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News For The Gaming World February 2008

Player Reaction

To The eBay Slot:


THAT Game’

Five New AVP ® Models

Turbo-Charge Your Floor

Math And Innovation: The Key Ingredients

For Great Games

Network Systems Now:

Innovations & Updates

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February 2008


Heidi Littenberg

Creative Director:

Kevin Melahn

Graphic Designer:

Mark Salinas

Senior Photographer:

Peter Walker

Contributing Writers:

Beth Braun

Julie Brown

Tracy Burgener

Brian Dillon

Dawn Fournier

Anita Good

Jan Harris

Jaclyn March

Daunya McElrath

Chrisie Yabu Scott

Rick Sorensen

2008 IGT Events


22 – 23 NIGA

San Diego, CA


7 – 8 Southern Gaming Summit

Biloxi, MS

18 – 21 Great Plains/MIGA

Prior Lake, MN

19 – 20 Eastern Gaming Congress

Atlantic City, NJ

20 – 22 Gaming Technology Summit

Las Vegas, NV


3 – 5 G2E Asia

Macau, China

24 – 25 New York Gaming Summit

Saratoga Springs, NY

From the Editor’s Desk

“The Right Vision. Right now & for

the future.” At the most recent Global

Gaming Expo (G2E), you saw how IGT

is bringing our vision to market.

You saw it in our new machine models.

In just a few short months, we’ll have

five new AVP ® machines available for

purchase – the biggest such rollout

in IGT’s history. It’s a significant

achievement, bringing state-of-the-art

technology to market in an array of

stunning new styles (see Page 46 for

more information). Customers lined

up to see and experience the new

models at G2E and the feedback was

overwhelmingly positive. In addition to

providing a great game play experience

for the player, these lightning fast

machines provide the processing

horsepower you need to be prepared

for the server-based gaming revolution,

which is just around the corner.

You saw it in our Network Systems

product offerings. Our award-winning

sb Service Window, sb Floor

Manager and EZ Pay ® Smart Card

products leverage the combined

power of AVP ® technology and the

open network (see Page 28 for more

information). Soon, you’ll be able to

harness this powerful combination of

machine and system to take your floor,

and your operation, to a whole new


You saw it in our interoperability

demonstrations – a new wave of

collaboration and innovation with IGT

and Atronic’s Server-Assisted Gaming

(SAG) concept, and IGT and Paltronics’

signage/system interoperability

demonstration, proving that the

open network provides products and

services that have never been seen

in the industry before. We strongly

believe that these kinds of efforts are

the wave of the future, so much so that

our Global Technology & Interoperability

Center is now open. The center

further enables industry advancement,

because any gaming vendor or

operator can book time to test product

compatibility with other products using

the Gaming Sandards Associaton (GSA)

protocols (see page 51 for information).

You saw it in our Indiana Jones: The

Last Crusade game, featuring SMLD

AVP ® Multi-Layer Display technology

from PureDepth, Inc. This game is not

only visually appealing and fun to play,

it demonstrates the framework for

downloadable spinning reel games – a

key component of the gaming floor of

the future.

You saw it in our first-to-market

innovations. The spinning reel and

video slot game play features available

in 2008 – two-level progressives,

horizontal expanding wild symbols,

new wagering concepts – are the

result of “out of the box” thinking and

your direct input (see Page 8 for more


You’ve read and heard a lot about the

future of the industry. You saw IGT’s

vision for the future at G2E. We’re

excited to say that in 2008, you can

start bringing the future to your floor.

8 – What’s Hot

New slot and video slot

innovations are set to take

the industry by storm.

24 – Native America

New regulations and

the impact on

gaming nationwide.

46 – New AVP ® Models

Five new Advanced Video

Platform models are set to

release this year.

20 – Barcrest USA

New games feature exciting

top-box bonus action.

25 – Class II And

Central Determination

New games add action to

Bingo game play.

48 – Table Game


Exciting electronic table

game options put players in

the thick of the action.


21 – Instant Bingo

Look for more games based

on our most popular

Class III games.

26 – Network Systems

Prepare to be floored by our


gaming offerings.

50 – IGT News

Meet Jack Angelo, IGT’s

Vice President of Systems

Customer Services.

22 – Video Poker

The Wheel Poker ®

game – the next hot video

poker trend.

36 – MegaJackpots ®

Hot games and big-name

brands bring excitement to

your floor.

4 – Featured Product

The eBay Video Slot offers players

that winning feeling.


Video Slots

Exclaiming, ‘I HAVE

The brand name that revolutionized global online

commerce will extend its entertainment reach to casinos

with the impending launch of IGT’s eBay video slot.

There will be instant brand recognition and an “I HAVE to

play THAT game!” reaction when players see this game for

the first time.

Five enormous, 40-inch, big-screen reels will establish

the eBay video slot’s powerful presence and will then

intensify the excitement of the eBay Group Play

Free Spins bonus. Banked in groups of

five machines – either freestanding

or against a wall – the screens and

machines combine to create the

appearance of one incredible giant

slot game with oversized reels. Two

banks of five machines each can be

positioned back-to-back, to add more

players to the bidding and betting

frenzy of the community bonus event.

“The eBay brand has had

tremendous staying power, and just

about all of us have visited their web site

at least once,” said Tom O’Brien, Director

of MegaJackpots ® Product Management

for IGT. “We think the combination of the

eBay brand and the game’s amazing design

will really capture players’ imaginations.”

O’Brien said the game really “wowed”

customers at the 2007 Global Gaming

Expo: “This game drew a huge crowd. The

branding, design and game play made it a

package that everyone couldn’t help but

notice. We believe the game captures the

energy people feel when they win an eBay

listing, so it should translate to the gaming

environment very well.”

In the Group Play Free Spins Bonus, wins

are multiplied based on wagering levels.

With MultiWay ® wagering in the eBay

Fashion game, players have 243 ways to

win and can wager up to 250 credits per

game. Mix in some positions of the eBay

Collectibles game for variety, and players can

choose a 25-payline multiplier option for thrills

generated by wild and scatter symbol action,

and 250-credit max bets. Either Group Play

bonus assures all players involved 10 free

spins, good times with the other players, and

genuine eBay excitement.

To be eligible for the community bonus, a player must

bet the maximum number of lines or ways available,

plus make a side bet of 25 credits times the line bet


Will Have Players

to play THAT game!’


or multiplier. The player can play any line bet or bet multiplier

and still be eligible for the bonus, but the larger the wager,

the larger the potential rewards.

“The eBay-themed product actually came out better

than our original vision for it,” said Jean Venneman, Senior

Vice President of Product Development. “This is our first

game on the new G22 (Game King ® AVP ®

Widescreen Slant) model. The game package

maximizes technology from an LCD vendor

that lets us offer a greater visual

representation using the five 42-inch

LCDs in the signage. However,

playing the free spins bonus

collectively is what really makes this

game innovative and fun”.

“We believe that players will be

instantly attracted to the globally

recognized eBay brand. Then the

presentation package and bonus

reels are an innovation that we hope

players will be drawn to, over and over

again,” Venneman added. “And the free

spins community bonus itself will be a huge

attraction because all players will be sharing

the same bonus experience. Because it’s not a

progressive game, there’s a lot of denomination

flexibility for the operator. And it’s the first

MegaJackpots ® product to offer the Easy

Bet wagering option.” With this option, the

game plays all paylines and players select

the amount to wager per payline.

“A project of this scale requires many

pieces, and seeing them come together

gradually over several months was really

enjoyable,” said Eric Nelson, lead game

designer for the eBay product. “Working

on a game concept and package that’s

never been done by IGT or been seen in

the market was exciting for the whole

development team. And viewing the

full-scale prototype for the first time was

an eye-popping moment; we then truly

realized the potential and magnitude of

this project.”

“We see a lot of similarity between people

who like auctions and people who like

to play slots: they like to have fun” said

Kip Knight, Vice President of Marketing

for eBay. “eBay is part of pop culture and our

everyday lives. We’re in such good company in the

slot world with Wheel of Fortune ® , Indiana Jones

and Star Wars. They’re all great brands and icons

of pop culture. Knight added, “Humans like to trade

with each other”. Our term for that is ‘social commerce,’

and it brings people together. The ‘gotta play it’ factor in

this game is an outgrowth of IGT’s thorough understanding

of eBay. The game’s blend of community play, art and

technology makes it feel like eBay to me.”

“It was so cool to see the eBay product in person for the

first time at G2E, and you couldn’t miss seeing it in the IGT

booth,” said Michael Robinson, Senior Manager, Marketing

Partnerships and Promotions. “I love the color scheme

that IGT’s designers built into it, and I love watching people

play it; they were obviously engaged with it and

having fun”.

“The eBay video slot was two years in the making, and

it’s been an interesting journey for us to create something

off-line,“ Robinson added. “The outcome has produced an

amazing product.”


“The eBay video slot was two years in

the making, and it’s been an interesting

journey for us to create something off-line.

The outcome has produced an amazing


– Michael Robinson, Senior Manager,

Marketing and Promotions, eBay Inc.

IGT’s eBay game design team at the 2007 Global Gaming Expo.


What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Products

IGT Game Math And Innovation Are Covering The Wide

Range Of Player Preferences

As the gaming market matures and player preferences

change, IGT is thinking outside the box to meet the

demands of its customers around the world. With a wide

variety of players ranging from aggressive risk takers to

occasional gamblers seeking a fun experience and lower

risk, one size or one type of game definitely doesn’t fit all.

IGT has long been recognized as an industry leader with

its gaming solutions. Although the company has pioneered

many of the most innovative themes on casino floors

today, the company changed its video development

strategy to better suit changing player preferences. And

the gaming world is taking notice.

Ryan Griffin, IGT Product Manager for Standard

Products, is excited about the future.

“We talked extensively to our customers and listened

to their wants and needs,” said Ryan Griffin, IGT Product

Manager for Standard Products. “As a result, we focused

first and foremost on game math, then innovative features,

branded visuals and sound to improve our players’

experience. We also revamped our testing program to

provide meaningful competitive data on configurations,

math, and betting models that are most attractive

to players.”

Designing for the True Gambler’s Experience

“In general, as video slot players become more

experienced and become more aggressive in their betting

strategy and preferences, they don’t care about the special

bonus transitions and all the fluff,” said Griffin. “Most want


a sustaining ride, they want to get in the bonus, and they

expect to win something. Then they want to get back

to the game as quickly as possible. They want a more

comfortable base game experience like they get with our

Wolf Run ® and White Orchid ® Video Slots, as well as our

Da Vinci Diamonds ® Video Slots featuring Tumbling Reels ® .

It’s simple. They understand it. They have a good potential

reward. And that feels good to a majority of the

players today.”

Although these types of games appeal to a majority of

players, there is also a segment of the market that chases

bonuses. “They don’t care as much about a sustainable

base game ride,” said Griffin. “They are willing to tough

it out in hopes of a bigger, more rewarding bonus. Our

Eastern Sun Video Slot displayed at last year’s G2E show

was designed with this type of player in mind.”

Current trends in gaming show that most players tend to

cover all paylines. As a result, IGT has developed a host of

innovative spinning reel and video slot themes, many with

high paylines, reels and denominations.

“Our high-payline video games are very popular, said

Griffin. “Players understand that if they cover all the lines,

they get more action out of the game.”

Griffin also said that most other manufacturers have

moved away from developing new nickel, quarter and

dollar specific denomination video slots. IGT took this

opportunity to fill a niche.

IGT made a pledge to customers to develop and offer not

only high-denomination games such as our Valhalla Video

Slots and our up-coming Chinese Treasure Video Slots,

but innovative low-denomination games such as White

Orchid ® Video Slots”, said Griffin. “And we’re delivering

on that promise.”

Another change IGT made to its game library was to create

clones of select video slot themes. A cloned game involves

repurposing a math model from one game to create a

new theme.

“For years, we’ve had phenomenal success with our

spinning reel slot clones, but never did them for our

video slots,” said Griffin. “In the video slot realm, many

games emphasized entertainment and each was its own

masterpiece. We’re now designing for a true

gambler’s experience.”

IGT recently released a suite of Wolf Run ® Video Slot

clones which include: Desert Spirit Video Slots; Lil’

Lady Video Slots; Lion Dance Video Slots; and Mayan

Riches Video Slots. These 5-reel, 50-payline, 400-credit

themes feature sophisticated graphics, stacked wilds and a

retriggering free games bonus. All four are performing very

well across North America, ranging from 1.5X to 2X above

testing zone averages which comprise all of the leading

manufacturers’ games.

Another highly successful game is White Orchid ® Video

Slots, a clone of IGT’s Treasures of Troy ® Video Slots. White

Orchid ® Video Slots offers independent reels, a retriggering

free games bonus, and the Bettor Chance additional

wager with MultiWay Xtra with paylines. A very strong

performer, this theme consistently trended 1.5X to 2X

above test zone averages with average wagers ranging

from $1.04 to $1.46, depending on the region.

