Allen E. Grush RESUME ' ' -

Allen E. Grush RESUME ' ' -

Allen E. Grush

PO Box 12216

Eugene, Oregon 97440-4416

(541) 607-5678






I bring skills and experience and years of artistic design across various fields to your

endeavor, and I hope to make an important contribution to your work. I work well as a member of a team, am an

excellent and well trained communicator, can teach, mentor, lead, or follow the leader. I bring a cheerful attitude

and an enthusiastic approach to all tasks, am used to working within deadlines and within budget constraints.

I bring a positive, energetic and goal oriented work ethic to the workplace.


Skill Name Experience

Graphics Software 12 years

Video Software 12 years

Animation Software 3 years

Presentation Software 7 years

Office Software 12 years

HTML 7 years

Computer Maintenance 12 years

Computer Repair 7 years

Electrical Repair 20+years

A. V. Equipment 20+years



Professional Degree

B.F.A Visual Design

Magna Cum Laude

Emphasis in Animation

Multimedia Design

Video Production

University of Oregon





Associate Degree

Emphasis in:

Multimedia Design

Digital Video Editing

Graphic Design

Lane Comunity College


Ann Tattersall

Oregon State University Instructor,

Department of Geosciences

Phone Number: e-mail only by her request

E-mail Address:

Reference Type: Professional

Joe Williams

Helman Group

Research Analyst

Phone Number: (541) 431-3890

E-mail Address:

Reference Type: Professional

Skill Name Experience

Personnel Management 3 years

Budget Constraints 20+years

Deadline Performance 20+years

Customer Service 20+years

Classroom Instruction 20+ years

Photography 20+ years

Audio Aquisition and Editin 20+ years

Video Production 12+ years

Multimedia Design 4 years

Web Page Design 6 years


Vocational Certificate

Video Production

Diploma with Honors

38 College Units


AB Rolls and cuts edit

script writing, storyboarding

National Broadcasting School


George H. Andries, Jr.


VA Domicilliary, White City, Oregon

Phone Number: (503)926-2111

Reference Type: Professional


Associate Degree

Experimental Education

Group Process



Video Production

Computer Science

Sacramento City College


Wendy Loren

GivingTree Herbs


Phone Number: (541)344-7534

E-mail Address:

Reference Type: Personal

Toby Grant


Business Owner/Operator

Phone Number: (541)683-5554

Reference Type: Personal

A more complete list of my Acquired Skills, Education, and Work Experience is available upon request

Client List 1990 to the Present

1. Stars and Stripes Video Productions: Consultant, Videographer, Editor (On Call) (1990—1991)

2. Dynasty Video Productions: Editor (On Call) (1990-1991)

3. Sacramento County, Council on Aging:“Seniors in Action” c 1990

1 hr. Documentary, Associate Producer, Videographer, Editor

4. Sacramento AIDS Foundation: “Ask About AIDS” c 1990

1 hr. weekly talk show, Associate Producer

5. Hydra-Chain Drive Corporation: “The Martin 72M” c 1991

20 minute Product Documentary, Producer, Videographer, Editor

6. Downtown Davis Business Association, “Shopping in Davis is Like Shopping With Friends” , 1992

30 second TV Commercial and News Paper Ad Campaign

Producer, Designer, Videographer, Editor, Copywriter

7. Plenty USA: “Climate in Crisis” c 1992

1 hour Instructional Video, Videographer, Editor

8. De Colores:“Victor Gabriel, Native American Silver Smith” c 1992

1 hour Documentary, Producer, Videographer

9. KDRV-12 (ABC Affiliate): Medford (Sunshine Television)(1992-1993)

Camera Operator, Production Assistant, News Stringer

10. V.A. Domiciliary, White City: “The Vocational Rehabilitation Program” c 1994

30 minute Documentary, Writer, Producer, Videographer, Editor, Storyboard Artist, V.0.

11. V.A. Domiciliary White City: ”Veterans in Transition” c 1994

15 minute Documentary, Consultant, Copywriter Storyboard Artist, V.0.-Narrator

12. Dr.Wendell Hanna, Ph.D., “Remote Learning Technology”, c 1995

pre-dissertation research documentary, Technology Consultant, Copywriter, Videographer, Editor

13. Sunrise Medical, UK USA Retail Division for Quickie Wheelchairs, “Prefontaine Classic” c 1995,

20 minute documentary of the Wheelchair Competition at the Prefontaine Classic

Track and Field Event at Hayward Field, Copywriter, Videographer, Editor

14. Dr. Wendell Hanna, Ph.D., “The Bassoon”, 1 hour 10 minute Faculty Recital,. 1996

Documentary/Instructional Video, Producer, Director, Set Designer, Production Designer

15. Shelley Maurice-Meier, “The Heart of Health” , 30 Minute Weekly TV Talk Show,. 1996

Associate Producer, Set Designer, Production Designer

16. LCOG Community Television, Classroom Instructor, 1993-1997

17. John Fitch, “Pacific Cycle Sports”, Commercial Web Page, 1997

—— 1998, 1999, 2000, 25 Student Projects in Animation, Multimedia and Video Production ——-

18. User Centered Design Group, Intel Corporation, “The Intraprize Accelerator”

Internal Educational Video, 2000 Consultant, Script Writer, Video Editor

19. Ann Tattersall, “Geoscience 101” Oregon State University, Instructor’s Web Site, 2001

20. Lane Community College, Science Department: Internet based V.R. Aid Feasibility Study, 2001


21. User Centered Design Group, Intel Corporation, “The Voice Portal” , Product Documentary, 2001

Script Writer

22. Lane Community College, Science Department, 5 V.R. models, 2001

Photography, Production, Website Design and Implementation.

23. Patricia Hodurski, “” Commercial Web Page 2001

24. Lane Community College, Information Technology Department, 2001

2 day seminar in Digital Video Production

25. Immersive Media Lab, Intel Corporation, “Hyper-Threading Flash“ 2002

Product Instructional Animation, Concept Development, Script Writing

26. Oregon Public Networking, Classroom Instructor, Animator, Videographer, Web Page Designer, 2001-2002

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