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with permanently attached FCs


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32 allows installation within seconds



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offer continuous temperature monitoring


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offers high resolution and improved brightness


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in IP67 enclosures, with four discrete I/Os


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November 2007 - Volume 33




PP. 6-14


PP. 18-23


Industry News . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Special focus:

Vision & Imaging . . . . . . 6 - 14

Motors & Drives . . . . . . 18 - 23

Literature Reviews . . . . . . . . 16

Calendar of Events . . . . . . . 42

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Technology in Action . . . . . . 43

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SAATCHI & SAATCHI - Getty Images / K.Steele.


Our yearlong partnership with the

automation industry proves that reliability

is key. Robot producers, assembly line

integrators, producers of welding clamps,

among others, have been working with

high quality Nexans cables for years

now. Robot cables, bus cables, chain

cables and sensor cables, all from one

source. From design to installation we

accompany you: from engineering and

design to on-site logistics services. Safe,

superior solutions for industry automation

is what we stand for. With Nexans’

cables, your customers will acknowledge

your reliability.

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Flow under control

The key points for monitoring and

measuring fluid media: HSW flow

switches and flow transmitters.

High quality and dependable.

Solutions for reliable control and

monitoring of heat exchangers,

compressors, turbines, welding

devices, furnace systems, X-ray

appliances and many more.

We would be pleased to give

you a presentation of other

products and individual solutions –

simply get in touch with us!


Your competent partner for

high-quality instruments

for flow measurement and



Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH

P.O. Box 4259

78507 Tuttlingen

Keltenstrasse 1

78532 Tuttlingen


Phone: +49 (0) 74 62/94 69-25

Fax: +49 (0) 74 62/94 69-13

At the core of performance

Global expert in cables

and cabling systems

Operator Panels

for applications with limited space

Exter K10m and Exter K20m

panels have a keypad interface

and a monochrome display.

These panels are suitable

for applications where

machine and process parameters

needs to be viewed

and set. Parameter settings

are facilitated by the numerical keypad, and the six function

keys can be programmed to represent the most frequently

used commands. They have an IP66-rated front

and built-in support for alarm-handling, multilanguage

and recipe management. Communication ports for

RS232/422/485 are also built-in. As an extra bonus for

a small panel like this, you also benefit from an optional

Ethernet connection. This option is suitable when using

the panels in Ethernet-based control and motion systems.

The panels are equipped with monochrome FSTN

displays. They offer a resolution of 160x32 pixels and

240x64 pixels, which enables the use of for instance Asian

and Russian characters. The displays also have dimmable

backlight so that they easily can be optimized for

the surrounding light conditions.


Tel. +46-40-358600 • Fax +46-40-932301

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Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks

for wire sizes from 6 to 95mm 2

The 285 Series railmounted


blocks accept all

types of wires from

6mm 2 to 95mm 2 .

The three versions

of the blocks are

suitable for applications

with rated currents up to 232A. These terminal

blocks are suitable for side entry wiring and even larger

cables, which are flexible to a limited degree, can be

connected without a problem. A special feature makes

it even easier: The clamps can be adjusted using one button

in an open condition. Therefore, the user can use

both hands to insert the wires into the clamping position;

at 95mm 2 , a real labour saving enhancement. All

that is required to open the clamping mechanism of the

terminal blocks is a standard hex wrench or a screwdriver

when using the smallest version of the terminal

block. A voltage tap is available that can be fitted into

the jumper contact slot. Using this, the supply voltage

for L.V. and service connections can be tapped

without the need for any additional terminal blocks.


Tel. +49-571-8870 • Fax +49-571-887169

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Measurement Transmitter

current or voltage to Modbus RS485

The SIAi-8 DIN is a rail mounting,

8 inputs, current or voltage

to Modbus RS485 transmitter.

This module can be

used as part of larger systems

where you can to integrate

a remote e.g. temperature,

pressure, level, flow, humidity

or any other measurements.

The module is used

to measuring values from 8

analogue inputs via the RS-485

connection. It finds application

in distributed control

and visualization systems.

Standard functions of Modbus

transmission allow changing

of device address or detect its type. All the functions,

available via the RS-485, can be implemented from

any typical visualization software or from operator

panel. It features galvanic separation of the analogue

inputs from the module supply voltages. Input signals

are connected by means of the socket-plug connectors.


Tel. +48-58-7620777 • Fax +48-58-7620707

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Siemens opens new plant for large gears…

Siemens Automation

and Drives

(A&D) has expanded

assembly capacity

for large

gears at its

Friedrichsfeld site.

Gears for marine drives and the cement industry,

and extruder gears for the plastics industry

will be manufactured here in future in an

area covering approximately 6,900m 2 . Following

completion, roller grinding mills will be produced

here for the cement or minerals industry

with rated load torques up to 4,500,000 Nm.

The plant will also produce twin-shaft extruder

gears with shaft clearances of approx.

300mm and a performance of up to 20,000 kW.

In addition to these gears, twin-motor drives

for the marine sector with 16,000 kW transmitted

power per drive shaft will also be produced

in the new hall at Friedrichsfeld.

…while Harting new facility in China

Harting Technology

Group inaugurated

new production

facility in

Zhuhai, China on

October 19, 2007.

Production is already

running at full speed. The investment of

12 million Euro in this first expansion stage is

management's response to rising demand in the

Asia Pacific markets. The production facilities

cover some 20,000m 2 . A total of 250 employees

turn out a broad product range. These

tried and tested products serve markets in

telecommunication, traffic and transport, machine

construction and the energy industries.

The company produces the tools and machines

deployed in manufacturing at its headquarters

in Germany.

SCS for the first time in Lyon

Lyon will be hosting SCS for the first time.

This is the new trade show on industrial performance

technologies: energy, automation and

transmission/mechatronics. From November

13 to 16, 2007, the 15,000 visitors will be looking

for an answer to their specific requirements

among the offer of Systems, Components

and Solutions for industry and large infrastructures,

presented by the 300 exhibitors

at Lyon Eurexpo.

SPS/IPC/DRIVES as ususal in Nuremberg

More and more novelties and outstanding

products will be presented during SPS/IPC/DRI-

VES in Nuremberg. From 27 – 29 November 2007

more than 1,200 exhibitors will present their

products there, of which more than 200 companies

will be from abroad - 19% (2006: 17%)

of the total number of exhibitors. This year a

space of more than 80,000m 2 in ten exhibition

halls will be occupied, which is another 2,500m 2

more compared to 2006. For the first time

hall 2 and hall 4 of the Nuremberg exhibition

ground will be opened as well.

Sartorius sells bearings business to Smiths

Sartorius signed an agreement with the British

technology group Smiths to sell German-based

Sartorius Bearing Technology to this Group. According

to the agreement, the Smiths Group

will retroactively purchase all of the shares in

the hydrodynamic bearing company. The purchase

price is approx. 20 million Euros. Sartorius'

unit is to be integrated into the John

Crane business of Smiths, which focuses on

the design and manufacture of seals. John

Crane will take on all 100 employees.

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Complete and integrated automation solutions.

Issue N°11 • November 2007 3

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Air Bearing Positioning Solutions

for Every Application

Miniature Air-Bearing Stages

Highest performance miniature airbearing

stages - travel to 150 mm

Fully preloaded for ultra high precision

alignment and assembly

Linear encoder feedback provides 2

nm resolution (62 picometre resolution

with the Automation 3200)

Direct-drive brushless linear servomotor

Air-Bearing, Direct-Drive Rotary Stages

Exceptional error motion and wobble


Direct-drive slotless brushless

servomotor for outstanding velocity

and in-position stability

Direct coupled, high accuracy rotary encoder

provides resolution to 0.036 arc-sec

Low profile, planar design

Long Travel Air-Bearing Stages

Fully preloaded air-bearing

Ultra-smooth design for outstanding

velocity stability

Travel range to 1.2 metre

Linear encoder or laser

interferometer feedback

Complete noncontact design

Active air preload on all air-bearing


Integrated XY subsystems including

granite base

Linear encoder or laser

interferometer feedback - travel

range to 1 metre

High stiffness for heavy loads and excellent

geometrical performance

Fully preloaded air bearings

for ultra smooth motion

Dual linear servomotor

driven lower axis - travel to

1 m x 1 m

Customised designs available

Options include: machine base, z

axis, vibration isolation, and control


Aerotech Ltd.

Jupiter House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston

Berkshire RG7 8NN, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)118 940 9400

Fax: +44 (0)118 940 9401


Dedicated to the

Science of Motion


ABRS Series


Long Travel Wide Base X-Y Air-Bearing Stages


Gantry Air Bearing X-Y Positioning Systems


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Twistable Cable

in tin-plated copper shield sheath

Chainflex CF Robot

is a shielded

3D cable. The

individual wires

can withstand

high levels of

torsion. Areas

of application

include both

numerous robotic

applications and non-robotic applications, such

as rotary tables or spindle drives that have to be supplied

with high power levels. In contrast to conventional

braided copper shields, which are counter-wound,

a torsion-resistant tin-plated copper shield sheath is used

with this cable. The forces effected on the cable by torsional

movement are largely absorbed by sliding and

buffer elements between the sheath, shield and insulation.

This prevents early failure of the shield. The outer

sheath material is a high-grade TPE mixture with especially

good wear properties. The cable has already

been tested with more than three million torsion

movements to +/- 270°.


Tel. +49-2203-96490 • Fax +49-2203-9649222

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Stop Button

for Pico-Guard system

The Pico-Guard E-Stop Button works in conjunction

with the Pico-Guard Controller and other optical elements

in personnel safety and equipment protection applications.

The E-Stop Button is used with plastic fiber optic

cable and offers a simple, quick means of connecting

and disconnecting the fiber. Models are available with

fiber entry/exit from either the same side or opposite

sides of the housing. When paired with the Pico-Guard

Controller, the E-Stop Button meets Safety Category 4



Tel. +32-2-4560780 • Fax +32-2-4560789

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Thermal Imager

with high-quality germanium optics

The thermal imager testo 880 offers

roughly 20,000 measurement

values, exactly 160x120

pixels interpolated to 320x240

pixels. It allows reliable diagnoses

on a crystal clear 3.5" display. The

screen is fully used without any

limitations due to menus. The

visibility of even the smallest

temperature diffferences is

guaranteed by high-quality germanium

optics with optimum IR exploitation. The electronics

developed for the optimum utilization of the detector

and the the thermal resolution of

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Electronic Valves

for oxygen applications

The new


Clean Serieselectronic



in 2-way

or 3-way, normally-closed or fully

ported, are designed for use with

oxygen applications and work with

air and inert gas. Using a proven

unique patented valve system they

feature a power consumption of only

0.67 watts, a response time of 5 to

10 milliseconds, and voltages of 6, 12,

or 24VDC. They are ultrasonically

cleaned, assembled, inspected and

tested in an enclosed controlled area

with a High Efficiency Particulate

Air (HEPA) filtration system.


Tel. +1-513-5214261

Fax +1-513-5214464

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Security Audio Box

for safety applications

The bBox electronicstandalone


box is a complete


mp3 modular


solution for interactiveapplications.

It uses


Flash MMC cards (MultiMediaCard) or

SD (Secure Digital) to store the sound content.

It has from 32MB to 8GB (up to 500h

voice record). These small equipments

start the adequate audio tracks by simple

dry contacts or relay (NO Normally

Opened, or NC Normally Closed), by a

serial port (RS-232/485), or via the network

(wire or wireless, ZigBee model on



Tel. +32-4-2522850

Fax +32-4-2529696

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Industrial PC

rugged design

These IPCs

h a v e




use under

the most


conditions. An industrial-grade touch

screen with a protective overlay enables

the user to securely input data

via the clearly designed user interfaces,

while a diverse array of processors,

working memories, and bulk

memories make the systems suitable

for a range of assignments. A closed

housing with IP65 protection provides

for a well-designed climate

management system and use in clean



Tel. +49-551-3080

Fax +49-551-3083289

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Optical Switching Solution

housed in compact 1U high form factor

The 60-850 (single

mode) and 60-851

(multimode) optical

switching solutions

offer 8 way

and 16 way MUX


with a variety of

connector options to suit a range of applications. The switching

system is housed in a compact 1U high form factor, making it wellsuited

for use in rack mounted applications. All optical connections

are provided on the front panel and include captive dust

covers to protect the connectors when they are not in use.


Tel. +44-1255-687900 • Fax +44-1255-425349

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Our vision is

a simple solution.


Intermadox GmbH

Ph: 01-486 15870


Multiprox N.V.

Ph: 053-766566


H Folsgaard AS

Ph: 043-20 86 00


Oy E. Sarlin AB

Ph: 09-504 441


Turck Banner SAS

Ph: 01-60 43 60 70


Banner GmbH

Ph: 0231-96 33 730


Turck Banner srl

Ph: 02-90 36 42 91


Turck B.V.

Ph: 038-4227750


Danyko A.S.

Ph: 037-040288

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Elion SA

Ph: 34-93-298-20-40


HF Sweden

Ph: 08-555 409 85


Bachofen AG

Ph: 044 944 11 11

United Kingdom

Turck Banner Ltd

Ph: 01268-578 888

Issue N°11 • November 2007 5

Plug-in and Tunable Transceiver

first 10 Gbps for DWDM Optical Communication

The MF-10KWXF series is

said to be the first worldwide

compact and pluggable

10 Gbps optical

communications transceiver

that is capable of

optional tuning of

DWDM (Dense Wavelength

Division Multiplexing)

in the entire Cband.

The transceiver

complies with the 10Gbps form factor industrial standard XFP-E (Small

Form Factor Pluggable Extended) MSA (Multi-Source Agreement).


Tel. +49-2102-4861550 • Fax +49-2102-4867220

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Powerful vision that

makes your job easier.

Simple, common interface.

Intuitive, three-step, point-and-click

setup with quick

TEACH makes

all Banner vision

sensors easier

to install and

operate. Set up

with or without a PC.

Different models

for different


Choose from

multiple vision

and analysis

tools, imager resolutions and

housing confi gurations.


range of


A full selection of

lighting and lenses,

plus enclosures, monitors,

brackets, cables and more.

SLI: 20527

SLI: 20528

SLI: 20529

Worldwide application support.

Banner is always close by to help you

effectively apply our vision sensors.

See our web site to contact your local

support offi ce.

SLI: 20530

Banner Engineering Europe

Park Lane, Culliganlaan 2F • B-1831 Diegem, Belgium

Tel: +32 2 456 07 80 • Fax: +32 2 456 07 89


6 Issue N°11 • November 2007

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Vision & Imaging

Multi-core systems accelerate

industrial image processing

With the introduction of multi-core technology, an immense

potential is opening up for industrial image processing (IIP)

because expensive high-end server systems can now be replaced

with standard embedded computer technology. Even IIP

systems based on single-core embedded processors can quickly

be converted via software. In this respect, IIP is one of the first

sectors that will develop new solutions using the new multi-core


Increasing computing power and ever more sensitive

digital image sensors, together with falling costs, make

industrial image processing interesting for more

and more manufacturing applications. Accurate and

automatic classification of products, pick & place

applications, automatic selection processes, and integrated

quality checks are also of interest for more

cost-sensitive productions and can improve longterm

quality, minimize defective products, increase

output and increase overall productivity. Already

IIP is found in applications from the sheeting industry

(textiles, steel, paper, etc.) to the automotive

and electronics industry all the way to the food industry.

In future, applications such as recognition of

text on electronic components, measurement and surface

checking of engine blocks or checking that all

the correct furniture fittings are present in their

foil packages, under critical light conditions and

with elements lying on top of one another, will

bring IIP to still more markets.

From a technical perspective, the type of production

process in which image processing takes place is almost

irrelevant, because all the current and future

IIP systems will, in theory, be constructed identically.

Depending on the application, one or more camera

heads deliver line or matrix images from different

perspectives with appropriate lighting to the

IIP computer connected to the higher-level process

control. The modular image processing software uses

various application-specific filters (e.g., sharpening,

finding edges, etc.) to edit and analyze the image

data. This process is very processor-intensive.

IIP does use a so-called expert system that is trained

or optimized for the particular application, but

nonetheless computing power is frequently a bottleneck.

Industrial image processing, multi-core reference


Falling hardware costs and increasing CPU performance

mean that IIP can now be used in applications

in which it previously was either unprofitable or

impossible because of insufficient computing capacity;

for example, in checking mass-produced, inexpensive

goods or in checking especially complex or

organic objects. With the introduction of multi-core

technology, which allows different processes to run

in parallel on a single system, new horizons are

opening up in the industrial market. In this respect,

IIP is a reference application for multi-core technology

in the automation sector, whether through

multi-threading in the case of synchronous multi-processing

with double computing performance or

through asynchronous multi-processing and virtualization

with simultaneous IIP and Soft PLC on one system.

With more CPU performance, even the most complicated

testing tasks can be carried out and a greater

number of parameters can be analyzed and evaluated


Quick software porting

The advantage of multi-core technology-the parallelization

of processes - is a challenge for many applications,

because multi-core technology hardware

development is ahead of software development and

the high computing performance is of little use if it

cannot effectively be carried through to the production

line. In many areas of automation, software

optimized to use the particular advantages of multiple

computing cores efficiently is just emerging. However,

this is precisely these in which IIP profits directly

from the increase in performance: the modular design

of the IIP software is ideally suited for multi-threading,

i.e. the parallel processing of several tasks. The

application-specific filters, for example, can be apportioned

to the two CPU cores and thus the image

processing takes place about twice as fast. Likewise,

it is possible to replace two systems with a single one.

In the past, application developers have had to resort

to multi-processor systems for complex image processing

tasks, implementing two or more server

processors on special server mainboards, which were

prohibitively expensive for more cost-sensitive applications.

However, the software of these solutions, which

were previously too expensive to be widely disseminated,

can be ported quickly, simply and inexpensively

onto comparatively inexpensive multi-core hardware.

Thus, OEMs and users profit directly from

the introduction of multi-core technology through

a shorter time-to-market, low system costs and CPU

performance that is nearly doubled in comparison to

previous single-core embedded processors.


Tel. +49-8165-77777 • Fax +49-8165-77279

For SLI: enter 20684 at


for inspection sensors

The SensorView 350 is a compact,

industrial, panel-mount display for its

Checker 200 Series inspection sensors.

It allows operators to view production

images of the parts that Checker

is inspecting without a PC. The

device features a simple interface

for displaying images of passed or

failed parts, along with status indicators

and results statistics to more

easily monitor the production process.


Tel. +33-1-47771550

Fax +33-1-47771555

For SLI: enter 20181


IR Camera

for demanding applications

The Adamant IR camera is a compact

thermal surveillance system featuring

a 640x512 MCT 15 micron

pitch focal plane array and three

field of view optic packaged in a fully

mil-spec, marine qualified enclosure

weighing 9kg. The triple

field of view lens features a wide

21.7° x 17.5° FOV, a medium range

6.9°x 5.5° FOV and a narrow 1.7° x

1.4° FOV enabling detection of a target

at 16km.


Tel. +33-1-60378078

Fax +33-1 64113755

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Touchscreen LCD

with improved brightness



screen displays

have a


or bonded

tactile film

on top of

the LCD

panel but this solution integrates

an optical sensor into each pixel.

Consequently, the display provides increased

backlight transmissibility for

an improved brightness and image

quality paired with a slim product design

of less than 1mm thickness.

Since each pixel reacts independently

to changing ambient light conditions,

tactile recognition based on simultaneously

touching multiple

points on the screen is possible.


Tel. +49-40-23762286

Fax +49-40-23762232

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Vision & Imaging Issue N°11 • November 2007 7

Alarm Annunciator

for hazardous area annunciation

The PEX7250 Explosion Proof

Alarm Annunciator is suitable

for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous

areas. The use of ASIC

technology removes any reliance

on common control cards as all

alarm cards in the annunciator

can act as the master controller.

The standard enclosure is copperfree

cast alloy and finished in light grey two-part epoxy paint. The

device is available in a range of sizes and shapes from one to 56

points in a single enclosure, with a choice of three window sizes.

Illumination is using high reliability, ultra-bright LEDs.


Tel. +44-1423-580500 • Fax +44-1423-580501

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Step Beyond Infinity >>

The Leica M205 C is the world’s first stereomicroscope with a zoom range of

20.5x. This accomplishment, however, was not enough for Leica’s engineers. With

the new FusionOptic Leica makes another step beyond previous limits. In addition

to the increase in magnification, the resolution, too, has been increased to up to 453

lp / mm, which corresponds to a structure size of 952 nm.

