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The innovation factor.

Fully Employed MBA

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The Paul Merage School of Business, Fully Employed MBA.

25 50

1uc Irvine ranks among the

uc Irvine’s Fully

No. Top


youngest of the best schools.

employed MBA

It is the #1 university in the us

ranks in the nation’s

under 50 years old and #4 in the

top 25 part-time

world. [ Times Higher Ed, 2012 ]

MBA programs.

[ U.S. News & World

university in

Report, 2012 ]

the us under

50 years old part-Time MBA programs in the us Business schools in the us

The Merage school

is one of the youngest

of the top-50 ranked

business schools in

the nation.

[ US News & World

Report, 2012 ]

At heart, an elite university is an enthusiastic incubator of ideas. And since 1965,

the University of California, Irvine has advanced more than its share of big ideas that

have culminated in extraordinary bodies of work. Among them are three that captured

the Nobel Prize — one in medicine, two in physics.

Within this University — ranked #1 in the US and #4 in the world among colleges

and universities under 50 years old by Times Higher Education, 2012 — is the world-

class Paul Merage School of Business and its largest management program, the Fully

Employed MBA (FEMBA).

FEMBA is remarkable in its own right on a multitude of levels. Its core curriculum

is uniquely organized — centering around real-world themes of strategic innovation,

analytic decision making, information technology, and collaborative execution –– all

conscientiously applied beginning with core classes. What’s more, the faculty holds itself

to rigorous academic standards and consistently publishes work in the most prestigious

scholarly journals ensuring that students aren’t just being taught accepted practices —

but that they are consistently exposed to new knowledge on a daily basis. Student access

to university-wide resources, faculty, business events, forums, distinguished speakers,

and mentoring programs is incredible. (Every year, there are hundreds of such opportunities

to participate in.) All this takes place within an environment that isn’t just

collaborative and competitive, but personalized beyond any you’re likely to encounter.

So whether you’re looking to leap ahead in your firm, prepare for a career change, or launch

the next Fortune 100 Company, our Fully Employed MBA is the place to start.

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[ uc IrvINe. The INNovATIoN FAcTor ]

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Welcome to our

Fully Employed MBA

program. Welcome

to total immersion.

Welcome to the land

of opportunities.

Welcome to your

most exciting

management decision

yet: “How do I make

the most of all this?”

Everything about our FEMBA program invites you in.

The same professors who inspire you in lectures are accessible after class.

(Many lead student research programs as well.) And while other programs are

often satellites of business schools, The Paul Merage School of Business is

home for both the Full-Time MBA and the school’s largest program, the Fully

Employed MBA. As a FEMBA student, you’ll have total access to the substantial

on-campus resources of the business school plus the full resources of this

renowned research university as well.

You won’t get lost in a big school atmosphere either. Our program runs on a

very manageable scale. That way you get to know people on a personal level —

from admissions to student services, from the faculty to the Dean, and

from business executives to our enthusiastic network of alumni.

We understand what the challenges are. We work hard to minimize your

distractions so you’ll have a smoother transition into the program. FEMBA

fees are virtually all-inclusive and cover tuition, books, off-site residential

courses, parking and catered meals. That way you know exactly what to budget

for. We assign an individual program manager to each student for the duration

of the program. Managers help with academic planning and tailoring your

curriculum to fit your busy work schedule. (It’s reassuring to be surrounded

by a staff who takes your education as seriously as you do.)

The program offers the high tech and academic resources you would expect

from an elite MBA program. And while FEMBA is the largest program at the

Merage School, you’ll take in more of the MBA experience by collaborating

with fellow students in small, intimate class settings.

Networking is the oxygen of today’s business world. So we create as many

opportunities for you to connect to the real world as possible. More than 600

executives serve as lecturers and mentors, and over the course of a year,

you’ll be exposed to hundreds of business-centered events.

Our popular Executive Mentoring Program successfully pairs senior-level

executives with FEMBA students who share similar interests in a variety of areas.

This one-on-one relationship enables students to gain a deeper understanding

of the mentor’s knowledge, expertise and management style, and get the kind

of valuable feedback and input only seasoned professionals can provide.

The Fully Employed MBA program at The Paul Merage School of Business.

Think of it as your Master of Business Acceleration.



cities for


Irvine is recognized as

one of the Top 5 cities

for start-ups.

[Bloomberg Business

Week, 2011]

Among the start-ups

that have grown up

here: Allergan,

Broadcom and vizio.

