Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012 - 2016 -

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012 - 2016 -

Every Kildare person

should have the opportunity

to partake in a sport or physical

activity of their choice


Section 1 Introduction 4

Section 2 The Context 8

Section 3 The Challenges 16

Section 4 Output 23

Section 5 The Consultation Process 27

Section 6 The Plan 32

Section 7 Implementation & Evaluation 39

Section 8 Appendix 45

Strategic Plan Facilitator:

Brian Ladden, AP Partners & Associates, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin




The Irish Sports Council has

recently produced its fifth strategy.

Central to all the strategies has

been the importance of establishing a sustainable national

structure for local sports development to increase and then

maintain levels of sports participation.

The Irish Sports Council considers the strategic planning

process to be an essential step in the development of Local

Sports Partnerships. This step can bring many benefits such

as matching the needs of the local communities to the

priorities of the partnership. It is then possible to quantify

the resources required effectively to achieve these priorities

and answer local needs. This ensures that the plan can be

a working document, which will show results over its lifetime.

This is the first strategy of the County Kildare Sports

Partnership under its new structure. It aims to build on the

excellent work of the Partnership has achieved over the last

decade and will help to ensure that County Kildare Sports

Partnership grows in strength and continues to be the key

agency in providing opportunities for more people to become

involved in sport and physical activity in the next few years

and beyond.

This document is the final product of an intensive process

of examination, evaluation, consultation and discussion in the

future direction of the Partnership. I would like to thank all

those who contributed to the strategy process and I wish

everybody involved in the County Kildare Sports Partnership

all the best for the future.

John Treacy

Chief Executive, Irish Sports Council





As Mayor of Kildare and

Chairman of the Kildare County

Development Board I am delighted

to present the Kildare Sports Partnership’s Strategic Plan

2012-2016. The principle objective of the plan is to increase

participation in sport and physical activity within our County

and to give each and every one of our residents the

opportunity to become more active. Having been involved

and associated with sport all my life I am fully aware

of the benefits that accrue from having an active community.

Sports participation and physical activity contributes

significantly to a reduction in many of the serious health

and social problems facing our society and a structured

approach in this area is vital.

The population of Kildare has increased dramatically over the

years and particularly in the last decade and what better way

to instill a pride and belonging than through the medium of

sport. Kildare has a long tradition of sports promotion and

volunteerism and the work of Kildare Sports Partnership in

conjunction with the various agencies, sports and recreation

clubs and groups, schools and other interested parties will

ensure the success of the strategy.

I would like to thank John Treacy and the Irish Sports Council

for their help in setting up the Kildare Sports Partnership

under the CDB structure and to acknowledge John’s belief in

the Local Sports Partnership concept and its ability to deliver

and promote sport at local level. I would also like to thank

Niall Quinn, Syl Merrins, Eddie Hennessy and their Committee

for their work and enthusiasm. Niall is a true champion

of sport and his involvement highlights the importance

of this initiative and I guarantee the continued support of

Kildare County Council and the County Development Board

as we all work together to make Kildare a more active County.

Cllr. Michael ‘Spike’ Nolan

Mayor of Kildare





am delighted as Chairman of the

Kildare Sports Partnership to pen

this foreword to our new Strategic Plan

2012-2016. The Irish Sports Council has

always recognised the importance of the Local Sports

Partnerships as a mechanism for delivering recreational sport

throughout the country and the importance of the Sports

Partnership in a Kildare context cannot be overstated.

This strategic plan’s aim is to achieve increased sporting

participation and physical activity amongst all our residents

throughout the county. Its evolution allows us to visibly

plot our own direction going forward in our quest to help

achieve measurable sporting successes for all during

the next five years.

Kildare is a county of diverse needs and the huge population

increase of recent years has created some challenges but also

opportunities in relation to sport and physical activity which

was highlighted very strongly during the strategic planning

process. The opportunities for all sports and physical activity

groups, whether mainstream or minority, to expand in the

coming years is exciting and the role of Kildare Sports

Partnership as a catalyst for this expansion is very important.

Likewise every Kildare person should have the opportunity

to partake in a sport or physical activity of their choice

and we should foster an environment of inclusiveness

at all times. The availability and promotion of minority

sports within the county should be particularly encouraged

as it gives our population a wider choice and allows a greater

opportunity for participation.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who took part

in compiling this plan and I have no doubts that its

implementation will lead to a more active and healthier

population in Kildare.

Niall Quinn

Chairman, Kildare Sports Partnership




s Coordinator of Kildare Sports

Partnership it gives me great

pleasure to present our Strategic

Plan 2012-2016. In this plan we set out

our goals and objectives for the coming years as we

endeavour to increase participation in sport and physical activity

in the county. In developing the plan we sought the input and

views of all interested parties through consultative workshops,

surveys and submissions and I am happy that we have

encapsulated those views in this document.

Excellent information was gathered during the process

and a few key issues came through on many occasions such

as Kildare’s role as a commuter county and the time deficit

this places on this group, our large underage population and

the challenge of getting them active, particularly teenage girls,

the pressure on clubs in our urban areas to cater for growing

numbers, depopulation in rural areas, growth in unemployment,

lack of volunteers, finance and much more. We are all well

aware of the challenges we face as a county but there is no

doubt we are also up for these challenges. To achieve our aims

all interested parties must work in partnership as we all have

a collective responsibility to make more people more active

in our community.

I would like to thank our Chairman, Niall Quinn and his board

for their support and contribution since the re-launch of the

current Kildare Sports Partnership structure, to the sporting

community, including clubs, schools and National Governing

Bodies for their help, particularly during the strategic planning

process, to John Treacy and his staff at the Irish Sports Council

and the Local Sports Partnership network for their help and

advice and to my colleagues in the County Development Board

and Kildare County Council who have fully backed the Sports

Partnership initiative from the beginning.

Finally many thanks to facilitator Brian Ladden for his help

in developing this Strategic Plan and his ability to effortlessly

extract the information we needed and to our Administrator

Eddie Hennessy for his dedication and enthusiasm to his work.