The design principle of the new Leica M205 C is based on the exceptional flexibility

of the brain. The microscope assigns a different task to each of the two beam paths:

the right channel contains an image with very high resolution, while the left channel

provides very high depth of field. The brain then automatically gathers the best information

from both sources and uses it to compose one image with very high richness

of detail.

For SLI: enter 16055 at

Progressive-Scan CCD Camera

5 Megapixel

The FC5100CL 2456x2058

progressive-scan CCD camera

supplies 15 frames/sec. Video

signal output is 8/10 bit format,

2 tap base configuration

under Camera Link. The camera

can get full resolution image

at any timing using Randam

electronic shutter. OSD

function allows users to check settings on captured images. It features

monitoring function for internal temperature of the camera.

Serial controlling is provided via the camera link cable. The device

is suitable for various high-speed images applications.


Tel. +81-6-63111371 • Fax +81-6-63111720

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8 Issue N°11 • November 2007

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Vision & Imaging

Machine Vision Sensor

largely maintenance-free

The SRV is a vision sensor for industrial

image processing, which

is able to complete image processing

tasks without any further

peripheral equipment. It performs

assembly and feature

checks, recognizes damages on

edges, detects the position of

fastenings and labels, sorts and

removes defective components.

In pick & place applications, it

makes sure that parts in all kinds

of rotary positions are safely gripped. The compact

housing of the sensor accommodates LEDs and an evaluation

unit with all the necessary software and interfaces.

It offers a high resolution of 720x480 pixels (W

VGA) and a frame rate of 60fps. There is a choice of three

operating distances (150, 300 or 450mm), each with different

frame sizes (76x48, 117x72 or 129x81mm). Integrated

industrial I/O interfaces (3 in, 3 out), one analogue

output and a USB 2.0 connection to the graphical user

interface are available. The position results can be

transmitted via a serial interface.


Tel. +49-7133-1030 • Fax +49-7133-103299

For SLI: enter 20690 at

Industrial Flat Panel Monitors

for hazardous location

The M-Series of industrial

flat panel monitors

is offered in three

sizes, 15" (M1500),

17" (M1700), and 19"

(M1900). Their compact

profile results in

a panel mounted

depth of less than

70mm, making them suitable for installation in harsh

environments for factory automation and demanding

commercial applications. The monitors support XGA format.

They all provide Analogue Video (VGA) connections

and allow either connection via USB or RS-232 for the

optional 5-wire analogue resistive touchscreen. The

M1700 and M1900 additionally have Digital Video Inputs

(DVI). All versions are standard with 100-240 VAC

input power supplies and have IP65 NEMA 4/4x/12 panel

mountable front panels. Stainless Steel front panels

and 24V DC input power are available options for all three.

The entire series is UL/cUL listed, complies with European

CE and RoHS requirements, and are UL approved for Class

I and II, Division 2 hazardous locations.


Tel. +44-2392-268080 • Fax +44-2392-268081

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Thermal Imager

for industrial maintenance

The easy-to-use Fluke

Ti35 is fully radiometric

and features a 180°

articulating lens for

viewing and capturing

images in areas

with poor accessibility.

The thermal imager

offers high thermal

sensitivity to 0.1°C

using a 160x120pixel detector for viewing even the

smallest temperature differences across a wide -20 to

350°C range. A large 12.5cm high-contrast colour LCD

provides clear pictures, irrespective of lighting conditions.

This makes it suitable for the capture of high quality images

in a broad range of industrial applications, including

predictive maintenance, process monitoring, repair

checks and quality control. The device sports the

SmartFocus feature, for single finger capture of the best

quality images and accurate temperature measurements.

The Fluke Ti35 comes as a complete kit which includes

a compact flash card for storing over 1,000 images,

a hard carry case and PC software.


Tel. +31-40-2675212 • Fax +31-40-2675210

For SLI: enter 20031 at

Ethernet Camera

for mobile applications

The O2M100 Ethernet camera

meets the requirements of

mobile control systems caused

by extreme environmental influences.

It has fully sealed

die-cast zinc housing with the

protection rating IP67. The

two integrated M12 connectors

provide important connections

for supply and communication.

When mounting, the unit with the dimensions

80x42x53.5mm (HxWxD) can be fixed directly to the mobile

machine via an adapter system. With temperature-controlled

window heating, the camera objective

can be defrosted in case of extreme conditions. The digital

capturing and transmission of the image data enable

scaling and free positioning of the camera image.

The image data are on the one hand stored in a UDP/IP

protocol and on the other hand stored as 8-bit Windows

bitmap. The device is fitted with an Ethernet interface

for communication. In contrast to analogue camera

systems, the camera image can be shown on any number

of displays via a simple Ethernet hub or switch.


Tel. +49-201-2422411 • Fax +49-201-2422401

For SLI: enter 20534 at

Shadowgraph Camera

with in-built velocity trap

Modern image sensors

have allowed the design of

cameras that will capture

up to 11-million pixel

images with the ability to

shutter faster than 1µs. Integrating

this camera with

an ultra-fast high intensity

spark source has resulted

in a Shadowgraph camera

capable of image quality previously achievable

only with film cameras, yet offering instantaneous

access to data. Control software provides simple adjustment

of imaging parameters and extensive measurement

tools to accurately analyse results. Camera stations can

be arranged in the classic configuration looking

directly at a reflective screen or as orthogonal pairs to

provide valuable 3D data such as the pitch and yaw of

supersonic airflows. A comprehensive triggering functionality

has been implemented in the SIS camera

system enabling it to be interfaced with almost any triggering

device. Applications include aeronautical

engineering and testing of glass.


Tel. +44-1442-827728 • Fax +44-1442-822847

For SLI: enter 20538 at

Colour Sensors

flexible in application

The colorControl line

of colour sensors come

as optical fibre sensors

or as reflex optical

sensors with ranges

from 2 to 1,200mm

and a light spot diameter

of 0.5 to 70mm

for large-area integral

colour evaluations through to colour cable detection as

of diameters of 0.5mm. The reflex colour sensors have

point-focal illumination optics as well as large-surface

diffuse optics, which light up a surface from various angles.

The advantage here is that gloss effects on surfaces

can be reduced or eliminated, which standard sensors

are not able to do. These sensors apply the "true

colour" measuring principle and can reliably recognise

shades of colour in the range of ∆ε=1. Dual-channel

versions are also available. In this case one channel

can be used as a reference while the other channel constantly

observes a colour flow for any deviation. The series

comprises 3, 4, 8, 31 and 250 colour memories

with up to 25,000 colour comparisons per second.


Tel. +49-7161-98872300 • Fax +49-7161-98872303

For SLI: enter 20625 at

Vision and Inspection Tools

innovative additions

The MSX-500Di is a small,

lightweight, 2.11 megapixel

digital CCD microscope. Featuring

an integrated 3.5-inch

LCD monitor, flash memory

storage and offering magnification

up to 500x it is the

perfect stand-alone unit for

micro-inspection and data

archiving. Available in wide

and narrow beam size configurations, the MSSP High

Power LED series is a new addition to the MG-WAVE LED

lighting range. Offering bright and even illumination,

coupled with low power consumption, MSSP LED's

offer many benefits for illumination around the workplace

and in automotive applications. Designed for

use with large format megapixel cameras the new ML-

0310VF Macro Lens were developed to provide the required

accuracy to inspect large area components in high

resolution. Incorporating a variable iris and varifocal

zoom the new Macro lens is able to achieve a variable

depth of field making it suitable for applications including

PCB and wafer inspection.


Tel. +44-1223-301148 • Fax +44-1223-301149

For SLI: enter 20193 at

Gigabit Ethernet Camera

with plug and play camera manager

The 1000BaseT day

of the uEye camera

range is a camera

with a Gigabit Ethernet

interface. The

camera supports a

range from 6 to 24V

typically used in mechanicalengineering.

The models are also equipped with a C-mount

lens connector with adjustable mounting dimensions.

A symmetrical housing permits mounting at 90/180

degrees without having to create new holders. Besides

a trigger input and a flash output, it has a RS232

interface and two GPIO ports that can be used either

as digital inputs or digital outputs. Inside the camera,

two processor cores provide superior performance.

The Plug and Play Camera Manager makes installation

and integration just as easy as with the USB versions.

The software development kit is identical, which means

that upgrading to the GigE does not require any

changes to the application and takes only a few minutes.


Tel. +49-7134-961960 • Fax +49-7134-9619699

For SLI: enter 20532 at

Vision & Imaging Issue N°11 • November 2007 9

Portable Infrared Camera

with 3.5-inch touch screen

The ThermaCAM T/B-

Series portable IR camera

features 320x240

pixel resolution, touch

screen plus stylus, full

measurement options

and an innovative design.

The series comes

in a T-version for industrial applications and a B-version

for building and construction applications. It is enhanced

by ergonomic elements such as a 120° tiltable

infrared lens unit and easy-to-reach command buttons

for more user comfort. Imagery is displayed on a 3.5-inch

touch screen, which opens up new functionalities such

as sketching directly on the screen and an easy handling

of the camera software menu. The Thermal Fusion allows

a seamless transition of imagery from thermal

into visual and vice versa inside the screen, while retaining

all measurement functions in both view modes.

Dust- and water splash proof, shock-resistant, with a battery

enabling up to four hours of uninterrupted use, the

model's weight is 880g, making it suitable for go-anywhere

use in tough on-site and field conditions.


Tel. +32-3-2878710 • Fax +32-3-2878729

For SLI: enter 20178 at

CAN Display

flexible mounting options

The RM Display Color 2501

is flexible due to different

mounting positions and

readable in direct sunlight

due to its transflective

screen. The device features

a 6.5'' display with a resolution

of 400x240 pixels in a

16:9 format. The TFT technology

permits readability

in daylight and even in direct

sunshine. Four keys and

a pressure-sensitive incremental

potentiometer facilitate

quick toggling of CAN

data and controlling tasks. Due to its backlit display and

keys, the display can be used in darkness. A large input

power supply from 9V - 60V allows for deployment in

the most diverse mobile and stationary applications. Furthermore,

up to four cameras can be connected to the

display for direct viewing and monitoring tasks. The

firmware of the CAN display automatically recognizes

PAL and NTSC video sources.


Tel. +49-661-94900 • Fax +49-661-9490-333

For SLI: enter 20604 at

For SLI: enter 15509 at


■ 320x256 and 640x512 resolution

■ SW/MW/LW IR Spectral bands

■ High QE InSb, MCT and QWIP arrays

Fully radiometric with Hypercal

■ Frame rates up to 400 Hz

■ Image analysis software included

Electronics Fast thermography

Stress analysis

Infrared Target


Visit us at :

Workshop Metz, France, 21-23 nov. 07

NDE, Vadodara, India, 28-30 Nov. 07.

Thermogram, Châlons en Champagne, France, 13-14 dec. 07

(In the USA,

The Top 4 Time Savers of Express Alignment


No more time consuming rough

alignment and adjustments of lasers.

3 4

Result information compiled and displayed

instantly, ready for export to USB port.

Fixturlaser provides Express Alignment and Service in more than 70 countries around the world.


For SLI: 14967 at

Next step guidance with 3D

Flash ® animated color screens.

What you see is what you do

the green arrows show you the way

to a perfect alignment result.

10 Issue N°11 • November 2007

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Torque Limiters | Bellow Couplings | Miniature Couplings | Elastomer Couplings | Line Shafts | Linear Couplings




FROM 0.1 TO 10,000 NM.

R+W Antriebselemente GmbH | Phone: +49 93 72-98 64-0 | E-Mail: | Internet:

For SLI: enter 15172 at

Vision & Imaging



The CCD-16000 camera is

based on a sensor within

36x24mm format, being

read-out with 2 images/sec

and 12bit dynamics. The

camera features an RS-644

output. IEEE1394, CameraLink

and Gigabit Ethernet

are available.


Tel. +49-541-800840

Fax +49-541-8008410

For SLI: enter 20536


Colour Sensor

internal light source

This module detects the

colour and intensity of test

objects and disposes of an

internal light source. The

measuring procedure is

based on measurements

in comparison to reference

products by means

of user-specific parameters.

Parasitic inductions

by environmental light are

compensated automatically.


Tel. +49-6593-998682

Fax +49-6593-998684

For SLI: enter 20576


CCD Cameras

mini CameraLink


cameras measure

29x29x29mm, and weigh

50g. The cameras are typically

used in image processing

and machine vision

applications with limited

space. They feature

a Power over CameraLink



Tel. +49-6106-69920

Fax +49-6106-699212

For SLI: enter 20549


Infrared Thermometers

offer continuous temperature monitoring

The rugged, IP65

sealed single-piece

system Raytek XR

infrared thermometermeasures


in a range from

–40 to 1650°C. It

offers multiple extendedtemperature

ranges, precision


resolution and a

versatile electronics

platform, yet

utilises identical, configurable installation hardware

and application software. This approach reduces installation

time, training and documentation requirements.

In addition, standard RS485 communications enables remote

configuration, streamlining troubleshooting and

data acquisition. Field calibration software allows for

on-site calibration of sensors, reducing service time

and expense.


Tel. +49-30-4780080 • Fax +49-30-4710251

For SLI: enter 20539 at

Vision Sensors

with intuitive user guidance

The ZFX vision sensor

offers assistance for

lighting, filtering and

automatic setting of

parameters, which navigate

users through

the vision application.

The built-in touch screen offers interactive menus that

guide the user through the entire set-up of individual

tasks in three simple steps: select the inspection tools,

choose the inspection regions and set the proposed inspection

parameters with a push of the Auto button.

ZFX provides immediate live feedback, images and

clear system messages. The entire set-up procedure is

completed in a matter of minutes. No PC is required for

set-up, maintenance and operation. Multiple inspections

per image can be configured. You can choose from

up to 20 inspections or inspection support tools. Image

pre-processing, position compensation, calibration and

data logging tools complete the range of powerful

easy to use features. Multiple interface options offer

smooth integration into the control environment, such

as Ethernet, serial, USB and digital I/O.


Tel. +31-73-6481920 • Fax +31-73-6481879

For SLI: enter 20515 at

Data Recognition Software

frame rate of 150fps

The Data Matrix

code reading software

is combined

with an intelligent

camera enables

identification of 2D

codes. Depending

on the camera

type, it provides a

maximum frame

rate of 150fps. Code detection and reading is not affected

by the code's shape and size, the orientation of

the code (which can be rotated by 360°) or by the

background type (dark-on-bright or bright-on-dark). Mirrored

codes are identified and read, just as special

code types, such as nailed or dotted codes. The software

features three operation modes: the Auto Mode requires

no configuration efforts and enables the detection of

a wide range of codes. The Teach-In Mode allows users

to read in one code sample whose parameters are

stored in a list, and the Parameter Adjustment Mode allows

for manual adjustment of parameters to improve



Tel. +49-7243-216723 • Fax +49-7243-216711

For SLI: enter 20596 at

The R-Series

high performance


offer precise

position meaurement

for the

most demandingapplications.


0.01% F.S. linearity, a repeatability

better 0.001% F.S. and an outstanding

resolution (max.1µm)

they are well known for their accuracy.

The R-Series is available with

flexible (RF) sensing element housing,

in addition to rod (RH) and

profile (RP) housings and measures

position as well as velocity.

Recently MTS has

developed the

Temposonics® C-

Series - the world’s

smallest magnetostrictive


sensor. Designed

for use in highervolume


products with constrained

space and budgets the electronics

fit inside a 36 mm x 23 mm

cylindrical package. When housing is

Temposonics ® M-Series

Reliability and stability for mobile hydraulics

The Temposonics®

M-Series is designed

for absolute position


in agricultural,

building, handling

or other mobile

machinery. It combines the advantages

of non-contact, wear-free and

high-accuracy displacement and

velocity measurement to meet all

MTS magnetostrictive


level sensors are

ideal for both

tank level gauges

and processing

level measurement


Level Plus® gives

you the ability to

measure product

level, interface

and temperature

all from one sensor up to 18 m.

They are not affected by changes

in dielectric constant, in

atmospheric or temperature

Temposonics ® R-Series

High precision for industrial applications

For SLI: enter 20677 at

For SLI: enter 20678 at


c o m p a c t


visualisation via

diagnosis LEDs

and easy calibration


outside without

opening the

sensor facilitate the installation.

The R-Series sensors are available

with a full line of analog and digital

serial outputs and offer multiple

magnets sensing with up to 20

positions simultaneously.

The magnetostrictive sensing technology

is non-contacting and


demands on the

harsh environment

of mobile hydraulic

applications. With its

high shock and

vibration resistance

and electromagnetic

immunity the M-Series is the perfect

solution for use inside compact

hydraulic cylinders.

Temposonics ® C-Series

Compact, flexible design for smallest space

For SLI: enter 20679 at

required the C-

S e r i e s

provides a standardized

IP67 housing,

a float for level

measurement or

cus- tomized housings

that can be

added to the core

sensor. The flexible

shaft allows precise curvilinear measurements

where less than 270° of

rotation needs to be monitored.

Level Plus ®

Wearless gauges for liquid level measurement

For SLI: enter 20680 at

conditions and

provide a full

complement of

housing packages

that meet global

standards for hazardous


( F M / C S A /


and sanitary 3A

standards. The

o u t p u t

signals are 4-

20mA with Multi-drop HART communication

or EIA-485

Communication with DDA Protocol


MultiMessage advertisement Issue N°11 • November 2007 11

MTS Sensors

Magnetostrictive Sensors

Designed for your Needs!

• Temposonics ® Position Sensors

• Level Plus ® Liquid Level Sensors


Hall 7A, Stand 510

For SLI: enter 15034 at


The Measurable Difference

12 Issue N°11 • November 2007

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Vision & Imaging

Colour E-paper Display

high resolution and improved brightness

The BiNem



has all the


of paper

but content

can be displayed


erased electronically.


uses a

RGBW (Red-Green-Blue-White) colour filter. The display

has improved brightness, while maintaining the same

colour saturation level. Another important feature is its

fine subpixel size: 127x127 micrometers for each subpixel

(Red, Green, Blue, or White), leading to a resolution

of 100dpi, considered high for bistable colour displays.

The display also offers 16 up to 1 million colours.

The active area of the colour display measures 107.2x73.2

mm, resulting in a 129.8mm diagonal for a 300x400xRGBW

image. Potential applications for colour e-paper displays

include among others electronic shelf labels.


Tel. +33-1-39305160 • Fax +33-1-39305161

For SLI: enter 20696 at

High-Speed Cameras

for fast inspection applications

The OPAL-1000m is the

first in a series of cameras

to utilize state-of-theart

sensors that offer

greater spatial resolution

at high speeds. This

sensor technology provides

linearity over the

full dynamic range

through optimized embedded

video processing. Other important performance

parameters include channel matching to below noise

level, automatic black and shading, and defect-pixel correction.

The camera optimizes a 1/2" CCD area array sensor

with 1024x1024, 5.5µm square pixels. It can deliver

up to 120 full-frame images per second with high signal

to noise ratio. To enable high frame rate image acquisition

in combination with standard frame grabbers,

the cameras have a built-in frame memory that decouples

the asynchronous image acquisition and image

readout. The image readout and Camera Link interface

of these cameras allow for software configuration and

easy integration.


Tel. +31-40-2353900 • Fax +31-40-2353905

For SLI: enter 20572 at

Laser Scanning Microscope

with 3D capture button

With this laser

scanning microscope,

the LEXT

OLS3100, 3D image

capturing can

be performed

with just one click

of the “3D capture


Time consuming

tasks, such as setting

the upper and lower focal limits are completed automatically.

This means that very high quality 3D images

can be produced very quickly by both novice and experienced

users. The new 3D handling technology enables

step height, line width and the distance between

two points to be measured in a 3D image. Furthermore,

users will be presented with a variety of standard

and novel 3D image presentation patterns including surface

texture, real colour, wired frame, etc. The microscope

integrates an apochromatic objective lens specially

developed for confocal laser scanning microscopes (cLSM)

with a near-UV (408nm) laser light.