“ Our classroom learning extends far beyond the

doors of the Merage School. It’s also that which

happens when you walk outside and engage our

extensive, vibrant network within the surrounding

global business community.”

Andrew J. Policano, Dean [2004 - 2013]

The interchange

between classroom lessons,

applicability to real work

experiences, networking

opportunities and extracurricular

programs laid the

foundation for a dynamic

and complete educational

experience at the Merage


Margaret W. Kayo, Ph.D., femba 2011

Director, New Product Development

Biosensors International Group, Ltd.

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Merage school faculty


rank in the Top 10 of all

us business schools for

faculty research per capita

adjusted for faculty size.

[ UT Dallas Business School

Top 10 of

Research Study, 2011 ]

all business


A curriculum designed for the

future that’s happening now.

Not the one that’s past.

Core curriculum focuses on developing knowledge in

fundamental functional business areas. Once this foundation

is established, the program is directed toward current management and

strategic issues. Students take core courses in lockstep sequence,

each quarter building on fundamentals learned in previous quarters.

The final quarters taught within the core curriculum integrate concepts

and methodologies used throughout the program to provide every

student with a broad understanding of business strategy and leadership

in the global economy.

In the last year of the FEMBA program, you tailor your experience to

deepen your perspective, enhance your knowledge in one or more

specific areas, and further build your skills. You can choose electives

in functional areas such as: marketing, finance or strategy. You even

have the option to concentrate on particular career areas such as real

estate or wealth management.

Electives are offered in finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship,

organization and management, information technology,

operations management, economics and public policy, and real estate,

among others. If your schedule permits and seats are available, you may

also enroll in electives offered through our other MBA programs. This

option opens up a broader array of courses and allows FEMBA students

to engage with MBA students school-wide.

“ Our curriculum is hardwired to the real

world. The focus is on what’s relevant to

business as it continues to evolve. So we’re

constantly analyzing and refining. Then

refining the refinements.”

Denis Trapido, Assistant Professor

of Organization and Management

[ Four prINcIpAl TheMes oF our AcAdeMIc progrAM ]

1 Strategic


[ FAll AdMIT: 33 MoNThs ]

[ sprINg AdMIT: 27 MoNThs ]


n OPening residenTial:

Management of

Innovative Organizations

Year One

Fall Quarter

n Organizational Analysis

n Microeconomics

Winter Quarter

n Statistics

n Financial Accounting

Spring Quarter

n Marketing

n Managerial Accounting


n OPening residenTial:

Management of

Innovative Organizations

Year One

Spring Quarter

n Organizational Analysis

n Microeconomics

Summer Quarter

n Statistics

n Financial Accounting

2 Analytic

Decision Making 3 Information

Technology 4 Collaborative


Year TwO

Fall Quarter

n Managerial Finance

n Operations Management

Winter Quarter

n Information Technology

n Global Business I

Spring Quarter

n Business Strategy

n 1 Elective

n inTernaTiOnal residenTial:

Global Business II

Year TwO

Fall Quarter

n Marketing

n Information Technology

Winter Quarter

n Managerial Finance

n Operations Management

Spring Quarter

n Managerial Accounting

n Global Business I

Summer Quarter

n Business Strategy

n 1 Elective

n inTernaTiOnal residenTial:

Global Business II

Year Three

Fall Quarter

n Macroeconomics or

Business and Government

n 1 Elective

Winter Quarter

n 2 Electives

Spring Quarter

n 2 Electives

n ClOsing residenTial:

Executive Leadership

Year Three

Fall Quarter

n Macroeconomics or

Business and Government

n 1 Elective

Winter Quarter

n 2 Electives

Spring Quarter

n 2 Electives

n ClOsing residenTial:

Executive Leadership

[ A TrIo oF oFF-sITe resIdeNTIAl progrAMs ]

As a FEMBA student, you participate

in three valuable off-site learning

experiences called Residentials: one

before classes begin; one during your

second year in an international location;

and one final capstone course. This

sequence of required Residentials,

especially with an international

component, is a unique feature of the

Merage School’s program.