Syl Merrins

Coordinator, Kildare Sports Partnership



his document presents a Strategic Plan for Kildare to coordinate and promote

the participation in sport and physical activity in the County over the next

five years. The Strategic Plan was developed by the Kildare Sports Partnership

in consultation with the many sporting bodies and other parties interested

in promoting physical activity in the County. The document gives a detailed

account of the plan itself as well as an account of the process of consultation

that took place and a summary of the inputs from the different stakeholders.


“ To increase participation

in sport and physical

activity through the coordination


and delivery of quality

programmes, training and services

by developing partnerships

and promoting inclusiveness.

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Aim of the Strategic Plan

The aim of the Strategic Plan is to increase participation

in sport and physical activity in County Kildare

The objectives are:

• to increase the percentage of the population

participating in sport and physical activity.

In particular, to increase participation rates within

specific target groups such as older people,

girls & women, people with disabilities, youth,

unemployed and those who live in identified

disadvantaged communities

• to improve social inclusion in relation

to physical activity

• to provide education & training

• to improve the coordination and use of facilities

• to increase the promotion and marketing of sport

and raise the awareness of the benefits

of physical activity

• to build strong partnerships with sporting bodies

and other interested parties in Kildare

Stephen Roche leads the participants

in the “Leinster Loop” cycling event

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 7

Section 2: THE CONTEXT

This section sets out the context for the Strategic Plan and gives

a brief profile of the Irish Sports Council and Kildare Sports Partnership.

The challenges facing Kildare as a County are outlined, the roles

of the different sporting bodies in Kildare described and the inclusion

of specific target groups in the plan are highlighted.

The Irish Sports Council and

the Local Sports Partnership


The Irish Sports Council (ISC) was established as a statutory

agency on 1 July 1999. Under the Irish Sports Council Act one

of the areas the ISC was mandated to look after was the

development of strategies for increasing participation

in recreational sport and co-ordinating their implementation

by all bodies involved in promoting recreational sport

and providing sport facilities.

Since 1999, the Irish Sports Council developed four main

strategies and a fifth will be published shortly:






A New Era for Sport - promoted the notion of Local

Sports Partnerships that would promote participation in

sport at a local level and established its first twelve Local

Sports Partnerships (LSPs), one of which was Kildare.

Sport for Life - supported the continued expansion

of the LSP network, with a further four LSPs established

in 2004.

Building Sport for Life 2006-2008, the remaining

17 LSP’s have been established and there is now full

national coverage.

Building sport for life: The next phase 2009-2011

incorporates the first national participation strategy

and has as its mission to:

‘’Foster and encourage a culture of active participation,

supporting opportunities for access to sport

and physical activity’’

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

The Participation Strategy 2009-2020 that forms part of the

fourth strategy sets out participation targets. The key target

figure is to increase the percentage of the adult population

participating in sport from 33% to 45% by 2020. The Council

envisages initial increases within specific target groups such

as teenage girls and people with a disability in the shorter

term. These targets can only be reached through a multiagency

approach to physical activity. This Strategic Plan sets

out such a multi-agency approach to increasing the

participation rates in physical activity in the Kildare region

over the period 2012 to 2016.

Background to Kildare Sports Partnership

Kildare Sports Partnership was established to coordinate and

promote the development of sport and physical activity in the

County. Following a bidding process in 2001 Kildare was one

of the twelve successful areas chosen by the Irish Sports

Council to pilot the Local Sports Partnership Initiative. Kildare

Sports Partnership was launched in May 2001 and was

established as a company limited by guarantee in April 2002.

Under “The Fitzpatrick Review” of Local Sports Partnerships

in 2005 it was recommended that the Local Sports

Partnerships come under the remit of the County

Development Board structure.

Increase the percentage of the adult

population participating in sport

from 33% to 45% by 2020


Peter Minnock, Director of Services, Michael Malone,

County Manager, Johnnie Murtagh and Anthony Rainbow

at the launch of the Kildare Sports Partnership

On March 26th 2010 Kildare Sports Partnership came under

the umbrella of Kildare County Council and the County

Development Board and moved its base to the Community and

Enterprise Department of Kildare County Council at Áras Chill

Dara, Naas. The official launch of the new structure took place

on January 18th 2011 in Pipers Hill Community College, Naas.



1. Information - establish a consultative forum, initiate

research, compile sports directory and databases,

and identify needs and resources to form the basis

of local planning

2. Education - provide quality opportunities for education

and training at local level; provide training courses

targeting volunteers; and provide access to sport

specific courses through the national governing bodies

(NGBs) of sport

3. Implementation - develop a Strategic Plan for local sport,

appoint a professional administrator, secure related support

services, select participation programmes for LSPs modified

to suit local needs, increase the impact of national

programmes delivered locally, market and promote sport

The Kildare Sports Partnership Board was established to oversee

the implementation of these functions.

The Board

The calibre of our Board Members is a major strength

in the success of the work we do and their involvement

at a high level in their respective agencies and interest groups

will ensure the continued advancement of sport and physical

activity in the County.












1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

9 10 11

Niall Quinn Chairman

Peter Minnock Director of Housing, Community & Cultural Services

Pat Leogue County Kildare Leader Partnership

Susan Grady C.E.O. K-Leisure

David Walsh HSE, Local Health Manager, Kildare/West Wicklow

Sean Ashe CEO, Kildare V.E.C

Paul Davis Sports Officer, NUI Maynooth

Geoff Liffey CEO Cycling Ireland

Anne Marie Hughes National Coordinator Junior Golf Ireland

Geraldine Kelly People with Disabilities

Dom O’Rourke IABA Director Of Boxing Development

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 11

The Staff

Kildare Sports Partnership employs a Coordinator and

Administrator. Both individuals have a keen interest in sport

and physical activity and are fully committed to the role of

Kildare Sports Partnership and the implementation of the

Strategic Plan.

Kildare Sports Partnership Full-time staff

Syl Merrins

Sports Coordinator

Kildare Sports Partnership,

Level 5, Aras Chill Dara,

Devoy Park, Naas, Co. Kildare,

Tel: 045 980547,


Eddie Hennessy

Sports Administrator

Kildare Sports Partnership,

Level 5, Aras Chill Dara,

Devoy Park, Naas, Co. Kildare

Tel: 045 980546


When the need arises part time tutors and personnel

are employed to deliver specific programmes.


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

We will now explore the unique

challenges facing Kildare in relation

to increasing participation in sport

and physical activity.

