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The Martial Solal Competition

Created in 1989 by the renowned pianist Martial

Solal who is also chair of the jury, the Martial

Solal International Jazz Piano Competition is one

of the most prestigious events of its kind, and is

held in high esteem by young performers and

jazz lovers alike. This demanding competition is

held every four years and brings together some

50 musicians from many different countries

(around 20 countries were represented in 2006).

The four competitions held so far have already

unveiled major talent. In 2006 the BNP Paribas

Foundation decided to lend its support to the

often overlooked community of jazz musicians

by financing its 2nd Grand Prix, which last year

was awarded to Tigran Hamasyan, a young

genius of 19. Born in Armenia and a scholarship

student at the University of South Carolina

since 2003, Tigran has already received the

Thelonius Monk Jazz Piano Competition prize

and recorded his first album in Los Angeles with

the Nocturne Records label.



As part of its support for healthcare and

research, the BNP Paribas Foundation assists

researchers and physicians working in both

medical research and applied clinical research.

In this area, the Foundation works with pre-eminent

scientific institutions to select beneficiaries.

Funding generally takes the form of multi-year

grants which are awarded to new research


As part of its volunteer efforts, the BNP Paribas

Foundation has been involved in a number of

pilot projects aimed at promoting social cohesion

and combating all forms of exclusion. These

include Projet Banlieues, launched at the end of

2005, and the “Coup de pouce aux projets du

personnel” programme, which in four years has

helped fund associations in which employees

are involved on a personal basis.

Institut Curie

The signal transduction and neuronal

death research group at Institut Curie –

Orsay is managed by Frédéric Saudou and

has been sponsored by the BNP Paribas

Foundation since 2001. The laboratory

has refined its research into Huntington’s

disease, a serious neuro-degenerative

disorder for which no treatment is currently

available. In 2006, the laboratory

team found that cysteamine – a molecule

already used to clinically treat other

disorders – could slow the progression of

Huntington’s in cultured neurons and in

an animal model of the disease. As a result

of this discovery, cysteamine will be

clinically trialled across France as early

as 2007.



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