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Information for exhibitors




Information for exhibitors

Leading exhibition


transport logistic 2011

Facing the logistics challenge


The central challenge.

International market players in all sectors of the logistics industry face a number of

challenges when it comes to the megatrends that are expected in the next ten years,

i.e. globalisation of commercial traffi c along with the internationalisation of production,

acquisition and sales, shorter product lifecycles, increased environmental awareness,

deregulation and privatisation, outsourcing, new information and communications

technologies, and changing consumer behaviour, just to name a few.

Leading exhibition transport logistic:

Answers. Solutions. Opportunities.

Since it was founded in 1978, transport logistic has established itself as the most

signifi cant exhibition for logistics, mobility, IT and supply-chain management in the world:

the internationally recognized exhibition. It is a marketplace and a driving force that

brings trade visitors from around the world together with exhibitors’ innovative, forwardlooking


And that means that transport logistic will be a key business appointment for leading

decision-makers again in 2011.

For a single reason: because they expect concrete answers and solutions to the challenges

associated with megatrends—and they get them—from you, the exhibitors.

Recognising/depicting megatrends and

fi nding answers: those are the challenges facing

the global transport and logistics industry.

”We participated in transport

logistic for the fi rst time and

met a lot of high-quality contacts.

It is very important to be present

at transport logistic. All important

logistic people are here, so one has

great opportunities to meet all

interesting contacts at one place.“

Anouar Alasri, Marketing & Sales Director,

Tanger Med, Morocco

What exhibitors expect:

Return on investment.

ROI is the ultimate objective of the more than 1,800 exhibitors from more than 55 countries

that we expect in 2011. Which is both a distinction and an obligation. It is a challenge to us

as exhibition organisers that we approach with a clear-cut strategy:

transport logistic 2011 as a customer-oriented working exhibition

Positioned as a results and transaction-oriented business platform

Further increase in share of international participants

Further increase in share of leading decision-makers among trade visitors

Answers are available at the 13th transport logistic

from 10–13 May 2011.

Substance is convincing:

The leading exhibition at a glance.

The leading international exhibition with a two-year innovation cycle

Depicts the entire value chain

World-class innovations and trends

Internationality and quality of visitors

Presence of international market leaders

First-rate programme of related events

Leading exhibition | 03

Success in numbers


Top 10 visitor countries

1. Austria 2,336

2. Netherlands 1,245

3. Italy 1,220

4. Switzerland 1,151

5. Czech Rep. 849

6. France 772

7. Poland 650

8. Slovenia 516

9. Belgium 503

10. Hungary 500

The best guarantee for

success in 2011

Top results from 2009

There is only one way to prove performance:

Hard facts, bare fi gures.

From May 12–15, 2009, transport logistic demonstrated yet again that it is continuing to

grow as an international exhibition and industry gathering: 12% more exhibitors, 10% more

exhibition space and a 41% share of international exhibitors are proof of the outstanding

international position that transport logistic enjoys among suppliers and manufacturers.

In absolute numbers, some 48,000 competent trade visitors from 112 countries were enthralled

by the latest developments, trends and exhibits of 1,764 exhibitors from 55 countries.

And for good reason: trade visitors are convinced of the outstanding quality of transport

logistic—and of its exhibitors. Conversely, 96% of all exhibitors said they were planning

to participate in the exhibition again and would recommend it to others. It is the kind of

endorsement that makes us proud, and one that proves why transport logistic will bring

together what belongs together again in 2011, i.e. its range of products/services with

decision-makers from around the world who are willing to invest.

transport logistic.

Success in numbers.

Growing number of visitors













1982 1986 1990 1994 1997 1999 2001

Visitor profi le by job position *

Independent businessman

Managing director/board member

Division head

Department head

Employee/civil servant



The challenge for transport logistic:

to create a top atmosphere for exhibitors and

visitors again in 2011.







2003 2005 2007 2009

21 %

22 %


13 %

10 %

10 %

12 %



12 %

Top 10 exhibitor countries

1. Italy 94

2. Netherlands 92

3. France 54

4. Belgium 50

5. Spain 42

6. Czech Rep. 42

7. Great Britain 36

8. Austria 32

9. Switzerland 27

10. Russia 20

Visitor profi le by area of responsibility */**

Visitor profi le (branches of industry) *

Logistics services

Industry/manufacturing sector

Retail /wholesale

Colleges/universities, research

Government agencies

Visitor ratings *

Growth in number of exhibitors












material management/


Would attend transport logistic again

Gave the exhibition an overall rating of good to excellent

Gave the presence of market leaders a rating of good to excellent 91 %



1982 1986 1990 1994 1997 1999 2001

*Source: Survey of exhibitors and visitors by TNS Infratest

**Multiple responses possible



plant management





2 %


work preparation

27 20 18 9 6 4 16













56 %

2003 2005 2007 2009

10 %


25 %


94 %

94 %



Success in numbers | 05

The global market

in its entirety


Exhibition sectors at a glance:

IT, telematics, e-business,


Intralogistics, warehouse

management systems, auto ID,


Freight transport systems

Freight transport and

logistics services

The most complete range of

industry solutions on 100,000 m²

Innovations. Know-how. Trends.