The Partners

This Strategic Plan has been developed in partnership

with the Kildare Sports Partnership and the sporting

and recreation bodies in Kildare. This section profiles

the key stakeholders.

Sport and recreation is provided for through a number

of avenues such as:

Sports Clubs

• Schools - Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and Third Level

• Community and Voluntary groups

• Private Sector

• Private and Public Facilities

The “Green Loop” Walk and Cycleway launch in the Phoenix Park

with Mayor Michael ‘Spike’ Nolan and his colleagues from South Dublin

and Fingal County Councils.

Sports Clubs

In 2010 Kildare Sports Partnership developed a database

of clubs and recreation groups including contact names

and locations, which is continually updated. At present there

are almost 350 club contacts registered.

The breakdown of sports clubs registered with

Kildare Sports Partnership

GAA 72 Hockey 4

Soccer 47 Equestrian 4

Ladies Football 34 Handball 4

Badminton 21 Community Games 4

Bowls 22 Volleyball 3

Camogie 18 Basketball 3

Ladies Soccer 12 Pitch and Putt 2

Golf 17 Gymnastics 2

Martial Arts 12 Angling 2

Athletics 11 Motorsport 1

Canoeing 9 Swimming 1

Tennis 9 Triathlon 1

Boxing 9 Special Olympics 1

Rugby 7 Walking 1

Cycling 5 Orienteering 1


Formal education is provided in Kildare through 240 Pre-

Schools, 108 primary schools, 24 post primary schools and

the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. The 108 primary

schools in the County range in size from rural two teacher

school with less than 30 pupils to very large schools, some

with over 800 students. Twenty-four Post Primary schools

are located in Kildare with over 15,000 pupils enroled.

The provision of sports facilities in primary and post-primary

schools varies from school to school. In recent times many

of the County’s secondary schools have been upgraded and

in some locations new facilities have been completed with

excellent sports facilities provided as a result.

Further development of such facilities is planned throughout

the County in the coming years and it is important that this

infrastructure is used to the maximum.

Kildare is fortunate to have a university, NUI Maynooth,

located in the County and the County’s proximity to Dublin

and Carlow means that there are third level institutions

that are accessible to the majority of the population.

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 13

Community and Voluntary Groups

Kildare has a wide range of community and voluntary groups

with organisations such as Jumping Jelly Beans Club, Foróige,

Scouts, KARE, Carers Association and Irish Wheelchair

Association having an involvement with Kildare Sports

Partnership over the years. The sub-committee structure

proposed in this plan will enhance the work of the community

and voluntary sector.

Private Sector

During the ‘Celtic Tiger’ there was a major surge in the role

that professional Instructors and coaches played in offering

a variety of programmes such as Keep Fit, Martial Arts, Dance,

Aqua Aerobics etc. Despite the current economic climate

and the reduction in peoples disposable income there is still

a demand, however reduced, in this area.

Community, Private

and Public Facilities

During the consultation process

much discussion centred on

the use and promotion of

natural amenities within the

County, such as the Curragh,

canal and river walks, Slí na

Sláinte routes and forest walks.

It is important that we

maximise the use of the

Donadea Forest Park

abundance of natural facilities

that are available, by helping to facilitate their upgrading

and development.


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Newbridge Sports and Leisure Centre

The economic boom of the last decade saw a number of hotel

based Gym and Leisure facilities developed throughout the

County, which added to existing facilities. Swimming pools and

gym areas were also developed by K-Leisure in Athy and Naas

in recent years and Newbridge Leisure Centre, run by Kildare

County Council, continues to provide facilities at an affordable

rate. The emergence of new and up to date infrastructure

has ensured high standards including accessibility for people

with disabilities.

Facilities in general

The vast majority of sporting and recreation facilities are

provided by sports clubs, communities and schools such as

community and sports centres, parish halls and outdoor playing

areas. Many sports facilities were part grant aided under the

Sports Capital Programme with Kildare receiving €28,528,195

during the period 1998 -2008. The coordination of an

integrated approach to maximise usage of publicly funded

facilities in the County was highlighted in our Strategic

Planning discussions as one of the key challenges

for the Partnership.

Kildare Sports Partnership was established

to coordinate and promote the development

of sport and physical activity in the County


As with all counties, Kildare faces many challenges in increasing

the participation rates in physical activity. Apart from the difficulty

of recruiting volunteers and people leading more sedentary lifestyles,

County Kildare itself has a rapidly growing youth population,

with a significant number of commuters and little resources for new

sports and leisure facilities.

Demographic challenges

Commuter belt

As part of the Greater Dublin commuter belt many individuals

spend long hours travelling to and from work. Three national

primary routes extend westwards and southwest from Dublin

through the County to Galway and Sligo (M4), to Limerick and

Cork (M7/N7) and to Waterford (M9/N9). One national

secondary route (N78) extends across the south of the County

in a SW-NE direction through Athy. The Dublin-Sligo rail line

extends along the north of the County with the Dublin-Cork

line crossing the middle of the County and the Dublin-

Waterford line extending from the Dublin-Cork line through

the south west of the County.

This daily commute,

with long hours spent

travelling to and from

work, is a barrier to

those wishing to get

involved in sport either

as a participant

or as a volunteer.


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Population changes in Ireland and Kildare since 2006

Population increase

In recent years Kildare has experienced a dramatic population

increase and this has posed many challenges for the promoters

of sporting activities. The preliminary figures for Census 2011

show Kildare with a population increase of 27,620 from 2006

bringing our population to 209,995. This represents the second

largest increase nationally from a local authority area

perspective, with only County Cork having a larger increase.

The table below shows the population of Kildare

and Ireland and the population change between the 2006

and 2011 census.

Geographic Persons Persons Males Females Increase % increase

Area 2006 2011 2011 2011 02 to 06 06 to 11

Kildare 186,335 209,995 104,522 105,433 23,620 12.7%

Ireland 4,239,848 4,581,269 2,268,698 2,312,571 341,421 8.1%

The net inward migration and natural increase in recent years

has resulted from rapid housing development and a relatively

large number of births because of the high proportion of

young family households in the County.

