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Design Services Solutions -

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Design Services Solutions

Designing the optimal floor layout and mix – it’s one of the most challeng-

ing and time-consuming aspects of casino operation. Yet, the importance

of this task cannot be underestimated because the better the layout and

mix, the better the bottom line.

Design Services Solutions

The IGT Casino Design Services department

is your solution to expert floor design.

Having years of experience, we’ve created

hundreds of floor plans for casinos of all

sizes. When you purchase IGT gaming

machines, we use high-tech computer-aided

design tools to produce an exceptional layout

that will meet the needs of your customer


The Design Process – The design process is

a collaborative effort between you, your IGT

sales representative, and Design department personnel.

Our team will gather information about your patrons, your

competitive situation, your marketing plans, your facility

and the types of games you own so the final result is an

ideal mix of slot machines targeted toward your specific

gaming market.

The Design Product – Each customized plan is drawn

completely to scale and displays each game’s type, cabinet

style, and exact location. Other information that can be

incorporated into the plan includes promotional signs,

game data (e.g., progressive features, denomination, section

number, game number, and description), cash cages,

booths, restrooms, entrances/exits, and dining and beverage


Plans can be viewed in two different formats: either a

printed set of plans or an on-screen, three-dimensional

floor plan that can be viewed from any angle, height, or

base point.

The Design Advantage – These floor layouts not only help

new casino owners envision what their future property will

look like, they also aid other members of the construction

team. The casino’s architects, information systems personnel,

security personnel, and interior designers can use the

layouts in planning wiring diagrams, slot tracking systems,

security systems, and lighting and floor treatments.

Once plans have been created, we warehouse them in our

database so that owners of established casinos can easily

refer back to them when reconfiguring or expanding their


The IGT Design Services Solution – Whether you’re

building a new casino, planning an expansion, or rearranging

your existing floor, the IGT Casino Design Services

department is the solution to all of your floor planning


For more information about this and other IGT services,

contact your IGT sales representative or the IGT sales

office nearest you.

IGT – Worldwide Sales Office

1085 Palms Airport Drive, Las Vegas NV 89119-3715

Phone: (702) 896-8500 Fax: (702) 896-8686



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