Tel. +49-40-237730 • Fax +49-40-23773647

For SLI: enter 20660 at

Easy Vision Sensor

helps tackle production errors

The 48MS MultiSight from

Rockwell Automation is a

fully self-contained, multifunction

vision sensor,

which can handle up to

ten different inspections

simultaneously and pass

a simple OK/Not OK signal

to an external PLC or

process controller. Incorporating camera, optic, lighting,

communications and fail/pass controller in one package

it saves on installation time and hardware cost. The sensor

features a high-resolution 640x480pixel CCD element

with optics, and employs three different inspection

tools – pattern matching, contrast and brightness. Advanced

models with contour detection and XY position

control will be available. In combination, these capabilities

allow the 48MS to perform up to ten different inspections

simultaneously including logic operations – with

ten different regions of interests. A Teach and Inspect

- feature ensures quick start-up time and easy modification

of inspection parameters in case of product



Tel. +44-1908-838800 • Fax +44-1908-839696

For SLI: enter 20666 at

Multi-Function Display

for operation, visualisation and control

The 5.7-inch MFD4 multifunction

display is designed

as one unit providing

the PLC, visualisation

and operation but

also the software. This

combines the programming

system and the visualisation

in one, and thus

allows direct access to PLC

variables. The display features a full graphics colour STN

display with 256 colours, resistive touch as well as a host

of communication and network options. It comes with

an Ethernet, CANopen/easyNet and RS232 interface. The

touch-sensitive display (320x240 pixels) allows the implementation

of intuitive operating concepts. The flat

and seamless display surface is protected to IP65 and can

be cleaned easily. The device comes with an integrated

64MB SRAM, 2MB Flash for data/program memory,

6MB for the visualisation and a battery-backed real-time

clock. A complete project, recipe data or the operating

system can be transferred to the device via a Multi-Media

memory card if required.


Tel. +49-228-6020 • Fax +49-228-6022433

For SLI: enter 20570 at

Industrial Cameras

with FireWire B interface

The FireDragon series progressive

scan CCD cameras

are available with

both monochrome and

colour CCDs. They offer

resolutions ranging from

VGA (640x480 pixels at

90fps) to XGA (1024x768

pixels at 36fps), to SXGA (1280x960 pixels at 20fps), and

to UXGA (1600x1200 pixels at 15fps). The model's compact

and vibration resistant housing (44x29x44mm) is

supplied with power through its 800Mbps FireWire B interface

enabling you to create compact image processing

solutions. With the help of its integrated image

processing, the cameras can output uncompressed raw

image files, RGB data (24bit) as well as compressed

YUV4:2:2 (16bit) or YUV4:1:1 (12bit) data. Cameras

supporting global shutter can even image fast-moving

objects free of distortion. This qualifies them for microscopy

and medical applications as well as for mechanical production

and logistics including object recognition, parts

inspection, quality assurance, and optical barcode and

character recognition.


Tel. +1-949-7708354 • Fax +1-949-2060210

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For SLI: enter 15761 at

14 Issue N°11 • November 2007

it’s time for tomorrow


EtaCrown ®

The bevel gear.

The worm has turned.

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• 3,166 intelligent drive solutions, individually confi gurable

• Manufactured within 48 hours, reliably and certain

with 100 % quality control and our Keep-Word-Warranty

• Attractive and secure online payment terms

It doesn‘t get any quicker or more fl exible than that.

Freephone hotline 0800/9123945 (0 ct./min.)

For SLI: enter 16252 at

ZL_Anz_IEN_121x175_RZ.indd 1 24.08.2007 11:56:31 Uhr


Boost your automation line

and your bottom line with Brad ® Ethernet products for the factory floor.

You’ve relied on Brad for DeviceNet, PROFINET and ControlNet. Brad

for Ethernet is a complete line of industrial Ethernet products from

cordsets and gateways to a brand new offering of switches. All from

the recognized leader in automation solutions.

Your net’s worth more with Ethernet products by Brad. For innovation,

performance and reliability – from a company that knows your industry

inside and out – choose Brad.

For more information Tel.: +33

©2007 Woodhead Industries, a division of Molex Inc.


For SLI: enter 16064 at

Hall 9,

booth 9 - 215

Vision & Imaging

da kapo

Inspection System

providing high image quality

The AXIS-3D is a fully integrated stand

alone x-ray inspection system for conveyor-belt

based QC, SPC, NDT and general

industrial applications. Incorporating

a number of unique technological features,

it provides unparalleled imaging capability.

It can be used for either automatic or

manual inspection and is available in

both conventional 2D and 3D (stereoscopic)

configurations, with a 3D accuracy

of 100 microns. The standard conveyor

design allows simple and rapid integration

with existing production line facilities.

Standard tunnel sizes are 40 x 60cm

and 80 x 100cm.


Tel. +44-1664-503600

Fax +44-1664-503601

Enter 19129 at

Vision System

develops imaging application

Common Vision Blox

(CVB) 9.0.2 is the machine

vision programming

library with the

comprehensive and

powerful hardware

support. The unique

hardware abstraction

of CVB offers comprehensive

access to

the most different acquisition technologies

without losing performance or flexibility. Based

on GigE Vision grounding, the system offers

the most complete implementation of GenI-

Cam worldwide which benefits from this new

standard's possibilities of setting specific

camera features. A special grid control provides

convenient access to all individual

camera options in its own application without

any need for complex development

tasks in any of the supported programming



Tel. +49-89-809020

Fax +49-89-80902116

Enter 20646 at

User Interface

with 3.5” VGA screen

The Anders UMR-X10 is a intelligent user interface

created expressly for the hassle-free

integration of modern, intuitive GUIs into

speciality products. Measuring from

87x76x15mm, it includes a 3.5” transflective

screen, running at a full VGA resolution

with built-in touchscreen functionality, premounted

onto and integrated with a fullyfunctional,

custom-designed Windows CE5

embedded computer. The UMR-X10 offers

modern computing performance coupled with

a full range of interfaces, including USB,

Ethernet and WLAN.


Tel. +44-20-73808167

Fax +44-20-78741914

Enter 20557 at

Industrial Cameras

with USB interface

The PicSight cameras have been developed

to cater for the lower- to middle-performance

demands of the industrial image-processing

market. The camera's

USB2.0 interface makes installation of

the camera system very easy. The required

power of max 250mA and 5V is supplied

via the USB cable, a standard USB

cable with a mini-USB plug can be used.

For applications in which cables must be

securely attached, an additional Hirose

connection for the USB interface is offered.


Tel. +49-7531-59420

Fax +49-7531-594299

Enter 20546 at

Industrial Panel PC

miniature size

The STP is low cost touch screen Human

Machine Interface build on Windows CE

4.2 and 5.0. Fanless, all soldered components

and IP65 front panel make the panel

a reliable solution for industrial applications

including mobile device. ARM920T

risc core and hardware graphic accelerator

deliver performance at low power. It features

64 Mo RAM, 32 Mo flash memory, compact

flash extension, 2 or 3 USB "host" port

(USB key full support), 3 RS232 serial ports

with 2 switchable in RS485, 10/100 LAN,

audio stereo and 24VDC power supply. The

panels are available in TFT 5"6, 8" and 12"

size screen.


Tel. +33-4-67871695

Fax +33-4-67875337

Enter 20304 at

LCD Display

colour, brightness and contrast

The new EYE-


display with a

screen diagonal

of 56" has

been especially

designed for

ambitious applications


professional areas. Offering brilliant

colour, combined with a 3840 x 2160

pixel resolution it meets the demands

of modern visual solutions. These characteristics

are indispensable in control

rooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms.

Other features include: high contrast, 2

x digital DVI inputs or 4 x digital DVI inputs,

VESA mounting structure and low

operating costs. Applications include

professional graphics, healthcare, military,

training, architecture, radar and



Tel. +49-7121-433030

Fax +49-7121-4330322

Enter 20189 at

SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

Optical Proximity Switches

for small objects

The Simatic PXO830

GL forked light sensor,

the Simatic

PXO840 LV70 fiber optic

sensor and the

Simatic PXO650 L90L

laser distance sensor

offer detection accuracy

and reliability. The

spectrum of the new photoelectric sensors ranges from

the detection of the smallest objects to the detection

of larger objects from a distance of up to 30m. The proximity

switches are suitable for activities such as monitoring,

testing, detection or positioning. The forked light

sensor recognizes objects of 0.2mm and above. It is available

in fork widths of 30, 50, 80 and 120mm, which means

that it can be used variably for different object sizes. The

fiber optic sensor offers accuracy at short distances. The

small devices can be snapped onto a standard DIN rail,

which enables a great deal of space to be saved. The laser

distance sensor can detect objects at distances of up to

6m. The use of additional reflectors enables objects to

be recognized up to a distance of 30m.


Tel. +49-911-9783273 • Fax +49-911-9783321

For SLI: enter 20622 at

Wireless Devices

for outdoor industrial applications

The AWK-1200 series includes

an Access Point/Bridge, and an

AP Client, both of which have a

rugged IP67/68 certified weatherproof

casing to withstand extreme

environmental conditions.

The robust features and deployment

flexibility make the series

products suited for outdoor industrial

applications. The detachable

antenna design gives users the freedom to use

a variety of special-purpose antennas. Both models

are guaranteed to work in temperatures ranging from

-20 to 70°C. Wireless security is enhanced using WEP,

WPA/WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access), and IEEE802.1X authentication

to guarantee a safe, wireless network environment.

The devices can be used for Point-to-Point

(PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) wireless communication

to allow multiple locations to share a single Internet

connection. Outdoor wireless networks that use

the extend connectivity beyond the building walls and

wired backbones to deliver cost-effective service, and

expand information access.


Tel. +886-2-89191230 • Fax +886-2-89191231

For SLI: enter 20568 at

Modular Ejectors

compact and light

The EBS-PT is available

in six performance

levels with either

a push-in fitting

or threaded connection,

offering numerous

integration options

for a variety of

applications. Vacuum

generator mounting

can be done either

directly via side holes in the housing or alternatively by

mounting it on a clip-on strip. The latter option enables

simple and fast assembly of various ejector sizes on one

strip. The smaller EBS-PI ejector measures just 57mm long

and 10mm in diameter, and is available with two performance

levels. Compressed air is directed into the ejector

at one end with the exhaust channelled out via side

openings; this produces negative pressure creating a vacuum

at the other end. Since the vacuum is created in

an axial direction, the ejector can be integrated directly

in the hose line via the press-fit nozzles at either



Tel. +49-9352-180 • Fax +49-9352-1840

For SLI: enter 20447 at

Chain Oil

remains stable

Molykote L-1428 is a synthetic

lubricant formulated

to resist oxidation and

thermal degradation while

maintaining stable performance

and lubricity

over a wide temperature

range and under heavy



Tel. +32-64-888000

Fax +32-64-888950

For SLI: enter 20670



high noise immunity

The Mercury 3000 and

2000 programmable encoder

systems combine

high noise immunity for

demanding industrial applications

with a positional

resolution of 20nanometres.

Both units enable engineers

to optimise motion

platform performance

in real time.


Tel. +44-1327-307600

Fax +44-1327-300319

For SLI: enter 20664




The AE-FastSeal product

family offers fast and easy

mounting, by contacting

and sealing the cable in

one step to the terminal,

without the need of additional

sealing work, -time

and materials. These terminals

offer reliable contact

under rough condition.


Tel. +31-76-5810550

Fax +31-76-5810553

For SLI: enter 20558





An HMI from Beijer Electronics shortens the path

to effective automation. Dual-driver support allows

simultaneous connection to two controllers, with

devices of differing brands exchanging data via the


Programming is simpler too, thanks to recipe

directories, reusable parameters and the ability

to store repetitive commands as macros. Data and

projects can be updated on-site, or they can be

handled on a PC and updated quickly via network,

modem or Compact Flash.

It’s innovation that puts you in focus – and keeps

you on the move.


For SLI: enter 15762 at

Issue N°11 • November 2007 15

16 Issue N°11 • November 2007 SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

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Boker’s 2008 Washer Catalog


Tel. (888) 927-4377, Fax (800) 321-3462,

Boker’s, Inc.’s FREE 2008 Washer Catalog has over 22,000 nonstandard

sizes available with no tooling charges. Outside diameters

of 0.080" to 5.140", a wide range of IDs and thicknesses,

and 2,000 material variations provide millions of possibilities. Materials

include low-carbon sheet steel, five types of spring steel,

stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel silver and non-metallics.

ISO 9001:2000 Registered.

For SLI: enter 15537 at

Stockcap is a leading global manufacturer providing

solutions to your product protection needs. Choose from a wide

variety of standard caps, plugs and custom shapes, all of which are

available in materials and lengths to suit your application. Many sizes

are held in stock, but we also specialise in medium to high

production quantities. Or utilise our technical expertise and 50

years of experience to create your ideal product. We specialise in

dip moulding, but also manufacture using compression, injection

and extrusion processes.


Tel: +44 1622 693200, Fax: +44 1622 693201

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Plastics for longer life – Increase machine life

with polymers

Eliminate lubrication and minimize maintenance. Thereby reduce

cost and also by attractive prices and quick deliveries. This is

the core idea and these are the goals for all igus® products,

systems, and services. igus® plastics and their tested features

in life-cycles, friction, and strength are always the core of igus®

products. This catalog presents over 55.000 products.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Polish, Magyar.


Tel. +49-22 03 / 96 49-800, Fax +49-22 03 / 96 49-222,

New Catalog Dispensers and Metering Pumps

New Catalog of precision Dispensers and Metering Pumps for

Laboratory, Industrial, Process and OEM applications. New

products include the V300 Variable Speed Control, the VMP Versatile

Programmable Dispensing System and the Smooth-flo

Precision Low Flow Pulseless Delivery System. FMI products features

unique piston-type positive displacement units with No

Valves, Low-Dead Volume, 1% accuracy, a ceramic/fluorocarbon

fluid path, and a range from 500 Nanoliters per dispense

up to 4,600 ml/min continuous metering.


Control Module

with internal PLC

The KurtUSB

MLX modular

building block

processes input

from various

electrical signals

with high speed

and accuracy

and can provide


responses for automatic

operation. The MLX can easily be

configured to work with several different

types of devices including LVDT

probes, air to electric transducers, temperature

sensors and eddy current sensors.

With an internal PLC, the MLX can be programmed

with industry standard ladder

logic to inputs and can control complex

automated equipment through discrete

outputs, stepper motors, analog outputs,

or remote DeviceNet devices.


Tel. +1-763-5724593

Fax +1-763-5748368

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Particle Counter


The ACM20 Z2 is compact and portable, allowing

quick, accurate and safe detection

of contaminants to be carried out at refineries,

pipeline distribution terminals, storage

depots and airports. Designed to replace

traditional and often time consuming qualitative

test methods, the device offers online

quantitative tests. In particular, it can

be used to detect moisture and particulate

contaminants down to 4microns in size, that

enter the fuel distribution chain during

installation, maintenance or repair, or

through damaged or worn parts.


Tel. +44-1442-458000

Fax +44-1442-458111

Enter 20455 at

360° Angle Sensor

accurate and compact

PRAS2 is a dependable, contact-free and

wear-free angular position sensor that uses

an external permanent magnet to measure

angles from 0° to 360° with a typical resolution

of 0.1°. Available with analogue

outputs: 4-20mA, 0.5-4.5V and 0.5-10V, the

measurement circuitry is shielded from external

environment conditions and is shockand

vibration-resistant. Available in 20mm

flat, 36 mm diameter servo flange IP68

stainless steel housing, it can be quickly installed

in limited space.


Tel. +49-8123-9860

Fax +49-8123-986500

Enter 16445 at



This multi-clasp padlock

for lockout/tag-outprocedures

features a

standard fixedwidth

hasp shape

and sports a highlyvisible,


coded, polyester

powder coated finish.

The lock has

room for six individual

padlocks to

be attached, allowing

multiple workers

to lock off the same machine. The lock

will not open until each separate padlock has

been removed. This ensures that the lockedoff

equipment cannot be reactivated until

everyone has completed their work, and safe

operation can continue.


Tel. +44-20-82001200

Fax +44-20-89059378

Enter 20452 at

Pressure Regulator

up to 1,400l/min

Both the LED and LCD display versions of

the VPPM proportional pressure regulator

feature an 1/8” proportional pressure

valve, offer a choice of G1/8 or PRS

manifold connection, and are available

with a pressure range of 0-2, 0-6 or 0-10bar.

The latter model accommodates a flow

rate of up to 1,400l/min. By employing a

cascaded dual-stage regulator design,

each with its own pressure sensor, the

VPPM provides a high level of control, with

coarse and fine adjustment facilities.


Tel. +49-711-3474032

Fax +49-711-3472138

Enter 20552 at

Digital Controller

programming control

The RE23 type digital controller is destined

to control temperature in furnaces, dryers,

injection moulding machines and others. It

features universal input (thermocouples,

resistance thermometer, analogue standard

signals). Control according the program:

maximally 9 segments with or without repetitions.

The segment time ranges from 0 to

999 min. Program starts from the currently

measured value or from the set point, after

finishing the program, continuation the

control of the last set point or output switching

off. It offers relay or binary 0/6V output.

Setting of PID parameters is manual or by

means of the auto adaptation.


Tel. +48-68-3295100

Fax +48-68-3295101

Enter 20717 at

Drives and motors

ACOPOSmulti from B&R: Modular cooling system,

simple wiring, trend-setting power supply with pow-

scalable inverters, high availability, integrated safety


Innovative PC technology

Perfection in Automation

Automation PC from B&R: Intel ® Pentium ® M, Core

Duo and Core2 Duo processors, scalable, fan-free,

dual independent display operation, 1 Gbit Ethernet,

integrated UPS, CompactFlash, hard disk, DVD.

Automation Panel from B&R: visualization and operation,

display diagonals from 10.4" to 21", modular

add-ons, illuminated ring keys, operation up to 160 m.

Perfection in Automation

X20 and X67 System from B&

troller - with IP20 or IP67 protection, powerful CPUs,

expandable bus controllers, removable terminal

blocks, unequaled component density, hot-pluggable

electronics, seamless integration of IP67 I/O,

Perfection in Automation


Ethernet POWERLINK: 100% deterministic, precision

er-level controller, uniformity with standard Ethernet

protocols (TCP, UDP, IP), implementation of standard

Ethernet hardware, implemented in over 210,000

nodes worldwide at 200 machine manufacturers.

Perfection in Automation

Integrated safety technology

Integrated Safety Technology from B&R: open standard,

fastest real-time capable safety bus system on

the market, SIL 3 at bus cycle times of 200 µs, smartsafe

reactions, no extra wiring, remote safety technology,

fully integrated in existing topologies, scalable

solution for simple or complex machines.

Perfection in Automation

Perfection in Automation

Integrated Continuous software architecture is for

the your fast machine lane to software. your

automation Automation solutions! Studio

Automation Studio by B&R: programming, real-time operating system, visualization, motion, safety, diagnostics and project organization.

Automation Studio from B&

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MultiMessage advertisement Issue N°11 • November 2007 17

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Perfection in Automation

18 Issue N°11 • November 2007




Brushless micro motor

■ Smallest dimensions with

only Ø 3 mm

■ No cogging

■ For combination with

planetary gearhead, output

torque up to 0.88 mNm

■ Available with spindle and

gearhead as linear actuator

and other custom executions

Based on ironless, self supporting

skew-wound copper coil

Please visit our German Exhibition:


27.– 29.11.07 · Hall 4, Booth 520



Tel. +49 7031 638-0

For SLI: enter 14901 at

Motors & Drives

Drives move mining town

in Sweden

At LKAB’s concentrating and pelletizing plants in Kiruna,

drives control pumps, fans, conveyors and feeders

Courtesy of LKAB

Kiruna, a tiny mining town 200 km north of the

Arctic Circle in the northern Sweden is

today known also as a town that is sinking. Therefore,

Kiruna is in the process of being moved to

another location because of the cracks that have

been developed in the mine wall under the town

during its 100-year long history in mining. To

save the town and to provide an international hightech

minerals group LKAB, with access to the

iron ore lying under Kiruna, the town officials have

made extensive plans for relocating the town

centre. LKAB, in turn, has started a major investment

program of 1.1 billion EUR to increase

production capacity for iron ore products in the

region from the current to 30 Mt by 2008.

Reliability and fast service are the keys

High production goals cannot be reached without

reliable and smoothly operating processes. When

LKAB was selecting a drives supplier for their

new concentrating and pelletizing plants in Kiruna,

a vital part of their major investment

program, they knew whom to turn to. During a

period of several years, Vacon has supplied roughly

100 AC drives to control pumps and fans at LKAB’s

concentration plant (KA2) in Kiruna, and the

ventilation system in the tunnels of the mining caves

in Malmberget, 75km from Kiruna. In

Malmberget, some of the Vacon AC drives are

located almost 1,000m under ground. This depth

poses many risk factors to electrical equipment.

Consequently, for the essential task of pump,

fan, conveyor and feeder control at LKAB’s new

concentrating plant (KA3) and pelletizing plant

(KK4) under construction in Kiruna, LKAB has

chosen Vacon AC drives. About 200 air- and liquid-cooled

NXP drives of 690 V will be controlled

via Profi bus. CANbus will be used for communication

with the maintenance system. Commissioning

of the plants will take place this winter,

and the plants are expected to be operational

in April 2008. In mining processes where a downtime

can raise to hundreds of thousands of Euros

per day, the reliability of the equipment is of

utmost importance. The other fundamental issue

is fast service. With Vacon’s subsidiary located

in Sweden, support and service are available

at short notice when needed.

