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Material List

Fabric Flower Pin Cushion

Adapted from Suzy Peck pattern

· Sewing needle & doubled sewing thread

· Scissors

· Glue Gun

· Marking Pen

· Small canning lid

· Two pieces batting, 4x4"

· 3 Fat Quarters for center, petals & leaves (enough for 2 pincushions)

Directions Using pattern on back, make four circle templates. The 3” circle is

for the batting cushion used for the base of the pincushion with the canning lid.

The 4” circle is for the petals (Cut 6). The 4 ½” circle is for the leaves (Cut 6), and

the 4 ¾” circle is for the center pincushion and base cover (Cut 2).

Base Run a basting stitch around the 4 ¾” circle about ¼” from the edge.

Insert the canning lid and two layers of batting, with the indented side of the lid

towards the top and the batting cushion on the bottom. Draw up tight and tie


Leaves Fold each of the 4 ½” fabric circles into quarters and lightly finger

press. Beginning at the folded edge, sew a basting stitch (use about 24” of

thread, doubled) through the folded raw edge at about ¼” from the edge. As

you near the end, pull up the thread to gather as tightly as possible, then secure

with a backstitch. Insert the next leaf, folded edge in so the previous leaf overlaps

it. Continue basting until you’re near the end, pull up again and backstitch.

Continue until you have used all six circles, and then join the ends and knot.

Petals In the same manner, work the six petal circles to form a continuous ring.

Knot and tie off.

Center Run a basting stitch around the 4 ¾” circle and pull to form a bubble.

Insert the fiberfill, working it in until the cushion is tight with fiberfill. Pull

gathers tight and knot. The fiberfill doesn’t have to be completely enclosed.

Glue Using a glue gun, glue the leaves to the base, then the petals on top of the

leaves, then center the pincushion on top of the petals. Makes a very pretty

pincushion for you or a friend!

Overlap of petals and leaves

4-3/4” Base & Center Cut 2

4” Petals Cut 6

4.5” Leaves Cut 6

3” Base Cushion Cut 2

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