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• impact on the natural environment / four levers

Cleaner cars

Arval closely monitors technological developments

that will help reduce cars’ environmental

footprint. With the up-to-date information it collects

from automakers, the company regularly

trains its sales force to be able to inform and

advise clients concerning ways of optimizing the

environmental management of their fleets.

Arval has produced a catalogue entitled Green

Offerings from Car Manufacturers, which

describes the environmental strategies of automakers

and presents the clean vehicles they are

offering, the technolo-gies they are focusing on

and the developments expected in the future.

This catalogue also provides regular updates on

the legal, regulatory and tax environment, and

on government policy in this field.

Arval offers a wealth of information on several

subjects related to environmental impacts and

techno-logical advances in the car industry,

through its corporate website and through

the site of its “Observer” study on the corpo-

rate fleet market, which has been extended

to cover Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal

and Poland, and will soon include the Czech


During European Mobility Week, Arval organized

a daylong event on environmental driving. A

guide to environmental mobility, available on the

website of the French Ministry of the Environment

and Sustain-able Development, was handed out

to participants at the conference.

Paper-saving initiatives

Paper saving measures, such as the electronic

distribution of accounting statements and the

elimination of printouts, have been implemented,

particularly in French Retail Banking and in the

Group IT function. In French Retail Banking,

sending double-sided bank statements for all

individual accounts and all per-sonal accounts

of individual entrepreneurs made it possible

to save an additional 250 tonnes of paper over

a full year.

A system was implemented in groups of branches

to monitor the consumption of paper purchased

from printers and reams of paper for local print

jobs. Data provided by the printers made it

possible to choose printing jobs that use more

efficient paper cuts. Overall paper consumption

in France, including volumes purchased from

printers, envelopes and roll paper from printing

centres, and paper reams, amounted to

9,521 tonnes in 2006.



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