Morpace Omnibus Report-Physical Appearance - Amazon Web ...

Morpace Omnibus Report-Physical Appearance - Amazon Web ...

Morpace Omnibus Report-Physical Appearance - Amazon Web ...


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Consumers are influenced by the<br />

physical appearance of a retailer<br />

Overview<br />

Retailers should be asking themselves these questions:<br />

• What message is our business sending to potential customers?<br />

• Are we turning potential customers away without knowing it?<br />

• Is the environment of our location consistent with our target customers’ expectations?<br />

Aligning the external appearance of your business with the expectations of your target customer is critical.<br />

To accurately achieve this, you will need to understand those expectations.<br />

We live in a highly visual world and the results from our latest <strong>Morpace</strong> <strong>Omnibus</strong> make this clear.<br />

Specifically we asked consumers how much of an impact a retail store’s appearance has (from the street)<br />

on their decision to go in. In other words, is 'how the place looks' as important as level of service, or cost?<br />

The results indicated that physical appearance does matter – significantly. And it suggests that retailers in<br />

all industries from automotive to restaurants to big-box should focus on the external presentation of their<br />

building to ensure there are satisfied customers inside.<br />

Results<br />

Business <strong>Appearance</strong> Influenced Visit<br />

No<br />

31%<br />

Yes<br />

69%<br />

80<br />

60<br />

40<br />

20<br />

0<br />

Importance of Business <strong>Appearance</strong><br />

30%<br />

66%<br />

Extremely important Somewhat important Neither important nor<br />

unimportant<br />

More than two-thirds of consumers say they have avoided a place of business based on its external<br />

appearance. Consumers decide whether or not they will shop at your store based on its presentation<br />

from the street.<br />

One-half of consumers (52 percent) have avoided a business all together because it looked dirty from the<br />

outside. These consumers form an opinion of a business based on physical presence, which heavily<br />

influences their decision to shop at a location. Nearly all shoppers (95 percent) say that exterior<br />

appearance is important in their selection of a place to shop.<br />


One-third of consumers have not entered a business because it "didn't look like a place I would normally<br />

shop." These consumers may not have been able to put a finger on specifically why they didn’t want to<br />

shop there, but there was something about its appearance that gave them pause.<br />

Even with the common perception that consumers build strong loyalty to a business, approximately 80<br />

percent of consumers are open to shopping at new places, and most of them have visited a business<br />

outside of their normal routine in the past six months.<br />

Frequently Open to Shopping New Places<br />

No<br />

17%<br />

Yes<br />

83%<br />

Have Shopped Somewhere Different<br />

in the Past 6 Months<br />

When considering what's important in selecting a place to conduct business, cleanliness and organization<br />

is as important as customer service and cost.<br />

More than 80 percent of consumers admit they have shopped only once at a location and never returned<br />

because it did not meet their expectations. And while customer service is important to the customer’s<br />

experience, “being able to find what I'm looking for” is nearly as important; one-third have not returned to<br />

a place because it was perceived as 'dirty'.<br />

No<br />

17%<br />

80<br />

60<br />

40<br />

20<br />

0<br />

Shopped Once and Didn't Return<br />

<strong>Appearance</strong> Factor that Most<br />

Influenced Decision to Not Go In<br />

52%<br />

Looked dirty from the<br />

outside<br />

Yes<br />

83%<br />

11%<br />

Looked outdated/old<br />

from the outside<br />

2<br />

80<br />

60<br />

40<br />

20<br />

0<br />

68%<br />

No<br />

30%<br />

Poor customer<br />

service<br />

53%<br />

39%<br />

Didn't look like place I<br />

would normally shop/visit<br />

Disorganized ‐<br />

Couldn't find<br />

what I was<br />

looking for<br />

32%<br />

18%<br />

Yes<br />

70%<br />

Most Impacted Decision to Not Return<br />

(Multiple Mention)<br />

Dirty Questionable<br />

clientele<br />

8%<br />


Conclusions and Recommendations<br />

At the very least, retailers should consider developing a research plan to evaluate the external<br />

presentation of their operations as part of their overall marketing efforts. The perceptions that consumers<br />

have of the “look” of a retail storefront may not agree with the retailers’. After all, the expectations<br />

consumers have are developed largely by what your competitors are doing.<br />

In addition to “appearances,” another consideration is your level of consistency. For example, the physical<br />

layout, signage or external appearance of a storefront should be consistent, particularly in a given region<br />

or target market.<br />

Let us help you understand the consistency of your retail environment, guide specific improvements and,<br />

reinforce your desired brand image.<br />

For further insights, or to explore research opportunities, contact Jason Mantel, <strong>Morpace</strong> Vice President,<br />

at 248.539.5252 or jmantel@morpace.com.<br />

A total of 1,000 consumers were surveyed February 10-15, 2011 as part of the <strong>Morpace</strong> <strong>Omnibus</strong>.<br />


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