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• impact on the natural environment / three areas for action

In 2006, the reliability of the CO 2 survey was

confirmed in several territories. In Switzerland,

emissions totalled 3.29 metric tonnes of CO 2

equivalent (tCO 2 eq) per FTE per year; in Italy the

figure was 3.39 tCO 2 eq; in the United States it

came to 7.26 tCO 2 eq. Local energy infrastructure

has a preponder-ant impact on these measurements:

the weighting used to calculate CO 2 emissions

related to electricity consumption is about

six times higher for Italy and for the US than for

France. Since the nature of the businesses also

varies widely by country, it seems more relevant

to monitor emissions on a country-by-country

basis rather than to consolidate very disparate


In France, CO 2 emissions amounted to 2.56

tonnes of CO 2 equivalent per FTE.

In France, the increase in CO 2 emissions per FTE

in 2006 was a wholly attributable to business

trips, particularly plane travel, which surged as

a result of several non-recurring external growth

operations outside France.

Breakdown of sources of CO 2 emissions in France between 2004 and 2006

Tonnes of CO ² equiv. per FTE

Business trips

Commuting between home & office





Business trips are the principal source of emissions.

They are undertaken for the purposes of

client contact, business negotiations and project

studies, and have for many years been the focus

of a strin-gent cost control policy. Maximum use

was made of tele- and video-conferencing facilities

in 2006 to offer an alternative to travel. Air

travel is subject to approval procedures and the

use of the train is en-couraged, in particular on

the Eurostar and Thalys high-speed lines.







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