2015 Games Questionnaire.indd - Special Olympics


2015 Games Questionnaire.indd - Special Olympics

2015 Special Olympics World Games

Host City/Country

Bid Questionnaire

Special Olympics World Summer Games

Special Olympics World Games are one of the most powerful

venues for communicating to the world the abilities and

gifts of people with intellectual disabilities. Every two years,

the World Games are broadcast to hundreds of millions of

viewers in the host countries and across the globe. The Special

Olympics World Games are world-class sporting events

featuring intense competition and inspiring performances

by athletes. Equally important, the World Games act as a

catalyst for growth in Special Olympics sports programs

in communities around the world and promote awareness

among leaders of all levels of society.

Past World Games have left an indelible mark on the host

nation. Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu, said one of the

greatest transformational events for the people of China in

recent years was the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer

Games in Shanghai. Irish President Mary McAleese echoed

this sentiment when she proclaimed that only Ireland’s

independence had more of a social impact on the people of

Ireland than the 2003 Special Olympics World Games.

The next Special Olympics World Summer Games will be

hosted by Greece and conducted in the same Olympic venues

used during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. These

Games will be the biggest sporting event in the world in

2011, attracting more than 7,500 athletes from 180 countries

who will demonstrate their skill and determination on the

field of play in 22 sports.

With all World Games, Special Olympics considers the

potential the Games have to further the mission of Special

Olympics worldwide while creating lasting reminders of the

human gifts that were celebrated at the Games. As we look to

future World Games, we look for alignment with the Special

Olympics movement’s strategic priorities as described below:

• Athlete Experience:

Special Olympics athletes are to be the center of

focus and efforts at all World Games. The athlete

experience embodies Special Olympics aspirations to

meet the urgent needs of growth and quality globally.

• Building Communities:

World Games should be an example of how best

to build inclusive communities around the world,

engage new generations, bring hope to families

and promote holistic policy adoption through the

catalytic power of Special Olympics.

• Fan Engagement:

Facilitate thoughtful, committed and diversified

engagements of individuals and corporations,

foundations, civic and service organizations, and

government agencies from the local to the global

levels aimed at increasing operating funding and

support for Special Olympics movement-wide.

• Movement Leadership: Athletes, communities of

coaches, volunteers, families, partners and fans shape

what we collectively refer as the Special Olympics

Movement. The success of World Games is largely

dependent on the organizers ability to enlist the

right combination of support from key government,

corporate, philanthropic and community leaders.

• Sustainable Capabilities: There are several

critical areas that will help shape the future success of

the Movement globally and ensure its sustainability.

The continued development and refinement of

systems and standards for operational excellence and

efficiency at World Games will lead to future games

and competitions delivering the highest quality

experience for all athletes.


• 7,000 Athletes

• 23 Sports & MATP

• 1750 Coaches

• 165 Delegations

• Aquatics

• Athletics

• Artistic Gymnastics

• Basketball

• Badminton

• Bocce

• Bowling

• Cycling



• Equestrian

• Football (Soccer)

• Golf

• Judo

• Rhythmic Gymnastics

• Powerlifting

• Roller Skating

• Sailing

• 40,000 Volunteers

• 3,500 Event Officials

• 4,000 Honored Guests

• 12,000 Family Members


Th e aim of the World Games Bid Questionnaire is to provide Special Olympics with an overview of your project to host the

Special Olympics World Games and to determine whether this corresponds to the needs of the Special Olympics Movement.

We draw your attention to the fact that SOI reserves the right to send experts to your city to further discuss certain areas. We

would be grateful if you would ensure that they have access to any information they might require.

Th e following pages off er cities and countries interested in bidding for the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games

a series of questions to be answered. Each questionnaire will be thoroughly reviewed by the World Games Site Selection

Committee of the Special Olympics International Board of Directors.

We look forward to initiating discussions with you as together we pursue your interest in hosting the largest sporting and

humanitarian event in the world in 2015 – the Special Olympics World Summer Games.


• Softball

• Table Tennis

• Handball

• Tennis

• Volleyball

• Selected Demonstration Sports


1. Motivation and Concept

2. Political and Public Support

3. Sports Infrastructure

4. Infrastructure and Logistics

5. Major Event Experience

6. Financing

7. Media

8. Legacy



Bid Questionnaire

What are your principal motivation and objectives for wanting to host the Special Olympics Games?


Why your country/city, and what does your bid offer Special Olympics?


What are your proposed dates for hosting the Games?


Government Support:

2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games

What is the status of support for your bid by national, regional, local government and city authorities?

Legal Aspects:

Are there any legal obstacles to organizing the Special Olympics Games in your country?

Do you envision the implementation of new laws to facilitate the organization of the Special Olympics World Games?

Are there any existing laws in relation to services and well-being of people with intellectual disabilities?

Public Opinion:

What is the general public opinion towards hosting the Special Olympics World Games?

Has there been any attitude studies relating to acceptance and perception of people with intellectual disabilities within your country?

Special Olympics:

Is the bid supported by your Special Olympics National Program? Yes ____No_____

If so, please explain involvement.


Please list and describe the sports venues to be used.

Provide a map outlining the distance between proposed venues.


Provide a map of existing infrastructure to support the World Games (airport, rail, motorway, subway, and public transport systems).

Provide listing of hotels and accommodation plans for the Games.


What experience have you had hosting major sports events and multi-sports events?

Please list a maximum of ten relevant events over the last ten years indicating dates.

Has the proposed city ever hosted a Special Olympics event? If so, what event and when?


Bid Budget:

What financial commitments have you obtained or expected to obtain from your national, regional, or local government and city


Beyond government what revenue sources do you anticipate to fund the Games?

How will you provide a financial guarantee against loss for the Games? Please detail who would be the guarantor?


What media commitments do you have in support of the Games?

How would you drive media participation and support for the Games outside of your country?


Please list the bid leadership committee and brief profile of each individual.


How would hosting the Games drive Special Olympics growth and impact?




How would hosting the Games support Special Olympics global priorities as outlined on page 2?

Athlete Experience:

Building Communities:

Movement Leadership:

Sustainable Capabilities:


Special Olympics’ vision is to transform communities by inspiring people throughout the world to open their minds, accept and include

people with intellectual disabilities and thereby celebrate the similarities common to all people. How would Games in your city or

country advance this vision?

How would you define success for the 2015 Games should they be awarded to your city and/or country?

Are there any possible prohibiting factors that would influence your bidding for the 2015 World Games?

Should you have any questions or request for additional information,

please contact:

Peter Wheeler

Chief, Strategic Properties

Special Olympics International


Please, submit the questionnaire to pwheeler@specialolympics.org by 1 November 2010

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