Mary Baker Emerick Art Scholarship

Mary Baker Emerick Art Scholarship

Mary Baker Emerick Art Scholarship

Application for Returning Students Due: April 1

Name _____________________________________________________________________________________

I am applying for the 20____ – 20____ academic year Social Security # ___________________________

Home address _______________________________________________________________________________

street city state zip

Local address _______________________________________________________________________________

street city state zip

Home phone ___________________________ Local phone ___________________________

Your date of birth _____________ Parent or guardian’s name ______________________________________

High School attended _______________________________________________ Graduation year ________

Other Colleges/Universities & years attended ____________________________________________________

Declared major: BS in Secondary Education BA in Visual Art with a Related Area in:

___ K-12 Broadfield ___ Art Studio ___ Illustration

___ K-12 Art Major with a Minor in: ___ Business ___ Pre-Art Therapy

__________________________ ___ Crafts ___ Other: _______________

Current class status: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

I have received a MBE Art Scholarship as a: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

Current UMW cumulative GPA __________

List art related extracurricular activities and/or art awards over the past year. (attach a seperate sheet)

Please write a brief statement about your current educational and art related goals. (attach a seperate sheet)

Please list any other anticipated or awarded scholarships and amounts. (attach a seperate sheet)

Signature _______________________________________ Date ____________ Award $__________

Eligibility & Scholarship Information

• The Mary Baker Emerick (MBE) Art Scholarship award for Freshmen and Sophomores is between $1000 and

$2700 per academic year. The MBE Art Scholarship award for Juniors and Seniors is between $1500 and $3800

per academic year. Half of the award is distributed each semester.

• The MBE Art Scholarship is available only to students pursuing a degree in BS Secondary Education with a

Major or Broadfield in Art, or a BA degree in Visual Arts with possible Related Areas in Studio Art, Business,

Crafts, Illustration, and Pre-Art Therapy. When registering for classes identify yourself as one of these options.

• The MBE Art Scholarship can be awarded to a student up to, but not exceeding, four years. The scholarship

must be applied for each year.

• Students must be full-time during the year of the award (12 or more credits per semester).

• MBE Art Scholarships are awarded based upon the completion of the application form and artistic merit

and academic accomplishment (as displayed in documentation of student’s artwork, GPA, and art related

extracurricular activities) and the total available funds designated to MBE Art Scholarships for any given year.

• Students receiving a MBE Art Scholarship must enroll in at least one ART rubric class for each semester they

are receiving the scholarship.

• Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 in their Montana Western Art classes and an overall GPA of 2.5.

• Students receiving a MBE Art Scholarship must enter their artwork in the annual Student Juried Art Exhibit

(student teachers or interns off campus are exempt from this requirement during that semester).

• Failure to comply with any of the above criteria may result in the withdrawal of the scholarship, even during the

year of the award.

Application Process

• Submit a completed application form (front side of this paper).

• Submit an official or unofficial transcript that includes course grades (you may print this information from your

personal information on the Banner System (

• Submit a portfolio of 15 photographed pieces of your artwork that best represent your artistic progresss. Submit

pieces in digital format on a cd. Images must be identified with your name, title, medium, and date. Do not

submit actual artwork. (Poor photographed images may negatively affect your application.)

• Mail or submit the above items in a single envelope on or before APRIL 1:

Eva Mastandrea

UMW Fine Arts Department

710 So. Atlantic

Dillon, MT 59725

• Contact Eva Mastandrea with questions: Main Hall Gallery, (406) 683-7312,

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