As recently as 1971, Kildare was predominantly a rural County,

with just over one third (34.6%) of the population living in the

seven urban centres. By 2011, the County’s population has

increased by almost 200% from the 1971 figure but the urban

population has grown almost six-fold with over two thirds

of the population now living in urban centres. While the

increase in population is welcome for sporting organisations,

it has major implications for these organisations in terms

of providing resources and facilities to meet the increased

demands. Likewise, recruitment of volunteers to look after

additional members is a major challenge for club officials.

A perusal of the profile of the population provides

an insight into other challenges facing sporting and

recreational organisations.

Population breakdown by age profile


of Population

Kildare Percentage National Percentage

0 -14 yrs 16 -28 yrs 30-44 yrs 46-58 yrs 60-74 yrs 76-86 yrs

Age Profile

Note: At the time of publication the detailed figures for 2011 are not

yet available and above we have used the 2006 statistics to formulate

our graph

As the graph opposite shows Kildare has a population

significantly above the national average up to 14 years of age,

with the above average trend continuing up to the 50 year old

age group. Our over-50 year old figures are below the national

average. The vast majority of the population aged under 50

years are resident in the large urban areas, while a larger than

average percentage of the older age group are rural dwellers.

This highlights the challenges on a number of fronts that

Kildare faces in promoting physical activity:

• The difficulties in providing mentors, resources

and facilities for the large youth population

• The problem in getting the adult population,

many of whom are commuters, to become

actively involved in sporting organisations

and partake in physical activity themselves

• The challenge to get older groups,

most of which are rural based, to become

more active

Recruitment of volunteers to look

after additional members is a major

challenge for club officials.


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 19

Economic Challenges

There has been a marked change in the sectoral employment

shares in Kildare over the past four decades across the

three broad sectors of economic activity; agriculture,

industry and services,

1. Decline in agricultural employment

There has been a marked decline in agricultural employment

particularly during the ‘Celtic Tiger’ years with many people

leaving rural communities to live in the larger urban centres.

Many rural sporting organisations are finding it difficult

to recruit members due to out migration to the larger urban

centres. In the GAA, for example, some of the rural clubs

are amalgamating and still find it difficult to field teams.


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

2. Increased urbanisation

This shift to a more urban population increases pressure

on sporting organisations in the larger towns in the County.

Many clubs that traditionally saw themselves as small clubs

now find they have whole new areas and housing estates

within their catchment areas to cater for. This huge influx

of people into the County means that organisations must find

additional resources, such as training and playing areas as well

as extra volunteers. County administrators and planners have

new challenges to resource these areas.

3. Increased unemployment

The economic downturn has affected Kildare like the rest

of the country. The live register figures show that many people

who came to live in Kildare and commute to work in Dublin or

other Leinster areas now find themselves unemployed. As these

challenges demonstrate, there is a real need for a Strategic Plan

to coordinate the provision of sports and recreation so that

scarce resources and personnel can be used to best effect.

Sectoral Breakdown of Industries in Kildare











Agriculture Companies



The Kildare Perspective

A number of groups are specifically targeted in this Strategic

Plan to receive additional support to become involved in

physical activity. These specific groups are highlighted in the

ISC’s Strategic Plan “Building sport for life: The next phase

2009-2011’’ and include the unemployed, people with a

disability, teenage girls and women, young people, the elderly

and people in disadvantaged areas. This section gives an insight

into the rationale for giving these groups special attention

in the Strategic Plan.

Champion Jockey Johnnie Murtagh addresses the participants

at the “Pathway to Employment Programme”.


Kildare has experienced a dramatic increase in overall

unemployment since 2007. Recent research has shown that

unemployed people are less likely to participate in sport and

recreational activities (ESRI/ ISC 2009). The total number of

persons on the live register in Co. Kildare as at December 2011

was 17,683. Between December 2007 and December 2011

the number signing on the register at offices in Co. Kildare

increased from 6,061 to 17,683. Unemployment has spread

far beyond areas traditionally associated with unemployment

and occurs across the County; even in areas located close to

Dublin where in the past unemployment was quite low.

People with a Disability

Census figure in 2006 suggest 14,986 people or 8% of the

population of County Kildare have a disability. The greater

proportion of persons with a disability in the County occurs in

the higher age groups (25+). However, the number of people

with a disability in the lower age group (24 - 44 and under) is

above the national average. Approximately 50% of persons

with a disability in the region experience difficulty with mobility

and dexterity. People with disabilities have additional barriers to

participation in sport, including access, specialist equipment

and additional support requirements.

Teenage Girls and Women

The number of teenage girls and women who engage in the

recommended level of physical activity is alarmingly low.

The gender ratio for Kildare is finely balanced with slightly

more males than females (50.5% compared with 49.5%).

The 2006 census recorded 92,145 females in the County and

if this is translated into the overall 2011 increase it will mean

that over 104,000 females now reside in Kildare. Of this

number almost 14,000 girls are between the ages of 10 and

19 years old. National figures show that the percentage of girls

who engage in the recommended level of physical activity

(60 minutes per day) at 15 years of age is 13%.

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 21


Kildare has a very large youth population that continues to

grow. The 2006 Census recorded an under 14 population

of 43,009 and if this figure has increased in line with the

overall 2011 population figures (12.7%) it will translate into a

current under 14 population for the County of almost 49,000.

This figure is greater than the total population of Longford

(39,000), Leitrim (32,000) and slightly less than Carlow’s total

population (54,500). It is imperative that young people in the

County are given a good foundation for a life-long involvement

in sport and recreation.

Older People

Kildare has an expanding elderly population. The 2006 Census

recorded 19,366 people over the age of 65. CSO predictions

indicate a pronounced increase in the population aged 65+

in the coming years as outlined in the demographic profile.

In terms of participation in community events and activities,

an evaluation of The Older Voices Project, which is an

amalgamation of older peoples groups, discovered that there is

a difficulty in encouraging older men in particular to become

involved in community based activities.


Aqua Aerobics for over 55’s

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Areas of Disadvantage

One of the main findings of the ESRI and Irish Sports Council’s

study-‘’Fair Play? Sport and Social Disadvantage in Ireland’’

was that:

People with low household income

or low educational attainment are much

less likely to play sport and much more

likely to be completely sedentary.


(Lunn, 2007)

While there is only one RAPID area in the County (Athy), there

are a significant number of pockets experiencing socioeconomic

deprivation, particularly in urban areas which require

an integrated response.

