: Roseau

Patrick Devine: Volin, SD

Kelly Dibble: Palermo, ND

Todd Diemert: LaMoure, ND

Kevin Dietz: Glencoe

Jane Drege: Rugby, ND

Ava Dryden: Warren

Jeff Dufault: Crookston

Audrey Dunn: Hamilton, ND

Kim Dux: Hillsboro, ND

Randy Eckstein: Red Lake Falls

David Edgerton: Miami, FL

Kaydell Eggen: Thief River Falls

Frances Eisenrich: Pinewood

Theresa Eiynck: Mahnomen

Joanne Eklo: Glenwood

David Ekman: Argyle

Maureen Emerson: East Grand Forks

Duane Emery: Motley

Paul Enget Crookston

Eiane Erickson: Grand Forks, ND

Steve Erickson: Breckenridge

Scott Fawver: Gonvick

Toutigh Fazlollahi: Iran

Patricia Feil: Park Rapids

Jeff Ferguson: Grafton, ND

Shelley Fetty: Wessington Spring, SD

Nanette Flaaten: Warroad

Deanna Flaten: Stephen

Dan Flom: Starbuck

Lori Foertsch: Wyndmere, ND

Bernard Foss: Roseau

Maureen Foss: Crookston

Mark Fournier: Oklee

Roberta Fraser: Greenbush

Wayne Freimund: Rochester

James Friesen: Bemidji

Annette Froeber: Crookston

Jeff Frost: New York Mills

Ranae Fuglestad Aneta, ND

Peggy Jo Fuglestad: Fertile

Kari Fuhram: New Rockford, ND

Lynne Gaber: Euclid

Michelle Gervais: Crookston

James Gobel: Minneapolis



Russell Gold: Motley

Tina Gonzalez: Blue Earth

Goeffrey Gorvin: Kasson

Brenda Gotto: Bismarck, ND

Mary Goulet Crookston

Linda Grave: Harford. SD

Nancy Greenwood: East Grand Forks

Jeffrey Grev: Shakopee

Jon Grimley: Austin

Kevin Grimm: Alexandria

Todd Grove: Climax

Ralph Gundersen: Lacrosse, WI

Jill Gunderson: Red Lake Falls

Brenda Gustafson: Oldham, SD

MIke Gutsch: Eveleth

Jean Haapasaari: New York Mills

Sharon Hagl: Crookston

Leasa Haglund: Red Lake Falls

Pamela Halland: Crookston

Nicolet Halvorson: Crookston

Steven Hammero: Cottage Grove

Brenda Hansen: Larimore, ND

Roberta Hansen: Park Rapids

Bert Hanson: Detroit Lakes

Kathy Hanson: Crookston

Mike Harden: Hawley

Janell Haugen: Motley

Chris Haugrud: Pelican Rapids

Terri Hawes: Crookston

Douglas Hedman: Mahnomen

Mark Hennen: Shakepee

Mike Hinderscheid: St. Paul

Pamela Hinkle: Cavalier, ND

John Hix: Grand Forks, ND

Julie Hofer: Northwood, ND

Michael Hoff: Plymouth

Sheri Hoffman: Vergas

Craig Hoglund: Crookston

Alan Horack Ogema

Randy Huelskamp: Winthrop

Randal Hultgren: Lake Bronson

Pamela Huot: Crookston

Nancy Hurd: St. Paul

Roger Isdahl: Brooten

Julie Jeno: Blooming Prairie

Donna Jensen: Oklee

Gerri Jensen: Proctor

Laura Lee Jensen: Clearwater

Brenda Jewell: Williams

Shelley Johannesson: Gardar, ND

Bonnie Johnson: Crookston

David Johnson: Bemidji

Doreen Johnson: Hallock

Eileen Johnson: Crookston

Jeff Johnson: Swanville

Mary Lou Johnson: Bismarck, ND

Pam Johnson: Grafton, ND

Susan Johnson: Middle River

Tammi Johnson: Gonvick

Tammy Johnson: Thief River Falls

Todd Johnston: Angus

Julienne Jolicoeur: Eden Prairie

Robert Jorgenson: Austin

Loree Jung: Crookston

Neil Justensen: Red Lake Falls

Kelly Kane: Valley City, ND

James Kanten: Crookston

Jim Karels: Ortonville

Donna Kasprowicz: Warren

Elizabeth Keefe: Hopkins

Stephen Keefe: Hopkins

Mark Keeley: Grafton, ND

Tim Kenyon: Henning

Duaine King: Moorhead

Janet Klemetson: Ulen

Kris Kohout: Lake Park

Donald Korach: Cushing

Kevin Koralewski: Brooks

Gayle Kosmatka: Oslo

Nancy Kotval: Clarissa

Dale Kratochwill: Blaine

Kevin Krogstad: Fertile

Kelly Krueger: Frazee

Tim Krueger: Niagara, ND

Carolyn Kuznia: Stephen

Lori Labine: Argyle

