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S -& M n > c a .

2^ N o . 1 3 ______________ N e w Y o r k , D e c e m b e r 1 0 , 1 9 4 0 __________P r i c e F i v e C e n t s


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I*ACE Two a V I L SERVICE LEADER Tuesday, December 10, 1 9^^

7,828-Name Sanitation List

Appears After Largest

Exam in NYC Civil Service


T h e c o m p l e t e 7 , 8 2 8 - n a m e e l i g i b l e l i s t f o r S a n i t a t i o n M a n , C l a s s A , i s p u b ­

l i s h e d i n t h i s i s s u e o f The Leader, b e g i n n i n g o n p a g e 9 . T h u s e n d s t h e y e a r ­

l o n g p r o c e s s o f c o m p e t i t i o n , e x a m i n a t i o n , g r a d i n g , c o m p u t i n g a n d r a t i n g m o r e

t h a n 8 7 ,0 0 0 m e n w h o o r i g i n a l l y f ile d f o r t h e t e s t , t h e l a r g e s t e v e r g i v e n i n t h e

h i s t o r y o f t h e M u n i c i p a l C i v il S e r v i c e C o m m i s s i o n . W i t h t h e a p p e a r a n c e o f t h e

lis t, t h e s u c c e s s f u l c a n d i d a t e s a r e b e g i n n i n g t o w o n d e r w h a t t h e i r c h a n c e s a r e

o f a c t u a l l y g e t t i n g a j o b .

A s T hk L eader w e n t to p ress, th e C iv il S e r v ic e C o m m is s io n

a n n o u n c e d th a t a t le a s t 200 a p p o in tm e n ts in th e S a n ita tio n

D e p a r tm e n t w o u ld be m a d e b y J a n u a r y 1.

L a s t w e e k T he L eader r e p o r te d e x c lu s iv e ly t h a t th e e n tir e

lis t m a y be used u p d u r in g th e fo u r y e a rs it is in e x is te n c e ,

e ith e r fo r p e r m a n e n t a p p o in tm e n ts o r t e m p o r a r y job s. P a u l J.

K e r n , p re s id e n t o f th e C o m m is s io n , re p e a te d th is a s s e rtio n

e a r ly th is w e e k . H e a d d e d t h a t on J a n u a r y 20, 1941, w h e n th e

lis t fo r A u to T ru c k D r iv e r e x p ire s , th e S a n ita tio n lis t w o u ld

b e d e c la re d a p p r o p r ia te fo r L a b o r e r . T h u s a n a d d itio n a l

g ro u p o f jo b s, w h ic h a lr e a d y in c lu d e s u b w a y p o r te r a n d pos­

s ib ly s u b w a y c o n d u c to r, a p p e a r c e r ta in to go to e lig ib le s on

th e S a n ita tio n lis t. K e r n h as also in d ic a te d t h a t h e w i l l use

th e lis t w h e n e v e r p o s s ib le fo r p o s itio n s o f a s im ila r n a tu re ,

w h e n no e lig ib le lis t is a v a ila b le to fill th e m fro m .

A lready, th e Commi.ssion h a s -------------------------------------------------------se

n t 250 nmne.s from th e list to therefrom , to ar.y position whatso-

th e B oard of T ra n s p o rta tio n ever, cxcept that w hen and if m em -

from w hich to ruake a p p o in t- bers of li.st No. 2 are reached in reg-

m e n ts as Porters. T his actio n , ular order for higher paid positions

w hich wa.s tak en last week,

caused considerable confusion.

T h e C om m ission h ad a n n o u n ce d

t h a t it would divide th e list into

tw o p arts, th e first consisting of

th e top 750 n am es, th e second

p a r t consistin(^' of th e rest of th e

list. A ccording to p re se n t estim

ates, th e first list of 750 w ould

be enough to fill th e needs of th e

S a n ita tio n D e p a rtm e n t for a

y ear or m ore. M ean tim e, th e

second list would be used w h e n ­

ever vacancies occurred in a p ­

p ro p riate jobs.

J o l) 8 N o t J e o p a r « li z e < l

However, IIh* hitch came when reports

of a resolution adopted by the

Commission stated tliat any eligible

on the second list who accepted a

Job would lose his future chance at

a Snnitntion post.

This confusion occurred w hen the

Commission hastily adopted a resolution

which had conflicting statem ents.

This was later re.scinded and corrected.

According to the one finally

approved, “acceptance of appointm

ent to a position from either of

these lists shall terminate, eligibility

of the candidate for further certification

from such list and appointm ent

after exhaustion of list No. 1, they

should be certified directly in order

to such higher paid positions, notw

ithstanding their previous acceptance

of a low^er paid position from

list No. 2.”

In other words, any eligible who

accepts a job from list No. 2 stays

on the Sanitation List for appointm

ent to that departm ent, or to any

other job which pays a higher salary

than his first position.

In another part of the resolution

the Commission pointed out that it

w as im practical to certify eligibles

am ong the top 750 for jobs as subway

porters or other sim ilar positions,

since the difference of salary

was such that as soon as they were

offered a Sanitation job they would

resign their first appointm ent, thus

causing ‘‘a frequent, disruptive and

costly turnover in personnel.”

The Commission also resolved that

list No. 1 would be certified only for

Sanitation Man and other positions

paying S.*) a day and above. List No.

2 will be certified for jobs paying

less than $5 a day.

P r o i i i o l i o n L i s t U s e d F i r s t

Im m ediate appointm ent of some

100 to l.'iO eligibles from the No. 1

list is expected this week. In addition,

from list No. 2, 145 Subway

P orters w ere appointed last Sunday.

H E 'S N O . 1 O N P R O M O T I O N L IS T

M ic h a e l A. P a p a r e s l a , w h o r e c e i v e d n o tific a tio n t h a t h e is

N u m b e r 1 o n th e S a n i t a t i o n M a n C l a s s A (p ro m o tio n ) list,

ju s t r e l e a s e d b y th e M u n ic ip a l C iv il S e r v ic e C o m m is s io n ,

is s h o w n a b o v e b e i n g c o n g r a t u l a t e d b y H a r r y R. L a n g d o n ,

C h ie f of th e D iv is io n of F i n a n c e & S u p p l y of th e D e p a r t m e n t

of S a n ita tio n . M r. P a p a r e s t a , J o h n X. W a ls h , N u m b e r 3,

o n d J o s e p h L, C lu n d t, N u m b e r 7, a r e in M r. L a n g d o n 's

D iv isio n . A s th e p r o m o ti o n list t a k e s p r e c e d e n c e o v e r th e

o p e n c o m p e titiv e list, M r. P a p a r e s t a w ill p r o b a b l y b e th e

first m a n a p p o i n t e d fo r th e j o b fo r w h i c h m o r e t h a n 87,000

m e n filed. M r. P a p a r e s t a , a c le rk in th e c ity s e r v ic e for te n

y e a r s , is 27 y e a r s of a g e , w e i g h s 190 p o u n d s a n d is m a r r ie d .


The Civil Service LEADER Is

offering all the men on the list

% 11.00 discount on a year’s sub>


Simply send In your name, ad<

dress, and num ber on the list,

together with fl.OO. This offer

lasts only to December 20.

Three Exams


T hree com petitive examlnatio

w ere cancelled last w eek by

M unicipal Civil Service Commissio

for the follow ing reasons:

1) Assistant Train Dispatcher:-^*

prom otion test is in progress andTh

results of the w ritten p art show that

enough eligibles w ill be obtained to

fill vacancies.

2) Inspector of Equipment (Cars

and T rucks), and 3) Inspector of

Equipment (Electrical Railroad Car

Equipm ent), G rade 3:—The exam was

ordered at a tim e provisionals werg

serving in the IND Division of the

N.Y.C.T.S. They have now been laij

off and other vacancies are not ex-

pected. In the fu tu re vacancies

probably w ill be filled in such a way

that the necessary inspections will

be m ade by em ployees in the opera,

tion division.

Sanitation Eligibles Attend

IMeeting, Find Kasoff and Co.

Running tiie Wliole Siiow

W i t h A b e K a s o ff th e r in g le a d e r , th e S a n ita tio n M a n e lig ib le s w e r e b lit z k r ie g e d F rid a y

n ig h t b y a g ro u p o f “ b ig sh o ts” f r o m th e C i v i l S e r v ic e F o r u m . T h r e e fu n c tio n a r ie s of the

C i v i l S e r v ic e F o r u m h a v e b e e n c o n v ic te d o f C i v i l S e r v ic e f r a u d a n d a f o r m e r c ity -w id e

v ic e -p r e s id e n t is a f u g itiv e f r o m ju s tic e o n t h e s a m e c h a rg e .

K a s o ff b o a s te d o f h is p a s t a c h ie v e m e n ts w i t h a s to ry o f a n a p p a r e n tly im a g in e r y dinner

h e o nce h a d w i t h S a n ita tio n C o m m is s io n e r W i l l i a m F . C a r e y a n d P r e s id e n t P a u l J . K e r n of


th e M u n icip al Civil Service C om ­

m ission. H e in sin u a te d t h a t he

h a d secu red 100 a d d itio n al jobs

for A uto T ru c k Drivers.

C om m issio n er C arey, o u t of

tow n on d efen se w ork, could n o t

be re ac h ed . B u t C om m issioner

K e rn flatly sta te d th a t if Kasoff

or a n y officer of th e Civil S e rvice

F o ru m p re te n d e d to have

a n y u n d u e influence w h a tev e r

w ith th e Civil Service C om m ission,

h e w as a “plain, o rd in ary ,

g a rd e n -v a rie ty liar.”

R e ferrin g to th e eligibles on

th e re cen tly c rea te d S a n ita tio n

list, P re sid e n t K e rn ad d ed : “If

th ese boys are intelligent, they

will n o t be ta k e n in by dues-

collecting a g e n ts or ta in te d Civil

Service o rg an izatio n s. Wo hope

th ese m en will be in tellig en t

e n o u g h to fo rm a n o rg an izatio n

of th e ir ow n w ith o u t a n y sin ister


P resident K ern denounced Kas-

off's statem ent, m ade at a m eeting

of the Sanitation Eligibles Association

at P. S. 27 Friday night, that he

had had dinner with Commissioner

Carey and K ern. Kasoff, hinting at

his fam iliarity with m unicipal officials.

had said: “If there is a new spaperm

an present, tell him that I

had dinner w ith Carey and K ern.”

Kasoff told the Sanitation eligibles

that one him dred Auto T ruck D rivers

had asked him to help them gel

Jobs. He intim ated that at this dinner

with Carey and K ern he had

been responsible for obtaining the

jobs for these truck drivers. Kasoff

said that he had “show n Carey and

K ern w here there was m oney in the

budget for these jobs.”

President K ern called this statem

ent "just another one of Mr. Ka-

soft’s pipe dream s.”

Kasoff told the Sanitation eligibles

that their list could be killed within

a year. President K ern refuted this

assertion with the words; “There is

no indication or basis w hatever that

this list will term inate before one

year. Kasoff know s this fake political

bogey is pulled out of the

m othballs every tim e they try to

organize an eligible association.

Anbody who says this ir a cheap political


Kasoff, quoting an article from another

civil service new spaper, stated

that only 1.600 jobs would be available

for the 7,826 men w ho comprise

the Sanitation list. President K ern

branded this i s false. K ern said that

the list would be used for ten or

m ore different titles. If the labor

class reclassification goes through

there will be additional titles, he explained.

A l l ! \ l i ^ h l G e t J o b s

“I w ouldn’t be at all surprised if

w e w ere able to offer all 7,000 men

some kind of a Job before the list

expires.” K ern said.

The 600 eligibles who attended the

first im portant m eeting of their or­

ganization w ere am azed to find the

m eeting controlled by Abe Kasoff

and the Civil Service Forum . Seated

on the stage w hen the eligibles en ­

tered were: Leopold V. Rossi, secretary

of the Civil Service Forum ; Tim

Dinan, chairm an of the Forum ; John

K ane of the F o ru m ’s legislative com ­

mittee. It was Rossi, not the eligibles

them selves, who steered the

course of the meeting.

Before the m eeting began Mr.

Rossi told Mike Sullivan, a L eader

reporter, that he would not be allowed

to stay. “This is a m eeting of

the Sanitation eligibles,” Mr. Rossi

said, "W e don’t w ant .any outsiders.

I’m afraid we m ust ask you to

leave.” Mr. Rossi, of course, is h im ­

self a rank outsider. The L eader,

on the other hand, had been invited

to send a reporter to cover the m eeting.

Mr. Rossi then reconsidered, and

told the L eader’s reporter that he

could rem ain, provided he “didn’t

try to disrupt the m eeting.”

Mr. Rossi called the m eeting to

order and introduced A rthur Mc­

Queen, the only eligible to attain 100

per cent. McQueen, thin, wiry,

pleasant-faced, returned the rostrum

to Mr. Rossi. Nom inated for tem ­

porary officers w ere the following

eligibles: President, Fred Schrauder;

vice-president, M urray Hirsch; re ­

cording secretary, Mac Fischer;

treasurer, John Moll. Mr. Rossi

called for any other nominations.

There w ere none. Mr. Rossi called

for a vote. The tem porary officers

w ere unanim ously elected. One of

the officers later told the L eader

that he was just as bew ildered by

the rapid-fire happenings as the rest

of the eligibles.

Mr. Jlossi, acting as Chairm an of

the m eeting, introduced Brady, a

fleshy, red-faced m an who stressed

the im portance of organization. Mr.

B rady’s voice rose and fell in rolling,

excited phrases. He spoke long, but

said little.

E n t e r K a s o f f

The eligibles w ere completely su rprised

when, shortly after Mr. Brady

finished, a stocky, fat-faced m an entered

the hall and Leopold Rossi, on

the platform , paused and dram atically

announced: ‘‘Mr. Kasoff has just

entered—Mr. Kasoff, legislative

chairm an of the Joint Council.”

M any eligibles, unbelieving,

laughed, m any booed. Most of the

eligibles present had read the rev elations

about Kasoff in the L eader:

Abe Kasolf, \\"i\o was dismissed

from the Sanitation departm ent in

1926 for w ithholding $850 insurance

due a widow; Abe Kasoff, who m ysteriously

w orm ed his way back into

th ^ Sanitation departm ent in 1934;

Abe Kasoff, who shocked m em bers

of a G rand Ju ry in 1936 by pushing

a D eputy Sanitation Commissioner

away from a m icrophone; Abe K asoff,

who, as president of the Sanitation

Sw eepers and D rivers signed a

contract compelling Sanitation men

to purchase their uniform s at one

place; Abe Kasoff, who had opposed

com petitive status for Sanitation


Blandly, Abe w aved a greeting.

The eligibles, im m une to further

surprise, listened attentively when

Rossi introduced Mr. Kasoff to mak«

a speech.

Mr. Abe w asted no time. He told

the Sanitation eligibles that they

had to have the backing of his or-

ganization if they expected to get

anyw here. He told them of a certain

alleged occasion w hen the Aiilo

Truck D river eligibles came to hlj

office and requested his assistan( e in

getting 100 appointm ents. He told

of his “dinner" with Commis-sioner

Carey and K ern. He hinted at his

vast pow er in the Sanitation dcjjart-

ment, in the m unicipal government

Abe Kasoff even paused to indulge

in comic relief. At one point he

said: “By the way, w hat’s that p' ptr,

I can’t think of its n am e?”

The audience of eligibles were not

so dull-w itted. “The L eader,” many


Anyway, Mr. Kasoff said. "It's the

paper that tells you there are

to be 7,000 jo b s ...F ifty cent i"':.'!”

Abe Kasoff referred to the ccnt

certification by the Civil Service

Commission of eligibles to port.-^'f in

the Board of Transportation '.'.'ilch

pays fifty cents an hour.

One of the eligibles in the front

stood up. “W hat is this, a pcilitical

meeting? I’ll take a fifty cent iob."

O ther eligibles joined in and finally

one of the eligibles on tlie plaiiorm

said: “Mr. Kasoff is just h c e to

speak. We don’t have to go by what

he says.”

Mr. Kasoff continued, a little subdued.

Singly, and in groups of two

and three, disappointed eligible.s got

up and left the hall. Tlie general

consensus of opinion was, "We never

expected anything like this.”

“That m an is ignorant,” one eligible

told The L eader.

Before finishing his speech, Abe

Kasoff invited the boys to con'ie to

his office any time. “You can use

my office,” Abe said, “to send out

cards any tim e you w ant.”

D u e s o f $ 1

There was a short debate on tfi*

question of dues w hen Abe K:isof(

left the rostrum . A be mode.stly retired

to a long bench in the rear of

the stage, declining to offer any suggestions

on a subject for which he

is reported to be an authority. Th®

dues w ere set at a dollar a year.

The eligibles, leaving the hall, expressed

bew ilderm ent. Some 01

them actually believed that they

would need Kasoff’s assistance to obtain

Jobs. Others, less naive, wanted

to know how he and his

ates on the Forum had manat;t'“ *

gain control of the meeting.

said they did not w ant to atteiul

other meetings. ,

M urray Hirsch, Vice-President 0

the group, w hen asked who had i ‘

vited Rossi and Kasoff,


“I don’t know. They just came

the platform and then we could'^*

do anything about it.”


P age Fouh CIVIL SERVICE LEADER Tuesday, December 10, 1 9^

C u s t o m s E l i g i b l e s A d o p t

F a r - R e a c h i n g P r o g r a m

T h e C ustom s a n d Im m ig ra tio n Eligibles A ssociation h eld a m e e ting

on W ednesday, N ovem ber 27, a t G e rm a n ia H all a n d a d o p te d a

fa r-re a c h in g p ro g ra m to p ro tec t a n d ad v an ce th e in te re sts of 60,000

eligibles. Officials of th e g roup c h arg e t h a t th e p ro sp ects of th e

eligibles for a p p o in tm e n t h av e been “d eliberately a n d im p ro p erly

w iped o u t by action of th e U. S. Civil Service C om m ission in c h a n g ­

ing title a n d re q u ire m en ts for th e job of Im m ig ra tio n P a tro l I n ­

sp e c to r” a n d in h olding a n o th e r ex am for B order P a tro lm a n .

The Jissociation therefore planned ♦ ----------------------------------------------------------a

course of action by appoinlinK an

agencies have been rebuffed -with

executive committee, with A. Dvor- ,, «

, . , . , „ the assertion that they can only be

kin chairm an, and seven other com- : -j j j

m ittees to handle specific activities. ' \ « ^d‘tion to being

A t its m eeting the Association ^ v e been certifie^^^

a d o p te d a re s o h .tio n th a n k in g th e I ^ A s realists, th e m e m b e rs of the

C iv i l S ki.v ic k L k a i.fr fo r “its k e e n ^ A s s o o n tio n fe e l th a t th e y a re e n -

In te re s t, its m a n y hc^lpful cou rtesies » = t'v e c o o p e ra tio n in th e

an d su«gc.stions, a n d its g en e ro u s a l- fo rm of p r o m p t a n d fa v o r a b le ac­

lotm cnt of space in its columns to

the problem s of the Customs and

Im m igration Eligibles.”

The next m eeting of the Association

will be hold Wednc.sday, D ecem

ber IK, and all eligibles have

been invited to attend. T he place

for the next m eeting will be announced


S t a l e A i m s

Meanwhile, the eligibles last week

dispatched a letter to H arry B. M itchell,

President of the U. S. Civil

Service Commission, outlining some

of their aims. The letter, .signed by

Dvorkin. had this to say, among

other things:

“The Association welcomes the

Commi.«»Kion’s statem ent that the

eligibles on all three registers (Im ­

m igration Patrol In.spector, Customs

Patrol Inspector and Inspector of

Custom s) will bo given consideration

in filling clerical and office positions

in defense and non-defense

agencies. U nfortunately, m em bers

of the as.sociation approaching such

tio n b y th e C o m m is s io n w it h res p e c t

to th e fo llo w in g :

"1. Extension of the normal period

of clu'ibility of tlie three ren'isters so

that eligibility of thosa on them will

not expire until a reasonable number

of appointments to appropriate positions

have been made.

"2. Certincatlon of eligibles on all

three registers not merely as needs of

the service for Customs Patrol and

Inspector of Customs may require, but

also as may be necessary to make

cliRibles on such registers available for

employment In defense and non-de-

fcnse agencieH Immediately.

‘‘3. Report as soon as possible to

eligibles as to salary ranges and nature

of positions that are available for

them in various agencies so that eligibles

may revise intelligently their

statements now on file as to starting

salary, place c£ employment, etc.

"4. Allocation to eligibles on the

three registers of a reasonable nuinber

of such other definite employment possibilities

or opportunities as are within

the jurisdiction of the Commission or

any Governmental department or

agency In a sincere effort to discharge

the moral obligations involved.”

Vets Insist on 4-Point Program

E arlier th is fall th e V e te ra n ’s Civil Service L eague, in a n effort to

ch an g e existing sta tu te s w h ich o ften deprive qualified v e te ra n s of

Jobs in th e F e d eral Civil Service, p re se n te d to th e P re sid e n t a fo u r-

point p ro g ra m s ta tin g th e ir requests. T h e P re sid e n t su b m itte d

ihese to th e F e d eral Civil Service C om m ission w h ich th e n re p o rte d

to him . >



C o u r s e s o n I.B .M . A lp h a b e tic

& N u m e r ic T a b u l a t o r s , In ­

c lu d in g P lu g B o a r d W ir in g ,

S t a r t i n g M o n d a y , D e c . 9 .

I.B .M . A c c n t g . M a c h . ( T a b ­

u l a t i n g ) . C l a s s n o w T e rm in g .

in>\v fo r tn ih i-



A l|ilialx 'ti< 'iiikI N u in o ric K

necem ber 1 0 . 1940 a m SERVICE LEADER P age Fiv*

£IV1L s e r v i c e in n e w YORK STATE

^ . By MORTON YARMON -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Welfare Workers

Will Probe Draftees

tV Ifa re fcvorkers in c ity a n d c o u n t y offices th r o u g h o u t U p -

f N e w Y o r k w i l l a id lo c a l s e le c tiv e s e rv ic e b o a rd s in

? tP^rmining i f d ra fte e s h a v e d e p e n d e n ts .

'Tl s p o lic y w a s s e t f o r t h la s t w e e k in a c o m m u n ic a tio n

S ta te C o m m is s io n e r o f S o c ia l W e l f a r e D a v id C . A d ie to

com m ission ers. In c lu d e d w e r e co p ie s o f th e S e le c tiv e

S ' i c e q u e s tio n n a ire a n d a lis t o f th e c h a ir m e n o f lo c a l d r a f t

''prertously, a

, hpld am o n g C om m issioner

T ieut G overnor P o letti, co-

Hh’n to r of n a tio n a l defen se in

S S ta te ; re p re se n ta tiv e s

f me New Y ork S ta te D irecto r

, he Selective Service System ,

H officials of th e a sso ciatio n of

welfare com m issioners.

How It Works

u'bcn a local U p s ta te b o a rd asks it,

local w e lfa re d e p a r tm e n t is to

oqM'ate the d e p e n d e n c y o f th e

f r'o T h e b o a rd w il l th e n d e -

termVuC w h e th e r th e d e p e n d e n c y

fo r d eferm en t.

calls m ---------c„jibing

rum oi's

w ould call fo r a d d itio n a l^ p e rs o n n e l^

Comniissioner Adie expressed the

F u t u r e S t a t e T e s t s

The State law says that titles of

open competitive lists requested by

departments and institutions must

he publicly announced for 15 days

before tir State Commission takes

action The following lists are now

being advertised (the date denotes

tL-hen thr 15 days are upj:

December 12—Erie County P ro b ation

Department—Probation Officer,

Adult Division.

; Deccniber 17 — Broom e County

Children’s Court—C ourt A ttendant.

h o m e s t u d y

J R . P H A R M A C IS T

blueprint mach, o p e r ., b k p q .




182i B’way (59th) C ircle 5-7857

“ GOVT P O S I T I O N S ---------

• Ki|>ert IiiHtfuctlon for

• ; it>, Stuto & Federal Exam*

4 I 6900


v C u t n l . S - e / t v i c A .

JLe: ^ d e : r .


P u b lish ed every T u esd ay by Civil Service Publications,

Inc. Office: 97 D u a n e St. (a t B ro a d w a y ), New Y ork, N.Y.

P h o n e ; C O rtla n d t 7-5665

C o p y rig h t 1940 by Civil Service P u blications, Inc.

J e rry F in k elstein , Publisher; Sew ard B risbane, E ditor;

M axw ell L eh m a n , Executive Editor; B u rn e tt M urphey,

M anag ing E ditor; H. E liot K.d^^\o.n, C ontributing Editor;

D avid R obinson, A rt Director.

— S u b s c r i p t i o n R a t e s —

In New York S tate (by m a il).............................................$2 a Y ear

Elsewhere in the United S ta te s .........................................$2 a Year

C anada and Foreign C ou n tries.........................................$3 a Year

individual C opies..............................................................................5 Cents

AdvertisliiK Rates on Application


I'u c f M la y , D t i c e m b e r 1 0 , 1 9 4 0

D r a f t C o p s , F i r e m e n ?


E’VE got to d isagree w ith th e D aily News. T h a t

re p u ta b le n e w sp a p er th in k s t h a t cops a n d firem

en o u g h t n o t to g e t d r a f t d eferm en t. W e

no te t h a t th e D aily M irror, too, disagrees w ith th e News.

F ra n k ly , we d o n ’t follow th e News’ a rg u m e n t a t all.

I t seem s to us th a t th e efforts of M ayor L a G u a rd ia

to o b tain d r a f t d e fe rm e n t for m em b ers of th e u n ifo

rm ed forces a re h ig h ly com m endable. A nd i t ’s a

good th in g th e M ay o r’s a ctio n — in c o n ju n c tio n w ith

th e co m m issioners of b o th d e p a rtm e n ts— com es before

too m a n y of New Y o rk ’s tra in e d u n ifo rm ed m e n are

ta k e n in to th e arm y.

T h e Nejos arg u es: “Are we c arry in g on a n a tio n a l

defense p ro g ram , or are we play in g m arb les? If th e

la tte r, th e n it is en tirely p ro p er to d efer service for

policem en, firem en a n d everybody else w ho can m ak e

o u t a k e y -in d u stry case fo r him self. B u t th e c o u n try

Is in d a n g e r a n d everybody w ho can do so sh o u ld be

read y to defd^^d it. T h is m o v em e n t to m ak e special

p e ts of special g ro u p s o u g h t to be sta m p e d o u t rig h t

now , a t th e s ta r t.”

