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HP-507_OM.pdf - Roland

Adjusting the Metronome’s Volume

1. While holding down the [Metronome] button,

press the [–] [+] buttons .

The display will indicate the metronome’s volume.

Screen Value Explanation


(default: 5)

Adding a Count-in to Synchronize Your Performance


When the volume of the metronome is set to “0,” the metronome won’t sound, but the [Metronome] button

will blink.

A series of sounds rhythmically played to indicate the tempo before a song starts is called a “count-in.”

If you sound a count-in, it will be easier for you to synchronize your own performance to the tempo of the playback.

1. Press the [Metronome] button .

The metronome will sound.

2. Press the [ ] (Play/Stop)

1 2

button .

A two-measure count sound will be produced before the song starts playing.



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