Leveraging the success of our 20-payline Cleopatra ® Video

Slots theme, IGT cloned the math for Lady of the Lake

Video Slots and Mystical Princess Video Slots, which

debuted at last year’s G2E show. Lady of the Lake Video

Slots is testing now, and Mystical Princess Video Slots is

planned for testing in the near future.

To supplement IGT’s MultiWay Xtra wagering concept

family of games, Fire Opals MultiWay Xtra Video

Slots was created. This theme, a clone of the innovative

Hexbreaker 2 Video Slots, has 720 ways to win and a

500-credit maximum wager. It also offers a free games

bonus with locking wilds and multipliers.

Another successful clone is the 5-reel, 20-payline,

200-credit Rembrandt Riches Tumbling Reels ® Video

Slots, a clone of IGT’s popular Da Vinci Diamonds ® Video

Slots featuring Tumbling Reels ® game. The Tumbling

What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Products


Reels concept matches symbols that disappear and new

symbols fall into place as part of winning combinations.

Not only is IGT releasing successful clones of its most

successful games, we offer tweaks of successful math

models and games such as Wolf Run ® Video Slots. These

include the 5-reel, 100-payline, 1,000-credit 100 Wolves

Video Slots which debuted at G2E 2007 and will be testing

soon, the 4-by-5, 50-payline, 500-credit Grand Monarch

Video Slots, Red Lions Video Slots, and Wild Wolf

Video Slots. Wild Wolf Video Slots released to Nevada

jurisdictions in December 2007 with performance numbers

nearly 2X above all leading manufacturers in Power

Score testing.

What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Products

Putting a New Spin on Spinning Reels

Griffin says in the past, most spinning reel players

gravitated toward more traditional design and game play;

however, IGT is now seeing new trends showing the

acceptance of non-traditional graphic styles, lighting,

sounds and bonus rounds.


IGT is responding to this trend by releasing new LED

backlighting and program chips that emphasize the lighting

schemes, by being first to market with concepts such as

2-for-1 wagering on spinning reels and enhanced free spin

bonus rounds, among other features.

Griffin also sees a surge in the demand for higher

denomination configurations. As a result, IGT released

more than 20 games last year catering to that type of

denomination -- more than all of IGT’s

competitors combined.

“Ultimately, it’s not what IGT thinks will be successful,”

said Griffin. “Instead of trying to dictate what the market

will bear, we’re listening to our customers and delivering

products that align with their wants and needs.”

Proof Positive

IGT’s product performance testing has undergone

a paradigm shift. In the past, the performance was

measured against only IGT games and for just six weeks.

The new “Power Score” test verifies the strength of

new game themes and supports operator confidence in

all released titles through an updated, comprehensive

testing approach. The analysis compares against all

leading manufactures for up to six months at selected test

locations across North America. This approach compares

the overall “real world” market and identifies the potential

for a theme to exist and succeed on a slot floor.

“Our testing program is a key strength,” said Griffin.

“Feedback from customers has told us we have the best

product performance testing programs in the industry. We

need to constantly monitor what’s working and what’s not

working, so we continue to go down the right road. We are

now taking this program worldwide.”

Taking the Lead in Innovation

IGT’s research and development budget is greater than all

of its competitors combined. As a result, the company can

take risks to try new gaming concepts and betting models.

IGT has been first to market in North America with a

number of other new gaming concepts. Just looking

at some examples over the past several months, the

company was first to market with MultiWay ® with paylines,

independent reels, grouped “wild” symbols, and highpayline,

4-reel spinning reels, as well as 2-for-1 wagering,

MultiWay ® wagering, and 40 paylines on spinning reels.

“We have greatly emphasized our innovation recently,”

said Griffin. “At G2E 2007, we displayed five additional firstto-market,

innovative game concepts in the IGT standard

products booth alone.”

Striking Visual Effects in First True 100%

Downloadable Solution

One of the most revolutionary innovations IGT brings to the

market is Reel Depth with Multi-Layer Display (MLD)

technology. The product also made its debut at G2E 2007.

Griffin said the customer response at G2E to Reel Depth

with MLD technology was overwhelmingly positive.

“In my opinion, this is going to be huge for players,

operators and IGT,” said Griffin. “The technology is

amazing. The product is universal. This is the first true

100 percent downloadable, dynamic, multi-game, multiconfiguration

solution that can offer virtually unlimited

spinning reel, video slot and poker themes on demand

within one machine. It’s never been done before.”

Reel Depth with MLD technology uses an innovative

two-LCD display made by PureDepth, Inc. The new multilayer

PureDepth display provides a crisp, stunning

display of both the reel glass and reels, along with a 3-D

representation of the reels themselves.

PureDepth MLD technology brings real depth to the

reels by layering multiple LCD screens on top of each

What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Products


other. The visual effect is striking. Through the coordination

of the images displayed, a true multi-layer visual display is

presented to the player.

In addition to the visual impact and draw, much of the

appeal comes from the flexibility and versatility. Operators

can offer virtually any game that’s approved in their

jurisdiction in one cabinet. The technology allows operators

to switch between spinning reel slots and the video slot

theme or themes of their choice. Within the spinning reel

slots, operators can switch between 3-reel, 4-reel or 5-reel

games instantly. They can offer poker themes or any other

game they choose.

According to Griffin, in initial field testing in California,

one of the most aggressive gaming markets in the United

States, Reel Depth games placed in the same test

bank as spinning reel slots are performing better than the

spinning reels. At the Grand Casinos Minnesota, which

is a video-only market, players are enjoying the visual

sophistication, and the operator is extremely satisfied with

the technology.

“Our players have instantly taken to the Reel Depth with

MLD technology games without any concerns expressed

at all,” said Robert Allen, Corporate Vice President of Slot

Operations, Corporate Commission of the Mille Lacs Band

of Ojibwe Indians at the Grand Casinos Minnesota. “For

them, this game is a significant step up beyond what

What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Products

they’ve been used to with the video 3-reel games. IGT

has done a great job with the Reel Depth with MLD

technology-based game themes. Presentation in all regards

is first-rate.”

With its new product development strategy, renewed

focus on its customers, player trends and preferences,

and design innovation, IGT is working harder than ever to

maintain its leading position in the industry and looking

forward to an even brighter future.

Robert Allen of the Grand Casinos Minnesota is pleased with player response to our

Reel Depth games.


“The most exciting aspect of our new direction is the fact

that we’re listening to what customers want, watching the

market, looking for trends, analyzing data and providing a

product line that the market is truly seeking,” said Griffin.

“We’re tying innovative design and development to what

our customers are asking for and developing amazing new

products in a timely manner. This is a recipe for success.

Our customers, players and operators, and IGT are reaping

the rewards. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.”

What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Video Releases

Wild Wolf Video Slots

Your players will want to continue running with the wolves

when playing our latest installment, Wild Wolf Video

Slots, a slight tweak from its predecessor, Wolf Run

Video Slots.

The Wild Wolf Video Slot is available as a Game King ®

AVP ® or Enhanced Video Slot theme and offers paytable or

themed top box graphics. The clear, bright, player-friendly

interface and focus on the importance of game math,

branded visuals, and new intriguing sounds to improve

the players’ experience. More Stacked Wilds , a 4-by-5

layout, 50 paylines of action, a 1,000-credit max bet, and

a retriggering free games bonus will keep your players in

the race for winnings that will surely lead to higher profits

when playing this theme.

Bank Wild Wolf Video Slots together with Wolf Run ®

Video Slots. The standard sounds and branded visuals

of each game are designed to facilitate player to player

communication and can encourage more frequent game

play. All of IGT’s undertakings to meet player demand for

exciting gaming experiences have led to the creation of

many new themes, and this is one of the triumphant Game

King ® AVP ® Enhanced Video Slot games that are filling

casino floors. Don’t miss the action. Ask your IGT Account

Executive for information about our updated video slots,

including game availability in your area.

Two-Level Progressive Games – Fame and

Fortune Video Slots and Golden Tiger Eternal

Dragon Video Slots

Offer your players more progressive jackpot options and

drive more coin-in on your floor with two new two-level

progressive video slot themes, Golden Tiger Eternal

Dragon and Fame and Fortune Video Slots:


• 25-payline, 250-credit game play

• Two-level progressive video slot

• Players can win both symbol-driven progressive

jackpots simultaneously and multiple times in a

single free games bonus

• High progressive hit frequency

• Players increase the number of progressive symbols

and can win more free games as the

wager increases

• Stand-alone progressives with two jackpot meters

• Numerous operator hold % and increment levels

from which to choose

• Offers paytable or themed top box graphics

• Operator-configurable progressive increment rates

• Designed only for the AVP ® platform

Bank these exciting games together for player

communication and competition.

What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Video Releases

Lady of the Lake Video Slots

With a free games bonus and triple wins, Lady of the

Lake Video Slots is the fairest of them all!

• 5-reel, 20-payline, 200-credit game play

• New player-friendly interface with intriguing

sound standards

• Math clone of player-favorite Cleopatra ® 20-payline

video slots

• Designed specifically for the AVP ® platform

Arctic Fox 2-For-1 Video Slots

Arctic Fox Video Slots appeals to players on so many

levels and is designed specifically for the AVP ® platform.

• 4 by 5, 50-payline, 250-credit action

• 2-for-1 wagering – 1 credit buys 2 lines


• Bi-directional pays – left to right, right to left

• Features stacked wilds and a free games bonus

• Bonus has a high likelihood of retriggering for

more action

• Offers paytable or themed top box graphics

Lotus Flower Video Slots

This Asian-inspired video slot calls upon the beauty of the

symbolic lotus flower to amplify every player’s experience.

• 5-reel, 20-payline, 200-credit game play

• Unique math model

• Frequent bonus action with high retrigger rate

• Offers paytable or themed top box graphics

• Available as a Game King ® AVP ® or Enhanced Video

Slots theme

What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Video Releases

MultiWay ® – Triple Fortune Dragon ,

Black Magic and Dragonfly Video Slots


The in-demand MultiWay ® wagering concept allows players

to buy reel positions rather than wagering on standard

line patterns, with up to 243 ways to win on a 3x5 game.

Players may bet on some or all of the possible ways

covered by a set amount of credits, up to a 500 credit

maximum bet. Winning combinations consist of matching

symbols on at least three adjacent reels starting with the

left reel and reading to the right.

High volatility brings prosperity to your casino floor with

three new exciting MultiWay ® Video Slots. Bank them

together to offer similar math models with different

graphics packages:

• Triple your players’ fun with Triple Fortune Dragon

Video Slot. This game offers a retriggering free

games bonus with multiplier.

• Exclusive to the AVP ® platform, the Black Magic

MultiWay ® Video Slot game delivers magical graphics

and features IGT’s new standard interface and

intriguing sound standards.

• The dragonfly is a sign of good luck in many Asian

cultures. With standard MultiWay ® wagering and

math based on the Triple Fortune Dragon Video

Slots model, the Dragonfly MultiWay ® Video Slots

game will be a sure bet with your players and is also

designed specifically for the AVP ® platform.

What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Slot Releases

2x3x4x White Ice Slots – 3-Reel,

25-Payline and 5-Payline Game Play

3-Reel/25-Payline Game Play:

• Low denomination play

• 250-credit max bet

• Proven math model

• Available exclusively on the S2000 ®


• Operator configurable maximum bet

3-Reel/5-Payline Game Play:

• Dollar denomination play

• Designed for higher denomination fivecredit

max bet

• Available exclusively on the S2000 ®


• Operator configurable maximum bet


Super Times Pay ®

Free Games Slots

Available exclusively on the S2000 ® platform.

3-Reel/20-Payline Game Play:

• Low denomination play

• Features free games bonus

• Enhanced version of Super Times Pay ®

Slots 9-payline math model

• Perfect for low denominations

• Operator configurable maximum bet

3-Reel/5-Payline Game Play:

• Designed for dollar and up

denomination play

• Best-selling math model new rich-looking

graphics package

• Features free games bonus

• Operator configurable maximum bet

What’s Hot At IGT – Standard Slot Releases

Sizzling 7 ® Slots

This popular slot is back with more reels and

more paylines for maximum fun!

• Now available in a 5-reel,

30-payline version

• 150-credit max bet

• Buy-a-pay wagering

• Perfect for low denominations

• Operator configurable maximum bet


Triple Double Diamond ®

Free Games Slots

Classic game play and an enhanced version

of the all-time, best-selling 3-reel, multi-line/

multi-credit game.