Now, in th e first place, th e Selective Service law

Itself provides fo r d e fe rm e n t of th e m a n w ho “can

m ak e o u t a k e y -in d u stry case fo r him self.” T h e w isdom

of th is p a rtic u la r provision c an h a rd ly be q u estioned,

even by th e News, since if it w e re n ’t w ritte n in,

d isru p tio n of civilian life could tak e place on a w holesale


In th e second place, w hile th e w hole in te n t of th e

Selective Service law is to avoid d isc rim in atio n in

fav o r of a n y one g ro u p or a n y p a rtic u la r individual,

th e a p p licatio n of th is p rin cip le in a rigid m a n n e r,

such as th e News proposes, c an only b rin g ab o u t th e

very d a n g e r w h ich th e News deplores— d a n g er to


N o th in g proves th is b e tte r th a n th e u n h a p p y ex ­

perience of E n g lan d . At th e w a r’s b eg inning, E n g la n d

d ra fte d in to m ilitary service m an y of h e r cops a n d

firem en, only to find la te r t h a t w h en th ese tra in e d

m en were u rg e n tly n eed ed to cope w ith th e bom bing

of B ritish cities, th e m en w ere m obilized in th e com ­

p a rativ ely in activ e a rm e d forces. In e x p erien c e d m en

h a d to tak e th e ir places.

I t ’s o u r opinion t h a t th e tra in e d policem an or firem

a n is of m ore value stay in g on h is job t h a n d o n n in g

a soldier’s u n ifo rm . Tliis is especially tru e in New

York, w h ere th e u n ifo rm e d forces are u n d e rm a n n e d .

As th e N c7ds p o in ts out, th e re a re 1,127 police eligibles

a n d 5,420 fire eligibles w aitin g for jobs. B u t th e Neios

ed ito rial w riter is on th in g ro u n d w h e n h e a rg u es th a t

th ese eligibles sh o u ld be used to su b stitu te fo r th e

tra in e d m en w ho a re called to service. W h a t’s th e

p o in t? O ur idea, we th in k , is m ore sensible: Fill up

th e gaps in th e forces by b rin g in g th e m u p to full

s tre n g th fro m th e ra n k s of th e eligibles.

W h a t th is v u ln erab le city n eed s is a train e d , ex p erienced,

c o m p e te n t group of c areer m en w ho will sta y

p u t a n d do th e ir p rim a ry job— p ro tec tin g th e U. S. by

d efen d in g th e city.

L o c a l L i s t s f o r U . S , *


ST E P fo rw a rd — alb eit a sm all ste p — is th e re ce n t

Executive O rd er allow ing th e U.S. Civil Service

C om m ission to use lists estab lish ed by sta te a n d

city com m issions sh o u ld defense needs req u ire th em .

It seem s to us t h a t a c tu a l fu lfillm en t of th e p la n

is a n ex cellen t id ea fo r all concerned, a n d t h a t it

should be p u t in to effect n o t only for jobs strictly in

th e defense p ro g ra m b u t o th ers as well. F o r exam ple,

th e U.S. C om m ission recen tly a n n o u n c e d S ten o a n d

T y p ist tests fo r u p sta te New Y ork residents. W hy

co u ld n ’t eligibles on th e len g th y S ten o a n d T y p ist lists

of th e S ta te C om m ission be ta k e n on in stead ?

L e t’s see how th e vario u s groups c o n cern ed will


(1) F e d e ral C om m ission— Now o v erru n w ith w ork

b ro u g h t on by th e defense p ro g ram , it could c ertain ly

well afford to save as m u c h tim e a n d m o n ey as


(2) S ta te a n d City C o m m is s io n s~ It will en co u rag e

confidence in a m e rit sy stem th a t provides g re a te r job

o p p o rtu n ity for th o se w ho tra in fo r a n d p ass stiff Civil

Service exam s. ^

(3) Eligibles— I t will provide actio n on lists t h a t

are all b u t m o rib u n d , p a rtic u la rly those of New Y ork

S tate.

IN D U ST R IO U S, d e term in ed ,

H e n ry L. G eh rig , P aro le C o m ­

m issioner, digs in to h is w ork

w ith th e sam e quiet, th o ro u g h ­

going co m p eten ce t h a t Lou G e h ­

rig, first b a se m a n , displayed on

th e d iam o n d . . . . Staff m e m ­

bers a t 139 C en tre S tre e t m arv el

a t th e skilled m a n n e r in w h ich

C om m issioner G eh rig h a n d le s

cases, h is tre m e n d o u s know ledge

of th e social sciences, h is a stu te

ju d g m e n t of h u m a n values. . . .

G eh rig supervises p aro le of m en

a n d w o m en of all ages co m ­

m itted to th e New Y ork C ity

P e n ite n tia ry a n d th e W orkhouse,

of y o ung m e n b etw een 16 a n d 30

assig n ed to th e R e fo rm ato ry . . . .

B efore a rriv in g ^ t a fin al decision,

G e h rig stu d ies re p o rts fro m

parole officers . . . p sy c h iatrists

. . . a rre stin g officers . . . p ro b a ­

tion officers . . . d istric t a tto rn e y s

. . . social agencies. . . . O nce a

w eek G eh rig a tte n d s a n execu-

tiv m ee tin g of th e P aro le B o ard .

. . . Daily, h e visits rece n tly se n ­

ten ced prisoners, interview s p a ­

rolees. . . . N ightly, G eh rig c a n

be seen In h is office long a fte r

th e last ste n o g ra p h e r h a s left

. . . stu d y in g cases . . . w eighing

in fo rm a tio n carefully. . . . Id o lized

by h is staff, G ehrig. Is still

re m e m b ere d by boys a n d b a se ­

ball fa n s all over th e co u n try .

. . . P ic tu re s of F irst B a se m a n

Lou G ehrig, scrap s of p a p e r a n d

even baseballs are received In

th e m ail fo r h is a u to g ra p h . . . .

C h aracteristically , C om m issioner

H e n ry L. G e h rig obliges.


G IR L w e’ve

seen In Civil

Service is V era

E nid M cN am

a ra , e x a m in ­

ing a ssista n t

for th e M u ­

n icip al Civil

Service C om -

^ ' nlission . . .

S h e ’s a tall, b ru n e tte Irish girl

w ith a n e n c h a n tin g smile. . . .

V era w e n t to G ood C ounsel C ollege

in W h ite P lain s, m ajo re d

Merit Men

In science a n d p re -m e d courses.

(“I did all rig h t u n til it cam e to

d issectin g a c a t.”) A fter t h a t

sh e tu rn e d to jo u rn alism , now

e d its th e C o m m issio n ’s m o n th ly

p u b licatio n . . . . S h e likes to

p la y golf (“I ’m very b a d a t i t ”) ,

to d ance, a n d travel. O n S ep ­

te m b e r 3, 1939, th e d ay w ar w as

declared , V era w as on th e U.S.S.

M a n h a tta n , h o m e w a rd b o u n d

fro m Ire la n d , a fte r ju s t m issing

p a ssag e o n th e A th en ia. T h is

w in te r sh e p la n s a B e rm u d a

trip . . . . V era describes h erself

as a “ c are er w o m a n ,” says she

likes h e r Job because it b rin g s

h e r in c o n ta c t w ith people, a n d

th in k s w o rk in g fo r th e city is

m o re In te re stin g t h a n w orking

fo r a p riv a te concern,

L E S T E R B.

STO N E, A ssista

n t B u d g e t D ire

cto r of N. Y.

C., a t 36 looks

b a ck on a c a ­

re e r t h a t h a s

taken h i m

th r o u g h tw elve

y e a rs of n e w sp

a p e r work,

th re e y e a rs as M ay o r L a-

G u a rd ia ’s se c retary , a n d th re e in

h is p re se n t post. . . . T h e M ayor

once said t h a t if h e h a d a b u d g et

d irec to r “w ho got p o p u la r w ith

th e p u b lic” h e ’d k n o w it w as tim e

to ch an g e. T h is applies to th e

A ssistan t D irecto r as well. I t ’s no

easy job to fin an ce th e m a n y a c ­

tivities of a city of 7,000,000. L este

r S to n e k now s th is a n d sh rin k s

fro m th e lim elight. H e’s c o n te n t

to do a n efficient jo b w ith o u t

fa n fa re . He k now s t h a t w hen

city d e p a rtm e n t h e a d s req u est

$1,000,000,000 to keep going,

w h e n th e r e ’s only $600,000,000

available, h e ’ll tra m p on som e

toes w h e n it com es to p ru n in g

d ow n th e ir requests. B u t he

tak e s it in stride. . . . L ester

grew u p in n e w sp a p er w ork a n d

b ecam e a s tu d e n t of politics a n d

g o v e rn m e n t th ro u g h years of

covering city d e p a rtm e n ts a n d

th e ir activities. . . . He covered

th e long series of inv estig atio n s,

e n d in g in th e S eab u ry in v estig a ­

tion, w h ic h finally broke th e

pow er of T a m m a n y . . . .Misc.:

L ester talk s in a salty ;' p ro fan e

m a n n e r; h e ’s gruff b u t friendly.

H e acc o m p an ied th e M ayor on

th e la tte r ’s b a rn sto rm in g trip

fo r F.D.R. . . . He dism isses his

p e rso n al life w ith a w ave of his

arm s, says it ’s u n in te re stin g .

Tuesday, December lo

R e p e a t T h i s !


e e p y o u r eyes open

em ployee trouble in

P a rk s D epartm ent.




official is b lam ed . T h e talk

t h a t h e likes to r u n Civil Servial

h i s o w n w a y ...T h e BenjamS

C om m ission re p o rt — of

ju d icial ag en cies in the state'

will go to th e L egislature by pfT

ru a ry l . . . T h e K e rn probe \viii

co n tin u e th ro u g h n ex t summer

...P e rs o n n e l heads^ of State de.

p a rtm e n ts in A lbany who are

a b o u t to b a n d to g eth e r now f

a n outside g ro u p read y to set up

a n A lbany b r a n c h . .. J . s. Sanl.

ta tib n eligible. T h a n k s for yom

letter. P lease d ro p in to see us.

H e a lt h D e p a rln ie iii

When Nelson Rockefeller movd

into the State Department biiildinj

in Washington, observers u'ondercd

what was in the large boxes carted

up to his office. The answer: n sun-

ray lam p and an exercising mnchint

. ..Best photographer in the city set-

vice: Howard Schiebler, of the Board

of Ed, who never takes a picturt.

He only poses ’em .. .Thd average agi

of the Court of Appeals is now ot

its lowest in years... The City Commission

is about to install 500 eian

seats that reach a new high in com-

fort and roominess.. .There'll bt i

new lighting system next year in the

Assembly Chambers... Michigan’i

Civil Service department gets, bj

law, 1 per cent of the State's operating

budget.. .Uncle Sam has (rnnj-

lators who can converse icith Atu-

tralian aborigines...

F o r e i g n N cm p

M aybe It isn’t true, but the st«ty

goes th at w hen Hitler invadfi

France, he was able to get passive

cooperatron from government fin-

ployees by prom ising to respect their

pensions. . .The U. S. quota .systen,

w hich w orks suc'h hardships on Xe»

Y orktrs, has an interesting excuse

for existence: that it prevents building

up a father-and-son casle systen

In the governm ent s e r v ic r . I’nsuW

heroes: the lads in the .Sanitatioa

D epartm ent who give their bloo4

quietly and w ithout lani'are, to sive

the lives of fellow humans. Men ii

the d epartm ent send each donor a U

check as a token of appreciation

Among those who have volunteered

their services to the government 1«

case of need is A lbert Einstein.

l e t t e r s

Suggestion for Postal List

Sirs: I would like to call your

attention to the uncertainty and

indeflniteness w hich confront th«

Post Office EligibleB Association

and those who w ould like to b ecome

applicants for a Post Office

exam ination. The eligibles are petitioning

the extension of their list

for another year, future applicants

are hoping for the expiration of

the list and the holding of a new

exam ination. This situation is attributed

to the fact that Federal

eligible lists can, at the discretion

of the Civil Service Commission,

be extended from year to year.

Thus last year, the P. O. registers,

after continuous petitioning by the

various eligible associations, w ere

extended until February, 1941. Up

to date the lists have been in ex ­

istence for alm ost four years.

W hile such a situation «is lamentable,

perhaps, the following

suggestion would m ake Federal

Civil Service m ore definite and

certain in the m atter of the life

of an eligible register and the

holding of a new exam ination for

the same position.

1. Like New Y ork State, an elig­

ible register should not be p erm

itted to exist for m ore than four


2. Unless the list is exhausted

prior to the four years limit, a

new exam ination should be held

before or at the end of th at period.

W ith the establishm ent of these

rules, we would not have the need

for agitation, wishful thinking, etc.,

am ong aspirants and eligibles of

F ederal Civil Service.

F uture P ost O ffice Applicant.

L a u d s M r . “ Q u e s t i o n , P l e a s e ”

Sirs: I am a reader of The Leader

since the first issue was published,

and shall be till doomsday. Mr. H.

Eliot K aplan seems to be a w izard

In getting inform ation that no one

else seems able to find out. I am

one of those— no m atter w here I

have applied for the inform ation I

am after, I alw ays get the answer:

“We don’t know,” except from The

L eader’s Mr. Kaplan.

G rateful.

T h a n k s

Sirs: As an em ployee of the

U nited States < o v ern m en t,,please

allow m e to say that I think W

L eader has done a magnificent^

in its support of the

bill. If it h adn’t been for 'J

w ork of your paper that

w ouldn’t have passed. „ .

O ne thing I like about

L eader; w hen you put up a ^

for som ething you stick

through. ^


S h a l l W e P u b l i s h

C a l e n d a r ? . jhii

Sirs: I w ould like to -

you please publish the

of the Civil Service Cominiss> .

you*used to and in fact you snoiCivil

leave out any item s of th®

Service Com m ission’s weekly


I am sure you will not go,

if you ren ew th at featuit; m •

esteem ed publication. p,tsK^-

What do other r e a d e n

Shall we list the entire

the NYC Civil Service

or continue to select, as

doing, only those stories

to have major importance.

fiftcembcr 10i 1940 CIVIL SERVICE LEADER P age S even



n m em bers of his d epartm ent “necessary” men, w ithin

nt the Selective Service A ct of 1940, Police C om m issioner

orovis>o”% ° t sent a letter to all chairm en and m em bers of th«

;>3lent«i« 1 aopeal boards of the selective service adm inistration. Said


who would be req u ired to register u nder said Act. This surtain

there are 5,641 m en w ho had passed their 21st birthday

not reached th eir 36th birthday on the date of registration,

grKljg 1940.

num ber of these m en are likely to be inducted into m ilitary

“A for a year’s training. T hey have all been un d er police discipline


h^ve received, as m em bers of the police force, specialized training,

for the im portant duties of protecting health, life, prop-


nd°the enforcem ent of the law.

police D epartm ent is a quasi-m ilitary organization, and m em bers

r police force are required to keep them selves in good physical

I consider that by reason of th eir training and experience,

•^continuance as m em bers of the uniform ed force of the Police Deis

of definite im portance to national defense. It will be necesto

replace experienced and thoroughly trained m en in police work,

0 are inducted into m ilitary service, w ith other m en from a Civil

ice Eligible List for the position of patrolm an. U nder the law, such

must be w ithin the draft age and will also be subject to call under

Ihe Selective Service Act. A constant replacem ept, in large num bers of

I ained, experienced police officers by untrained recruits w ould undoubt-

V tend to create a chaotic condition in law enforcem ent in this, the

most important city of th e U nited States.

"I am convinced th at continued service of m em b ers of the police force

, this Department is necessary to the m aintenance of public health,

public safety, national defense and in the public interest. T heir inducticJi

n would be for training purposes only and not for actual w arfare,

the .services w ere for actual w arfare I would not m ake this request.

I respectfully urge th at you grant deferm ent from service to those

members of the uniform ed force of the Police D epartm ent of the City

of New York who m ay be called for training because I consider them all

neces.sary men’ under the provisions of paragraph 351 of the Selective

Training and Service Act of 1940 and in accordance w ith the provisions

of Bulletin No. 5, Selective Service, N ew Y ork City H eadquarters, N ovember

23, 1940."

12 ynmrs A dded to Lieut. List

A number of m en w ho took the Police L ieutenant prom otion exam ination

and failed to get on the eligible list of 180, got a break last w eek

when the Municipal Civil Service Commission added approxim ately 1?^

names. This was done by reducing the passing m ark from 79.9 to 79.5,

hich follows the usual practice of resolving major, fractions in favor

[ candidates. This step was taken following a request by C om m issioner

Valentine who told the Civil Service Comrhission that he did not

think the present list was large enough to fill the needs of His d ep artment

for the next four years. This would indicate that all m em bers on

the li.st will eventually receive prom otions to Lieutenant.

hSqiKul Bill

The liiirl draft of a bill to provide for “a real day of rest” for P atrolmen

wili be discussed at the PB A m eeting Tuesday, D ecem ber 10, at the


Commodore. The bill provides for a six-day w ork week, eight

hours in each day, and at the term ination of each set of six tours of duty

a rest p.'riod w hich will be not less than 40 hours. T he present m ethod

of working provides a so-called 32-hour rest period, sixteen hours of

which are actual hours the m en would be off duty u nder the 8-hour law.

Under the present system of w orking the P atrolm en are on duty for

eight hoiir.s practically every day in the year, giving no real opportunity

to the men to spend a reasonable am ount of tim e w ith th eir fam ­

ilies and to obtain p ro p er rest.

teeph Burkard, president of the PBA, outlined the need for the 11squad

workmg chart to us last week. Said he: “As tim e goes on, the

duties of the patrol force are becom ing m ore exacting and the nervous

tension greater. It is felt by the m em bers of this association th at this

measure will provide for the taxpayers, a force of m en who w ith proper

res and a reasonable am ount of fam ily life will be better able to function

in the be.st interests of all concerned.”

^ to R etirem e n t Bills?

What ever happened to Council bills 248 and 270? These provide for

mandatory retirem ents of m em bers of the police force at 60 or 63 years

'Re m e n P O L I C E M E N

’•will guarantee

-t'' SWIM



h. H .r r '" " '* S‘- Brooklyn, N. Y.

rom Clark St. Station. MAin 4-5500

JHRISTMAS g if t s

’"KIIK.s _ iua.moxds

IVrnm -’ ‘'-'V K r.K V

Til .. 77. . Down Pa.yiiK'iil

' ■'•onths to ray

T e a c h e ris X e w sw e e k ly



and I

b y M a y A n d r e s H e a l y

M a y Andres H ealy is granted the widest latitude

in expressing her vietos: H e r opinions do not*

necessarily represent the views of Th e Leader.

I t w ould n o t be possible to an sw e r all th e le tte rs received fro m

th o se w ho o b jected to m y article re la tin g to th e ex istin g L icense

No. 1 eligible lists.

H ow ever, it w as a sto n ish in g to n o te t h a t so m a n y of o u r p ro spective

te a c h e rs fail to re a d a n d c o m p re h e n d w h a t is on th e

p rin te d page.

L etter after letter stated th at the w riters w ere not “stale,” for they

have been substituting for the past several years. I specifically excepted

those cligibles and referred to as "stale” those w ho have N O T taught

either in private schools, or substituted In the public schools since a ttaining

a place on the list.

Irrelevant statem ents in the letters, such as "the voluntary courses”

taken by elijjibles, and the "superior w o rk ” done by substitutes as com ­

pared w ith that accomplished by regular teachers, only prove further

that those who took issue w ith m e failed to realize the m ain purpose of

the article, nam ely m y opposition to the m erging of lists.

T here would never have* been any necessity to extend the life of eligible

lists, if the old order still prevailed. The cream of each list would

have been appointed and the rest of those on the list w ould never even

be considered. W hat these eligibles really objected to w as m y statem ent

that all lists extended until 1943, shall not be fu rth er extended, and th at

h ereafter lists rem ain in efTect for the norm al period of three years only.

Strange as it seems, not one letter m entioned the extension of eligible

lists. How ever, I was aw are that th at was w hat the w riers w ere p rim

arily concerned with.

I am definitely of the opinion, how ever, that no fu rth er extensions be

m ade.

The law of supply and dem and controls appointm ents. If there are

m ore applicants for teaching positions than there are vacancies, some,

of ncce.ssity, m ust be disappointed.

The eligibles will never win the regular teachers to their cause by

planning a program to rid the system of certain groups of regular

teachers. I have before m e the six-point program of the License No. 1

Eligibles which program regular teachers could well object to.

O ur plan in the past was the one enacted into law w hich m ade it possible

for the pre.sent eligibles to preserve the opportunity for appointm

ent. In other words, the Joint Com m ittee of T eachers’ Organizations

sponsored the introduction and had passed the present extension of

lists. We now feel that sufTicicnt opportunity and tim e has been allowed.

G raduates of college have had no opportunity for the past ten

years even to take an exam ination for License No. 1, due to these r e ­

peated extensions of lists.

Extensions have also w orked a hardship on regular teachers who are

prepared for prom otional exam inations. In m any Instances, exam s have

not been given because of the existing extended lists.

For the inform ation of those who claim ed In their letters th a f regular

teachers do not take courses except under compulsion, let m e state that

Superintendent G reenberg reported only a few days ago th at 80% of

the teachers taking courses are those who DO N O T NEED THEM for

alertness credit.


The M anhattan Council, G reater



N ew York P ark Employees Association,

will hold a .special m eeting in

H arlem C ourt House, East 121st

S treet and Sylvan Place, on Decem ­

b er 12, at 8 p.m. Election of officers

and other im portant business of the

organization will be transacted. All

m em bers are urged to a tte n d .. .N ext

regular m eeting of the Clim ber &

P ru n e r Eligible Association D ecem ­

ber 12, at 8:30 p.m., In G erm ania

Hall, 16th Street and Third Avenue,

M anhattan. All eligibles are invited

to a tte n d .. .W illiam Micken.s, Pres.

Ass’t Gardener.s Eligible Association,

suggests that the Dep’t set up an

em ergency fund for snow removal.

Those employees who w ere layed off

during the w inter m onths could be

called in for rem oval of snow from

paths, roadways, parkw ays, etc. If

these m en w ere aflorded a chance to

w ork during their unem ployed period

it would help them and their

familic.s, benefit the Dep’t and cu rtail

the nece.ssily of w orking the

regular men over their usual time.

Such a proposal, if tried, should

prove wo r k a b 1 e ... Coney Island

doesn’t seem the same since Park

Special, Needles Tristano, left the

later i)art of N ovem ber.. .The M unicipal

Civil ScrvTce rommi.ssion on

N ovem ber 29 certified the prom otion

list of P a rk Forem an, G rade 2.

The nam es of 23 appointees eligible

are: 1, Eugene Alt, 82.87; 2, Joseph

Feldm an, 82.00; 3, H erb ert Hirsch-

man, 81.25; 4, Daniel H arrington,

80.75; 5, Edgar Bever, 80.37; 6, F rank

Maunton, 80.37; 7, R ichard Chama-

lian, 80.25; 8, R udolpt W inton, 80.00;

9, H erbert D unbar, 80.00; 11, A nthony

Speidel, 79.75; 12, Cornelius O'Shea,

79.75; 13, A aron Hershkow itz, 79.75;

14, John D unleavy, 79.50; 15, Joseph

Downing, 79.25; 17, A ugust Shultz,

79.00; 18, John Costello, 79.00; 19,

Jam es Linden, 79.00; 21, John Delea,

78.62; 22, Eugene Dooley, 78.62; 23,

Frederick K aufm an, 78.62; 24, A rthur

Thompson, 78.37; 25, John Der-

mody, 78.25; 26, John M athews, 78.25.

N um bers 10, 16 and 20 w ere not app

o in te d .. .N ext regular m eeting of

the Five Boro Ass’t G ardners Association

will be held Jan u ary 7, 1941,

at the City C ourt House, 52 C ham bers

Street, M anhattan, at 8 p.m — W alter

Rosenberg was looking for a

thum b mate. He planned leaving

for Florida the 1st of Dec.

P r o m o t i o n t o G a r d e n e r

study Series No. 3

Directions: Fill in the answ ers as

required in each of the following:

IG. T hree groups into which plants

Have You A L ittle

Oscar in YourHome

H ave you a potential Oscar of the

W aldorf In y our home, an em bryo

Escoflier, a budding A lcatiore? If

Junior show s signs of culinary genius,

send him, next term , to the Food

Trades Vocational High School, 208

W est 13th Street.

Beginning F eb ru ary 1, the educational

program at this school will be

designed to train chefs, not short-

order cooks. G raduates will be eligible

for apprenticeship in the city’s

most exclusive hotels and restau ­

rants instead of haphazard em ploym

ent in cafeterias, butcher shops and

all-night diners.

Jacob Simonson, director of the

school, recently requested the A m erican

C ulinary Federation to select

two m en who w ould be willing to d evote

their lives to teaching the new

classes In culinary art. An ex am in ation,

tentatively set for the n ear fu ­

ture, will be judged by the federation

and the N ew Y ork H otel Trades

Council, AFL. Starting salary is

scheduled at betw een $2,500 and

$3,000 annually.

In addition to ^ n elem entary course

for beginners, Mr. Simonson revealed

th at the school will hold advanced

courses for m en now em ployed in

the hotel and restau ran t business. A

special course to train stew ards is

also being considered.



A fter three hectic sessions in a

sm all over-crow ded room in. N ew

Y ork’s County C ourt House, the joint

legislative com m ittee Investigating

subversive activities in the city’s educational

system adjourned the open

hearings until after the holidays.

Charges, denials and countercharges

flew fast before the com m ittee a u ­

thorized its counsel, late Thursday, to

institute contem pt proceedings

against twenty-five past and present

teachers for refusal to testify at p re ­

vious private one-m an com m ittee


Called to the stand by P aul Win-

dels, counsel for the com m ittee w ere:

Tuesday — Dr. B ern ard G rabanier,

assistant professor of English at

Brooklyn College, w ho accused nine

m em bers of the Brooklyn College

faculty of being Com m unists u nder

assum ed names. Including himself.

Wednesday — Dr. G rabanier, w ho

stated that m em bership in the Com ­

m unist party had cost him $500 per

year; that he tried to resign in the

Spring of 1939, b ut w as not p erm

itted to do so; that he w as finally

expelled in August, 1939; Ralph

DeSola, a form er em ployee of the

are divided according to perm anence

are .......... ................. ................

17. K ainite Is a ...............

18. The p art of a stem at w hich a

leaf is borne is called ................

19. Cleft drafting is best done

in ................

20. The part of a plant into which

a bud or scion is inserted is called

Directions: In each 'o f the follow'-

ing items four possible answ'ers are

suggested to com plete each statem

ent. On the answ er sheet w rite

the letter of the statem ent w hich is

best of those suggested.

21. A host plant is (a) a specim en

plant (b) an accent plant (c) a plant

affording lodging for parasitic plants

(d) a plant of recent introduction.

22. A m oraine is (a) a type of rock

garden (b) a type of gourc! (c) a

patio garden (d) a terraced area.

23. Balsam apple Is (a) an o rn am

ental tree (b) a dediduous shrub

(c) an annual vine (d) dracaena.

24. "B reaking” in tulips refers to

(a) a hardening oft process (b) a

sudden change in color (c) a w ater

cultivation m ethod (d) a bulblet

propagation method.

25. The best tyj>e wood used for

seed flat construction is (a) w hite

pine (b) balsa (c) poplar (d) cypress.