Steven Laddusaw: West Fargo, ND

Barry Lafleur: Jefferson, SD

Jeff Lahr: St. Cloud

Michelle Laing: Freeport

Richard Lamphere: Crookston

Julie Lanctot: Crookston

Jolanda Landby: Crookston

Grant Langerud: Hawley

Charles Lariviere: Crookston

Corine Larson: Crookston

Lona Larson: Hines

ZoeAnn Lavoie: Aurora

Janine LeBlanc: Crookston

Robyn Lee: Grand Forks, ND

Mark Legried: Frost

Jan Lewis: Park River, ND

Lorn Limanen: Sebeka

Chris Lindquist: Williams

John Livingston: Crystal

Debra Lizotte: Red Lake Falls

Drue Loeslie: Warren

Lorie Lokken: Finley, ND

Nicolette Love: Crookston

Laurie Lundberg: Kennedy

Duane Luukkonen: Sebeka

Stephen MacGregor: Red Lake Falls

Joe Magnusson: Roseau

Pam Magnusson: Roseau

Richard Magnusson: Roseau

James Maher: Belgrade

Brenda Maki: New York Mills

Jackie Malo: Fairmont



Robert Malone: McIntosh

Pat Maresh: Glencoe

Lyle Marohl: Ely

Katherine Maronick: Virginia

Dean Marshik Piez

Elizabeth Marthaler: Cleveland

Josylla Marthaler: Crookston

Robert Marti: Olivia

Leila Martin: Ponemah

William Mattson: Eldred

Ted Mauch: Wyndmere, ND

Denise Mazour: Waubun

Kerry McCabe: Moorhead

Richard McGregor: Warren

Pamela McNeilly: Mora

Paul McNelly: Fosston

Laura Meine: Crookston

Tami Melbostad: East Grand Forks

Carol Michaelson: Euclid

Michael Mickelson: Tracy

Brahim Gusau Mohammed: Nigeria

Linda Mohn: Detroit Lakes

Roger Mohn: Moorhead

William Molitor: Cold Springs

Jacqueline Monson: Crookston

Maria Victoria Moreno: Crookston

Scott Morgan: Lake Crystal

Greg Morris: Moorhead

Richard Muckala: New York Mills

Karen Muehlenhardt: Lesueur

Gregory Myszkowski: Warren

Daniel Nelson: Luverne

David Nelson: Loveland, CO

Dawn Nelson: Waskish

Diane Nelson: Eagle Bend

Mark Nelson: Crookston

Timothy Nelson: Gilby, ND

Bonita Neys: Erskine

William Noah: Crookston

Cheri Norbert: Crookston

Robert Nordstrom: Eagle Bend

Mike Novak: Grafton, ND

Chukwn Obasi: Nigeria

Rodney Oberg: Ulen

Tope Oduyale: Nigeria

Jodi Oihus: Grafton, ND

Patricia Olsen: Crystal

Jolene Olson: Crookston

Lori Olson: Detroit Lakes

Michelle Olson: Minot, ND

Shari Olson: East Grand Forks

Sherry Olson: Roosevelt

Dawn Osborne: Crookston

Terry Oslund: Wannaska

Michelle Ostgard: Fertile

Kathy Otto: Neche, ND

Douglas Owens: Sebeka

Lauri Paluch: Ivanhoe



Greg Parenteau: Brooks

Joe Parenteau: Brooks

David Parks: Huffman

Lori Pawlowski: Warren

David Peake: Greenbush

Gayle Pearce: McIntosh

Tim Perry: Elko

Ross Petersen: Warren

Brian Petersen: Blue Earth

Kevin Petersen: Warren

Mary Petrowitz: Fingal, ND

Scott Pieper: Williams

Michelle Pinna: White Bear Lake

Neal Plante: Crookston

Michael Poole: Lake Bronson

Joel Portillo: Weslace, TX

Daryl Poupart: Lac DuFlambeau, WI

Theresa Primus: Melrose

James Pritchard: Ulen

Keith Prosser: Crookston

Leslie Quist: Crookston

Darin Ramey: Crookston

Sonie Rasmussen: Fertile

Kenneth Reddick: Ocola, FL

Leland Reichelt: Wadena

Jolene Reitmeier: Crookston

Chris Remitz: Forest Lake

Nicholas Revier: Mahnomen

Margaret Richter: Rock Valley, IA

Jose Rios: Crookston

Scott Robbie: Minneapolis

Peggy Robinson: Grand Forks,

Paul Rodenburg: Linton, ND

David Rolf: McIntosh

Debra Rongen: Crookston


Tom Rosendahl: Fargo, ND

Valerie Rude: Gary

Heidi Rutherford: Hines

Jeff Rutten: New York Mills

Cyndee Sanborn: Grand Forks, ND

Phyllis Sanders: Roseau

Michael Sandt: Lake Crystal

