My Sulingen - nline

My Sulingen - nline

My Sulingen!

Hello, I’m Jessika Hollmann:

I’d like to tell you something about Sulingen

Sulingen is a little town, but not a village.

It has got lots of shops and restaurants. I can

go everywhere by bike.

That is my home:

We live in (the) Schlesienstraße 10.

We have lots of shops for food in our town:

e.g.: - Lidl

- Rewe

- Plus

This is Rewe. The

shop is round the

corner of my home.

The other shops (of shoes, clothes …) are a bits

farther away

My favourite hobby is swimming and the indoor

swimming pool is not far from of my home, too.

We have two ice-cream

parlours; this ice-cream

is very delicious.

This is a one of the icecream


This is our Sports field.

It is near my home.

I go to the (lending) library, when I must work

on a project. It is beside the Elementary school.

This is the this is the

Elementary school: (Lending) library:

Opposite the Elementary school and the lending

library is the hospital.

We have a church.

I visit the service on Sundays.

The church is neither big or


I like the church, it is fine

inside and outside.

My mother works in an old people’s home.

It is at the Opposite end of Sulingen.

That is the old

people’s home.

This is the building as

you can see it from

the opposite side of

the street.

My school:

It is very big, long and simple. It has a big


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