Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

• report of the Chairman / corporate governance at BNp paribas

Extracts from the Board of Directors’ Internal Rules: The Chairman of the Board

“Barring exceptional circumstances, only the Chairman may speak and act in the Board’s name in conducting relations with other BNP Paribas

management bodies and with outside parties, other than in cases where a specific assignment or function has been entrusted to another director.

Working closely with Executive Management, he is competent to represent the Group in high-level dealings with, for example, major clients and

government authorities both domestically and internationally.

He monitors relations with shareholders, in close cooperation with the work of Executive Management in this area, to guarantee that these relations

remain of a high quality.

He ensures that principles of corporate governance are defined and implemented at the highest levels.

He oversees the smooth running of BNP Paribas’ management bodies.

With the help of the Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee, and subject to approval by the Board and by the Annual General Meeting, he

endeavours to build an effective and balanced Board, and to manage replacement and succession processes that concern the Board and the nominations

within its remit.

He organises the work of the Board of Directors. He sets the timetable and agenda of Board meetings and calls them.

He ensures that the work of the Board is well organised, in a manner conducive to constructive discussion and decision-making. He facilitates the work

of the Board and coordinates its activities with those of the specialised Committees.

He sees to it that the Board devotes an appropriate amount of time to issues relating to the future of the Bank, particularly its strategy.

He ensures that directors from outside the Bank get to know the management team thoroughly.

He ensures that he maintains a close relationship based on trust with the Chief Executive Officer, to whom he provides help and advice while respecting

his executive responsibilities.

The Chairman directs the work of the Board, to give it the means of exercising all the responsibilities which fall within its remit.

He ensures that the Board is provided in a timely fashion with the information it needs to carry out its duties and that this information is clearly and

appropriately presented.

The Chairman is regularly informed by the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the executive management team of significant events and

situations in the life of the Group, particularly those relating to strategy, organisation, investment or disinvestment projects, financial transactions,

risks or the financial statements.

The Chief Executive Officer provides the Chairman with all information required under French law regarding the internal control report.

The Chairman may ask the Chief Executive Officer for any information that may help the Board and its Committees fulfil their duties.

He may interview the Statutory Auditors in order to prepare the work of the Board and the Financial Statements Committee.

He ensures that the directors are in a position to fulfil their duties, and in particular that they have the information they need to take part in the work of

the Board, and that they can count on appropriate cooperation from the Bank’s management in conducting the activities of the specialised Committees.

He also ensures that directors participate effectively in the work of the Board, with satisfactory attendance, competence and loyalty.

He reports, in a document submitted alongside the management report, on the preparation and organisation of the work of the Board, as well as on the

Bank’s internal control procedures and any limits the Board may have decided to place on the Chief Executive Officer’s authority.”



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