Liquid cooling for demanding environments

Liquid cooling enables the use of cabinets with a

high protection class – this is why the liquid-cooled

AC drives are ideal for the underground excavation

industry, where dust and humidity are major risk

factors. These drives are well suited for locations

where air cooling would be difficult, expensive

or impractical, or where the installation space is at

a premium. The liquid-cooled units, which use

normal drinking water as coolant, have a very

compact construction and a low noise level as no

large fans, additional air conditioning or filtered

ventilation systems are needed. A low noise level

also means a better working environment. An

additional factor that contributed to the choice was

their heat loss transportation. Inconcentrating

and pelletizing plants, the air is filled with coal and

iron ore dust. The liquid-cooled drives make it

possible to transport the heat losses outside the

electrical room without ventilating the room and

cabinets with the surrounding air.

A town driven to a new location

With an ore body of about 4 km long and an

estimated depth of more than 2 km, LKAB Kiruna

mine is the world’s largest, most modern underground

iron ore mine. To date, more than one

billion tonnes have been mined, and the present

main level is at a depth of 1,045m. Mining towns

elsewhere in the world have struggled with the

problem of sinking earth, but in most cases, the

approach has been to prop up sinking buildings

rather than move them. This massive and expensive

move operation of Kiruna, a city of 23,000

people, will take a few tens of years, maybe even

more than one hundred years.


Tel. +358-20-12121 • Fax +358-20-1212205

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Brushless Motor

optional IP67 version

With two options of voltage range

(7.5-59 or 12-95VDC), the IntB range

is capable of producing continuous

power outputs of 0.5kW with a peak

value of 1kW. In addition, it also offers

a wide range of feedback and positioning

options, allowing IntB motors

to be easily integrated into various

systems. As all the electronics are

integrated into the motor, the IntB

range of motors have far less wiring,

reduced conduits and panel space.


Tel. +44-1202-599922

Fax +44-1202-599955

For SLI: enter 20544


750W Motor

with IP65 protection

The large MAC800 motor (750W) is

suited for applications in more demanding

environments. The IP65

protection of the motor has been

achieved by replacing the ventilator

built into the cooling fins with

large fins. In addition, a water-tight

seal of the axle bearing has been

achieved using an IP67 Rulon Teflon

bush. This has a low friction and requires

no lubrication. The flange

and shaft are made of stainless steel.


Tel. +45-45-824440

Fax +45-45-8225550

For SLI: enter 20606


Speed Control

integrated velocity control

The MdrivePlus product line increases

functionality with the integration of

a digital oscillator for accurate speed control

in the MDrive34Plus2 Speed Control.

This all-in-one solution utilises a NE-

MA size 34 high-torque brushless 1.8°

motor, with NEMA size 17 and 23 motors

also available. The MDrive34Plus2

accepts a broad input voltage range from

12 to 75VDC. Oversized input capacitors

are used to minimize power line surges.

The product offers an operating range

of -40 to 75°C.


Tel. +1-860-2956102

Fax +1-860-2956107

For SLI: enter 20669


Electric Motors

0.09 to 200kW


For SLI: enter 16894 at

Motors & Drives Issue N°11 • November 2007 19

The 4KTCD series of electric

motors is suitable for use in

potentially explosive dust

atmospheres in zones 21 and

22. Features include an axis

height of 71 to 315mm and

0.09 to 200kW power. The

standard explosion protection

for the electric motors is II 2D

IP65 135ºC. The increased

mechanical protection of class IP65 prevents the potentially explosive

dust atmosphere from permeating into the electric motor

and igniting. The motors are ATEX certified.


Tel. +49-7931-597198 • Fax +49-7931-597498

For SLI: enter 20442 at

Drive System

Highly effi cient compact drives –

outstanding performance / volume ratio

Brushless DC-Servomotors

The modern design optimally complements

the FAULHABER product range.

The new line of sensorless, electronic

commutated DC-Servomotors is


Ø 15 & 22 mm, lengths 24 ... 48 mm

The characteristics of these motors in

modular design are remarkable:

Excellent dynamics:

- FAULHABER system coil

- Neodymium magnet rotor

Sensorless, electronic


Very reliable - long life

The new servo amplifi er - an ideal

drive for speed control, making

these motors true power packs!

Miniature Motors

flat brushless DC

With a footprint of 32 x

11.7mm, nuvoDisc is well-suited

for space-constrained applications

such as portable respirators

and barcode scanners.

A high-speed slotless design

significantly reduces vibration

and eliminates cogging to provide

smoother operation and better accuracy for maintaining a

stable speed compared with conventional miniature flat motors.

Offering speeds of up to 50,000rpm and mechanical power output

of up to 30W, nuvoDisc also reduces power supply requirements

by drawing less current. This minimises generated heat.


Tel. +41-32-9256111 • Fax +41-32-9256596

For SLI: enter 20540 at

ø 15 mm

L 24, 36 mm

BLD 4803-SL2P

ø 22 mm

L 32, 48 mm


6980 Croglio, Switzerland

Tel.: +41 (0)91 611 31 00

Fax: +41 (0)91 611 31 10


20 Issue N°11 • November 2007


We move innovation

For SLI: enter 16118 at

Our Commitment is to offer our

customers the best range of

products with the highest quality

of service to all sectors of

automation and industry

By not only meeting our

customers technical demands

and requirements but also

exceeding them we will increase

the level of technology we can

offer to all customers -

Our represented brands

SpeedyLINE @

A Delta Line Company


For SLI: enter 16156 at

Motors & Drives


low maintenance

Optibelt KBX-Power Kraftbands

are manufactured as

sleeves and with high section

accuracy by a special

milling process after vulcanisation.

Compared with

its' predecessors, it offers

improved materials and

optimised moulded cogs.


Tel. +49-5271-621

Fax +49-5271-976200

For SLI: enter 20543


Roller Chains


Extended Life CHP hard

chrome plated pins offer a

hard wear resistant pin

surface, resisting wear

longer than standard heat

treated pins, also in dry,

abrasive environments. Extended

Life CHP chain is interchangeable

with standard

ANSI chain, offering

wear and fatigue life performance

in extreme temperature



Tel. +1-815-5895438

Fax +1-815-5894420

For SLI: enter 20553



for motors

Additions to the ArmorStart

product line will allow users

in food and beverage applications

to benefit from

lower installation costs, reduced

engineering times

and easy maintenance. In

addition, voltage ratings

have been expanded to include

575V versions for all

products, including the Bulletin

284 with built-in PowerFlex

40 drive.


Tel. +44-1908-838800

Fax +44-1908-839696

For SLI: enter 19991


Compact Speed Controller

for brushless DC motors without sensors

The DECS 50/5

(Digital EC Controller


is a new controller

for driving brushless

DC motors

without Hall sensors.

The wide input

voltage range

of 10 to 50V

means that the

device is very flexible and adaptable. In continuous

operation, an output current of 5A of the power stage

is permissible, giving it a maximum output performance

of 250W. The speed value can be set via an integrated

potentiometer or an analogue set value. The 1-Q amplifier

can be operated at up to a maximum speed of

80,000rpm. The free choice of starting sequence allows

the attached motor to start up easily, even when

the motor data or load ratios are unfavourable. The unit

provides control inputs for selecting motor direction,

enable and braking. An operating status display (LED)

and speed monitor output complete the control features.


Tel. +41-41-6661500 • Fax +41-41-6661650

For SLI: enter 20691 at

Three-phase Motors

with permanently attached FCs

The three-phase gear motors

come with a motor rating of

0.37KW, complete with attached

frequency converter

(FC) in an aluminium casing

(protection class IP55).

There is no need for the

external cables and fitting

is that much faster. The electrical

connections to the motor are located within the

enclosed metal casing and both the power loss of the

converter and the voltage load of the motor are reduced.

Due to the modular structure of the system, only the relevant

component needs to replaced if the gear unit, motor

or FC becomes defective. The FC works with a cycle

frequency of approx. 10kHz (can be switched over to

16kHz). It is designed for 2-quadrant operation (driving

in both rotary directions). Braking is possible up to

the power rating that corresponds to the power loss of

the motor, with the motor being operated with overexcitation

during braking operation (with overvoltage),

i.e. the motor power loss will be greatly increased

during braking operation.


Tel. +49-208-780680 • Fax +49-208-498459

For SLI: enter 20675 at

Robust V-Belt

for aggressive environments

The Predator is a robust

V-belt with high

load capability, specially

designed for use on

problem drives that

need to perform well in

harsh environments

and on demanding applications.

Using aramid

tensile cords this V-belt

has a high shock load

resistance and virtually

zero stretch. This means less frequent retensioning and

increased productivity. A specially treated double fabric

cover provides abrasion resistance that makes them

withstand debris, punctures, slippage and shearing

forces. The outer surface of the double fabric cover is

manufactured in a bareback (non-rubber impregnated)

construction. This enables the belt to slip under heavy

shock and impulse loads without generating excessive

heat. It features a multiple layer tie band that provides

good lateral rigidity to prevent belts from turning

over or from coming off the drive.


Tel. +32-537-62606 • Fax +32-537-62745

For SLI: enter 20569 at

Servo Motion Solution

motors, amplifiers and controls in one

The Lexium PAC servo solution

combines high quality

servo motors with state

of the art amplifiers and

motion controls, simplified

programming software

as well as open communications

and embedded

Transparent Ready

web server technology. Suitable for a broad range of machines,

all standard motion control functions are provided

with up to 8 synchronised axes at high speed (2ms

for 4 axes) enabling linear and circular interpolation. Data

capture for distance and position measurements is

30us. Other advanced features include cam profiles

for slave axes and programmable logic switch control.

Complementing the motion control elements are the

Lexium 05 and 15 servo drive amplifiers and the low mass,

high dynamic response BSH or BDH servo motors. Two

software options are provided: Easy Motion for axes configuration

and editing; and Motion Pro which also has

IEC 61131 compliant software, electronic signaturing and

program code protection.


Tel. +33-141298500

For SLI: enter 20186 at

Explosion-protected Drives

for more cost-efficient, lighter solutions

Gas explosion-protected drives featuring “increased

safety” (Ex e) are generally approved for speed-controlled

operation with a frequency inverter. These geared motors

are lighter and cost up to 40% less than drives protected

by a “flameproof enclosure” (Ex de) design. Ex

e drives are suitable for use in Zone 1 and 2 and with

temperature class T3. Customized solutions may include

drives feasible for mounting in an inclined position,

and drives for applications with conditions such as

cooling air temperatures above 40°C, or particularly high

axial or radial forces.


Tel. +49-4532-4010 • Fax +49-4532-401253

For SLI: enter 20079 at

Rotary Actuator

in a compact unit

The TPM+ Rotary

Actuator combines a

planetary gearhead

with an AC servo

motor. The sun

wheel and the rotor

shaft are connected

without a

coupling. The unit

is half the length of

conventional motor

gearhead combinations and 20% shorter than alpha's

previous version. The TPM+ range includes five models

with ratios from 16-91, maximum output torques from

40-1, 600Nm, and maximum output speeds from 325-

431rpm. The helical tooth gearhead is said to operate

quietly with little vibration and to result in backlash of

less than 1 arcmin. Maintenance-free permanent magnet

brakes are connected to the stator. Drive components,

such as pinions, belt pulleys, and rotary indexing tables,

can be connected directly to the output flange. The actuator

has a rounded body design to reduce the buildup

of dirt.


Tel. +44-870-8440120 • Fax +44-870-8440140

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Motors & Drives Issue N°11 • November 2007 21

Roller Bearings

longer operating life

By optimising the raceway

geometry and outer ring

material on its range of X-life

yoke and stud type track

roller bearings, the basic rating

life has been increased by

up to 30% and improved

load carrying capacities by up

to 50%. In addition, the

optimised lateral surface

profile and the improved

surface quality of the outer

ring mean there is reduced

overall stress on the mating



Tel. +49-9132-820

Fax +49-9132-822130

For SLI: enter 19628


Linear Slides


These linear slides make use

of carbon fibres to achieve

ultra-smooth motion and

ultra-light linear slideways.

Tables are pre-lubricated

with oil, giving a maximum

of 30,000km under normal

operating conditions with

load ratio C/P at 10, and the

velocity at 1m/s. Two types of

cages are available depending

on mounting orientation.


Tel. +31-523-612258

Fax +31-523-615290

For SLI: enter 20541



highly accurate

With a measuring frequency

of 1kHz and a resolution

less than 30nm the SKR linear

actuators offer a unique

combination of rigidity, accuracy

and reliability in compact,

maintenance-free units

achieved through the use

of patented Caged Ball technology.

It reduces friction,

heat and noise, significantly

enhances both positional

accuracy, to within ±0.02mm,

and positional repeatability,

to ±0.003mm.


Tel. +49-2102-74250

Fax +49-2102-7425217

For SLI: enter 20072



For SLI: enter 19611 at

SIKO-DriveLine actuators:

Reach your target faster!


Hall 6, Booth 6-229

DriveLine actuators will give your application

the cutting edge over all your competitors.

Constant improvement in machine efficiency

and product quality is “child‘s play“ with this

flexible, modular automation technology.

Quality pays – Innovations made in Germany.

Challenge us and see!

For SLI: enter 15513 at

SIKO GmbH, fon +49 7661 394-0,




Electronic drive


Global services


Electrical Automation

Nürnberg 27. – 29. Nov. 2007

NORD: Hall 4, Stand 261

System configurations


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS proposes integral equipment configurations to drive users

in all sorts of industries. Comprehensive know-how, varied experience and the

fact that the majority of system components – gearboxes, motors, frequency

inverters, servo controllers and peripherals – is readily available from in-plant

production enable us to provide any drive solution the customer has in mind.

Whatever configuration is selected, the drive set up will be one of supreme

technical and economic efficiency.

CUSTOMERS' BENEFIT is our major objective. As one of the leading drive

specialists providing high-technology and high-quality products at short notice,

along with universal project support and reliable service worldwide, we use our

know-how to help our customers to be successful in their markets.


Getriebebau NORD

DRIVESYSTEMS · Phone +49 4532/401-0 · Box 1262 · D-22934 Bargteheide/Hamburg

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Exchange Engines and Parts

fast, economical, high quality alternative

The Xchange engines

and parts are available

for fast delivery

providing a quick and

economical alternative

to a full overhaul,

extensive repair, or

even a brand new engine

purchase. Reconditioned

to the highest

possible standard,

damaged or worn items are replaced with original

components. A product range with power outputs

from 4kW to 4,000kW is available, featuring compact,

space-saving engine platforms to minimise any potential

redesign costs. Their impressive power-to-weight ratio

and extremely high levels of reliability, combined with

long maintenance intervals, provide cost-effective operation

even in the most demanding conditions. Their

low noise and exhaust emissions, together with their suitability

for bio-diesel, and their economical fuel consumption,

enable users to fully optimise operating costs.


Tel. +49-221-8220 • Fax +49-221-3525

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Stepper Motor

with one-piece captive shaft

The Captive Linearstep

series includes

RoHS compliant,


stepper motors

with a one-piece

captive shaft. The

anti-rotation cap

allows the shaft

to actuate without

an external

guide mechanism

that is required with non-captive type linear stepper motors.

The Captive Linearstep produces linear motion in

a rotary size package with outside dimensions of 25 and

35mm, and a 30 mm stroke. Shaft travel in resolutions

from 0.01 to 0.05mm per step can yield up to 5kg of force.

The same drive circuit used for NPM tin-can type steppers

can drive the Captive Linearstep. The Captive Linearstep

has ball bearing shaft supports and a welded

motor case that ensure long life and durability. The

one-piece shaft could eliminate some misalignment issues

caused by two-piece shafts.


Tel. +81-3-38138841 • Fax +81-3-38132940

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Inverter Drives

IP65-rated, offers auto-tuning

The smv range of inverter

drives offer fast dynamic

torque response and sophisticated

auto-tuning in a

compact package. The smv

also offers ingress protection

to IP65 allowing for

outdoor use, operation in environments

with atmospheric

moisture present and protection

from low pressure water jets. The smv range is

designed for use in small motor application where dynamic

speed and torque control are required, such as

conveyors, food production, packaging lines and HVAC

systems. At launch, the smv drives are available in the

power range 0.25kW to 2.2kW for single-phase supplies

and up to 7.5kW for 3 phase supplies. Standard operating

modes include standard and enhanced V/Hz operation,

vector speed control and vector torque control.

A range of communication options are available in order

to integrate the smv into a wider machine or plant

control network, including DeviceNet, RS-485, LECOM,

CANopen, Ethernet/IP and Profibus.


Tel. +44-870-7872772 • Fax +44-1743-464329

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Motors & Drives Issue N°11 • November 2007 23

DC Motor Controllers

for restricted spaces

The non-isolated singlequadrant

variable speed

DC drives of the 340, 680

and 1220 series simply clip

onto a DIN rail. With a

footprint of 35x105mm,

they are suitable for installation

in existing control

panels as well as in new

designs where mounting

space is at a premium. The

controllers’ slim design

saves space and allows

placement adjacent to

other control panel components.

Easy access to

drive adjustments, plug on screw terminals and the

DIN-rail-mounting package mean that these controllers

clip into place without the need for further engineering.

The DC controllers are designed to control permanent-magnet

or shunt wound DC motors. Power ratings

range from 0.55 to 1.8kW at 180VDC armature voltage.


Tel. +44-1903-730000 • Fax +44-1903-730893

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Positioning Module

controls two motion axes

The ISI222 allows the total control

of two motion axes in motion

control applications. Various

interfaces and the high

functionality ensure precise

movements. The acquisition of

position and speed, as well as interrupt-capable

handling of

triggers and zero track information

provides the application

programs and SW controller

modules with the high level

of convenience and optimum

positioning results. The module features a number of

encoder interfaces for position acquisition, analogue

outputs for the application of manipulated variables,

as well as digital inputs for the zero initiator or trigger.

Input frequencies up to 8MHz and the integrated synchronisation

with the total system (IO-Bus-Sync) allow

highly dynamic and precise movements. In addition

to full compatibility with the proven M-SMC, M-CNC and

M-SHAFT controller modules can utilize the wide range

of integrated functions of the compact module.


Tel. +43-5522-34970 • Fax +43-5522-3497188

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Incremental or absolute encoder

Small size - Robust - Easy to integrate

Resistant to harsh environments - IP 67

Standard operating temperature -35° to +100°C

Wide range of power supplies 5/30V

Push Pull Electronic - SSI, CANopen interfaces


“We focus on your application”

B.P. 70044 - F 67013 STRASBOURG Cedex

Tél : 33 (0) 3 88 20 80 80 - Fax : 33 (0) 3 88 20 87 87 -

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Aargauerstrasse 7

CH-5610 Wohlen/Switzerland

Phone +41 56 618 21 11

Fax +41 56 618 35 35 Rely on us.




Condition Monitoring

Motor and machinery control

Automotive Aerospace

Viscosity & Consistency Measurement

Rotary Torque Measurement has been imprecise, expensive

and difficult to interface with shafts or readouts. Sensor Technology

has changed all that with their new technology, which

utilizes the phenomenon of Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW)


High Bandwidth

High Resolution

High Accuracy

High Sensitivity

High Reliability


Integral Digital Electronics

USB, RS232 Outputs

Voltage & Current Outputs


Angular Position

Transmitters are:

• Programmable

• Versatile

• Reliable

• Robust

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See us at

Stand 6-140

27-29 November 2007

For a system that offers a better performance at an even better price,

ring Sensor Technology. You’ll find they talk sense!

68 Heyford Park, Upper Heyford


SENSOR Tel: +44 (0)1869 238400

Fax: +44 (0)1869 238401




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for harsh conditions

The 8766A series is a family

of triaxial accelerometers

designed for demanding

industrial environments.

Based on Kistler's

PiezoStar shear element

design, the accelerometers

feature a wide frequency

range, low sensitivity to

temperature changes and high immunity to base strain

errors. These sensors are half the size and volume of previous

types, but feature integral hybrid microelectronics.

The very low sensitivity variation over the wide

operating temperature range is combined with high measurement

resolution, over 94dB of dynamic range and

frequency response from 1 to 5KHz on each axis. The

Type 8766A series can be specified with a TEDS interface

and a wide operating temperature range from -54 to

165°C. Its cube design, with threaded mounting holes

on three sides, provides flexibility in mounting for

both calibration and measurement installation. Applications

include NVH testing and structural analysis in industrial,

automotive and aerospace applications.


