TELE_07 Information Center Model for Farmer Com..

TELE_07 Information Center Model for Farmer Com..

Developing Information Center

Model for Farmer Community

In corporation with Indonesian Infocom Society (MASTEL)

Taufik Zamzami (

System Development, TELKOM R&D Center

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk


• Objectives

• Services Demand

• Network Model

• Potential Enhancement

• Key Success Factors


• Provide information to people in the rural


• Develop system model that is suitable for

farmer community.

• Increase the speed of culture

transformation from traditional behavior

into more adaptive to IT.

Services Demand

Information Collaboration Education





Weather Forecast

Health Information

Gov. Rules


Bulletin Board


Web Mail

Sales &




Scout Information



General Network Model

Application Center

• Content management and SMS-push application will be

installed to the server. These applications can be

developed by third party or purchased separately at a

lower price; some are free to install.

• The setup and maintenance cost for this application

center include :

– One time payment :

• server machine

• operating system software

• database system software

• content management software

• SMS-push software

• SMS-terminal for sending/broadcast SMS

– Monthly payment :

• Co-location

• SMS subscription.

Public Network

• Can be provided by TELCOs that offer any

kind of access: internet, fixed phone, fixed

wireless (CDMA) and mobile

communication (GSM).

• Offers many type of services like : instant

internet, turbo internet, GPRS/EDGE,


• Already established and stable.

• Monthly usage cost for this public network

include : internet and SMS subscription.

Client Area

• Setup and installed by community and local government.

• Each CTC (provided by BIM) must have access to internet (via fixed

phone/fixed wireless or GPRS/EDGE) and accessed from one main


• If CTC have several PC to access the internet, these can be done

through internet connection sharing from main PC. So the

connection access to the internet remain only one line.

• This PC act as sharing terminal to access the content from internet.

• If the location in the coverage of GSM/CDMA, the information can

be retrieved from SMS terminal.

• This facilities cost will include: PC with browser, internal/external

modem or mobile terminal with built-in modem, telephone line/fixed

wireless/GSM subscription and ISP.

Potential Enhancement

• Using LAN and WLAN to increase the total terminal at

each CTC, and decrease internet subscription payment.

Key success factors

• Content

• Network Infrastructure.

• Involvement intensity of farmer community

in using the CTC.

• Active participation of observer and

sponsor of rural community

Thank You

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