• Now available in a 3-reel,

20-payline version

• Perfect for low denominations

Includes a free games bonus for

extra action

• Operator configurable maximum bet

You know wh

Y our casino’s buzzing with players. They’re living it up at your place, playing their favorite games, laughing, talking –

having a big time. It’s the way you want your place to feel every day. But how do you achieve that? You’ve got to keep your

floor fresh and exciting, full of your players’ favorites, as well as the hottest new games around. Check out IGT’s lineup –

we can help you make the right decisions for your floor today.

New wheel.

New design.

It’s Wheel of Fortune ® Super Spin Video

Slots game – redesigned. The new Wheel of

Fortune ® Super Spin Five-Station features

a smaller footprint than the original, giving

you more space and flexibility for your casino

floor. The eye-catching vertical spinning

wheel and Stacked Wilds action makes

players want to keep playing. Based on the

most popular slot theme in history, the new

Wheel of Fortune ® Super Spin Five-Station

boasts five player stations, Super Wild

and Wild Riches game play, and all the

excitement that players expect

in a group play game.

The right table solutions.

Table iD

It’s the perfect

combination of table

management software, RFID

chip tracking, Bonusing and

image-based card recognition all

in one comprehensive solution.

Bring the power of the open

network to your tables.

M-P Series

& DigiDeal ®

The M-P Series and

DigiDeal ® electronic

table games offer a

variety of exciting

hosted and non-hosted multi-player games. Golden

Baccarat, Roulette Revolution and DigiDeal ® Digital 21 ®

are the newest games on these

platforms that offer sleek, ergonomic

and modular designs that maximize

your floor space.

en it’s Right.

It’s all about the math.

Four new video slots games are now available based on the

proven player-favorite Wolf Run ® math model:

Lil’ Lady Video Slots, Lion Dance Video Slots,

Mayan Riches Video Slots and Desert Spirit Video Slots.

Designed for the AVP ® platform, these 5-reel, 40-payline,

400-credit games are off the charts with players. Each

game has a unique theme, exciting Stacked Wilds, a

retriggering free games bonus and sophisticated graphics.

Big pay bonus

action for serious

poker players.

Give your poker players their

favorite poker games plus big

pay bonus action on the Super

Triple Play Poker game.

Featuring seven player-favorite

games and big buy-a-pay

bonus rewards, this game is

packed with thrilling poker


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www.IGT.com/SlotLine. Our free quarterly magazine

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spinning reel and video slots, video poker, Barcrest USA,

Network Systems and more.

The Right Vision. Right now & for the future.

Contact your account executive today.

702.669.7777 www.IGT.com

©2008 IGT. All rights reserved.

“Wheel of Fortune” © 2008 Califon Productions, Inc. “Wheel of Fortune” is a registered trademark of Califon Productions,

Inc. All rights reserved. AVP, Barcrest USA, Desert Spirit, Golden Baccarat, Lil’ Lady, Lion Dance, M-P Series, Mayan

Riches, Roulette Revolution, Super Spin, Super Triple Play, Super Wild, Table iD, Wild Riches and Wolf Run are all

trademarks or registered trademarks of IGT in the US and/or other countries. DigiDeal is a trademark of DigiDeal, Inc.

Barcrest USA

New Themes In The New

Year From Barcrest USA

Barcrest USA is kicking off 2008 the only way it

knows how – with exciting new games featuring thrilling

top box bonus action! “Our focus was to expand on

some of our most popular themes,” said Julie Mottes,

Product Manager of Barcrest USA games. “Keeping

tried-and-true game concepts fresh with intriguing new

base games, new platforms and different top box sizes

significantly extends their life and ensures your players

always have something to look forward to on your

casino floor.”

Three New Top Dollar ® Slot Themes

How do you “top” Top Dollar ® Slots? With four new

variations! These four new games each bring something

unique to the ever-popular family of Top Dollar ® themes:

• Top Dollar Deluxe ® Slots – Top Dollar ® goes

uptown in this deluxe new version that is sure

to please your lower denomination players. This

game features a 3-reel plus bonus reel, 15-payline,

15-credit format where the bonus reel offers a

multiplier for the total top box bonus win.

• Hot Top Dollar and Top Dollar ® Sizzling 7 ®

Slots – Can you feel the heat? These two themes

each offer a refreshing new art style for the

same red-hot base game and top box bonus. The

Sizzling 7 ® 3-reel, single-payline, 3-credit base

game is amplified by the power of the Top Dollar ®

top box bonus event; it’s unstoppable!

• Top Dollar ® Slots – The classic theme is

reinvented for a 5-reel, 25-payline format with an

operator-adjustable maximum bet of up to 500

credits and is perfect for lower denominations.

Phoenix Gold ® Video Slots

The phoenix rises again and this time it’s on the

AVP ® platform! Phoenix Gold ® Video Slots feature

fabulous 5-reel, 20-payline game play with an operatorconfigurable

maximum bet of up to 1,000 credits. An

excellent fit for lower denomination players, this new

version of Phoenix Gold ® allows video slot players to

get in on the Barcrest USA bonus action that reel

slot players have enjoyed for so long. The anticipationbuilding

Phoenix Gold ® bonus awards players bank notes

that are then multiplied by the base game line bet. Plus,

after each award, players receive another lucky spin on

the arrow wheel for the chance to “take another shot”

at more winnings.

Top box update. Phoenix Gold ®

video slots and reel slots now

feature 16-inch and 31-inch top box

versions on both platforms.



Logo: Custom Fonts

"Slots": High Tower Text

Desert Spirit

AVP ® only, 5-reel, 40-payline,


Double Diamond ®

S2000 ® , 5-reel, 9-payline,


Double Four Times Pay

Wild 4 Wild

S2000 ® , 3-reel, single-payline,

2- or 3-credit


Double Gold ®

S2000 ® , 3-reel, 5-payline,


Instant Bingo

Tibetan Treasures

AVP ® only, 5-reel, 243-way,


Video Poker

Triple Play Five Play ® Wheel Poker ®

With the Wheel Poker ® game, video poker players can choose from

seven of their favorite multi-hand games. With an extra credit wagered,

players cash in on big wheel bonus action when they’re holding any

natural four-of-a-kind.

Unlike other “card of the day” wheel programs where the bonus is only

paid for that day’s specific four-of-a-kind, with the Wheel Poker ® game,

players can win one or more spins on the wheel for any natural


The wheel can add from 100 to 2,000 credits per spin to the initiating

win. And because Triple Play and Five Play ® betting options translate

into as many as five spins of the wheel for a qualifying hand, there’s a

strong incentive to bet the 5-credit max, plus the additional buy-a-pay

credit per hand, on three or five hands at a time.

Bring the excitement of Wheel Poker ® to your casino, and treat your

players to the kind of bonus thrills that only spinning a big wheel can

deliver. Trust your intuition – they’re going to love this game.

Multi-Strike Poker Deluxe

Give gamblers more ways to play the classic 4-level Multi-Strike Poker ®

game, now with Big Split Poker ® , 5-Level Multi-Strike Poker ® , Double

Down Stud ® Multi-Strike Poker ® , and Big Draw Multi-Strike Poker, all

with the same four levels of player-pleasing, win-multiplying excitement

as the original Multi-Strike ® game.

Each win brings the player to a higher level, and a larger multiple of

the base paytable. Multipliers in this game leap from 4X to 8X to 16X,

providing a wild ride with huge volatility. And true to the theme, the “Free

Ride” symbol takes the player to the next level, even if the current hand is

not a winner.

Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker

A 4-of-a-kind hand is always a thrill. Throw in a buy-a-pay bonus that rewards

those wins and you’ve got the ultimate combination of poker action and bonus

excitement, with an attractive max-bet incentive.

A 6-credit bet awards the standard base game paytable win for a 4-of-a-kind,

and initiates a distinctive pick ’em bonus round that’s tied into the initiating

4-of-a-kind combination.

In the bonus, 53 cards are presented facedown – a standard deck plus one

joker. The player is prompted to select 1, 2, or 3 cards, depending on the rank

of the initiating 4-of-a-kind. A dealt 4-of-a-kind awards one additional pick. The

player wins the total number of credits accumulated through all picks unless the

joker is revealed, in which case the total bonus win jumps to 3,996 credits,

ending the bonus.


Random Rewards Poker

Video poker paytables reveal a lot to players who know

how to read and interpret them. This helps players

choose games with the best payback potential. Once

they’ve chosen a game, the paytable never changes. But

that’s not so with the Random Rewards Poker game.

Here, every 6-credit buy-a-pay wager generates new

random bonus jackpots for all hands from the flush

through straight flush. Bonus pays are never less than

the conventional paytable, but because the bonus

amounts vary and move at random among the various

hands, each bonused hand offers new and changing

opportunities for big wins.

The Random Rewards Poker game is available with

Triple Play, Five Play ® and Ten Play versions of all of

the most popular game families.


Video Poker

Quick Quads Poker

This game has the potential to turn a 3-of-a-kind hand

into a 4-of-a-kind when the sum of the two nonmatching

cards is equal to the rank of the 3-of-a-kind.

Three 7s, for example, would become a 4-of-a-kind if

the non-matching cards were a 5 and a 2. Only

3-of-a-kind 2s through 10s can be made 4-of-a-kind

using the bonus feature, with non-matching cards of

ace (1) through 9.

Players are learning to love the bonus action and big

winning opportunities available to them with

buy-a-pay video poker games. They’re also learning

that the extra credits wagered fund the bonus without

taking anything away from the standard paytable. With

the Quick Quads Poker game, a 5+1 credit wager

qualifies the hand for the bonus feature where the

possibilities for a 4-of-a-kind abound.

Super Video Hold ’Em Poker

Your Hold ’Em players will enjoy multipliers and more with their choice of the Video Hold ’Em

or Super Video Hold ’Em Poker games found in this challenging single-hand theme.

The game starts by dealing two, 2-card hands. After the player selects one of the hands, the

other two cards are returned to the deck and five additional cards are dealt from the original

52-card deck, excluding the two cards in play in the

selected hand. The resulting 7-card hand is evaluated

for the highest-ranking 5-card combination and is paid

according to the paytable. A royal flush on board is

awarded if the five cards received on the draw form a

royal flush.

Special bonus multipliers appear when a qualifying twocard

card combination is selected from the initial two

dealt pairs. A 2-card pair of red aces in the Super Video

Hold ’Em game – the top starting hand – carries a 10X

multiplier that will apply to the subsequent 5-card hand

should it form any winning combination other than a royal

flush on board.

Players get their bet back on a losing 5-card hand if the initial 2-card hand they selected at the

beginning contained a pair of jacks or better. A “bad beat” awards a credit value equal to the

bet, excluding any multiplier value.

This game is fast, fun, and filled with possibilities for your Hold ’Em players.

Native America News

Proposed Class II Indian Gaming Regs

Are Cause For Major Concern

Political, legal, and regulatory events are occurring from

California to Florida to Massachusetts to Washington, DC

that will have a direct impact on our business. Following

are highlights of current activity on these fronts.

A major concern for IGT and many of our tribal customers

is a set of Class II gaming regulations that has been

proposed by the National Indian Gaming Commission

(NIGC). The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act permits tribes to

operate electronic aids in the play of bingo. The regulations

proposed by the NIGC would put restrictions on such

devices and on the play of bingo that are over and above

what is required by law.

Also of concern is a proposed regulation that would govern

the process by which the Department of the Interior takes

land into trust for tribes for gaming purposes. On January

3rd, based on the terms of the proposed regulation, the

Department of the Interior denied eleven land in trust

applications and voided another eleven trust applications

for insufficient information.

These device and land regulations are under review and

may become effective in the coming months. Depending

on the final form of these regulations, tribes may file legal

challenges to them.

In California, five tribes have amended their compacts with

the state to allow the operation of more machines by those

tribes. These amendments would increase the five tribes’

legal machine maximums by a combined total of 22,500

machines. If approved, new machines would be added

under the new maximums as dictated by demand and


capacity. It is very important to note that this would occur

gradually, over a period of years.

On February 5th, California voters ratified compact

amendments between the state and the Agua Caliente

Band of Cahuilla Indians, Morongo Band of Mission

Indians, Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, and the Sycuan

Band of Kumeyaay Nation. That ratification will be final once

the election results are certified in March. However, as the

amendments have already been published in the Federal

Register, they are basically effective now. The San Manuel

compact amendment took effect January 18, 2008.

In Florida, the Governor has signed a compact with the

Seminole tribe for tribal operation of Class III games

including slot machines. That compact became effective on

January 7th, 2008. To date, IGT has placed 700 machines

with the Seminoles.

