Giovanni's lasagna - The Geriatric Gourmet

Giovanni's lasagna - The Geriatric Gourmet

Giovanni’s Lasagna


Check out a copy of the Godfather, put it on

TV and turn it up loud enough to hear

outside………...if you cook outside like I do.

Pour yourself 6 or 8 glasses of Vino

Rosso………. o Bianco. Assemble a lot of

Italian looking things and begin singing

O Sole Mio or Santa Lucia.


1.Lasagna Noodles

2.Olive Oil


4.A can of Tomatoes…..diced, chopped or

stewed (maybe the kind that already

have Italian seasoning)

5.A can of Pizza Sauce

6. A bunch of Parsley….Italian, Curly or


7.A bunch of Carrots

8.A pound of Ground Beef

9.A little tub of Ricotta Cheese……….you

can also use Cottage Cheese-about 15 oz.

10. About 2 cups or 8 oz. grated

Mozzarella Cheese

11. About the same amount of Provolone

or an Italian mix. I found a bag by

Kraft with Mozzarella, Provolone,

Romano, Asiago and Parmesan.

12. a large Egg

13. A box of Frozen Spinach……..or

equivalent fresh.

14. Some pitted Olives………..whatever

kind you like.

Note: You can use unseasoned Tomatoes

and Tomato Paste if you want but then you

have to all those Italian Herbs like, Oregano,

Marjoram, Basil, Summer Savory,

Rosemary Sage etc. These days, it’s too easy

to just buy the cans with all that stuff in

them………..and I’m lazy.

As always, I start with Garlic and I haven’t

been bothered by werewolves (or bad

cholesterol) for many a full moon.

I always have plenty of Garlic around and

sometimes I freeze it.

The pieces that have a yellow color have

been frozen……….this doesn’t hurt it.

Roughly chop it and scoot it into a nice

green pan.

15. Dump in some Olive Oil

………….about enough to cover the Garlic.

(Maybe ¼ inch or so).

Put the heat on low so you don’t burn it

while messing with other stuff. It should

only just begin to brown (no more) when

you turn the heat off. If it’s anymore than

just barely browned, you will discover that

you have a flat tire on your car.

I like manager’s specials………….this is


Cut off about a pound.

Now is when it’s handy to be drinking a

glass of Wine. I’m usually drinking

something i.e. Beer, Brandy, Wine, Saki etc.

when I cook and I just occasionally slosh

some in whatever it is. Add about a glass to

the Beef.

Dump in a little of the Garlic Oil. Don’t put

too much or it will bubble up and spill over

when you have the whole thing in the oven.

Smonch the Garlic into the Meat and put the

heat on about medium or lower.

When the Meat has browned (it will be a

little purple because of the wine), dump in

the Tomatoes.

And also the Pizza Sauce. I’m always

looking for short cuts i.e. pre-grated Cheese,

so I like cans of stuff that already have the

seasoning I need in them. Reduce the heat so

that it all just simmers a little. It needs to

simmer long enough to evaporate most of

the liquid.

While the Meat mess is simmering, chop

plenty of Parsley into itty bitty pieces. I

happened to have some of both kinds today.

Put it in a mixing bowel and add the big fat


Dump in the Ricotta (or Cottage) Cheese.

About now is a good time to put the noodles

in a pan of hot water. It doesn’t have to be

boiling hot but warn enough to penetrate the

noodles. They need to soak a while to get


Since I use frozen Spinach, I microwave it

just enough to defrost but not get too hot.

While the spinach is defrosting, coarsely

chop some Carrots.

Cover them with water in a nice Green Pan

and out the heat on medium. They need to

cook until just barely soft……….resist a

fork a little. Pour off any water that’s left.

Dump the Spinach in the Ricotta mess.

And beat the whammy out of the whole


When most of the water has evaporated off

the Carrots, smonch them roughly with a

Potato masher. I like things to be a little


Add the Carrots to the Meat mess stir it

around a little and turn off the heat.

Pour a little of the Garlic Oil into a baking

dish. Put jus enough to barely cover the

bottom or the oil and liquid will make a

mess in the oven later.

Make a layer of the Meat mess in the dish.

Use half of the meat.

Make a layer of Noodles over the Meat. The

noodles need to be wet and a little soft, so if

they are not yet, heat the water a little and

move them around until they are.

Make a layer of the Cheese mess over the

noodles. Use half of it.

Crumple in some Olives. I like things to be

lumpy so I don’t crumple them too much.

It’s getting late in the day by now and

Possum will have smelled what you are

doing and be very interested. Do not trust

her grin. She is not sincere and will try to

steal something when you go into the house.

Add a layer of the Provolone; Mozzarella

etc. Use half of it. The final layer goes on


Add the rest of the Meat mess.

Make another layer of Noodles and a layer

of the rest of the Cheese-Spinach mess.

Add the last of the Provolone-Mozzarella etc.

Spread it around nicely.

And cover the whole mess with tinfoil. Now

you could keep in the refrigerator until just

before your guests arrive if you want too.

If its wintertime, you could keep it outside

but if you do, you better cover it with a wash

tub or something. Sometimes I use the

outside grill, which has a lid, to keep things

refrigerated in winter.

Put it in a preheated, 350° oven.

Make some nice Garlic Bread.

And put that in there too.

Bake it for 20-25 minuets and when the

cheese on top is melted remove the tinfoil.

Bake another 20-25 minuets until the cheese

starts to brown a little.

Serve it with a nice little salad that has

Artichoke Hearts.

Be sure to remember the Garlic Bread in the

oven and have plenty of Wine.

Buon Appetito!

If there’s still some in the fridge after three

or four days, possum can have it.

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