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Better grip and control

make you reach higher



The new benchmark in

grip performance

Lack of grip

can result

in severe


According to the US CDC (Centre for

Disease Control), there is evidence of a

link between forceful work and Carpal

Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Caused by repetitive

hand/wrist exertions, and

worsened further by the use of force as

a risk factor, CTS is the second-most

prevalent musculoskeletal disorder after

sprains and strains. It consists of a

compression of the median nerve at the

wrist, which results in numbness, tingling

weakness or muscle atrophy in

the hand and fi ngers. CTS-related injury

can result in an average of 25 days

away from work for an individual worker,

which is longer than for amputations

or fractures. (*) These painful and often

permanently disabling conditions

generally develop over weeks, months

or years and represent an occupational

illness “time bomb” for the manufacturing

and services sectors in particular.

It is estimated that the total direct

costs for all musculoskeletal disorders

costs the US economy $50 billion annually

(source: US OSHA).

(*) Source: National Institute for Occupational

Safety and Health, “Musculoskeletal

Disorders and Workplace Factors”, July 1997

and Worker Health Chartbook 2004, Chapter2


Ansell Grip Technology TM

Revolutionary “wet-grip” technology

Poor grip when handling wet or oil-coated objects in industrial

environments reduces comfort and causes increased stress, leading

to fatigue, muscle strain, risk of carpal tunnel injury and consequently

reduced output. That’s why fi nding ways to help workers

maintain their grip on wet or oily objects has been a major concern

for industry.

The new benchmark in

grip performance

How Ansell Grip

Technology works

This innovative new ‘wet grip’ techno -

logy acts similarly to the way that

tyre treads cut through water.

Ansell Grip Technology

actively repels oils and

other lubricants away

from the pressure surface

via microscopic channels

in the coating. The result

is a signifi cant contact

area that remains dry and

possesses almost the

same grip as under fl uidfree


Consistent wet-grip


close up of glove coating


Ansell Grip Technology demonstrates

a consistent grip on objects

coated with lubricants of widely

differing viscosities. Your workforce

may be handling items coated with

mineral oils, water-based lubricants or

other greasy coatings. Whatever the

type of lubricant they face – you can

be sure that Ansell Grip Technology

will deliver the best grip – always.

As the global leader in hand protection,

Ansell has developed the revolu -

tionary new Ansell Grip Technology

(patent pending) to answer this

demand from our customers. Ansell

Grip Technology provides the

‘Gecko-like’ grip in adverse conditions

that makes the difference between a

sure hold and the breakages and waste

that result from loss of grip.

Extensive testing shows

increased grip

Extensive testing by Ansell shows that

Ansell Grip Technology delivers

better grip under wet or oily conditions

than comparable gloves on the

market today. Both laboratory testing

and live studies demonstrate that the

grip needed to hold a slippery object is

signifi cantly lower for gloves incorporating

Ansell Grip Technology than

for regular gloves. The heavier the

objects used in the test, the better the

hold provided by gloves with Ansell

Grip Technology.

Ansell has also started a research

programme with Professor Alan Wing

of the University of Birmingham’s

Sensory Motor Neuroscience Laboratory.

Professor Wing confi rms that the

tests to date with gloves integrating

the Ansell Grip Technology TM show a

notable reduction in grip force needed

to lift weights under oily, low-friction

conditions. This reduction in grip

force is linked to a markedly reduced

activity in the fi nger fl exor muscles

when lifting and gripping using a

glove with Ansell Grip Technology TM .

Ansell Grip Technology gives your

workers the grip, the control and the

confi dence to get the job done safely.

Even when an object starts to slip,

applying minimal extra force allows

the glove wearer to regain a safe hold.

Your workforce gains in both comfort

and confi dence – you gain in productivity.

Oily Round Bar: hand grip force

to lift weight

Minimum hand grip force kg







2,5 4,5 6,7

1,1 2,1 3,1 4,1

Weight lifted kg Weight lifted kg



Glove 1 AlphaTec Glove 1 AlphaTec

Laboratory tests have proven that signifi cantly

less force is needed to grip objects than

with the best gloves available on the market

for similar applications.(1) Using AlphaTec

End-user trials were conducted

by Ansell with 43 individual

workers in 11 companies

across the three regions. Trials

confi rmed outstanding

performance of the Ansell Grip

Techno logy, particularly in

key areas such as grip, comfort

and overall performance. Over

83% of the workers claimed they

could perform tasks better.

Oily Plate: thumb and fi rst fi nger grip

force to lift weight

Minimum grip force thumb and

fi rst fi nger kg


gloves integrating Ansell Grip Technology,

only 3.5 kilos of KgF are needed to lift a 2.5

kilo weight versus 6.5 kilos for comparable

gloves. (1)


Ansell Grip

Technology TM

Integral to Ansell


Ansell Grip Technology is being

integrated into certain of our specialist

glove lines as standard. The fi rst to

benefi t is the new AlphaTec TM glove for

example, which has a combination of

grip, chemical resistance, fl exibility

and dexterity that is already proving

its worth in the chemical & printing

industries. Other glove models will



Ansell Limited is a global leader in barrier protective products. With operations in the

Americas, Europe and Asia, Ansell employs more than 11,000 people worldwide and holds

leading positions in the natural latex and synthetic polymer glove and condom markets. Ansell

operates in three main business segments: Occupational Healthcare, supplying hand protection

to the industrial market; Professional Healthcare, supplying surgical and examination gloves to

healthcare professionals; and Consumer Healthcare, supplying condoms and consumer hand

protection. Information on Ansell and its products can be found at

Ansell Healthcare Europe N.V.

Riverside Business Park, Spey House Boulevard International 55 B-1070 Brussels, Belgium

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