Papers for self-study - DCE FEL ČVUT v Praze

Papers for self-study - DCE FEL ČVUT v Praze

Papers for self-study

November 1, 2012


The objective of this work is to learn how to search for scientific publications, create an

opinion on a scientific paper and present this opinion to the audience. All students at

CTU FEE have access to many online libraries and scientific databases.

See – brána EIZ /EIR Gateway


From the list of papers below choose one and do the following:

1. Read the paper and try to understand it. It might be necessary to read also some

of the referenced publications to get a better notion what the paper is about. Some

papers may be work-in-progress ones; you should consider it during your assessment.

2. Write a review of the paper, which focuses on the following points, and for each

point give a mark between 1 (best) and 5 (worst):

• originality/novelty – you must search the scientific databases to see whether

there has been a contribution with similar topic. If it has you have to assess

the novelty of the reviewed paper with respect to the other ones.

• technical and scientific soundness – use your technical feeling to assess

whether the paper makes sense from the technical and/or scientific point

of view, whether the reasoning in the paper is correct, etc.

• quality of presentation – assess how the topics are explained and understandable.

You can also assess the quality of the English language

3. Prepare a 15-minute presetation in which you explain the contents of the paper to

the audience and present your opinion on the quality of paper.


Emerging Technologies in Factory Automation 2012

• A Software Tool for Efficient Configuration of EtherCAT Networks. Mladen

Knezic, Branko Dokic and Zeljko Ivanovic

• Virtual Industrial Ethernet Devices for Testing Purposes. Stefan Matzler, Robert

Lehmann, Stefan Theurich, Alexander Dennert and Martin Wollschlaeger

• On Jitter in Time Partitioned Real-Time Systems. Kristian Sandstrom, Thomas

Nolte, Moris Behnam and Reinder Bril

• Data Distribution Service for Industrial Automation. Jinsong Yang, Kristian Sandstrom,

Thomas Nolte and Moris Behnam

Papers for self-study Dept. of Control Engineering


• TDMA Proposals for Wireless Sensor Networks for Highly Reliable and Energy

Effcient Data Collection in an Industrial Application. Achim Berger, Albert Poetsch

and Andreas Springer

• Hardware in the loop simulation for Distributed Automation Systems. Cesare

Fantuzzi and Roberto Panciroli

• Towards Autoconfiguration of Industrial Automation Systems: A Case Study

Using PROFINET IO. Lars Duerkop, Henning Trsek, Juergen Jasperneite and

Lukasz Wisniewski

• A Generic Synchronized Data Acquisition Solution for Distributed Automation

Systems. Florian Pethig, Bjorn Kroll and Oliver Niggemann

• Timing Analysis of Mixed-Criticality Hard Real-Time Applications Implemented

on Distributed Partitioned Architectures. Sorin Ovidiu Marinescu, Domitian Tamas-

Selicean, Vlad Acretoaie and Paul Pop

• HSR and PROFINET IRT Bandwidth Management in Generic Embedded Systems.

Matthias May, David Ganz and Hans Dermot Doran

• An FPGA based Approach for the Enhancement of COTS Switch ASICs with

Real-Time Ethernet Functions. Holger Flatt, Sebastian Schriegel, Jurgen Jasperneite

and Frank Schewe

Workshop on Factory Communication Systems 2012

• Dynamic Frame Packing in Industrial Applications using COTS Components.

Jonas Schoch, David Ganz, Hans Dermot Doran, Karl Weber

• Mixing Real Time Ethernet Traffic on the IEC 61850 Process Bus. Paolo Ferrari,

Alessandra Flammini, Stefano Rinaldi, Gunnar Prytz

• The High-Availability Seamless redundancy protocol (HSR): Robust fault-tolerant

networking and loop prevention through duplicate discard. Holger Heine, Oliver


• An FPGA based HSR Architecture for Seamless PROFINET Redundancy. Holger

Flatt, Sebastian Schriegel, Thimo Neugarth, Jürgen Jasperneite

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

• RDDS: A Real-Time Data Distribution Service for Cyber-Physical Systems. Woochul

Kang; Kapitanova, K.; Sang Hyuk Son

• Design and Implementation of a Delay-Guaranteed Motor Drive for Precision

Motion Control. Kanghee Kim; Minyoung Sung ; Hyun-Wook Jin

• Methods for Reliable Simulation-Based PLC Code Verification. Carlsson, H.;

Svensson, B. ; Danielsson, F. ; Lennartson, B.

Papers for self-study Dept. of Control Engineering


• Evaluation of EtherCAT Distributed Clock Performance. Cena, G.; Bertolotti,

I.C.; Scanzio, S.; Valenzano, A.; Zunino, C.

Papers for self-study Dept. of Control Engineering


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