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HP-507_OM.pdf - Roland


&& Look What You Can Do!

&Practice &


e&Sound a metronome

You can sound a metronome.

&Record &


e&Record your performances

You can record your own playing.

&Play & the Piano

e&Play various sounds

The HP507 contains a wide variety of tones (sounds).

You can freely select and perform using these tones.

e&Play two layered tones

You can layer two tones on a single key.

e&Use your computer to create a CD of a song you recorded

A song you’ve recorded can be copied to your computer, and written to a CD.

e&Play different tones with your left and right hands

You can divide the keyboard into left and right zones, and select a different tone for each zone.

e&Play duets

e&Practice along with the built-in songs

The HP507 contains numerous built-in songs.

For the song titles, refer to “Internal Song List” (p. 58).

e&Practice each hand separately

You can divide the keyboard into left and right halves, playing it as though it were two pianos.

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You can practice along with a song while listening to only the right-hand or left-hand

part play back.

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&&Environmentally Friendly Energy-Efficient Design

e&The power will turn off after a specified time has elapsed

When thirty minutes have elapsed since you last played or operated the HP507, the power will turn off automatically.

* If you don’t want the power to turn off automatically, change the “Auto Off” setting (p. 44).

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