Clip and paste in scrapbook. To

be continued w hen space perm its.

(Address all communications to

the column in care of The Leader.)

Buy The L EA PE R every Tuesday

A m erican M useum of N atural History,

who charged tw o elem entary

school teachers and one City College

Instructor w ith m em bership in the

C om m unist party; Charles J. H end-

ley, president of Local 5 of the

A m erican T eachers Union, who testified

that the union was not under

Red control. Thursday—Dr. H arry

D. Gideonse, who said that an organized

m inority of Com m unists and

those under C om m unist Influence

had control of student activities

w hen he assum ed office; that he assisted

the unorganized m ajority to

win 17 of 20 seats in the Student

Council by holding elections in the

classroom; that the Communists, incensed,

held a cam pus peace demon-

station one hour before elections;

that his hom e and telephone w ere

picketed for two w eeks by students,

non-students and one faculty m em ­

ber in bands of tw enty to three h u n ­

dred; Charles J. Hendley, wlto

clashed frequently w ith State Senator

Coudert, called the probe an

endeavor to underm ine unions.

Cited w ith contem pt of court for

refusing to testify at private one-m an

hearings were: A braham Sobel, Dr.

Joseph Bressler, Dr. Solomon Asch,

C harlotte Robinson, Isidore Pom e-

rance, Dr. Louis M iner, Dr. Sarah

Reidm an, A lex B enjam in Novikoff,

P au l A. Gipfel, Dr. Belle Zeller, Ben

B aum an, Sam uel K aiser, Dr. H erbert

M. M ow is.

Dr. Bella Dodd, legislative re p re ­

sentative of the T eacher’s Union,

protested In court th at the accused

had not refused to testify, b ut that

they w ere acting u nder advice of


T he battle will be resum ed next

year, w hen the open hearings will

be continued on a day, as yet unannounced,

in January.

Repercussions: Unions, both A FL

and CIO, both friendly and hostile to

the T eachers’ Union, are supporting

th e union for its stand In re ­

fusing to divulge m em bership lists to

the R app-C oudert committee. R eason

is the fear that a disastrous precedent

m ight be set up.

B rooklyn College students, w orried

about their possibilities of obtaining

jobs after graduation, have issued a

rem inder to the R app-C oudert investigation

com m ittee th at it has the

w elfare of 14,000 students in its

hands, to be careful lest all of the

students are sm eared w ith the Red


The City Council approved a resolution

by Councilm an K eegan re ­

questing the C oudert Com m ittee to

investigate the peace strikes of the

A m erican S tudent Union, the circum

stances leading to the resignations

of Presidents Robin.son of City

College and Colligan of H unter, the

by-law i of the Board of Higher


Small boys In the college n,

borhood hurl snowballs and '

of "Red” at the undergraduate^

No C redit fo r

Board o f E d Work

R ecently classified employees

the B oard of H igher Education

not receive eith er service


credit or seniority credit under"

ruling of the M unicipal Civil Se*

vice Com m ission this week.

To g rant such credits, declared th

Commission, w ould be Impracticabi*

and, in th e case of seniority credit*

it w ould involve tlie establishment

tw o categories of seniority,

establishm «nt of tw o categories

seniority w ould lead to endle.ss con

fusion. M oreover,” said the Commis*

sion, "the question is m ore academi#

than practical. It is relevant in larg,

p a rt only to city-w ide promotion e*.

am inations. It Is not likely that h

the clerical service w e shall havi

in the fu tu re departm ental list,

w hich are inadequate for the need

of th e departm ent.”

1^000 W ant Leave

Sabbatical leaves have been re-

quested by approxim ately i,ooo

teachers and principals, states Jacob

G reenberg, Associate Superintend-

ent of Schools in charge of personnel

of the B oard of Education. This>

n u m b er com pares favorably with

th at of requests for previous spring

sabbaticals and show s that the teach-

ers do not fear th e physical check-

ups w hich som e of them will have

to undergo upon th eir return to

duty. T eachers on sabbatical leave

are entiUed to full pay minus that

of the 'substitute appointed to fill

th eir position.

A pplications w ill probably be presented

to the B oard of Superintendents

on D ecem ber 17; teachers will

be notified im m ediately afterwardi

of the decisions.

Shiebler Guides

G uided by H ow ard A. Shiebler,

secretary to School Superintendent

Cam pbell, citizen members cf

the T eachers G uild Associates

toured B oard of Education headquarters,

110 Livingston Street. The

visitors h eard lectures of Board cf

Education officials on different es-

pects of education w ork. A luncheon

at th e A braham & Straus resta

u ra n t In the building terminated

th e visit.

Y o n , T o o - - -

c a n b e S A N T A C L A U S !

A P e r g o n a l L o a n w i l l a s s u r e y o u t h e g r e a t e s t o f

" ~ p le a s u re _ » a t C h r i s t m a s t i m e — t h a t o f G I V I N G .

Loans »t from |60 to |3,500 for periods of IS mouths or longer

«An be »rranced without co-makers. The discount rate is

P«>" annum—and life insurance costs only 80 cents p f

1100. Bronx County Trust Company service is prompt.


MAIN OFFICE: Third Avenue at 148th Street

MElrose 5-6900, Extension 50


Tlilrd Avenue »t 187th

Third Avenue a t Bobton Roud

Forilhnii) Hoad a t Jerome Avenue

OKUen Avenue a t L'niverHlty .'%venue



\>'hite riiiius Avenue at 233rd • .

East Treniont Ave. a t BoHton

11 HuKh J. (5rant

i n s u r a n c e : c o r p o u a t i o n


gilayi Decem ber 10, 1940 d V IL SERVICE LEADER P age Nmjt

Complete Listing of Sanitation Eligibles

(;ra K.'dowl. G ustave M,, 08.0; 551. Pug-

liese. CaslJer. 95,25; 55l‘, .Seifert, Willi:.m

95,25; .5.53. Baranello, William F..

95,25; 554, Glullce, Pasciuale. 95,;;5; .550.

Glick. Sidney. 95,25; 550, liuuinann, (Seorge

J,. 95.125; 557. Brown. Frank. .Ir. P5.I25;

.55S, Cohen. Joseph. !)5.125; 55!), Clynn.

W illiam K.. Jr,. 95.125; 5(iO, O’1-oiigliiin.

William. !)5.125; 501, Parker, George U,,

95.125; 502, Seifried, William, 95.11.-5; ,5i;;!,

Taylor. A rthur J.. !)5.125; 504. MalHst,

John. 1)5.125; 505, Lukawiak, Karol. ;'5.125:

500, Derringer. M artin I';.. ',;5.125; 507,

Forde, Clayton U., 95.125; 50,S. Kempf.

Luclen J., 95.125; G(i9, C.)tler. Robert W.,

95.125; 570. Lanzisera. Orazio F.. 95.125;

571. Scharf. H arry. 95.00; 572, JMIlls, Kil-

win G,, 95.00; 57;!. Pucci. Albert, 95.00;

574. loris. William F., 95.00; {)75. Piazzii.

Earnest. 95.00; 070, Berman. .Solomon,

95.00; 577, Geffen, I’erry, 95.00; 578.

W.altz. Edward J.. 95.00; 579. Savino,

Thomas. 9.5.00; .580. Burlak. Michael, 95,00;

581. Sawyer, Sylvester K., 95.00; 582.

Sperber. Jack, !I5.00; 583, Filon, Michael

J.. 95.00; 584. Kloepter, Alvin C,, 95,00;

5.S3, Fetterm an, H yman L., Ow.OO; 5N0,

Rubenstein, Arthur. 95.00 ; 687. W irth,

Gustave J.,’ 9.5.00; 688, Mauch. Robert .1.,

05.00; 589. Jastran, Ralph. 95.00; -590,

Bertamini, Valentine J.. 95.00; 6!)1. Lis-

comb, Jes.se U.. 95.00; r)92. Gerdvll, Stan­

ley, 9O.00; 693. Shivachman, Harold,

95.00; 594. Healy. James. 95.1X); 695, Gel-

fand, Moses, 95.00; 696, Sherman. Morris,

95.00 ; 097. Heaney. M artin T., 95.00; 598.

Wernig. Carl J.. 95.00; 099, RUterbusch.

I'Jdward J.. 96.00.

G r a d e s 9 5 t o 9 4 . 5 0

000. Kelly. F rank J., 05.00; 001. Busile.

Anthony, 95.00; 002, Foley, Joseph A.,

95.00 ; 003, McCord, Randolph J., 95.00;

004, Pelkus, I'Jdward A., 95.00 ; 005. Snizek,

W illiam F., i)5.00; 000, Buchanan, .Andrew,

95.00; (107. Besigiiano, John 1*.. 95.00; 008,

I.ore, Vincent J., 95.00; 009. Urvant. M ar­

vin D.. 95.00; 010. Mayo, Charles, 95.(M);

Oil, Honimel, Edwin H., 95.00 ; 012, Jlen-

nolla, Anthony J., 95.00; 013, Meadows,

Reuben L,, 95,00; 014, Magistrale, Joseph,

Jr,, 95.00; 010, Pizzarelll. Dominick

95.00; 010, Curran, Francis .1., 95.00; 017,

Vetter, Raymond T., 95.00; 018. Schnee-

weiss, David, 95.00; 019, Lenowlcz Albert

W., 95.00 ; 020, Marolta, Jose|)h, 95,00; 021,

P.icchiano, John, 95,00; (!22, Cohe»i. Benj.a-

mln, 95.00; 023, Costanza. Frank T,. 95.00;

024, Morris, I'Jrnest. 95,00; 02.5, Marche.'»e.

Victor, 96.00 ; 020, Kaplan. Irving, 95.00;

027, Sandorf, Harry, 95.00; 028. Celeste,

Nicholas, 95.00; 029. Elgner. .Toseph. 95.00;

030, Horowitz, Bernard, 95.00; 031, Smo-

lofsky, Morris. 93.00; 032, LIca, Thomas

B., 94.875; 033, Orth, Raymond M.. 94.875;

034, Frisch, A rthur, 94.875; 035, Donelan,

Jos. F., Jr.. 94.875; 030. Hlrsch. Rudolph,

94,875; 037. Wy.skoarko, Peter, 94.875; C38,

McXamee, .\lbert J., 94.875; 039, Walton,

Francis J., 94.875; 040. Czarnecky. Michael.

94.875; 041, Lannigan, Martin J,. 94,875;

042, Grant, Lloyd V,, 94.875; 043. Keana.

John J,, 94.875; 044, Caccese. Charles A.,

94.875; 045, McMaster, Jam es F.. 94.875;

040, Morales, Joseph. 04,875; 047. Paoll,

Louis J. V., 04.875; 048, Kress, Andi-ew,

94.875; 049, Bell, Vernon, 04,876,

050. Grannell, Melvin H., 94.875; 051,

Scalla Joseph, 91.875; 052, Donahue. .To­

seph, 94.873; 653, Baker, Samuel L., 94.875;

0.54, Lenze, John W., 94.875; 055, Matz,

Theodore, 94,875; 0.50. Kilfeder. William F.

94.75; 0.57, Junge, Henry, 91.75; 05,S,

Scheinberger, Harold, 94,75; 0.59, Haskln.s,

.lames J., Jr.. 94.75; 000, Luskin, Nathan,

94.75; 001, Cantor. W illiam H., 94.76; 002,

Wind, Thom as J., 94,75; 003, Cainoia,

Genuarlo N,, 94,75; 004, McGevna, Edward

L,, 94.76; 605, RIvIello, ,Tame.z'.vi!o,

W alter J., 91.,50; 7.S4, I.itkett, J.imes W,.

94..50; 7S5, Altobelll. .John A.. !)1.5o; 7Si:,

Kaminska.s. ,foliii J., 91.,50; 787, (’rifasi,

John J., 94.50: 7SS, DIIMIo, Anthony ,1..

94.50; 789, Keibusch. I'hilip X., 01..50; 7!M),

Marchesi'. .Iose[ili. 01.,50; 791, Dinzev. -Al-

fre.i t ’., 91.,50; 7112, Driller. Murray. 01.,50;

79,3. Nichols, Stephen, 91.,50; 70(. K-r.'-^ow-

ski, Stanley I!.. 91.50; 795. 'I'empesta. K:do

(',, 91.50; 790, Colonna, l,oui“. 91.50; 797,

Chanevicii, Constantine. 04.50; 708, n'|!rlen.

Ambrose, 91.50; 799, Tionian, Gerald J.,

G r a d e s 9 4 . 5 0 l o 9 4

•SOO. Carlionaro. ,T(.. 94.25 ; 858. itlancuzzi. John P.. 91.-50;

8.50. .Spaulding, Benjamin J.. 94,25; SOO,

JIaggio, tJuisepi)e, 91,25; 801, Nelia. Mau­

rice J,, 94.25; 8(i2, Marino, .\lphonse.

94,25; 8(5;^. Jensen. W alter F,. 94.25; SOI,

Rubsam. Roman .1.. 94.25: 805. Silverman,

Sldne.y, 94.25; ,‘•’00. Bruno. Jame,ert. Kiibln,

94.25; 910. Bruno. .Toseph W.. 94.25; 911.

Margagllano, I’asquale, 94,25; 912, Scl-

mone, Tony. 04.25 ; 913, Mazzone, John.

94.25; 914. Belasco. Bert L.. 91.125; !I15.

Salmon. Harold R.. 94,125; 910, Phillips.

Jam es F.. 94.125; 917. Good. lleil)crt S..

' 94.125; 918. Beatson. William J.. 94.125;

919, Mose. .Simon. 94.125; 920. Osaki'o.

I Peter M., 91.120; 921. .Siherman, Benja-

' mln W,. 94.125; 922. Camplsi, Gaetano T.,

94.125; 923. Berlant. Nat. 94,125; 921,

: (Jangltano, Sapt J., 91.125; 925; Peila-

' ifrino. Anthony J., !I4,125; i!20, 'I’bonDsoii,

K enneth J.. 94.125 ; 927. I’asquurelli, Louis

R.. 94.125; 92K. Krombuch, Edward .M,.

94,125; 929, Signorile, Adolph R., 04.125;

930. I'-errara. Vincent J.. 94,1'J5; 9:!I,

dale, William M,. 94,125; 932, Weli-'berg,

Jaik. 94.125; 9;!;>. Pietromonaco. Frank.

94.125; 934. Chaffee, Henry 1>.. 04.125; i);!5,

Sllasky. George (',, !!4.I25; Sheehan.

Robert J., 94.125: 9;!7, b'arrell, Tiioinas J.,

94.125; 938, Kellly, Kdwanl F., 91.1’25; 939,

Cernito, Anthony. 94.125; 910. B.vain, Al­

bert, 94,125; 941. Blake, Vincent P.. 91.125;

942. N’entura, Lewis D.. 91.l’25; Oi::. Swan­

son, Wilbert R., 94.125; 914, iCarpenow-

sk> LeimanI W.. 91.125; 945, l.aturre, \ lto

J., 94,125; 940. Francesciilnl, Reno J.,

94,120; !)47. Shrimpton, George W’. f',,

!I4,125: !I4S. Slr.vjewski. Stanley J., 91.00;

949, Higgins, Harold, 94.00,

9.50. Frankel. Isblore, 94.00; 051, Mor-

Ing, Aubreye, 91,00: 952, Brodsky, Solo­

mon, !)4,00; 96;!, Mahoney, John P.. 04.00;

954, Dino, Josepii .M,, 94,00; 9.55, Mo.sher,

Albert M.. !V4.00; 950, Loguerclo. Victor,

94.00; 057, Martin, John H., 91.00; 958,

Iluban, \\'illlam, 94.00; !).59. I.,ove. James,

94.00; 000, Schure. i:u-ael L., 01,00; !0i.

JIadden. M artin J,, 94.00; 902, .Schauder,

Frederick A.. 94.fM); 003. Mazzarl. Victor

L.. 94.00; 904. Berlinger. Norman R.. 94.00;

!m;5. .Stein. Louis, 91.00; initl, Uiflce, Au-

ri'llo. 94.00; '.107. Uoiii', Charles A., 91.00;

00.>, S

AGE Ten CIVIL SERVICE LEADER Tuesday, December 10,

Arthur McQueen Only Man to Make 100 Percent

(Continued from Page 9)

02. CunimlnKS.

F.lnicr, ,Tr.. O.'t.nO; 1 l.'irt. Mny.y.;i. C.-irl V.,

Krlly. .John Al., ll.'t.OO; I iri.-i,

Sa unilcr.'i, (loorKU !>•'!.00; Xfonlif

Cliff iril U., !t:l.OO; Mr>7, .Strank. Richard .1..

O.'t.OO- M.'i.S, Hi)ok, Ij(>onar0; 1217, .IntiKP,

CJi'iirnP. !ri,.-.0; 12 IS. Vcichlo, I't-tPr. !!3.riO;

1210, M.'inKi'ri, ,Ianv.«, !)'!.."0.

12.")0, Kalno.-tkl. .loficpli. ^0; I2,'il, Tiizo,

\A'illlani ,1.. 0:’...'iO; 12." la. ; I2,‘iito. Michael A.,

t)3,37,^; 1201. Kchlilz. Kdward .M.. 03.37."i;

J202. M lone. A^o.'-tino. 03.37.": 1203. Hol-

Btpn, H an.1,1 |.’,, !';i.2."; 12!ll, INiK.sak. H.v-

nian, 0"..2."; 120.', hnca. Antonio 'I',, 03,2.';

120(1, Wcl/.rl. W.iltpr J,. 0,3.2."; 1207. Sar-

liol'skv, l.eo, o:t,2'i; 120,'; i:;03. Clarkin. John F., 03,2.1;

1.30I, Croce. Jidin 'P.. 03,2.'.; 1305. Krapse,

Herbert 11.. !':!,2.'i; l.'KMl, l.aii^rer, Jospph.

1)3.2'; 1307, HrbPk. Pt.anialav J.. o;i.2.'>;

i::os, ,Mann;i-. I''rank .1.. 0\2.'.; KIOO. \'ar-

TPy. Charles L.. 0".,2.'i; 1310, Hlnndl. I'^rank

A.' 0.3.2,"i; i;:il, '/.awrotnlak. ,lo.-pph, 0.3.2."i;

1312. i\lcl'onoiiirh, Don,aid l'^., !'3.2.'i; 131.3,

Krhi;rdt, ,!enH I!,, 03.2.".; 1.311, llrire, John

K., 03.2."; 131,"|. JlcCIowan, Fran;

1321, .Mail in. Jack, 03.2.'; 1.322, Coldman,

I.oiiI.M A,, 0"..2.'i; 1323. I.lehman, iH.aac, !)3.2.’i;

r;2-l. Million, l.awroncp S'.. !)3.2.'.; 132.'..

Campbell, .lidin J.. 03.2,'i; 132C, Jaffrey.

Harold. 03.2.'; 1327. Tully. John C., 03.25;

1.32S, Conway. Wil.son 1’,. 03.IT.; 1320. Wex-

Ipr, SidnP,\’. 03.."lO; 13'!0. Noviek, lOmanoel.

P.3.2T.; 1331, 'r'Omm.'isiilo, lOdwanl J. T.,

fl3.2.".; 1332, Welch, John C.., 03.2.".; 1333.

Mllhau.xpr, Herbert, 03.2,'; 1.331, Quinn,

John S., 01.2-".; 133,"., Allen, Vincent 'P..

f)3,2-".; 1:13(1. Venezia, Jospi.h U.. 03,2.''i;

3,337. Cordon, 11,-irry, 0.3.25; 1.33,S, Yodlcp,

riocco M,. 03.25; 13.30, XeRron, Ilaymond

1,., 0.3.25; 1310, Dubovlck. I'oter, 03.2T);

i:!11 Salkowitz, William. n.3,2.">; 1312. Cer-

Tiplll. r.oulH J., 03.25: 1313, Klnaldl. Frank

A.. 03.25; 1311, (irazull.'i. Victor (5,. 03.25;

1315, MoMko, l.eo, 03.25; 134(1, Ylachns,

Josep, 03,25; 1317, Karaayk. Samuel. 03,25;

1.31H, I'MllHon, Jo^eph F,, 03.25; 1.310, Jllc-

clo. Vincent A,, 03.2.’i.

1.350, Samotln, Herman, 03,25; 1.351, Ja«-

trubow, I'etPr 1’., 03.25; 1352, Horowitz,

Irvinif ](,, 03.25; 1353. Canlono, I'etpr,

93,25; 1351, IClnhorn, Harold J.. 03.25;

1.3."i.'. I.oHser, Frederick, 0.3,25; I35(i, Mll-

Uonipo, 0.3.25; 1357, Caruso, Cnr-

T.. 0.3.25; 1.3.*iS, Julco, John, U,3.25;

Hi>ra.'na, Ashton

03,00; M21, Haft, (.ieorKO W., Jr,, 03.00;

M25 Menioll. (iuy M.. 1)3.00; H2(l, Lncof-

•ky, Theodore, 03.00; 1127, Kudatsky.




03,(Id; 11(12 l!an>ne, Daniel A.. 03.(M); M(i3.

Hvan. 'Phomas J,. 03,00; M(!l, Mondelson,

S'll J., 03,0d; M(>5. SchemerlnK, Crleri fl.,

0.3,dd; I Kid. Adel.stein, Jacob. 03.00; M(!7,

MontiiKnIno, Anthony J.. 03.dd; 1408. Dud-

zin.4ki. W alter J., 03.(M); 14(10. I.uka.MzeW-

.'•■kl, ICa.smIr, 03,00; 1470, Felnblatt, Jack.

03,00; 1471, Hauer, I.xaac, 03.00; 1472. M.i-

](.nie, Sam J,. 03.(M); 1 173, Kramnroff,

Newton, 0:i.d(); 1474, Cooper, Henry. 03,(K);

1475, (Jrslnl. Uayinond, 03.00; M7(l, Kd-

nionds, Charles J,, 03.CO; 1477. Daly. .Tohn

11.. 03.00; 1 178. Asnrlni, Ulchanl V.. 03,00;

1470. Clpollin.'i. .SebasPian, 03.00; 1480.

Debill, Sidney. 03.0(1; 1481. Dir."»cherl, Jo-

■seph F., 03.00; MH2, Fortorlno. Jo.seph S..

03.00; 1483, Fiittore, Raltih J., 03.00; 1484,

I'errlnl, .\ilchael. 03.00; 1485, Amatuccl,

Alfrpd, 03.00; 1480, Appel, Abraham, 03.00;

1187. FIno. Joseph H., 03.00; 14.88. San-

■Molta, Domenlc, 03.00; 1480. Rlchenbaum,

Sam. 03.00; 1400, Me.salnpo, Michael. 03.00;

1101. Katchcr, Jospi>h. 03.00; 1402, NI«ro,

John, 03,00; 1403, Zlrjiolo, Haldo, 03,0;

1101 Welneck, M.ax. 03.00; 1405. Snyder,

Ilaymond N.. 03.dO; 140(i, Ilnlloran, James

J. 03,00; 14:17, Klelkuckl. Chester. 03.00;

1408. Hendettl, .lohn J., 03,(M); 1400, Mc-

IfnlRht, Josi'ph Tj,. 03.00.

l.'dd. ' ’lano. lielflore N.. 03.00; 1501. Ma-

kowskl, Slirmr.nd, 03.00; 1502. Sokollch. An­

thony J., 03.00; 1503. Tlermiin. Sol. 03.00;

1.'Ol. JliiyerM, Raymond J., 03,00; 1.505,

Cardl, I’etpr A,, 02,87.5; 1.50(1, McCarthy,

John F., 02.875; 1507, Murray, John S.,

02,875; 1508, Rpcaslno. Frank P.. 02.87.'i;

l.-.OO, I,opez, Andrew F,. 02.875; 1510, Kelly,

Kdward J,. Jr.. 02.875; 1511. ITubcr. Fred­

erick. 02,875; ir;i2. Flynn, 'Phomas, 02.875;

1513, IMitfllore. l atsy J., 02.875; 1.514. Urook,

,Iulius, 02.875; 1515, KropRer, Herman.

02,875; 151(1, Falk. Wilbert I-,. 02,875; 1.517.

Oat. John W.. 02,875; 1518. O’Connor,

Michael V., 02.875; 1.510. Atarnanzuk. John

W.. 02.875; 1520, 1’alumbo, John V., 02.875;

1521, Ferrarls. A.'do M.. 02.,875; 1.522. Fl-

laure, Alnhonse. 02.875; 1523. Slrotto. Paul

J.. 02.875; 1521. Fvans, TJncoln II., 02,875;

1.525. SallK. Henry C.. 02.875; 1.520. Mc-

Nlchol, AVIlllam II,. 02.875; 1527. Roreman,

John J,, 02,875; 1528, Allen, Kdlsr.n, 02.875;

1520. Apollaro, Frank P., 02.875; 1530,

ScTla, Carmine R..‘ 02.875; 1.531. TItano,

l.ouls I,.. 02.875; 1532, T.oca.'lo, Frank.

02,875; 1,5.33. Doyle. Thoma.s W.. 02.875;

1531. i)eSantls. Nicholas. 02.875; 1535, Fe-

rsteln Jack K alm an; 02.875; 153(1. Ro-

Kone Nicholas J., 02,875; 1,537, Bernstein.

I.esler. 02,,S75; 1.538. fiuffamante. Frank,

02..875; 153!), Ranavaro. Dnminic J.. 02.87.5;

1540. Copas. Peter J.. 02 875; 1541. Dlmlno,

MIchaelanKclo A., 02,875; 1542. Thurston.

William IT.. Jr.. 02.75; 1513, Schofield,

deoifre. 02.75: 1544. TTuether. Frank H,,

02.75; 1545. Dro.-iin. Norman D., 02,75; 1540.

Antonak, CeorKe II.. 02.75; 1547. Klchler,

Herman T,. 02.75; 1548, Slavin, Jo.seph E..

02.75; 1540, Hush, Stanley. 02.75.

1550. .Sophncen. Robert W., 02.75; 1.551',

Rapacllo. I.ouI.h J., 02.75; 1552. DeMartlno.

Frank J.. 02.75; 1553. Heyiiolds, Ulrhard

W.. 02,75; 1554. Cohen. Tternani R... 02.75.

1555, Sllvestrl, John, 02.75; 15.50. /liorow-

skl Fraid< F.. 02.75; 1557. Trlnkle. Fred­

erick W,, 02,75; 15.5S. Pacciano, Oeorpe Vin­

cent, 02.75; 1550. Oarvln. Jam es P.. 02.75;

15C.0. Rux, Marvin K.. 02,75; 1501. San An­

tonio. Vito, 02.75; 1502, Protasel. .Tohn.