Sport and recreation have a significant role to play in

promoting healthy lifestyles and personal development.

Section 4: OUTPUT

Before presenting the new Strategic Plan,

a summary of some of the activities

and achievement of the Kildare Sports

Partnership over the last year is given below.

Some activities carried out by Kildare Sports Partnership

to date include:

• Club development

• Volunteer training

• Enhanced planning of sport at local level

• Local directories of sports bodies & facilities

• School, club, community and national governing body

(NGB) links

• Increased levels of local participation, especially amongst

specific target groups such as:


Older people

Girls & women

People with disabilities


The launch of the Kildare Town Slí na Sláinte route


Those who live

in identified disadvantaged


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Some initiatives undertaken by the Partnership include:

• Pathways to Employment through Sport

• Aqua Aerobics for Over 55’s

• Physical Activity Leader Course for people with Disabilities

• Sprocket Rocket Cycling Festival

• National Trails Day

• Club Development Seminar

• Summer and Easter Sports Taster Camp in conjunction

with Schools Completion Programme

• Mum & Me Programme

• Active Leadership Training

• Buntús Start Programme

• Club Development Grants

• Gaelic For Girls

Kildare Marathon

• Rathangan Project

• Ladies Futsal

• Operation Transformation Walk Day

• Fitwalk Healthy Mind

and Body Programme

• Go for Life Grants

• Naas CBS Triathlon

• Sli na Sláinte Route Development

Sportstaster Programme

for Teenage Girls

Buntús Start Programme


The complete rollout of the Buntús Start Programme

to the 240 pre-schools in the County is one of the priorities

of the Kildare Sports Partnership in the next two years. Training

for over 30 facilities occurred in 2011. Buntús Start has been

designed for use in pre-school settings so that pre-school and

playgroup leaders can provide a wide range of learning

opportunities for young children to develop their fundamental

motor skills, manipulative skills and co-ordination and balancing

skills. This develops a positive attitude to physical activity,

thus laying a good foundation for their involvement in sport

and physical activity throughout their lives.

Community and Voluntary Groups

Kildare Sports Partnership supports the work of the community

and voluntary sector in promoting physical activity.

Kildare Sports Partnership are working with the Cara Adapted

Physical Activity Centre in Tralee on the ”Xcessible” Inclusive

Leisure Centre Initiative, which heightens the awareness of the

benefits of exercise, active healthy lifestyles and participation

for people with disabilities. We also promote the Link2bActive

programme which offers reduced rates for gym and leisure

facilities to the unemployed.

Kildare Sports Partnership has

developed strong links with the schools

at primary and post primary level.

They work closely with the teachers and

the NGO’s who help provide coaching

and school sporting competitions.

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 25


Many sports facilities were part grant aided under the National

Sports Capital Programme with County Kildare receiving

€28,528,195 during the period 1998-2008. The coordination

of an integrated approach in order to maximise usage

of facilities in the County was highlighted in our strategic

planning discussions.

Kildare County Development Board conducted a facilities

audit in 2009 and the updating and mapping (GIS) of this

information will take place shortly.


Consultation Notes: A Summary

An extensive consultation process took place

between the Kildare Sports Partnership full-time

staff, the members of the Board and the many

stakeholders involved in the provision of sporting

and recreational activity in Kildare.

• Two facilitated workshops, involving board members,

where key issues were discussed including a vision,

mission statement, key themes, objectives

and operational structures.

• Public consultation meetings with clubs and all target

groups including a joint consultation with the

Kildare Age Friendly County Programme’.

• 42 active club members from large and small clubs

and a variety of sports took part in a workshop.

• Meeting with Development Officers from NGB’s and

minority sports, Schools, Local Authorities and agencies.

• Clubs and individuals were invited to make submissions

in relation to the plan.

• Recommendations from the Irish Sports Council

in relation to the plan.


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016


During the consultation process with the various groups, clubs,

individuals and Board the participants were asked to outline the

challenges they faced in promoting sport and physical activity.

A detailed list of challenges is included in Appendix 1. The list

could be categorised under the following headings.







COORDINATING the efforts of all the

different organisations

ENGAGING with relevant agencies

to maximize potential


and Physical Activity for all

SUPPORTING the different projects

initiated by organisations

MAXIMISING the use of facilities

in the County (Planning, accessing,


RAISING AWARENESS of the importance

of physical activity and the role

of Kildare Sports Partnership -PR/Marketing

These are not presented in any order of urgency or importance.

What is working?

During the course of the discussions there was a lot of positive

feedback from the contributors in relation to what is actually

working in the County. These discussions proved very

worthwhile in the development of this Strategic Plan

and it also allowed the participants to share good ideas

to bring back to their own organisations. The details of the

output of the discussions are given in Appendix 2. The key

points can be summarised as follows:







There are many DYNAMIC, WELL

ORGANISED sporting organisations

in the County

There is a WIDE VARIETY of sporting

activities available to people in Kildare


provided by the different organisations


that fun and skill development are more

appropriate for young people than highly

competitive activities


between schools and sporting


There has been a DRAMATIC INCREASE


What help is needed?

It was obvious from our consultation meetings that the people

who were taking part in the process of formulating our plan

had an excellent grasp of what we were trying to achieve.

The participants were asked what help is needed

to support their efforts. The discussion that ensued proved

very informative. The output from the discussion is given

in Appendix 3, but falls generally under a number

of headings:






A need to FACILITATE greater

cooperation between organisations.

Pooling of ideas, sharing of information

and expertise


help is available to organisations


of resources to maximise usage

Help in relation to MARKETING



in relation to leadership and

administration of organisations

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 29

What will help to make the strategy

a success?

The participants were asked what would help the Strategic Plan

become a reality and how will it be effective both in the short

and long term. There was a very clear consensus by all

participants to this question. The output from these discussions

is given in Appendix 4. The main points from the discussions are:






were repeatedly put forward

as important factors.


the Kildare Sports Partnership and the

organisations, and between

the organisations themselves

Developing a more INTEGRATED



of the need to be physically active


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Expectations of the Sports


Participants were asked what they expected their organisations

to get from involvement with the Sports Partnership.