Tel. +41-52-2241111 • Fax +41-52-2241414

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Direct Drive Servo Valve

with permanent magnets

The combination

of permanent


and electromagnetic


in this DDV result

in spool

driving forces

considerably larger than those that can be obtained by

solenoid coils alone.In operation, the electromagnetic coils

act as ‘switches’ that divert the permanent magnetic

flux paths; effectively acting as an amplifier, but without

drawing additional current from the drive electronics. The

result is that the spool position control is ‘stiff’ and well

able to counter the flow forces that are created on the

spool when the valve is passing high flow rate at high pressure.

In contrast, conventional proportional valves where

high flow and high pressure performance is demanded

face a conflict between ‘stiffness’ and drive current that

cannot always be resolved. The product family covers a

range of rated flows from 1.9 up to 15.1l/min. The dynamic

performance of the valve is largely insensitive to system

pressure, which can be up to 350bar.


Tel. +44-1684-278249

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Discrete I/O Modules

eliminate intermittent signals

The BradControl family of I/O

modules provides a solution

for connecting industrial controllers

communicating on industrial

networks to I/O devices.

The Classic 60mm wide I/O

modules for Modbus TCP (UDP)

come in an 8-port 16 channel

format with the availability of

multiple I/O configurations supporting

both PNP and NPN input devices. The I/O module

operates as a slave device in the Ethernet control system,

gathering signals and data from local field devices.

Each module comes equipped with diagnostic LEDs

providing status information on network, power, inputs

and outputs. It features a built-in 2-port switch for

network connections, and a four digit display for addressing

and status information. To facilitate input and output

device wiring modules accept standard threaded M12

connectors or the Ultra-Lock connection system. The Ultra-Lock

connection system provides push-to-lock mechanism

to provide fast, simple and secure connections between

the I/O module and the I/O devices.


Tel. +49-7252-94960 • Fax +49-7252-9496199

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Roller Screws

withstand heavier loads

The SR and SV

roller screws are

able to withstand

far heavier loads

than traditional

ball screws, while

maintaining high

levels of precision

and stability at all

times. This is achieved by transferring the load from the

nut to the screw shaft through threaded or grooved rollers,

which provide stronger contact points than ball bearings,

providing reliability and long low maintenance service

life for machinery. The range consists of the SR

planetary roller screw and the SV re-circulating model.

The SR is a robust steel device, featuring threaded

non-recirculating rollers and a long lead symmetrical nut

allowing a shock-resistant high-load carrying capacity

of up to 12,000kN. Likewise, the re-circulating SV roller

screw offers high positional accuracy and fine resolution

capabilities, with precision and reliability achieved

through its compact 1mm leads, which minimise drive

torque and improve resolution.


Tel. +44-1582-496364 • Fax +44-1582-504203

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Scalable PCs

in compact size

With compact dimensions



B6, B2 and B1 of

the BookSize PC

family, are suitable

for use in industrialenvironments.

The IPCs in book format are used in thin-client

applications, e.g. in POS/POI stations (operator terminals)

or in data networks. In contrast to desktop PCs, they

offer maximum reliability and operational security coupled

with guaranteed long-term availability. The PCs are

based on Mini-ITX boards differ in processor power

and the available interfaces. The palette ranges from

the Intel Core 2 Duo for high-end applications, includes

the Intel Pentium/Celeron, down to the VIA-C7

processor as low-cost variant. For the connection of peripheral

devices, a range of interfaces specific for each

module is supported: USB 2.0, LAN, VGA, audio, keyboard/mouse,

PS/2, and serial and parallel interfaces. For

the correct temperature in the computer, a regulated

housing fan and an additional CPU fan is provided.


Tel. +49-89-15798250 • Fax +49-89-15-798250

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Directional Sounder

improves building evacuation speed

The ExitPoint instinctively

attracts people towards

its source in both good

and poor visibility. The

units generate sound pulses

of low, medium and

high broadband noise that

make it possible for people

to identify accurately

the location of the source.

Directional sound is recognised

by a primitive part of the human brain and people

are instinctively drawn to the noise. They can therefore

be aurally directed to the nearest emergency exit,

reducing evacuation times by up to 75% in tests. The

device operates at 24VDC, has five user-selectable power

settings so that it can be optimised to its installed environment.

It is also available with an optional voice messaging

capability that will reinforce the meaning of the

tones to people, advising them that following the

tones they are being led to the nearest emergency exit,

further improving the effectiveness of the units in reducing

evacuation times.


Tel. +44-1527-406655 • Fax +44-1527-406677

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Power Monitoring Device

reduces operating costs

The Sentron PAC3200 precisely acquires

the current, voltage and energy

values of loads in industrial

buildings. The device thus creates

transparency for operators

to reduce energy costs and operating

costs. It is suitable for use

direct in 690-volt industrial systems

and it can take single-phase, twophase

or three-phase measurements. Higher voltages

can also be measured using voltage transducers. Thanks

to the high level of measuring accuracy in accordance

with IEC62053-22, the device can also be used as a meter

for company-internal billing. The active and reactive

energy counter provides further information and the

working hours counter serves as a runtime control for

the connected loads. Integral digital inputs and one output

can be used for control and signalling tasks or for

energy metering (S0). Users can parameterise the device

direct onsite or remotely via the communications interface.

In a higher-level power management system, the

measured data can be assigned and analysed down

to the level of individual loads.


Tel. +49-911-9783273 • Fax +49-911-9783321

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Entry Reader System

for handsfree identification up to 4m

The Transit entry

reader combines

the convenience

of traditional

door automation

with the security

of restricted access.

The handsfree

access system

is made up

of a reader and a

tag. The readers

are installed next to a door or gate. A long range tag

visible in line of sight of the reader will be identified and

depending on authorization the access is granted. The

system reads at distances up to 4m reliable and consistently.

It is suitable for situations where people cannot

use their hands to present their ID badge to open the

door, but where high security needs to be maintained.

The system can be installed next to a door without

the need for any additional mounting accessories or wiring.

The reader is foreseeing of Wiegand communication for

seamless integration in existing access control systems.


Tel. +31-544-471666 • Fax +31-544-464255

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Industrial Controller

based on an open, embedded PC platform

The RTU32 offers

the features

of an industrial



with the robust,industrialperformancenormally


with a standard PLC. The device is compact with builtin

power supply, UPS facility, digital and analogue I/O.

The open 32-bit WinCE platform offers fast, real-time

control and gives you the flexibility required to implement

solutions involving the individual control and

monitoring of applications within the process and automation

market. It is also an advanced network communicator

with RS232/485, Ethernet and USB ports,

which can handle standard as well as application specific

protocols like Modbus, IEC60870 and SNMP. Programming

of the controller is done using a standard

EN/IEC61131-3 PLC type of programming language,

applying simple configuration tools.


Tel. +45-46-740000 • Fax +45-46-757336

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… …

Industrial Data


Westermo produces a full range of data communication and

Ethernet equipment designed to provide solutions within the

most demanding environments typically found in railway, aeronautical,

military, water, substation, road and tunnel applications.

The people at Westermo strive to provide the highest levels

of service and technical support to assist our customers in the

selection, confi guration and installation of the best solution for

each specifi c application. Our knowledge goes far beyond our

own product range, we have a unique competence about your

environment whether it is on a train, in an aircraft, on the seabed

or in a substation.

To ensure a close relationship with our customers, Westermo

has a local presence in more than 30 Countries.

Westermo has three main product lines, Remote Access,

Local Access and Industrial Ethernet which include more than

a thousand different models and versions of our modems,

switches, routers, time servers and converters as well as the

world’s fastest recovery time redundant Ethernet ring.

… tel. +46 16 42 80 00

Issue N°11 • November 2007 25

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Rotary and Linear Motion Sensors


See us at


Hall 6, Stand 113

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WLAN System

IP67 protection

The BAT54-F system

WLAN system meets

the requirements of

protection class IP67

and is offered additionally

in a version

for hazardous environment

zone 2. The

devices support all

common operating

modes such as bridge, point-to-multipoint or infrastructure.

Further characteristics include extensive management,

security and quality-of-service functions.

Thanks to the robust design of the WLAN system, radio

networks can also be set up under extreme ambient conditions

such as those which prevail in railway traffic or

the petrochemical industry. The devices which have

two radio modules with two antenna connections each

and which can be mounted on the wall or on a mast are

designed for a temperature range of -20 to 60°C. M12

connections and a redundant power supply (two 24V

and one 48V connection) help to ensure a high operational



Tel. +49-7127-140 • Fax +49-7127-141214

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Reeling Energy Cables

in polyurethane sheath

The Buflex X'Prem is designed

to boost the performance

and durability

of cranes operating at

high speeds of up to

150m/min in general industrial

applications. Its

design improves the cable

in terms of traction

and durability, without

needing to increase its

size. The thinner and

lightweight polyurethane

sheath enables similar

performance to standard rubber sheathed reeling cables,

but within a smaller overall diameter and enhanced

abrasion resistance. The cable is available in both

a low-voltage, yellow version, for applications up to 1kV

and a medium-voltage, red or black, version for applications

from 6kV to 20 kV. The copper twisted pair cables

or optical fibres can be integrated within the cable

to combine advanced control solutions with the crane

power supply.


Tel. +33-1-56698400 • Fax +33-1-56698484

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Code Reader

reads through paint

This hand-held reader,

Locus, is able to decode

Data Matrix and

human readable

marks concealed by

paint or other industrial

coatings including

oil and grease, to a

depth in excess of

1mm. The device uses

ultra sound technology to automatically adapt its reading

capabilities to compensate for the varying thickness

of the covering layer of paint, dirt or other forms of contamination.

Unlike conventional ultrasound technology,

it does not require a fluid coupling medium and operates

using only dry coupling with the surface containing

the hidden code. The reader’s interface also provides

options for configurable parameters that can be fine tuned

for ensuring image optimisation, including the ability

to read codes marked around the circumference of a component.

The hand- held unit is powered by Li-ion batteries

which can be charged via USB or external cable.


Tel. +44-114-2766044 • Fax +44-114-2766890

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HVAC Thermostats

ensure best fit and value

A new ST range of competitively

priced plant thermostats,

designed to cover a

wide variety of typical HVAC

applications ensure “best

fit”, ease of specification and

best value for its customers.

The range features immersion,

duct, wall-mounted,

capillary and remote bulb thermostats with a choice of concealed

or exposed adjustment options. All thermostats are

robustly constructed to ensure optimum reliability and ease

of installation. The thermostats liquid filled sensing elements

give the rapid response and accurate switching differentials

needed for efficient control of modern building services

plant. Versions are available with single and multistage

switching as well as adjustable differential and

manual reset versions for limit control. The IP65 casing means

the thermostats may be used outside or in dusty, damp,

polluted, and industrial environments. The generous internal

space and clearly labeled terminals simplifies installation

and the generous switch load rating avoids the need

for contactors and interface relays.


Tel. +44-1732-861200 • Fax +44-1732-861226

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Measurement Instruments

for temperature

Each TEMPpoint

temperature measurement


is a stand-alone box

with 48 separate 24bit

resolution inputs,

as well as a

USB or Ethernet

port for connecting

to a PC. Each of the

48 channels has a dedicated 24-bit A/D converter as well

as a dedicated CJC circuit to ensure highest accuracy for

the reference temperature. Signal protection is ensured

by 1000V channel-to-channel galvanic isolation.

The units feature an auto-calibration function. The

automatic linearisation for B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T type

thermocouples is done in the system and the results are

sent with 0,1° resolution to the network. TEMPpoint also

includes constant throughput across all channels at

rates up to 15Hz per channel, Thermocouple Easy Connect

for fast setup, 8 opto-isolated digital input lines for

monitoring and 8 opto-isolated digital output lines

for driving relays.


Tel. +49-7142-95310 • Fax +49-7142-953113

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Dual Technology Sensor

for safety and automation

The ACTIV8 is combining

a 24GHz microwave


aimed to detect

the motion as well

as the direction of

a mobile and a

double IR curtain

dedicated to presence,


and position sensing.

The radar detectivity

is optimal

up to 4m for targets with a speed range of 5cm/s to 3m/s.

At the ground level, the motion detection field is up to

4 x 2m and the IR curtain is covering an area of 35cm

x 1 or 2m. The device is designed for indoor and outdoor

use, adapting itself to environmental perturbations

like sun light, rain, snow, HF lighting, background variations

as well as vibrations. The sensor is compact

(262x55x44 mm) and its detection parameters are set by

means of a remote control. It is complying with EN954-

1 CAT 2 and EN61508 SIL 2.


Tel. +32-4-3616565 • Fax +32-4-3612858

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Control System

Hard and software come from one source,

which guarantees continuity and optimal


Modular system with a vast number of

standard products

Short development cycles due to object

oriented programming

Low costs of ownership

Numerous tools for servicing, remote

maintenance and update


resolution 19 “ TFT color displays with touch

With or without integrated control

Full integration into the system with the


Only ONE programming software for all


Compact design

Comfortable operation

Numerous interfaces:




Drive Technology

Complete motion solutions

Drives, motors and software from one


Ideal interaction with control


Low heat generation

No unnecessary overhead

Fast and easy start-up

No additional software tool needed for


complete LASAL MOTION classes

Error sources during programming are


Software LASAL

All automation functions in one package:

LASAL CLASS: Object oriented projecting

LASAL SCREEN: Visualization

LASAL MOTION: Drive technology

LASAL SERVICE: Service and remote maintenance

Object oriented programming with graphic representation

Continuous programming environment

Support of numerous programming languages


Clear organization, quick and easy to learn

Complete Solutions by SIGMATEK:

The Whole World of Automation

Control and I/O Systems Industrial PCs HMIs Software Bus Systems Motion Control

We have the ideal solution for your automation task.

Hardware and software come from one source: All

components of our control systems are developed and

produced at our headquarters in Austria. The all in one

software package LASAL makes a convincing impression


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MultiMessage advertisement Issue N°11 • November 2007 27


Ethernet based and hard real-time capable

Open standard that can be used by everyone:

Bus cycle time < 100 µs, isochronous access time 2.18 µs,

jitter < 100ns

Protocol implemented completely in hardware

Returned acknowledgement of each instruction within a

bus cycle

All data is valid at the end of the cycle

Easy implementation and programming

For SLI: 20730 at For SLI: 20731 at For SLI: 20732 at

For SLI: 20733 at

For SLI: 20734 at

with object oriented programming and a handy visualization

tool. Highly productive machine concepts can be realized

quickly and easily. The Industrial Ethernet bus system

with a higher level of integration.

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Newport’s UZS80 Series Vertical

Linear Stages are recommended for

high-precision vertical translation in

applications requiring submicron

resolution. The low-profile design

makes them particularly suited for

space-limited XYZ positioning applications.

For more information, visit

or call us!

Belgium/ Netherlands

Tel: +31-(0)30 659 21 11


Tel: +33 (0)


Tel: +49 (0) 61 51 / 708 – 0

UZS80 Series

Vertical Linear Stages


Tel: +39-(0)2/92.90.921

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1235 432710

Key Features

• 4.5 mm vertical motion in a

very low profile design

• High load capacity based on

opposing wedges motion


• 0.2 µm incremental motion


• Exceptional low run-out errors

Reserve your free copy of the

2008 Newport Resource at:


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You Can’t Buy

A Better Reel.

■✓ ✓ Heavy gauge steel spun disks

■✓ ✓ Heavy gauge welded frames

■✓ ✓ Heavy duty ribbed construction

■✓ ✓ Sturdy one-piece hub assembly

■✓ ✓ Steel drum with fully welded seam

■✓ ✓ Heavy duty chain drive

■✓ ✓ High performance swivel joints

■✓ ✓ Full custom capabilities

Download or call for your FREE

Hose and Cable Reels catalogs





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Conveyor System

allows for flexible solutions

The Monorail conveyor

system operates with workpiece

holders, therefore

product changeovers can

be completed easily and

very quickly by the use of

special mechanical additions

on the holder top.

These work-piece holders can be utilised for almost

all products or assemblies for a weight of 5kg maximum,

such as in the automotive, medical technology, smaller

home appliances, etc. The transport track of the

work-piece holders can also be set for multidirectional

moves. Every work-piece holder features an own

data memory allowing the documentation of all single

manufacturing steps and the efficient introduction of

traceability schemes in the production process. The response

time of the system for the identification of

work-piece holders at the single indexing stations is 0.8sec.

The Monorail system includes also the IPTE/Prodel Turbo

Controller process control system. As an option,

the decentralised software package Turbo Kit can be



Tel. +32-89-623000 • Fax +32-89-623010

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Automation Computer

for extreme applications

With a Pentium M 1.4GHz processor and up to 1GB DDR

SDRAM, the UNO-2171 is the most powerful representative

of the UNO family of industrial computers. The

unit features a robust aluminium profile housing.

Thanks to the use of Solid State Disks, it is practically maintenance-free

and well-suited for extreme applications.

A 2.5” hard disk can also be integrated into the compact

housing. A PC/104+ expansion enables the integration

of field bus cards, and others. An externally accessible

PC card slot is also available. Standard peripheral

components can be connected via 2x 10/100Base-T,

2x RS-232, 2x RS-232/422/485, 1x PS/2 and 2x USB 2.0. A

512KB battery-buffered memory is available for backing

up the last system status and data records in the event

of a power failure.


Tel. +49-7121-90000 • Fax +49-7121-900099

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Stop cable failure

Chainflex ®


750 Chainflex ® cables for Energy Chains ® ex-stock.

Special stranded cables avoid the corkscrew

effect. Delivery without charges for cutting and

non minimum lengths.

New catalogue with more than 55 000 products.

Order your copy free of charge.

igus ® GmbH

Tel. +49-2203-9649-0

Fax +49-2203-9649-222

plastics for longer life ®

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Visit us at SPQ/IPC/Drives Hall 5 Booth 206





Ultra-small Fanless PC

for less demanding applications

The EPC-200 is a complete

PC in a tiny, palmsized


housing, designed for

applications where raw

processing power is not

required. Typical embedded

uses would be in

POS kiosks, protocol converters, machine controllers, display

managers and similar uses. The unit does not need

forced cooling and, despite its compact dimensions, it

is a fully featured PC, able to run the Linux o/s from a

bootable Compact Flash card or USB memory stick for

desktop applications if required. It conforms to the

VESA mounting requirements so that it can be mounted

directly on the back of a screen or it can be secured

to any convenient points on an enclosure. The

200MHz x86 CPU has 128Mbyte of RAM. An internal 2.5"

HDD is optionally available; the boot options in the BIOS

support booting from USB, Compact Flash, or HDD. A

single Ethernet LAN interface and a 1024x768 VGA

driver are on the motherboard; 1 x RJ-45 LAN port, 2 x

RS-232 COM ports, 2 x USB 2.0 ports.


Tel. +44-1489-780144 • Fax +44-1489-783589

For SLI: enter 20303 at

Speed Sensors

10-30VDC voltage rate

In harsh environments

where non contact

speed sensing and

control are required,

for example to control

the slip of AC induction

motors, the

measurement resolution

is usually derived

from the number of gear teeth of the target. Often, the

desired resolution is higher than the diameter of the pole

wheel and the minimum size of the module would allow.

The DSI family of speed sensors seeks to alleviate

this problem through providing speed signals with frequency

16 times higher than the number of teeth of the

original pole wheel. Internally the sensors use analogue

Hall Effect elements, measuring the change of magnetic

field created by the gear rotation. Sinus and cosinus

signals are generated and then processed in real

time to produce two streams of rectangular pulses

with 90° phase shift. The number of pulses resulting from

each gear tooth varies from 4 to 16, depending on

the model.


Tel. +41-61-3068822 • Fax +41-61-3068818

For SLI: enter 20547 at

Pushbutton Switch

for harsh environments

The PA pushbutton

switch series offer robust,

IP67 rated unit

with standard circular

bezel new PA

pushbutton switches

come with encapsulated

flying lead

or rear gold plated

silver solder lug terminations

as standard, and a choice of snap-in or 12mm

diameter threaded mounting with anti-rotation bushing.

With nine button colours, a further four LED options,

1.5mm travel, and typically a 3N operating force

the PA momentary action push-button switch series is

at home in harsh, all weather environments. The illuminated

versions afford simple, easy identification,

whilst the non illuminated range offers optional customized

button marking. Practical for use with panel

thickness of 0.8 - 4.00mm PA switches feature a mechanical

life of one million operations. The switches are

rated with an operating temperature of -40 to 85°C, and

a dielectric strength of 1,000VAC rms.


Tel. +886-2-22409060 • Fax +886-2-22409070

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SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

Rodless Thrust Cylinders

oval piston construction

The RTC (Rodless

Thrust Cylinder) pneumatic

cylinders feature

oval piston construction,

which allows

for high loads

and torques resulting

in a space saving design.