02,75; 15C.3. Tsola. Frank X. Dell. 02.75;

1504 Madherny. C'harles J.. Jr.. 02.75; 1505,

H artv. .Michael J., 02.75; 1.500, Curley,

I'’dward A., 02,75; 1507, H u m phn’. Charlps

.T,, 02,75; 1508, Drpnnan. Tjawrpnce AV.,

02.75; 1.500, Ol.sen, Otto, 02.75; 1570, Pinto,

l'’rank Plptro 02.75; 1571. Dputsch. Joseph,

02 75; 1.572. Clark. Ttobert. 02.75; 1573, Hell-

iiiPrH, William O.. 02,75; 1,574, T.evit!!,

David, 02.75 1575, Arnold .Tohn J,. 02,75;

1570, Prennan, Kdward. 02.75; 1577, Kolo-

Klnii .Joseph, 02.75; 1578, Abruzzo, Ben­

iamin J,, 02.75; 1.570. .lennlnKS. .Tohn P.,

02.75; 1580, OalllKnn, Charles P., 02.75;

1.581, French, Richard H.. 02.75; 1.582,

Stanofils, Charles J., 02.75; 1583, T,.abruzzo.

John 02.75; 1584, Vertun. Jesse. 02,75;

1,585, TTardlnpr, .Joseph F,, 02.75; 15,SO. Roth-

farb Sam 02.75; 1.5.87. Moskle, C.eorKe,

02.75; 1.5,88, Kellner, Morris, 02.75; 1.580,

Afankowltz, Milton. 02 75; 1.500, TClrschner,

Wllllum A., 02.75; 1501. Tvowy, Alex. 02.75;

1502, Manlfx-nlco. Albert. 02.75; 1.503. Nu-

frent, Janies Tj,, 02.75; 1,501. .Tohnson, Rob­

ert. 02,75; 1.505, Parsha. .Tohn. 02.7.5; 1500.

Spllhte. Alexander, 02.75; 1507. Bonous.

Alex 02.75; 1.508. Oeracl. Jam es J. 02.75;

1500, Oechsll. Bernard IT., 02.75.

G r a d e s 9 2 . 7 5 t o 9 2 . 3 7 5

1(100. Schulman, Philip, 02,73; 1001,

Parker. Bernard B., 02.75; 1002, Venezia.

Vincent K.. 02.75; 1003. Demartinl, Adolph,

02.75; UHM, Moruno, OeorKe A., oy.75;

1005, Cohen, Hyman H,, 02.75; 1000. Mul­

ler. CJeiu'KO W., 02.75; 11107, MessllnK, Sid­

ney. 02.75; 1008. YoBelowltz. Sam, 02.75;

1(100. Hravate. Nicholas, 02.75; UilO, Car-

rano, .Michael. 02.75; lOM. Dowd, John J.,

02.75; 1012, Uomeo, Henry, 02.75; 1013,

Cohen. Abraham II.. 02.75; HJ14. Gaudlo,

Vincent Alarlo, 02.75; 1015. McEwnn, Al-

phonso. 02.75; KlKi. Marino, Leonard,

02,75; 1017, Corsallnl, Nlcolae A.. 02,75;

1018, Nlcora, AVlllIam, 02.75; 1010, Cinque,

Anthony M.. 02.75; 1020, Voupht, Edward

02.75; 1021, Jacobson, Sydney, 02.75;

1(122, Homm. Joseph Cl., 02.75; 1(123, Dun­

bar, Jam es E., 02.75; 1024, Traetta, Syl-

vlo, 02.75; 1025, Seltzer. Milton, 02.75;

1()2(1, Di'l'oro, Peter, 02.75; 1027, Zero. Jo­

seph. 02.75; 1028, Caruso, Joseph J,. 02.75;

Kl'J*.), Sammartine. Sylvester A., 02.75;

l(i3d, Kolbasuk, Peter. 02,75; 1031. Vuono,

Angelo S., 02.75; lti:i2, Orossm.'in. Sam,

02.(125; 1(133, Sampson, .Tack. 02.025; 1031,

Ammerati. Joseph C., 02.(125; lt>!5, Becker,

Richard R , 02.1125, Ui;!0, Warf?a, Joseph

(!.. 02,025: Ui.'t7, Pecoronl, John, 02,025;

1038, c:apurro, Nicholas J., 02.(.25; 10.30,

(llroux, Au^UHt H.. 02.(!25; 1040, Thomp­

son, Arthur. 02.02fi; 1041, Clorman, Ray-

monil V., 02.(125; 1042, Dempsey, Arthur

I':., Jr.. 02.(125; 1043. Ondrak, John P.,

02,025; 1044, Corker, Jamef< II.. 02.025;

1045, Mannlon, John J.. 02.(125; UMO, (iib-

son, J,icob, 02.025; 1047, Hraun, Walter,

0 2 ,0’J5 ; 1048. Ciilzaretta, Jo,soph E., 02,025;

1010, Fntus. Jack, 02.025.

Itil'.O, tllrotti. Alfred A., 02.025; 1051, An-

zalone, Peter M., 02,(125; 1(’m2, Dixon,

John. 02.025; 1053, Oonuezano, I.i0 u 1b,

02,025; 1054. Fenton. Arthur, 02.025; KWR,

, Welas, IVrnard, 02,025; 1050, Cresilmano,

' Charles, 02.025; 1057, Bressler, Ernest,

0’2.02T.; 1058. Chaplin. Daniel. 02.025; 1050,

1 Butler, William M,. 02.025; 10(10, De Robr,

I Rlzzlera A.. 02.025; 1001, Tennant, Rob­

ert J., 02,025; 1002. Motley, Jam es H..

02.0’25; 1003, Helden. .Sol, «2.(12.^; lt«54.

Monahan. Thomas, 02.025; 1006, Buffa,

AnKelo V., 02.(125; lOtHi, Smith. Joseph F.,

02.025; 1007. Krause. William, 02..50; 1008,

Zwicker. tester. oa..50; 1000, Tannenholz.

I M.1X, 02.50; 1070, Holter. Thomas O., 02.50;

Ki71, Fafitnia, M artin J,, 02..50; 1072,

Fromowltz, Max, 02..">0; 1073, Kaswan,

Charles I., 02.,".0: 1074, CosKrove, William

V,, 02.,50; 1075, Murphy, John 13,. 02..50;

1070, Krasner, Jacob A., 02..50; 1077,

Campbell, Theodore, 02..50; 1078, I.oCn»tro,

Anthony B,, 02..50; 1070, Hrule, Robert W.,

02..50; 1080, llartllnK. Robert, 02..50; 1081,

Moscowltz, Emll, 02..50; 10S2 Kennlsh,

Robert W.. 02.50; Kl.8.3, McArdle, Michael

.T., !)2.50; 1084. Duranilo, Mario. 02,50;

1085, Brown, .Sidney, 02,50; 1080, Barber,

Kmll R., 02.,"i0; 1Ck87, Ro.sner. F rank E.,

'.I2..50; 1088, Stern, Morris, 02.50; 1080,

Rabensteln, Vincent H., 1000, Osterer,

Maurice A.. 02. ,".0; 1001, Frank, Eugene

H., 02..".0; 1002, Burns. Edward, 02.50;

1003. I’ryzborowskl, Robert J., 02.50; lC.fl4,

Plderkowny, John, 02.,"0; 1005, Stelnle,

Fnink, 02..50; 1000. I>ana. Victor. 02,60;

1007. Dupowson. Hnrry, 02.50; 1008. Sina­

tra, Frank. 02.50; 1000, Chokwls, Stephen,


1700. Francis. Charles T., 02..’)0; 1701,

Smoloffiky, Isidore, 02.50; 1702, Strobach,

Edward. 02..50; 1703, Plus, Irving B., 02..5t);

1701, Hickey, Francis X., 02.50; 1705, D’er-

rlco, Gaetano, 02..50; 1700. Salaborrlos.

Dlma.s. Jr., 02..50; 1707, Dejesus, Victor,

02..’i0; 170,\ Klass, Abraham, 02..'0; 1700.

Doonan. John J., 02..50; 1710. Shannon,

Thomas D., 02..50; 1711, Morris, William,

02..50; 1712, Nash, I'atrlck J., 02..50; 1713,

llondlnone, Daniel, 02.50; 1714, Hopp, John

Edward. 02.50; 1715, Shestak, Sylvester,

02.50; 1710. Brauer, Harold, 02.,50; 1717,

Schmeelk, Herbert, 02,,".0; 1718, Shine, D an­

iel D., 02.50; 1710, O’Connor, Clement T.,

02.50; 1720. Blozls. John T.. 02..50; 1721,

Moore, Robert, 02.50; 1722. lleldy, H.

Jeremla, 02.50; 1723. Claramello, Connauno,

02.50; 1724. lietscher. George A., 02..50;

1725, Adlersteln, Israel E., 02.50; 1720.

Anzalone. F rank P.. 02..’K); 1727, Stein,

Harold. 02.50; 1728, Casfiato, Dlejo, 02.50;

1720, Groa.so. Gerard M., 02..50; 1730. De

Vito. Daniel 0 „ 02..50; 1731, W anne-

macher, Robert A., 02.50; 1782, Borys,

Theodore, 02.."d; 17.'t3, Cheruonsky, Israel

11.. 02,50; 1734, IMllazzo, Louis C.. 02.50;

17;i5. l^anclano. Dominick W.. 02.50; 1730,

Weber. Victor. 02.50; 1737, Cocchl. Ar­

thur C.. 02.50; 17.38, Heilman, Adam E.,

02..50; 17.30. Carlo. Martin K.. 02..50; 1740.

Cartolano. Gabriel W.. 02..50; 1741, Perrin,

John J., 0’J.50; 1742, Vitale, Benjamin F.,

02..50; 1743, Sperling, .Jack, 02..50; 1744,

Gringlanl, Attlllo J.. 02.50; 1745. Sha-

dowen. John H.. 02.50; 1740, Colleo, Rich­

ard. 02..’i0; 1747. Bishop, W illiam G., 02..50;

1748, Cannizzaro. Louis, 02.50; 1740,

Scari)a. Josei.h J.. 02,50.

1750. Krivicich. Francis S., 02..'0; 1751.

Pennesl. Rlpedlo A.. 02.50; 1752. Cate.s,

Stanley W.. 02..'.0: 17.53, Slmonin. Henry

E.. 02..50; 1754. Wetzel, H arry J.. 02.60;

17.5.5. Powers. Mattew P., 02.50; 1750, Tar-

gonskl. Edward A., 02..50; 1757. Fried.

Morris. 02..50; 1758, Blum. Edward A.,

02..50; 1750. Dunno, Jerem iah E., 02.50;

1700. Mammolltl. Joseph, 02.5d; 1701. Flag.

David, 02.50; 17(i2. Taratura, William.

02.50; 1703, O’Hearn, Martin J.. 02.375;

1701, Kelly, W illiam J., 02.375; 1705, Mc­

Guire, Andrew P., 02.375; 1700, Zogg,

Nlcholafi J.. 02.375; 1707, K ram er, Sey­

mour, 02,375; 1708. Okman, Stanley, 02.375;

1700, Hughes, Ottoway J., 02.375; 1770,

MoPoland, Jam es J.. 02.375; 1771, Hassing,

Abraham. 02.375; 1772, ’Pranchina. Vincent,

02.375; 1773, Rogllold. Jam es J.. O2.3'7o;

1774. Jaworsky, Richard C., 02.375; 1T76.

Von Westering, Vincent P.. 02.375; 1770.

Lubawskv. Paul, 02.375; 1777, Cooper. Jo­

seph. 02.375; 1778. W'aranowitz, Alexander.

02.375; 1770, Plncott. H arry B., 02.375;

17,SO Scato. Augustine L., 02.375; 1781.

D’Elena. George P.. 02-375; 1782. Brook,

Sol, 02.375; 1783, Tapfliagambe, Mario J..

02.375; 1784, Coaclno. Anthony J,. 02,375;

1785, Boiler. Raymond E.. 02.37'); 1780,

Orosch, Joseph G., 02.375; 1787, latlglioia,

George W.. 02.375; 1788, Jezok, George E.,

02.375; 1780, O’Connell, Joseph P., 02..375;

1700. Titano. Sebastian C.. 02.375; 1701.

Koller. Joseph A.. 02.375; 1702, Cordaro.

Angelo, 0‘2.375; 1703, De Marinis, avin,

JaTnes, 02.00.

G r a d e s 9 2 t o 9 1 . 7 5

2000, lUitledge. Theodore, 02.00; 2001. Co-

vello, John, 02.00; 2002, Rubinstein, Isdore,

02.00; 2003, Schulof, Marvin J., 02.00; 2004,

Corbv, James L., 02.00; 2005. Ijevlne, Albert

A., 02.00; 200'

Maraldo, Charles V., 01.50; I**'*;' _ VlO'

ard, Rowland, 01.50; 2343,

cent P., 01.60; 2344, Pltzgorald. '

01.50; 2345, Kinita, Michael, 'peol*.

Vento, Anthony M., 01.60; M-.

Maurice, 01.50; 2348, Denier. Anttioi/jj,

HI sn. ‘Wdrt Ttoi.ri.irHI Theodore J..

01.50; 2340, Bernardl. Theodore J..

2350, Daiulo, Philip J., 1)1-BO: ‘■■^‘iJ.’iIlU'^

blk, Joseph B., 01.60; 2;t52, C-

Charles R„ 01.60; 2333, h

Joseph, 01.50; 2354, Costa. 235*

01.60; 2366, Coleman, Leon H.. ‘'V juU»!’

Lantz, Julius, 01.60; 2867, Voffe''., yjj*.


^ , December 10. 1940 a V IL SERVICE LEADER P age Eleven

poard of Transportation Gets 250 Names

^ A .. 01.BO; 2360. Hennings,

H Ul.^: McLaughlin.

01 ’iO; 2.302, Strasser. Joseph,

in-eph ^ mki Andrew J.. 91.BO; 2364,

i r l V. Ol.SO: 23CB. Yankanof-

rtuidl''' •’11 91 50; 2366, O’Shaughnessy.

% >*'1.125 : 2504. Mele,

■1;. Ill lox'. „'.„2565. Nicholas, Cornelius

•)1.12.V' 2.)M, Calljone, Jerome R.,

^Il2.v Cetrone. Joseph L., Jr..

^■'merff' i ' E.®‘®''son, Jack T.. 01.126; 2.669.

P»'ld 9 10?®*:?’.?"- 01.126; 2570. Entes,

?1.125; ^?‘l- Quinlan, Thomas J.,

John T G.. 91.126: 2.673,

6l.r-v 2574, Sexton, John

rerrl^,:^! ■ Fred J.. 91.125;

^;»ruso, Joseph F., 91.126; 2677.

01 ?>v 01.126; 2678. Blate,

Bilotte, Michael J.,

Cl^rn l^?®'>"berg. Erwin I., 1)1.12.6:

•>uel, 01 01.125; 2682, Cohen,

Hatnmn^^ Cohen. Max, 91,126;

Harold \V., ©1 125 * 2685

V,n§?. C.. 01.125:'^'i586 L uc"?l’

2688 Teesitor*. Jo(hn A..

01.126; 2580.

Ui?i.®l.>26' 2600. Davis.

^'25; 25^2’ Fessel, Frederick P..

Marcus, Seymour C.. »1.12C;

2303, McCreesh, Jame« J.. 91.126; 2504.

Coles. Frcderich M., 91.125; 2.'95, Jaremko,

John. 91.125; 2500. Fitzpatrick, Thomas .S..

01.126 : 2507, Severin, Mortimer Kv. 01.126:

2598, JImpie. Dominic, 01.125; 2600. Shiro,

Louis J.. #1,125.

G r a d e s 9 1 . 1 2 5 t o 9 0 . 7 5

2600, Foley, Edw ard J., Jr., 01.125; 2001,

Camky, Mux, 01.125; 2602, Haber, Joseph

P., 91.126; 2603, Brockman. Harry. 01.125;

2604, Dellsl, Adermonde P.. 01.125; 2605,

D’Amico, Nunzio J., 01.125; 2606. Heischu-

ber, Sidney, 01.12.6: 2007, Uischoft, Ambrose

E., 01.125; 2008, Moccio, Joseph J., 01.12.');

2600, Bam bauer. Arthur, 01.125; 2010, Glam-

brone, .Salvatore V., 01.126; 2011, Bavolar.

Steve, 01.126; 2012, Pink, Charles. 01.00;

2613, Wronewic. Theodore, 01,00; 2014,

W eissman, Philip, 01.00; 2til5, Chees-

man, Benjam in F., 91.00; 2010, Bush. H ar­

old A ., 01.00; 2017, Kaclk. Raymond J..

01.00; 2018, Strasser. Martin. 01.00; 2010.

Reilly, Raym ond W ., 01.00; 2020, Renschler,

Erw in A ., Jr., 01.00; 2021, Pollara, Joseph

E., 01.00; 2022, Braunstein, Jack. 01.00:

2023, Wuenschel. George B., 01.(M); 2024,

Fishm an, Irving, 01.00; 2025. Carr. Paul,

01.00; 2620, Koenigsberg. Ellus, 01.00; 2027.

DeW itt, Joseph J., 01.00; 2628, Cotirad,

Robert W.. 01.00; 2020, Novak, Edward J..

01.00; 2C30. M cLaughlin, Robert. 01.00;

2031, Bedrey. Paul, 01.00; 2032. Roller. E u ­

gene F.. 91.00; 2033, K awka, Michael. 01.00:

2034, Merlo, Salvatore. 01.00; 2035. Polidis.

Kpohratls S., 01.00; 2030. Ratti, Lawrence.

01.(KJ; 2637. Sczerbacki. Edward A.. 01.00;

2038, Ferraiole, Jam es A., 01.00: 2030. Bra-

tezani, Guido, 01.00; 2640, Augusto, Thomaf*.

01.00; 2C41, Acierno, Carmine R., 01.00;

2G42, Buchanan, W alter E.. 01.00: 2043,

Wilson. Henry, 01.00; 2044. Milgrim. Mur­

ray. 01.00; 2045, Zubulake, Jam es T.. 01.00;

2646, DeNegri. Joseph V.. 01.00; 2047. Caro-

tenuto. Peter V.. 01.00; 2048, RomanelH,

Anthony, J., 91.00; 2040, Clrrlto. Joseph S..


2050, Danowsky, John P., 01.00: 2061.

Teaman. Harold T., 01.00; 2062, Quinn,

Jam es J.. 01.00; 2053. DiStefano. Albert.

01.00; 2064. Brown, Joseph H., 01.00; 2055.

Renschler, Gerald A., 01.00; 2650. Donnelly.

Raymond J., 91.00; 2057, Mirkin, Herman

H.. 91.00; 2658. Glogower. Julius. 91.00:

2060, Abbondanza. Michael J.. 01.00; 2060,

.Schwartzbaum, Charles, 01.00; 2001. Sarno.

John L.. 01.00; 2002. Scholl. Henry A..

01.00; 2003, Nichols. I.awrence, 01.00; 2004.

M aierana. John S.. 91.00 : 200.6, Jonen, Lloyd

N., 01.00; 2000, Prager. Julius. 01.00: 2007.

Bealls, Joseph A., 01.00; 2008, Trufelli. Al­

fred. 01.00; 2000, Wystepek, W'alter F.,

01.00; 2070, Trynosky, P eter R.. 91.00; 2071.

AVedde. Carl H., 01.00; 2072. Keller, Albert

E.. 91.00; 2073, .Sanohez, Louis H.. 01.00;

2074. McHugh. Robert H.. 91.00; 2075,

Cahill, Maurice J., 91.00; 2070. Price. How­

ard E.. 01.00; 2077, Viliiger. Robert F..

01.00; 2078, Ratnofsky, Isidore. 01.00; 2070.

Jacobson, Kristen, 91.00; 2080, Sentner,

Irving, 01.00; 2681, McKeon, Peter E,.

01.00 : 2682, Nelle, J. H., 01.00 : 268;^, Sam-

pogna, Francesco, 'Jl.OO; 2684. RIcca, Albert

J.. 01.00; 2686. Meschl. Ferdln.nnd, 01.00;

2686, Greco, P eter R.. 01.00; 2687. O’Neill.

Daniel, 01.00; 2088, Melmed, Murray, 91,00:

2680, Clare, John E., 01.00; 2600. Catalano.

Nicholas J., 91.00; 2691. Scott, Francis W „

01.00; 2692, Giordano. Michael J.. 91.00;

2003, McCormick, Christopher A.. 91.00:

2004, Triolo, Michael J., 91.00; 2006, Mag-

notta, Philip, 01.00 : 2000. Mancuso, Gaetano,

01.00; 2607, Suolls, Albert, 91.00; 2098,

Fahey, Edw ard J., 91.00; 2690, Olsen,

A rthur T., 01.00.

2700, CarbonI, Eaugust M.. 01.00; 2701,

Prlmlcerlo, F rank. 91.00; 2702. Centrone,

Leonard J., 91.00; 2703, Shade. Howard P.,

01.00; 2704, Altes. Louis. 01.00; 2705. Ro-

tolo, GuiseppI J.. 91.00; 2700, Nemeth. E d­

ward. 91.00; 2707, Manzlone, Salvatore G.,

01.00; 2708, Cohen. Boris, 01.00; 2700,

Brown. Monroe. 01.00; 2710. Hoffman, Solo­

mon L,, 01.00; 2711, CorbI, Elladore, 01.00;

2712, Fusco. Bernard T.. 01.00; 2713. Raccl-

oppi, W illiam V., 01.00: 2714. Gutmann.

John E., 01.00; 2716, Stewart, John W.,

01,00; 2710, Consalazzio. John, 01.00 : 2717,

Oelkers, Gunther. 01.00; 2718, Valdinato,

Carmen P., 01.00; 2710, Trentacosta. An­

thony F., 01,00; 2720, Perrone, Joseph.

01.00; 2721. Marcantonio. Rocco, 01.00: 2722.

VIvolo. Rgidio D„ 01.00; 2723. Carroll. Ed­

ward V.. 01.00; 2724. Gasparre. Pasquale.

01.00; 2726, Mellnarl. Mario. 01.00; 2720,

Petrock. Martin, 01.00; 2727, O'Meara,

H arry, 01,00; 2728. Muller, F rank F.. 01.00:

2729. DePalo. W illiam A.. 90.875: 2730,

Kerish, Rubin, 90.875; 2731. Caldar, Joseph

J.. 00.875; 2732, Graepel. George. 00.876;

2733, Kaplan, Ralph, 00.876; 2734, H of­

m ann. George A.. 00.876; 2735, Lelghley,

Frank, 00.875 ; 2730, McDermott. Robert II..

00.875; 2737. Valentino, Robert. 00.875: 2738,

Geary. John H., 00.075; 2730. Clark, Robert

H.. 00.876 ; 2740. Marchesl. William. 00.876;

2741. Edwards, Baldwin J.. 00.876: 2742,

Ganzer, Erwin, 00.876; 2743. Ganun. Robert

J., 00.876; 2744. Kull. John A.. 00.876: 2745.

Iverson, P eter W., 00.876; 2740. Dubovsky.

Stephen, 90.876; 2747, W ltkowsky, Eugene,

00.876 ; 2748, Rosenhauer. Charles V., 00.875;

2740, K uttner. David. 00.875.

2750, Murphy, Jam es J., 90.875: 2761,

Garrou, George, 90.876; 2752, Pastorlno.

Charles A., 90.875; 2763. Ross. Edmond J.,

00.876; 2764, Williams, Joseph M., 00.875:

2755, Davis, Frederick E., 90.876; 27.60,

Tendler, Sidney I., 90.875; 2767, Bartlett,

W illiam E., 90.876; 2768. Noll W alter A.,

00,878 : 2759. Collln», W illiam C.. 00.876:

2700, Sllkowitz, Abraham. 90.876: 2701,

Garret, Maxwell R.. 00.875; 2702. Block,

Bernard, 90.876 ; 2703, EskenazI, Benjamin,

90.875; 2704, Shaffer, Abraham, 90.875: 2706,

M urtha. 'Thomas J., 90.875; 2706. Enriques.

Joseph M., 90.875; 2707. Schwarz. Harold,

90.S75; 2768, Levy. Montague J.. 90.876;

2760, Walcer, Morris. 00.875; 2770, Joseph,

Gaston A*. 00.875; 2771, Zimmerman, A bra­

ham. 90.876 ; 2772, Schwerdt. Erwin, 00.875;

2773, Engel. Jack. 90.876: 2774. Polllfrome.

Anthony, 00.876 ; 2775. O’Halloran, John D.,

90.875; 2776, Savitsky, Samuel. 90.876; 2777.

Aclto, Charles P., 90.876: 2778, Kruger,

Charles J.. Jr.. 90.876; 2770. Bruno. Salva­

tore J.. 90.875 : 2780. Ryan, Harold T.,

00.876; 27fil. Ix)Blanco. John. 90.876: 2782,

LaBruy^re. Louis, 00.875; 2783, Guadagno,

Thomas. 90.876; 2784, Shapiro. ITennan,

90.876; 2785, Hoyte, Clarence, 00.875: 2780,

La Regina, Vinrent. 90.875; 2787, Barry,

Edward G.. 90.876 2788, Pellegrino, Law ­

rence W., 90.875; 2780, Suslan.sky. Philip,

00.876; 2700. Morris, George J.. 00.876 : 2701.

Freitag, Philip F.. 00.876; 2702, Lade. W il­

liam K., 90.876 ; 2703, Dean, Carl. 00.876:

2794, Sardone. F rank F., 00.876; 2796,

O’Boyle, Joseph M.. 00.76; 2700. Ry.in.

Reginald J., 00.76 ; 2707. Roth. Jack, 00.76:

2708, Fradin. Meyer, 00.76; 2700, Shade,

John A ., 90.76.

G r a d e s 9 0 . 7 5 t o 9 0 . 5 0

2800, Absenger, Charles W., 00.76 : 2801,

Russack, John, 90.76; 2802, Kiernan,

Joseph P., 00.76; 2803, Poeze, Tlbor, 90,75;

2804, Petrovitz, George A., 00.75; 2806,

Bookman, Norman H., 90.75;'2800, Chavler,

Crawford F., 00.76; 2807, Andretta, Joseph

F., 90.76; 2808, Wohl, Harry, 00.75; 2800,

Kassler, Charles F., 00.76; 2810, Welngart,

William, 00.75 ; 2811, Geffen, Julius D.,

00.75; 2812, Simonov, Michael J,, 00.75;

2818, Fullen, W illiam P., 90.76; 2814, Leh­

man, Stephen R., 90.76; 2815, Nelson, Roy,

90.75; 2816, Sclame, John, 90.75 ; 2817. W il­

son. Harold, 90.78; 2618. W ltkus, Peter J.,

90.76 ; 2810, Slmcu*, George W., 90.76;

28.20, Gang, Henry, 90.75; 2®21, Oandley,

Joseph F „ M.7C; 2822, KendaU, QeorKC T„

00.75; 2823, Thoma, Robert J., 00.76; 2824,

.Scaceila, .‘Samuel P.. 00.75; 2825, Merr,

Isaac, 90.75; 2820, Mnrsielio, Peter L.,

00.75; 2827, Rendine, -Vtlohael J., 00.75;

2828, Hancock, George W., 00.75; 2820,

Gluck. Harold, 00.76; 2830. Horton, Harry

G., 00.75; 28.31. Piaraine, Frank A,, 00,75;

2832, Barry, Cliarle.s P.. 00.76; 2833, Cnr-

lino, Anthony J., 00.76; 2R34, Fabber, Ed­

gar, 00.76: 283.6, Davis. Joseph E., 00.76;

2830. Darlenzo. Pasquale J., 00.76; 2837,

Cozzi. Benedict, 00.76; 2.8.38, Fassbender,

Henry, 00,75; 2S;iO, Kuzyk, John, 00.76:

2840, BouUvare, Haston F., 00.75; 2S41,

Partacz, John, 00.76 ; 2at2, T.,upo, Antonio,

00.76; 2.S43, Hoffman, Andrew J., 1M).76;

2844, Thompson. Janies T>., 00.76; 2816,

Russo, Anthony C., 00.76; 2840. Allmendln-

ger, William F., !>0.76 : 2847, Fey. Frank

J., 00.76: 284,8. Liasras, George, 00.76 ; 2810,

Bumbalo, .Salvator, 00.76.

