in their own words café mundo off the waffle -

in their own words café mundo off the waffle -

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Wholesome, homemade comfort food. Vegetarian & vegan,

organically grown, locally produced menu that feeds the body,

heart & soul. Customer friendly, artistic and creative exterior

design incorporating graphic art and natural plant materials

We are a family owned and operated business which to us means

that all employees are either directly related to Greg & Laurie, the

owners of Café Mundo or are member of our extended family.

This also means that each individual has a sense of ownership and

pride in providing a quality experience for the customer and the

community in general. Our business structure could be

considered matriarchal in that we support the vision and talents of

Laurie, our Mamamundo and the decisions are based on mutual

benefit of our group and services we can provide the community

as a whole.

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Off The Waffle is a one-of-a-kind eatery that has dedicated itself to

reviving the lost art of making 'Liège Waffles'. We prepare a handcrafted

brioche-like dough, and then fold Belgian pearled sugar

into it. This is baked in our custom-made cast iron waffle machines

for 3 minutes to create one of the most delicious pastries known

to human kind.

The Liège waffle can be had on its own, and many waffle eaters

choose to eat them with a variety of fun, delicious and unique

toppings that we offer.

Our rule of thumb is: Would grandma approve?

**We also have the option for gluten free, vegan and sugar-free.

Everything is made from scratch. No corn syrup, no preservatives,

Significant decisions are typically made by approaching our staff,

and sometimes our customers, for ideas and feedback. A

consensus is typically reached. We are fairly close here; when

there is an issue, it rises to the surface pretty quick and we make a

group effort to resolve it.

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All involved will attend required meetings & work parties


In Newport our business, Café Mundo, is seen as not just a

restaurant, but as a community center. Part of our mission

statement has been to provide a place where people of all types,

ages and world views can meet and exchange experiences and

talents as well as providing nourishing food. This attracts

intelligent, open minded and free thinking individuals from all

walks of life including the arts, sciences and politics. We exist and

are successful because our community wants and needs us to be

here. This is what we would like to bring to the OCF, an extension

of what we have already established over the last 13 years, an

opportunity to connect with like minded folks and expand our

Universal Family.

We will communicate these criteria to participants and verify that

they can be met.

Being part of a community means contributing a personal effort in

order to achieve group goals and maintain a common value

system. As a restaurant, we commit to sourcing healthy, quality

goods. Organic and local as possible. We avoid using chemicals or

other products that we believe to be harmful to us or the earth.

We believe that we demonstrate an ability to be successful while

operating our business with fairness, consciousness and

awareness. Our intention is to create as much influence as we can

within our small world, and encourage learning, teaching and

sharing of all sorts.


In Newport, Café Mundo serves as a center for our community as We are thrilled about the opportunity to join our little waffle

well as being a family oriented restaurant. We are very active in community with a larger community whose values align so darn

cultural, environmental, and political events. In the many years well with ours. We are committed in our day to day actions

that Laurie and Greg have attended the Country Fair they have towards being a respectful, ethically guided, responsible,

been inspired by the Community Village model and have strived to appreciative and loving business. Like Community Village, our

bring that spirit to their hometown. People often compare Cafe decisions are driven and executed by the people who are affected

Mundo to a year-round Country Fair. It would be an honor to be by those decisions (our guests and crew members). We are

included in the Community Village and have an opportunity to excited and motivated to get down and boogie with Community

incorporate our coastal village with the larger Country Fair family. Village. Boom sha ka laka!

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