The cylinders in

the RTC series are

available is four versions,

each designed

specifically for the job at hand be it for applications requiring

cost-effectiveness, high precision, high performance

or compact dimensions. While the basic version

RTC-BV is suitable for universal use, RTC-CG (Compact

Guide) version packs precision features into compact

dimensions. RTC-EG (E-Line Guide) represents the

cost-effective guided version of rodless cylinders, and

the RTC-HD (Heavy Duty) version is designed for handling

extremely heavy loads. The cylinders are available

in a wide selection of diameters, ranging from 16 to 80mm,

and a maximum stroke length of 9,900mm.


Tel. +49-9352-180 • Fax +49-9352-1840

For SLI: enter 20621 at

1000-Watt Power Supply

with 10 output voltages

The HWS1000 series

of 1000-Watt power

supplies are suitable

for powering

process control, ATE,

factory automation

and other equipment

where high reliability

and extended life

under extreme conditions

is required. The units are available in 10 nominal

output voltages including: 3.3, 5, 6, 7.5, 12, 15, 24,

36, 48 and 60-volts. In addition, most models can be adjusted

up to +/-20% of its nominal voltage to accommodate

non-standard system voltages. The 7 through 60volt

models have a peak power rating of up to 1200W

when operated with a line voltage of 200VAC or higher.

The supplies accept a wide range of input voltages

from 85 to 265VAC and complies with the EN61000-3-

2 power factor and harmonic correction standards.

The power supplies include an integral extended-life fan

and can be operated in an ambient temperature range

up to -10 to 71°C.


Tel. +44-1271-856666 • Fax +44-1271-864894

For SLI: enter 20649 at

Pull-Wire Switches

with wire breakage detection

These pull-wire switches are

available in two basic versions

– the ZQ 900 and ZT 900. The

ZQ 900 is a safety emergency

switch, similar to an emergency-stop

switch, which fulfils

the requirements of the

new standard BS EN ISO

13850:2006 by latching in the

emergency-stop position if actuated

and requiring a manual

reset by means of a release

button. The ZT 900 version

has non-latching contacts and is suitable for non

safety-related applications. Both include wire breakage

detection that automatically switches to the ‘OFF’ position

if the actuating wire breaks or is removed. Both

switch ranges can be equipped with a maximum of four

contacts, be actuated from any point of the wire, and

be used as universal command devices. The convenient

location of the reset button on the ZQ 900 allows the

triggering of the safety function to be monitored,

even at large distances.


Tel. +49-202-64740 • Fax +49-202-6474100

For SLI: enter 20446 at


The right

turn for the

big jump

A vertical sensation: The VIRIO makes the jump to the balancing

of disk-shaped rotors a real pleasure. Even more accurate,

more flexible and even easier to operate. And guaranteed

to be safe to CE regulations. So – why not take the jump.


For SLI: enter 20630 at

Issue N°11 • November 2007 29

contactless, compact,

customerspecific = carefree

Hall effect sensor technology

Low profile controls

Customerspecific & standard versions

High quality & long lifespan

hall 6 • stand 441

Joysticks for 1 to 3 axes

Megatron is looking for distributors

in the UK. Please contact us.

Angle sensors

For SLI: enter 15727 at For SLI: enter 14961 at

30 Issue N°11 • November 2007 SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

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Single Board Computer

64bit, needs only one slot

Equipped with Intel’s

latest Core 2 Duo

processor T7500 with

a frequency of

2.2GHz, optionally also

with L7500 or

U7500, the F18 is the


member of the Intelbased


Single Europe product

family. The 64bit

board provides a 667/800-MHz frontside bus and high

performance graphics, which accelerate above all digital

image processing such as CAD tools, 2D/3D modeling,

video and rendering applications. The F18 is a 32bit/33

MHz system slot or stand-alone board and needs

only one slot on the CompactPCI bus. In combination

with a PCI Express side card the F18 can also be used as

a system slot board in CompactPCI Express systems.

Thanks to a fast, soldered 4GB DDR2 SDRAM, a CF slot

and a SATA hard disk slot the F18 offers abundant

memory space.


Tel. +49-911-993350 • Fax +49-911-99335901

For SLI: enter 20462 at

Heatsink Enclosures

allow in situ adjustment of electronics

The Lawtronics HSK extruded

aluminium units

consist of two sliding

channels together with

end panels. This

arrangement enables

the electronics to be

worked on in situ when

the top half of the casing

is slid open. The

free-standing or 3U rack

mount models provide

a rugged, low thermal impedance housing for sensitive

electronics. Eurocard boards can slide into internal

card guides, enabling power devices to be attached to

the heatsink section of the vertical wall with an M3 screw

and half nut, with no need for drilling. Two boards can

be mounted within the black anodised enclosure, and

standard spacers can be used to support heavy components.

Available in 160 or 220mm lengths, they have a

normal wall thickness of 2mm, increasing to 7mm adjacent

to power devices. Internal and external M4 nut

'T' slots are provided for mounting.


Tel. +44-1634-815175 • Fax +44-1634-826552

For SLI: enter 20654 at

High Voltage Modules

fibreglass-strengthened housing

The HiPro HV-

Module is

designed for

voltages up to

13kVDC (nominal

voltage) and

a rated current

of up to 30A.

Recessed Cucrimp-contacts

ensure high

damage and safety protection and can be attached to

different wire gauges from 0,5 – 4,0mm 2 . The PTFE

HV-Module withstands voltages up to 15kVDC and a rated

current up to 25A. It is available either as one-pin or twopin

configuration. Resistant against heat and creepache

current, the module can also withstand pulsed voltages.

Both modules are constructed within a molded and fibreglass-strengthened

housing and can be operated in

temperature ranges from -40 to 125°C. The modules are

inserted into a fixation frame and then into an IP65 cast

steel-housing available in different sizes with a wide variety

of locking-systems, cable-entries and –glands.


Tel. +49-8165-95020 • Fax +49-8165-950215

For SLI: enter 20461 at

Current Generator

programmable, multi-channel

The Yokogawa GS820


source/measure unit

is a programmable

DC voltage and current

generator capable

of high-speed and

highly accurate measurement

of the voltage,

current and other characteristics of semiconductor

devices and other electronic equipment. The GS820 is

capable of accurate voltage and current generation. The

unit also features a USB storage function. The GS820 can

simultaneously generate and measure two different types

of signal. Since up to four units can be connected to one

master unit, it is possible to expand the input/output

capacity to a maximum of 10 channels, making it possible

for the GS820 to simultaneously measure many functions

of multi-terminal and multifunctional semiconductor

devices. Parameters such as signal output switchover,

signal output range switchover, and measurement data

acquisition times can each be measured in approximately



Tel. +31-33-4641611 • Fax +31-33-4641859

For SLI: enter 20535 at

Fanless Box PC

lower power consumption

The IS-2100, a tiny

Box PC as a fanless

solution it also provides

small dimensions

of only 196.3

(W) x 68 (H) x 120

(D) mm. The embedded

control system

comes equipped with

an ADE-2100 board

and VIA V4 Bus Eden 1.0 GHz CPU to provide lower power

consumption with 5.5W. Due to integrated chipset

CX700M the Box PC can be equipped with DDR2 400/533

SODIMM memory up to 1GB. Graphic buffer size goes

to 128MB with MPEG-2/4 decoding supported and provides

dual display with VGA and DVI. The device can install

one 2.5" HDD and provide one CF socket, two serial

ports, dual Ethernet controllers, and six USB 2.0 ports

for communication with diverse devices with a high transfer

rate. Coming with the single +12V DC-in power input

and an optional VESA kit for most wall mounts or

the flat panel mounting, it adapts to various environments.


Tel. +49-221-954790 • Fax +49-221-95479-88

For SLI: enter 20531 at

Touchscreen Display

with improved functions

An new HG1F touchscreen

display has a

bright (500 cd/m 2 ) high

contrast monochrome

LCD with a resolution

of 300x100 pixels and

carries sixteen adjustable

brightness levels. An

analogue touch panel

means objects can be

expanded from the minimum

16x16 pixel size and placed anywhere on the screen.

The ability to display your application in landscape or

portrait mode with scrollable pages means the HG1F can

handle most complex tasks. High speed O/I links means

up to 16 HG1F units can be connected together for sharing

of information and when connected to a PLC, ladder

programming is possible if the pass through programming

mode is selected. The thin housing has all connection/access

points at the rear, RS232, RS485, programming,

replaceable battery and with a depth of only 35mm

means the HG1F can fit into the smallest of spaces.


Tel. +44-1256-321000 • Fax +44-1256-327755

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SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

Connector Jack

with magnetic filter and LED light pipes

The Y-ConJack-31 is a new

RJ45 connector jack for

PCB with integrated magnetic

filter, and LED light

pipes for the function display.

The jack is particularly

suited to industrial

applications such as industrial

Ethernet. The 90°-angled

jack for the THR PCB

is fitted with an all-round optimised EMV shielding

made of nickel-plated brass. The two integrated light

pipes on the left and right next to the mating face lead

the light forwards onto each of the LED light sources

mounted onto the PCB, hence emitting a function signal.

The colour selection is dependent only on the LED

that is used, hence making the jack very flexible for all

applications. The jack is fitted with data contacts and

two additional power contacts. These power contacts

are universally integrated into all components. This

makes costly double wiring superfluous for electrical supplies,

which would have to be protected especially for

raw field applications.


Tel. +49-89-451090 • Fax +49-89-45109110

For SLI: enter 20715 at

Digital I/O Scan Test Module

testers provide flexibility

The JT 2111/MPV Digital I/O

Scan (DIOS) module adds

programmable voltages to

facilitate the enhanced testing

of complex printed circuit

boards. When connected

to a circuit board via

edge connector or fixture

test pins the module enhances regular interconnect

tests by exercising the board's connections in synchronisation

with native boundary-scan components. The module

features PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices) and a

10MHz oscillator, so can be programmed to perform more

custom functional and pattern tests. The hot-swap feature

offers improved test throughput by allowing test

targets to be connected/disconnected from the fixture

without cycling power. 100% backward compatibility

is ensured by simulation of the former DIOS devices. Both

output and input thresholds can be programmed to 1.5,

1.8, 2.5 or 3.3V. The I/O channels are grouped into

blocks of 16 channels and, any number of 16-channel

groups can be bypassed. Up to 10 modules can be

daisy-chained together.


Tel. +31-40-2950870 • Fax +31-40-2468471

For SLI: enter 20185 at

Networking Gateway

supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi

The E2W/ESL1 is a pluggable

extension for the

DIL/NetPC ADNP/9200,

allowing integration of

this compact computer

module into IEEE802.11

Wi-Fi networks. The

E2W/ESL1 expansion is

attached directly to the

DIL/NetPC. The AD-

NP/9200 owns two completely independent 10/100Mbps

LAN interfaces with separate MAC and PHY-units. Both

interfaces are controlled by the 180MHz ARM9 processor.

The memory equipment consists of 32MB Flash

and 64MB SDRAM. The Flash includes an Embedded Linux

with appropriate drivers, a complete TCP/IP protocol

stack and different servers. Beside the two Ethernet

interfaces, there are four UARTs, three USB ports, one

16bit bus interface and numerous GPIOs available.

With the possibility to add own software components

and to execute them under the embedded Linux of the

ADNP/9200, the platform is well-suited for acting as a

wireless gateway for industrial Ethernet networks.


Tel. +49-511-4000045 • Fax +49-511-4000040

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in stainless steel

The Quadro Sifter segregates,

retains and allows

for easy removal of impurities

through its positive,

360° discharge. By prescreening

material before

entering downstream

equipment, it reduces risk

of contamination.


Tel. +44-1494-792898

Fax +44-1494-792699

For SLI: enter 20453



cuts complex contours

The compact Hydro-Jet

Eco machine uses both

pure-water and abrasive

cutting, making precise

cuts in a wide range of

materials, including stainless

steel, marble, granite,

glass, ceramic materials

and composites.


Tel. +49-4321-6090

Fax +49-4321-609140

For SLI: enter 20559


Control Valve

for large flows

The DBOY control valve

line in sizes from 5 to 20cm

is capable of large flows,

allowing it to replace larger

calibre valves. It can

be customized and configured

to meet the application's

demand by utilizing

cage guided trims

that provide extra strength

and rigidity.


Tel. +1-813-9781000

Fax +1-813-9780984

For SLI: enter 18896


Trusted Embedded Automation Computers

Fanless, Cableless and Diskless Design

For SLI: enter 15852 at

Issue N°11 • November 2007 31

Embedded Automation Computers

Embedded Design without Moving Parts for Harsh Environments

Embedded Linux, Windows CE & XP Embedded Ready Platform

Compact Size with DIN-Rail/Wall/Panel/Desktop Mounting Options

PC/104, PC/104+, PCI-104 and PCI Expansions


Intel XScale UNO

With 2 x LAN,

4 x COM, CF Card



With 4 x COM,

LAN, PC Card


Intel Core 2 Duo UNO

With 2 x LAN,

4 x COM, DVI




For SLI: enter 14830 at




Intel Pentium M UNO

With 4 x PCI,

PC Card

Modular timers 16 A

Mono-function, multi-function and multi-voltage

• Multi-voltage versions with

“PWM clever” technology

• Six time scales from 0.1s to 20h

• High input/output isolation

• “Blade + cross” - both flat

blade and cross head screw

drivers can be used

• 22.5 mm wide

• 35 mm rail (EN 50022) mount


Germany / Düsseldorf 49-211-97477-310

France / Grenoble 33-4-7670-4700

Italy / Milano 39-02-9544-961

Netherlands / Roosendaal 31-165-550-505

UK / Berkshire 44-1344-989-500

Produttore di relè e temporizzatori dal 1954


10040 Almese (TO)

Tel 011.9346211

Fax 011.9359079 ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004


catalogo on-line

32 Issue N°11 • November 2007 SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

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utilizes magnetic, ultrasonic, optical, radar or conductive technology…

For a standard or application-specific thermocouple, RTD or bimetal

switch to reliably monitor temperature… The choice is Madison.

Sensor solutions for

today and the future



Madison Europe • +31 (0) 548 659 034

on CD

Fax: +31 (0) 548 659 010 • E-mail:

For SLI: enter 14559 at • G335 For a standard or custom-engineered level monitoring device that

For SLI: enter 16368 at

Connector System

installation within seconds

The universal MTS M-Series

connector system enables

quick installation of

the position sensors. The

sensor is integrated into

the hydraulic cylinder and

connected electrically within

seconds. The connector

system meets the most exacting protection requirement according

to EN 60529 (important feature for the difficult environmental

conditions of mobile hydraulics applications).

Protection type IP69K makes the robust metal housing not

only completely dust- and waterproof; even the harshest

cleaning measures using high-pressure equipment cannot

damage the sensor.


Tel. +49-2351-95870 • Fax +49-2351-56491

For SLI: enter 20645 at

Industrial Controller

combination of substance and style

The DS1000 features four RS232

ports. Rugged yet streamlined,

its waterproof housing combines

mechanical strength with

an elegant appearance that

will set the controller apart

from other devices on your DIN

rail. Its functionality is determined

by whatever BASIC application

it is running. It allows

you to create rich web-enabled

applications supporting browser-based configuration, direct

TCP and UDP communications, email, data storage, etc. Thus,

the device is suited to work as an intelligent serial controller,

serial device server, or serial communications gateway.


Tel. +886-2-26925443 • Fax +886-2-26923139

For SLI: enter 20718 at

Shotbolt Lock

ATEX approved

The Shotbolt GSCE037 has

been specifically designed

to meet the demand for electrical

locking within hazardous

areas and environments

in which explosive atmospheres

may exis. Protected

against water and

dust ingress to IP54, the shotbolt

is equipped with a robust

nose mounting, slip-on coil

and an enclosed tube with threaded mounting nose to

provide a high degree of mechanical protection. It includes

a 1m long moulded cable, long-life bearings, integral

spring return and a stainless steel bolt.


Tel. +49-833-11040 • Fax +49-833-1104333

For SLI: enter 20545 at

Spectrometer Modules

1 inch cube miniature

The RC series 1 inch cube

miniature spectrometer modules

are suitable for use in

small, hand held sensor products

and instruments. The

C9407MA and C9409MA feature

a reflection grating permanently attached to a wide

dynamic range CMOS linear image sensor. They cover the

spectral range from 340 to 780nm and light is input from

the sample under measurement via a 30cm long integrated

fibre-optic cable. These mini-spectrometers provide

cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of OEM customers.

They allow flexibility during product development,

and offer ruggedness, environmental stability, easy electrical

interfacing and long-term stability of spectral calibration.


Tel. +44-1707-294888 • Fax +44-1707-325777

For SLI: enter 20125 at

Ethernet Edge Switches

with “big switch” power supply features

A line-up of IPS42 integrated

power supply

packages extends that

capabilities of various

ranges of edge switches.

With more than

1,600 individual Edge

Switch configurations

available, the compact

packaged IPS42 products offer integrated AC/DC,

125VDC dual source, 48VDC dual source, 24VDC dual

source, or integrated AC power input. The customer simply

specifies the power supply package and Edge Switch

combination desired at the time the order is placed. All

IPS42 power supplies are UL Listed for user safety.


Tel. +44-870-3825777 • Fax +44-2392-603959

For SLI: enter 19988 at

2-wire DC Sensors

without reduction factor

The 2-wire DC sensors is available

as M12, M18, M30 and

CK40 version. If the sensors are

combined with the Remote-

I/O Fieldbus system BL20,

events of wire break or short

circuit can be detected immediately.

The Factor 1 sensors

of the Uprox+ family do

not have a reduction factor

and therefore the switching

distance to materials like steel,

stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium is identical.

Simple and space saving mounting are further advantages

of these sensors.


Tel. +49-208-49520 • Fax +49-208-4952264

For SLI: enter 20700 at

Vibration Energy Harvesters

battery-free sensing

The instrinsically safe ATEX

version of the PMG17 vibration

energy harvester offers

battery-free sensing for condition

monitoring and asset

management applications in

hazardous oil, gas, chemical

and petrochemical environments

where flammable gases may be present. Energy

harvesting technology can be integrated into wireless

sensor nodes in these areas. The PMG17 transforms

the kinetic energy of machine vibration into electrical

current, which is sufficient to power complete wireless

sensor nodes, including sensors, micro processors and

802.15.4 transceivers.


Tel. +44-23-80765888 • Fax +44-23-80765889

For SLI: enter 20542 at


provides vibration monitoring

The 621B40 high-frequency

ICP accelerometer

works with online

or portable monitoring

systems to provide reliable,

effective vibration

monitoring. It operates

to 30kHz, even with

a magnet, and captures

high frequency gear mesh faults which are typically missed

during routine route-based measurements. Due to the

sensor’s high frequency range, it is well-suited for

measurements on high-speed compressors, gear boxes

and turbomachinery, for early detection of impending



Tel. +1-716-6840003 • Fax +1-716-6843823

For SLI: enter 20463 at

For SLI: 13201 at

34 Issue N°11 • November 2007 SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.


Source the complete spectrum of sensors,

measurement, and instrumentation, including:

• Actuators

• Analysers

• Calibrators

• Components

• Connectivity

• Controls & Controllers

• Control Software

and Systems

• Drives

• Data Acquisition

• Ethernet & Fieldbus

Industrial Networking

Industrial PCs & PLCs

• Instrumentation

• Intelligent Valves

and Actuators

• Intrinsic Safety

• Quality Assurance

• Radio Networking & SCADA

• Signal Conditioning

• Sensors

• Soft PLC Technology

For queries, please contact:

Tel: +44 2031 474620 • Fax: +44 2031 474613 • E-mail:

Register online for complimentary exhibition hall admission at

Please use Promo Code: AB

MEDICA 2007,Booth A-16

For SLI: enter 15717 at

Organised by OctoMedia Ltd, a CANON COMMUNICATIONS LLC company

Kent House, Romney Place, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6LH

Tel +44 1622 772405 • Fax +44 1622 661687

For SLI: enter 20587 at

MIMO Test System

for WiMAX devices

The new IQmax MIMO system is aimed at WiMAX devices

with Wave 2 functionality meeting the mobility adjuncts

to the current WiMAX standard (IEEE standard

802.16e-2005). The current WiMAX mobile radio interface

uses scalable orthogonal frequency-division multiple

access (SOFDMA) and supports multiple-input

multiple-output (MIMO) communications technology.

The result is greater coverage, lower power consumption,

and more efficient spectrum and bandwidth utilization.

The IQmax MIMO solution combines multiple

IQmax-500 hardware units with IQsignal software.

Both have been updated to include the new MIMO requirements.