Dennis Sargeant: Cabery, IL

Kay Satrom: Fargo, ND

Mathew Schaefer: Austin

Michael Schenck Hawley

Jilleen Schilling: Frazee

Tammy Schilling: Carlos

Sheri Schmidt: Michigan, ND

Mark Schneider: Shakopee

Mike Schonhardt: Duluth

Jody Schroeder: Maple Plain

Don Schug: Young America

Wanda Schultz: Red Lake Falls

Mark Schumacher: Reynolds, ND



Paul Schwalba: Minneapolis

Diane Seddon: Crookston

Karen Seibel: Red Lake Falls

Kenneth Seim: Detroit Lakes

Tammy Sellheim: Adams, ND

David Senness: Minneapolis

Peggy Sheridan: Shelly

Scott Shermoen: Grand Forks, ND

Janel Sigdahl: Grand Forks, ND

Gail Skoglund: Roseau

Tammi Slater: Fisher

Evelyn Slyt: Crookston

Rhonda Solheim: Crookston

Wanda Solheim: Crookston

Thomas Solien: Moorhead

Lisa Soukup: Detroit Lakes

Diane Stainbrook: Crookston

Debra Stanaway: Eveleth

Harold Stanislowski: Greenbush

Jan Stauss: Larimore, ND

Jill Steffen: Crookston

James Steinle: Appleton

Jeff Stenberg: Oklee

Kathleen Stepaniak: Browerville

Debbie Stevens: Bagley

Arlys Stillday: Ponemah

Belinda Stone: Barney, ND

Sandy Storsteen: Churchs Ferry, ND

Scott Stradtmann: Glencoe

Tim Strand St. Paul

Kim Strandell: Grand Forks, ND

Keith Strickland: Grand Forks, ND

Abdullahi Suleman: Nigeria

Paul Sullivan: Ulen

Perry Sullivan: Ulen

Theodore Sullivan: Pillage

James Svir: Badger

Bonnie Swanson: Kennedy

Todd Temple: Roseau

Amy Theroux: Tigard, OR

Lorna Tofsley: Crookston

Tony Torkelson: Crookston

Alan Trautner: Mahnomen

Steve Tritz: Dumont

Richard Ulrich: Glencoe

Tim Valentin: Verndale

Karen Vargo: Pequot Lakes

Waun Vetter: Devils Lake, ND

Tony Vigen: Pelican Rapids

Charles Vogel: Victoria

Marianne Von Roden: New York Mills

Daryl Wagner: Crookston

Tim Wagner: Ellendale

Vicki Wagner: Richville

Carol Wavra: Crookston

Lynne Webster: Beltrami

Kyle Weinzirl: Eveleth

Dean Welk Fargo, ND

Donna Wentz: Gary

Michelle Wenzel: Oak Park



Robin Werman: East Grand Forks

Joni Wilebski: Kennedy

Charles Williamson: Gaylord

Judi Winand: Crookston

John Windels: Crookston

Kim Wittenburg: Wyndmere, ND

Mary Lou Wosick: Oslo

Kari Wright: Wadena

Kelly Yetter: Mandan, ND

David Young: Crookston

Shanna Young: Crookston

Pamela Zea: Blackduck

Richard Zehnder: Norwood

Carolyn Zeibarth: Cologne

Darin Zimmerman: Hastings

Karla Zinn: Lake Park, IA

David Charte: Caracas

Rudy DeLeon: Fisher

Celeste Johnson: International Falls

Tim McGillitarx: Bathgate,ND

Scott Morse: Alexandria

Ken Nietfeld: Melrose

Steve Bade: St. Paul

Joanne Bromen: Sauk Centre

Juan Compos: East Grand Forks

Edith Colliton: Crookston

Easpeiana Dieuia: Grand Forks, ND

Doug Erickson: Hoople, ND

James Filiyaro: Nigeria

Kathy Gieser: Park Rapids

Gilamo Talyedi Giros: Nigeria

Judith Hanson: East Grand Forks

Brian Hapka: Argyle

Julie Hendrickson: Crookston

Gale Jenkins: East Grand Forks

Paul Johnson: Grantsburg, WS

Eugene Karka: Nigeria

Steven Kirchoffner: Crookston

Dawn Koch: Twin Brooks, SD

Greg LaPlante: Crookston

Eric Larson: Mayville, ND

Mike Lunak Fertile

Beth McMahon: East Grand Forks

Cleo Moen: Crookston

Hamma Lamin Mohammed: Nigeria

Daniel Morin: Proctor

Tope Oduyale: Nigeria

Ruth Pokrzywinski: Grand Forks, ND

Dane Ryden: Kennedy

Mary Vashro: Minnetonka

Julie Waugh: Braham

Lynn Webster: Beltrami

David Wolter: Hamburg

Odadiah Yusufu: Nigeria









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