OPening residenTial: managemenT

Of innOvaTive OrganizaTiOns This

four-day experience, held in a local

business hotel, lays the groundwork

for the collaborative FEMBA learning

environment. During this residential

you will:

n Meet and work intensively with your

cohort and small study team, getting

to know your classmates well.

n Be introduced to topics including

organizational design, culture and

power; group processes; competitive

analysis; corporate strategy; and

business ethics.

n Engage in case analysis, class

discussion, presentations, group

projects, and experiential learning.

inTernaTiOnal residenTial: glObal

business ii A highlight of the FEMBA

program, this one-week overseas

residential is a rare, firsthand opportunity

to learn about the socioeconomic,

cultural, and political issues faced by

critical business players outside the

US. Recent trips have been to major

cities in China, centering on how the

country became a dominant political

and economic force throughout Asia

and globally. While abroad you will:

n Build on the knowledge you acquire

in the Global Business I course.

n Gain insight into issues faced by

US companies overseas, investment

climate, banking and finance, supply

chain management, and transitions

in emerging economies.

n Meet with key officials such as

senior executives in US and foreignbased

companies, or local executives.

n Tour companies in a variety of


n Attend social events, enjoy fine

dining, artistic performances or other

cultural activities.

ClOsing residenTial: exeCuTive

leadershiP The FEMBA program

culminates with a four-day capstone

experience in Executive Leadership at

a mountain retreat conference center.

This residential offers a structured

setting where you can reflect on the

knowledge and expertise you gained

during the FEMBA program, and how

you will successfully apply these as a

manager and leader:

n Receive constructive 360-degree

feedback from classmates, faculty,

and co-workers.

n Identify your leadership skills and

learn tools to enhance them.

n Create an actionable long-term

career plan.

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[ currIculuM ]

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The relevance of what you

learn here is multiplied by

the acumen of the faculty

you learn from.

“ Our educational program

draws from real research

designed to help address a

manager’s practical problems.

Experienced students

get a truer picture of their

current and future challenges

with guidance from faculty

who actively seek to better

understand and interpret our

complex and rapidly changing


Jone Pearce, Dean’s Professor of


Author and adjunct faculty member, Edwin D.

Fuller, is chair emeritus of the Merage School’s

Advisory Board, president of Laguna Strategic

Advisors and former president and managing

director of Marriott Lodging International.

He shares 40 years of experiences in his book,

“You Can’t Lead with Your Feet on the Desk.”

There is no junior varsity here. Our real-world practitioners

include top business executives in a variety of professions. All of

the tenure track faculty members have doctorates. And the same

faculty teach in all four of the Merage School MBA programs.

Professors are educated at many of the nation’s most prestigious

universities and enterprises. They consult at Fortune 500 companies,

advise global enterprises, and counsel executives in successful

enterprises. What draws them to UC Irvine? The quality

of students, the quality of life in Orange County –– along with the

university’s strategic location at the hub of a vibrant business

community, and the start-up centric environment that fuels the

culture of the area.

Not only does our faculty rank among the nation’s top scholars,

they also demonstrate excellence across the board: from the

fundamentals of the core curriculum to centering on the real-world

themes the FEMBA program has identified. At the same time, they

work at the apex of research. They are thought innovators whose

strategic vision and informed analyses are consistently published

in top-tier academic publications. Instead of just passing along old

information, they create new knowledge, new business models,

and bold new solutions.

Faculty recognition extends far beyond scholarly papers. This

internationally renowned team consistently earns high marks

in top business publication rankings on a number of key criteria:

faculty intellectual capital, overall strength, percentage of women,

international diversity, marketing, and information technology.

This faculty stands for exceptionally high standards. The level of rigor

and enthusiasm they bring to your education is second to none.


Faculty diversity


The Merage school ranks

# 2 globally in faculty

diversification with 42%

comprised of women.

[ Financial Times, 2011 ]


Best city,

Best school1

Irvine was voted Best city in

orange county. uc Irvine, its

Best university or college.

[ Orange County Register, 2011 ]

“ Anyone who wants to lead

in this brave new business

world needs to grasp the

value of strategic innovation.

Innovation is what makes managers,

companies and countries

intrinsically more valuable to

everyone –– from consumers to


Imran Currim

Chancellor’s Professor,


page 8

[ FAculTy ]

page 9

Our Career Center works

with you from Day One to

help build the management

skills you need to catapult

your career.

[ seveN ceNTers oF excelleNce ]


Don Beall Center for InnovatIon

anD entrepreneurshIp brings

researchers, entrepreneurs and business

leaders together with our students. You can

hone your entrepreneurial skills through

the campus-wide Business Plan Competition,

which is judged by venture capitalists

and offers cash awards to winners. Other

Center events include: The Les Kilpatrick

Students-to-Start-Ups Entrepreneurial Skills

Workshops and Matrix Mixers, which attract

campus entrepreneurs, students and faculty

to exchange ideas.