In Massachusetts, two tribes are looking at two potential

avenues to provide legal gaming. A newly recognized

Massachusetts tribe, the Mashpee Wampanoag, has

secured land and is seeking approval from the Department

of the Interior to use that land for gaming. They would then

provide Class II games and, if the state were to authorize

Class III gaming, negotiate with the state for Class III

games. The Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe is focused on

pursuing one of three commercial casino licenses that

would become available if legislation introduced by the

Governor is passed. Passage of casino legislation and final

Department of the Interior land approval would not occur

for some time. But, the wheels have begun to turn.


Wheel of Gold Central

Determination Slots

Offer your players a true classic – the Wheel of

Gold game – with 3-reel, 5-payline, 5-credit game

play. The Double Diamond base game features

multipliers and the Wheel of Gold bonus is

loaded with excitement.

Triple Double Stars Central

Determination Slots

We’ve taken a spinning reel favorite and added a

whole new spin. The Triple Double Stars game is

now available as a central determination game with

a progressive top award. This 3-reel, 3-credit game

is loaded with multipliers your players will love.

Class II And Central Determination

Da Vinci Diamonds ® Bingo

Watch this game sparkle with our Tumbling Reels ®

feature, which is also offered in the free spins bonus!

This 5-reel, 20-payline theme also features a

player-favorite free spins bonus.


The Terminator ® Cyber Spins Bingo

Take your players on a journey into the futuristic world

of The Terminator ® with this new 5-reel, 25-payline,

125-credit video bingo theme. This game offers thrill-aminute

game play that puts them in the middle of each

battle with high-impact graphics, an exciting free spins

bonus and thrilling base game play.



Network Systems News

Recapping 2007 And Saving

The Date For 2008

At the 2007 Users Conference, 425 IGT Network Systems

customers gathered in September at The Mirage in Las

Vegas to talk shop and hear from IGT leaders about how

The Power of Open will enhance the player experience and

transform their businesses.

Last year’s 2007 event saw the addition of many popular

features and customized sessions based on feedback

from the 2006 inaugural conference. Enhancements

included nine track-based breakout sessions, an Executive

Roundtable, and what was probably the biggest hit among

attendees – the expanded Interactive Area. In fact, of those

surveyed, nearly 98% reported the Interactive Area was a

valuable part of their conference experience, both for the

one-to-one interaction with peers and IGT experts, and

also for the variety of vendors and IGT solutions presented.

What’s more, of those users who were first-time

attendees, 98% rated their overall experience positively –

indicating a high level of satisfaction with the content and

value of the conference.

The 2008 Users Conference will build on the successes of

last year’s event, and will incorporate much of the valuable

feedback provided in attendee surveys. As a result,

attendees can look forward to additional value through

even more opportunities to share best practices, network,

and hear for the first time details on how to best prepare

for the transition to the open network.

Highlights of the 2008 Users Conference will include:

• A new June date to better accommodate the

schedules of both our domestic and international


• Scheduled Interactive Area tours and more

personalized demos for an enhanced view of IGT

products and services

• Breakout sessions that target introductory and

advanced users

• More breakout sessions led by real users of the product

• Users Forums where attendees can exchange

valuable troubleshooting and best practices with

other users and IGT product experts

• An enhanced IGT Executive Roundtable

• The return of track-based breakout sessions by

user type

• The opportunity to mix and mingle with your peers,

vendors and IGT staff during the Welcome

Networking Reception and Customer

Appreciation Party

If you’re not attending the 2008 Users Conference, you’re

not getting the most out of your system! To hear about the

value of the conference firsthand from 2007 attendees,

visit www.IGT.com/UsersConference. And if you haven’t

received your formal invitation, look for it in the mail

soon or contact UsersConference@IGT.com for more





IGT Logo Blue

PANTONE - 100% PMS 286

CMYK - 100%, 90%, 10%, 2%

RGB - 13, 54, 146


Save the Date! Now in June.


(preferred) Black & White

IGT Network Systems

Users Conference

June 9-11, 2008

The Mirage, Las Vegas

This is your chance to:

• Connect with your peers

• Talk shop and troubleshoot

with IGT experts and leaders

• Get the latest information on

IGT Network Systems products


(preferred) Black & White

Dark Blue

PANTONE - 100% PMS 2965

CMYK - 100%, 38%, 0%, 64%

RGB - 13, 54, 146


PANTONE - 100% PMS Cool Gray 8

CMYK - 39%, 33%, 30%, 0%

RGB - 161, 160, 164

98% thought the Interactive Area

was a valuable part of the conference


92.4% would recommend the

conference breakout sessions to others.


PANTONE - 100% Black

CMYK - 0%, 0%, 0%, 100%

RGB - 0, 0, 0


Network Systems News

IGT’s Server-Based Tools Cover The Whole Casino Floor

Building on the power of the open network and the

experience gained from our current field trials, IGT has

developed a world-class server-based solution for all of your

floor management needs. Save valuable time and money

by seamlessly overseeing all of your server-based activities,

including downloads, configuration changes, scheduling,

and eventually, remote game ordering. In addition, the

ability to use predictive analytics to immediately act

upon your data will add fuel to your decision-making

capabilities and give you the power to optimize your floor

mix to capture more revenue and enhance the customer


IGT’s sb solution provides the shared features necessary

for all systems applications – from user management to a

shared interface to licensing and more. This functionality

is all tightly integrated in one system infrastructure and

accessed via a single world-class user interface that was

designed with your goals in mind. It can be scaled to

accommodate anything from the largest casino floor to

a very small floor that only requires download of game

themes. This is all part of IGT’s right vision in providing you

the power of the open network.

Gaming And Technology

Awards-1st Place

See Page 58 for details.

IGT’s floor management solutions include sb Floor

Manager, which gives you the ability to:

• Download and configure game content

• Configure and manage machine settings

• Purchase and install themes from a central IGT


• Schedule and review all floor modifications through

an intuitive scheduling application

• View your machine data in real-time

• Monitor floor events in real-time

• View and manage your floor using powerful data

visualization tools

• Interface with your gaming floor and other

networked systems, including casino management

systems from other gaming system providers, via

open Gaming Standards Association (GSA) protocols

• Utilize a single world-class user interface for all IGT

server-based components

• Customizable dashboard of favorite tasks based on

user preferences

• Accomplish fast tasks through a variety of “widget”


IGT Showcases World-Class User Interface At G2E

Insights into customer needs and usability factors led us to design a world-class user interface to

connect to all of your IGT Network Systems products and management tools. IGT partnered with

best-of-breed experience design and usability specialists to bring you a graphical user interface that

is extremely functional and maximizes user comfort during extended sessions, driving increased

productively of your team. You may recognize this interface, as it was a major highlight of the

sb Floor Manager demo at G2E 2007.

Network Systems News

Innovative Player Services Are Anything But Ordinary

Player services will allow you to differentiate your

property even more by delivering an enhanced customer

experience that builds player loyalty. From fresh ideas like

powerful new Bonusing functions, to incredible marketing

and advertising offers, to exciting, new peer play and

participation services – the opportunities become endless

when you think about all the innovative applications that

you will be able to add to your network.

To optimize the player experience, you will deliver these

services to your customers through a variety of interfaces

like the sb Service Window, sb NexGen, displayenabled

table games or even mobile devices.

Getting Ready

Installing sb NexGen is one of the first steps you can

take towards offering exciting new player services. This

interactive player communications tool gives you the best

of both worlds – the ability to extend the useful life of

your current machine inventory, while providing greatly

enhanced abilities to communicate promotional offers and

Bonusing to your players. IGT is a pioneer in this space,

with over a decade of experience providing advanced

player communication tools to the industry.

The award-winning Service Window is an innovation in

player communications that allows you to interact with

your players right at the game.


The award-winning Service Window is IGT’s next

innovation in player communications that allows you to

interact with your players right at the game. And, because

the Service Window is located in the main game screen,

your players will enjoy optimal viewing of your branded

service offerings. The Service Window is built on open

protocols, making it possible for all vendors to provide this

solution. All IGT AVP ® games are Service Window-capable.

Differentiate your property by delivering targeted services

that build player loyalty, right at the machine. Give them

the kind of value, entertainment, and customer experience

they will never forget.


Network Systems News

Your Suggestions Had A Positive Impact

On Your Satisfaction

Two-way communication is important in any relationship – be it

personal or business. That’s why the IGT Network Systems customer

satisfaction survey is so important – only by hearing your needs can

we continue to improve.

Our 2007 survey results show a statistically significant gain in our

overall systems customer satisfaction rating: 6.8 versus 6.4 the year

before. This means the changes we implemented based on your

feedback to the 2006 survey are working, so please continue to share

with us your valuable comments.

Some of changes implemented over the last year have included:

• Better ways to ensure we are delivering high-quality products

• Smoother overall customer experience from install and go-live

to ongoing support

• Clearer procedures for escalating customer problems

• And much more!

Rest assured IGT plans to use the feedback from our 2007 survey to

make further changes and additions that you requested. In February, a

survey committee from across the various departments dedicated to

serving the needs of our systems customers will meet to put action

items to the recommendations received.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2007 survey, and

congratulations to the winners of our respondent drawing! Five lucky

survey participants received their choice of an MP3 player or $200 in

cash for providing their valuable feedback.

For more detailed information on the 2007 survey results, contact:


Network Systems News

Assembling A Team Of Advocates For You

Providing world-class support to all of our customers has

always been a key initiative at IGT. Early last year, our systems

customers told us there was a growing need for more dedicated

resources to be their advocates within IGT. Based on that

feedback, we expanded our client services group to include

Systems Account Managers. This initial group of five resources

was asked to partner with select systems customers to be their

voice at IGT, to help them achieve the strategic system business

goals of their organization, and to supplement the support

offered by our services organization.

This year, we’re taking it one step further. Now, the Account

Management team has grown to include a team of 11

representatives with a combined 175 years of gaming industry

experience. This expansion means that if you are a domestic IGT

Advantage ® and/or IGT Mariposa customer, you will have a

Systems Account Manager dedicated to working in partnership

with you on the mission and goals of your organization. Look

forward to hearing from your new Systems Account Manager

soon, and if you have any questions please contact


The Account Management team is here to help you.

Shown (from left to right): Chris Mason, Keith Brewer, John Kaplan, Tracy Wormdahl,

Monica Maciel, Jeffrey Sessions, Sheryl Cinelli, Deb Oxnem, Scott Mensik

Not pictured: Chrystal Wamstad and Stacey Baggett.









FY 2004 FY 2005

FY 2006




(Feb '06) FY 2007

55% 56% 58% 63%




FY 2004 FY 2005 FY 2006

IGT Mariposa


(Feb '06)

Theoretical Gaming Days

22% 65%

FY 2007


Network Systems News

IGT Mariposa Boosts Revenues, Market Share At

Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino

The Overview

Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino (DGPC) opened in 1985

as a race track offering pari-mutuel wagering. Situated on

an island in the Mississippi river, the property is owned by

the City of Dubuque, Iowa and is run under the guidance of

the Dubuque Racing Association, a 21-member volunteer

board of directors. Over the years, DGPC has evolved, with

an expansion adding 400 slots in May 2005 and table and

poker games in March 2006. Today, DGPC is a full-service

casino featuring 1,000 slots, 20 table and poker games,

two restaurants, and greyhound racing.

Along with two other race tracks operating slots and table

games, DGPC faces competition from Iowa’s riverboat

casino industry. Statewide slot and table games revenues

for fiscal year ending June 30, 2007 were in excess of

$1.3 billion, as reported by the Iowa Racing and Gaming


The Challenge

DGPC needed a way to get a clear advantage in the

competitive marketplace by focusing on their greatest

asset – their players.

The Solution

The organization realized the need for data warehousing,

business intelligence technology, and customer relationship

management. They evaluated several potential solutions as

part of the decision-making process. Dubuque’s Marketing

Director, Sherry Heim, stated, “We conducted a great

deal of research to support our purchase decision, which

required senior management and board member approval.

In our research, we were unable to locate a comparable

product offering the full software suite with the features

% Market Share Against Direct Competitor

Slot and Table Revenue

we wanted. Few products on the market offered the level

of sophistication and ease of use found in IGT Mariposa.”

The Results

Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino went live with IGT

Mariposa in February 2006. Since then, Dubuque has

realized gains in revenues and in market share.

Heim commented, “While we did gain share by expanding

our facility and adding table games, we still believe the

IGT Mariposa product was a very important component

in helping us grow our rated play and achieving those

gains. Overall, IGT Mariposa has helped us experience

tremendous growth through hosted player relationships,

sophisticated database segmentation, campaign planning

and execution, and targeting of incentives. We’ve

continued to grow even after the initial lift from our last


The gaming industry focus of the IGT Mariposa product

and team played an important FY 2006 role at DGPC. During

integration, the IGT team IGTanalyzed

Dubuque’s player

database, defined geographic Mariposa markets based on player

behavior, and recommended Installed enhancements for direct

mail strategy. FY 2004 “We FY 2005 were (Feb so '06) pleased FY 2007with

their integration

services that 55% we decided 56% to 58% engage 63% in a Professional

Services contract,” said Heim. “They provided us with a

business plan, assisted with direct mail campaigns for


60% new member welcome and player recovery, and designed


components of the Casino Host program. Our ongoing



relationship 20% with IGT helps us maximize the benefits of the

10% product.”