• To EMPOWER people and organisations

• Influence planning decisions - Liaise with

Planning Authorities and PUT PHYSICAL


• Develop LEADERSHIP programmes around

sport and recreation (inclusion)


between the stakeholders involved in sports

promotion in Kildare

• Provide clearer INFORMATION about what

is out there

• Help DEVELOP LINKS and increase

participation in the college/workplace

(cycling, walking to work etc.)

• Help to have more INCLUSIVENESS IN SPORT

- have something for everyone to partake in

• Help to CHANGE THE PERCEPTION of sport

being for the elite


From the consultation process the following five themes have been

identified as the framework on which actions will be progressed

during the lifetime of the Strategic Plan.

Theme 1 Social Inclusion

Theme 2 Education & Training

Theme 3 Facilities

Theme 4 Promotion, Marketing

& Increased Awareness

Theme 5 Building Partnerships

Section 6: THE PLAN


HE MISSION of the Kildare Sports Partnership is to increase

participation in sport and physical activity through the coordination

and delivery of quality programmes, training and services and by developing

partnerships and promoting inclusiveness.

OUR VISION is of a County where all of the residents are encouraged

and given the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity.


Kildare Sports Partnership is committed to working with all stakeholders in the County to ensure that every person

in Kildare has the opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity.

Vision: That everyone in Kildare has the opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity.


1.1 To develop baseline

statistics in relation to sports

participation in the County.

1.2 To support increased

participation in sport and

physical activity among low

participation groups


1.1.1. Conduct a survey to determine participation

rates among target groups

1.2.1. Continue to promote and develop programmes and initiatives

to increase participation among the identified target groups

• Teenage Girls and Women

• People with Disabilities

• Youth

Specific strategies will include:


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

• Disadvantaged

• Unemployed

• Older people

Teenage Girls and Women

- Fitwalk, Meet and Train, Dance Class, Mum and Me

Programme, Gaelic for Mothers, Futsal etc.

People with Disabilities

- Leaders Course for People with Disabilities, Xcessible Inclusive

Leisure Centre Initiative, Arthritis Ireland Physical Activity

Programme etc. Continue to link with disability service providers.

Older People

- Sports Fest for Older People, Go For Life Programme,

GAA Social Initiative.

- Continue to work with Kildare Age Friendly County

Programme and established agencies.


- Delivering Irish Sports Council National Programmes,

Buntús Start, Generic and Specific, Develop links

with schools, NGB’s and Club’s.

Disadvantaged Groups

- Easter and Summer Camps in conjunction with the Schools

Completion Programme.

- Support the development of initiatives which promote

participation among minority ethnic groups.

The Unemployed

- Link2bActive and the Pathway to Employment through

Sport Programme.


• Accurate, up to date

information in relation to

sports participation

in Kildare (April 2013)

• Social Inclusion

Committee established

(June 2012)

• Increased participation

among teenage girls and

women, people with

disabilities, youth, those

who live in identified

areas of disadvantage,

unemployed and older

people (Ongoing)

• Provide at least one

initiative per target group



The importance of developing quality education and training for those involved

in sport and recreation in the County was highlighted during the consultation process.

Vision: To provide training and education opportunities for those involved in organising sport and recreation in the County


2.1 To develop quality education

and coaching programmes for

clubs/organisations, community

leaders and schools to help those

involved in sport and physical


2.2 To support the development

of club administrators and officials.

2.3 To support volunteer structures

within clubs.

2.4 To support clubs and

organisations to maximise

funding opportunities.


2.1.1 To deliver ISC National programmes:

• Code of Ethics

• Buntús - Start, Generic & Specific.

• Active Leadership Training

• PAL’s etc.

2.1.2 To evaluate the training and education needs

of each club / organisation /school, e.g.:

• First Aid

• Coach education

2.1.3 To provide the necessary training needed

as highlighted from the above evaluation.

2.2.1 To provide training to club officials on financial,

planning and administrative governance, e.g.:

• Club Development Seminar

2.3.1 To provide training to clubs on the recruitment,

retention and training of volunteers.

2.4.1 To organise funding workshops, e.g.

Sports Capital Grants

• Club Development Grants


• Improved introduction to sport

and physical activity at a young

age (Ongoing)

• Increased numbers of leaders

trained to develop physical

activity at all levels (Ongoing)

• Accurate and up to date

information on the training

and educational needs of clubs

and schools (July 2012)

• Well trained and confident

leaders in sport and recreation

(Coaches, Teachers, Leaders)


• Education and Training

sub-committee established

(June 2012)

• A well structured and efficiently

run sports sector (Ongoing).

• Club Development Seminar

(Bi- annual)

• Increased membership of sports

clubs at all levels and activities


• Clubs and organisations will

have the knowledge and ability

to maximise funding

opportunities (Ongoing)

• Funding workshop (Annual)

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 35


The key areas of planning, development and upgrading of sport and recreation facilities within the County

are crucial to achieving our aims in the years ahead.

Vision: To maximise the use of sport and recreational facilities in the County


3.1 To initiate and support policy

development of sport and

recreation facility infrastructure in


3.2 To undertake appropriate

research to establish a baseline of

current facility provision.

3.3 To ensure best use of existing

sport and recreation facilities.



Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

3.1.1 To liaise with the Local Authorities and relevant

agencies to support the planning and upgrading of sports

facilities in the County.

3.1.2 To support groups in the development of sports

and recreation infrastructure.

3.2.1 To undertake a sport and recreation facilities needs

analysis throughout the County.

3.2.2 To develop a facilities mapping system.

3.3.1 To link in with existing facility providers to ensure

inclusiveness for all in sport.

3.3.2 To work with clubs, communities and schools to

encourage sharing of facilities.


• Inter Agency Facilities Committee

established (June 2012)

• Improved planning and usage

of sports facilities (Ongoing)

Sports facilities prioritised

as an important part within

Kildare County Council’s

Development Plan

• Issues identified in relation to

planning and development of

sports facilities (Ongoing)

• Accurate information and analysis

on the location of all sports and

recreation facilities (March 2013)

• GIS Mapping system developed

(June 2013)

• Enhanced capacity and

accessibility of sports facilities


• Efficient use of facilities (Ongoing)


Kildare Sports Partnership will develop stronger links with all groups and bodies

engaged in the promotion of sport and physical activity in the County.