John S. & Marilyn long US–

China inStitUte for

BUSineSS and law is a joint venture

of the UC Irvine Merage School and

Law School. It promotes an understanding

and engagement between the

two global superpowers through bilateral

research and dialogue. Workshops,

conferences and other events connect

you with scholars, industry leaders,

policy makers, and other practitioners

to learn about the challenges and

opportunities facing the two cultures.

The Greek philosopher Socrates taught that

knowing yourself is the key to success in all

phases of life. The Merage School MBA Career Center

applies this philosophy to a six-hour Career Visioning

Workshop it uses to help entering students examine their

individual interests, traits and aspirations. This in-depth

study helps determine the best path for students to follow

to get the most out of their MBA experience.

Meanwhile, the Career Center offers a multidimensional

array of resources to FEMBA students and business

recruiters alike. It supports career development and job

search through extensive training and guidance. It helps

MBAs develop a long-term career plan and enhances their

leadership and management skills through activities such

as mock interviews, career fairs and corporate networking.

Seven Centers of Excellence serve three purposes: they

work as a gateway to the vibrant Southern California, US

and world business communities, offer global perspectives

on key business issues, and provide opportunities to

collaborate with business leaders and entrepreneurs in

your particular area of interest.

2 3

Center for HealtH Care

ManageMent and PoliCy plays

a crucial role in US healthcare reform

through its interdisciplinary research

and innovation. The Center hosts the

Annual Health Care Forecast Conference,

a breakfast series, and other

events in which MBAs engage with

scholars, policy experts and industry

professionals to share diverse perspectives

and expertise on business

aspects of cost, access and quality

of care.


We place a premium on

experiential opportunities

with real-world


one such project is

the polaris Investment

competition sponsored by

venture capitalist chuck

Martin and FeMBA 2005

alumnus Mike cancelleri.

The competition gives six

teams the opportunity

to create an investment

portfolio using real

money to earn substantial

scholarships based on the

52-week performance of

their investments.

Center for Digital transformation

incorporates an

open source approach to building

a community that brings together

scholars from diverse disciplines

to conduct academic and applied

research on social and managerial

issues suited to the digital economy.

Benefit from the Center’s expertise

on how Web services impact

business, how companies embrace

technology, and how IT transforms

the way we live, work and play.


Center for Global

leadership enables you to

partner with an executive mentor from a

marquee company, develop leadership

and managerial skills, and work with

local nonprofit organizations on strategic

projects. The Center sponsors the highly

beneficial Executive Mentoring Program

along with the Distinguished Speaker

Series featuring prominent C-level speakers.

Presenters have included CEOs of

Allergan, Edwards Lifesciences, Experian,

Hyundai Motor America and Mattel.


Center for Investment and

Wealth management provides the

impetus for the study and discussion of

issues critical to the wealth management

industry. It is a source of cutting-edge

research and innovative programs that

advance the understanding and successful

practice of wealth management. Here,

Merage School students can participate

in The Polaris Investment Competition

and work on teams to choose investments

and create a portfolio — using

real money for real-world accountability.

The resources at the Merage

School MBA Career Center

have had a lasting effect. They

inspired me, pushed me, prepared

me, toughened me, and

helped launch me.”

Thomas Antunez, femba 2005

Founder, former Principal and

CEO of Prithvi Percentix


Center for real estate

provides MBAs interested in real

estate with a network of connections

to the business community, including

members of its Advisory Board, industry

leaders and alumni. The Center

offers fellowships, extracurricular

activities and resources that enhance

the MBA experience. As a student

you may participate in events ranging

from the Breakfast Series and Real

Estate Awards Celebration to Internship


Nationally recognized

career center

The MBA career center

is nationally recognized

as a resource for job

placement among full-time

MBA programs. And all

FeMBA students have

access to the center.

Together the Centers

of Excellence and MBA

Career Center provide

students opportunity after

opportunity throughout

their FEMBA education.

This integrated approach

accelerates their

understanding of

real-world operations,

culture and teamwork.

page 10

[ cAreers ]

We invite you to

learn more about our

FEMBA program.

Join us for a one-on-one

consultation. Arrange

a class visit. Attend a

FEMBA event. Or take part

in a Merage School event.

If you have any questions,

the FEMBA Admissions

team is here to help:


University of California, Irvine

The Paul Merage School of Business

Fully Employed MBA Program

SB 202

Irvine, CA 92697-3125

E-mail: femba@merage.uci.edu

Web: merage.uci.edu/go/FEMBA

Blog: mbaworks.org

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