FY 2004 FY 2005 FY 2006

IGT Mariposa


(Feb '06)

FY 2007









Hosted Player % Increase

Theoretical Gaming Days

22% 65%

Theoretical Win Per Visit Gaming Days

Network Systems News

Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino.


How The Player Contact System Helped

Dubuque’s Business

When deploying the IGT Mariposa Player Contact

System, Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino revamped

their Rich Rewards Club based on IGT’s recommendations.

The new structure simplified criteria for the player and

provided a new mix of benefits. Over time, more players

qualified for the host-level tiers. Heim stated, “Managing

the growth in hosted-players would not have been possible

without the Player Contact System. Additionally, the

hosts can now identify future Signature and Platinum tier

players and use the system to develop the relationship

early in the customer’s lifecycle.” By implementing the

Player Contact System, DGPC was able to significantly

increase host productivity, nearly doubling the number of

player relationships maintained by each host. They realized

a 20% increase in the average daily theoretical win from

their hosted players – meaning not only did the quantity of

hosted players increase, so did the quality.

Every month, Dubuque’s Player Development Manager

uses the system to generate call log reports, comp reports,

player trend reports, and player aging reports. The manager

meets with the host team for a data-driven discussion of

their performance. “The Player Contact System enables

our Player Development Manager to be much more

effective,” said Heim, “as a property, we now understand

what is happening with our hosted players… why they may

be playing more or less.”

The success of any investment in technology depends

greatly upon user acceptance. At Dubuque Greyhound

Park & Casino, hosts were relatively quick to adopt the

product. Heim attributed this to the training sessions

and user-friendly design. She noted, “In instances of

host turnover, the Player Contact System has allowed for

quicker relationship development when a new host steps

in. It provides an advantage when there is turnover in the


Heim concluded by saying, “Our strategy is in constant

evolution. We keep finding new ways to use IGT

Mariposa and grow our business. Overall, the solution

has helped us transform into a new way of thinking that is

numbers-driven… more analytical process in everything we

do. It has brought us closer in line with the bigger, more

sophisticated, operators.”


Network Systems News

The Power of Open

Awaits You.

Learn More.


Now With Expanded Content.


Imagine an open environment.

All your games and systems work

together seamlessly on a true

open network. All developed and

designed for GSA open protocols

for maximum interoperability,

flexibility and unlimited potential.

Imagine being able to use the open

environment to bring the power

of the Internet to the casino floor,

enhance the player experience,

differentiate yourself from the

competition and increase profits.

Reality is closer than you think.

IGT is committed to offering the true

open architecture, networked floor

and server-based products for the

future of gaming. All based on your

imagination and the right vision.

The RIGHT Vision.

Right now & for the future.

To learn more about IGT’s vision

of the networked gaming future,

visit: www.IGT.com/Open

or call 702-896-8500

© 2008 IGT. All rights reserved.





MegaJackpots ® Games

Meet The MegaJackpots ® Product Management Team

Tom O’Brien

The year 2007 proved to be a great year for the new

Director of MegaJackpots ® Product Management, Tom

O’Brien. With many years of experience in the gaming

industry, Tom has worked for such companies as Paltronics,

AC Coin & Slot and most recently Aristocrat Technologies.

Starting with IGT in October 2007, O’Brien says the

response he has received from everyone at IGT has been

great. He has definitely hit the ground running and as for

his goals for 2008, O’Brien says, “We want to continue to

supply operators with superior MegaJackpots ® products,

so in turn they can give their customers the games they

want to play.” He adds, “We are looking to the future.”

Boris Hallerbach

Hired as part of the IGT Server-Based Gaming group in

2003, Boris brought his product management skills to

MegaJackpots ® Product Management in 2004. Hallerbach

says “One of the best things about my job is being able

to develop and support our brands like no other company

in the market.” With a product line that includes: Wheel

of Fortune ® , Jeopardy! ® , The Joker’s Wild and Elvis ® ,

Hallerbach says “Look for more great game play on the

game brands players recognize in 2008.”

Will Foster

Will started his career at IGT in July of 1993. With

experience in production, operations and firmware, Will

brings a great deal of IGT product knowledge to the team.

With a product line that includes: eBay Video Slots,

Diamond Jackpots Multi-Level Progressives, Indiana

Jones Multi-Level Progressives and Reel Depth,

Multi-Strike ® products and Star Wars Multi-Level


Progressives, Foster says, “The reception from

our customers during G2E on these products was

tremendous.” He adds, “Our customers should expect

a solid, performing product with a strategic support

plan in place including conversions to keep the product

fresh. They can also expect to see me or another

MegaJackpots ® representative over the next year as we

focus on meeting with them to discuss our products and

get their valuable feedback, this will help us continue to

develop successful products for the market.”

Brian Bennett

The newest member of the team, Brian Bennett started

with IGT in April of 2003 in the Manufacturing Engineering

department. Brian’s recent move to MegaJackpots ®

Product Management has proved to be a benefit for both

Brian and his new co-workers. Brian’s product line includes:

Megabucks ® , World Poker Tour ® and The Price Is Right ® ,

and when asked about his new position, Bennett says, “My

goal is to bring new enthusiasm, energy, and perspective

to an already extremely successful team, I’m excited to be

a part of it all.”

“With a strategic support plan in place that includes plenty

of conversions to keep products fresh and at the top of

every players list, IGT customers should expect solid

performing products throughout the year”, O’Brien says.

It goes without saying that the MegaJackpots ® Product

Management team, with its dynamic line of number one

products and the customer in mind, is ready for 2008.


MegaJackpots ® Games

Super Wild Sweepstakes. Super Success.

IGT’s first venture in to the world of online promotions

was a huge success. From October through

November, the $150,000 Super Wild Sweepstakes

offered players a fun and interactive online tutorial

on the group-play product Wheel of Fortune ® Super

Spin and highlighted a new variation of the Super

Spin called Wheel of Fortune ® Super Spin

Super Wild Video Slots. A true testament to the

popularity of the Wheel of Fortune ® family of games,

the sweepstakes was played 138,378 times during

the 60-day promotion. And with 18,101 unique

registrations, many players came back time and

time again.

When players logged on to the website they were

immediately launched into an animated experience –

flying through a casino, zooming toward the Wheel of

Fortune ® Super Spin carousel. Players were allowed

to play once per day and everyday one lucky player

was awarded a Sony Cyber-shot ® Digital Camera. And

players also had a chance to win the grand prize

of $150,000.

Offer Your Players A World of Wheels

We have a proven way to help you achieve your goal of making more money every

day – Wheel of Fortune ® World. If you’re looking for a way to improve the coin-in on

a struggling area of your floor, why not remake it into a special place for the slots

and video slots players often search for? With incredible, proven legs, you can rest

assured that a dedicated Wheel of Fortune ® area will be a huge draw.

Case in point – this game concept has been implemented and replaced an

underperforming poker room. The outstanding concept paid for itself in 2 weeks.

With the success of the $150,000 Super Wild

Sweepstakes IGT expects to create a new online promotion in the near future.

With so many Wheel

of Fortune ® spinning

reel and video games

to choose from – more

than ever before – you

can be creative and

select the games and

denominations that

best suit your players.

There’s even a Game

King ® AVP ® multi-level

progressive version with

a widescreen, so what

are you waiting for? Add

the proven popularity of

Wheel of Fortune ® World

to your floor. Contact

your local IGT Account

Executive for more

information about game

availability in your area.

MegaJackpots ® Games

Wheel of Fortune ® Multi-Level Progressives


We’ve reinvented the wheel, again! Since its release

last year, loyal players and new fans have made Wheel

of Fortune ® Multi-Level Progressives games a proven

player favorite. The game is a 5-reel video slot available

as a 30-payline, penny denomination or a 5-payline, nickel

denomination game depending on jurisdiction. It also offers

a multi-level progressive jackpot system with a unique buya-pay

betting format that sets the stage for exciting game

play, making Wheel of Fortune ® Multi-Level Progressives

games a true gambler’s game.

The Wheel of Fortune ® Multi-Level Progressives games

were manufactured to stand out in the crowd. The top

monitor alternates between stunning digital glass, bonus

game play and four progressive meters. The lower monitor

displays vivid Wheel of Fortune ® video slot game play. Only

IGT’s AVP ® platform can deliver this dazzling glimpse into

the broadband future. The great new AVP ® widescreen

cabinet with dual 23-inch widescreen LCD monitors is right

on target to draw more devoted followers to IGT’s Wheel

of Fortune ® product line. On top of every base game still

sits the classic, mechanical spinning wheel bonus game.

The wheel contains segments that correspond to one of

the four in-house multi-level progressive jackpots.

And surrounding the wheel are eight lighted pointers.

“Those eight pointers create the great gaming opportunity,”

said Boris Hallerbach, IGT’s Product Manager for Sony

licensed products, “With each additional line bet coin

wagered [with the side bet covered], another one of those

pointers is activated. When all eight pointers are activated,

players have a chance to win up to two of the progressive

jackpots on a single spin of the wheel during the bonus

round if progressive segments land on one or more of the

active [lit] pointers.”

Each game theme’s graphics packaging pays tribute to U.S.

destinations that have hosted the Wheel of Fortune ® game

show program. Las Vegas and Hawaii were the first two

themed destinations from the television show’s travels.

Now available, refresh your Wheel of Fortune ® Multi-Level

Progressives banks with our newest destination theme,

New York. The New York theme appeals to players through

the use of fun imagery characteristic to “The Big Apple.”

Scatter symbols provide higher pays in base game and

the game offers a symbol-driven wide-area progressives

top award (where available) or stand-alone progressive

award. The wheel bonus has a high hit frequency, and max

bet players are guaranteed to win at least one in-house

progressive level in every wheel spin, and as many as two.

Contact your IGT Account Executive for more information

about game availability in your area.

Wheel of Fortune ® Super Spin

Video Slots Five-Station

Designed to offer more configuration options on the floor, playerfavorite

Wheel of Fortune ® Super Spin now features five player

stations that face an eye-catching, vertical wheel. Your players will still

enjoy the community game play offered

by this popular theme:

• Available as a 40-payline/400credit/penny

or 10-payline/75credit/nickel


• A max bet is not required to enter

the bonus round.

• Players must cover all lines and a

bonus side bet to be eligible for

bonus wheel spin.

• Minimum bet to qualify for bonus

round is 80 cents for the penny

game, and 75 cents for the

nickel game.

• The game awards a progressive

jackpot or standalone top award

where progressives are not

available. A MegaJackpots ® top

award will be available, depending

on the jurisdiction.


MegaJackpots ® Games

Two New Themes Add Variety To

Wheel of Fortune ® Multi-Win Slots

We’ve taken our popular Wheel of Fortune ® Multi-Win game series and added

two new player-favorite themes – the Triple Double Red Hot 7s game, and the

Triple Dollars ® game in a 15-payline version. Games can be banked with your

existing Wheel of Fortune ® Multi-Win themes, taking advantage of player

recognition of the most popular slot brand ever. Game features include:

• 3 reels plus a fourth bonus reel and the popular wheel bonus.

• Quarter game play.

• The bonus reel awards players 1 to 3 pointers and a spin on the big wheel.

• The bonus is symbol driven and can be triggered on any payline.

• Available as a standalone game or as a MegaJackpots ® wide-area

progressive without liability.*

*Applicable to linked progressive machines only.

MegaJackpots ® Games

Ancient Chinese Secret ® Video

Slots Imperial Dragon

Take your players on a trip to the Orient with our latest addition to the

Ancient Chinese Secret ® video slots series – the Imperial Dragon game.

This vivid new game theme can be mixed into your existing Ancient

Chinese Secret game banks, adding game-play variety and an exciting

new graphics package.

The game features five-reel, 25-payline, 125-credit theme and is a math

clone of Ancient Chinese Secret ® video slots.

Players love the Mystery Bonus feature, which includes MegaJackpots ®

Group Play action. The bonus offers multiple players the chance

to play at the same time for a shot at the local

progressive jackpot.

In addition, the primary bonus can be

triggered at random anytime during game

play. A random number of secondary

bonuses are awarded by the IGT Progressive

Controller based on active machine

play levels.

For information on specific game

configurations available in your

jurisdiction, contact your IGT

Account Executive.