Tel. +1-408-4565000 • Fax +1-408-4560106

For SLI: enter 20077 at

Ethernet I/O Modules

reliable signal acquisition in the field

A new compact series

of intelligent

Ethernet I/O modules

is launched

with distributed

solutions for measurement,


and regulation

tasks. From now

on I/O signals can

be acquired and

processed directly

at production machines

even in tough environments. Thanks to IP65

protection, an extended temperature range and protective

circuitries expensive switching cabinets are no

longer necessary. Modules with counter, digital and

analogue I/O can be combined and synchronised using

a connection part that is composed of Ethernet,

Trigger/Synchro and 24V voltage supply. There is no need

anymore for special solutions since the user can realise

multi-channel, synchronous and dynamic measurements,

based on standard Ethernet.


Tel. +49-7223-94930 • Fax +49-7223-949392

For SLI: enter 20075 at

Differential Hall Switch

for position sensing

iC-MZ is an integrated

device consisting

of a differential Hall

switch with back-end

complementary line

drivers. The two integrated

Hall sensors

are set 2mm apart

and sense the difference

in magnetic

field. Magnetic DC fields are not evaluated; this means

that besides the direct scanning of magnetic pole

wheels with an additional bias magnet ferromagnetic

gear wheels can also be detected. The magnetic input

frequencies range from DC to 40kHz. Magnetic DC

fields of up to 500mT are tolerated. A magnetic difference

in signal of 5mT is sufficient to switch the outputs.

The output drivers are RS422-compatible. Their output

characteristics are adapted to the characteristic impedance

of long lines in order to minimize reflections

at the end of the line. With a supply voltage of 24V a

driver current of at least 200mA can be supplied. The

supply voltage ranges from 5 to 36V.


Tel. +49-6135-9292300 • Fax +49-6135-9292192

For SLI: enter 20740 at

Exhaust Hose Lines

compact designs for high temperatures

Newly developed hoses employ a combination of highperformance

silicone and aramid tensile member. Used

for temperature control, drainage and lubrication they

successfully meet the demanding requirements of modern

exhaust management systems. Thanks to cost-effective

and process-reliable manufacture followed by

mandrel curing shaping, the silicone hoses can be ideally

adapted to the engine compartment. The materials

are approved for temperatures as high as 205°C. Connections

with aluminum and steel pipes, connectors and

additional heat shields for radiation heat in excess of

205°C round off the portfolio.


Tel. +49-511-93814020 • Fax +49-511-93814025

For SLI: enter 20069 at

Water Test Kits

revitalised with a portable comparator

The DIGI test kits

include advancedphotometers,colorimeters,meters

and titration

systems and the

ECON test kits

include stick meters,

drop tests

and the brand

new ECON Comparator.

The comparator is self-contained, portable

water analysis system, offering accuracy, durability and

compatibility. The unit features include multi-range

discs, mirror system for altering path length, continuous

gradient colour discs, compensation for coloured samples,

uni-directional cells, suitable for left handed users

and more. Thoughtful development of photometer

grade sachet and liquid reagents give repeatable and

accurate results with the ability to use the same reagents

on conventional field equipment; minimizing stock

and increasing versatility.


Tel. +44-1903-731470 • Fax +44-1903-731480

For SLI: enter 16724 at

Mini PLC

for small and medium PLC applications

The IndraLogic L10 is

based on the extremely


control hardware

and is suitable for

centralized and decentralized

use in

the lower performance

range. It comes

with 1MB program

memory, 2MB data

memory and 32 kB

memory for remanent

data and its

processing time is 150µsec (1000 IL commands). Its resources

are sufficient for implementation of small and

medium PLC applications in factory automation. An Ethernet

interface, 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs are

integrated onboard the new control hardware Indra-

Control L10. The I/O expansion is as easy and flexible as

always through the scalable Rexroth Inline I/O product

range. The firmware and application data are filed to

an exchangeable Compact Flash.


Tel. +49-9352-180 • Fax +49-9352-1840

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SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

Compact Guided Cylinders

double or single acting

The body, the end covers and the rods connection plate of

the GEDB series cylinders are made in anodized aluminium;

the piston rod is in C45 chrome-plated steel. These cylinders

features self-lubricating bushings, in sintered bronze, the

guiding rods are in chrome-plated and ground steel. The guiding

rods are in chrome steel hardened and chrome-plated.

A one-piece body is provided with grooves allowing the mounting

of the magnet reed switch without further brackets; this

makes the magnetic sensor not protrude outside the body

itself. The bottom plates are provided with elastic cushionings.


Tel. +39-0331-823511 • Fax +39-0331-823480

For SLI: enter 20573 at

Optimized Filters

for DC applications

The FMEB and

FMEC filters for DC

applications have a

current rating up

to 30A at 80VDC.

The filters guarantee

a safe operation

by attenuating

disturbances in

the control and

communication circuits

in electrical

cabinets and controls.

The FMEB filter

series is designed

for a maximum operating

voltage of +80VDC, while the series FMEC offers

connections for two polarities at maximum ±80VDC.

The primary side is equipped with screw clamps and the

secondary side with 6.3mm x 0.8 quick connect terminals.

The aluminum housing offers mounting straps

securely fasten the filter. These filters are approved to



Tel. +49-7642-682129 • Fax +49-7642-68288129

For SLI: enter 20647 at

Optical Engine Modules

in thermally engineered package

The 100W CW optical engine modules integrate the entire

fiber amplifier or laser glass elements like active fibers,

passive fibers, pump combiners, fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs),

pump dumps and filters into a thermally engineered package.

This enables fiber laser manufacturer or system integrator

to reduce the product development time and

to concentrate on the full system development and

integration. The current line of optical engine modules

consists of ytterbium fiber based CW laser and amplifier

modules emitting at the 1030-1090nm wavelength

range, with output powers up to and exceeding 100W.


Tel. +358-19-357391 • Fax +358-19-3573949

For SLI: enter 19997 at


reduced leakage current

The NP-series of PowerMOSFETs is manufactured in

the UMOS-4 process technology and also features an advanced

packaging solution using a unique multi-bonding

technology that doubles the number of bonding wires

from two to four wires. The additional bonding wires

allow higher currents with very low on-resistance in relatively

small packages. These features enable an optimal

power dissipation management of the overall circuit.

Furthermore, the TO-263-7 PowerMOSFETs help reducing

the amount of PCB space necessary to handle heat



Tel. +49-211-65030 • Fax +49-211-65031327

For SLI: enter 20027 at

Rotary Table

tilt range of +110°

The TW2180 is a twin spindle table, tilting axis rotary unit

capable of supporting simultaneous machining operations

of two workpieces in a single set up. It measures

just 999mm wide and features two 180mm diameter tables

with maximum indexing speeds of 33.3 rev/min. The

table provides a tilt range of +110° of vertical and a tilt

axis speed of up to 16.6 rev/min. With clamping torques

of 400Nm in the rotary axis and up to 800Nm in the tilting

axis, the unit is suitable for aggressive, high speed

machining operations. It can also be fitted with an optional

rotary joint to allow pneumatic or hydraulic fixtures

to be used without external pipework, improving

tool access and increasing the available machining area.


Tel. +44-1725-514000 • Fax +44-1725-514001

For SLI: enter 20648 at




Clippard Minimatic®

valves are quiet in operation

and produce consistent results.

The small size makes them wellsuited

for a wide range of applications.

Whether you need a modular, solenoid

or proportional control valve—

Clippard is the name

you can trust.

Clippard Europe S.A.

+32 10 45 21 34

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Issue N°11 • November 2007 35

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Switches and Pilot Lights

bright and clear LED illumination

The Idec A-series miniature

control units comprise

a range of pushbutton

switches and

pilot lights to fit panel

cutouts of 8, 10 and

12mm in diameter. Typical

applications include

test and measurement,

medical electronics and instrumentation.

They are suitable for space-sensitive applications with

a body length of only 22mm. The units are lightweight,

weighing 2 to 4g; at the same time have a robust construction.

The 12mm versions are available sealed to IP65

and come with a wide range of accessories such as

dust covers and PCB mounting sockets. Key specifications

include a long life with a minimum of 100,000 mechanical

operations and 50,000 hours typical LED life.

Operating temperature is -25 to 55°C. The devices offer

high shock and vibration resistance. The switches feature

snap-acting, double -throw contacts, UL-CSA approval,

latching or momentary switching action and an

engravable marking plate.


Tel. +44-1256-321000 • Fax +44-1256-327755

For SLI: enter 20120 at

Lead-free Bearings

for high-pressure applications

The DP4 bearings are designed

to withstand the

high pressures generated by

downsized equipment.

Rare-earth fibers in the

coating enable them to

withstand up to 10MPa x

m/s lubricated, speeds exceeding

2.5m/s, loads up

to 250MPa and temperatures from -200 to 280°C. Exceptional

resistance to both flow and cavitation erosion make

the bearings suitable for start/stop applications. These

bearings perform well dry under light-duty conditions.

Because they are lead-free, they are also suitable for use

in applications where corrosion might occur. Industrial

applications include lifting equipment, hydraulic

pumps and motors, pneumatic equipment, medical

equipment, textile machinery, agricultural equipment,

scientific equipment, drying ovens and office equipment.

The structure of the bearings consists of a rigid steel backing,

to which is bonded a porous bronze sinter interlayer

impregnated and overlaid with a filled PTFE bearing



Tel. +49-7131-2690 • Fax +49-7131-269500

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Beamex ® MC5 Multifunction Calibrator

Beamex ® CMX Calibration Software

For SLI: enter 14782 at


• Powered by low pressure air to produce

HIGH PRESSURE Gas or Hydraulic Power

• Explosion proof. No electrical power required

• Pressures to 80,000 PSI for LIQUID PUMPS,

25,000 PSI for GAS BOOSTERS, and


• Over 320 standard models to choose from to

meet your gas & liquid boosting requirement

• Pressure maintained without consuming

energy or generating heat

• Top quality grade 316L & 15-5 pH stainless steel

materials used in the pumping medium

• Weatherproof and suitable for offshore service

(most models)




Visit our web site:

9201 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA HYD-142

Tel: +1-818-407-3400 Fax: +1-818-407-3428 © 2007 HII

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Visit us on the web at

Try me for


Register to download

Beamex ®

CMX Light demo

Carr Lane’s

Complete Line

of tooling components for jigs and fixtures

• Alignment Pins • Spring-Loaded Devices • Hoist Rings

• Screw Clamps • Knobs and Handles • Clamp Straps

• Supports, Rests, Feet • Toggle Clamps • Chuck Jaws

• Nuts, Bolts, Washers • Locators • Modular Fixturing

• Specialty Clamps • Hammers • Leveling Feet

• Drill Jig Bushes • Threaded Inserts • Plug Gages

Whatever your tooling component needs

are, we deliver on time... at your doorstep...

to your specifications.

FM 35617

Carr Lane offers standard components to help you

increase quality and productivity.

ISO 9001-2000


For SLI: enter 14932 at



4200 Carr Lane Ct., P.O. Box 191970

St. Louis, Missouri 63119-7970

Phone: 314-647-6200, FAX: 314-647-5736

Web Site:

Issue N°11 • November 2007 37

Save costs and improve

quality of calibrations.

The Beamex ® calibration system improves the quality

and effi ciency of the entire calibration system through

faster, smarter and more accurate management of all

calibration assets and procedures. Beamex calibrators,

workstations, calibration software and professional

services form an integrated, automated system.




Calibration software

Professional services

Industry solutions

Carr Lane’s Online

Catalogue is now available

in these languages:

• French

• Spanish

• Italian

• German

• English

When you need it!

Where you need it!

How you need it!

38 Issue N°11 • November 2007 SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

Measure yourself with one of us

Lika. Measure made to measure.

Steady research, design and production, performed wholly inside the

company, guarantee to Lika Electronic performance, functionality,

and customer specific solutions. Thus optical

encoders, magnetic measurement systems and

positioning units come to life, capable of measuring

themselves with the leading European companies.

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Thermal Interface Material

silicone based, fiberglass-reinforced

Sil-Pad 1200 is a silicone based fiberglass-reinforced thermal

interface material, featuring an optional adhesive coating.

The material's smooth and non-tacky surfaces allow

for easy re-positioning and error reduction in assembly.

Sil-Pad 1200 is supplied without a liner in dry form and

on a carrier liner when supplied with optional adhesive

coating. Applications include power supplies, motor controls,

automotive electronics and placement between

an electronic power device and its heatsink.


Tel. +31-35-5380684 • Fax +31-35-5380295

For SLI: enter 20555 at

Ethernet Switch

withstands harsh conditions

The Secure-Switch I-Series

Ethernet switch is

built to withstand the

hot, dusty and explosive

gas conditions of manufacturing

plants or energy

industry facilities.

It achieves an ANSI/ISA Class-1, Division-2 rating with convection

cooling; redundant DC power; industrial-grade

components; and self-healing, sub-second, rapid-recovery

ring topology protocols. An optional memory configuration

card allows a field replacement of a unit by

simply pulling the configuration card out of the old switch

and inserting it into the new one. Copper and fiber I/O

modules deliver 100Mbps Ethernet performance with

dual Gigabit Ethernet uplinks to offer up to 24 ports of

100BaseTX, 16 ports of 100BaseFX, or a combination of

fiber and copper connectivity with dual industrialgrade

SFP optical uplinks. It offers business-oriented, policy-based

visibility and control of users, sensors and

applications, each user and device is authenticated before

being granted access to the network with a specific

set of authorized privileges.


Tel. +1-978-6841000 • Fax +1-978-6841658

For SLI: enter 20739 at

Asset Condition Manager

collects real-time condition data

The InFusion Condition

Manager version 2.2 collects

and analyses realtime

diagnostics from

plant production assets,

drives the appropriate

actions, and shares that

information with plant

databases and HMIs. It is a real-time asset condition management

component for the InFusion enterprise control

system (ECS) and other platforms. It collects, aggregates,

and analyses real-time data from the full array

of plant production assets, including (but not limited to)

sensors and actuators, pumps, motors, compressors,

turbines, dryers, and heat exchangers; and even entire

process units. It interoperates with Invensys and thirdparty

applications supported through the InFusion application

environment. The equipment condition and

maintenance information can be displayed on plant

process control and engineering HMI workstations.

The system can feed data to a variety of different plant

Historian packages to allow the data and actions to be

historised and made available to other systems.


Tel. +44-1293-526000 • Fax +44-1293-416104

For SLI: enter 20737 at

Documenting Calibrator

mechanical, electrical and thermal values

The Digistant model

4423 represents the

first calibrator for mechanical,


and thermal values

that also documents

the results effectively.

50 calibration routines

with up to 21

measuring values each can be saved in the non-volatile

memory. After a check of the input data, a possible adjustment

and a check of the output data the measuring

values are acquired simultaneously. With a robust

aluminium console housing for its use on site or

in the lab, it offers a wide range of measure and

source of 13 types of thermal elements, 13 RTD types,

resistance, current, voltage, frequency/impulse, pressure,

force, torque and displacement. Practically any

sensor may be connected to the Digistant. The smart

sensor interfaces hold all special calibration data from

the connected sensors in a non-volatile memory. The

Digistant recognizes all connected sensors automatically

via the plug and measure connection.


Tel. +49-7224-6450 • Fax +49-7224-64588

For SLI: enter 20188 at

Wireless DemoKits

integrate wireless functions fast

A new range of wireless DemoKits include all the essential

functions required to evaluate RF products, carry out

RF measurements and develop a prototype. Features

include an immediate connection to a PC serial port, permitting

a simple and rapid configuration of the radio

module with the parameters required by the application

providing easy evaluation of sensitivity, power

and all RF parameters. All the DemoKits have chip areas

as well as direct access to all the radio module’s signals

allowing the easy addition of additional electronics.


Tel. +33-4-76920162 • Fax +33-4-56389403

For SLI: enter 20055 at


protects against vandalism

This dual cylinder swinghandle

is designed to protect

the internal components

of electronic cabinets

from the threat of

vandalism in outdoor enclosure

applications. The

robust design offers several

anti-vandalism features

including a surrounding

reinforced edge around the perimeter of

the swinghandle, a reinforcing bar in the housing that

makes it impossible to pry the handle open from the front

and a tight gap between the handle and its housing which

reduces the chance that the swinghandle can be pried

open. An optional metal guard is also available to protect

the handle from tampering. These features allow

the dual cylinder swinghandle to meet analogue DIN 1630

standards. The swinghandle is equipped with dual lock

cylinders and can be opened by operating either one

of the lock cylinders independent from the other. This

makes is suitable for applications where two users with

different keys require access to the same cabinet.


Tel. +49-2333-837146 • Fax +49-2333-837103

For SLI: enter 20653 at

Compressed Air Nozzle

cuts noise level

The company offers

a new stainless

steel Laval

nozzle with a

concentrated air

stream that effectively


at greater distance.

The stainless

steel Laval

nozzle utilises

compressed air

optimally by surrounding

a supersonic

core stream

of air with a protective

sheath moving parallel to the core jet. Around

the central Laval orifice there are diverging slots and holes

that generate quiet, powerful and laminar air streams.

The nozzle is suitable for tough applications like those

found in the glass industry, paper mills, foundries, steel

mills etc. They fully comply with OSHA safety regulations

and the EU Machine Directive’s noise limitations.


Tel. +46-33-237900 • Fax +46-33-237910

For SLI: enter 20467 at

Stand-off Sleeves

more clearance on handles

The DS-EBP stand-off sleeves provide extra clearance on

EBP series handles. This enables them to accommodate

gloved hands or to suit design criteria where

there is reduced reach available, or where there is a need

to clear or span other components. The sleeves are

fully stackable in 18mm, 20mm or 21mm step heights,

depending on handle selection, and many sleeves may

be added together to give significant height increase.

The handles with the stand-off sleeves retain both

front and back mounting facilities dependant upon

the handle selected, as well as the option of various colour

cap possibilities.


Tel. +39-039-28111 • Fax +39-039-836351

For SLI: enter 20128 at

Finding high quality industrial suppliers

doesn’t have to be a gamble.

Search the world, go to...

Source thousands of industrial suppliers

“worldwide” quickly and easily with

Are you spending more and more time searching online for

industrial suppliers only to not find what you are looking for?

Can you really afford to gamble with search results that may not

deliver the suppliers and services you need?

provides sourcing agents and engineers with the contact

information on thousands of industrial suppliers worldwide.

Save time and find the industrial suppliers you need

for your next job at

Connecting Industrial Buyers and Suppliers


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Issue N°11 • November 2007 39

LVDT Smart Indicator

with mixed transducer interfacing

The new Model 4215-LVDT Smart Indicator combines two

LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) channels,

print capabilities and RS232/485 serial communication

into a versatile platform. Mixed transducer interfacing,

including LVDT, DC Strain Extensometer, and Quadrature

encoder-based position measurement devices is possible.

With automatic plug and play operation, it is

electrically compatible with Transducer Electronic Data

Sheets (TEDS). Model 4215-LVDT features A/D is 24bit,

the D/A is 16-bit, sample rate of 60/s, core accuracy

is 0.005%. The Model 4215 LVDT is standard with 2line,

VFD display.


Tel. +1-877-9431164 • Fax +1-401-9465790

For SLI: enter 20192 at

Sound and Vibration Analyser

reduces inspection time

The MIG16-AQS is a multi-channel sound and vibration

analyser incorporating 24-bit technology designed

specifically for the capture and real-time analysis of vibration

and acoustic analysis from production engines,

gearboxes, electric motors and most any other rotating

component. Capable of automatically recognizing abnormal

noises caused by manufacturing and assembly

defects the MIG-16AQS systems guarantee production

quality as well as repeatable and accurate “first failure”

analysis for product engineering. Up to sixteen 24-bit

input channels are available for dynamics measurements,

each with a separate 102KHz sampled 24-bit A/D



Tel. +49-89-30568990 • Fax +49-89-306589999

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For SLI: enter 18919 at

Is there

any way to

break them?

Our pressure sensors are not only marked

by their compact design, but also by their

enormous robustness. They have long-term

stability and are not sensitive to mechanical

stress or aggressive measuring materials.

Their welded stainless steel construction

makes internal sealing elements obsolete.

Almost nothing can harm them.

Characteristics at a glance:

■ Compact design

■ Wide variety of connections

■ Numerous current and voltage signals

■ High EMV protection according to EN 61326 |

For SLI: enter 20741 at

40 Issue N°11 • November 2007 SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

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Speed Link Infoservice



Easy - Instant - Informative


Managing Automation, the leading multimedia resource

for business and technology managers in manufacturing,

is pleased to announce its fourth annual

Progressive Manufacturing 50 Awards Program.