Vision: To support the promotion and marketing of sport and physical activity throughout the County


4.1 To establish a structured

communication, promotion and

marketing policy to promote the

work, role and aims of Kildare

Sports Partnership,


4.1.1 Produce a regular Kildare Sports Partnership


4.1.2 To further develop the Kildare Sports Partnership

website and to maximise it’s ability to be a ‘one stop

shop’ for information on sport and recreation

in the County.

4.1.3 To develop and update a database of sport

and recreation clubs and facilities on Kildare Sports

Partnership website.

4.1.4 To maximise the use of email to disseminate


4.1.5 To maximise the use of facebook and twitter

as a means of communication.

4.1.6 To develop a texting service for dissemination

of information.

4.1.7 To promote Kildare Sports Partnership at high

profile sporting events within the County.

4.1.8 To investigate the possibility of recruiting, through

the relevant agencies, a person with an interest and

knowledge of sport, marketing and promotion.


• Newsletters produced (2-3 times

per year)

• Website links developed with our

partners (Ongoing)

• Accurate and up to date Club

Database (Ongoing)

• Develop social media further as an

information giving tool (Ongoing)

• Texting system introduced

(September 2012)

• Establish regular slots with local

media, ie: KFM radio, Leinster

Leader, Kildare Nationalist, Liffey

Champion, Kildare Post etc.

(September 2012)

• Promote Kildare Sports Partnership

at all relevant high profile events

in the County, where possible


• Avail of all opportunities to

appoint office, sports

development support. eg:

JobBridge, Tús, Work Placement


• Promotion and Marketing

Committee established

(June 2012)

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 37


Kildare Sports Partnership will build strong relationships with relevant agencies, NGB’s, and target groups to ensure

that as many people as possible become active.

Vision: To build strong, mutually beneficial relationships with all the stakeholders in the County

who are interested in sport and recreation


5.1 To develop a formal structure

of engagement for the

development of ideas and the

exchanging of information.

5.2 To promote coordination and

collaboration between the key


5.3 To engage suitable commercial

partners who share the principles

of increasing participation in sport

and physical activity



Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

5.1.1 To develop a forum for:

Sports Clubs

• Recreational Activities Group

• NGB Development Officers

5.1.2 To develop a sub-committee and advisory group

structure representing the strategic themes, target and

interest groups chaired by members of the Kildare Sports

Partnership Board

5.1.3 Maintain contact on a regular basis with the key

players in sports development at national level. I.e. The

Irish Sports Council, Local Sports Partnerships, National

Governing Bodies and National Agencies.

5.2.1 Link with partner agencies to support and promote

their work in the delivery of programmes to increase


5.2.2 Prepare an agreed plan on an annual basis to

develop a multi agency approach to achieve the delivery

of our aims.

5.3.1 Deliver physical activity programmes to corporate

and community groups

5.3.2 Establish match funding or co-funding sources to

broaden our capacity to develop and deliver sustainable

physical activity programmes.


Sports Forum established (June


• Walking Group Sub-Committee

established (June 2012)

Sports Development Officer

Subcommittee established

(June 2012)

• Sub-Committee structure

established (June 2012)

• Strong communications, links

and working relationship between

all stakeholders (Ongoing)

• Two way contact established with

partner agencies (Ongoing)

• Meetings to develop integrated

planning approach (Every 6


• Increased public awareness of

Kildare Sports Partnership and

commercial partners

• Enhanced capacity to develop

new programmes

• Corporate, social and community

gain through training programmes

• Independent funding streams for

sports and recreation development



Kildare Sports Partnership Structure

This Strategic Plan sets out a number of key initiatives that will

require the ongoing support and involvement of a wide range

of sporting and recreation interests. In order to maximise the

involvement of all stakeholders the following revised structure

has been agreed by Kildare Sports Partnership.

Kildare Sports Partnership Board

The Board of Kildare Sports Partnership will oversee the

implementation of the 2012 - 2016 Strategic Plan. An Annual

Action Plan will be produced each year outlining strategies

that will be measurable through outcomes and performance

indicators. The Action Plan will be implemented by a wide

range of groups and agencies active in the County with the

support of a number of National bodies. Programme updates

and activity monitoring will be undertaken by the staff who will

report regularly to the Board.

The Board currently consists of 11 members from State

Agencies, the sports sector and sectoral interest groups.

The Board meets approximately 5 times each year.


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Executive Committee

An Executive Committee will be established to support the day

to day operations of Kildare Sports Partnership and will meet

as required. This Committee will involve the Board Officers

and a designated Board Member.

Sub Committees

A number of sub committees will be formed to implement

the five thematic areas outlined in this plan. Each Sub

Committee will be chaired by a Board Member and will

involve representatives of the agencies and sports / recreation

groups in the county that will assist in the implementation

of the Strategic Plan.

Advisory Groups

Kildare Sports Partnership will facilitate ongoing advisory

groups to build on the relationships established through

this planning process. This will include an advisory group

involving the professional staff from a range of National

Governing Bodies who participated in workshops

for the 20122016 Strategic Plan.





Monitoring and Evaluation


The Strategy will also be evaluated and monitored by the Irish

Sports Council. Regular monitoring and evaluation of the

action plan will be carried out by the Board on each of the

strategic themes to ensure that progress is being made and

highlighting any issues arising.





The Irish Sports Council has implemented a common evaluation

system for all LSP’s. The SPEAK system (Strategic Planning,

Evaluation and Knowledge) is designed to produce information

to assist staff and management to make informed decisions

and allow for ongoing internal review, periodic assessments,

to provide a facility for external inputs and to assist

networking, based on sharing of information between projects,

counties, regions and themes.

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 41

Financing the Plan

The Irish Sports Council provides core funding to assist

Kildare Sports Partnership under the headings of staffing,

administration, communications, National participation

programmes, education and training. Under the Fitzpatrick

review of LSP’s in 2005, it was recommended that LSP’s would

raise up to 50% of their budget from other sources, e.g. local

agencies and external grant funding. Kildare Sports Partnership

will endeavour to source this funding from each programme

that it runs in order to reach this target.