MegaJackpots ® Games

Diamond Jackpots Multi-Level Progressives

This multi-level progressive is specially designed for your higher-denomination spinning reel

players and also offers greater progressive levels as bets are increased. The games allow

the player to choose their level of volatility with progressives. With gaming action as volatile

as our proven Red Hot Jackpots Multi-Level Progressives, these games will shine on your

floor. Machines feature three spinning reels with a fourth jackpot multiplier reel. Players can

win one or more of the Diamond Jackpots system’s multi-level progressive awards with

as little as one credit bet.

Look for these demonstrated player favorite Diamond Jackpots base game themes:

• Triple Red Hot 7s

• Triple Double Stars ®

• Double Times Pay 3X4X5X

• Super Times Pay ®

Each theme will be available in 5-payline, 5-credit or 9-payline; 9-credit configurations that

can be banked in groups of 5-payline or 9-payline machines under top boxes designed for

use by both the new Diamond Jackpots and current Red Hot Jackpots Multi-Level

Progressives systems.

MegaJackpots ® Games

Star Wars : Rebel Assault

Video Slots

Reach for the stars and refresh your Star Wars bank of games with

Star Wars: Rebel Assault – the fourth Star Wars themed game in

our Game King ® AVP ® Video Slots series. The epic adventure continues

with classic characters, lightsaber duels, and battling starships,

all played with original sound and film clips.

• Featuring 243 ways to win with MultiWay ® wagering action

and bonus side bets.

• Players have the chance of entering one of two bonus

interface games, either Rebel or Imperial.

• The Death Star sphere has a mystery award.

• Optional custom topper.

• Progressive MegaJackpots ® award without liability*.

• Available as a new game or simple conversion to the original

Star Wars themes.

*Applicable to linked progressive machines only.

Megabucks ® Video Slots

Another proven player favorite is the Megabucks ® Video Slot.

This 5-reel, 60-payline, $3.00-max bet game is a mega winner.

A mechanical wheel and a wheel bonus will have your penny

and nickel denomination players lining up for their turn on the

game! Players have a chance at two exciting bonuses – the

Megamatch bonus and Pick-A-Buck bonus that could all lead to

mega winnings.


Megabucks ® Slots

After 26 years, one of the most popular games keeps getting

better! Megabucks ® has done it again! We’ve taken two

classic slot themes and made them even better – our Triple

Butterfly Sevens ® and Triple Red Hot 7s reel slots are now

available as Megabucks ® slot themes. Both games offer 5-reel,

60-payline game play and a $3.00-max bet in a penny or nickel

denomination version.


MegaJackpots ® Games

Multi-Strike ® Triple Diamond ®

Video Slots

The Multi-Strike ® Triple Diamond ® Video Slots game play is hot

with players and is an IGT exclusive offering the player 5-reel,

100-paylines, with 25 paylines on each level. This new game concept

combines patented Multi-Strike ® multiplier play with a bonus wheel

and marries the popular Multi-Strike ® game play with the playerfavorite

Triple Diamond ® base game.

• Four levels of game play advance based on wins to award everhigher


• The Free Ride bonus symbol advances play to the next level

whether or not there is a win on the current payline.

• Fourth-level wins activate the wheel for big bonus multipliers.

For more information on specific game configurations available in

your jurisdiction, contact your IGT Account Executive or visit IGT’s

website at www.IGT.com.

MegaJackpots ® Winners List

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.50 Beau Rivage 12/1/2007 $869,033.65

Wheel of Fortune ® $1.00 Riverside Resort & Casino 12/2/2007 $2,428,831.93

Spin Joker Poker $0.05 Wild Wild West AC 12/4/2007 $49,846.81

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Dancing Eagle Casino 12/4/2007 $527,546.48

Wheel of Fortune ® $1.00 Harrah’s New Orleans Casino 12/4/2007 $2,100,648.05

Triple Play Draw Poker ® $1.00 Atlantic City Hilton (Colony Capital) 12/6/2007 $124,432.30

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino 12/7/2007 $140,113.73

TV Hits ® Choctaw Durant Casino & Resort 12/8/2007 $441,457.19

Spin Joker Poker $0.05 Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa 12/12/2007 $80,954.62

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 River Rock Casino 12/12/2007 $153,176.11

Jeopardy! ® $0.25 Wild Wild West AC 12/13/2007 $263,396.69

Triple Play Draw Poker ® $1.00 Harrah’s Atlantic City 12/16/2007 $129,311.79

Triple Play Draw Poker ® $0.25 Harrah’s Atlantic City 12/16/2007 $88,556.58

Spin Joker Poker $0.05 Showboat Casino Hotel AC 12/19/2007 $63,520.90

Wheel of Fortune ® $1.00 Reno-Tahoe International Airport 12/22/2007 $1,401,563.05

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Cherokee Casino - Roland 12/22/2007 $208,511.37

Spin Joker Poker $0.05 Showboat Casino Hotel AC 12/23/2007 $44,895.55

Diamond Cinema $0.05 Mohegan Sun Resort 12/23/2007 $452,464.22

Spin Joker Poker $0.05 Atlantic City Hilton (Colony Capital) 12/24/2007 $26,220.90

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Bally’s Atlantic City 12/25/2007 $288,672.00


MegaJackpots ® Winners List

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Terribles Mark Twain Casino 12/25/2007 $125,285.17

Triple Play Draw Poker ® $0.25 Showboat Casino Hotel AC 12/25/2007 $63,597.42

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Cherokee Nation Casino Catoosa 12/26/2007 $138,857.97

Triple Play Draw Poker ® $1.00 Harrah’s Atlantic City 12/26/2007 $126,108.40

Wheel of Fortune ® $1.00 Boomtown Belle 12/27/2007 $930,665.44

Wheel of Fortune ® $5.00 Flamingo Las Vegas 12/30/2007 $1,631,378.25

Spin Joker Poker $0.05 Trump Marina 12/30/2007 $79,487.66

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 St Croix Casino & Hotel 12/31/2007 $174,821.88

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Black Oak Casino 12/31/2007 $101,819.59

Spin Joker Poker $0.05 Resorts Hotel Casino 1/1/2008 $42,741.36

TV Hits ® Cherokee Casino - Tahlequah 1/1/2008 $265,521.58

Jeopardy! ® $0.25 Tropicana Hotel Casino (AC) 1/2/2008 $120,820.89

Spin Joker Poker $0.05 Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa 1/7/2008 $82,595.36

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Four Bears Casino 1/9/2008 $101,273.83

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Santa Ana Star Casino 1/9/2008 $206,828.18

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel 1/9/2008 $101,583.85

Famous Games Four Winds Casino 1/11/2008 $910,469.78

Wheel of Fortune ® $0.25 MGM Grand Detroit LLC 1/14/2008 $1,367,715.74

Triple Play Draw Poker ® $0.25 Showboat Casino Hotel AC 1/14/2008 $109,022.01


New Models

Turbo-Charge Your Floor W

Bring the power and functionality of IGT’s new AVP ® models to your

casino. Based on customer input, these custom designed-fromthe-ground-up

models are built upon the technology of the AVP ®

TrimLine and AVP ® slant-top machines.

As the most full-featured line in the industry today, these models

provide state-of-the-art electronics, an enhanced player experience,

the best service and support available, and are ready for the arrival

of IGT’s sb technology.

For the ultimate player and operator experience: Fast-forward your

floor into the future with the new AVP ® models from IGTcoming

this Spring.

Machine Features You and Your Players Will Love

Imagine your casino floor installed with spinning reel and video

machines all featuring:

• Standardized electronics – for easier servicing

• Electronics ready for IGT sb Products – preparing you for

use of the open network and the future of gaming

• Support for dynamic buttons – for simple game conversions

• Designs based on ergonomic testing performed

on the combination of machine, stand and seat –

ensuring player comfort

• Interiors designed for quick, easy technician access

while at the same time offering high-level

machine security


ith Five New AVP ® Models


Video Models

New Models

G20 Game King ® AVP ® Widescreen Upright

• Clear 20-inch LCD monitor in the base game

• Sits in the same footprint as your existing 19

inch upright video machines

• Second 20-inch LCD in the top box

G22 Game King ® AVP ® Widescreen Slant-Top

• Exceptional 22-inch LCD monitor in the

base game

• Sits in the same footprint as your existing slanttop

video machines

G20 Game King ® AVP ® Widescreen Bar Top

• Beautiful 20-inch LCD monitor in the base game

• Sits in the same footprint as your existing bar

top machines

Spinning Reel Models

S3, S4 and S5 AVP ® Slots

• Spinning reel machines featuring the power of

AVP ® technology

• Available in 3-, 4- and 5-reel models

• New lighting and color contrast are easier on the

eyes – yet provide crystal clear contrast on the

glass and reel strips for increased player comfort

• Includes a 22-inch wide screen LCD in the

top box

SMLD AVP ® Virtual Reel Slots

• New multi-layer screen provides a crisp,

stunning display of both the reel glass and reels,

along with a 3-D representation of the reels


• Innovative dual-LCD display in the base game

• Makes game play appealing to both video and

spinning reel players

Table Game Products

DigiDeal ® DTS-V

Tables Updated

With SAS

New in the world of DigiDeal ® DTS-V

table games – six-connection SAS/

AFT. This feature makes it possible

to communicate player-tracking and

slot accounting information gathered

electronically from each of the six player

positions at the table. The six-connection

SAS/AFT also allows for individual patron

bonusing for each player, such as the

IGT Advantage Bonusing system.

Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus, Dragon Bacc

and Digital 21 games were slated for

testing by GLI in January and February.


New Games Ready for

M-P Series Hardware

The automated version of Roulette Revolution

(with roulette wheel) is ready for market. Golden

Baccarat will begin GLI testing in late February.

Two additional versions of Roulette Revolution

will also be released this spring. The first is a fully

virtual version of roulette that features all elements

of the game displayed at the slant player station and

the central display unit (CPU). The second is a live

version of roulette that has an actual dealer spinning

the ball at the wheel.

Table solutions made simple.

It’s an exciting time to be making decisions about the table games segment of

your business. But, there are so many choices and options to choose from. How do

you know what will be the right choice for today, and for where your property wants

to go for the future?

IGT can help make those decisions easy. We’ve developed the table technology

and solutions for today, as well as the flexibility and interoperability for the future,

from fully electronic games, to traditional felt options. Check out our lineup.

A completely different gaming experience.


Introducing the multi-player series of products – a whole new line

of fully electronic community-style games, designed to promote player

interaction. From our ergonomically designed machines, to the exclusive

new games, you’ve never seen anything like the M-P Series products.

Check out our Golden Baccarat and

Roulette Evolution TM

Color - white or light colored background


There’s nothing else like it.

© 2008 IGT. All rights reserved. DigiDeal ® , Dragon Bacc and Putting it all on the table are trademarks

of DigiDeal Corporation. M-P Series, Golden Baccarat, Roulette Evolution and Table iD are trademarks

or registered trademarks of IGT in the US and/or other countries.

Black & White


Series TM Series TM

Color - black or dark colored background

Our techno-charged combination of Table Manager, Chip Manager

and Game Manager Table take iDplayer, pit, chip, card, accounting and security

information to a whole new level. Manage your comps, streamline your

operations and deliver Bonuses that table players want.


Logo - Proper Presentation & Color Schemes




B&W- white or light colored background

Putting it all on the table.

B&W - black or dark colored background

Looking for easy-to-play, fun, fast and flexible electronic table

games? With three blackjack games, two Hold ‘Em games and

Mini-Baccarat, we have the full offering of unique hybrid games

that appeal to both traditional table

games players and slot players, too.

Stacked version

(use only when


Stacked B&W

(use only when


Contact your account executive today.



Alternate B&W line only version

(use only when necessary)

Distributed by IGT

IGT News

Jack Angelo:


The Service

Side Of Systems

“I love data,” says Jack Angelo, “Understanding data

pinpoints how we can improve our customer support and is

what we strive for everyday.” Jack Angelo is more than just

a connoisseur of data. As IGT’s Vice President of Systems

Customer Services, he has been charged with growing

and developing the consulting and managed services side

of the systems business. And that involves analyzing the

data customers have to help them grow their business and

manage their costs. “As we turn data into information, we

empower our consultants to do their jobs well – and having

information about our service delivery helps us anticipate

the future needs of our customers,” says Jack.

Jack’s main goals at IGT match the vision of where the

company is headed. He intends to expand the presence of

and develop the consulting and managed services areas

of the systems business. His style is inspired by flawless

execution, a concept and management technique that is

derived from fighter pilots. This is a simple, continuous

team building and performance improvement process that

is reliant on the people in the organization. Service is all

about the dedication, expertise, and the follow through of

the people that deliver the service. The consulting area of

the business will help operators look at how they can best

ready themselves for a server-based world, improve their

profitability, and optimize their use of our current products

and systems. The managed services area is new to the

industry and an opportunity for us to help our customers

run their systems more smoothly and with less downtime,

either onsite or remotely.