Every year, we honor manufacturing companies of all sizes around

the world that have achieved success in at least one of eight award

categories which are critical to business success in the years ahead.

more information about your

We invite you to nominate your most promising manufacturing

projects for this prestigious international awards program.

products of interest


e information about your

● Business Model Mastery ● Data and Integration Mastery

● Innovation Mastery

● Education and Training Mastery

● Customer Mastery

● Operational Excellence

products ● Supply Network of Mastery interest

● Leadership


One winner will be selected as the

Progressive Manufacturer of the Year.

Now Accepting Nominations*

For more information, to view past winners or

to nominate your project, go to:

Or contact Elizabeth at telephone +1(718)596-6906

or e-mail

*Nominations are being accepted in the English language only.

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Choose your own way to obtain

se your own way to obtain

Frame Grabber


The MVS-8600e family of

frame grabbers connect

Camera Link cameras

through the PCI Express

(PCIe) interface. They are

available in single-channel

and dual-channel models,

and equipped with

high performance machine

vision software tools.


Tel. +33-1-47771550

Fax +33-1-47771555

For SLI: enter 20656


Test Handler


The Easy Test Handler automates

the test procedures

in electronics manufacturing,

offering single

and double-sided contacting

of the test objects.

The test equipment finds

place in a 19” rack inside

the Easy Test Handler.


Tel. +32-89-623000

Fax +32-89-623010

For SLI: enter 20458


LCD Screens

rugged construction

The TS range LCD touch

screen monitors are available

in sizes from 9” to

12” with the rugged construction

and metal bezel.

The TFT LCD screen is driven

by analogue RGB via

a VGA connector and the

touch screen has a USB interface;

the in-built controller

supports resolutions

up to 1024 x 768, and user

parameters are set via OSD.


Tel. +44-1489-780144

Fax +44-1489-783589

For SLI: enter 20758


Radial Spinner System

for use with cylindrical parts

This radial spinner

system offers the

possibility to apply

neat, uniform bands

of adhesives, lubricants,

and other

production fluids

inside cylindrical

parts between 0.4

and 5” in diameter.

The ability to apply

fluids in neat, uniform

bands make

the system ideal for

processes where

controlled amounts

must be applied inside small cylinders or confined to specific

locations. The system combines a compact air-driven

motor, a low-maintenance dispense valve and an EFD

ValveMate controller. The valve dispenses a precisely metered

amount of fluid onto a spinning disk attached to

the motor. As fluid reaches the disk’s edge it spins off,

forming a neat, uniform band inside the part.


Tel. +44-1582-666334 • Fax +44-1582-664227

For SLI: enter 20456 at

Power Supply

24VDC input, 400W output

The BES-640C from Bicker Elektronik is an industrial power

supply with 24Vdc input and delivers full 400W output

power. The power supply also features a wide input

from 18 to 32VDC, catching voltage variations

from the source. It is designed to work within a temperature

range from 0 to 50°C. Input cables are screwed on

the front bracket so even strong vibrations will not bring

them to release. The output cable harness offers ATX

and P4 connectors. The power supply suits in all kinds

of standard PC towers or rackmounts in replacement of

the existing AC/DC power unit.


Tel. +49-906-705950 • Fax +49-906-7059555

For SLI: enter 20554 at

Temperature Sensor

for high-shock environments up to 80 G’s

The new miniature Model A9540 temperature sensor

designed to perform in high-vibration and high-shock

environments (up to 80g’s) features a flat mounting surface

and weighs less than 0.2 grams. Ruggedly constructed

of ceramic, the A9540 is a platinum wire-wound element.

Temperature range is -260 to 400°C; interchangeability

is +/- 1°C at 0 °C. Other features include;

ice-point resistance up to 1,000Ω as well as insulation

resistance to 10MegΩ and a very low time constant (0.3

seconds max).


Tel. +1-512-4342800 • Fax +1-512-4342801

For SLI: enter 14330 at

SLI: Get detailed info within seconds by internet or by e-mail. See page 44 for instructions.

Level Regulators

for all liquids

The SOBAs are offered in different models, for a normal

or intensive use in most existing liquids. The HR-HY

range is very successful in the chemical industry, and our

recent floats ATEX Ex listed are compulsory for use in

sewage pumping stations and with explosion-proof

pumps, in hazardous areas 0, 1 and 2. The regulators are

supplied with appropriate ballast adjustable on the

cable. All of them will operate for millions of cycles, and

are thoroughly tested before delivery.


Tel. +33-1-61373560 • Fax +33-1-61373569

For SLI: enter 20674 at

Cable Solutions

for measurement of cavity pressure

Multi-channel connectors with four (Type 1708A0) or eight

(Type 1710A0) channels are 26mm deep and are based

on single-wire and cut and grip technology. They allow

the sensor cables to be connected and disconnected quickly

without any additional tools. Single-wire technology

also allows the sensor cables to be readily cut to the

required length and simply repaired. With thermocouple

amplifier Type 2205A (HxWxD 29x53x30 mm), which

is integrated directly into the mold, multi-channel cabling

is also available for combined pressure and temperature

sensors. This provides reliable and simple cable

system for pressure, temperature and combined measurements.


Tel. +41-52-2241111 • Fax +41-52-2241414

For SLI: enter 20044 at

Inspection System

compact desktop solution

The AOI system OptiCon SmartLine was designed as a

desktop system for small volume manufacturing, to

be used as an offline test station or repair station. At

its' core lies a camera-based imaging unit featuring

custom telecentric lens as well as a flexible illumination

concept of different colours and directions. The desktop

solution saves space as the PC is completely integrated

into the main chassis, thus only monitor and keyboard

need be connected to work with the system. Therefore,

it can be utilised at a wide range of positions in the production

process. Despite its compact construction, it provides

a PCB inspection area of 400mm x 300mm.


Tel. +49-3641-68960 • Fax +49-3641-686944

For SLI: enter 20551 at

Profibus Compact Repeater

small size and flexible application

The Profibus Compact

Repeater covers transmission

rates from

9.6Kbit/s to 12MBit/s.

The transmitted signals

are regenerated by the

repeater and resent.

The repeater can be

used for bus extensions,

increasement of the

nodes as well as for

plant extensions. The

operation in MPI networks

is also possible.

Due to the compact

shape, no additional

room is needed in the

cabinet, as the it can

be used instead of

Profibus Connector, or

simply plugged onto a node in the Profibus Network. No

separate power supply is needed. The integrated status

LEDs provide a fast overview on the current BUS status.


Tel. +49-9135-73800 • Fax +49-9135-738050

For SLI: enter 20184 at

Fit for every purpose:

The new Sendix Encoder


Incremental and Absolute

Singleturn, Multiturn and Fieldbus

IP 67 - 40° + 90°




Breakdowns and machine stoppage eliminated,

thanks to sturdy bearing construction, with Safety-

Lock Design, and to magnetic field resistant



Very high clock frequencies (up to 10 MHz), very

short control cycles, fast start-up.

Versatile and Compact

The unique modular concept allows for an undreamt

of array of versions. Through hollow shafts

up to 15 mm in 58 mm size. Very compact design.

+ 49 (0) 77 20 - 39 03-0

Please vist us: SPS/IPC/DRIVES

Nürnberg, hall 7A, stand 430,

from 27.11. to 29.11.2007

For SLI: enter 20574

Extreme conditions

are no challenge

for our corporate

network –

they are for me

in my spare time.

Weidmüller's AdvancedLine

Managed Switches offer

top reliability where you

really need it.

• Operating temperature range

–40 to +75°C

• Fan-less operation

• Broad range of


10V to 36V DC or

10V to 24V AC

• Very compact design

• Extremely durable:

MTBF > 60 years

• All fibre optic


LC, SC, ST, ...

• All protocols:


EtherNet/IP, ...

• Maritime approvals

Issue N°11 • November 2007 41

See further Information at:

Advanced Network Devices

For SLI: enter 20744 at

42 Issue N°11 • November 2007

For SLI: enter 15145 at

American and British

inch sized screws

USA - fasteners

Screw thread types:

Over 30 years experience in trading and in supplying

customers with inch sized fastening items.

Don´t hesitate to ask us – We shall be pleased

to help you.

Peter Schröder GmbH

Silcherstr. 38 • D-74172 Neckarsulm

Telephone: +49 (0) 71 32/99 60-0

Facsimile: +49 (0) 71 32/99 60-60

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when safety matters.

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3DX-Ray . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

A A.P.I. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

ADDI-DATA . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

Adeunis . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6, 38

Adimec Advanced

Image Systems . . . . . . . . .12

Advantech . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

AE Industries . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Aerotech . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

Aigotec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40

Alpha Gearheads . . . . . . . . .21

Anders Electronics . . . . . . . .14

ASM Automation

Sensorik Messtechnik . . . .16

Astrosyn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

ATMI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41

Autec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42

B Bachmann Electronic . . . . . .23

Baldor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

Banner Engineering . .4, 5, 36

Bartec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

Baumer Hübner . . . . . . . . . .21

BEA / Sensorio . . . . . . . . . .26

Beamex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37

Beckhoff Automation . . . . .33

BEI IDEACOD . . . . . . . . . . . .23

Beijer Electronics . . . .2, 13, 15

Bergquist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38

Bernecker + Rainer . . . . . . .17

Bicker Elektronik . . . . . . . . .40

Boker’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4, 16

Bosch Rexroth . . . . .15, 29, 34

Brodersen Controls . . . . . . .25


Präzisionsmesstechnik . . .38

BVM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28, 40

C Camille Bauer . . . . . . . . . . . .24

Carr Lane . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37

Castell Safety . . . . . . . . . . .16

Cedes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Cedip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7, 9

Chian Cheng . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Clippard . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5, 35

Cognex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7, 40

Comitronic . . . . . . . . . . . . .36

ContiTech . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

Coxreels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

D Dailywell Electronics . . . . . .28

Danaher Motion -

Portescap . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

Data Translation . . . . . . . . .26

Delta Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

Destek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Deutz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

Dirak . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38

Dow Corning . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Dr. Fritz Faulhaber . . . . . . . .18

Drives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

DSM Computer . . . . . . . . . .24

E EFD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36, 40

Elcis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24


Standards Laboratories . .39

Elesa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Eltrotec Sensor . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Enterasys Networks . . . . . . .38

Epson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Esit Elektronik . . . . . . . . . . .42

Eyevis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

F Festo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

FGP Sensors . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Finder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

Fischer Elektronik . . . . . . . .35

Fixturlaser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Flir Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Fluid Metering . . . . . . . . . . .16

Fluke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Fritz Kübler . . . . . . . . . . . . .41

G GarrettCom . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Gates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

Gefran . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

GES Electronic & Service . . .30

Getriebebau Nord . . . . .21, 22

GGB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37

Globtek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Goepel electronic . . . . . . . .41

H Hamamatsu Photonics . . . . .32

Hannay Reels . . . . . . . . . . . .28

Hans Turck . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Harting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36

Haydon Motion . . . . . . . . . .26

Henke-Sass, Wolf . . . . . . . . .2

HepcoMotion . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Hiblow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Hima Paul-Hildebrandt . . . .43


Automation and Control .26

Hitachi Kokusai Electric . . . .10

Hydraulics . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37

I IC-Haus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

IDEC Electronics . . . . . . .30, 37

IDS Imaging

Development Systems . . . .9

ifm electronic . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

igus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4, 16, 28

IMI Sensors . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32


Motion Systems . . . . . . . .19

Inmoco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Invensys Systems . . . . . . . . .38

IPTE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28, 40

J J.V.L. Industri Elektronik . . . .19

Jaquet Technology Group . .28

Jovean & Rogy . . . . . . . . . . .32

JTAG Technologies . . . . . . .31

K K.A. Schmersal . . . . . . . . . . .29

KAC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24

Kimo Constructeur . . . . . . .16

Kistler Instrumente .24, 41, 43

Kitagawa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

Kittiwake . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

Knuth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31

Koatsu Gas Kogyo . . . . . . . . .7

Kontron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

Kurt Manufacturing . . . . . .16

KV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

L Lambda . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29

Lead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Leica Microsystems . . . . . . . .7

Lenze . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

Leslie Controls . . . . . . . . . . .31

Leutron Vision . . . . . . . . . . .14

Liekki . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

Lika . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38

LitePoint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

Lumel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

M Madison . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Magnet Schultz . . . . . . . . . .32

Managing Automation . . . .40

Manz Automation . . . . . . . .28

maxon motor . . . . . . . . .20, 44

mbo Osswald . . . . . . . . . . . .36

Megatron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29

Men Mikro Elektronik . . . . .30

Mini Motor . . . . . . . . . . . . .26

Minimotor . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

Mitsubishi Electric . . . . . . . . .5

Moeller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Molex Services . . . . . . . . . . .36

Moog Controls . . . . . . . .24, 43

Moritex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Motion Control Products . .19

Moxa Networking . . . . . . . .36

Moxa Technology . . . . .15, 20

MTEC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34


Sensor Technologie . .11, 32

N NEC Electronics . . . . . . . . . .35

Nedap AVI . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25

Nematron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Nemoptic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Newport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28

Nexans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2, 26

Nippon Pulse Motor . . . . . .23

Nuova Fima . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

O Olympus Deutschland . . . . .12

Omron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Ondrives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

Optibelt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

P Parker Hannifin . . . . . . . . . .16

Perpetuum . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

Peter Schröder . . . . . . . . . . .42

Pickering Interfaces . . . . . . . .5

PM Bearings . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

Power Jacks . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Powerbox . . . . . . . . . . .12, 36

Premosys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Pryor Marking Technology .26

R R+W Antriebselemente . . . .10

Radan Computational . . . . .43

Raytek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Reality Sys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Red-Ant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Renold Gears . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Riko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36

RLS Merilna Tehnika . . . . . .26

RM Michaelides

Software & Elektronik . . . .9

Rockwell Automation . .12, 20

Rotor Clip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29

RTK Instruments . . . . . . . . . .7

Ruhrgetriebe . . . . . . . . .20, 38

S Sartorius . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Schaeffler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

Schenck RoTec . . . . . . . . . . .29

Schneider Electric . . . . . . . .21

Schunk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Schurter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35

Sensor Technology . . . . . . .24

Sharp Microelectronics . . . . .7

Siemens - A&D . . . . . . . .15, 25

Sigmatek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27

Siko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20

Silvent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Simex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2

SKF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24

Smalley Steel Ring . . . . . . .30

Sontay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26

Specialised Imaging . . . . . . .8

SPG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Sprint Electric . . . . . . . . . . . .23

SSV Embedded Systems . . . .31

Stemmer Imaging . . . . . . . .14

Stockcap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16

SVS Vistek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

Systeme Helmholz . . . . . . . .41

Systolic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

T Tecsis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Testo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

THK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 . . . . . . .39

Tibbo Technology . . . . . . . .32

TopsCCC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Toshiba Teli . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

Tsubakimoto . . . . . . . . . . . .36

V Vacon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18, 25

VDS Vosskühler . . . . . . . . . .10

Vision Components . . . . . . .10

WAGO Kontakttechnik . . . . .2

Wandfluh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36

Weed Instrument . . . . . . . . .40

Weg Electric Motors . . . . . .43

W Weidmüller . . . . . . . . . . . . .41

Welco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

Westermo . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25


Connectivity . . . . . . . .14, 24

Y Yamaichi Electronics . . . . . .31

Yokogawa . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Ytron-Quadro . . . . . . . . . . .31

Z Zeitlauf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

Zhejiang TianQi . . . . . . . . . . .8

Zorn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Note: bold for companies

advertising in this issue




• SPS/IPC/Drives, Nürnberg

27-29 November




5 – 7 December

• Industrie

Chiba, Japan

31 March – 4 April

Paris, France

• Int’l Technical Exhibition on

Image Technology and Equipment • WIRE

5 – 7 December

31 March – 4 April

Yokohama, Japan

Düsseldorf, Germany

• Manufacturing/Machine Tool

5 – 8 December

Jakarta, Indonesia



• WIN part 1

7 – 10 February

Istanbul, Turkey

• EasyFairs Antriebstechnik

13 – 14 February

Dortmund, Germany


13 – 14 February

Birmingham, UK

• Machine Building

13 – 14 February

Birmingham, UK

• Machine Vision IPOT

13 – 14 February

Birmingham, UK


21 – 24 February

Bari, Italy

• Magyarregula

19 – 22 February

Budapest, Hungary

• Intertool/ITU

26 – 29 February

Kiev, Ukraine

• WIN part 2

28 February – 2 March

Istanbul, Turkey


• Lasys

4 – 6 March

Stuttgart, Germany

• Maintec

11 – 14 March

Birmingham, UK

• PTA-North West

11 – 14 March

St-Petersburg, Russia

• Automatisierungstreff

12 – 14 March

Böblingen, Germany

• Motek

31 March – 4 April

Paris, France

• RTS Embedded Systems

1 – 3 April

Paris, France

• Automaticon

1 – 4 April

Warsaw, Poland

• Analytica

1 – 4 April

Munich, Germany


3 – 5 April

Parma – Italy

• Motek

3 – 5 April

Parma, Italy

• easyFairs Euromaintenance

8 – 10 April

Brussels, Belgium

• JEC Composites

13 April

Paris, France

• Cable & Wire

20 – 22 April

Istanbul, Turkey

• Hannover Messe

21 – 25 April

Hanover, Germany

• Control

22 – 25 April

Stuttgart, Germany

Note: Dates and descriptions of

events have been obtained from

official industrial sources. The publisher,

therefore, cannot be held

responsible for errors, changes

or cancellations.

For more information visit:



The company Zorn, in

Stockach in the South of

Germany is producing precision

light bulbs for the

medical sector since more

than 50 years. In order to

fulfil all demanding specifications

of those products,

own systems for the

manufacturing process

needed to be designed

and built, including semi-automated

as well as

fully automated production

cells and lines, using

Epson SCARA robot...

For SLI: enter 20727




Small area water regulation

makes a valuable contribution

to the prevention

of damage, whether it is

caused by excess water or

a lack of water. Sluice gate

jacks from Power Jacks

are the suitable solution

for this. They are used on

streams and rivers, in

sluices and power stations

to regulate the water level

and turbine capacity

and to drain and flush

reservoirs. In open water


For SLI: enter 20721




The HepcoMotion profile

driven unit (PDU2) belt

driven linear transmission

was introduced as a high

performance, cost efficient

package and one

example where the double-acting

version of the

system is demonstrating

these characteristics is in

an aluminium coil manufacturing

plant in Conwy.

Dolgarrog Aluminium

is an independent and

fully integrated rolling

mill that prides itself...

For SLI: enter 20725




HIMA automated an existing

combustion plant at

the Ludwigshafen production

site belonging to BASF.

In their solution, the entire

automation system for the

burner is integrated into

the safety system. The standardised

BMS application

(BMS = Burner Management

System) incorporating

TÜV-approved function

blocks simplifies the

programming of the system

and makes it easier for

the chemical...

For SLI: enter 20724




The global naval, defence

and commercial markets

demand super-efficient

working practices and the

very best in technology

from their suppliers. Aish

Technologies specialises

in the design and manufacture

of multi-function

and dual display consoles.

The company's sheet metal

department is the cornerstone

of its manufacturing

ability - and the

use of Radbend CNC from

Radan has been key to...

For SLI: enter 20729




Renold Gears has manufactured

the heaviest

pair of wormwheel gearboxes

in the company's

history. With a combined

weight approaching 25

tons, these huge gearboxes

are destined for a

steel mill on the other

side of the world. Designed

and manufactured

to be installed in an existing

steel mill in Asia, the

gear units are to be fitted

as the main drives of a

screw down...

For SLI: enter 20720


Issue N°11 • November 2007 43



Anyone who has watched

a satellite launch live or

on TV will realise that everything

on board the launch

vehicle is exposed to heavy

vibration. To make sure

European Space Agency

(ESA) satellites and components

can survive the

extreme loads experienced

during the launch phase.

From the beginning, Kistler

has been a major supplier

of force sensors used to

monitor and control the

shaker systems...

For SLI: enter 20723




Followed up its success in

supplying a special

6,865KW high voltage

electric motor for the

world's largest industrial

shredder, at Newport in

Wales, WEG received major

recycling order. This

time for a 4,476kW 12pole

high voltage machine

installed on a new

Lynx shredder, owned and

operated by recyclers H

Williams and Sons Ltd.

at Hitchin in Hertfordshire...

For SLI: enter 20719




Moog hydraulic valves

are adding brain to muscle

at metalworking company

Bronx Manufacturing,

which builds specialist

mechanical equipment

for a diverse range of industries,

from automotive

to construction and

from security to mining.

The company, which has

particular experience in

metal forming and finishing

within the steel industry,

is fitting Moog's

Digital Interface Valve...

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