Keep an eye on the competition.

Keep competitors under control.

The industry’s key players will present the largest range of technologies and services

on 100,000 m² of exhibition space. For you to experience. In operation. Real. To touch—

instead of just reading about them. For this reason, transport logistic is also

the international information platform of choice among investors when it comes to fi nding

innovations, new developments, trends and solutions.

Companies from corporations to SMEs know that their presence at transport logistic 2011

is a strategic must. Without a doubt, it is also a unique opportunity for them see for themselves

everything that the world market has to offer.

IT solutions challenge:

Telematics, e-business, telecommunications.

Communications systems

Data processing systems

E-commerce and e-business systems

Transport control and DP systems

Integrated traffi c management systems ITMS

In-house solutions challenge:

Intralogistics, warehouse management systems,

auto ID, packaging.

Transport packaging, freight securing

Storage, conveying, and distribution facilities

Facilities for loading bays and terminals

(interfaces between internal and external materials fl ow)

Freight-transport challenge:

Freight-transport systems.

Road vehicles

Rail vehicles

Combined transport systems

Logistics systems for ports and shipping

Logistics systems for the air cargo industry

Pipeline transport and energy transport systems

Maintenance and repair

Filling-station equipment

Security systems /anti-theft protection

Cargo heating, transport refrigeration /cold-chain management

A clear and distinct assertion in the global

competitive environment—that is the challenge

for every market participant.

“transport logistic 2009 is still

the most important exhibition

for this sector. The contacts were

very high calibre and in the area of

contract logistics, very promising.”

Dr. Rembert Horstmann, Director Marketing&

Communications, Fiege, Germany

Services challenge:

Freight transport and logistics services.

Road transport companies

Forwarding agents


Combined transport organisations

Inland shipping companies

Ocean shipping lines (container transport, roll-on/roll-off transport,

bulk cargo, refrigerated cargo, short-sea shipping),

sea freight services

Inland ports

Maritime ports



Services for the air-cargo industry

Express, parcel, postal and courier services

Special deliveries, same-day services

Heavy haulage, project cargo

Freight centres /terminal operators

Transshipment, warehouse and

cargo handling companies

Packaging companies

Container hire and leasing companies

Pallet logistics, loading-equipment suppliers

Waste disposal logistics, recycling

E-commerce service providers, fulfi lment

Logistics providers

Charter brokers

General sales agents

Consulting, planning, logistics consulting

Organisations, trade associations

Banks, insurance companies, customs, customs clearance

Leasing and rental companies

Personnel leasing /personnel service

Training for careers in transport and logistics

Filling-station credit cards, fuels, AdBlue technology

Infrastructure providers

Logistics real estate

Security services

Truck models /promotional items

Trade /specialty literature

Research and development

The global market in its entirety | 07

Exhibitor services

Contacts around the world

We have representatives in more

than 85 countries who would be

pleased to answer your questions

and help you to prepare for

the exhibition. A complete list of

contacts is available at


08 | Exhibitor services

Everything from A to Z

Exhibitor services for

your exhibition success

So you can concentrate on what really matters:

Your business.

Participating in an exhibition requires a great deal organisational work ahead of time—

i.e. stand planning, invitation management, PR and much more. And during the exhibition,

you must concentrate entirely on your potential customers. That is why we offer a number

of services and sources of information that have a single objective: To support you and

help make the exhibition as successful as possible.


The transport logistic website is a central information platform—before, during and after

the exhibition. The latest up-to-date information and facts about the exhibition are always

available at

You can use the website to submit your application or to gather detailed information about

our extensive range of exhibitor services. A custom entry in the online exhibitor database

is an effective way to call attention to your company. Or you can post an entry under

“Exhibitor Highlights” to inform potential and existing customers about your company and

the range of products and services that it offers before the exhibition even begins.

Marketing services

Use our vouchers and online vouchers for one-day tickets to invite your customers directly

to your exhibition stand. Visitor brochures and stickers in various languages are available

for your advertising activities. You can also use free web banners that include your stand

number to round out your online marketing.


The “transport logistic news” goes out on a regular basis and will tell you everything

you need to know to make your exhibit a success. Interesting news, reminders of important

dates and deadlines and the latest background information about the exhibition

will support you during your preparations. As a result, you stay up to date and easily

avoid missing deadlines.

Press services

Our electronic press compartments and exhibitor press compartments at the exhibition

are a quick and convenient way to keep the media informed before and during the exhibition.

If you are planning to hold a press conference, we would be pleased to assist you with

rooms and help you organise your event.

