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European Art at the Los Angeles

County Museum of Art

To mark its commitment to the American people,

in 2006 the BNP Paribas Foundation sponsored

the publication of a book honouring the European

Art collection at the Los Angeles County Museum

of Art (LACMA). This encyclopaedic museum is

one of the biggest in the western United States,

and holds more than 100,000 works of art from

around the world, spanning prehistory to the

present day.

The collection of European art held by the

musem is constantly expanding thanks to an

ambitious acquisition policy, and now boasts

major works from the Middle Ages to the present

day. Georges de la Tour, Véronèse, Rembrandt,

Watteau, Ingres, Degas, Gauguin, Cézanne,

Matisse and Picasso are just some of the artists

represented in the book, which was written under

the guidance of Patrice Marandel, the curator of

the European art collection at the LACMA, and

features fine reproductions of original works.

This initiative is part of the Des Musées à Lire

programme, which also helped fund two other

publications in 2006. One such work honours

the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille, which has one

of France’s richest collections of artworks, while

the other focuses on the Paul Klee Centre in

Berne, which was built by the famous architect

Renzo Piano to house Klee’s artwork.

Martin Zimmermann — Dimitri de Perrot

It has been a few years now since this Swiss

duo crossed paths. Martin Zimmermann graduated

as an interior designer but subsequently

trained at the Swiss national circus school,

while Dimitri de Perrot became a composer

and DJ following his studies at Zurich’s Italian-

Swiss college. The two remain an enigma, and

on stage inhabit an intricate but dream-like

universe. Zimmermann is in charge of artistic

direction, and is also an accomplished acrobat,

clown and set designer. DJ Dimitri on the other

hand sets Zimmerman’s movements to music

as well as pulling a few strings himself. After the

last show they produced for French nouveau

cirque company Anomalie, critics raved: “they

are masters of acrobacy, image and sound.

Accompanied by music arranged by an inspired

DJ, this superb show is a feast for the brain as

well as for the eyes”. In 2006, the BNP Paribas

Foundation committed to sponsoring the duo’s

latest creation, Gaff Aff, which promises to be a

big success in Europe after its acclaimed run in

Lausanne and Paris.

Los Angeles County

Museum of Art

Martin Zimmermann



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