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HP-507_OM.pdf - Roland


Practicing with a Song

You can practice by playing along with a song.

Selecting and Playing a Song

Here’s how to listen to the built-in songs. The HP507 provides over 195 built-in piano songs.

You can also play back songs stored on a separately sold USB flash drive.

1. Press the [Song] button .

2. While holding down the [Song] button,

use the [–] [+] buttons to select the

category .


Tempo Time signature Measure

3. Use the [–] [+] buttons to select a song .

Song Name

Category Explanation

USB Songs saved on the USB flash drive

FAVORITE Songs saved in Favorite (internal memory)


Piano Masterpieces



Songs built into the HP507

Various tunes




Use the following operations to select a song from a folder.

• To move to a different folder, use the [–] [+] buttons to select that folder, and then press the [ ] (Play/Stop) button.

• To select a song within a folder, use the [–] [+] buttons.

• To exit a folder, use the [–] button to select “(Up),” and then press the [ ] (Play/Stop) button.

* If one folder contains more than 500 files or folder, some of the files or folders might not be displayed.

4. Press the [ ] (Play/Stop) button .

When the song has played to its end, playback will stop.

To pause the playback, press the [ ] (Play/Stop) button once again.

The next time you press the [ ] (Play/Stop) button, playback will resume from where you paused.

Button operations


[ ] (Reset) button Returns you to the beginning of the song.

[ ] (Play/Stop) button

Plays/stops the song.

Starts/stops recording.

[ ] (Rec) button Enter recording – standby mode.

[ ] (Bwd) button Rewinds the song.

[ ] (Fwd) button Fast-forwards the song.

Song formats that can be played by the HP507

The HP507 can play back data in the following formats.

• SMF formats 0/1

Roland Piano Digital format (i-format)

• Audio files: WAV format, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear

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