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Stroboled light - AOS Technologies AG


Using electronic cameras to record extremely short events without

motion blur usually demands ultra-fast shutter speeds. The resulting

need for powerful illumination is often difficult to meet under

practical conditions. The StroboLED offers a new, unique alternative:

• Industrial applications such as the installation and setting up of

machinery and assembly lines

• Research applications like bio-mechanical research where a

nearIR light source is needed to avoid disturbance of the living

objects like insects

Why the StroboLED?

• Compact yet powerful LED light head with minimal power consumption

• Produces practically no heat despite the powerful light output

• Reducing or even eliminating the disturbing motion blur from

very fast moving objects

• Simple and easy to position for a good illumination

StroboLED light


Imaging for smart decisions

StroboLED – the compact, powerful light source to freeze even the

fastest moving objects

Unique features

Cold light source - LEDs emit light in the visible or near infrared

spectrum without generating the excessive heat of conventional

lighting systems.

Multifunctional - Integration is easy thanks to settings that allow

synchronization with high-speed cameras and standard camera


Cost-efficient - StroboLED not only meets your high-speed

imaging requirements, it can also be used for visual inspection

applications and thus offers exceptional value.

Built-in driver circuitry - no need for external 'control units'

Simple operation - select the most appropriate pulse width with a

simple rotary switch

Recorded using a high-speed camera with StroboLED synchronized

at 1000fps / 30 μsec flash time.

Your local AOS partner:

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice – v07.2010

AOS Technologies AG, Taefernstrasse 20,

CH-5405 Baden-Daettwil

Tel. +41 (56) 483 3488, Fax + 41 (56) 483 3489


The SmartLED is available in various versions:

• StroboLED red: the standard type with the highest light output. Ideal combination

with monochrome cameras

• StroboLED white: less light output but ideal for color recordings

• StroboLED IR (880nm): ideal for bio-mechanical applications where the objects

(small animals) are sensitive to the visible light


Every StroboLED includes the following items:

• StroboLED light head (with built-in controller)

• 24VDC Power supply and cable

Light spectrums

The StroboLED is available with LED’s of a range of colors:

Red (625nm) White IR (880nm)

For special applications, StroboLED’s with different LED colors are also available (i.e.

umber). Please inquire for availability.

Technical key specifications

Number of LEDs 144

Angle of illumination Visible light: 30°, Infrared: 20°

Other angles available on request, depending on LED


Pulse width Adjustable by switch to 10, 30, 50 μsec

Other pulse durations available on request

Frequency range Variable from single pulse to 25kHz continuous operation

Electronic overload protection

Trigger TTL input, rising edge

Connectors Trigger: BNC connector, Power: 3-pin connector


Operating voltage 24 VDC / 30 W, 0.75 kg

Dimensions/weight 105 x 90 x 55mm / approx. 0.4kg incl. robust aluminum


Complete technical specifications of our products are available as a separate document

(‘technical specs’) from your AOS partner, or as a download from our webpage

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