28.60. CholewlnskI, John S., 00.76; 2851,

Ludwig, Michael V,, 1M).76; 2862, Lazar.

Mortimer L,, 00.76; •J8.63, Posa, Attilio D,,

00.76; 2854, Sorrentino, .Salvatore, 00.76;

2A65, Siegfried, Adam, 00.75; 2.S.60, Fraser.

Leopold, !M).75; 2867. Savio, John L., 00.75;

28.68, Hirst, Albert E., 00.76; 28.60, Benap-

ohio, Enrlro -M.. 00.76: 2.S00. Uabinowitz,

Sidney, 00.76; 2801, Fendonik, Nicholas,

00.75; 28

PAOK TwEI,VE a V IL SERVICE LEADER Tuesday, December 10,

First Sanitation Jobs From Promotion List

(Continued from Page 11)

fi').S75- .'iri--, A tilotiPlll. NIctiolns. K!(.H7r);

lloi II-I'-i'i. i^iitiiiy, li.'i'-’l. Wiiior-

inH.i, Max K'.t.T.V, XVjr,. ';»nloM

KD.Tri :?.'»-- :t.il'-’. l-iil; .'!•■()(!

- I'Vlilinan, .Ici.seph, «!).. Dalton, Hohprt E..

8!),ri,r)0; :{7(a», Varir.cl-

Pllt!, I.miliaid II., S!).,-|0; ;:77(), l.itUcIt, l.onls

A .si»..'i(); ;f771, I’aUemon, Heiiinrd (J., 8!)Tii);

:t771.’, Mlllor, 0: .'t78((, DMlPoriilo. Albrrto. 8!)..’>.,'iO; 37!tO. I.oilman, Honry

S!l.,"n; 37!H, Cnllpn. R lw ard .T., Hll.-'iO; 37!)2,

Hurt. .John K.. K9.ri(l; 37!*::, KPtkowit71, .lohn,

S'l.TiO; 37!ll. Maionp, 'I’honin'i. 8!)..'0; 3801,

,S( hrlor, l.pon M., S!t..-0; 3S02, Drvlln. .Mi

chaPl \V., 8!l..'il); .'iH()3, CoIps. I'Vpdoriok,

8'.l.,"ii); ::hOI, I’avlickp, .lohn. ,8!l.,"iO; .'ISO.',

.favpl.skl, Slpjihpii ,1.. Hli..'iil; 3Sl)i:, Inlaro,

KohPrt W., 8!)..V); .3.H07. KorKionp. JtaNi.

«!)..'il); 3‘«)8, M' liODKhlin, Kdward T.. 81).SO;

.'!80:), Willlama. Simon 1*., 3S1II,

K.ili,-in, Kulolph. 8'.l..'i); .•’,S1I, Knhpk, .lo-

.“pph. 8!)..'«!); .'iSl'J. I’urloiiK. I'Mward .T.,

s;).."0; 38I,'t, Knii'tT;, ,In.SPl'li ,T., 80.,10; 3811,

Coldliprffpr, ,lo.s''ph, 8lt .'.0; 381.'(. n il’erna,

!''rank A., Sit.."(I; 3SKI. ,Tolinson. I.nulH.

811.."lO; 3S17, .Mc.Miihoii. William I'’.. .S!l.."0;

:;818, Supino. lUirlholiitnPW .1.. 8!).."iO; 381!),

HrooltP, .InniPs .1.. 8'.i.,">ii; ",SJD. Cali, .Salv.T-

Uiri- .1., 81).riO; 3S'J1, Phpridaii, Il:irllp, 8',),,"i0;

;iS2L> Cri^olofskv, Isi.lorP, 8!l.,-;31, \\ I'l'er.

jHitiPS .1.. 80,71; :!(132. C.arniso

RC.'il Piiicliiarolo, Dominick .1,. 8:).71; 3(i:..i.

Kin'c Kl.haril A,. 80,71; 303:. Onorato,

Jo,.epii I''.. 80,(12..; 'Vciss,

Sti.iineli, Wil!l:uu. 80,021; :iOIO VlanJ.

Kriiest A., SO.O'M; Wren. Jack _80.(,...;

8;l2. Aiilella. John K,. SO,(ri.i; ,l(.l.. Mill

lanv. Jr,, ,l:-mes J.. ^ 1,0 2 1 ; .3011. Arlln.

I sl;\v«*ror. l.rni. S.

soili Allw. iss. N'a't, so.0'21: 3CI7, U.imstad.

Unv. J.,


.'ioiil, Hanley. Charles 1':,. .S0,0'-M; 3(>,il,

Tewi'. Ceom'p V... .s:).C.21; :1012. Man«ione.

S:iU'.ilore sit.O'JI: ;:013. Woll. Henry c..

80 (l''‘i- :!01l ’ i;.-iposlto, ,\ntliony .1.. 80.021;

«i;il‘ 'W. xicr. .M'.rris, .80.':21; .".OIO. ,021;

RC.S!! Kern, Martin 1„. .80,021; 3000. (lo!eMarla. Michael. S'0.021;

R700 Coldsi.'In. Sol, 80.021; 3710, Poster,

Bcnnv. 80.(r’1; ;’,711, Martini, Anthony J.,

R0.C21; ::7I'!. (leniliaroella, Vincent .1 .

80(121; ::7i::, Welner. Itenjamln. 80,(12.1;

,3711. Fisher, I-eo. 80,021; 3711. SIn-er.

Charles II., 80..'.O: 3710, ,M>atemarco, Mi

ihaeonold .\.. 80,00; 4183, Desmond.

.Tohn K.. 80,00; 4184. Kretrltano, John,

80.00: 4181. TCawtakla, John S.. 80,00 ; 4180,

Tndellcato. VIncpnt .T., 8;',00: 4187. Rod-

rloi’PZ, Jonei'h. R9.00; 41.SS, Sammartlno,

Anthonv. Sii.oO; 41.80. Oilmnrrav, John,

80.00 ; 4’f ' Schoenblum William, 80.00;

4101, X' las. .To.seph F,. 89.00; 4102,

■SchopH. ’ i-r 80,00; 4103. DiPauIo. Ar­

mando. .80.00: 4104. Ferrlck. Kmll. 80,00;

4105, C-itapano, Fi-ank. ,80.00 ; 4100. Guprra,

.Tohn F,, 80,00 ; 4107. Blotsky. William.

80.00 ; 4108. Kletehka. T.iidwlir A 80.00;

4100 Vlsco. .Toseph, 80.00 ; 4200, Barnett

Kdward J.. 80,00.

G r a d e s 8 9 l o 8 8 . 7 5

4201, McGeouKh, Jam es P., 80.00 ; 4202.

PantanI, Peter. 80.00 ; 4203, Schwartz,

Bernard. 80.00; 4204, Ziegler, Frank, 80.00:

4201, Uoherts, Vincent G.. 80.00; 4200,

Mitchell. W alter W., SO.tH): 4207, DeBella,

Dominick, 80.00 : 4208, .Aurora, Theodore,

Ji-., 80.00 ; 4200, Schwartz, Abe. 80.00 ; 4210,

Marrone. Salvlno, 80.00; 4211, Pascuecl,

Ralph. 89.00; 4212, ("ottone, John. WVOO;

4213, Maacla, AuRust M.. 80.00; 4214. Cal­

lahan, David W., 80.00: 4215, Davino, Or-

lando J,, 80.(M); 1210, Rcn.sln, Robert A.,

80,(K); 4217. Cory, Alhert, 80.00; 4218, Al-

hanese, Stephen, 80,00 ; 4219, Ija Blanca,

Frank, 80.00 ; 42' t. Germuna, Peter J.,

,00; 4222,



, 88.875,

; 4227..Klrah,


88.875; 4220, Davanio, Rohherto V., 88,875;

42.30, McOuineas, KUward W., 88.875 ; 4231,

Duncan, GeorKS B,, 8S.875; 4232, Mcljaugrh-

lin, John, 88.875; 4233, Kelly, Thomas J..

88.875; 42.34, O’Neill, Daniel, 83.875; 4235,

Berman, Milton, 88,875; 4236, Klelnberg,

Irving S*, 88.875; 42.37, Rplegler, Arthur,

83.875; 4238, Flgundio, Franlc F., 83.875;

42.30, Kublnclak, Adam, 88.871; 4240, GIl-

mour, Henry, 88.875; 4241, Feinsteln, Rob­

ert, 83,875; 4242, Brennan, .Tames P,, 88.875;

4243, Foley, John, 88,875; 4244. Barton,

.Terome S,, 88,875; 4245, Miller, W alter Jj.,

88.875; 4240, Schubert, Peter P., 88.871;

4247, Singleton, Charles Jr., 88.875; 4248,

Franc, Joseph G., 88,87.1; 4240, McIIale,

Jam es F., 88.875; 4250, Vigdor, Harold,


4211, Ferranti, Joseph J.. 88,875: 4252.

.Sarlsky, John G., Jr.. 88.875; 42.13, In-

grasala, Anthony, 88,875: 42,14. Smith. Jo­

seph V,. 88.871; 4251, Bergonzi, Fred J.,

88,875; 4250, Kearney, Ronald G.. 88,875;

4217, Vairo, Anthony, 88.871; 425.8, Gold­

stein, irvlng. 88,871: 42.10, LaM agna, Al­

fred C., 88,875; 4200, Cordaro, Anthony A.,

88.875; 4201, Scinto, .Toseph, 88.875; 4202,

Hausch, John C.. 88.875; 4203. Boyland.

W alter T., Jr., 88.875; 4204. Spoerer, Carl

W,. 88,871; 42G5. Kearney. Janies c,. 88,875;

4200, Driscoll, John F,. 83.875; 4207, Pan-

chido, Rocco J,, 88.871; 4208, Vella, S*alva-

torp, 88.875; 42(50, Delia. Alfied. ,SS.875; 4270,

I’asternak, Joseph J\., 88,875; 4271, Bender,

Steven, 88,875: 4272, Charles, Joseph P.,

88.875: 4273, Plnnola, Krn»st, 88,875; 4274,

Boswell. Charles PI.. 88.875; 1271, Dono­

hue, John W,, 88,875; 4270, Cooke, Joseph

P.. 88,875; 4277, Benedict, Gene P., 88,875,

4278. Maynard. Donald I., 88.875; 4279,

Dollis, peter, 88.875; 4280, I.owe, I.eo.

,88.871; 4281, Klenner, Jack, .S8.,S75; 4282.

Furchak, John A.. 88.875; 4283, Deneon,

William T., 88.875; 42S4, Hailey, (Jeorge

W,. 88.875: 4281, Capohlanco, Dominick D,,

88,875; 4280, C-ivallo. Bernard J., 88,875;

42,87, Croben, Francia J.. 88.875; . Cassen, Philip \ '

1120. Mc(^llloin, .Tames, .88,10; 412) n„... '

Harold F., .8S..10: 4,122. Sackin ' i.. -

.88..10; 4.123, .Mighton. Thomas W. -J;

•1124. Bonglorno, .Toseph V., .‘y,,-,.' i-.,'

McElrov, Edward B., .Ir., 88.10; 4 'Ji; i.~i’

tltz, Henry A,, 88.50; 4127, Schmliou;'

W alter M., .88.50; 4 .128, Knzer n

.S8..10; 4520, Blrnhnk, Abraham M ^

■1.1.30, Schlelblich, Alfred R., SS,.’. i 4-', '

'handler, Barney. 88.10; 4132, V .-hinn,’






Capsnr. .88 .10: 41.33, Ilaberman, i;ni

88,10; 4134, Pirone, .Teremiah F'

4,1.'f5, T,.evino, Richard. 88..10; 4,-,

man. Sidney, .SS-.IO; 4.137. Wil.'=nn

.'-'8,10; 4.138. Egan, Jame.s J,. .8s,

Psota. Edwai'd W.. 88,.10; 4140, 1,;

M,, .88,.10; 4541, Preller, Arthur i

4"i42, Karlin. Abraham. 88.10: 41i:i Uni/n'

■Max. 88.50; 4.144. Cramer, John. KS. i;. .,-1,'

Vf.arlnnl. Carlo. 88..1Q; 4140, Genvnr. I.'..,.'i;

F.. ,08.10; 4147. Fr.'iwley. John .1. ^

4148. Pira, Joseph J,, 88,.10; 41(11.' Kloin'

Martin J., 88..10; 45.10, Babikoff. Cnc, ^ . U''


4111, Solomon. Ts.nac, 88..10: 4ir.'!.

Raymond A., .88..10; 4113. Stahl. Philip'

88.10; 4554, McGo-wan, Francis J. ,S':/)'•

1.1.15. Rubin, Charles G., 8.8,50; t.v,r pi!

Grazia, Dominick. 88.50; 4117. Ti 'hiflra

Alfonso. 88.50; 4518, Marcus. Isldnio rfl'

4.1.19, Hllko. Alfred K., 98.50 ; 4.', li.

berger, Walter, 88.10; 4501, Mark. M,iur!'»

5., Jr., 88.50; 4.102 Crcgeen. William H

85..’iO; 4.1fS3, Mnlandro, Anthony .1 Sii.,V)’;

4 504. Posner, .Solomon. 88.50; 41'.'. K-n|'

Thoma-J M.. .88..10: 4500. Madden. I-Huronc-t

J,. 88.10; 4107, Bianchl. Thomas

4508, Sullivan, Jerem an F, 8S.,l'i; 4'(!9,

Falcone, .To.seph B.. 88,50; 45T0, ■I'lmnn,

Sidney. 88.50; 4171. Casaarlno, Jo.«f>ph,

88.50 ; 4572. Bobei^, Theodore, ,S- 'ft; 4.'T3,

Macauley, John (?.. 88..10; 4174, .\ori>lka,

Alex, 88.,10; 4174, Bowling, Fr: ' ' ,

4170, Newman. Stanley ,T.. i-': 4.'7;,

I.ogan, Thomas E., 88.10; 417f?. C'lsrhor,

Thomas A., 88..10; 4579. Kitchen, 1 1,

,Tr.. as..10; 4.180, Blaum, Philip K , R'i,5‘);

4181. Schwartz. Morris. 88..10; 4,-.'--'. .ilc.ii.

nowlez, Anthonv, F.. 88.50; 41,'^:!

Gilson M.. .88..10; 4.184, Claccla, i: i.h. ,Ir„

.88.50; 4585. Anderson. Arnold, ,ss m 4'^,

Mogines, John P.. 88.10; 4587, P'-- V.'tnPT.

Richard. 88.50 ; 45'!8. Wohltmann. '

IT.. 88.,10; 4,189. Singer. .Tohn A , .WA

4.190, Giblin, .Tames. 88..10; 4.1HU, Reitli,

Charles A.. 88.50; 4502, Kovpes, 1’: 'liii .V,

88. .10; 4.10;i, MoGuire, W alter J.,

4194. Zambrl, Charles C,, 8S..‘.i>; -t.’il'.V

Kamm, T.,ester T,, 88..10: 4,19(;, hl(>'sfr,

Sydney. 88..10 : 4.197, Colangelo. t’"t(>r J„

.8,8„10; 4598. Gallo, Taicio G., m

Baldlnl, Bernardino, 88.50; 40on, Kosner,

George, 88.50.

G r a d e s 8 8 . 5 0 l o 8 8 .2 5

4001. Wolsky. Jr.. John. Ml:

Drap. Jo.seph T., 88..10; 4003, Fl.miPnlmu.

Hyman S.. 8,8.50; 4604, Rosenth:il, Arthur

A.. 88..10; 4001. Garof.alo, Joseph

4000. Ferranto, Robert M., SS..*.(i: 4i»7,

DlGIorgio. Vincenzo, 88.50: 40(iS. (il.nrskr,

.To.seph. 88..10; 4009. Bourke, I..

88..10; 4610, Splegal, Harry, .'0; 4iUl.

.Tasko. Joseph F.. 88..10: 4012, 7.ilT, Al'rt-

ham T.,.. ,88..10; 4013, Kelly. Kdw.-inl Vi.tjr

88..10; 4014. Kaminsky. Paul. SS.Wi

Finn. Joseph M.. 88,.10: 4010. Frii.'hi, H;

ward N., 8.S..10; 4017. Horenstein. Miohsft.

K,8.,10: 401S, Malafronte. Michael V„

4019. Izzolo, John J,. 88.50: 4020, S^Hiip.’nl.

Frank. 88..10: 4021, Bronsteln. D:" M,

4022. DeVito. Jr.. Ralph J..

Graeper. W alter. 88..10; 4024, I hj':

Paolo. 88.50: 4025. Brown, T.eninel. Sf-'"'

4020. Raplsardl. Frank. 88.10:4027, Chla^;

T.arry P.. 88.50:4028. Morea, Fntnk,

4(120. Cuaslmano, Theodore J,, S'i,.'":

Domino. Catnldo J.. 88..10: 4C.:il. M'-^:.’, ‘''V

Anthonv P., 88,50; 46.36. McCarthy, I’Jf'lJ,,

,88.1 ' - , ,


Eppolito. t.:armeio .).. -«■""■ - ,.,u.

ghan. Paul J.. .88.375; 44141. \;|i

ua ntKillo J.. ^' •'-1



8..10; 40;i7, Reistetter. Andrew C-.

038, Thompson, Jam es TT.. ' .i,nii

Cppolito. Carmelo J.. 88.50: 4i;H .

lan. Paul J.. .88.375; 4041. \;|i

m, 88.375; 4042. CIbuls. Peter J-'

43. I.lndbergh. Ifenneth R.. n-.n

w.ennon. Edward J.. 88.371: 4.(14.'. ,

Atherling E.. 88.375 ; 4040, , ‘i .

88..375 ; 4047. Vriale. Tlenry J,, ,V,V \if

Arrlngtes. Arnold H., 88.371; ',.;,iief,

Caffrey. John T., 83.375: 4Cm(i.

John II.. 88.,375. i,uJ

4051, Mur'ihy, Patrick F,.

Kopacaka, Frank V.. 88.375; 40.'.'. ' t(

baum. Tveon. 88.375; 40.14. Kelly.

88.375: 4055. Bichler. Joseph .^r.

4050. Farraloll. Anthony J.. Ern>''

.Stelnlcer, Thomaa. 8.8.371; 'J ’„vow1t*

W arren P.. 88.375; 4050. l '

George. 88.375; 4600. Pompeo.

88.375; 4001. Hyland, Robert A,.,

4002, Seltzer, Henry, 88.375: V.,.,, T

Sidney. 88.375; 4664, De .S rei'l"-:i;J:

88.375: 4601. Goldberg. •>-' BJf

4000. I.evlne. Seymour, 88.3i5; -yjjco

pert. George W.. ^.375; 4008.

A.. 88,375; 4('60. Simon. pinodni

4070. Helt. Alex. 8S..375; 407J. ’'Jjfi P;

Ellwood E,. 88.375 ; 4072. Izz«. 4^:4,

88.375 ; 4073. Tubrldy, John J-' Whar^'

Stahl. Harry, 8S..375; 4075, Kin»c.

.T.. 88.:m : 4070. Marcelle, r’el'T-j'-'Msri'’;

4077, Rugg, Martin, 88.375: Tatt’-

Raymond C.. 88.375; 4(..J', ,•

Thomas W.. Jr.. 88.375; 4080

Anthony P., 88.375; 4081.

Robert S.. 88.37.1; 4082. Mas.-^o ; „ J

T... .88.375; 4683. Heller, Abn»=',^.rA

88.375: 4084. Hanulec. J

4681, b'Oorinan, Thomas .si'i'-;;,

Fentone, Jam es A.. 88..175:

Joseph C.. Jr.. 88..S75; 408.8. 0

tor P., 88.37.1; 4689. S p ar^'"', st'.'J-

88.376 ; 4000. FelngenUlatt.

(Continued on Page


^Appointments to Sanitation Expected at Once

co n tin u e d fr o m 12)

— °s.375: 4002, De-

8S37.'): -ITaS. UlKudPsm,

jlV-,0. Ourello. Michael.

7' " '''I . .'.-'u rurlllo. .Toaepli M., 88.87.');

jr . ,nick, Julian. fi8.2'.: 47:tO,

4:ri. ‘ % 8R1!.'); ■»7.'?7, Cunningham,

.j'i^orncr, _ critziik, Alex, RS.2.’);


HRger. Jerome, 88.00 ; 4970, Donadio, Vin­

cent A.. 88.00; 4971, HargPtt, W illiam It.,

88.00; 4972, ,Stra.«ihlnsky, Alexander, 88.00:

4973, Papale, Frank, 88.00 ; 4974. Jlu.ilcn,

Emil E.. 88.00; 4975. Connor, John. 88.00;

4970. Mlgllapclo, A nthony J., 88.00: 4977,

Como. Carl W.. 88.00 ; 4978, Molloy. James,

88.00 : 4979, Kief, George P., 88.00; 4980,

Casale, F rank J., 8S.00; 4981, Weiss, E d­

ward, 88.00; 4982, Albert. Benjamin. 88.00;

4983. Brown. Jam es B.. 88.00 ; 4984. Borys,

Victor T., 88.00; 4985, Kronenfeld, Morris.

88.00: 4986, W agner, W illiam C., 88.00;

4987, Spadola. William, 88,00: 4988, Holmes,

.Toseph K., 88.00 ; 4989, Smith, Albert L„

88.00 ; 4990, Dobrowolski. W alter G., 88.00;

4991, Kennedy, .Tohn, 88.00; 4992, Xaumnnn.

Robert E., 88.00 : 499S. Indanza, Anthony,

88.00 ; 4994. Levenson. Martin, 88.00 ; 4995,

Ryan. J. Russell. 88.00 : 4990, W apman.

RIgmund, 88.00; 4997, Roche, John B., 88.00;

499S. Collins. Maurice. 88.00 : 4999, Hauber,

Fr.nnk A., 88.00 ; 5000, Parry, George P.,


G r a d e s 8 8 t o 8 7 . 7 5

MorjTls, 88.125; 4925,

BOOl, Amodeo, F/ancIs A.. 88.00; 5002.

Twomey, Gerald J., 88.00; 5003, Etheridge,

Johnston M., 88.00 ; 5004, .Sansone, Joseph

J., 88.00; .5005, Rogan. John, 88.00 ; 5000.

Babenko. John. 88.00; fi007, Masi-hl. T.,ouIs

A., 88.00 ; 5008, Russell, W alter V., 88.00;

,'1009. Best Lloyd E., 88.00; ,')010. Greensher,

ITarry. 88,00 ; 5011. DIXapoli, Nicholas J..

S.S.OO; ,5012, Markowitz, Charles. 88.00; 5013,

Hauser. Harold L., 8.8.00; 5014, P p1\iso,

Alphonse M.. 88.00; .-5015, Tobitsch. William

F.. 88.00; .5010. H arrington. John J., 88.00;

.'017, Ritze, Theodore F., 88.00; .’i018, .Si ld.

Samuel. 88.00 ; 5019, Fitzpatrick, Charles

E., 88.00; .5020, Wertheim. H arry, 88.00;

.5021, Pantano, Nicholas J., 88.00 ; 5022,

Burke. W alter. 88.00; .5023. Canterlno.

Joseph, 88.00; 5024, Gulnan. Robert A.,

88.00; .5025, Grazlano. Joseph. 88.00 ; 5020.

Mele, Philip E., 88.00; .'027. Berg, Max.

88.00: 5028, Esposito, Louis C.. 88.00; .5029.

Pecoraro Carmine. 88.00; 5030. Pecker.

Jacob. 88.00; 5031. Greanberg. Harold.

88.00; ,5032, Daniels, Lawrence. 88.00 ; 5033.

Ostrander. F rank W.. 88.00; .5034, Monta-

grli-no, Sal, 88.00; 50.35, Dli^tetano. Joseph,

88.00 ; 5030, W awrzonek, Albert F., 88.00;

.’)037. Kelly, Thomas J.. Sfl.OO; 5038, Sperl­

ing, George M., 88.00; 5039. Wolters, George

F.. 88.00 ; 5040, Ap.se^, Abe. 88.00; 5041.

Razukns. W alter J., 88.00; 5042. Riordan.

Michael P.. 88.00; !5043. W anna, John.

88.00; 5044. Flemming, Charles L.. 88.00;

.5045, .Nardlello, Joseph. 88.00; B04(l. Cohn.

William. 88.00 ; 6047, Perlno. John C.,

88.00 ; 5048, Katzenberg, H ym an, 88.00;

5049, Smolln, Julian, 88.00 ; 8050, Sadowsky,

Philip, 88.00.

5051, MensavJch, Edw ard A., 88.00 ; 50.52

Feuer, Isaac, 88.00 ; 5053, Borcarlno, Frank,

Sfi.OO; B054, Tomaskewsky, Alexander,

88.00 ; 5055, PoznanskI, Henry, 88.00 ; 50,’,6.

McClelland, Leo J., 88.00 ; 5037. Blndulsky,

W alter, 88.00 ; 5058, Tesseny. Charles P..

88.00; .5059. Castaldo, Lulgl V., 88.00; BOOO,

Fam ularl, Charles. 88.00; 5001, Romagzew-

skl. Pnul. ,87.875; 5002. Andersen. Nils A.,

87.875: 5003, Feldm an. IJarnnrj, 87.875;

5004, Sellgman, Zellg, 87..S75; 5005, Splvack,

Leo, 87.875; .5000, Silverman, Paul. 87.875;

5007, KIdford, W illiam L., 87.875; 5008,

ChanOa, Edward, 87.875; B0G9. H.acklel,

George, 87.875; .5070. Ronan, Joseph T.,

87.875; 6071, Steinberg, Max, 87.875; 5072.

Torres. Frank, 87.875; 5073, Galchus. E d ­

ward. 87.875: B074, Hahn. George, 87.875;

5075, NItschke, jTohn, H.. 87.875; 5070.

Flynn Daniel E.. 87.875; B077. Gokel.

George W.. 87.87."): 5078. Kaplan. Martin.

87.875: .5079, McFadden, Jam.es. 87.875;

5080, Moskowltz, Percy. 87.875; 5081, Breen,

Donald L.. 87.875; .5082, Ils^qua. John.