Projected Funding Example 2012

Irish Sports Council

Kildare Co. Council

Naas Town Council



County Kildare Leader Partnership

National Governing Bodies and

others, GAA, FAI, Athletics Ireland,

other sporting events etc.






Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016


Kildare Sports Partnership must be governed, managed and

operated in accordance with best practice. The staff, Board

and sub-committees will be supported and motivated through

development and training. Kildare Sports Partnership will

evaluate and monitor activities on an annual and periodic basis

and will secure funding on an annual basis from the Irish Sports

Council for core activities and will attract support and funding,

financial and in-kind, to meet the matched funding requirement.










Benefit in Kind







This Strategic Plan was developed in consultation with the

many organisations and agencies that are interested in

promoting sport and physical activity in Kildare. The plan

requires this multi-sectoral approach to its implementation.

For its part, Kildare Sports Partnership will oversee the

implementation of the strategy over the next five years by:

Operating and managing the affairs of Kildare

Sports Partnership in a professional manner by:

• Implementing the agreed Strategy

• Developing annual implementation plans

• Providing effective leadership and management

of Kildare Sports Partnership

Delivering quality services and programmes by:

• Effective use of financial and other resources

• Securing of additional funding to enhance the level

and quality of services and programmes provided

by the sports partnership

”Operation Transformation Walkday” at Áras Chill Dara

Monitoring the work

of the Sports Partnership by:

• Monitoring and evaluating the work of the Sports

Partnership through the national evaluation

and monitoring tool SPEAK

• Providing periodic reviews on the work

of Kildare Sports Partnership

Sportstaster Programme

• Monitoring and evaluation of the Strategic Plan

Training and Developing the Board

of Kildare Sports Partnership by:

• Supporting the development of the board

of Kildare Sports Partnership through

effective and appropriate training.

• Sourcing appropriate training for the staff

• Being informed of best practice in relation

to sports development and implement

as appropriate.

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 43

Section 8: APPENDIX

Appendix 1

Summary of the challenges facing those involved in promoting and organising sport

and recreational activities in Kildare.

• Provision of finance and funding

• Challenge of getting children interested in sport

at an early age

• Lack of facilities in small clubs

• Administration

• Gender issues- Injuries to females

• Lack of Sports Capital Grant funding

• Lack of facilities (in some areas)

• Anti Traveller bias

• High cost of indoor facilities

• Participant drop-out, especially teenage girls

• Securing coaches for less successful teams

• Recognition that not all people are into competition


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

• Difficulty in getting parental involvement

Kildare is a commuter County

• Promotion of minority sport

• Difficulty in finding dependable volunteers

• Lack of teacher involvement

• Difficulty in recruiting volunteers

• Lack of coordination between various sports

• Under utilisation of natural amenities

• Large under age population

• Delay with Garda vetting

• Insurance/ Transport costs

• Motivated coaches /volunteers

Appendix 2

Output from participants as to the question: ‘what is working well in the County in terms

of sport and physical activity?’

• PR- Photo’s, facebook, website, local papers

• Parents confidence in safety of facilities

• Advertising achievements

• ABC (5-6 year olds) nursery

• Street leagues

• Non competitive blitzes

• Fit for life (Parents)

• Inter-generational approach

• Variation to training

• Ladies group- morning gatherings etc

• Provision of gear/the need to feel part of the club

• Good working relationship with school

• Role models

• Positive reinforcement

• Walking track around pitches

• Playground in the club areas

• Good communication

• Children’s competition grouped in their own age group

• Participation of all players eg Go-Games

• Activities for parents while their children are training

• Out of season activities (5-a-side-soccer etc.)

• Non specific sporting activities

• Rota for mentors/parents for underage activity

• Pay as you go membership

• Safe environment

• Integrated effort from organisations

• School/club coaching

• Family Membership

• Older players becoming mentors

• Joint projects with agencies and partners

• Summer camps for disadvantaged

• Cycle lanes

• Family leagues

• Other code experience

• Summer Clubs – Introducing new members

• Links with School Completion Programme

• Adaption of rules to make games more attractive

• Making a link with one person in the school

• Promoting sport with the parents

• Inclusive policies

• Awards Night

• Promotion of Ladies sport

• Meet and walk groups

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 47

Appendix 3

Output from the discussion on: ‘What help is needed?’

• Build stronger links between organisations

• Information sharing between organisations and agencies

• Training and Education

• Access to advice

• Database of clubs/facilities

• Promotion of fair play

• Support to link people to the clubs (eg School to Club link)

Kildare Sports Partnership website should be the first port

of call for information

• Help in promotion and advertising activities

• Information on grants, insurance etc

• Greater strategic planning of resources and use

of resources

• Find coordinated initiatives involving parents


Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016

• Standard approach to development (Mentoring etc.)

• Help with areas such as communication, website etc

• Help with developing structure of Club Governance

(best practice, constitution etc.)

• An award system for clubs who prove they are

successful at promoting physical activity

• Accessibility awareness by planning authorities and those

involved in facility provision

• Offer help to schools to promote physical activity

and sport

• Inclusive summer camps

• Back to work schemes - Work for your club

• Develop a role model panel that could be called

on for support

• Club mark scheme (club development awards)

Appendix 4

Output from discussion on the question: ‘what would help to make the strategy a success?’

• Good Communications

- Promote the Kildare Sports Partnership more

- Local papers, Kildare TV, KFM, Community awards etc

• Develop subcommittee structure eg Sports forum,

NGB subcommittee, recreational activity group, facilities

subcommittee, Target Group subcommittee

Sports organisations to share ideas, needs and facilities

• Develop integrated approach

• Make sports / activities appealing

• Review of NGB strategy – what are their participation


• Communicate with different groups

• Ensure that we measure achievements

• Take a strategic view of resources

• Help to develop and promote a Club/School link structure

• Capture imagination of schools by organising events

and promoting our aims

• Link Post Primary and third level education to promote

sport education and access for all.

• Continue to develop links with School Completion


• Use Transition Year classes to develop initiatives

Kildare Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2012-2016 49

Increasing Participation

in Sport & Physical Activity

Kildare Sports Partnership

Head Office,

Áras Chill Dara,

Devoy Park,

Naas, Co Kildare

For further information contact:

Syl Merrins, Coordinator

045 980547

875313 045

Eddie Hennessy, Administrator


045 980546

email: Design2,

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