HP-507_OM.pdf - Roland


HP-507_OM.pdf - Roland

Caution when initializing the memory

• Never turn off the power while “Executing...” is shown in the


• If the screen indicates “Error,” please refer to “Error Messages”

(p. 63).

• Initializing the HP507’s Favorite will not initialize settings

other than the contents of Favorite. If you want to return

settings other than the contents of Favorite to their factoryset

condition, execute the Factory Reset operation (p. 45).

• Don’t disconnect the USB flash drive until USB flash drive

initialization has been completed.

Convenient Functions

Disabling the Buttons (Panel Lock)

When you activate Panel Lock, all buttons will be disabled.

This prevents the tones or settings from being changed if you

inadvertently press a button.

1. Hold down the [AB Repeat] button until the upper right of

the display shows a “ ” symbol .

Panel Lock will be activated.

All button operations will be disabled.

2. To cancel Panel Lock, once again hold down the [AB

Repeat] button for a while .

Panel Lock will also be cancelled when you turn off the power.

* If you activate Panel Lock while a song is playing, playback will


* You can’t active Panel Lock during recording, while in Function

mode (p. 48), or during Tone Demo (p. 18).


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