87.875; BOSS. Daly, Jo.seph. 87.875; 5084,

Gallagher, Peter J.. 87.875; BOSS, Rosen­

baum, Hyman. 87.875; 508(1, Brown. W il­

liam A., 87.875; 50.87, Mayer, Emil W..

87.875; .5088. Morrlss, Charles F.. 87.875;

.5089, Gabriel, Robert E., 87.875; 5090,

Greenman, Seymour. 87.875; 50J)1, Marl-

con do. Rocco J., 87,875; 5092. Clark, George

T., 87.87B: 5093, Halcrow. James, 87,875;

5094, McGrath Francis T., 87.875; 5095,

Miller, Edward L., 87.87B; B090. Page.

I.ester, 87.875; 5097, Dlugosz, Julian W..

87.875; .5098, Davenport, F rank R.. 87.875;

501M). Vallomy Mario, 87.875; 6100, Plcclottl,

Michael T.. 87.875.

5101, Orlick, Milton. 87.875; B102, Kolodv.

William J.. 87.875; 5103. Ke.s.sler. Harold.

87.875; 5104, .9alneck, H arry. 87.875; 5105,

Walsh, Richard. 87.875; 5100. Lemken.

H enry L.. Jr., 87.875; 5107, Burns, Willlnm,

87.875; 5108, DeCristofaro, John, 87.875;

5109. Chrlstlano, William C., 87.875; 5110.

Murphy, PatH ck J.. 87.875; 5111, Schafflrr,

Russell, 87.875; 5112, Tufano, Anthony D..

87,875; 5113, Bpeclner, Mortimer, 87.875;

5114, Cleary, Thomas J., 87.875; 51 IB,

Sutherland, W illiam A,, 87.875; 5110, Tan-

nenbaum, Bertram, 87.875: 5117. Kelnberg,

Joserih, 87.875; 511,8, Schreffler, W illiam T.,

87.875; 5119, Kasowlcz, W alter. 87.875;

5120. Addeo. Frank A.. 87.875; 5121,

Cromer, W illiam J.. 87.875; 6122, Ross,

Jo«e»ph G., 87.875; 5123. E ’Antuono, Arthur,

87.875; 5124, McCord, Nathaniel E., 87.875;

5125. O’Brien. Thomas, 87.875; 5120, Rltfer.

0,scar. 87.875; 5127. I^j.sordo, .Tohn, 87.875;

5128. Clark, Augu.stus C.. 87.875; 5129.

Caraccl, Nicholas, 87.875; 51.‘U). McCouty.

.Toseph F,. 87.875: B131. Galcante, Vincent.

87.875; B1.S2, Llssandrello, George R,.

87.875; B1.33, Nicolinl. Claudio E.. 87.875;

5134, Jackson. Charles T., 87.875; 5135,

DlGlovannl, Barney V.. 87,875; B1.S0, La-

dany, Leo, 87.875 ; 6137. MIuzzo. Fre-1 C..

87.875; B138. Lasky, Alexander, 87.875;

51.39. Esposito, Nicholas.- 87.87.1; 5140,

Ptelnhauser, Bernard. 87.875; 5141, Neff,

Nicholas R.. J.. 87.875; 5142. Caruccl, An-

thony M.. 87.875; 5143, Russon, CharlPs J,,

87.875: B144, Gentile, Alesslo I., 87.875;

5145, DeGuIsseppe. Thomas. 87.875; 5140,

Dplabo. J«fiPph J.. 87.875; 5147. Klernan,

.John P., 87.875; 5148, Salvage. Jo.seph W.,

87,.875; 5149, La Rocco, Salvator, 87,875;

SI.'iO, Ivombardl. I^ouls. 87,875.

5151. Vaccaro, Vincent A.. 87,875; 5152,

RosFomando. Nick, 87.875; 51.53. Becker.

Thomn.-y W.. J.. 87.875; 51!^, DtCnpiiii,

Michael S.. 87.8T5; 51.55. Atkinson, .Tohn.

87.875; R15fl. Mascla.' Lucas. 87.875; 51.57,

GUe. H arry, 87..875: 51.’8. Stelnbanm. Isi­

dore. 87.7B; 51.59. Horowitz. Philip G,,

87.75; BKMt, Pryke, George J.. 87.75; 5101.

Freey, Bernard J., 87.73; 5102, Ferrlgno,

-^nthony It., 87,73; 3103, Perlungher, John,

87.75; B104, Vaccncio. Douglas. 87.75; 51 5.

McCrink, Thomas J., 87.75; 5100, (’urlln.

Joseph B., 87.7.1; 5107, Trlnka, Vincent,

87.75 ; 5108, l^'uhrer, Edward W.. 87.7.1;

5109, Clfunl, Peter, Jr., .87.75; 5170, Mc­

Grath, M arlin T., 87.73; 3171. Frenz,

Thomas G., 87.75; 5172, Cohn. Mark M.,

87.75; 517.3, HleHuf, Alexander. 87.73; 5174,

.Steffens, Itohert J., 87.73; 5175, Verderosa,

Frank. 87.75; 3170, Ottlno. Albert, 87.73;

3177, Silver. Maurice, 87.73; 5178, Trehia,

^toseph V.. 87.73; 3179, Kelly. Austin K.,

87.75; 5180, Jones, Thomas A., 87.73; 51M,

Herman, Jo.-^eph, 87.75; 5182, LeFever.

George B.. Jr., 87.73; 51S.‘l. Cutroe Larry

X., 87.73; 5184, Rpgan, John P,. 87.73; 3183,

Dannliardl. .lohn J., 87.73; 3180. Tabucchl,

Amerigo, 87,75; 3187. Billing, Milton. 87.73;

3188. Pepp, John 87.73; 518!), Berman,

Mever, 87.73; 5190, Landgrover, Herman J..

87.75; 3191, Winkler, Aliraham, 87.73; 3192,

Bried, John W., 87.73; 5193. Ragaglia,

Joseph J., 87.73; 5194, .Mattel. Guido, 87.73;

5195. nodes. Hyman. .87.73; 5190, Hummel.

Kdward G.. 87.75; 5197, Caparol, Thomas

T., 87.75; 3198, Donovan Thomas A., 87.75;

5199. I.pvv, T.ponard. *87.73; 5200, Iloheusle,

Alfred w ;. 87.73.

G r a d e s 8 7 . 7 5 t o 8 7 . 5 0

B201. Reiser. Joseph F.. 87.75; 5202.

J.iebermann, Joseph, 87.75; 5203. Hernstein,

Jerom e IT.. 87.75; 52(M, Carpente, Elwin.

87,73: .1203, HillottI, William. 87.75; .1200.

Bouton, Harold C., 87,75; 5207. Baldari,

Charles A., 87.75; 5208, Singer, Frank.

87.75; 52. -McGrath, Robert A.. 87.023.

6301. Quinlan, p:dwnrd. 87.025; 6,302.

Frefdier. W illiam J., 87.025; 5303, Mc-

Ardle, )-Mwnrd, 87.025; .1304, Wethlngton,

A rthur C.. 87.026 ; 5.305, Kugler, T^eopold A..

87.626 ; 6306, Dremuk, Stephen, 87.623; .1.307,

Suchman, Sidney, 87.025 ; 5308, Pistilll,

BerjArd J., 87.625 ; 5309, Santangelo, An­

thony, 87.025 ; 5310, Supina, William. 87.023;

5811, Taylor. AValter E.. 87.025; .1312, Otto,

John P.. 87.625 ; 6313, Finnegan. John F.,

87.625: 6314, La Fosa, Melchick, 87.025;

5315, Rossi. Michael. 87.625; 6316, I.owe.

Cliftord, 87.023; 5317. Scansaroll. John.

87.625; 6318. Kessler, Gustave. 87.025; 6319,

Donfeld. Milton, 87.025; 6320, W'hltman,

Charles E., 87.625; 5321. K awltzky, Henry.

87.025: B822, Pierson, Joseph J., 87.025;

.1323, O’Connell. James, 87.625; .1324. Burns.

Michael J., 87.625; 5325. Muccl, Francesco.

8T.625; 5326. Brunn. Howard W.. 87.023;

6.'127, Sumuels, I-ouls B.. 87.025; 6.328.

Popick, Paul, 87.025; 6329, McGulnne-ss,

Nell J.. 87.623; 53:10, Hickman, William J..

87.025; .1381. Brand. Itaymond, 87.025; 5.332,

Haliy, Stanley, 87.025; .1333. Nolan, E d ­

ward F., 87.025 ; 5334, Miller, Rich.ird,

87.025; 5335, McCube. John J., 87.625; 5330,

Pudley. John W., 87.025; .i;i37. Greene.

John. 87.026; 6338, Cltiera. Joseph J., 87.02.1"

5)339. Incalcaterra, Charles J.. 87.6’25; 5340,

LoSquadro, Frank J., 87.025; .1341. Fabrl-

anl, Willlnm, 87.025; 5,342, Cuevas, Michael.

87.625 ; 584fl, Viola, Frank, 87.623 ; 6344,

Camba, Manuel A.. 87.625: .V!45, Berton-

einl, Edwin C., 87,625; .1340, Wlnckler,

William A., 87.025; 6347, Goetz, Richard

W., 87.025; 5348, .Saldrldge, Charles. 87.625;

5349, Ehrllch .Eugene, 87.025; 5350, Torto-

relll, John. 87.025.

5801, LukaPsy, Frederick J.. 87.025; 5332,

Turturlce. Ignazlo, 87.025; 5333, Proschuk,

F rank, 87.025; 5361, Bei'ger, Loula, 87.025;

6355, Gardner. H erbert J., 87.025; 5350,

Gurnan, VVllllam J., 87.025 ; 6337, Fleming.

WiJllnm U.. 87.023; .1358, Redmond. Edward

P.. 87.025; .1359, Slgnorlello, Orlando, 87,025;

6300, Pracht, Max A.. B, 87.025; .1301, Phil­

lips. William F., 87.625; 5302, Brucato,

Cosmo. 87,025; 530.3, Tancredl. Nicola.

87.026 ; 53(14, Harris, Kenneth, 87,025; 5303,

Hales, Thomas G., 87.025; 5300, Sperruzzl.

Morris J., 87.625; 5307, Doleman, Raymon

R., 87.023; 5368. Tallercio, F rank B., 87.023;

.1309, Prestle, Michael A., 87.023; .1370,

Bosco. Erm o K.. 87,625; .1371. Jofferys,

Horace W., 87.025; 6372. Stein, Nathan.

87.026; .1373, Aronowltz, Jack. 87.50; .1374,

Cave. Bryan .S., 87..10; 5375, Corrigan.

Anselm J., 87.50; 6370, Miller, Jam es P. J,.

87.50; 5377. Welnlraub, Sidney. 87.50; .1378.

McGill, W alter R.. 87..10; 5379, Dawyot,

Joseph T„ 87.50: .1380..Cherry. Gerald F.,

87.50; 6.381, Belkin, Harold. 87..10; .1382,

•Smyth, Thomas F.. 87..K); .1383, Infortunio,

Frank, 87..10; 5384, Plasner, Max, 87..10,

5386, GlmplowUz. Milton, 87.50; .1380,

S\itherlimd, Donald A., 87..10: 5387, Gold-

bauni, Bernard M.. 87.50; 5388, McKenna,

Jam es P.. 87.50; .1389. Biondi. John R.,

87.50; .1390, Ti loni4)o. Francisco, 87.00;

.1391, Flynn, Willltnn’ J.. 87.50; .1392, ■ Bruhl;

Willl.ini W., 87,50; .l:!93. Mi>7.zola, Jnsej)h

T.. 87.30; 531H. .Vtnskowitz, I’hllip, 87.30;

3393, Fostn. Joseph, 87.30; 3390. Kruiie.

J.'imes A.. 87..10: .1;)97. Peters.


P age Fourteen CIVIL SERVICE LEADER Tuesday, December 10,

Over 87^000 Filed fo r Exam; 7^828 Passed

(Continued from PaRC 13)

87.00; riS,"l. lloilKetiH, \Villn>rt (».. R7.(M);

r.srin CMrlmrlni. Silvio, «7.0(l; r.srpd, Stiin-

toii, ClwiilcH H7.00; r.K"7. Hcliinilt, li-

w Im. S7.0I); riS,"iJiuk^ IlPliry, K7.SS,-, Miinilnlii. Au^?ii.'it, S7.00; .iS80, < oln-

Bimo. II.Ttor. K7.00; .-.8S7, I’ook, .loH.-p .

]> S7 on; ."|S>(S. I •.■rhiifH, Italpli, Jr.. Si.'ii'.

Sllo. Vito. 87.0-*; .'.S-.MI, KtiHM;iUli.

S-lliPiii'liamii. •loH.'ph. «7.IM); r.!ii;7. ClKTor.l.

loMPpli 1';. 87.01); .'i!)‘.;8. I’itti'llo. .lohn

K lin- .')!!”!). I?pU. .ri)H»'|ili. -Ir.. 87.01); r>!:.'’.0.

Sa'iva'inr. Ml'ha.-I A.. 87.00; .V.).'!l. N'ocor.i,

AiiU'i'lo A.. 87.00; r.D.TJ, (••‘arllla. .losj'l'tj.

S7 00; ,V,):!::. lm;)ao, I'raiik. 87.00; .i!);t,

ClM.hiini.-li. Sli-Plif'n. 87.01); .V.):‘,„. I.a-

S.'illo. Mii'liai'l 87.00; ."i!):!H. SK'imiivtj,

Al'X. S('i.87."i; .■‘.):!7. Carpv. \ln ci‘nt. 8(1.87.">;

ro'^s. I'oniinilv, .Idlm. 8ll.S7.'i; .>!):!!).

Ian Arlhiir. 8i;.87."i; r.!)10, Tiiiiliorlako,

)l,'iroM .1.. 811.87.'; .%1)41. .Snillli. (!'‘o)-(;(> C_..

K’>.87."i; r.m;*. (;rr>iMilian.s. Sidtipy. S(1.87.y,

r.!)i:t. Miinziilln. .Fosoph f!.. 8(!.S7.'>^ TiOU.

Connollv. U i.nanl .T.. S«.87.'.; r,!U... Mc-

CH-'i'l". -lot'" f; 0032. Hanp.s, Kdward F..

Jr,, 80,75; OO.'J,'!. .S,-h(ipnl)PrK, UoKor, 80.75;

Oo;H, llplnf/. Foironp ()., 80.75; 00:{5, Pha.s-

mar. I’anl ,1,. 80.75; 00;{0, C'.old, l>an|p1.

80.7.'^; 0(i;!7. Formnn. Pavld. 80.75; OO.’iR.

Ca.sov. JpriMnlah J.. 80.75; OOIIH, Miilpare,

Jd.'^pph I... 80.75; noto, HolT. William X.,

80,75; 0011. ('hrl.stv, 'I’homaH 1,., 80.75; (1012,

Nash, Sl.'pliPn F.. 80.75; OOl.'t. Mclsupr.

Ovrll .r. 80.75; 0011. Marloi-Hkl, Fdward 11..

80,75; 0015, I.pviik, rharlp.s I''.. 80.75; 0010,

I5i'ainnont. Wllltam I.,., 80.75; 0017. Calii-ro.

T.ouIh j ., 80,75; (WHS. .lakupko, Cporno F..

80.75; i;OI!l, 'I'liplsH, Hnrolil J.. ,80.75; OO.'.O,

ScIipIiI, tjawriMire J.. 80.75.

0051, .\nmiii7.1ato, Jospph J., 8(1.75; 0052.

Haiulrow ski. .Stanlpy. 80.75; (U)5.'t, Morti'l-

Inro, Hpnry, 80,7.'.: 005J. .Mi-Nell, William,

80,75; (10,'i5. Mci'ormlck, .lohn (!., 80,75;

0050, Moorp. \dolphUH H.. 80.75; 00,',7, licn-

nkan, Jospph H., 80.75; 005S. .Saldptfiia.

Josppli. 80.75; 0051), Krail.si'. Charlps A.,

80.75; OOOO. Sl.apiro. Morion J., 80.75; 0001,

I’aIn/.7.olo, .lo.'ii'ph J.. 80.75; 0002, Di'iiler,

RtPplirn J.. SO.75; OOO.’!. Mlllham, Kdward

J.. .S0.75; 0001, ('.('lliiPr, William IV, ,80.75;

COO,'., I’avlowli-h, .lohn, 80.75; 0000, Cnnroy,

JaiiiPs .\l.. .SO,75; 0007, Smith, l.oni.s. 80.75;

0008, llpiiillpr, r.ernard, 80,75; OOOO. I’lca-

rollo. Carniini' 1'., 80.75; 0070, Koriililuth.

Miirrl^, 80.75; 0071, Wp1.pi', Ftluard ,1..

80.75; 0072. Ko/.nr, Ml.hapl, 80.75; 007;t,

Pi'Ma.I, .liilln. 80,75; 0071, Manro, Saha-

tlno ,1.. 80.75; 0075, Keninan, i!poi!;p .1.,

80.75; 0070. I'lay. HaioM W., Sd.75; 0077.

Sairo, .Mliprl. 80.75; 0078, o'Ucllly, DaiilPl

80,75; (;o7!i. 1 )oKron7,i.. Friip.st .).. 80.75;

OOMI, .SI ;cU, Itohprt 80.75; 0081. Ui.Oo'r,

,M)i::liam, 80.75; (.082, Jai'ol.in.sliy, lr\lnt;.

80 7''; 0')8'1, .loMP>-, Ihimpliri'v 11., 80,75;

00 ,1, l.ilipi loiip. .liiHfph, SO.75; OOS'., M r-m-

Bi'lo, l.nul.'t I!.. 80.75; 00,80, Shlrk.'.'^, Mor­

ton, SO, io, oU'ii, lluiinulhi, Albert J., 60.7g',

0088, Ho.xonbaiim, I’incin*. 80.75; 008!),

(iolomboRki, Anthony J., 80.75; OOOO, Mar-

tonlk, JoHPt.h 80.75; OODl. Hn.dman,

Irvlnff, 80.75; 001)2, Amloo, .Nlchula.s .S.,

.80.75; 00!):i, ClaiiH, Uobprl, 80.75; OOIH,

V'ozali, ,Stanlpy. 80,75; fiO!)5, KeKtel, .Vlichnpl

I''., 80.75; 0(.!»0, Lpvvi.s, A rthur K., 80.75;

00!)7. llritno. .lohn S., 8fl.75; 0008. Uado.

.lor.cpli I'’.. 80.75; 00!)!), ()’K(U‘fp. Mlc

Alexander. 8.5.875; 0,800. Allgeler. C„ori;»[

85.875; (1897. Colluni. Robert. S5.S75- i;«:i^'

Gormnn. ICdward. 85.875; (1899. Hubert

W alter H., 85.875; 0900, Jiar.-ihall.


0901. Giacomo. Saverlo, 85.87.'i:

Pi.izza. Vito, 85.,875; 0903. Tei-ry. 20, Mclntvre, Hugh J., .83.875; (5i)21, Hub-

bell. William W., 85.875; 6922. R;i-liku,

Peter K.. 85.875; 6923. Giarnbalvo, Frnnk

V.. 85,875: 0924. Hoyt, Robert, 85,875; il:i:',',

Marino, Albert, 85.875 : 0920. Morgat ,‘'rn.

William. 85.875; C927. Kopf, Morris. S5.s7.1;

6928. Ravnltsky. Irving. 85.875; I'.ia

Benskle. Leo. 85.,875: 09.30. Hugh, IliisMI

M.. 85.875 ; 0931. Parrish. Harol.l S.,

85.87i5; 09.'t2. Sabatino. Alfred, 85.87,',; 0!)3;i.

Taylor, Charles. 8.5.875; C934, Condelii. ,In.

seph, 85.875; (1935, Matarazzo, I jOuIs,

09.30. Quaglla, Angelo A.. 85.875; fi!):!7. ''o!-

lins, William, 85.875: 093S, Xlc'olosi, Salva­

tore. 85.875; 0939. Flinn. Melvin.

0940, Giglio, Charles, 85.875; 0911.

.Tames N., 85.875; (5!)42, Rurke, Mariiti P..

85.875: 0943. Dehlmp. Alfred. Jr..

0944. Parente. Arnold, 83.875; 0!H5, Cold,

Morris. .85.875 : 0946. Curia. Jak. ,'^,'.,'7,';

0947. Croce. Frank, 85.875; 6948, R:.nilall,

Fred, 85,875; 0949. Edell. Alfi-ed. S'..STr.;

0950, Francis. I,awronpe. 85.875.

0951, Bay. (’harles, a5.875; 0932. Z-'iiiba,

.Toseph W.. 85.875; 09.53. TCramlsen, H:irrjr,

85.873: (1054, Russell, Stephen M..

09.55, Hinden. Milton. 85.875; (19.50. l!'!:>in-

son. John, 85.875; 6957, Nicholson, Pi'iI,

85.875; 09.58, Ba.sso, Michael J.. '^5,ST,1;

6959, Kokollch. Luke. 85.875; 69t;0. '

Christopher. 85.875; 0901, Guerriero. Salva­

tore J., 83.875; 0902. Hughes. Vinoont.

85.875 ; 09(53. Gerner. Henry, 85.875;

Bloom, Abraham, 85.875; 6»«5. I’ineili,

Dominick. 85.R75; 0966, Brady. Vincent.

85.875; 0907, Verruslo, Alexander. ‘-k, ; -h

mon S.. 85.75; 7017, Castrovlnci.

J.. S5,75; 7018, Bonacum. Thomas A .

7019. DeRo.sa. Francis. 85,75: TOJ''- “ j„.

berg. Hai'old, 85.75; 7021. PMnii'-'l' jr.,

seph, 85.75; 7022, Colligan. (>>‘'”''■'''■..,7,'!;

85.75; 7023. JIcGuIre, Thoma.n _ Ij:

7024. Adler. Frederick .f.. S.>. i'- ,u,,5.

Ruraknif, Jacob, 85.75; 7020, Berry. .

ter. 85.75; 7027, Handrahan. J iS:

83.75; 7028, Frankel, Jot=eph •'' “

(Continued on Page 15) ^

pjiday* December 10, 1940 a V IL SERVICE LEADER P age Fifteen

146 Squeeze Through With Final Mark of 85

(Continued from Page 14)

, »riz William J.. 85.75; 7030, P ar-

'02». ■*1''^ 85'5: Lawrence,

Ferrlck. Thomns J.. 8B.75;

It-'’- ■ James. 80.75; 70.U Zlno, Jo-

7035. Chesln. Jerome I.,

Outtmnn. Milton. 85.75; 7037.

‘‘^Miiurl.-e P.. 85.75; 70.38. Mossey,

nine'’"’, fi,'>.75; 70.‘i». Cruse, Arturo,

* Rothstein, Martin. 85.76; 7041,

IvV.V J A.. 8.-).75; 7042. Castelll.

)-U5anci*l' 704M O’Shaughneasy. Robert,

f'aii't' '".jV’’ poccla, Floyd, 85.75; 704.'i,

, t ’teve 85.75; 704C, Zolobkowskl.

j(lchnel-“- . - i )47 Drake, Edmund, 75.7,'S;

John J.. 8.-,.75; 7049. Mlddle-

N . 85.75 ; 70.'i0, Strazzo, Danlon,

Ifl- ^"'nrotzer. Sidney, 8.'i.75: 7052, Glbb,

;or»l. 7.*): 7053. Williams. Harold

janiof. ;V; 70,14 ' Jacques. Martin, 85.75;

'• ^ ’w'vltto Michael, 8.">.7.'; 705(1. Mlnel,

7(ij7 StPllacclo, Francis. 8,">.7o;

' iMnkowsk'l, Stanley. 85.75; 70.’)!),

7l»TA •’^wi.Vhael A.. 85.76 ; 7000, Perlm an,

probn'• ‘ 7061. I>ederman, H arry L..

T-^fTnk. r» !/>b- J>L*\ 7?i*

Miver. GeorKe C.. 8.%.75; 70(>9

vWnK J: 8.'..75: 7070. .Sllv

man. ^‘' ' " ’75. 7071. Gallzia. Krai

n n els Jack J.. 85.7.'i; 707.S, Wlno-

Vn7o; 7080. Roth. Joseph J..

7osV Mllsteln, Louis, 85.75; 70S2,

S « » . ITi' 7flS?l A vn linn A

J^\T 7080. Kaiser, Charles F..

P'-" 70‘Kl Lambosta. Nick J.. 85.75 ; 70:il.

io lin . S.'>.75; 70!)‘J, Lazart'zyk, Stan-

('i.flklano. _

rripilmun .lohn, .S«».7J}.

--Vanunyes. Adam. 8.'i.75; 7102. Do-

„'n“ kl roter J.. 85,75; 7ia3, Orlando,

rn'nepn. Sr..7.-5; 7104, Belardo, Raffaele,

:°-v Ti'ur. Vita, Michael F „ 85.75: 710«,

v„!:',Pr ^ ' Maclejewskl,

Felix .T.. ^5.7'>: 710S. DeFranco. LoulF,

i.r jiimes 85.t)2.'S; 7117, Leuschner,

irthiir H 7X18, Savlano, Geonre

A s', 7111). Lupes, Alexander, 85.62,';

-iV Fisher. .Toseph M.. 85.025; 7121, Reid.

Thnni ■ K.. 8.".()25; 7122. Urown, George

r r.-v 712'!. Srhaal, A rthur F.. 85.025;

TrV I.rvine. Louis, 85.625; 7125, Tobin,

william J.. W.fiZ'i; 7120. Kandibo. Joseph.

Ir 7127, RosettI, Vincent J.,

S.'.!::’.'. 7128. Reilly. James E., 85.025;

Shiilruf, GeorRe, 8ri,(i2,j; 71.30, Shel-

,!Mei- Warn-n J., 85.625; 7131. Owens,

CHrl' I'.. R5.')2.'i; 7132. Cohne, Joseph,

71H:i, Grossman. Mortimer. 85.625;

7K!t Spit-zia. John A., Jr., 8r>.C25; 7135,

Charles J,. 85.625; 71.3(1, Erick-

»on. Henry. Jr., 8.'..625; 7137, l^ernsleln,

Irvini' S.'.t:25; 7138, Wellfi. John L.,

7i;!0, Blanco. Anthony, 85.625;

714(1 Walnski, Joseph, 8fi.625 ; 7141. O’Connell,

William J.. 8.5.625; 7142, Ryan, Tim-

,.;h'. s.'..Hi;,'; 7143. McAndrews. Thomas ,T..

S.'i;'.;:.: 7H4, .Tackson, Earl, 85.625 ; 7145,

Carln. Jdhn M.. 85.625; 7146. Wenelaro,

Uot'Prt fi.. S5.625; 71-17. Geary. Stephen

R., 714S, Bartell, Roland. 85.625;

71H'. .-t.ibile, 1’f‘ter. M.025; 7150. Codl,

AlbPrt F,. 85.62.'.