Secondly, he would like to integrate the teams more and

allow for services to be involved in the design process

alongside other groups like engineering and product

development, to better facilitate the customers’ needs into

the process. “I also believe there is a huge international

potential for this company,” he says. Jack believes the

global aspects of the business are where he can lend

valuable experience and insight.

Jack started his career in systems development with a

computer science degree and later became an integral

team member at NCR in the areas of consulting, services

management and product marketing. “As a developer I

became very interested in how customers’ accepted and

used what we built,” he says. “So I volunteered for field


assignments and ended up mainly in Europe gaining a real

understanding of customer focus.” Jack’s management

style led him to Dell Computers, where he helped build the

server division from the ground up to a $5 billion business

in less than five years. As the leader of their server support

group, “I learned at Dell that facts are our friends if we

use them to make decisions and not use them to play the

blame game. We need to be data-driven to continuously

improve ourselves and understand where the problems lie.

Fix those and then gauge customer satisfaction from that.”

“Perhaps one of the most productive things a customer

can do is tell us when they’re not happy,” he says. “This

gives us something specific to work on.” Jack believes that

from this learning experience, IGT will become the best

in the industry at serving our customers. This real value of

customer focus in services is to elevate the overall value

IGT brings to its customers. And, they will look to us for

total solutions from machines, to games, to systems.

“This industry is fast-paced and challenging and one of the

main reasons why I was excited about the opportunity,” he

says. “It is a chance to be a part of a changing industry.”

We’re looking forward to having Jack and his team go to

work with flawless execution.

On the nightstand:

“Pyramids” by Terry Pratchett

“Microsoft Sharepoint 2003” by Colin Spence and

Michael Noel

Last thing on TV:

“Heroes – Save the cheerleader; save the world”

In my other life…

“I’d be Angus MacGyver.”


“Travel and the arts. I’d like to be a part of the Reno

arts community.”

For fun:

“I fish when I can. In the mornings, I like to take time

to read non-technical blogs and occasionally update

my Facebook.”

Striving for Interoperability

The IGT Global Technology & Interoperability Center has

opened its doors to true industry-wide collaboration.

The $10 million, 6,500-square foot facility (with the

ability to expand to 10,000 square feet in later phases) is

located near IGT’s Reno, Nevada campus as a separate

facility. The Center is open to leading original equipment

manufactures (OEMs), strategic partners and

system integrators.

The key objective of the Center is to create an

environment to perform a number of systems tests

such as interoperability load, performance and stress

tests. The Center is also set-up to test the compatibility

of the Gaming Standards Association’s (GSA) protocolbased

products from other manufacturers in a secure,

private setting. This will increase customer satisfaction by

facilitating cooperation among manufacturers to produce

products that evolve with emerging technologies. In

addition, this collaborative approach will ensure that

the Center’s rigorous end-to-end systems testing is

conducted in an environment that closely emulates

customer sites with systems such as hotel management

or point-of-sale, so there are no surprises when products

are brought to market.

“Industry-wide efforts toward interoperability will benefit

all gaming manufacturers and ultimately, our casino

customers and their patrons by helping to ensure all

systems and games work together seamlessly,” says

Mohammad Entezari, IGT’s Director of Software Product

Assurance. “Being a part of Product Assurance, we saw

a few issues being discovered in the field due to lack of a

true life casino test environment or not having a number

of backend hotel system interfaces available to simulate

at IGT. Rather than discovering these issues at the time

of systems install or upgrade, we felt that a solution was

necessary if we were to show our commitment to the

open architecture concept.”

“We discussed the idea of the Center with IGT executives

about eight months ago,” Mohammad says. “We did

some research and discovered the advantages of

implementing a test facility similar to Microsoft and HP

interoperability test labs. We determined that such a

facility will give us the opportunity to be a true leader in

a proactive, collaborative approach to open standards.

This will benefit our customers because it allows more

streamlined work processes with GSA. It will also help

IGT bring products to market at a much faster pace by

instituting GSA certification process for IGT products at

this Center.”

The team has already gauged interest from the gaming

community and is excited about moving forward. In fact,

at this year’s G2E, IGT showcased interoperability of the

sb system with other manufacturers’ machines. Atronic

incorporated the IGT AVP ® technology within their

machine, Novomatic and WMS showcased the Service


IGT News

Window, and Paltronics streamed content through to

sb NexGen displays.

“I believe IGT has the solution to bring the industry together

at this facility and successfully test the interoperability of other

gaming manufacturers’ products alongside of IGT product lines

for our customers,” says Mohammad. “It’s the right thing

to do.”

“Global interoperability

means the industry is

working together in

support of the open

network architecture

with customer

satisfaction being their

highest priority.”

Mohammad Entezari, Director of

Software Product Assurance

IGT News

AVP ® Is The Right Technology And

The Perfect Platform

“A workhorse of a platform” said Mike Smith, Product

Manager of Platforms for IGT, about our AVP ® platform, “it’s

incredibly powerful and knocks the socks off of anything

else in the marketplace.”

As IGT embraces the future of gaming and server based

technology, we’re transitioning all of our machines to the

powerful and flexible Advanced Video Platform (AVP ® ).

IGT’s new MegaJackpots ® , slots, video slots,

Poker, Class II, Central Determination

Systems, and International games

will all be built on this strong, flexible

PC-based platform that will serve as

the portal for all server-based gaming

possibilities of the future. Our AVP ®

machines feature a portfolio of

capabilities that will give you the

ability to download games, system

and peripheral software using the

Ethernet, ending the days of swapping

out chips and glass to upgrade

your machines. In addition, AVP ®

technology provides the unmatched

horsepower to run the complex

content for games that include

expanded bonus and play options and

animation. Electronics Funds Transfer

(EFT), Advanced Funds Transfer

(AFT) and key to credit capabilities

(cashless, etc.) are also components

of AVP ® software.

The standard hardware found

in AVP ® technology is able to

support multi-monitor, ultrahigh

resolution LCD displays

in both standard and widescreen

formats. Other impressive features

of this PC-based application include

advanced graphics for more dynamic

game play, high performance digital

sound, 80+ GB of hard drive space,

and USB capabilities for easy

software installation, upgrades and


Making AVP ® the standardized platform across all IGT

product lines will benefit both casino operators and players

alike. The AVP ® processor will allow you to quickly and

seamlessly change and upgrade machines resulting in

labor and service savings. This hardware will give you the


ability to make instant changes to keep up with your player

demands and also keep up with changes in technology.

Players will enjoy an enhanced gaming experience through

better sounds and graphics as well as the ability to pick

from various games on one machine. And these benefits

for the player will result in increased play.

“The AVP ® technology was chosen because we put

it out in the field and it performed very

well. This is hardware you can trust and

it has a good dependability factor. It

also gives us the foundation to build

on for technology of the future,” said

Mike Smith, Product Manager of


The innovative AVP ® technology is

designed to co-exist seamlessly

with other manufacturer’s machines

and systems. Atronic and IGT

demonstrated the future of gaming’s

open network and interoperability

at this year’s Global Gaming Expo in

Las Vegas. Utilizing the AVP ® game

platform, Atronic and IGT unveiled

their partnership for a fully-integrated

solution for Atronic’s Server Assisted

Gaming (SAG). Atronic games

using AVP ® technology were

displayed at both the Atronic booth

and at the IGT booth.

This partnership is a move one

step closer toward providing casino

operators with a seamless solution

for server-assisted gaming. The codeveloped

solution is the first fully

integrated one of its kind, providing

operators with a mechanism to

deliver the complete suite of serverassisted

functionality to the casino


Said Steve Morro, COO of IGT. “Our

AVP ® platform and its integration in

Atronic’s cabinet, as well as in IGT’s new

cabinets, will provide the needed interoperability to drive

the new technology.”

To learn more about IGT’s AVP platform, visit

www.IGT.com/AVP or talk to your Account Executive.

IGT News

Blackjack with Guaranteed Play :

Attracting New Players from an Untapped Market

Millions of players want to play blackjack and either don’t

have enough money to truly enjoy the game or want more

action for their money. For example, a $50 bankroll can get

a player a good amount of slot play but that same amount

doesn’t last nearly as long at even a $5 minimum bet

blackjack table, assuming he can find one. But now, thanks

to Blackjack with Guaranteed Play and its innovative new

pricing model, all players can enjoy the pit’s most popular

table game at a price they can afford.

With Guaranteed Play, players purchase a guaranteed

amount of hands called a “session” for one set price

ensuring that players get what matters to them most

– value and time at the table. And, most importantly,

Blackjack with Guaranteed Play plays like every other

blackjack game in the casino with the same rules, cards,

dealers and odds. The only difference is the significant

increase in play guests enjoy when they purchase a

Guaranteed Play session. Typically, a 30-hand session

allows players to game for about 30 minutes which is much

more than they would normally receive betting hand-byhand.

Initial trials show impressive results in two untapped

markets: new players and current players who want to bet

at higher levels. New players are excited about finally being

able to sit down at a blackjack table without the worry of

losing too much money as they learn the game and current

players are finally able to play at higher denominations,

making them feel more like a high roller. Both groups know

in advance that their gaming dollar value is maximized and

they will never lose more than their buy-in.

Operators also benefit from Blackjack with Guaranteed

Play because when a player purchases a session, it

improves the economics of the game. When a player prepays,

he has to win his full initial investment back from the

casino over the course of the session which may or may

not happen. With traditional hand-for-hand play, the casino

has to win the player’s budget one hand at a time. This

one small change makes a big impact. Guaranteed Play

sessions increase house advantage by almost three times

over traditional play blackjack and dramatically increases

table game win per hour.

Better still, non-table game players can now learn how

to play blackjack relatively risk free since they are paying

as little as $20 to play a short, introductory session. By

marketing to this totally new market – the small budget

customer – the casino not only engages an untapped

market but begins to dynamically grow an otherwise

stagnate section of the gaming population with a highly

profitable product.

Success at Sea

Blackjack with Guaranteed Play is currently live on

Norwegian Cruise Lines and experiencing great success.

“Our customers are very drawn to the game and we


IGT News

get more gaming value for their dollar,” said John

McLoughlin, Casino Manager for the Norwegian Pearl.

“Walker Digital Gaming’s expertise and innovations

have been important in helping NCL launch the product


The Next Stage

Blackjack with Guaranteed Play has been submitted to

Nevada and GLI for regulatory approval.

Operators implementing the Guaranteed Play option will

find it simple and inexpensive. No new tables or technology

are required! Casinos use their existing felt tables, live

dealers, and cards plus a special set of Guaranteed Play

table chips. Casinos can offer the option on select tables

and during off-peak times to trial the concept and gradually

educate their players. Importantly, sessions of Blackjack

with Guaranteed Play can be pre-sold with quantity

and time restrictions that allow casinos to create highly

specific, revenue increasing property packages.

Blackjack with Guaranteed Play is the right choice for

casinos who want to offer a lot more action for a lot less

money and make an impressive profit while doing it.

For more information, contact Stephen Moore, Senior

Vice President of Consumer Marketing for Walker Digital

Gaming at 203-461-7250.

Basic Rules Of Blackjack with

Guaranteed Play



Each player receives 30 Play Tokens to start a session. Each hand requires the

placement of one Play Token. Double-downs and splits require the placement of an

additional Play Token.

Each player receives a starting balance of non-cashable Guaranteed Play chips,

which are used for all bets.

Price Min Bet Max Bet Starting Balance

$20 $1 $5 $50

$40 $5 $10 $100

$100 $10 $30 $250

$300 $50 $100 $1,000

$500 $100 $200 $2,000

3. The session ends when the player runs out of Play Tokens. Then, the player and

dealer “settle-up” and the player is paid for chips in excess of his starting balance.

The player owes nothing if his session ends with a chip count below his starting


Strategy twist! A player may risk two Play Tokens instead of one for the chance to keep

both tokens with a win or push.


Multi-Strike ®

Games Are

Straight From

The Leading


The guys at Leading Edge Design are responsible for

some of the most creative game concepts in

the industry.


IGT News

On July 11, 2000 IGT and Leading Edge Design began their

partnership to create new and exciting casino games based

around the Multi-Strike ® gaming concept. Led by brothers

Larry and Steven DeMar, the Leading Edge Design team

has helped IGT take video poker and video slots to a whole

new level of excitement. The successful joint venture

between IGT and Leading Edge Design has resulted in

some truly unique and exciting games. “Leading Edge

Design is an outside game development company that

works exclusively with IGT by choice,” Steven explained.

He continued to say, “IGT is such a good partner that we

don’t want to do business with anyone else.”

