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S2000 S2000

Barcrest Series Slots

Top Dollar ® Top Dollar and

Double Top Dollar

® Slots

Take Triple Triple Triple Diamond Diamond Diamond and Double Double Double Diamond, Diamond two of the most popular slot themes ever,

and add the excitement of a Barcrest Barcrest Barcrest top box bonus game. These 3-reel, 2-, 3-, and

5-coin games are sure to be winners on your fl oor.

• Top Top Top Dollar Dollar Dollar uses a Triple Diam

top box bonus game. When

on the payline with max coin

The player is made up to fou

symbols in the top box and m

three offers or the fourth is g

• Double Double Double Top Top Top Dollar Dollar Dollar uses a Do

adds the top box bonus gam

Dollar Dollar Dollar symbol lands on the p

bonus is triggered. The play

of fl ashing cash symbols in t

one of the fi rst three offers o

ically. Double Double Double Top Top Top Dollar Dollar Dollar also

which can multiply the bonu

• Features optional backlit reel

symbols line up.

• Enhanced stereo sound with

delivers audio excitement wit

each spin of the reels.

• Optional toppers available.

nd nd nd base game and adds the

he Top Top Top Dollar Dollar Dollar symbol lands

bet the bonus is triggered.

offers of fl ashing cash

ay choose one of the fi rst

ven automatically.

ble ble ble Diamond Diamond Diamond base game and

. When the Double Top

yline with max coins bet the

r is made up to four offers

e top box and may choose

the fourth is given automatadds

two “doubler” symbols

win two or four times.

that light up when winning

plit-channel technology

every credit played, and

Top Dollar ® and Double Top Dollar ® Slots

31” Round Top Box Weight 240 lbs. – 108.8 kg

16” Square Top Box Weight 251 lbs. – 113.8 kg

© 2003 IGT. All rights reserved.

Italicized text indicates trademarks of IGT or its licensors.

Artwork, descriptions, game play, photographs, videos and other product details depicted are subject to change.

Jointly developed by IGT/Barcrest.

Features and Benefi ts

• Proven S2000 S2000 S2000 reliability and technology

• Eye-catching top box

• Enhanced digital stereo sound

• Custom sound and lighting with custom

Smart sounds

• Illuminated bill entry

• Four-way bill acceptance

• Ready for EZ EZ EZ Pay Pay Pay Ticket System

• Player-tracking ready

• Backlit reels

• Progressive capability

• PC board-mounted LED for low

maintenance and long bulb life

• Interchangable game themes

• Available conversion packages

• Proven top-earning base games

• Microprocessor game control

• Unparalleled security

• Ongoing machine performance analysis

• Easy-to-read displays


*Not available in all jurisdictions. Contact your local IGT

representative for more information.

International Game Technology

Sales Headquarters – IGT Las Vegas

1085 Palms Airport Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89119-3749

702-896-8500 Fax 896-8686



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