7i:.l, inxiudo. Bernard R.. 85.625 ; 7l!'.2,

Schwartz, ,I()aeph H., 85.625 ; 71.'»-3, Marsh,

Don.iniclt J.. 85.625; 71.54, .Tocelyn, Wll-

Ilnni. r.2.'; 71,15, Hoffman. W alter. 85.62.'?;

71.y. Clayromb. F rank R.. 85.625; 71^7.

Weinvti'in, .^.imuel. 85.625 ; 715S, Bonazzi,

L'rPnzd. S.’i.(',25; 7150, Grlve, .Toseph, Jr..

s.'..C.2,-: 71fi0, Stepp. Xoelln L.. 85.625; 7101,

'?I.Tnn'tti. Jo.*ipph F.. 85.625; 7162, TazzcU;..

.Albert. S5.I125; 7163, Rvan, John J..

71IW. Carroll, W alter T.. 85.625;

71(iri, Oii-lm.Tnn. Oeorne. 85.025; 7166, Oddo,

Vlncpnt I., .S5.625; 7107, Ferrara. Anthony

L., 7168. Pempeev, Jam es M.,

71fi!i. Srott. Clifford. 85.625; 7170,

Fi’Clletta, Vincent J., 85.625; 7171, Ballu'p.

AVilllain W.. 85.625; 7172, Shen.

Thomas 8.'.625; 7173. Silverstein. Leo.

7174, Novak. John S.. 85.625 ; 7175.

Hizzo. i-yrus V.. 85.625; 7176. Hei.ser,

Henry. s,--,.n25; 7177. Tawii. Ralph. 85.625;

■ 17 s. li'Krasmo. Vito. R5.625; 7170, Zor-

■zyko-,v...25; 7.5.39. P.^ganelli. Louis F., 85.25 ; 7 5(0

Resta, Vincent .L. 85^2r>; 7,541, Espenh.nln,

George TT., 85.25; 7.5-12. Madlgan, Joseph P..

8.1.2.>; 7543, Pennacchlo. Albert, 85.25- 7544

Altnmore, Edward I''.. .S5.25; 7545. Nazzaro]

Ajiierico. 8,).2.5: 754(!. Gentlle.sco, .Tames V..

85.25; 7547, Callahan. Jame.s J.. 85.25- 7548

.Schneider, Irwin. 85.25; 7.549, Sleap, Thomas

H,, 85.25; 7.5.50. Dnole.v;'John K., 85.25.

7.551, Singer, faul, .S5.25; 7.552, Benvenuto,

Frank M,, 85.25; 7,5.53. D ’Ella, Gerard J..

8.).25; 7554, Sturlano. Jacob V., 85.25- 75,55

Horn, George, Jr,, 85.25; 7.5.56, Miles, John

.T^, .S5.25; 7.557, Meskell, Stephen J. R..

85.25; 7558, Sherlnsky, Sam, 85.25; 75.59.

Freda, F rank, 8.5,25; 7.560, Lombardo, Peter,

85.25; 7.561, Peskofsky. Abraham. 85.25;

I.562, Nllakewltz, t ’ani, 85,25; 7.56.3, DIskant,

.Tohn, 85.25 ; 7564. Gurello, T.,orlto J., 85.25;

7565, TerenzI, Dominick F., 85.25 ; 7566,

B.nrtolottl. Peter, 85.25; 7.567, Noonan, W illiam

J.. 85.25 ; 7568. T>uca.«, Andrew .T.,

85.25; 7.509, St.monls, Alphonse R., 85.25;

7.570, Torres. Gerald. 85.25; 7571, Monahan,

Gerald A., 85.25: 7572. Frledlander. Irving*.

85.25; 7573. Morris. Michael J., .85,25; 7574

Kuper, Felix. 85,25; 7575, O'HWn, .Tames,

80.2 .1; 7i)76, Haesloop, Edward G., 85.125;

7577. Fantozzi, Albano .T., 85.125 ; 7.578, Mc­

Donald, John Edwin, 85.125; 7579, Mickens,

W illiam T.. 85.125 ; 7580. Galante, Albert

B., 85.125; 7581, AVood.s, Jose[)h P., 85.125

7.582, Kiicullen. Timothv F.. 85.125; 758S

Belkin, I.ouis. 85.125; 7.584, Stokes, Anthony

F ., 85.125 ; 7.585, Fazio, Thomas. 85.125;

7.586, V.-in Keuren, Maurice B., 85,125; 7.587

Fischer. .Samuel, .S5.125; 7.588. Balas. John

J., 85.J25; 7.589. Yost, John, 85.125 ; 7.590,

Gottshall, Thomns J., 85.125 ; 7.591, Reddy,

.Tames V., 85.125; 7.592, Hofmann, Charles

A., 85.125; 7593, Wambold, F rank H., ,Tr.,

85.125; 7.594, Lynch. .Tames J.. 85.125 ; 7595

Graeter, T.ouls T.. 85.125; 7.596, Bofite, Albert

.S.. 85.125 ; 7.597, Dahlberg, W alter R.,

85.125: 75»8, TCastner. George H., 85.125;

7599. Nagle. David, 85.125; 7000, Marcus,

Henry. 85.125.

G r a d e s 8 5 . 1 2 5 l o 8 5

7601. Eldenschink. F ran k J.. 85.125; 7602.

Rowan, John E.. a5.125; 7603, Frederlck-

son, John P.. 85.125 ; 7604, W orhle W'll-

Ham M., 8.5.125; 7605. Zinno, Ralph J.,

8.>.12o; 7606. Cox, Vincent J.. 85.125; 7607.

Concannon, Joseph B.. 85.125; 7608. I’or-

pora. Ralph J.. 85.125 ; 7009. Rondlnone,

Paul, 85.125 ; 7610, Woods, James, 85.125;

7611. G utm aker, Fied,- 8.5.125; 7612,

Kainste, Irwin. 85.125 ; 7013, Rachwalskl,

W alter A., 8.5.125; 7614. Lynch. Joeeph

7620, Grote, Alfred J.. 85.125 ; 7621. Ix)zlto.

Peter. 85.yJ5; 7622. Brautlgam , George W..

.85,125 ; 7«23, Yobs, Melvin W,, 85.125;

7024. Elliott, George E., 85.125; 7025

Sheehan. Edw ard J.. 85.125 ; 7026. Joyce.

Joseph T., 85.125; 7627. Bruno, Antonio

G., 85.125; 7628, Majeski, Leon, &5.125;

762J). Currerl. Ignazio M.. .85.125 ; 7030,

Addl. Richard J.. 85.125; 7631, Goldachl.ager,

85.125 ; 76;h2. Meon. John E..

85.125 ; 7633, Klein. Andrew, kl.125; 7634,

MIrablle. Ferdinando. 85.125; 70;i5 Mos-

chetta. Antonio, 85.125; Ttiati Soderberg.

William. 85.125 ; 7637, W itlin, George.

85.125; 7638, Grubellc. John. 8.5,125; 70.39,

Roskos, Joseph M., 85.125 ; 7040, Spinner,

Milton, 85.125 ; 7641, Colombo, Julius C.,

85.125; 7042. Lener, W illiam J., 85.125;

7643, HIspoll. Jam es H., 85,125; 7644, Siegel.

Jack M., ,'•5.125; 7(!45, Masullo. Salvatore.

85.125; 7646, Marston, Henry A.,

85.125; 7647. Maresca. Augufit J., 85,125;

7()48, Robinson, William, 85.125 ; 7049,

Schneer. Herbert, 8.5.125; 7050, H arnett,

John J.. 8.5.125.

7651, Groneveldt. Charles N.. 85.125 ; 7652.

Vogel. Louis. 85.125 ; 7053, Corbo, Joseph,

.85.125; 76.-4, Brock. A rthur J., 85.125;

70.")5, DIMattlna, .To.hn. 8.5.125; 765(!.

D'Agostlno, Joseph A., 8.5.125; 7)i57, G uadagno,

Louis E., 85.125 ; 7658, Errlgo. Jack

J.. 85.125; 70.59. Barry. W illiam J., 85.125;

7060, Pomerantz, Louis. 85.125; 7661, La-

Porta, Joseph, Jr.. 8.5.125; 7062, Drozdo-

vlch, W illiam J., 85.125; 7603, Posch, W illiam

R., 85.125 ; 7664. Zehser. W illiam H..

.8.5.125; 7665. Zilinskl, Stanley J„ 85.125;

7660, Serino. Nicolino M.. 85.125; 7067,

Paterno. Frank, 85,125 ; 7608, Leon, Carl,

85.125; 7669, Kaezmavek, Andrew J.,

85.125; 7670. Sazanl. George. 85.125; •»•!,

Wagner. H arry, 85.125; 7672, Ahrens,

Henry, 8.5.125; 7673, Maru.Tl, Ixjuls, 85.125;

7674, Braun, Andrew, 85.125; 7675, Del

Genlo, Leonard. 85.125; 7676, Waller, E d ­

ward J,, 85.125; 7677. Jakaltia, Joseph,

85.125; 7678, D’Angells, Salvatore, 85.125;

7679, Burban. .Tohn. 85.125 ; 7080. Barvk,

Michael A., 85.125 ; 7681. Marfiottl, E u ­

gene. MIcljael. S5.125; 7682, Epstein, Jack

D.. 85.125 ; 7683. Byrne. William. 85.125;

7684, Grace, John A.. 85.125; 7685, Ger-

lach, Charles E.. 85.00; 7680, White, W illiam.

85.00 ; 7687, Donovan, Edward F.,

85.00; 7688. Janssen, Edward H.. 85.00;

7089. Greenberg. Theodore, 85.(M); 7690,

Duvelsdorf, W illiam C,, 85,00 ; 7691,

Berka, W alter F,. 85.00; 7092, Erdeley,

Zoltan A.. 85.00 ; 7693, Flattery, Henry F.,

85,00; 7694, Gavlgan. Jam es P.. 85.00;

7095. Lutz. H amilton P.. 85.00; 7696. Mul-

laly. Philip J., 85.00 ; 7697, Kearns, R aymond

J., 85.00; 7698, Rosen. Barnet. 85.00;

7699, Albers, W illiam E „ Ki.OO; 7700, R u ­

ben, A rthur, 85.00.

G r a d e s 8 5

7701, Wrzesc, Micnael, 85.00; 7702. Clinton,

Raymond, 85.00; 7703, Dennis, ISdward

J., 85.(K); 7704, Maser, W arren F.. 85.00;

7705, Thomas, Charles F., 85.00; 7706,

Joseph, Stedm an A., 85.00; 7707, Clancy,

Alex.'inder J., 85.00; 7708, Giugliano, Louis

A., 85.00; 7709. Buchanan, Joseph J..^5.00;

7710, Moran, Patrick E., 85.00; 77T1T Jud-

8on, W^alter Z., 85.00 ; 7712, Fanlisi, Julius

C., 85.00; 7713, Plrozzola, Michael. 8«.(K);

7714. McCarthy, Edward D., 85.00 ; 7715,

Reilly, Daniel V., 85.00; 7716, Plzzlmentl,

Bruno P,, 85,00; 7717, Guerrlnl, Nicholas

J., 85.00; 7718, Sinclair. Thomas, 85.00;

7719, Foster, John W., 85.00; 7720, Perrotta,

Vincent, 85,00; 7721, Olmsted, Irving P,,

85.00; 7722, Johnson, Herm an M.. 85.00;

7723, Shields, JoTin, 85.00 ; 7724, Urygore-

wlcz, Francis V., 85.00 ; 7723, Gill, Francis

G,, 85,00; 7726, Beuschel, Eugene, 85.00;

7727, Dazey, Reginald A,, 85.OU; 772.S,

liankowaki, Adolph R., 85.00; 7720, Conroy,

John J., 85.00; 77.30, Parks, Thomas F.,

85.00; 7731, .My.'rs, Jam es W., 85.00; 77;t2,

So.skin, Daniel, 85.00; 7733. Lawson, Joseph,

85.00; 7731, Cunneen, John F. .1., 85.0 0 ;

7735. Stoothoff, Edwin R., 8.'i.(MI; 7736,

Yunker. Joseph E,, 85,00; 77,37, Schleslni;er,

Jack, .S5,00; 77;i8. Burke, John E., .''5.00;

77311, Sharko, William, 85.(HI; 7740, Kaplan,

Julius, 85.00; 7741, IJonovan, Arthur, 85.(K);

7742, Triolo, Gus J.. 85.(K»; 7743, (.Jumbi^,

Albert K., 85.00; 7744, Beckelman, Daniel,

85.00; 7745, Lepore, F rank V., 85.00; 7740.

McEvoy, T.fo, 85.00; 7747, Harrington,

•lames J., ,s5.00; 7748, .Schechter, I’hlllp,

85.00; 7749, SIragusa, Angelo, 85,00; 77."jO.

Hopkins, James P., 85,00.

7751, Adams, I,ester, 85.00; 7752, Handler,

Frank L., .85,00; 7753. Romanello, Franci.-J

J., .85,00; 7754, Ellis, Arnold O., 85.(M);

7755, Jordan, Edward J., 85.00; 7756,

Kbbers. William J.. 85.00; 7757, Miacella,

Edward. 85.00 ; 7758, DZebolo, Nicholas N.,

•Ir.. 85.00; 7759. Dombrova. Edwin C., .85,00;

7700, Siena, Fortunato, .85.00; 7761, Parvis.

.Tohn. 85.00; 7702, Abatl, Felix, .85,00; 7763,

Gnif, Andrew J., 85.00; 7704, Murray,

Josejih T,, 85.00; 7705, Sjilvak. Hym.-in,

.S5,(H>; 7766, Lee. Jo.-^eph W. F., 85.0(1; 7767,

.Samberg, Harry, 85.00; 7768, Venticra.

George R., 85.00; 7769, Obermaler. I’atsv

A., .S5.00; 7770, Ballard. Doual, 85.00; 7771,

Welch. Herbert II,, 85.00; 7772. /Ack, H erman

J,, Jr.. 85,00 ; 777;!, Alorrone, \ ’lncent

A., ,S5.00: 7774, Starr, Victor, .>eter J.. 81..'tl: 11, Price,

A rthur 81.12; 12, Keckan. Leonard .T.,

.80.50: 13, (Jrossman, Albert, 80.48; 14,

,Shai)iro, Morris, 80.25; 15, Genco, Dominick,

80.(HI; 16, Alexander. Harold J.. 79.87: 17,

Loinbanlo. Joseph, Jr., 7!l.56; 18, Borden,

Sidney, 79.31: 19, Cuarcello, Vincent J.,

7.8.93; 20 Fisher, Morris. 78.!>.3; 21, Craft,

Meyer H., 78.50; 22, O’Rourke, ,Tnhn J,,

78,.50; 23, McCarthy, W.iiter J.. 78..-^T; 24,

Hart. John W., 78.35; 25, Rabinowitz.

David B., 78.23; 26, Ca.»sldy, Louis. 78.18;

27. Green.7; 43, Klemo,

Anthony G., 75.81; 44, O'Connor, T.eo J.,

75.81; 45. Cohen, Sidney, 75.75; 46, Best,

Robert F., 75,06; 47, Buxton, .\alan, 74.62;

48, Hoffman, Joseph J., Jr.. 74.25; 49,

Twoniey, Timothy J.. 74.12; 50, Si-hwartz,

Bernard AV., 73.99; 51, Horowitz, Isidoi-e,

73,81; ,52. (Jreeii, .Morris J., 73.02; .53, Gcdd-

berg. Irving, 73.25.

Question, Please?

O r g a n i z a t i o n o f


C i v i l S e r v i c e E m p l o y e e s

D. J. H.—We have been asked

by m any to answ er the query: A re

civil service em ployees required

by law to be m em bers of any em ­

ployees organization, and m ay em ­

ployees contribute to any union,

association or political party club?

There is nothing in the law th at

prohibits or requires any public

em ployee to belong to any organ-

iation, union, association or club

of any kind. A civil servicc em ­

ployee m ay join any organization

or union he chooses. He m ay pay

dues or assessm ents to any vsuch

organization or union. He is not

compelled to do so b: law. U nder

the 'N ew Y ork City charter, h ow ­

ever, a public em ployee m ay not

contribute to any political party or

political cam paign upon penalty or

forfeiture of office. City em ­

ployees other than policem en, firemen,

and a few o ther special

groups, m ay be m em bers of a political

club, but m ay not contribute

to political cam paigns either directly

or indirectly, beyond pay ­

m ent of nom inal club dues. The

civil rights law protects the right

of em ployees to organize in any

m anner they see fit.

T r a n s f e r f o r P . O .

E l i g i b l e

M.G.—An eligible on a {sostal

clerk-carrier list who resided in

New Y ork City and m oves to a n ­

other borough m ay have his nam e

transferred to the postoffice list for

the borough to w hich he rem oved,

b u f his nam e will be placed at the

bottom of the list of the new b o rough


C o p A p p o i n t m e n t

A s C h e m i s t

J.R.—A ccording to the M unicipal

Com m ission’s practice, an eligible

on the police special list may

be appointed for special assignm

ent as a chem ist if he has the

qualifications. W hether an appointm

ent to a perm anent position as

chem ist m ay be m ade from that

list instead of from the general list

for chemist is a m oot question. The

eligibles on the regular p atro lm

en’s list m ay not be used to fill

such position of chem ist in the police

departm ent perm anently, we

feel sure.

T r a n s f e r f o r V e t s

I.M.G.—The right of a veteran

to be transferred to any other position

which he m ay be fitted to fill

applies to transfer to a sim ilar po ­

sition in another d ep artm ent w here

there is such a vacancy at the tim e

of his lay-ofl from his own d epartm

ent, as well as to any other

vacancy existing in his own dep

artm ent at the time. In a recent


issue of The L eader I outlined the

rights of disabled and non-disabled

veterans w ith regard to transfers,

suspensions inH reinstatpm pnts

from preferred * roi; '

that after the v«i.- '

a preferred "st he h--iv =

rights to reinst ' rr.-; ’

any other Civil .crv -n'

U . s . U s e o f ( y

A n d S t a l e L i s

J.A.H.—The r

m ent by the Federal Civil Service

Commission that it m ay resort to

the use of state or m unicipal com ­

mission eligible lists for filling

federal field positions does not give

any person on a state or city list

the right to be transferred to a

sim ilar eligible list for the federal

service on a basis of his original

rating in the exam ination he took

for the state or city service. O ne

can well understand that the ra tings

in the federal, state ar,(' city

tests m ay vary greatly depending

on the standards used and the type

of exam ination used. W hat the

Federal Commission plans to do,

as I understand it, is to resort to a

state or city eligible list to fill a

position w here the Federal C om ­

mission has no available eligible

list for the position, and it is found

that the standards of the federal

and state or city commission for

the exam ination are substantially

similar. The plan does not contem

plate im m ediate wholesale a p ­

pointm ents fron state and city

lists for federal positions. The

problem will require considerable

experim entation and study before

the practice becomes m ore than infrequent.

It pays to follow THE LEADER.

Do you w ant

some one

to talk to?

0 To help you figure out

w hat JobH are oiwn tu

jou In Civil Service?

• To Nuggetit tlie best wuy

to proceed?

• To notify you every

time u Job for wiiicli


P age S ixteen CIVIL SERVICE LEADI^R TueBd|iy, December Ip,

A H sislu n t B a rU T io lo K is t


Salary; $2,100 to $2,700. File by

Decemljer 30. Fee, $2.


To supervise a unit In a bacteriological

laboratory. The type of

work may include the manufacture

of serums or vaccines, or proccdure.s

followed in the Health and Hospital

Departments in bacteriological diag-

losia of syphilis, diptheria, typhoid,

gonorrhea, or other infectious disuses;

al.so participation in research,

either independently or in collabo-

■atlon, on bacteriological problems

,)ertinont to the diagnosis and con-

irol of infectious diseases.


M.D. degree from an accredited

school or a Ph.D. in bacteriology; or

u M.S degree in bacteriology

lus one year’.s experience in a bac-

■riological laboratory; or an M.S.

degree in biology or chemistry phi.s

tliree years’ experience in a bacteriological


Itasis of Riitinffs

Written test. GO; training, cxpcri-

enca and personal qualifications,


D i r c c i o r o f F u h l i c



Amended notice. Candidates who

filed In October need not file again.

Salary; $f),000 and upward. Fee, $5.

File by T'«ecember 30. Applications

willl be received on a country-wide

basis and if no qualilied per.son is

Bccured from New York City, the

list will be certiliod in order of

those passed regardless of prior



Under direct'Ton of the commis-

Bioner or his deputy, to be re.spon-

sible for the administration of tlie

l)ureau of public assistance and tlie

coordination of its various subdivisions.

including the administrative

supervision and training of an

administrative, profe.ssional and

facllitative slalT of f!,000.

R ei|uireincnts

Bachelor’s degree and a m aster’s

degree in public administration or

in social work. In addition, within

the past 10 years, six years of paid

ndmiriistrative or private or public

welfare experience. Two yeai’S

nuisl have been in public administration:

three must have been in

responsible direction of a compre-

liensive program of public assistance,

of a state, municipality or

county with a population of over

50.000; or an equivalent combination

of training and experience.

Basif of Ratinf]:s

Written, 30; training, experience

■n d personal qualifications, 70.

(>avSoHiie H o l l e r E n g iin * < * r

a n d A H p lia lt

S l e a i i i K o I I r r E n ;;iii(M ‘r


Salary; prevailing rate—$12 a day.

Fee, $2. File by December 30.


To (i[)erate ant) ki'ep in good running

condition gasoline and asplialt

steam rolleis and to make minor

rc|)airs to same; to bo responsible

for till? proper rolling of subgrades

and pavements in the course of

their construction and repair.

K cquirenieiits

Two years exiierit'iice as a gasoline

roller engineer or as an asphalt

steam roller engineer or a satisfactory

combination of both as grading

and paving work, or equivalent

expeiience. Candidates must present

a certificate of fitness lor tlie

City T esis

operation of both types of rollers at

the time of the practical tests.

Basis of Ratings

Written, 30; practical 50; physical,

2 0.

I n s p e c t o r o f

( i r a d e 2


Salary; $1,800 t i $2,400. File by

December 30. Fee; $1.


To enforce ordinances governing

the use and transportation of ex ­

plosives; inspect blasting operations

and supervise rock lemoval by explosives,

as embraced in chapter 19

of the Administrative Code; to

supervise the transportation of explosives

on the streets and waters

of New York City, including explosives

for export; handle all bombs

and suspicious packages and dispose

of explosives found therein; make

reports of blasting conditions, accidents

and results.


One year's continuous experience

as a blat^ter or as a foreman in

charge of a gang of men engaged in

blasting operations for buildings or

public works.

Basis of Rating^s

Written, (iO; training, experience

and personal qualifications, 40.

Palliol(»;u;iH t ( O r a n " c

C o u n t y )

Amended notice. Candidates who

filed in October need not file again

Salary: $1,800 with maintenance.

Fee, $1. File by Decemlier 30. Tiie

eligible list will be used only for

• positions outside New York City.


To be in charge of pathological

work in the hospital where em ­

ployed; perform exaifiinations and

conduct researcli work in pathology,

bacteriology, Aerology, and patlio-

logical chemistry.


Graduation from a medical school:

one year's general interneship.

In addition six ntonlhs’ pathological

interneshi|) and two years’ work

in a pathological laboratory; or the

equivalent. Candidates must have

performed Independently 50 autopsies.

Basis of Ratings

Written, 30; training, experience

and personal qualifications, 30; practical.


R e s i d e n t H u i l d i n ^ s S u p e r ­

i n t e n d e n t ( H o u s i n g ) ,

( i r a d e 3


Salary: for Grade 2. $1,800 to

$2,400; for Grade 3, $2,400 and over.

The eligible list may be used for

appropriate positions in the lower

grade and also for the title of Assistant

Resident Buildings Siiperin-

tendent ( Housing). Fee, $2. File by

December 30. Duties

To supervise the operation and

maintenance of properties of the

N.Y.C. Housing Authority; plan and

supervise the work of cleaning and

policing all i)ublic spaces within the

buildings and grounds; maintain all

services such as heat, liglit, and

water supply; perform similar



Five years’ experience in tlie

operation, maintenance and repair

of tenanted buildings, exclusive of

loft and factory buildings, three

years of whicii must have been in

responsible charge of properties of


S l A R T $ 1 , 2 6 0 T O $ 2 , 1 0 0 A Y E A R

M E N — W O M E N

P r e p a r e I m m e d i a t e l y f o r N e w Y o r k —

★ B r o o k l y n a n d V i c i n i t y 1 9 4 1 E x a m i n a t i o n s ' k

/ F R A N K U N l N s f i m E

3 2 - P a g e C m l S e r v i c e / " o.pt. n24b

R n n lf F R F F 130 W, 42d St. (near S’way) N. Y.

D D O K r i l k E H Rtigh to me entirely fre« of charge

C a ll o r m a il c o u p o n a t ♦* description of U. s. Govern-

o n c e . T h is m a y r e s u l t /


32-page book; “ How to Get a U. S. Govin

y o u r g e t t i n g a b ig ^ em m en t Jo b ” with sam ple lessons and, (3)

p a i d , U. S . G o v e r n ­

m e n t jo b . O p e n

u n til 9 P . M. ^

Nam e

List of U. S. G overnm ent Jobs; (4) Tell me

how to qualify for one of these jobs.

S a t u r d a y

u n til 6 , y A d d r e ss ........................................................................................................

Vm TIiIh Coupon It^-fore You It—Wrlle IMulnly or I'riiit

How to A pply fo r a Test

For City Jobs: Obtain applications at 96 Duane Street, New York

City, (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.), or write to the Application Bureau of the

Municipal Civil Service Commission at 96 Duane Street and enclose

a self-addressed 9-inch stamped envelope (4 cents for Manhattan and

Bronx, 6 cents elsewhere).

For ^tate Jobs: Obtain applications at 80 Centre Street, New York

City, (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), or encUse six cents in a letter to the Examinations

Division, State Civil Service' Department, Albany.

For County Jobs: Obtain applications from Examinations Division,

State Civil Service Department, Albany. Enclose 6 cents.

For Federal Jobs: Obtain applications from U. S. Civil Service Commission,

641 Washington Street, New York City, (9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.),

in person or by mail. Also available from first and second class post

offices. Second District.

U. S. citizens only may file for exams and only during period when

applications are being; received.

Fees are charged for city and State exams, not for federal.

Applicants for most city jobs must have been residents of Ne.w York

City for three years immediately preceding appointment. Applicants

for State .iobs must have been New York State residents for one year.

The "weights” listed for various titles on these pages refer to the

relative value of each part of the exams. Therefore, if the weight of

the written part of an exam Is 30. this means that the written part

counts for 30 per cent of the final mark.

considerable magnitude; or a satisfactory


• Ba.sis of Ratings

Written, 30; training, experience

aiid personal qualifications, 30;

practical, '’0 .

S e n i o r A d m i n i s t r a t i v e A s ­

s i s t a n t ( I j c a l t l i E d u c a t i o n )


Salary: $5,000. The eligible list

will be used for appropriate positions

in a lower grade. Fee, $4.