Since the partnership began, a number of games have

been developed

including Cash

King Checkers ® ,

Multi-Strike Poker ® ,

Bunco Night ® , Big

Split Poker ® , Gems

Wild-Tiles ® and Elvis ®

Multi-Strike ® . Of these

games, Multi-Strike Poker ®

was the biggest success and received numerous awards

including being named among the Top 20 Most Innovative

Gaming Products by Casino Journal in 2002, awarded Best

Slot Product at the Global Gaming Expo in September of

2003, and at the American Gaming Summit Multi-Strike

Poker ® was awarded the Most Innovative Gaming Product

for 2003. The crossover from video poker to video slots of

the Multi-Strike ® concept began with Elvis ® Multi-Strike ® ,

and the future of this gaming concept seems limitless.

History of Leading Edge Design

In October 1999 when Williams Gaming decided to close

their pinball division Larry DeMar realized that the timing

was perfect to start his own company. As he put it, he was

able to build his “dream team” that included his brother,

Steven DeMar, and two co-workers from Williams, Duncan

Brown and Scott Slomiany. Based in Chicago, Leading

Edge Design was up and running within a week. Today all

four are still working together and the group has grown

to include Mark Molitor and Bill Grupp as well. With their

team in place they set off to create new, innovative and

unique gaming concepts for the casino industry.

Larry, Scott and Duncan together have nearly 40 years

of collective experience in the pinball and video game

industry. Starting out with a vision to make all kinds of

different casino games, Larry, Steven and their team

combined their expertise to create exciting, suspenseful

and goal-orientated slot games. Larry is a self proclaimed

“techie and mad game designer,” while Steven is the

“level-headed, people-person” who is more businessfocused.

And this works well because Larry is happy to

IGT News

be in the back designing and creating games while

Steven is out in front handling customers and business

development. And the team that they work with at

Leading Edge Design is instrumental in the success behind

their games and concepts.

Multi-Strike ® Gaming Concept

Larry credits Leading Edge Design team member Scott

Slomiany as the “genius” behind the Multi-Strike ® idea.

The Multi-Strike ® gaming concept builds excitement for

players as each successful play propels the action to a

higher level and bigger wins. The patented Multi-Strike ®

architecture creates multi-level excitement that works as

well with video reel themes as it does with video poker

games. Every Multi-Strike ® game offers heart pounding

excitement in a high volatility gaming experience.

All Multi-Strike ® games feature the Ladder to Riches

game play, which gives players the opportunity to wager

on sequential events of the base game. With a win on

the first “rung” or level, the player moves up to the next

stage where the base game is played again for at least

double the paytable values. Each win brings the player to a

higher level, and a larger multiple of the base paytable. And

every Multi-Strike ® game features a random “Free Ride”

where players advance up the ladder to the next level even

without a winning hand.


All Multi-Strike ® video poker games use a standard

paytable for the initial hand, and it’s up to the player to

choose how many levels to play before the Multi-Strike ®

game sequence begins. Any winning hand on the first

level pays from the standard paytable and then moves the

poker game to the next level where a new hand is dealt

and paytable values are doubled. Successive wins move

the game up and up, paying increasingly larger rewards

(4X, 8X and higher). For example the new Multi-Strike ®

Super Times Pay Poker game combines two very popular

and very volatile video poker themes for one of the most

exciting gaming experiences around.

The Multi-Strike Poker ® Progressive concept was

introduced in 2005 in the standard Multi-Strike Poker ®

game. This progressive works with the IGT progressive

controller (IPC), other industry standard controllers and

also as a stand-alone progressive. In the new Multi-Strike

Poker Deluxe video poker game there are five possible

progressive levels that lead to even larger jackpots.

Multi-Strike ® video reel games feature 3 or 4 levels of fun


IGT News

gaming action. Once a player has a win on the first level,

a second screen then zooms out for another round of play

with a multiplied paytable.

New Games

Two new games are on the horizon for release, Multi-Strike

Poker Deluxe and Multi-Strike ® Triple Diamond ® Video

Slots. Multi-Strike Poker Deluxe will feature five games

in one box including Big Split Poker ® , standard Multi-Strike

Poker ® and three new variations of the standard Multi-

Strike Poker ® . One of the new variations is the Multi-Strike

Poker ® 16x game, and according to Larry this game is a

“wild ride” for players, with huge volatility.

The new Multi-Strike ® Triple Diamond ® Video Slot game

optimizes the Multi-Strike ® video slot concept. This

new video slot game has 4-levels of Multi-Strike ® action

combined with the proven Triple Diamond ® theme. Multi-

Strike ® Triple Diamond ® features 100 lines for higher coin-in,

a free spins bonus, the thrilling top box wheel and high

volatility for truly exciting game play.

The top box wheel provides players with multipliers of

up to 100x. A wild symbol on the payline will win the

player 3x the line pay and two Triple Diamond ® symbols

on the payline results in an extraordinary 9x multiplier.

And sticking to the Multi-Strike ® concept, the multipliers

increase with wins on each level and are combined with

Triple Diamond ® multipliers to a maximum multiplier of

1080 times the line win. The Multi-Strike ® Free Ride

feature automatically takes the player to the next level and

also increases the multiplier.

Over the next two years, the Multi-Strike ® team plans to

continue designing and releasing more thrilling games. As

Leading Edge Design and IGT look to the future they hope

to continue to push the boundaries of the casino gaming

experience and create truly unique games that players keep

coming back to play.

Multi-Strike ® Video Poker Games

• Multi-Strike Poker ®

• 5-Play Multi-Strike Poker ®

• WPT ® Multi-Strike ® Super Video Hold ‘em

• Multi-Strike ® Super Times Pay Poker

• Multi-Strike Poker Deluxe (coming in early 2008 and containing the

following – Refer to page 22 for more information.) :

– Multi-Strike Poker ®

– Multi-Strike Poker ® 16X

– Multi-Strike ® Double Down Stud ®

– Multi-Strike ® Big Pick

– Big Split Poker ®

Multi-Strike ® Video Slots

• Elvis ® Multi-Strike ®

• Multi-Strike ® Triple Diamond ® (coming in early 2008) – Refer to page

43 for more information

• Multi-Strike ® Triple Double Red Hot 7s (coming in mid 2008)

IGT News

IGT Products Receive IGWB Awards

Wheel of Fortune ® Super Spin

Now In Macau

The first Wheel of Fortune ® Super Spin games in

Macau went live at The Sands Casino and The Venetian

Macau Resort Hotel on December 14 th . Players were

treated to promotional

giveaways at simultaneous

events at both casinos.

The installation of these

games is further proof

that the Wheel of Fortune ®

Super Spin game is a truly

international brand. The big

design makes players feel like they’re on the game show

set, even thousands of miles from the United States.

Players can’t help but notice these games on any floor.

Contact your IGT Account Executive for information about

the Wheel of Fortune ® Super Spin game and the

various base games that are available.


IGT’s Major Jackpots Wide Area Progressive

link and Extra Chance play feature received

International Gaming & Wagering Business

(IGWB) magazine’s “Top International Gaming

Products” award for 2007. The awards, given at

the International Casino Exhibition (ICE) show in

January, celebrate the best gaming technology and

products offered outside North America.

The Major Jackpots Wide Area Progressive link

offers a combination of standalone and linked

progressives on the same game bank. The Extra

Chance play feature is currently offered as a side

bet on three 20-payline video slots, Blue Moon II

Extra Chance, Jewel of Arabia ® Extra Chance

and Extra Chance Jetsetter Sydney.

Contact your IGT Account Executive for information

about product availability in your area. These

products are not available in any of the US Domestic


IGT Sweeps Gaming And

Technology Awards

IGT has been honored with two of the three first-place

Gaming & Technology Awards in the fifth annual industrywide

competition. EZ Pay ® Smart Card took first place for

“Best Consumer Service Technology,” and the sb Floor

Manager captured the top spot in the “Best Productivity-

Enhancement Technology” category.

IGT also placed second in the “Best Slot Product” competition

for the Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade Video

Slot featuring the new Multi-Layer Display LCD technology

from PureDepth, Inc.

Products from multiple manufacturers were viewed and

judged at the 2007 Global Gaming Expo by four independent

judges not affiliated with casinos or gaming manufacturers.

The Gaming & Technology Awards “recognize

and encourage innovation in the rapidly changing casino


© 2008 IGT. All rights reserved.

Cyber-shot is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Corporation of America in the United States and/or other


“DigiDeal,” “Dragon Bacc,” “Digital 21” and logo are trademarks and or registered trademarks of DigiDeal, Inc.

eBay is a trademark of eBay Inc. and is used under license.

Elvis, Elvis Presley are registered trademarks with USPTO © Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Guaranteed Play, Guaranteed Play Poker and design, and Walker Digital Gaming are trademarks of Walker Digital

Gaming, LLC.

“Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” © 2008 Lucasfilm Ltd. & All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization

“Jeopardy!” is a registered trademark of Jeopardy Productions, Inc. “Jeopardy!” ©2008 Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

“The Joker’s Wild” is a Trademark of Columbia TriStar Television, Inc. “The Joker’s Wild” TM & © 2008 Columbia TriStar

Television, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Price Is Right is a registered trademark of FremantleMedia Operations B.V. Based on the FremantleMedia TV program

“The Price Is Right.” Licensed by FremantleMedia Licensing Worldwide. www.fremantlemedia.com

PureDepth and MLD are trademarks of PureDepth, Inc.

“Random Rewards” is a trademark of Gaming Enhancements, Inc.

SAG is a trademark or registered trademark of Atronic International GmbH in the US and/or other countries.

The Terminator ® & © 2008 StudioCanal Image S.A. All Rights Reserved. The Terminator is a registered trademark of

StudioCanal Image S.A.

“Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus” is a trademark of Shuffle Master, Inc.

“Wheel of Fortune” is a registered trademark of, and “Wheel of Fortune Special Edition” is a trademark of, Califon

Productions, Inc. “Wheel of Fortune” © 2008 Califon Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2008 WPT Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. WPT, World Poker Tour, and Spade Card Design are trademarks of

WPT Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Multi-Strike Poker, Big Split Poker, Black Magic, Blue Moon II, Bonus Poker, Bunco Night, Cash King Checkers,

Chinese Treasure, Cleopatra, Da Vinci Diamonds, Desert Spirit, Diamond Jackpots, Double Diamond, Double Down

Stud, Double Four Times Pay Wild 4 Wild, Double Gold, Double Times Pay 3X4X5X, Dragonfly, Eastern Sun, Extra

Chance, EZ Pay, Fame and Fortune, Fire Opals, Five Play, Game King, Gems Wild-Tiles, Golden Baccarat, Golden

Tiger Eternal Dragon, Grand Monarch, Hexbreaker 2, Hot Top Dollar, IGT Advantage, IGT Mariposa, Jetsetter Sydney,

Jewel of Arabia, Lady of the Lake, Lil’ Lady, Lion Dance, Lotus Flower, Major Jackpots, Mayan Riches, Megabucks,

MegaJackpots, M-P Series, Multi-Strike, Multi-Strike Poker, Multi-Strike Poker Deluxe, MultiWay, MultiWay Xtra,

Multi-Win, Mystical Princess, Phoenix Gold, Quick Quads Poker, Red Hot Jackpots, Red Lions, Red White & Blue,

Reel Depth, Rembrandt Riches, Roulette Revolution, S2000, sb, sb NexGen, Sizzling 7, Slot Line, Stacked Wilds, Super

Spin, Super Times Pay, Super Times Pay Poker, Super Triple Play, Super Wild, Table iD, Ten Play, Tibetan Treasures, Top

Dollar, Top Dollar Deluxe, Treasure of the Incas, Treasures of Troy, Triple Butterfly Sevens, Triple Diamond, Triple Dollars,

Triple Double Diamond, Triple Double Red Hot 7s, Triple Double Stars, Triple Fortune Dragon, Triple Play, Triple Red Hot

7s, Tumbling Reels, Valhalla, Video Hold ‘Em, Wheel of Gold, Wheel Poker, White Orchid, Wild Cherry, Wild Riches,

Wild Wolf, and Wolf Run are trademarks or registered trademarks of IGT in the US and/or other countries.

Raised by Wolves.

Lil’ Lady, Lion Dance, Mayan Riches and Desert Spirit are the latest video slots to join

the successful Wolf Run ® math model family.

Designed for the AVP ® platform, these 5-reel, 40-payline, 400-credit

games are off the charts with players. Each game has a unique theme,

exciting stacked wilds, a retriggering free games bonus and attentiongetting


Give your players the games that are a proven runaway success.

©2008 IGT. All rights reserved.

AVP, Desert Spirit, Lil’ Lady, Lion Dance, Mayan Riches and Wolf Run are all trademarks or registered trademarks of IGT in the US and/or other countries.

The Right Vision.

Right now & for the future.

Contact your Account Executive today.

702.669.7777 www.IGT.com

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