Technical services

Naturally, we also provide an entire range of stand services including stand construction,

technical services, furnishings, stand personnel, interpreters and general services (such as

cleaning, security, catering, etc.). Our partner MEPLAN provides a complete range of

stand-related services that covers everything from the initial offer and planning to designing

your exhibition stand, setup and dismantling. We also have a network of more than 90

service partners to support you and ensure that everything you need for your exhibit runs

smoothly. Detailed information is available at

“We achieved a new contacts

record and the quality

of visitors was very high. In our

company, transport logistic gets

the attention of top management—

every day there are managing

directors here at the stand.”

Christian Marnetté, Deputy Member of

Sales & Marketing Management,

Kühn+Nagel, Germany

Explosive. Informative.

Polarising. Exciting. Visionary.

2011 related-events programme

Top speakers. Future-oriented topics. Panel discussions.

transport logistic features a unique range of information and discussion events that

open up exciting prospects. What challenges should the industry be prepared for? What

market trends are anticipated in the future? Various forums give prominent experts from

the commercial and political sectors a chance to inform visitors about the industry’s latest

hot topics and motivate them to exchange ideas. And thanks to its fi rst-rate programme

of related events, transport logistic fulfi ls its role as the industry’s international information


And it is well received. At transport logistic 2009, more than 4,300 visitors took advantage

of the range of events—an increase of more than 17% over 2007. And 97% of all

participants gave the programme of related events a rating of good to excellent. Our practical

online events calendar features information about all events including details about

scheduled topics and speakers.

Air Cargo Europe 2011:

International gathering for the entire air-cargo industry.

5th International Exhibition and Conference

Ideal network platform

Presentation of the Air Cargo Week World Air Cargo Awards

mariLOG 2011:

Focusing on maritime logistics.

6th International Conference for Maritime Logistics

Discussion of leading industry representatives

Forums, country and region specials:

Presentation platform for the latest topics.

Transfer of know-how at the highest level

Informative presentations and exciting panel discussions

Planned country and region specials: Austria, France, Africa

Recognising, responding to and realising trends.

Before others do. That is the challenge facing

the industry’s innovative strength.


related events

First-rate related events | 09

Exhibition centre


10 | Exhibition centre Munich


High-tech centre meets

Bavarian hospitality

Cultural highlights, nature in all its diversity and a wealth of things to experience—Munich

has plenty of interesting things to offer in additional to transport logistic. Great opera,

fascinating theatre and famous museums await you. Cosy restaurants, cool bars and trendy

clubs ensure that everyone gets their money’s worth. And Munich’s beer gardens are

a Bavarian tradition and an experience to remember.

Two million exhibitors and exhibition visitors come to the Bavarian “cosmopolitan city with

heart” each year—and for good reason. Register now to exhibit at transport logistic 2011.

We look forward to seeing you.

Click and book directly.

Accommodations made easy.

Are you searching for information about Munich or overnight accommodations? No problem.

You will fi nd what you need under “Accommodation” at

Hotel reservations

Contacting our service partner TRADEFAIRS is the quick and easy way to fi nd suitable

accommodations for your stay during the exhibition:

Tel. (+49 69) 9 58-8 36 16


Messe München Hotel Guide

Our hotel guide is also an effective way to fi nd a hotel, guest house or private

accommodations and to book them directly.

Visa service

If you have questions about applying for a visa, we would be pleased to help. Everything

you need to know is available at

Application deadline:

15 September 2010

Apply to exhibit the quick and

easy way—with our online

application at


You can also complete our online

writable PDF form, print it out

and return it to us by fax or mail.

“The expansion experienced

by transport logistic is sending

an important signal: it is giving

us hope again in tough times. This

event is without doubt the largest

exhibition in this sector.”

Camiel Eurlings, Minister of Transport,

The Netherlands

New Munich

Trade Fair Centre

Europe’s leading exhibition venue

The New Munich Trade Fair Centre gives its customers the world’s best platform for business

success. As one of the most modern exhibition venues in the world, it was designed

to accommodate exhibitors’ needs. It features an infrastructure that leaves nothing to

be desired: the trade-fair centre is distinguished by its functionality, service, state-of-theart

communications capabilities and the fact that it is so easy to reach using all means

of transport.

It’s this way!

Getting to the exhibition.


exhibition centre

The trade-fair centre is easy to reach using all forms of public and private transport. Your

exhibitor pass entitles you to use all public-transport services provided by the Munich

Transport and Tariff Association (MVV) free of charge during the exhibition. The U2 underground

stations “Messestadt Ost” and “Messestadt West” are located directly at the East

and West Entrances to the fairgrounds.

Shuttle busses provide service between the Munich airport and the fairgrounds during

the exhibition. Stops at the airport: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Stops at the fairgrounds:

East and West Entrances.

If you arrive by car, the traffi c-guidance system along the A94 motorway will take you

directly to the exhibition.





Freigelände / Gleise

Open-air site / Rails



Visible success—

the trade-fair centre for

transport logistic 2011.




Ultramodern exhibition centre | 11

Published by Messe München, Munich.

Printed in Germany. Ausstellerbroschüre E/02/2010



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