File by December .30.


To assist the Commissioner of

Health in the organization and administration

of the popular health

education program ni tlie health

districts. This includes the planning

and management of public

meetings, the j^reparation of news

releases, and the devising of ways

and means for effectively interpreting

to the public the facts of health

work in order to secure tlirough

public cooperation a more eftective

health program for the city.


A bachelor’s degree: Plus five

years of recent experience in one

or both of the following: (1 ) editorial,

advertising, or reportorial

newspaper or magazine experience

directly related to work of city,

state or federal governmental agencies;

(2 ) public relations work for

a city, state, or federal governmental

agency or executive, or for

large industrial or philanthropic organizations

or foundations: or a

.satisfactory equivalent of experience

and education.

Basis of Ratings

Written te.t, 50; training, experience

and personal qualifications, 50.

S e n i o r M a i n t a i n o r ( O f f i c e

A i > |) l i a n c e s - ^ T y |> e > v 'r i l e r s )


Salary: $2,400. Fee, $2. File by

December 30, Duties

To supervise typewriter repair

service of the City of New' York, including

the personnel of such service;

supervise tlie work of maintenance

and repair and direct the

preventive maintenance of all typewriters

and incidental office appliances

used In the various city departments;

requisition all supplies

and keep necessary records.


Five years of experience as a

typewriter repait- man or the equivalent.

Supervising experience, while

not require I, is desirable.

Basis of Ratings

Written, 50; training, experience

and personal qualifications, 50.

S u p e r i n t e n d e n t o f C a m p

L a C u a r d i a ( M e n )

Salary: $3,600. File by December

30. Fee, $3


Under the director of shelter care,

to be resident superintendent responsible

for the cortTi5lete care and

rehabilitation program for the 1,000

unattached or homeless men assigned

to Camp La Guardia; the

planning, coordination and administration

of the dental, medical,

recreation, social service, training

and work programs.


A baclielor’s degree, or have

equivalent training; in addition

within the last 10 years, five years

of full time paid administrative. Institutional,

or social welfare experience

of a character to qualify.

Graduate study in social work or

public administration will be credited

up to two years of this experience


Basis of Ratings

Written, 30; training, experience

and personal qualifications, 70.

S u p e r v i s i n g T a b u l a t i n g

M a c h i n e O p e r a t o r

(I.B.M. Equi'pment), Grade 4


Amended notice. Candidates who

filed In November may, if they

wish, amend their original applications.

Salary: $2,400. ^ Fee: $2 . File

bv December 23.


To be in charge of an I.B.M. Installation

in a city department. To

have a thorough knowledge of the

operation and the basic- principles

of all types of machines used in

such an installation. To prepare the

work sdiedules, draw wiring diagrams

for the various machines, design

tabulating cards, prepare codes,



Two years of full-time experience

as a tabulating machine operator, or

a key punch operator or operator of

other auxiliary machines In an

I.B.M. installation, one year of

Study Corner

The American Technical Society

has just published another home

study guide—this time for Engineer-

Custodians. One hundred a?id

eighty-five pages are crammed full

of technical material on boilers,

combustion, engines, heating and

I'lentilation, airconditioning, pumps,

sanitation plumbing, electrical machinery,

mechanics, technical formulas,

and general inforvmtion.

Written principally in question

and answer form, the book inclu

fipcenabc** 10» 1940 a V lL SERVICE LEADER Page S eventeen

Page 16)

* "file by December 30. Fee,

I Duties

L r ‘S : “V i v '

t cal '1° m rU change at stations

In •’‘’‘’Ipiatcfl work.

Id '^‘^Requirements

I . Ml permanent employees

Mcperi ‘ c title of Porter who

K W continuously at least

t^e fhe title at the date of

, vcaj^’"tcst, and who are other-

of Ratings

I . ^nd seniority. 50; written,

■pecord ana

O p e r a l ^ o r

LrBU Equipment) Grade 3

I (I ° ‘ ■ I Promotion)

i nnlv to employees of the

■open oni> _______

U. s . T ests

( ;a u « e C h e c k e r

«R 7’ $9.20 and $9.68. File

|S’’®'^';«bpr“3 1. Place of employ-

I I’^'^ninnance Service, War De-

r ' - Watcrvliet (N. Y.) Arse-

H g e limits: 18 to 62.


I- ^heck for standardization all

P r^fnnls gauges, and manufac-

fixtures lor tho.se classes of

k^^vhere dose accuracy is nec-

n iinauirements

I , vMfs' apprenticeship, or the

r in general machine shop

t e preferably in the manufac-

1 if tooh^ gauges, or similar ma-

addition applicants

L t .ix months’ experience in the

Lufacture or the mspection and

lecking of guages.

• Basis of Ratings

iKo written test will be given. Ap-

rcai s will be rated on their ex-

trienee and fitness on a scale of

Jinderv O p e r a t i v e ( H a n d


Page Eighteen CIVIL SERVICE LEADER Tuesday, Decembci 10.


AH Civil Service o rg a n iza iio m are invited to fo rw ard notices

of viectincjs and events for appearance in the Bulletin Board.

Please have your notice in by Frid ay of the week preceding date

of the event. There is no charge for this service.

8 l .

R a l l y

O f T r a n s i t M e n

The St. George Association, re-

cenlly formed am ong em ployees of

tlie BMT. Independent and Inter-

borougli Divisions of the New York

City T ransit System, will hold their

first rally at Police H eadquarters.

210 C entre St., on D ecem ber 11 at

8 p. ni.

There will be a num ber of guest

f,peakrrs, including John .1. Sheery,

First Deputy Police Commissinner;

Picv. .1. iVlcCarferty, and the Ilev. A.

Ham ilton Nesbit.

The officers of the Association for

1!)41 nri‘: Joseph Schein, president;

Robert Corby, First Vice-nresidenl;

John Doenbecker, Second Vice-pres-

Housing FAifdblvs

Start Association

A com m ittee has been formed

to start an eligibles association

of candidates who have passed

the exam inations for M anagem

ent Assistant (Housing). G rades

3 and 4. All candidates who

have not been notified of failure

have been a.sked to attend an

organizational m eeting on T uesday.

Decomljer 17, at 8 p. m., in

Room ()00, .3 Beckm an St., M anhattan.

Apjjointm ents and reclassification

possibilities will be discussed.

Firem an Moe Hershfield, Eng. 41, I N ew York City Transit System, will

linancial secretary; Captain Ben- 'bold a Dutch card and supper party

jam in Levy. Eng. 231, treasurer; at its new home in the Fraternal

Captain Rudolph Wolkin, Eng. 40, Club, 110 West 48th St., at 8:30 p. m.,

trustee; Firem an Isaac Feldman, D ecem ber 23. All employees of the

Kng. 11. sergeant-at-arm s; Firem an unified lines have been invited to

David Alter, H. & L. 43, assistant

E c rg e a n t-a t-a rm s .

attend the affair.


(Continued from Page 17)

trol and supervision of, military oi

naval aircraft flights; or

if) TIk- applicant must bo a certified

pilot (or pilot in the aeronautical

branches of the U. S. Govoruinont).

liolding or having held

witliin the last two years, an iii-

Ktruinent rating (for military or naval

pilots, pilot must be rated by

liis Iniinediate superior as properly

cjiialillod for instrui.ient flying); or

(K) The ; -ipllcant must be a certified

pilot (or pilot in the aeronautical

branches of the U. S. Govorninent),

with a record of not less

than .'iOO flying hours in the last

five years, of which not less than

:2.i() iu)urs were in cross-country flying

witli not loss than 25 hours of

cross-country Hing accomplished In

each of the last two years.

Basis of Kiitings

Tests based on the duties of the

osition, ;K); experience and fltnes.-,



J o R e lie v f f



I ^ a r e n t s C r o u p P l a n s

S o c i a l P a r t y

All parents of E vander Childs

High School are invited to attend a

social and Christm as party on M onday.

D ecem ber IR.

The program for tliat night will be

as follows:

O pening—“Star-Spangled Banner,”

Mrs. Ethel B urkhart, director, and

tier Choral Group.

Solos—Mrs. Ethel Burkhardt. Edith

Stat»* E x u in i i i e r s

W is h to O r p n i i z e

Sirs: Inasm uch as Mr. Frederick

Hollowell, secretary of the D e p a rtm

ent of Audit and Control, has an ­

nounced that the Junior and Assistant

Exam iners of State Expenditures

and Assistant Audit Clerk lists'w ill

start to move after the first of the

year, would you help us organize the

eligibles on these lists?


(Kligihles on these lists who ivish

to organize may contact B. L.

thronuh The Leader, Address covi-

niunications, with standing on the

Uhs, to Bo.v 17. Civil Seiivice

Le.\uei!. 97 Duane Street, New York

City.- -Euvvou.)

Schuster, of the Horn & Hardhart

Children’s Hour, will entertain us

with songs and dances. Ethel

K ram er, m em ber of the E vander

Childs High School O rchestra and a

talented violinist, w’ill play a few


Choral G roup—Various Christm as

Carols. The Magri Trio, cellist, violinist

and pianist, will also lend their

talent to our enjoym ent.

Duet—Piano duet by Joan L erner

and M innie Tillow.

Refrc.shment.s will be served at the

end of the musical.

Patrolm en

Eligibles M eeting

W a t c h m e n A t t e i u l a n t s

M e e t i n * ? o n D e c . 2 0

The next general m eeting of

the W atchm an A ttendant Eligibles,

G rade 1. Association, will be held on

Friday, D ecember 20 in G erm ania

Hall. An election of ofTicors for 1941

will be held at the meeting.

K i n g s E m p l o y e e s

S p o n s o r ( l a r d P a r t y

The Kings County Civil * Service

Employees Association will sponsor

a luncheon and card party at the

Columbus Club, K. of C., One P ro spect

P ark West, Brooklyn, on S atu rday

afternoon, Ja n u ary 18.

C l u b P a l a d i n

H o l d s D a n c e

M em bers of the Club Paladin will

hold their third annual dance at the

92nd St. Y. M. H. A., 92nd St. and

Lexington Ave., M anhattan, on Sat-

lU'day, D ecem ber 14.

F A E C T H o h l s E l e c t i o n

At the annual election of the New

York Civil Service C hapter 23 of the

Federation of Architects, Engineers

Chemists and Technicians (CIO),

held on D ecem ber 3, the following

slate oC officers was nam ed for 1941:

Mayor Decides to %

City Marslial List

W h e n N e w Y o r k C it y p o litic ia n s a n d la w y e r s hoard

y e a rs ago, t h a t a C i v i l S e r v ic e e x a m in a t io ir w a s goij^p

h e ld fo r C i t y M a r s h a l, t h e ir s u rp r is e w a s h ig h

th e C it y M a r s h a l Job h a d b e e n c o n s id e re d a political

f r o m ’w -ay b a c k . G iv e n th e o p p o r tu n it y to com pete %

th e e m o lu m e n ts o f w h ic h a re a n y w h e r e f r o m $2,000 to S9n^

a y e a r . N e w Y o r k ’s h a rd -p re s s e d la w y e r s file d in drove

th e p r iv ile g e o f ta k in g th e te s t.

Well, the exam was given, and in4

The Special P atrolm an Eligibles the normal course of events, a list was

Service positions be fiiie^j

A.ssociation will hold its next m eet­ set up. Now, th« selection of City skipping any nam es on

ing at the W ashington Irving High Marshal is a prerogative of the

.'le e


School, Irving P la c e .a n d East 16th Mayor rather than of the Civil Ser­

The City M arshal pmform-

St. on Friday, D ecem ber at 8 vice Commission. LaGuardia had

riety of duties conconiofj J.i


asked Paul Kern’s aid In making up adm.inistration of the Ij

an exam for the position. The exam

lects judgm ents, serves v uion. '

was not competitive in the strict

P r o b a t i o n O f f i c e r s

proces.ses, orders of civi; aisense

of the word; it was qualifying.

tions, attachm ents, and -.imi]','*’

T a k e U p 1 5 Q u e s t i o n s This means that the Mayor could se­

pers. P aym ent for the. j i s k c t l ) i u I .

Tuesday. D ecember 10 at 7:00 p.m. ply that the candidate make a pass­

matin, historian; H ow ard Sim m erheld

was the feeling th;it the J"

inan, marshall

The basketball team of the Depart- at 120 Scherm erhorn St. in the ing mark.

City M arshal could not bi* pr,

Represontatives of the Po.st Office i men of Public Works is interested in courtroom of the Special Sessions

E l a t i o n D b n s

carried by one who i-jeMrt

of tlio City of New Yor-k; Nas.sau i challenging loams of other depart- Court. The main business of .the The elation of the men who found m odicum of legal ti iinjr

C:ounty Police Departm ent, and the I m ents to games at any of the Par]t meeting will be the discussion of 15 their names on the list gradually di­ exam given two year y"

New 'York City Fire D epartm ent j-Dcprrtment gymnasiums. The DPW questions subm itted to all the P ro ­ minished as vacancies occurred in into the legal knowled;'.e of thl

will attend the rally.

team would like to play some prac­ bation Officers by the State Di­ the ranks of the Marshals, and New testants. '

tice games in the near future. Derector of Probation. E dw ard J. T ay­ York’s pudgy little Mayor did nothpartm

ents intere.sted should com- lor. T here will also be the regular ing to All them. In two years since

( l a t l i o l i o C o u r t

munioate with A braham Yenofsky, order of business at the m eeting and the list was first established, only

A l l a c l i f s C o n v e n e

Room 1814. Municipal Building or reports of standing committees. All two appointments were made. Rep­ F e d e ra tio n

])hone WO 2-4740, Extension 33. Probation Officers of the Domestic resentatives of some of the eligibles

A regular m eeting of the Catliolic

Relations Court.s. Special Sessions resorted to legal action, but got no­

Court A ttaches Guild of the City of

New York will be held in the Seven

Q i i e p n . s W a t e r A s s ’n

and City M agistrates’ C ourts are where in Supreme Court.

urged to attend this meeting.

O rg a n iz e s

Arts Room of the Hotel Edison, 228

N o tic e s I t s u e d

H ( * a r s O . B u r k e

West 47th St., M anhattan, on W ed­

The regular meeting of the Queens

Last week Hizzoner, with charac­

W o m e n C o r r e c t i o n

nesday, December 11, at 8 p. m.

W ater Register Association was held

teristic suddenness, Issued notices to Skilled Men

An election of officers for 1941 will

December 2 at K eem an’s Restaurant, O f f i c e r s C o u i u ' i l

Marshals whose terms are nearing

be lu'ld. A report will be m ade by

A group of skilled workers in ^

.5 C ourt Square. Long Island City. The Women Correction Officers their end, or have already ended, to

the .scholarship committee. Follow ­

rious departm ents thiuughuut

Guest speaker for the occasion was Council of the Civil Service Forum prepare themselves for the execu­

ing tlie meeting there will be danc­

city last w eek afTili;n. .i wuh tb

Orm ond Burke, Chief Inspector of< wnll hold its regular m onthly m eeting tive axe: their appointments would

ing. entertainm ent and refresh­

Federation of Municipal Employen

W ater Supply. M anhattan, who on Tuesday. D ecem ber 10, at the cease in ten days.


The new group include.s within S

talked on Civil Service matters. City Court House. 52 C ham bers St., It is estimated that about 50 va­

A group of m em bers representing

ranks carpenters, electrnjians, sta-

A rrangem ents have been com ­ M anhattan, at 8:15.

cancies exist To an these va­

the Suprem e Court, N ew York and

fitters, plum bers, blacl>'i>vo(l m odern home; ■ ilivuiiM

Firem an Max Rotenstreich, Eng. 23, S h o l e n i S o c i e t y

ber 12 at 8:30 p.m., at 147 West 42nd III nn Idyllic setting. Kn’lD.-wt r

livinK- room, dining room, two

second vice-president; Firem an Max

I d e n t i f i c a l i o n G r o u p St. (11th Floor), New York City. ioini)aot kitchen, hot "■ ti'r

Dirk. H. Si L. 31, third vice-presi­ T o H o l d D u t c h P a r t y

Information about the group can be tnrheil ffarage, large plot in - ,

dent; Firem an Eli Covitz, Eng. 11, The Sholem Society, composed of

H o l d s E l e c t i o n

obtained by writing to Box 65. Times Krloti; he.Tlthtul climate, ' '

tiouis, M an h attan . Full i'l-iL

fourth vice-president; Fii’em an H arry Jew ish employees of the Independ­ An installation of officers was held Plaza Station, Brooklyn, N. Y. Rasy term s. A. F. AllTlH'R. %

Rubin, Eng. 15, recording secretary; ent, BMT and IRT divisions of the Monday, D ecem ber 9, by the A m eri­

K.state, 19 Foxhall, KI-Nii^’l’^^' ■ J

can Identification Society at the 23d


St. Y. M. C. A. N orm an Crews, re ­

cently honorably discharged from

A n-O L 'N TA N T S— Certin.Ml (Irni

fh ase clientele or Individual a '-;

the U. S. Navy, was re-elected and

Rox 9y, Civil Service I*end r.

installed as president of the group.


Cement Masons

Meet at High School

The Cement Mason Eligibles A ssociation

will hold its regular m o n th ­

ly meeting on Friday, December 20,

at 8:30 p.m., at Washington Irving

High School, Iflth St. and Irving

Place, Manhattan. Election of officers

for 1941 will head the agenda

of business. All eligible* have been

urged to attend the session.

T r u c k D r i v e r s H o l d

R e g u l a r M e e t i n g

The Auto Truck Drivers Eligibles

Association (appropriat* for laborer)

will hold its regular meeting on

Thursday, December II at 10 Seventh

Ave., South, Manhattan, at 8 p.m.

All eligibles up to 27,250 have been

urged to attend.

A s s i s t a n t G a i * d e n e r i

M e e t J a n . 2 0

The next general meeting of the

Assistant Grard«ner l|iglbl< Association

will be held at Washington Irving

High School on January 20.

D i n n e r f o r K i r n a n

Friends oi Assemblyman William

Kirnan, now serving hli tenth corr»

secutive term as representative of

the 7th Assembly District, will honor

him at a dinner and dance to be

given In the Columbus Club, Brooklyn,

on Thursday, December 19.

Prominent speakers wiU pay tribute

to Kirnan’s work.


l.ouK I.slnnrt. C o n v a l - u

Ar>m1. Diabetics, Chroiilo •^>7;'’“

OiJcratlve. Special Uiets.

stcfans. TJooklet. •.;(!!

M.Y. Office: C7 \V. 41th '


fO V K ltK D BUTTON.'^, i ^


cents. Zippers, eyelets, ,

ordi'vs. Open .Sats. ..'iJI

Work.s. 513 8th Ave. (37thi.




C aro's W ednesday aiui tin I*

ninK parties feature exrlu-^i'^J

motion of frlendshlp.s

Uuli(*H and g-entlemen.

^5 Crove St., W A tklns


— ^ ------------------- - . a


llel-('anto A rt of Slnii*''*’' jjj Ri**

nilvanced atudenta,

Slide. KD. 4-2388.

b a n q u e t s

W E D D IN G S , PARTI^.^'geO


4f1'.50 PER P E f

Including Music and

.\c c o n iin o d n tto n n , K* 'j jj

D inner Dances fron>

Cocktails from

D ,c e m lK r 2 M 9 4 0 a V I L SERVICE LEADER P age N ineteeit

v K A N D S T U F F

,Vay "Baltle of Angels” will

I n'" P York for a few days

l®“‘ nrr 27 before moving to

Inning - Hopkins !-»» the star » ta r

^^vc'stmore, pioneer Holly-

’i'L.ke-up artist, is to be deco-

r (he San Domingo Indians.

' in o i. . r . .f

‘ r m a k e -u p and thus ap-

'^rvl of a spiritual brother such

f \v e s tm o r e . . . • Chinatown

■ A a n ew restaurant “China-

'" " I L ’ S a tu rd a y night; it’s a

m co d a w ith a noted Chinese

, !ince part of the receipts go to

ih h e se , let's hope we’ll all drop

•The L e tte r" starring Bette

■ „ i)l be lieid over two ad-

I weeks a t the Strand; last

Humphrey Bogart and his

tnined the stag e show headed by

iiT cIson's b an d . . . . Errol Flynn

bMl to live his .M H to T Britain

nice colored one that will be


Dorothy J. Ander.son................................... -Ifl

Estelle I., Curon.............................................

Juno H. Connors................................................ ‘.iM!)

Adelaide FI.Tnagaii., ............................... ‘J‘10

Abby A. llefferm aii...................................... -14

Hetty M. H elnach........................................... :.’Trp

Adele C. .Smith................................................ 2K1

.Nfarjorle M. I^annin....................................... 2Si;

N orma A. O’D ell.............................................. 2J»2

Klla M. U oberts................................................ Llm

Anne AVhlterlKht.............................................. .'103



Miami $10.50 Cleveland S 5.03

New Orleans 12.OU Oallai 14.01

Lsi Angalat 21.00 Mexico City 24.00

I'.iSSKNCKUS ,\.vn IMllVATK ('All


C h a u f e t T ra v e l S e rv ic e

551 Fifth Av».. N.Y.C.. Rtn. M3. VA. 6-3650

I s Y o u r E x a m H e r e ?

Below is the latest news Jroni the M u nicipal Civil Service Com~

mission on the stattis of exams w hich attracted 300 or more candidates.

T he L eader loill publish changes as soon as they are m ade



Accompanist: P a rt I of the P ra c ­

tical test given last m onth. P art II

of the Practical test w ill be adm inistered


Administrative Assistant (Welfare):

The rating of P a rt II is In


Automobiie Engineman: Physical

tests are now in progress.

Assistant Engineer, Grade 4: The

rating of all parts of this exam ination

has been completed.

Balter: Forty percent of the w ritten

test has been rated.

Clerk, Grade 2 (Board of Higher

Education): The rating of the w ritten

test is in progress.

Cook: The rating of the w ritten

test is in progress.

Court Stenographer: The rating of

P art “A” is in progress.

Engineering .Assistant (Electrical)

Grade 2; The rating of the experience

will probably be completed

this month.

Elevator Mechanic’s Helper: The

rating of all parts of this exam ination

has been completed. The list

will probably appear soon.

Jr. Administrative Assistant (Welfare):

Sam e as A dm inistrative Assistant

(W elfare).

Jr. Engineer (Sanitary), Grade 3:

The rating o f ^ h e w ritten test has

been completed. The oral interview

will probably be held this month.

Management Assistant (Housing)

Grade 3: R ating of w ritten test has

been completed. The oral interview s

will probably be held this month.

Management Assistant (Housing)

Grade 4: The oral interview s began

Nov. 25th.

Marine Stoker (Fire Department):

The list will be published soon.

GITice Appliance Operator: The

practical tests are continuing.

Playground Director (Male) :

Q ualifying practical tests are being

given as needs require.

Playground Director ’ (Female):

Rating of the w ritten test has been

completed. The oral practical tests

will probably be given soon.

Research Assistant (City Planning):

All parts of this exam ination

have been rated. The list is ex ­

pected shortly.

Sanitation Man, Class A: List Is

published in this issue.

Stenographer (Law), Grade 2: Rat­

Vacation Notes

With this issue The L eadkr opens

a colum n devoted to vacation re ­

sort news. Each week this column

will carry items of interest to Civil

Service em ployees whose vacation

periods are near at hand. Since

some em ployees are on vacation at

all times of the year due to the

staggered vacation system in use

under Civil Service, we feel that a

column such as this should be of

perm anent interest to our readers.

O ur Resort Travel Bureau is at your

.service at all times. Do not hesitate

to call upon us for help in solving

any vacation problem s you may have.

Are you a school teacher who

hopes to go skiing this Xm as? Are

you a Sanitation Dept, employee

seeking a Shangri-la free from the

m achinations of the Four H orsemen?

W hatever your vacation plans,

let us in on them. We feel sure we

can help you obtain m ore reasonable

travel and hotel rates.

If you’re interested' in a Florida

vacation, for exam ple, we advise you

to m ake your reservations as soon

C i v i l S e r v i c e L e a d e r

R e s o r t & T r a v e l B u r e a u

y ? D u a n e S t r e e t , N e w Y o r k C ity

ing of the w ritten test is now in


Structure Malntainer: Practical

tests for the various specialties now

in progress.

Typewriting Copyist. Grade li

Rating of the w ritten test is still in


Maintainer’s Helper, Group A: The

rating of the w ritten test has been


Maintaincr’s Helper, Group H: Th«

rating of the w ritten test is in progress,

Maintainer’s Helper, Group C:

The rating of the w ritten test is in


Maintainer’s Helper: Group Dt

Rating of the w ritten test has been

completed. The com petitive physical

will probably be held the latter

part of this month.


Assistant Engineer, Grade 4 (Cily

Wide): The rating of all parts of

this exam ination has been com ­


Clerk, Grade 3: Ninety percent of

the w ritten test has been com ­


Clerk, Grade 4: The rating of Part

1 has been completed.

Lieutenant (Fire Departm ent):

Record and seniority are being rated.

The list will probably be available

this month.

Stcnographer-Typewritor, Grade

2 (City Wide): All parts of this

exam ination have been completed.

The list is being compiled.

Supervisor, Grade 3 (Social Service)

(City Wide): This exam ination

is being hold in abcyance pending

the outcom e of litigation.


Master Plumber: T hree hundred

and fifty-six candidates filed for this

test. The oral practical te.

pAGE T wenty

Postal News

Sub’s Problems

And what about the subs?

Oncc and for all, the NY Fed of

PO Clerks have decided to And out.

Everybody knows that subs have

problems, but nobody yet has made

« thoroughgoing study of the variety

and depth of these problems.

Last week, President Browne was

histructed by the executive board to

appoint a committee to work in conjunction

with the city-wide commit-

■ tee of substitutes In the hope of completing

the survey in a few weeks.

A result of the probe may be recommendations

to the Post Office De-

parment with the thought of obtaining

more regular clerks and carriers

for NYC.

Veed Glasses?

Federation m em bers m ay m ake

use of the Mutual Optical Plan

throuRh their delcRales. All stations

have been circularized and the plan

is well undei way.

This is one of the m any services

available to our m em bers through

the New York Federation of Post

Office Clerks. The service as well

Bs the saving is well w orth trying

New N.Y.C.


B y D O N A L D M a c D O U G A L

Citywidc Promotion to Actuary

I. Illiror, Irii. L’, I^ruck, l'’rancc's

K.. 7!>. I.'.- ;t. (iipcn, Morrl.s I!., 7S.37.

Assistant Secretary to tiie Commission

(City Planning)

1. I'Mi'lsliiii, Norm;i, S.I.IU); 2, Cionlnn,

I'll, 77.1(1; I'VI'I.shuh, Sylvlil U.,

TC.SO; MoHhcr, lli'tijamlii, 71.(i5; !>, I.ouKh-

Ilii, .[.'iiiii'.s \V., 7.'!.7.'i.

Promotion—Inspector of Elevators,

Grade 3, Department of Housing

and Buildings

1. K

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